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recovering windows. old files without backup or install disk

Q: recovering windows. old files without backup or install disk

Hello I have installed win7 sp1 on my PC by custom install I didn't back up anything and I don't have my window 7 install disk can I restore these files? And reinstall back to my hard drive I'm running 64 bit versions window's.

Preferred Solution: recovering windows. old files without backup or install disk

I recommend downloading and running DRP. It's a recovery tool that has been proven to recover files that most other programs have no luck with. I've even recovered files from freshly formatted or partitioned drives.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/v51TwD. (This link will automatically start a download of DRP that you can save to your computer.)

A: recovering windows. old files without backup or install disk


The only way I know to restore the deleted files would be to do a data recovery scan using a software like Recuva which I have used to recover peoples deleted photos from a previous windows. It worked really well and recovered most of the lost files.

Here is a link to download Recuva: https://www.piriform.com/recuva

PLEASE NOTE: when performing the scan make sure you check this box that says 'Enable Deep Scan' this will take longer but in the past I was only able to recover any data using this option.

Goodluck I hope this is what you were asking for.

Let us know how you get on.

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I have a customer's computer here that has two hard disks, a 10GB and a 40GB. The 10GB is the boot drive and has been set up with Ontrack Disk Manager (part of Seagate Disk Wizard, both drives are Seagate drives), the 40GB is regular NTFS. The machine originally ran WinME but has been upgraded to XP. The problem is that Disk Manager comes up with an error on startup saying it can't find the operating system. I can't get into the 10GB drive to find out what's happened, it doesn't show up as a readable partition when I boot off a floppy or plug the drive into another machine. Partition Magic 8 reads it as a "Disk Manager" partition. When I boot off the XP setup CD it doesn't see any partitions on the drive. The most I've been able to do is run EasyRecovery over the drive using the RAW partition type (i.e. it doesn't find any files as FAT32 or NTFS), which allows me to extract all the files, but without the filenames or directories. Spinrite seemed to find a bad sector when I did a level 2 recovery, Seatools found no errors on the drive.

Does anyone know how you can copy files off a drive that has been set up with Ontrack Disk Manager? I installed ODM on a workshop computer but it doesn't seem to have any feature that lets me convert the drive to a regular partition format, or extract files from it.

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Hello Everyone,

I am new to the form and in some very desperate need of help!

I backed up my computer a while ago using the Windows 7 back up feature onto a 1TB drive that I have. I then switched over to windows 8.1 and was not thinking and deleted my back up from windows 7. I have majority of the files but there are some files that I am trying to recover via "Recuva". I am trying to recover a my engagement video that I recorded, .mov file. It says that is excellent state and then I recover it, how when I recover it there is no video, the sound is all messed up, and the movie is 6 hr long. It seems that I am recovering a file that windows coded/encrypted because it was a backup file. Is there any way to recover a windows back up file that was deleted?

A:Help recovering deleted backup files

Try PhotoRec to recover the file and check whether it is error-free. I have atleast one report from a user here stating while most other recovery software did a bad job with media files with lots of fudge, PhotoRec recovered those clean.The scan may take a longtime. Do not lose your patience.

Guide to using PhotoRec recovery software.

(Just follow the steps under the heading Recovery)

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HI  I did a one-click backup of my Yoga 3 pro machine when I did a fresh load. It worked like a charm and was convenient. I now, however, need to get some individual files from that backup but cannot find how to do so.  I have checked several forums but have not come right. Please, can you offer some assistance? 

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Is there a free and easy way to decompress a set of MaAfee ARBUS files?

I was going through my external HDD and came across a folder that I had forgotten about. The name suggested it was some kind of dump of an old laptop's HDD. There are five files with file names consisting of a common long alphanumeric string and ending in -0, -1, -2, -3 and -4. The combined file size is about 8GB. There is also a 38KB Index.arb file. Opening that file in wordpad shows the word ARBUS in lots of places. A Google search found explanations of what the files are and how to delete them, but I could not find any solid information on how to recover the contents.

The files are over four years old and I am pretty sure there is nothing in them that I would want to pay any money for to recover, but I am curious as to what is in them. I am using a desktop running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit. It running a McAfee Internet security package provided through AT&T. The package does not seem to include any kind data backup abilities.

A:Recovering McAfee Compressed backup files?

See this thread from July 2008: http://forums.techguy.org/windows-xp/734680-solved-unidentified-files.html

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I have a HP Pavillion dv7 with a Windows 7 OS, and for some reason it was not starting. I'm still not sure if it was a virus or software malfunction, but I had to reinstall the system back to the original factory settings. I hadn't backed up my system prior to this, and before the system reinstall I made two DVD+R backup disks with my documents, music, videos, etc.

How can I reinstall these backup files onto my computer using these backup cds?

A:Windows 7 reinstalling backup disk files

If you didn't use a transfer utility like Windows Easy Transfer, you'll just have to insert the DVDs and drag/drop the files/folders to where you want them to go.

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We have to wipe the disk on my daughter's Viao because of various infections. She does not have a backup disk for that computer. So before speaking with me she ordered Windows 7 through the discount program at the school where she teaches (nice discount too!). But as you can see from the capture below, she ordered a Win 7 upgrade, which I doubt will install on a clean disk. However, she also ordered the backup disk that doesn't mention "upgrade" in the title. What are the chances I could download that backup disk, burn it, and do a clean install? Or will the upgrade version actually do a clean install from an external drive or disk?

A:Will downloaded Windows 7 backup disk do a clean install?

I don't know what Backup Disc means in this context. But there is "Backup Disc Information".
You can use the upgrade disc to clean install win7. See Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

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I know they are well out of date now but I have found a pile of floppy disks that contain photographs from my old camera however Windows won't recognise the the disk and I have tried numerous different software with no joy. I was wondering if anyone knew of another piece of software that would do the job?

Some of the software I have tried -
BadCopy Pro
PC Inspector
There were a few more but they didn't seem very good.

Many thanks,

A:Recovering files from floppy disk?

If the disks are bad, they're bad permanent.

However, it's more likely that the floppy drive in your computer is broken. They're cheap & poorly made.

Try a known good disk. Try your disks in another machine.

GetDataBack (data recovery software) might get the data off them.

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Hey guys, Just got a new Acer Aspire Laptop today, and thanks to Acer's upgrade plan I will be getting my free Windows 7: HE within a few weeks

But I'm dying to use this new amazing Laptop now, I already bought Windows 7: HE for the laptop I'm currently using, and with it I ordered a back up disk

I know you can install Windows 7 directly from the Back up disk as a friend of mine had to use that method when her downloaded file didn't work for her

So can I use the same back up disk, to install Windows 7 on my new Acer Aspire which has Windows Vista Home Premium

Hoping you guys can reply to me ASAP :)

A:Using Windows 7 Backup Disk to Install on a New Machine (Please quick reply)

This question is best addressed with the Acer tech support - as it involves decisions about the interpretation of the EULA. Additionally, it depends on the way that Acer implements the insertion of the product key for Win7.

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I had to replace my hard disk recently on my Compaq Deskpro machine. While the PC works fine, I need help on two issues:

1. The technician who replaced the hard disk says he's unable to read the old hard disk, so can't recover any files from it. Any way out...?

2. On reinstalling Windows 95, I'm unable to change the display settings to anything higher that 16 colors; if I try and restart, there's a message saying the settings do not work with my hardware. Now, the Hardware Wizard says my display adapter is Oaks Technologies Super VGA; however, I distinctly remember seeing a Matrox QuickDesk facility with my earlier installation. Is this possible...? Or am I missing something?

A:Recovering files from crashed hard disk

As far as the colors you need to reinstall your video drivers for the matrox card.

Hard disk, if it's that important you could send it to ontrack or one of the others, but it's very expensive to get data recovery.

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I'm looking for a truly recovering deleted partitions and/or files program.
You can find by the net EASY RECOVER PRO, WINTERNALS DISK COMMANDER and other similar recovering programs. But I checked these programs cannot truly recover deleted partitions and files. They just appearance ($) recover programs. These weak programs cannot recover files/partition from a disk which were just the M-B-R sector erased!
Do u know a program really works on recovering?


A:Recovering lost files on disk [without partition]

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My machine is quite slow, and in hopes of cleaning/speeding it up, I will try to re-install Windows7 Pro. I don't have an external hard drive and I see a lot of on-line storage resources.

Can I use the on-line file storage locations to substitute for an external HD to put the files somewhere temporarily when I reformat the C: drive and re-install the O/S and later download the files back onto the C: drive?

Are the free file storage sites as good as they sound? Are they all created equal, or are some better than others?

A:Re-Install Windows 7 Pro-What's Best/Free Way To Backup Files?

Here's an option which offers up to 7gb of free storage, tho you can buy more for very cheap. It will also allow you easily to Sync your files to all of your devices. It's all explained here: Sync, Backup and Store your Files to the Cloud with Skydrive - Windows 7 Help Forums.

You can upload the files manually from your SKydrive account you create, or install the Skydrive app to drag anything you want backed up (and later sync'd) to its folder. Just be sure to Unlink it in Settings before you reinstall so files are not deleted when the folder is.

You can also create a data partition on the end of your HD to store your data. As long as you don't touch it during reinstall, just deleting and recreating the C partition instead, your files should be safe there. If you do this I'd use both methods. It's always best to have another HD or external.

Here are also steps to get a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 which work equally well for retail.

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Hi everyone

I've built a brand new PC and decided that I would like to install windows 7 64 bit on my SSD, I got a disk+key from my university before christmas so that'd i'd be ready once i'd built it.

I built the PC yesterday and realised that I'd left my external DVD drive at my university accommodation, I'm at my parents house for christmas break so that's a few weeks left. I can't really wait that long so I used my parents laptop (which I'm posting from now) to turn the disk into an .iso and use the microsoft USB utility to make a USB stick that i could install from.

However when I tried the install gets to 'installing features' and gives 'windows cannot install required files' error code 0x80070570 I looked the code up on google which sent me to a lot of threads here, so far I've tried:

Taking all but 1 stick of ram out and the graphics card.
Reseting the bios to default
Installing again without rebooting after error.
using cmd to select the right partition

Nothing has worked, please help me I'm losing my mind

A:'Windows cannot install required files' on Flash disk install to SSD


Just to clarify, are you having trouble getting the ISO onto the USB drive? Im not sure whether that is your issue, or the installation from the USB. What size is the USB drive?

Can you have a look at this tutorial?

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create


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Ok I have a huge problem with recovering really important files that I need to access but can't....

I wanted to clean out my system because its been a long time, and my computer was just not running correctly in the past few weeks, so basically I cleared out one of my harddrives and I was intending to move my documents folder over to the other harddrive to back them up, anyway I had a problem doing that so I just decided to install another version of windows on the harddrive that windows is now stored on..... the OS installed correctly and runs fine, and I can access all my other files from when I had the old OS EXCEPT the user folder from my previos installation of XP (the documents and settings folder). I see the folder there, but when I try to open it, a dialog comes up that says Access Denied. I understand that with this new version of XP running Im not logged in under the past user name, but I really need those files and the old version of XP is gone, and I have no way of accessing the files.

thanks so much

A:Recovering Files from Previous XP Install NEED HELP!

Got this information from another forum and it may resolve the problem:

I think BloodRed is on to something...right-click the folder, properties. Security tab, Advanced button, Owner tab, choose your user account (or Administrator) and check the "replace owner on..." check box, then click OK.

Now try copying the data.

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I am thinking to make 3 partition in my pen drive. First one for personal files n folders. Second for bootable Windows installation and third for bootable Macrium Reflect. Am I rightly partitioning. As per my knowledge windows recognize only first partition of pendrive. So I will keep first partition for my documents so that I could access them within windows and as second n third partitions are for windows installation and macrium backup so I can access them while booting. Any suggestions.

A:pen drive partitioning for Windows install, Backup and personal files

Interesting concept, will have to try it one of these days but I think you can make USB bootable and boot only from main partition so MR partition may not be bootable and it needs to be able to work.

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I will openly admit I don't have 100% of the details in this case. As far as I know, this person used the windows backup system to backup his mydocuments/mypictures to a dvd. This isn't supported by Microsoft, but apparently it didn't stop him from doing it. However, it is not possible to use the windows backup tool to restore that data. This is a known bug, which microsoft of course says is working as intended.

Tonight I got the DVD from him, hoping I could do something with it. However, neither of my computers are able to find anything to even read from on it. If I had to guess I would say the dvd is corrupted. Is there any way I would be able to recover the backup file from the dvd, so I can at least try and get SOMETHING out of it? Apparently the files are EXTREMELY important to this person, to the point of costing him his marriage.

A:Recovering windows backup from dvd

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I am facing two different complications with external usb's

Problem 1: Hardware (?)
This usb IS recognized and mounts - however, the files on it are damaged - possibly because of hardware erosion...
I think ddrescue and safecopy are supposed to be good programs for this type of failure, but I do not know how to use them

Problem 2: Software (?)
This usb is recognized in the device manager, but not in the My Computer (so it doesn't mount). I think I can reformat the usb to make it functional again, but before I do that, I want to recover whatever files are on the drives

Any guide on how i can resolve these two issues?

A:Recovering files from a damaged drive and recovering files from an unrecognized driv

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Please forgive my basic ignorance on this type of matter, but.........

I have been looking on Ebay at used/refurbished computers for upgrading from my current and older P4 chip computer. One that I'm looking at says that it has a (legal and genuine version) of Windows XP Pro SP3 o/s installed on the custom built computer, but there's no disk.

If I were to purchase a computer like this, and make a back up copy of that installed o/s on my own disk, will there be any difference than if I had received the original installation disk or manufacturer's restore disk?.....or would the installed (and backup) o/s be considered an "unlicensed" copy?

A:Will a backup copy (to disk) of an installed XP the same as original install disk?

I would check the eBay site for the report on the person or business selling the computer or equipment to see how reliable they are, anyways if you purchase a computer with a legal version of windows on it that has been refurbished I do not see why you should not get a windows install disk (Original) with it, if the installation is legal why not give the disk with it? I would be very leary.

I would check other ways of getting what you want and here is a good place to start:


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Please forgive my basic ignorance on this type of matter, but.........

I have been looking on Ebay at used/refurbished computers for upgrading from my current and older P4 chip computer. One that I'm looking at says that it has a (legal and genuine version) of Windows XP Pro SP3 o/s installed on the custom built computer, but there's no disk.

If I were to purchase a computer like this, and make a back up copy of that installed o/s on my own disk, will there be any difference than if I had received the original installation disk or manufacturer's restore disk?.....or would the installed (and backup) o/s be considered an "unlicensed" copy?
***I never cease to be amazed by the extent to which people are capable of (deluding themselves by) engaging in distorting and denying reality in an attempt to satisfy their fears, wants and needs?***

A:Will a backup copy (to disk) of an installed XP the same as original install disk?

No, a copy would not be the same as the installation disk. But even better than an installation disk is a "disk image". It saves everything, your programs, your operating system, and all your files, for when the drive fails.

You are very wise to be considering how to recover. A disk image is much better than a "recovery partition" on the drive which is useless when the drive fails.

Buy an external drive for backup (though CD's and DVD's can be used, you can make backups far more easily, and thus frequently, with an external drive, or even a second internal drive). DVD's are fine if all you want is a single backup of the original system, but an imager can take snapshots along the way so less is lost.

Free Drive Cloners/Imagers:

Macrium Reflect
Clonezilla (Bare-metal restoration from image)
EaseUs Disk Copy (Copies disks or partitions)
CloneZilla GParted LiveCD (Complete partitioning and drive imaging/restoration tools)
Partition Saving
PCI CloneMaxx
Drive Image XML
copyr.dma (Copies disk with bad sectors for recovery)

Commercial Apps:

[email protected] Disk Image
O&O DiskImage
Acronis True Image Home
Farstone Drive Clone (Drive image, snapshots, file/folder backups.)
EAZ-FIX Professional and Easy Image
Drive Snapshot
ShadowProtect (Also online backups.)
Keriver Image
Avanquest Copy Commander
Paragon Drive Backup
R-Drive Image
Norton Ghost
HDClone Pro or Enterprise
Te... Read more

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A coworker gave me his old laptop with Windows 7 on it. I was maybe 30-45 seconds into installing Kali Linux over Windows when I got a text from him requesting that I save some files he had on the computer. I knew I had to stop the installation immediately if there would be any chance at me saving the files. I attempted a reboot to no avail (as expected). I tried starting a Windows 7 installation to attempt the "repair an existing installation" option. That would not work either (of course). I booted into DOS (via the Windows disk) and CD'd to every directory listed and saw no files other than standard Windows files. After giving up at that, I removed the drive from the laptop and connected it as a slave drive to my desktop. I got a few "corrupted drive" warnings and clicked continue through all of them. I then opened "My Computer" and did not see the drive listed. I know the files are still there as it is highly unlikely that they happened to be some of the first files affected by the Linux install. I don't know if this is relevant but I did choose to rename the C: drive to X: during the initial Linux install setup. If I could only get my computer to recognize the drive I plan on using Asoftech Data Recovery to try to scan for the files.I will be posting this in the Linux section as well. At this point my only concern is recovering those files. Everything else (OS installation, etc) I can take care of without assistance. Please, someon... Read more

A:Recovering Files from incomplete Linux over 7 install

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Ok, I was having some ram issues, which I traced back to my 512mb stick (I had a 1024 and a 512, they didnt get along) Afer removing the 512 stick, I rebooted the computer. Everytime it boots up I get the message "Windows had to recover the registry from a log or back up file, the recovery was successful"

How did pulling a stick of ram manage to cause this, and what can I do about it?

A:windows recovering registry from backup on every boot

This is XP?
What happens if you log in to safe mode with user name administrator (if you did not password protect this account leave password blank) and then restart?
What happens if you boot to that profile and create a new profile (user account ) with admin priveleges and boot to it , shut down and restart?

What happens if you choose "last known good" from the list of options when you try to boot to safe mode.

Unlike win98, XP does not have a permanent registry . The XP registry is created as it boots from data stored in multiple files called hives (.hiv) which load at different times during the boot process.
Since the hiv files are saved each time windows shuts down (windows is now saving your settings) then your problem either indicates that the current hiv for your profile is corrupted and even when it restores the backup copy, when you use your profile some virus or something is again corrupting it; or it indicates that your computer is shutting down before these files get written from RAM to hard drive.
Check your hard drive settings, disable write behind caching. (Device manager, choose the drive, properties/ policies)

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Please save my marriage.

We got a nasty virus on our home computer which has all of my and my wife's emails and contacts on it. After having no success getting rid of the virus and since I knew I had a good back up (Windows Backup) I decided to get rid of the old Vista 64 and rebuild my machine at Windows 7.

I was able to recover everything except my Thunderbird email accounts.

I have tried deleting the new profiles and pasting the old profiles in there place to no avail.

System was backed up using Windows backup (Vista 64 home premium)
Rebuilt at Windows 7

A:Recovering Thunderbird profiles from Windows backup

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Hey guys, as the title says how to do it? I'm going to install windows 7 (maybe home premium) on a 320GB hard disk, and I have tons of files in it and I don't want it to get deleted. If anyone knows what to do or click when installing windows, please let me know. I don't have any spare hard disk laying around so I can't pass this files onto another.

I forgot to mention that
I know how to save the files if there was an existing OS but in this case there is none, so please help!


A:How to install Windows 7 on a Hard Disk with files on it, without it being deleted?

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How do I control how much disk space my Windows Backup takes up? I have a 1TB external disk for backups and other files. My computer's HDD only has about 250GB capacity. I don't know why my backups file got so bloated. What should I do?

I see that I can delete the older backup file: 22-Oct to 11-Nov. But read the text.
""Deleting previous backups will free up space on your backup location."
So far so good.

Then it continues, "All files backed up during the selected period will be deleted."

I'm pretty sure the text is just badly written. I guess that means the backup-files (on the backup drive) will be deleted. They couldn't mean that the original files (on my data drive) will be deleted. That sure is a scary possibility though. How do you understand this?

System: Windows 7 Enterprise

ScreenCap below


A:Backup takes 800GB? Manage Windows Backup Disk Space

Yes, it is perhaps, badly written, but true. All files in the backup period from 22-Oct. to 11-Nov. will be deleted. Not to worry, though, because those same files are backed up in a later backup period from 11-Nov. to ? It is safe to delete older backup periods.

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My Win 7 x64 machine (Dell) has three hard drives in it. The original 2TB Seagate with the operating system on it, C:, a 2TB WD used for data storage,F:, ..and a 1TB Seagate repurposed from the XP computer it replaced. That last drive contains only data as that was its purpose in the previous machine. There are no programs on it and it's formatted NTFS.

On boot-up, the computer sees the 1TB Seagate as drive E: and it functions just fine until it's time for a Windows Backup. About 30 seconds into the backup, I get the message that "Intel Rapid Storage Technology has detected a disk removed on Port 3." At this point, the backup fails and Windows no longer sees the E: drive until next cold boot. The backup's target is an external Seagate drive J: that is unaffected by any of this.

Yes, I've changed SATA cables. I've changed the Motherboard connection where the E: drive's SATA cable is attached. I've reversed and rerouted cables so there's no odd pressure on any one of them. I've disabled the power-saving settings so the disc spins all the time. Nothing helps.

The E: drive functions just fine until Windows Backup starts, then it acts as if I removed it.

Error code from Windows Backup dialog is 0x80070002 "The system cannot find the file specified."


A:When Backup Runs, Windows Reports Backup Target Disk Removed

Can you access the external target drive normally?

Also, could you post a screencap of Disk Management for us?
(Windows key + R to open Run, then type "diskmgmt.msc")

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I'm helping my sister w/her backup...

I just did the first backup yesterday (using Backup & Restore), but when I viewed the external device on which I had just done the backup, I found I could not see her data files & folders so I could copy some of them selectively manually... (files where .xml's, .vhd's, etc... but I could not see individual files or folders...) is the only way to just hit "restore" to restore everything?

what if she wants to copy just one letter she wrote last week that she removed by mistake for example?

I'm on a mac myself, and on the mac backup system (called Time Machine) you can restore, but you can also view all files and folders manually, just as if you were on the computer, and copy files and folders manually and paste them back on the computer... this is not possible with the Win7 BackUp & Restore system?

thank you......

A:can't see files and folders on backup disk..

Hello Maya, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Double check the tutorials below to see if they may help to restore a file from the backup. Please feel free to post back with any questions you may have.

Restore Backup User and System Files

Backup - Manually Extract Files from in Vista & Windows 7

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After downloading the latest updates for Google Earth, I began getting a msg saying that "there is not enough disk space on your backup disk."
When I attempted to clean it up, I was unable to free up any space.
I have a LENOVO 570; the backup disk is labeled: Lenovo: D
It says I have @ 10.6MB free out of 29GB
Can I delete all the drivers and the applications from the D drive ?
And then do a complete restore once the D drive is emptied ?
Any other suggestions ?

A:how do I delete files from my backup disk ?

Post a screen shot of your Windows Disk Management so we can see what is going on.

Do you knowingly install applications to D, rather than C?

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I have a friend of mine that wants to reformat windows XP and get a fresh install. He wants to back up his programs and files, he lost an installation disk for one of the programs, is there any way that a backup can be made to install this program on the new windows installation?


A:How to backup programs if I don't have install disk

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A8-5500 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 21 Model 16 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 5310 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7560D, 768 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 894557 MB, Free - 843392 MB;
Motherboard: LENOVO,
Antivirus: Avira Antivirus, Updated and Enabled


Recently Windows 10 stopped working for me and I had to reinstall it. I used the Microsoft Media creation tool to reinstall Windows 10. Does this mean I have a clean install of Windows? I chose the keep files option when I downloaded and reinstalled Windows. When I reinstalled Windows I had not made a boot disk. I have a few questions and am I asking for your help and suggestions. I made a boot disk using this http://www.backup-utility.com/features/create-bootable-disc.html Would you please explain to me how I can test if the boot disk works?

I also made a disk with http://www.backup-utility.com/pe-builder.html I am not sure the difference between the pe builder and the boot disk.

I also downloaded and installed http://www.backup-utility.com/okr-free.html

Are these items good enough to use to recover Windows should I need to do so in the future? If not what other software or disks would you suggest I make if Windows recovery is needed? Please provide links if you suggest other software or making other disks/dvds.

I want to make sure I have all that I need to recover Windows 10 shoul... Read more

A:Recovering Windows and Boot Disk Questions

Another question I have is the following. What is the difference of using AOMEI system back up and disk back up? http://www.backup-utility.com/features/disk-backup.html What is being saved with system back up and with disk back up? What are the reasons to use them?

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Hi. I am trying to perform a full PC Backup on Vista Service Pack 2.  I have a recently purchased Seagate Backup Plus 2TB drive which has 1.6TB free space.  When I do the normal 'Backup Files' option it backs up onto this drive no problem  When I then try to do a Complete PC Backup onto the same disk (size of backup estimted to be 67Gb), it bombs straight away, with the error message 'One of the backup files could not be created. (x08078002A)'. I have only performed a full backup once onto multiple DVDs which worked fine.  This backup however, is seriously out of date now. Could someone please assist? Thanks.

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Hello. Can I use a DVD recorder (like Samsung HDMI DVD-R155) to backup files from my computer's hard disk? (MS Word, MS Powerpoint, jpg and avi files). I'm using a Toshiba Satellite 2450 laptop which doesn't have a DVD burner. Thanks for any help you can give.

A:Possible to use DVD Recorder to backup hard disk files?

I don't know of any way to use such a machine to backup a computer. I'd suggest an external USB hard disk for the task.

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I was reading yesterday that if I want to restore a file, I need to go to the file and right click and select restore. If the file does not exist anymore then one would go to the directory where the file originally was and select restore (or something to that effect).

I have two disks and I want to save some important files from one disk to the other. I have always used W7 Backup but now I am not sure I am doing the right thing. What would happen if my main disk crashed and there was absolutely no hope of salvaging it? Could I still restore from the back up made by W7 Backup? I won't know the file names or directory structure if one disk goes down completely.


A:Will W7 Backup of my important files help me if my Disk Crashes?

Hi David,

There are a couple ways you can do it. The first, is when you use Windows Backup and Recovery make sure the create a system image is checked. That system image can be used to recover your OS and any files on the drive to a new HDD should the old HDD crash. Also, if you look at the upper left hand corner of the Backup and Recovery screen you will see the option to create a system image. You can use that also, which is what I do, to create a system image of my C drive. You also have the option to include any other partitions that you want to backup. After the image has been created, preferably on a second HDD, it will ask if you want to create a Recovery Disk. I would highly advise that you do, as this disk can be used to boot up from and then restore image if your HDD is unbootable. There are other third party imaging programs like Macrium Reflect, or Eaeus Todo Backup, or Acronis True Image that can be used for the same purpose as Windows System Imaging.

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I am trying to recover my ASUS K52D Notebook PC to factory settings. I am currently running Windows 7 operating system. I do have the Driver & Utility Ver.1.0 disk, but I have lost the System recovery disk that was made by the store where I purchased my laptop from. I have tried recurring it using the partition file thing that's on my computer, but I received an error message. I am wondering, is there a way to recover my Notebook to factory settings without using the partition or the recovery DVD? And if not, what are my other options at this point?

A:Recovering Windows 7 to factory settings without recovery disk

No; you need the Recovery partition or set of Recovery DVDs or CDs. You may be able to purchase the Recovery DVDs from Asus.

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I have 1286 Backup.zip files and assume they are Win 7 backups? Is it safe to delete them and why are there so many? Do I have a setting turned on that I don't need? I am getting "low on disk space" messages now and can't quite figure it out?

Thanks in advance,

A:Help! 1286 Backup.zip files-low on disk space error

Quote: Originally Posted by boidsonly

I have 1286 Backup.zip files and assume they are Win 7 backups? Is it safe to delete them and why are there so many? Do I have a setting turned on that I don't need? I am getting "low on disk space" messages now and can't quite figure it out?

Thanks in advance,

In which folder? What are the file date/time? I mean are they cretaed each day/week/hour?

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Can we retrieve our backup files from failing hard disk in partition D: ?If we can, could you tell us how to retrieve it?

A:Retrieve Backup Files From Failing Hard Disk

Why would your backup files be on partition D:? Partition D:  is the recovery partition and as such not a place to save any files.

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Hi. Using Windows 7 Home Edition 64bit. Backup drive is an external hard drive drive. Back up drive is full with weekly backups from April 2011 to January 2012 (print screen attached). Question is, since each subsequent back up targets changes since the previous backup, can I delete the earlier backups without impacting the later backups. Thanks for your help!

A:Low Disk Space for Backup-What files can I safely delete?

Hello DJE, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Instead of manually deleting the backup files, I would recommend to use OPTION ONE in the tutorial below to delete the backups that you do not want anymore instead. It will be a lot safer to do.

Backup User and System Files - Delete Backups

Hope this helps,

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i tried to make a disc image yesterday, then tried to backup my laptop (compaq w/ hp software and W7 home premium) and it comes up with an error saying its missing a "Volume Shadow Copy blah blah blah" its in the attachment. i want to create a system image.

help'd be appreciated.

A:Windows 7 can't backup or make disk images or system repair disk

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Hi all,
My computer is really screwed up. I ran Adawre,Spybot, PestPatrol and Sophos antivirus to clean it. Now, it is behaving:
I It freezes after half an hour.
II The sytem restore thing doesn't work
Can anybody suggest me, how can rescue my system. I am on win xp sp2. When I inserted the install CD which is pretty old, it said that it can't install win xp as my computer already has newer version. So, does it mean that I have to remove sp2, rescue from CD and then reapply sp2?
Can somebody tell me what is the best way to go?
Thanks gurus.

A:Recovering windows Xp from install CD


You can run the System File Checker to see if you have any corrupted files. To do this follow this simple step.

Press Start > Run and type sfc /scannow then click ok. The PC will now scan for problems and fix them.

Now here's the tricky part. It will ask for your windows XP CD, now you have upgraded to Windows XP SP2, so you need to basically make a Slipstream copy of Windows XP. I will provide a link in a moment telling you how to do this. Basically Slipstreaming updates your copy of Windows XP by burning another copy to disk with all the Windows XP SP2 files, so you can either use this to format and start a fresh install, or allow it to repair the files using SFC.

The link: http://experiencewindows.co.uk/xpcentral/forum/viewtopic.php?t=89

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when i close window live 2012 it comes up recovering unused disk space
it then opens back up and will not shut down unless i click both messages there is no errors
but the email that we have the program on will say that windows has not closed down properly so in case it was that email it hides it
also i can delete my emails except on my inbox. if i delete emails there it does not show it instantly it will show when i close the program and reopen it next time
is there anyone that can help me.

A:windows live mail 2012 recovering unused disk space

If I understand you correctly and that is a maybe. Your email can be full. That will include inbox, deleted, drafts, ect.

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Okay, a question about SP2
I've eventually installed it on my laptop, only to find that my OS partition
is almost full now. I have found at least 3 places where XP has "stored"
the SP2 files. At over 500mb a piece it wastes a load of space. I also found
what looks like backups of the old SP1a files, 2 of those at about 380mb each

The problem is that I find no option to delete the "back out" files like you
used to get in the good old days and 3 copies????

I have ghosted W2K back onto the laptop again.... smaller footprint.
if you don?t know the location of all these files I can reinstall on the
weekend and let you know. Just look for the largest files on the system
A few I can recall, one is in the usual $ntuninstallxxxxx type files on C root
this will be the "back out" old systems files.... these I don't mind.
another is here:
and here:
C:\WINDOWS\Service Packs\

I can get the rest of the places I found later, but HELP !!!!
What were these guys thinking???
I know HDD's are cheap these days but on a old laptop they're not
and they?re not that big to begin with.

I can go ahead and delete all the copies but that is a bit rash.
I would prefer a "legal" way of doing it so that the system is aware of what
has happened.

A:getting rid of XP SP2 install & backup files??

Look in your Windows directory under "ServicePackFiles\i386" (ie., c:\Windows\ServicePackFiles\i386\)

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I have just upgraded from 32 bit Vista Home Premium to 64 bit W7 Professional. I did the custom upgrade and have a huge Windows.old folder that contains most of the files from my Vista setup. I forgot to save my Windows Mail files. I'm assuming that they are still in this folder somewhere. Is there a way to recover them to use in Outlook 2003 (its what my company still uses) or Thunderbird? I have tried a few methods to use Windows Mail in Windows 7 but haven't managed to get any of them working.


A:Recovering Windows Mail files

Quote: Originally Posted by TonyM19

I have just upgraded from 32 bit Vista Home Premium to 64 bit W7 Professional. I did the custom upgrade and have a huge Windows.old folder that contains most of the files from my Vista setup. I forgot to save my Windows Mail files. I'm assuming that they are still in this folder somewhere. Is there a way to recover them to use in Outlook 2003 (its what my company still uses) or Thunderbird? I have tried a few methods to use Windows Mail in Windows 7 but haven't managed to get any of them working.


Hi and welcome

I did exaactly the same thing. I used an app called recova and it found and recovered 99+% of them. All i had to do is import (I dragged and dropped) them into outlook and presto.

Good Luck Mate


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Today Windows stopped being able to open the second of two partitions on one of my secondary drives, giving an "i/o error" message when trying to access it. A brief run of TestDisk shows a lot (maybe all) of the files on this partition to be still accessible. However, I'd like to recover the partition with the directory structure intact if possible (not sure if Testdisk does this) - either by fixing the drive or backing up to another. Any suggestions?

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Hello everybody,

I have used RT Seven Lite to shrink the Windows 7 Ultimate installation because I m using a netbook with a small 8GB SSD.

This is why I kinda need to remove those backup files because I really need the space.

I have tried several things to solve this issue.
-Tried both a slipstreamed SP1 and a manual SP1 installation
-used elevated command prompt with the command dism /online /cleanup-image /spsuperseded /hidesp
-tried the same from a boot up command prompt (Windows installation DVD)

I guess I removed a part necessary to remove th backup files, but I don't know which one and I don't know how to fix it.
I hope somebody has some new ideas for me.
Thanks in advance

Here is some additional info copied out of the command prompt:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Windows\system32>dism /online /cleanup-image /spsuperseded /hidesp

Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool
Version: 6.1.7600.16385

Image Version: 6.1.7601.17514

Removing backup files created during service pack installation.
[===========================68.4%======= ]

Error: 14098

The component store has been corrupted.

The DISM log file can be found at C:\Windows\Logs\DISM\dism.log

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Windows\system32>sfc /scannow

Beginning system scan. This process will take some tim... Read more

A:Can't remove Service Pack Backup Files with Disk Cleanup or DISM

Hello c05Mo,

You would only be able to use the SP1 disk cleanup tool to remove the SP1 backup files if you installed Windows 7 without SP1, then installed SP1 afterwards. If you installed Windows 7 with SP1 included, then you will not be able to use the SP1 disk cleanup tool.

As for manually installing SP1, I can only guess that it's something to do with how you shrank Windows 7 when you slipstreamed it. Are you able to try installing Windows 7 with a normal retail installation DVD, install SP1, then use the SP1 disk cleanup tool?

Hope this helps some,

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I have Win7 and I had an extra internal drive acting as backup to my system. Well, the system got infected by a virus that I couldn't cure, so I figured that since I had a backup, I could probably just restore files from that. Well, I got Win7 reinstalled and then I went into my backup drive and selected the icon with my old computer's name (disc with green arrow pointing down), right click and select "restore options." Then, I get "do you want to restore files from this backup? So then i click "restore files." Then, a loading bar comes up that says "looking for backup devices" and then goes away, showing nothing but "refresh" and "browse network location..." as options.

Anyway, how can I get my backup files from this image if it can't see it for whatever reason?

thanks for your help.

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I have Win7 and I had an extra internal drive acting as backup to my system. Well, the system got infected by a virus that I couldn't cure, so I figured that since I had a backup, I could probably just restore files from that. Well, I got Win7 reinstalled and then I went into my backup drive and selected the icon with my old computer's name (disc with green arrow pointing down), right click and select "restore options." Then, I get "do you want to restore files from this backup? So then i click "restore files." Then, a loading bar comes up that says "looking for backup devices" and then goes away, showing nothing but "refresh" and "browse network location..." as options.

Anyway, how can I get my backup files from this image if it can't see it for whatever reason?

Thanks for your help.

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Hello everybody,
Due some unfortunate events it seems my Windows 7 registry is corrupt.
 I've tried repairing it using System Recovery Options / Startup Repair but with no luck. The Recovery software indentifies the problem (CorruptRegistry) but is unable to repair it. I've tried to copy the files from windows32/system/config/regback to windows32/system/config still no luck (the back-up files are the same with the corrupted ones, same date, time, size --> great job windows!). I've tried even to use System Recovery (i have several restore points) but i got this wired message: "You must enable system protection on this drive..." --> stupid error, if I haven't had enabled system protection how do I got the restore points...
 Does anyone know if is possible to "extract" the registry files from a file called winre.win that I found in the folder /Recovery? I understood that this is like a system recovery image...
Or if someone knows another method, I really do not want to make a clean install unless is the last option available.

A:Recovering Windows 7 Registry Hives/Files

You can do In-place Upgrade to repair the system. Please launch your installation program in the system, and choose Upgrade. In general situations all programs and personal data will not be lost. However I still suggest you backup important data before upgrade.Arthur Xie - MSFT

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