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ZoneAlarm: Configuring Network

Q: ZoneAlarm: Configuring Network


First of all, my computer is the main gateway for access to the internet and I have one other computer which uses my internet and is locally networked with my computer. The other computer's IP address ranges between and

I just installed ZoneAlarm Security Suite and when I first ran it, it asked me to allow a network and I added it into the internet zone. It had the IP address as, so I assumed this was the local network. But even though I allowed this, the other computer can't connect to my network nor get internet access from my computer. I have also checked the 'This computer is an ICS gateway' option, yet the network still doesn't seem to work and I also have an IP range between and in the internet zones section of the firewall.

I also have Windows Live Messenger at Super Trusted Level, yet it still doesn't connect...

Could someone please tell me why it doesn't work?

Thanks for your help.

Preferred Solution: ZoneAlarm: Configuring Network

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: ZoneAlarm: Configuring Network


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On a previous post I had been told that after setting up the home network I would need to configure any 3rd party firewalls manually.

I have norton internet security on the desktop and was able to do it with no problem.

But on the laptop I now have Zonealarm and can't seem to find how to allow my desktop on the firewall in order to be able to file and printer share.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Configuring ZoneAlarm for Network

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I installed Zonealarm on my PC's after I setup my network. I have them sharing files, cable modem and printers by using a standard router. I'm not really sure how I got my "network" to work, but it does. Now, I'm trying to configure Zonealrm to "allow sharing" between the pc's. They are sharing, but I don't know how I did it. I went into Zonealarm and typed in an IP address (that popped up in an alarm) in the trusted zone. I think that allowed the pc's to communicate. But now, I am second guessing as to whether I typed in the right address. I don't really know the right addresses of either PC. I tried the website that was posted in Tips &Tricks and it showed something entirely different than what came up in the Zone alarm. I also typed IPCONFIG in the run selection of my start menu, but it just flashed so quick I couldn't see it. I know "run" isn't dos command, that's why it flashed(because it ran the command?). So I guess maybe if someone could tell me how how to find the correct IP address to each PC, I will clean out all trusted sites on ZoneAlarm and start fresh. It's really confusing to try to figure out what alot of the stuff is that sets off the alarms. Thank you.

A:Need help configuring ZoneAlarm...

Originally posted by tammy3me:
I also typed IPCONFIG in the run selection of my start menu, but it just flashed so quick I couldn't see it. I know "run" isn't dos command, that's why it flashed(because it ran the command?). So I guess maybe if someone could tell me how how to find the correct IP address to each PCClick to expand...

To gain access to IPConfig, go to the Start Menu, click Run, type "cmd".

Once you get to the command line, type in "ipconfig /?" to see the various commands. Some common ones are "ipconfig /release" to release an IP and "ipconfig /renew" to renew an IP.

Using the "ipconfig" commands, you can manipulate the TCP/IP stack in Windows XP, such as renewing your IP from the DHCP server.

Microsoft also made a form of WinIPConfig built for Windows 2000/XP.... this new version is very similar to the one in Win 9x.
Microsoft supplies it under the name of WinNTIPConfig. You can download it from their web site.

Good luck...


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I'm really stuck guys. I hope you can help. I've been trying to download data using a specific torrent and there's quite unusual behaviour.

I've recently restored my PC to factory-shipped condition and am using the same version of my bT client and same Firewall as before. Namely, I'm using uTorrent v1.6.474, using the latest version of ZoneAlarm basic Firewall and using Kaspersky Basic Anti-virus.

In fact, the problem I have is not limited to this specific torrent, but a few others. However, it does not apply to every torrent I use.
When using utorrent, I notice that a lot of peers' IP addresses are "209.(rest of ip address).available.above.net" and all say are using Azureus v2306?

I tried to find out what could be causing this. The Client, the Firewall or Antivirus, or maybe just the torrent.

Using utorrent and my LinkSys router, my chosen port is forwarded properly. I've a green tick, 250+ nodes and good speeds. My ISP Engineer has even been around and there's a lot of power back now, to the cable modem. So definately no problems there.

If I turn off Kaspersky Antivirus, or keep it on it doesn't affect anything, so I'm ruling out Kaspersky.

With ZoneAlarm and setting up utorrent I'd allowed it to do what it wanted. The program said it was acting like a server, I said yes to it. There are 4 ticks with this program under "Program Control" (Access - Trusted, Internet and Server - Tru... Read more

A:I have a problem configuring ZoneAlarm. Can anyone help please?

Maybe you have malware. Every weird thing that happens in your computer, it has a good chance that the PC is infected with malware. So you should do a clean, just in case. Just read THIS tutorial and fallow the steps. Tell us if you obtained any result.

Also you can google for finding advices about Zone Alarm configuration.

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I can't seem to configure ZoneAlarm 7 to allow incoming connections, using utorrent.

I was using PC-Cillin before this and had the same problem. The thing is, before using PC-Cillin I was using ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 6 and had no problems at all.

At the time I'd allow utorrent full access to the "Internet Zone" and "Trusted Zone" on "Program Control" and everything was set. Now, as I'm using the basic ZoneAlarm Firewall (v7) side by side with Kaspersky Antivirus, I'm having problems.

As before, utorrent has full access to the "Internet Zone" and "Trusted Zone". However, when using utorrent the firewall is reporting many blocked access attempts on inbound data.

I've noticed that in "Program Control", the setting is at "Medium". This means "Programs must ask for Internet Access and server rights." This is what I would have had it set at, when using ZoneAlarm Security Suite 6. However, when I have brought the slide down to "Low" setting which means "Program is in learning mode", utorrent has increased speeds.
The firewall however still reports many blocked access attempts.

In "Alerts and Logs" I can see many IP address's trying to send packets via TCP and UDP through my chosen port, but they're blocked EVERY time
I can't see anywhere on ZoneAlarm how to allow incoming connections through my chosen port... Read more

A:Having trouble configuring the new ZoneAlarm Firewall (v7) with utorrent...help??

I think I've found my problem guys! From the uTorrent Forum website I found this: http://userland.info/stuff/Bittorrent-Poison-Lavigne.jpg

It's a printscreen of someone's Azureus client showing the same problem as I have.

In fact if you guys have time to spread the word at this link it discusses my problem: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=23346

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Hi. I have no more ideas on what to try next. Any help greatly appreciated.My laptop is running Windows 7 Professional 32bit and is fully patched. The Ethernet adapter (Marvell Yukon 88E8055) is enabled and the wireless adapter (Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG) disabled (via software and the hardware switch). Symantec Endpoint Protection provides AV/security (via group policy). It is highly likely the problem was self inflicted and not caused by a virus / malware.I use the cisco VPN client and wanted to upgrade it (a reinstall may have been sufficient but as I was going to the bother I thought I would upgrade) as I was having some annoying timeouts when using the client immediately after logging into my desktop.I started by removing the existing (old version During the removal the screen went black and the laptop was not responding; ie I couldnt get the screen to wake up. I ended up powering off by holding the power button for 5 secs. On reboot, it appeared that the old vpnclient ( had been removed and everything else was functioning as normal. So I tried to install the new version ( vpn setup program gets as far as "Installing Network Components" and produces error "Error 27854. The network configuration lock is held by another application. Close all applications and run Setup again. If this message re-appears after closing all applications, reboot then re-try the install (the application holding the install lock may... Read more

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i have windows 7 and i installed virtual box (ubuntu) to do this.

i want to have two linux gateways and those two machines should either have the same NAT or public routable ip address.
basically i want to install openswan and configure the ipsec. in order to do this i need two linux gateways.

can anyone guide me how to setup two linux gateways to do this??

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I installed Zonealarm on the Win2k computer on the network. There are 10 computers here on the network, 9 of those have Win98SE, this one has Win2k, and it's the server, meaning that it's the main computer from which all the other computers get their internet from.

So, I installed ZoneAlarm on the Win2k, but the internet on the other computers only works if the Internet Security in ZoneAlarm is on Medium. As soon as I set it on high, the internet on the other computers stops working.

So, I just need to know how to get the internet to work while Internet Security is on high.

A:Network on Zonealarm

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I am trying to set up a network. The operating systems are windows 98.I can't get them to see each other on the network.
Do you have to manually setup IP addresses or leave it as "obtain IP addresses automatically"
I've Networked XP machines using the network wizard and that worked perfect, but 98 seems more difficult.
Is there any web page on networking that would help me configure the network properly?

A:Configuring a Network

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Hi guys, this is my first post, ok i have in my house a little home network, but i can't share files. I have tried to configure all this pc's with the wizard of Windows XP, but isn't not work. All PC's has the same Group, in no one pc i can't see the resources of the others PC in the network, please help me, I need share files.

I have designed a diagram with specifications in Microsoft Visio: Check the Attached files.

Someone with experience in network to configure it without the wizard of Windows "Set up a home or small office network"???'.

Any suggestion is good.



A:Configuring this Network

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It was impossible to set up my home network without disabling my Zone Alarm firewall. Any advice on alternative firewalls or how to configure Zone Alarm (I have the regular not the Pro version) so I can still be protected but have a functioning network?!


A:Network and Firewalls (ZoneAlarm)

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My Little Network Setup

Windows XP is the host for Internet connection sharing and Win 98 SE connected by a crossover cable is the client. XP has ZoneAlarm installed. I specified Win 98 SEs IP address as being able to access the Internet in the firewall Zones setting page. The problem Im still having is that even though both PCs can see each other and share files, IE6 On Win 98SE is still blocked from Internet. It does work though when ZA is shut off.

How do I fix this?

A:ZoneAlarm on a Network Problem

Set your zone alarm configuration to prompt when an attempt is made. Then attempt to go online with 98 and when the prompt comes up in zone alarm give the particular permission to do so.

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Hi, I set up connection to 2 of my pc's through a wired connection to my router. How do I set up the PC portion of it so I have a network? Both pc's are using windows 10 pro. I havent done this since windows 98 so its been a while. Any positive help is appreciated.


A:configuring a wired network

If you have two (or more) devices connected to the same router they are already on the same network.

With Windows 10 then you can try to use a Homegroup or you can enable file and printer sharing. I think that enabling file and printer sharing is similar to the following (I can check later if this doesn't work) ...

Short description for Windows 7 and 8/8.1 file and printer sharing:

Go into the Network and Sharing Center from the Control Panel or from the Network icon in the Notification Area. Your network must be designated 'Private' (or 'Home' or 'Work'). Click on Change advanced sharing settings. In the Private or Home or Work section you can configure File and printer sharing, Public folder sharing, and Password protected sharing.

You may want to change the Workgroup name. To check it or change it right click on "Computer" and select "Properties."

You must uninstall or properly configure any non-windows firewall (security suite).

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Im trying to get the most out of my upload speed that i can.
I'm a frequent Skype user and i can get a good quality coming from the person im talking to, but my voice tends to cut off and become distorted for the other person receiving it
i ran a speed test and my results were
6.15Mb/s download
.33Mb/s upload

its not great i know, but its the best my isp has to offer for my area
but .33Mb/s upload should be more than enough for me to send a high quality voice call
i have already set QOS to make Skype a top priority, im not sure if that has any
effect on upload

is there anything i can/should change to help?
someone recommended i use tcp optimizer, but others said i shouldnt try that with windows 7

any help will be appreciated

A:configuring network for skype

If you are downloading/uploading something it will be good to cancel that. Also what's that .33Mb/s?
I have this connection,and don't have any problems with skype even when I'm downloading torrent
I think that upload speed is not real,but should be over to 5-6.

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Ok.. so here is the situation...

I get Wireless internet from my service provider, (they send out a wireless signal and my computer picks up on it and uses it with its WAN card).

What I want to do is use my wireless router to get the signal, and then send the internet via LAN cable to my 2 PC's. Does anyone have any idea of how I go about doing this? And what is the best way to set up the Wireless Router???

(Here is an overview of what I Wish to accomplish

Wireless Internet Signal
..{ (wireless signal)
.|_________pc 1

A:Need Help Configuring Wireless Network

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Me and my friend have just bought two network adapters, hoping we can connect our two Pc's together.But we don't really know how to do this.Should we make one Pc to be a Server and the second one to be a Client?
If that's the case, how do we do it?
If not, what are the other options?
Thank you!!!

A:Configuring the Network Adapters

Moving this to the Networking forum. Please go there to look for replies.

Also, please take a look around that forum - I'm pretty sure they walked someone through a network set up a month or two ago.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech
Don't forget the amazon.com GCs waiting for you - just listen to music while online!


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Okay, I have a small home network using a D-Link wireless router.

I have 3 boxes, 1 - WinXP, 2-WinServer2003, 3-WinServer2003

Right now they are setup and share an internet connection but that is about it.

box1 is my main PC for games and work and has a USB printer haooked to it.
box2 is my webserver
box3 will eventually be my webcrawler/email server

What I want to know is, can the 3 boxes share the 1 USB printer?
Also I would like to configure the network so all 3 boxes can access a shared network folder for passing files back and forth.

I am not a network guru by no means, it took me a while to get my current setup so any guidence is very appreciated, also the more 'dummy proof' the better.

So if anyone can tell me how to acheive this setup or point to some articles that can I would be very grateful.


A:Configuring Windows network

Enable/Disable Windows File & Printer Sharing:


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I have DSL from Bellsouth and I have a block of static ips. These ip are used to all most fo my machines to gain access to the outside world.

I want to be able to set up a second router with privatly assigned IP's 192.168.x.x to work with my wireless system. I woud like them to be DHCP assigned.

Here is the kicker I want to use the Bellsouth Statics to give Internet access to the private IP's but I am not sure on where to look for this information or how to start.
I have a Netopia Modem/Router combo handling the STatic Ip's
I have a Linksys WRT54G handling the DHCP addresses

I thought bu configuring the Linksys router to have a Static IP address from Bellsouth would work but then again it didn't and I am here.

Any help will be appreaciated

A:Network Configuring 2 Routers

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what would be the best settings for my network card ? The reason i ask is i read somewhere(i forget where) that Configuring this will help in online games ping and lag wise. Thanks

windows xp sp1
cable modem
netgear fa310tx erthernet

If you need to know something else please post

A:Configuring my Network Card

Download an app called Cablenut, or go to http://www.dslreports.com/ and run their tweak test. They also have a couple of tools there that might be of interest to you, such as Dr TCP. The tweak test will give you some recommendations for changing your settings if needed. Cablenut will do similar though it will give you the option of applying the settings for you.

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Anyone know a website that tell u how to configure your network card to work properly? If not can someone explain what i need to configure in my contorl/network or network neighborhood/properties.


A:Configuring network card..

o yeah BTW i have DSL, Windows 98 Plus...

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I have very little knowledge of networking. I have had configured my home network with the help of online guides and tutorial and mainly by hit and trial, last year and it performed successfully. It may not be perfect but it worked and this is how it has been working.

ADSLModem provided by ISP (PPOE and subnet mask ( DHCP enabled range ( to 192.168.80) and default DNS by ISP. UPNP enabled (but nothing configured here and in NAT as well, as things were working fine so I never touched it) Wireless (OFF)
NOTE, I can't tell if my ISP registers Mac of this modem to authenticate the services)

LinksysWTRG router with DDWRT 2.4 installed with auto 'configuration DHCP' (guess this enables connections from the SETUP1 for WAN, hence IP, subnet mask, gateway and DNS LAN setup; ip
Subnet, gateway DNS by UnblockUs.com to access Hulu, Netflix etc outside U.S. NAT services and UPNP enabled with nothing specifically mentioned to forward the services to.
Wireless enabled. And DHCP Server enabled for LAN IP to

16 port switch that is hosting Roku, Bravia LCD, 2 NAS and a windows seven Laptop wired. All the devices on the switch are connected to Setup 2 through wire and wireless, like iPhone, iPads etc.

TpLinkRouter set on Dynamic Ip configuration with auto Ip for wan and for LAN. With subn... Read more

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Dear Users,
I want to configure two network cards in windows 2003 standard edition.
One of my lan card is connected to my local lan and other to the internet, The Pc acts as a proxy .

when i am accessing my local intranet, the site is searched in MSN ( internet), i want to access both intranet and internet.

please suggest a solution,.

A:Configuring Two network cards

Install two cards
Install RRAS on the server
Configure RRAS
You would also need "proxy" software


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I have a problem. I have a linksys Wirless 4-port router and a linksys wireless USB adapter (WUSB11 version 2.6). That is what I'm trying to get working on my desktop. I also have a laptop that my boss let me borrow to get me working at home with the desktop. The laptop has a YDI wireless card and it is reading the router's signal just fine and it's working and everything... so my laptop is working. I know I'm getting the signal. And so I'm pretty sure that the problem isn't hardware. The laptop has XP and the desktop has 98SE. The WUSB11 software on my desktop is reading both the router signal and the internet link I have, but it says "You are connected to the access point, but the Internet cannot be found". I am supposed to go to to configure the router on my desktop, as I can on my laptop, but it will not let me reach that site. It just says that the server cannot be found. Is there anyway you guys can help me? I would really like to get this problem fixed... I've been without Internet at my house for about a month and it's starting to really bother me.

Thank you very much in advance,
David Wilder

A:Help me with configuring linksys network please.

The correct ip you should connect to is
Let's start there....... This should be your default gateway as well.

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I have a D Link 624 router connected to my computer that's running windows XP SP2.
I had the network up and running for about 6 months with no problems. I had to go away for about a week and when I came back it wouldn't connect to the internet anymore. I ran the ethernet cable directly from the dsl modem to the computer and couldn't connect that way either. I called verizon and they had me type in and the helped me through the setup process and I was back online. I still can't get the network to work though. After hooking the network back up I typed in for the D Link configuration page. At login I typed in admin and left the password blank as instructed. The configuratin page won't load. The login screen just keeps coming back. I probably shouldn't have touched the reset button on the router but I did.
I went to the D Link support page and tried different things with no luck.
Any suggestions?????


A:problem configuring network

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This happened within a few days of my 14 day trial and it showed me 2 IP addresses that are similar [but not quite the same] as my address and my ISP's address. So I called my ISP twice. First guy told me to "switch off" ZoneAlarm as it was interfering with my connection to the Internet. I asked if this would leave me vulnerable and he said "No". The second guy I spoke to asked if I had a router or wireless connection [I have neither] and then asked for the IP addresses. He then phoned me back saying "Bad People" were trying to access my system and not to accept ZoneAlarms request to make them a "New Network" and then he asked me to also Well now I find that "someone" [one of my kids] has accepted the 2 IP addresses. Because of the vastly different advice given by my ISP techs, I've lost faith in their advice. I trialed Security Suite because I wanted extra protection [I use AVG and Free ZoneAlarm already] But it's leaving me more confused about what's happening.Could someone please dumb-down for me, what DHCP and DNS Servers are, and Loopback Adapter, and whether they should be Trusted Zones in ZoneAlarm Firewall.Thanks.Lola

A:Zonealarm Security Suite Said I Had New Network

glossary of terms here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/glossary/and here:http://zonealarm.donhoover.net/glossary.htmlSee here how to add your DNS and DHCP to your firewall trusted zone:http://zonealarm.donhoover.net/dnsdhcp.htmlWhat to add in the trusted zone:http://zonealarm.donhoover.net/trustedzonecontents.htmlHow to add items in the ZA zones:http://zonealarm.donhoover.net/adding.html

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A:Solved: Network Problems with Zonealarm

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I have a network of two computers (connecting with crose cable) . The one that is connected to the internet has ZoneAlarm. For some reason, he keeps preventing the second computer, even though I put it's IP in the trust zone. When I shut down the zonealarm the secound computer can connect to the internet

Thanks in advance to all who answers.

Operating System: Windows XP Pro updated sp
ZoneAlarm version:7.0.362.000
TrueVector version:7.0.362.000
Driver version:7.0.362.000

A:network and zonealarm doesn't work

If this is the free version of ZA, it has a long standing history of not working with ICS.

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How do you get back to the network setup wizard in ZA Pro?

A:Network Setup Wizard in ZoneAlarm Pro

unplug your network, reboot and plug it pack in, should detect it, id not remove the network from zone alarm and reboot.

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1 Computer running xp/pro with sp2
1 Computer running xp/pro with no service pack
Both computers are running Zonealarm (not free version)
Cat5 cable
Cable Modem connected threw Usb on computer 1

Rite well i'm totally stumped at the moment with setting up my network, i have set it up to the point where both computers can file share and see each other threw network connections and can both ping each other with no packets lost at all.

Now when comp 1 has Zonealarm enabled the Comp 2 cannot connect to the internet but when its disabled it can, Now i know this mean Zonealarm is the problem which leads me to part where i cant work it out i've tried everything i know to my knowledge with no success.

Comp 1 Ip ( Subnet (
Comp 2 Ip ( Subnet (

I tried adding Comps 2 ip into the Firewall>Zones on Comp 1 Zonealarm and still no success with comp 2 connecting to the net . I also added comps2 subnet details into comps1 zonealarm and still no success..

Anyone have any ideas?

A:Help With Home Network (Running Zonealarm)

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

I could be wrong here, but it runs in my mind that Zonealarm asks during install, whether you`re on a network etc.

It might be worth your while, uninstalling and reinstalling Zonealarm on both machines and looking at the install options carefully.

If that doesn`t help, then I have no further suggestions.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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My ZoneAlarm firewall thing is denying access from my other computer to the computer with ZoneAlarm on it. I tried finding the "Trusted Zone" area but I can not locate it.

I have version: 7.0.362.000
TrueVector engine version: 7.0.362.000
Driver version: 7.0.362.000.

It is the ZoneAlarm that monitors internet traffic too (if there is another one)


A:ZoneAlarm Firewall Denying Network

Update Windows XP and use the Windows firewall

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I downloaded Kai xlink. Dont know if you know what it is but it helps get a game online.I downloaed it and my internate connection goes away and then it is lost. I go to "view wireless connections" and it says windows it not running you wireless network settings. What ever program thaat is running it run that program. I uninstalled Kai think it was it and it was. I dont know why it is running my network settings but then I had to go and make windows run it. I have never heard of someone having this problem with this. Any help would be great.

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Hey all -- I'll try to be concise.

In the House, there is Spectrum internet which should be about 200 Mbps wired. There is a router and an access point. In the house there are several devices, both wired and wireless. Both types of connection approach 200 Mbps (for wireless, this is assuming you are within a reasonable radius of the AP). So far, so good.

But -- I live in the Apartment about 80-100 ft away, up a bit in elevation as well as on the second floor. There is something like a 10ft differential between our flat and the room in the House.

To get internet in our Apartment, I have an EnGenius ENH202 (which advertises speeds up to 300 Mbps) configured as an AP w/static IP blasting towards our window from the House. It is behind a window, so the signal must pass through two windows currently.

Internet access via EnGenius is both unstable and slow. I understand speeds will fall off, but I cannot get above 20 Mbps on any device and usually range from 7-13. As to stability, the internet drops out often, EnGenius disappears from list of WiFi network access points, etc. Interestingly, sometimes we can connect to the Spectrum 2G network more easily and reliably than EnGenius, though not always and not for long. EDIT: For example, the speed test just had EnGenius at 16 Mbps and Spectrum 2G at 33 (sudden, new high). I could handle the lower-than-advertised speeds (probably user error, I know), but the instability is killer.

- I am not particularly confident that I have... Read more

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The complexity/messiness of my office network is getting out of hand and I'm planning to rip it out and start from scratch. I've got about 35 wired devices spread over 8 rooms, plus a couple on wifi. Internet is from a BT fibre and a BT business hub. At the moment a single router port goes into a 16 port gigabit switch, which then runs off to other switches in different rooms. I've also got a couple of machines acting as file servers.

I've got an accounts department that has a lot of heavy traffic internally, so I need to make sure that their internal traffic doesn't slow down the network as a whole. But they still need to also access the same shared files as everyone else.

Also, it would be great to support a guest wifi login, that allows internet access, but doesn't allow access to other devices on the network.

So, to configure:
Should I run all wired devices back to a single 48 port switch? Or run to a separate switch for each room?
Should I use 4 separate switches, one for each pair of rooms, each running into one the router's ports? (Would this allow greater concurrency?)
How would I separate the accounts department's heavy traffic from the rest of the building's network traffic, while still allowing file sharing?


A:Configuring a wired office network

Do you have a closet or central location where you can locate all the IT equipment?

Personally, I would identify a closet/room to have house the IT equipment. Spend the money to have drops installed in the wall in the various rooms and then have all the cabling pulled back to this central closet/room and terminated into a patch panel. This would necessitate at a minimum a wall rack installed. At each location where you want a network drop installed, I would have at least two Ethernet jacks per drop.

I would use a single 48 port switch that has stacking capability. If you out grow the number of ports on the 48 port switch, you can add another switch to the 48 port you have now and have it act like one big switch.

Guest WiFi isn't a problem with a business class access point. I would look into products from Aerohive, Ubiquiti, Aruba Networks, or Meraki. These devices have a captive portal feature much like what you see in hotel settings.

As far as the account department's heavy traffic, what do you mean heavy traffic? What type of protocol/traffic are we talking about here? Your network doesn't appear to pose a large strain on any current switch. Other than isolating the accounting department for possible network usage, is there any other reason why you would want to isolate their equipment from the rest of the corporate network?

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Okay so to start off the configuration at my office was DSL modem-wireless router-switch- 6 computers.
One computer could connect to the internet and the rest couldn't however every computer could get to one another over the network. We got a new DSL modem that has the wireless router built in. I disconnected the old wireless router and modem and connected the new modem/router combo. Now the one computer that could get to the internet can no longer do so unless I go in and auto configure for IP and DNS. This poses a problem because when I do so that computer can no longer connect to any other computer on the network. What do I need to do to straighten this out? We would like to still only have that one machine connect to the internet. I could have all the machines on the network auto configure but then they would all be able to connect to the internet, right? Thanks in advance for any help it is appreciated.

A:Solved: help configuring network at office.

The easiest solution might be to change the router's LAN address to match the previous router/existing static IP address assignments already set on all the PC's and then re-setup the static IP on the one that needs to access the internet correctly(as previously set).

I assume what is happening is that the new router is handing out addresses in a different range which doesn't correspond to the addresses already set on all the PC's. I also assume you are preventing internet access on the rest of the PC's by not entering DNS or Gateway addresses?

An alternate method, and there's actually several, is to enable filtering on the router to prevent internet access, most routers have some form of access control or internet restriction options these days. In that scenario you could switch to automatic IP assignments.

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Hello, I've been searching all over for help with a problem I'm having and stumbled across this forum - really hope someone can help me!

I've just had a leased line installed to provide me with a high speed internet connection. It's a 100Mbps fibre pipe and am trying to integrate it with my existing network of 6 PCs and a printer. Previously, I had a 2 line bonded ADSL connection using a Comtrend 5631 router, which also acted as a DHCP server, allocating IPs for all the machines.

The hardware that has been installed with the new line is a Cisco 1941 router which is managed remotely, I have been provided with 5 IP addresses and it operates on a subnet of My original network runs on, with the router as What I want to do if possible is use my Comtrend router (or purchase a new one if I have to) the same way it has been used before, i.e. as the main hub which allocates the network addresses but have it connect to the internet via the new router (as the ADSL will soon be disconnected), so that all the machines are connected to the fibre line at high speed. How do I do this?

Thanks so much in advance


A:Configuring my network with the new fiber line

It sounds like what you will need to do is use the router in a "passive" mode. What i mean is simply keep your internal network as it is, but create a static route towards the new Cisco Router. The static route should probably be with a subnet mask of What this means is that anything destined to a destination the current router is unaware of, it passes it to the Cisco router which will then forward this onto the internet.

Does this make sense?

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After exhaustively trying to configure my Canon Printer that is connected to my network through the USB port on my
Airport Extreme I have given up. I have an Imac connected to the network and the printer works just fine using that computer, but my PC with Windows XP cannot find the printer. The PC can find the WPA2 network through the Airport Extreme and is connected using a Linksys Wireless G card. I tried using the IP address (default gateway) of the router to configure the printer, but it still doesn't work. I have downloaded and installed the latest Canon Printer drivers. Nothing seems to work. Documents still sit in the printer queue ready to be printed and the PC cannot find the printer. Please help?!

A:Configuring Network Canon Printer

See here:

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I would like to confirm that the settings I have are correct for a second managed switch I am adding to my network. DHCP I have disabled, IP address I have found one on the network unused (192.168.1.xxx), subnet mask is The only thing I'm not sure about is the default gateway setting - what should this be?

A:Configuring second managed switch on network

Default gateway should be the LAN IP address of the router you use to go to the Net, IE the one connected to your modem and or LAN IP address of a Modem/Router combo box.

But if you are disabling the DHCP server in a managed switch you are basically turning that managed switch into a dumb switch just like any other. Well not like any other Dumb switch.

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Hi, hope someone can help!

I have a network card given to me by a friend. I need to install it in my pc which is simple enough.

However, how do I configure it once its physically in the pc? Also, does XP Home have generic network card drivers as I dont know what make the card is so have no idea of the drivers required.

Thanks in anticipation.

A:XP Home and configuring a network card

I'm using D-Link and Linksys cards in my PC's.
IIRC, D-Link for instance, specifically states to keep Windows out of the install process and to use the provided D-Link software.

I think you'll have better luck if you can get ahold of the software/drivers that came with the card.
If the CD is lost then I would go to the manufacturer's site and see what's available to D/L.


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Everyone in our home has a personal laptop and our desktop is used any more. I wonder how I can configure the laptops to backup to the desk top. We use Windows7 on the laptops and XP on the desktop...
I need to know how to configure everything so everything backs up to the desktop. Any idears????

Thanks in advance


A:Configuring XP as a Back-up for Network Computers

The easy way - setup network share for each user on the "backup computer" - map a drive for each person to the share - and then use your back up software on the "backup computer" daily

POINT: they must save their files to the share for them to get backed up.

I will let someone else do the hard one.

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I am trying to set up a multi-site network (5 sites total), and need some basic assistance. I can configure the routers and such, but need to know if the following scenario is correct before I start the configuration:

There are 4 sites that all need to connect to a main site, and for redundancy, to at least 2 of the other sites.

There are 3 class C IP address ranges available (we'll say 200.200.100.x, 200.200.101.x and 200.200.102.x)

The main location will have a web server, so I want to set up a DMZ at this site.

I'm thinking I can configure each of the routers with Frame Relay using a Class C address for each router's "WAN" side, and anything on the "LAN" side of each of these routers (and the switches, servers, workstations) can use a private 10.x.x.x IP range.

Does this make sense? Each of the sites would need to connect to the main site for authentication (ie. no DC's in the satellite offices, only in the main office).

If I have to use the Class C ranges for the entire network, can I use the 100.x range for routers/switches/firewalls, the 101.x range for servers, and the 102.x range for workstations? I'm sure I would need to configure a VLAN to make this option work, correct?

Thanks in advance!

A:Configuring multi-site network


I’m uncertain if you are still working on this or if this is still a relevant thread. I guess if you don’t need the help anymore, could you mark the thread as solved?

As to your questions…..

Let’s start with the basics 1st. You will not and cannot (used loosely) break down your routers, switches, and servers in the method you described. There are “NO” written rules that prohibit you from configuring your network IP’s in anyway you want to configure them. However, there are recommendations and guidelines that you would want to try to use where possible.

At the same time, if you use a service provider for certain services, they may require your servers, printers, and so forth to be in certain range. Such as, they may want all of your servers to be in the lower IP range, reserving let’s say the 1st 20 IP’s for servers, routers, switches, and so on.

So, you can do as you wish, but save yourself some serious headaches, you should keep your “locations” at the very least all within the same IP blocks. What class you use is up to you and your company. So, by IP Blocks, I mean you should keep let’s say site #1 all on a 10.71.13.xx range. I recommend and many others that you plan your network to a “T”. I prefer to keep main routers and servers in the lower numbers such as thru Of course, if you have tons o... Read more

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Hi , I am desperate to get some info on exactly what I need to configure my BROTHER MFC-210C printer to my existing home wireless network which uses a NETGEAR DG834G Wireless Modem Router ,the BROTHER NC-2200W wireless USB printer server which their website recommends for this job is no longer available ,so what can i use instead ???
(I need it quickly !!!) cheers Iain

A:configuring existing usb printer to network

You can try investigating here;


edit: there may be some value in this article;


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i just brought a belkin 802.11g that runs 54mbps, but we i got it to work it, but it displays 11.0 mbps... it;s download speed is only 20k. how do i configure it properly?

btw my router is alos belkin 802.11g but it;s in my basement and my computer is two floors up....(might be a factor). I also heard that by installing sp2 it will make wireless connection run faster, is it true?

p4 3.2
asus p4c00-e dlx

A:configuring wireless network adaptor

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I have 3 computers on a network, 2 with win98 and 1 with winXP. I use ZoneAlarm on one win98 PC that is acting as the server. Everything works great. I can share files and Internet access. The problem is the PC with winXP. The Internet connection or access is very sporadic. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. If I refresh about 20 or 30 times it will start working but what a pain. If I turn off ZoneAlarm it works fine. What is causing the PC with winXP to do this???



A:ZoneAlarm, 3 PCs on network, 1 sporadic internet access

Have you tried going to the programs section in ZA and giving access to your net connection? open ZA go to Prog control then programs and check the Net boxes.

Q. How did you manage to get your XP and Win 98 machine to work together? Have you a dedicated server? Are you using two NIC cards in 1st connected PC to internet. Are you on Broadband? and what type of router/hub/adsl modem config are you using. If you read my posting Problems networking XP and Win 98 above. I would appreciate any help. Thanks

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Hi, all. I just went wireless yesterday so bear with me if I sound...dumb. I have ZoneAlarm Security Suite installed on my laptop. I started getting this message that an attempt by this IP address to access my computer was blocked. But the IP address they give is that exact same adderess as my router except for the last 1 digit. So I added my router's IP adress in the trusted zone. I seem to have stopped the message from popping up again.
Should I add the other ip addy also? The one with a different last digit?
My wireless connection seems really weak even if I'm sitting right in front of the router. Also it keeps on dropping. If I repair connection as per xp suggestion sometimes it does fix things. Sometimes there's no way to fix it.
Oh, and is the wireless wand thing supposed to blink on the router or does it need to stay solid like the desktop connection light? Internet connection light blinks rapidly but wirless light blinks slow. Just curious.
Thanks as always!

A:ZoneAlarm Security Suite blocking network

try this free program will give you signal strength
Free software to check signal strength of wireless is netstumbler 0.4.0 available for download from http://www.stumbler.net/

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im i bought zonealarm last night and it wouldn't update so the tech. suport had me do a full uninstall i will copy and paste what he had me do

Shane Beach: vista

Shane Beach: sp2

Shane Beach: 32bit

Zach: Thank you.

Shane Beach: np

Zach: There are most likely still corrupted ZoneAlarm files getting left behind on your computer.

Zach: When you un-installed and re-installed before, did you use our removal tool or did you run a normal un-install?

Shane Beach: i used zone clean last night

Shane Beach: i shut down zone so it didnt start with windows then used your clen remove

Shane Beach: clean

Zach: There may have been files left behind even after using our removal tool. I suggest using our instructions to manually remove all ZoneAlarm files from your computer and then re-install a new fresh copy from our website.

Zach: Please use the print or email buttons above to save the below instructions:

Shane Beach: ok

Zach: 01.) Restart your computer

Zach: 02.) When you see the screen go black and it starts booting back up keep tapping the "F8" key (at the top of your keyboard)

Zach: 03.) This should bring up a menu. Choose Safe Mode off the menu by using the arrow keys on the keyboard to highlight Safe Mode and press Enter

Zach: 04.) If you get a message asking to go to Safe Mode, choose Yes. If you get a help and support window, close this.

Zach: 05.) Once you are at the desktop, Click Start, Computer

Zach: 06.) Click Tools, Folder Options, View Tab

Zac... Read more

A:Network wont connect after uninstall of zonealarm

Well i just Reinstalled the program i downloaded it on my other computer and put on disk now my internet is workin so i don't know why but maybe some one can let me know if its goin to do this if i ever want to get rid of zone??

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Hello. My question is almost identical to Tanna's -- except perhaps for the details of my goofy system. Should we discuss here or should I start a new thread?

I have an ancient desktop (Pentium III 500 running Win98SE), attached to my wireless router (Westell 327W) attached to my DSL service. Just bought a lovely new laptop (running XP). The laptop's wireless connection is hitting the DSL flawlessly (which I sure don't want to screw up) but I'd love to know what I need to set up in order to network the two computers as well.

Just like Tanna, I'd like to, from the laptop, access the desktop's printer and scanner, as well as transfer files amongst the drives in both computers.

Do I need a separate wireless card for the desktop, or can I already do this through its ethernet card? Will I have any problems unique to the XP & 98SE coexistence? Etc. Etc.

Thanks in advance for any help, as I'm "old at" computers, but new at networking!

-- Randy

A:Solved: Configuring Wireless Home Network

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