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Small Business Proxy Server

Q: Small Business Proxy Server

Good Morning. We are a smaller retail business with 20+ stores located in 3 states. We are seeking a linux proxy server solution that has the ability to filter/block inappropriate websites and content. My assumption is that I will get a linux proxy server up and running at one of the stores than configure the DNS servers in each company computer and/or laptop to connect to it. Now, a few questions ....

#1: Does anyone have any good proxy solution for someone who is not well versed in proxy servers? Also, while i'm not sure what difference this will make ... we will be directing all stores computer to this remote proxy server that will be present in one of our locations. This is not to proxy server that will only be running within the same network of the computers.

#2: Is there a way to PREVENT store employees from changing the DNS servers on there computers to circumvent the proxy? I know you can change it at the router however changing it in windows will bypass the router settings.

Our store computers run Windows XP or Vista ... with a few Windows 7 computers in the mix. We need a solid FREE solution that will solve our problem. We have used OpenDNS in the past, which is an easy to use solution UNTIL employees start changing the DNS servers.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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Preferred Solution: Small Business Proxy Server

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


i am having microsoft windows server 2003 for small business server Service Pack 1.iwant to run an application build up with ASP.NET & SQL DATABASE.for generating reports we are using crystal reports.
while running the application i am gettig an error message as

File or assembly name CrystalDecisions.Web, or one of its dependencies, was not found.

i tried to copy all the dll files in to the bin folder.still the problem is not solved..
Source Error:
Line 13: debugging ASP.NET files.
Line 14: -->
Line 15: <compilation defaultLanguage="c#" debug="true"><assemblies><add assembly="CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine, Version=9.1.5000.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=692fbea5521e1304"/><add assembly="CrystalDecisions.ReportSource, Version=9.1.5000.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=692fbea5521e1304"/><add assembly="CrystalDecisions.Shared, Version=9.1.5000.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=692fbea5521e1304"/><add assembly="CrystalDecisions.Web, Version=9.1.5000.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=692fbea5521e1304"/></assemblies></compilation>
Line 16:
Source File: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\HomagIndiaCIS\web.config Line: 15

Assembly Load Trace: The following information can be helpful to determine why the assembly 'CrystalDecisions.Web' could not be loaded.
=== Pre-bind state information ===
LOG: DisplayName = ... Read more

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Can SBS 2003 be setup using a router to do the routing and still be able to use Outlook Web Access and Sharepoint Services?

Also can you have your website hosted on a server with a servername .local and not .com?

If you don't have the answer can you point me in the right direction?

I am setting up a server that doesn't have a static IP address and planned on using dyndns.org as a dynamic updater. I wanted to have a business card website hosted on the server too. I host my own website on my server but have a .com name for my server and cannot get the outlook web access to work. I would like to have my cake and eat it too.
Thanks in advance,

A:Small Business Server

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would windows 7 professional be enough as an OS for a small business server?

server mainly for:
file backup
file sharing
printer connection
simple website hosting

A:small business server OS

Others may not agree, but I'm always in the mindset of using the proper tool for the job. It sounds like Server 2012 Essentials would do the job nicely.

As for website hosting, given how cheap 3rd party hosting plans are, I wouldn't consider running one inside my network anymore.

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I have just signed up to the forum as I have questions of which nobody seems to be able to give me a straight answer.

I have some basic computer knowledge but not current. I have been recommended a NAS box with something called VPN to access the files remotely.

I will have 4 remote users who will need to access the business files on the NAS.

I'm sure with a little guidance I will be able to set this up myself. So my questions are as follows:

1) Can anyone recommend a good manufacturer/supplier for the NAS server?
2) Do I need to purchase hard drives separately? If so can I use any or do they have to be a certain spec?
3) What is the basic procedure to set up and do I need extra software to run the NAS (if so does this need to be installed on each machine that will be remotely accessing.
4) How do I go about setting up the remote access and what exactly is VPN?
5) I have been advised to get a line with a fixed IP address, and also can only get a max broadband speed of 5mbps (poor area) will I be able to run my NAS still?
6) Do I need to buy any licenses etc?
7) How can I set up this RAID thing to back up automatically and do I need extra software?

I have been quoted 1412+VAT for a guy to supply a 2 bay NAS box 500GB, the VPN router, licenses and set up etc... Is this price good? How much realistically could I save if I done it myself? I don't think 500GB will cut it for too long in our business. I know of people that have several TB and rate it well for a... Read more

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We have several Networks with Windows 2003 Small Business Server, and a variety of Operating Systems. So farWindows XP is the only problem. Day by day more people are being disconnected from the network. They get a message saying they're no longer connected to servername, yet they can still get internet. We have My Documents rerouted to the user folder. The only way to get the user back onto the domain is to unjoin them from the domain, and rejoin the domain. This started happening when SBS 2003 first came out, and weren't that many patches. It's starting to be seen on more then a hand full of computers now. We thought it may have been patches, but it wasn't. On the computers we replaced the network card, didn't work. We replaced the cabling, and that didn't work. We're at a loss, and can figure this out. We've looked it up on google, and saw it's happening to several people, and no one ever found a reply back. Windows 2000, and 98 have nver been disconnected, only the XP computers. Your help would me most appreciative.

A:Small business server

What is the DNS on the workstations?

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I have a friend that is starting his own business and he needs to set up a server where two computers can access the same software. Microsoft Office and Bankruptcy software are the two applications he needs the two client computers to have access to. What would be his best option to accomplish this? I have looked into MS Small Business Server (and Essentials) or Terminal Services but I am not sure what would be the best option. Or is there anything else out there I should consider.

I am an IT support tech for a company but have most of my experience in hardware.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I am unable to change user and or admin passwords logged in as either. It returns an error, of not being able to find the specified file. I am curious as to the correct procedure and or troubleshooting advice at rectifying this issue.?

Also, In exchange 2003 what is the easiest way to make exchange user email boxes available to mobile users from the outside (like pop3 email), as opposed to requiring them to login in to the remote web access module to check mail. Many would prefer to open Microsoft Outlook and click send / receive, and have it automatically download the email.

Thanks in advance to all the experts lurking.
Novice Admin.

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i didnt know where to put this...
maybe a server forum should be created...
(or maybe im being stupid and missed it)


i have a power edge server running small business server.
im trying to get exchange working...

i installed SR-2 for SBS

the problem is that the IIS is causing errors so i need to
reinstall IIS...

i started to folow the procedure for reinstalling IIS
and now its asking for a cd...

they have sbs cds but not sr-2 only standard sbs
do i need to download a sbs service pack two edition
or will the standard cds work...

any advice appreciated...

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I had to close my business last year for personal reasons. I have the server my no longer have the password to 'open' it up. I'm desperate and have tried everything today...have to access my QuickBooks files. Everything was backed up to Mozy, but don't have that password either.
Also, I have a MyBook sitting here, which may have the files I need, but don't know if it does, how I would hook it up, etc.

Any ideas?? Can I somehow bypass the 'login' of the server (I researched online and apparently I can, but would have to have two Internets running...maybe I could do that with my router?)

It's complicated, but maybe someone can help.


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We have a pc running Small Business Server 2000. When we start the server up, if we don't logon right away the computer freezes when the logon screen saver comes on. The only way to get back to the logon is to physically shutdown the computer. After logging in to the server I checked the screen saver settings and it says there is no screen saver selected. What is causing this to happen and how can I fix it? Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

A:Small Business Server 2000

After you installed the Server OS be sure you have all the current drivers for your deivces and then apply the latest service pack to the OS. Also check to make sure there is no power management stuff active in the BIOS....not a good thing on a server!!

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It might help to read my previous post found in a different forum: http://forums.techguy.org/showthread.php?p=2611011#post2611011

This is just to clarify on what I was told in response to my previous thread.

For my small business, I have another company located in a different part of the country that will need to remotely access my server and use it as if that computer was sitting directly in front of them. The problem is I need multiple users to work on this computer at the same time.

In response I was told that I need to have a Terminal Server. I have the box that I would use the Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition software on, here are some specs:

CPU: P4 2.8 Ghz
Ram: 1 GB SDRAM (cant confirm speed at current moment); can upgrade ram if need be
HD: 160 GB

If I bought the Windows Server 2003 SE for $999; and then bought a 5 pack of TS Client Access Liscenses for $749....would at LEAST 5 users from this partnering company be able to access the computer at the same time as if the computer were sitting in front of them, and are the specs of this computer enough to manage those 5 users without too much distraction?

Is the box even fast enough? Or do I need to invest in a more powerful server?

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I AM HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM! WHOO, we can pull our hair out together!

currently I am following this:


we are running a SBS 2003 machine and it's acting as our dns server and domain controller. I want to make a copy of it and then promote the copy to the primary, demote the one that is dying to a secondary and eventually pull it off the network. the new SBS will then get the IP of the old one to pretty much copy it entirely.

I have also read that you can't have 2 SBS's running at once....but in this case you would not be running them at once...you are only trying to make an exact duplicate of the one that is running. I keep saying "there has to be a way". I'm struggling a bit but I was going to try demoting my primary small business server and making the one i'm trying to duplicate the primary and see if that changes anything. this is frustrating and it seems microsoft doesn't have too much on the way of "fault tolerance" in the event you want to recreate a sbs if it fails...

my situation isn't a full upgrade...but it's similiar...i just want to copy the sbs i have now and recreate it on another machine before this one dies!

I also found this...it might be helpful.


A:Small Business Server Issues

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread when you have a new issue. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread.

I've created a new thread for your issue here.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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I was using a dedicated computer as a server for my small business and recently purchaced a new server. I am having a problem turning that dedicated computer(old server), I cannot figure out how to....1. remove the partition in the harddrive , 2. after the partition is gone reformat the HD so that I can install windows 2k and use this as a workstation. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm running out of hair! Thanks in advance.


A:Trouble with MS Small business server 2k

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Quick question on Win 2k3 Small business server do I just have to "reset" my computer do get the license back? I accidently deleted WS03 and now the server thinks on my domain that WS03 is still active, can I correct that and get that license back to? I'm better on software with apps than on OS's to be honest and my server experience is pretty basic up til now. See attached. I only have 10 licenses and am thinking of adding another user. I figure this is a pretty basic question if someone knows how to restore a computer and then reset it on the server, or do I have to find the machine in question and do something first? Thanks in advance

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Hi All,

I work for a small non profit in the chicagoland area; we have previously used a Dell Desktop with RAID 1 as a fileserver of sorts, but something seems to be wrong on the hardware level regarding the onboard raid (motherboard issues I think) and I am looking to replace it.

I've been looking at the Dell T110 II but Dell will only include a Raid controller if you order the hard drives from them, and they want to charge $916 for 2 2TB hard drives. Suffice it to say, that won't fly with our director.

Since we only really need a very reliable file server, should I:

1. Buy the server without onboard RAID and get a 3rd party RAID controller to use my own drives
2. Get a regular old desktop from the home store (or build one myself) and use the onboard RAID?
3. Try to convince my boss to pay up for the "factory engineered reliability" of Dell's HD's?
4. Another option?


A:Buying a small business server

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I have recently acquired a Dell PowerEdge server from my employer and want to use it in my music studio. Its still runing Small Business Server at the mo, therefore I want to remove the OS, format both of the drives (which are mirrored btw) and install XP.

My questions are as follows:

1. Will the format require that I have to manually re-config the mirroring - I know there is no dedicated raid card in the machine, assumption is that its taken care of by the motherboard.....?

2. Can I go about the format as I would normally?

Would greatly appreciate any advice as I have gigs of audio which I could then backup onto tapes...plus I want this machine's spec, it kicks the proverbial out of my current one!

A:Removing Small Business Server for XP

If the mirror is created on the PERC then the mirror is maintained on the bios of the raid controller. So you won't have to re-create it.

You can format as part of the OS install. I assume you will use Windows 2003 server. If you're using Win 2k you will need to install the drivers for the raid card. Do this by hitting f6 frantically when you get the blue boot screen from booting from the windows disk.

If the raid controller is a PERC you can get drivers for them by looking up the service tag on Dell's site.

Does this help?

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How to configure my Small Business Server to send me notifications via e-mail if any services or error occur. I will also need performance logs also. How do I configure this?

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i have 3 computers and want to buy a server computer so the 3 computers can run the same program where all 3 share the same data form the program and when one computer saves something new in the data base of the program all 3 computers show the update.

what equipment do i need and how do i do it

A:need help building a small business server

The equipment is secondary to the capability of the application in question. You have to have a multi-user application for something like this to work. Why don't we start with the name of the application you're going to be using?

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Hi, my existing network has 3 pc runnin win 2000 with dos client; and a server runnin a dos dispatch/accounting operating system as a workgroup network. I bought a new dispatch/accounting application that requires Windows Server. How do i configure windows Small Business Server 2003 so i can continue to use my old dispatch system and add a xp workstation and a server running SBS 2003 and my new dispatch software. I would like to be able to migrate my customer data base from old to new over a period of time but keep my operation running.I understand my new server will be the domain server which i will setup with 2 nic cards, a DSL router with a static IP. How do i set up my LAN so all 5 pc share data from both servers?

A:small business server 2003

A few ideas -

Since the SBS is set to be on a domain. I would say you could leave it on the domain and leave all PC's on the Workgroup you have then you will need to make sure to setup the permissions on the server so you can connect in to the drives and application that resides on it...

Does this new application run directly off the server or does it just require a network drive mapping?

If the application is loaded directly on the server and can be ran on it and it does not have to be housed on a client PC. Then you can Remote Desktop into the SBS server and load the 2000 clients with the Remote Desktop Client found here - http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/tools/rdclientdl.mspx and then be connected diretly to the server and do what you need to. Then over time as you go to the new system fully you can add machines to the domain and then phase out the dos app.

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Hi all
Had a problem with outgoing mail not being sent. Restarted server and now it won't finish booting. Stays at "applying computer settings" and never finishes. Where do I start?

A:Small Business Server won't finish booting

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i have just purchased windows 2003 server small business edition.
i need to know whether i can use the features, such as active directory to control users and shares etc over a wireless network???
I'm sure i can but any information on it would be great.



A:Windows 2003 server small business

well as far as I know setting it up will be just like a wired network. are you asking for information on how to set up the server to control user access and file sharing?

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Hi all,

I am trying to set up a new user in MS small business server running exchange.

From the "Small business administrator console" I click on "Users" "Add user", I then get a "folder Add User not found warning"??. Can I go about setting up a user and exchange mail box in a different way or do I need to install the Add User folder?

Any help greatly appreciated.


A:New user MS 2000 small business server

Hi Replying to my own message but thought may assist others. When set up as a domain not a work group the user is set up in "Active Directory Sites Services Users and Computers" then add the user in the users section, I live and learn ( however slowly)

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I work in a Architects office, we have a small network setup with Exchange Server and a File Server Machine. Our File Server is 640GB and it is almost 90% full, we used to have an IT guy but now he is gone.

It is very important for us to setup a backup system. Our network is run as follows:

1. Domain server,
2. Exchange Server
3. File Server (640GB)
4. 10-12 computers.

So what would be the best/cheap option for us to create a automatically backup of our file server. I was thinking in Setup a RAID 1, configuration in one of our computers with 2-2TB hardrives and get some software to backup the info regularly there.

We have not money to spend and we want to be able to use the hardware we already have?

Any help will be appreciated.

A:Best Backup for Small Business File Server!

In order to have an effective backup system so that the recovery time of the backed up data is efficient and so that you can recover from a disaster as efficiently as possible you will need to first need to state how much backup space you have and how these backups are going to be stored physically (Are they going to be easily stolen?) once you have that in mind you need to state what backup procedure you would like to implement since you would not have a never ending supply of backup capacity so that you can restore to any hour of any day if need be.

If you have enough storage capacity I would recommend you implement a Grandfather, Father and Son backup scheme. so that data can be retained for as long as possible and if a particular file needs to be restored from 2 months ago then it can.

Once you have chosen a backup scheme we can then help with how to backup your data. Firstly can I ask where the data you would like to backup is stored? Is it on the local server or the local machines? Also how was your data backed up previously?

Hope This Helps,

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Over the last few weeks my Server has blue screened twice and rebooted. I downloaded BlueScreenViewer and it looks like they were caused by two different devices/software.

The first:
Caused by driver: afd.sys

The second:
Caused by driver: SysPlant.sys

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

A:BSOD on Small Business Server 2003

sysplant.sys = Symantec


Update Symantec installation - http://www.symantec.com/connect/forums/sysplantsys-bsod

Regards. . .



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I saw in the OS's that one wasn't included and this is a business question really. Two things:

1. My server is a win 2k3 smallbuz with 2 remote access ports in. I can not get it to display on a direct connect monitor yet the monitor is working fine and the server can be remoted into just fine. The monitor hooks up and just does the ole flashing green indicator. Does the entire server need a reboot to address this?

2. Going on with 1 I know there is a way to view who is actually "logged" in to your server I just can't remember where at the moment. If the server thinks a direct connection is still running that may be the entire problem.

The whole problem is that I do not have a monitor and other peripherals attached to the server permanently and don't wish to. But from time to time I may have to do backups or hardware changes in which case I will have to be directly in. So would a restart help possibly? I don't want to do this anytime soon but it would be useful info for the future. Thanks for any help.

A:Win Server 2003 Small Business question

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I have an older seagate travan 4 tape backup that came with backup exec 2.0. I have small business server 2003 and am only going to backup some shared documents as the tape is only 4-8 gig capacity.

Should I get the latest version of backup exec or is the built in back up utilty reliable? Since the new version of Backup exec is several hundred bucks I was wondering about the pros & cons besides price?


A:backup Small Business Server 2003

Travan tapes are not the most reliable media out there, I would try it with the built-in first and make sure it actually works. Make sure it backs up and then make sure you can actually restore from the tape. According to all I have read the built-in works fine. I have read about issues with back-up exec and some other programs running on SBS 2003.

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I would love to post a hijack this report or TSG sys info but I can't even log into my server DELL Poweredge 420 server running 2003 Small Business Server. CTRL-ALT-DELETE doesn't work--I have tried many different keyboards. I have backup's of the user data, but not of the server system partition data. The client computers seem to be working OK but one running XP Professional I'm sure has a virus. I am more concerned about the server at this point and what is going on. I could clean up the client computer but I think it would just get reinfected from the server. Notice this is an old server and this could be a hardware failure also. I've had the memory fail once which I had to replace.

Things I was thinking of doing.
1. Boot Ubuntu 10.4 from a thumb drive on the server (not sure this would work), and copy all the server data off the system and data partitions to an external hard drive.

2. I have a RAID 1 mirror (two 80 gb drives), and I was thinking of breaking the mirror C: and D: drives and loading a new installation of XP or Small Business server on the C: drive and seeing if I could run some virus program pointing to the secondary plex on the D: driver to clean it up and restore from there. I would really like to see if I could get a bootable CD or DVD that would boot from the E: drive and be able to do virus cleanup. Any help here would be a god send.

If you think I should post to the server forum I will. Just thought this might be the righ... Read more

A:Small Business Server 2003 Hijacked.

The server problem was fixed by a recommendation from a fellow techie. Log onto to the server in safe mode and see if the problem ctrl-alt-delete not working problem goes away -- which it did!. I was then able to log in without being in safe mode.

Thank god it was that easy. No virus found after logging in.

The client computer is crashing with BSOD mentioning watchdog.sys. I will follow the instructions given at the top of this forum and post that problem separately.


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Does anyone know if you can bridge two different domains? If so, how? SBS 2003 says it cannot trust other domains. Is there a work around?

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Hi all,
I am running a small business server 2003. I am getting a HTTP error 401 when I try to bring up the configure backup option in server management. The program is asking for a login and password. I have given it a valid login and password and the request window for login and password continues to appear. After times it fails with an ASP.NET error and at the end of the error states HTTP error 401.
Look where it suggested ie, Microsft KB and IIS help. Still can't seem to find a solution. The only thing I can remember doing prior to this error appearing was setting up a FTP Server.

Any and all help would be appreciated

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This pertains to Small Business Server on an XP system that is 2 years old.
Found a "bad block" in my event view. The Disk Manager shows one of the raid drives with and exclamation point, but it shows healthy. I can right click and it shows I can reactivate it. I have never done this so would like to know what it will do.

Any other suggestions?

A:Small Business Server 2003 problem

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basically a friend of mine works for a small business in town. they need a server to store tons of research and databases on it so it can be accessed from the network. they also want to be able to access these files while they are at home via internet. now the computer is easy part, some sort of dual core machine with mirrored raid drives and fast internet connection with decent network.

is gigabyte network worth it?

and for accessing the files away from the office, would you recommend setting up vpn for everyone to access? if so, which vpn service and how? if not, should i go with some sort of ftp server setup? any suggestions would be appreciated. its been awhile since i have done this. thanks.

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Hi Just installed the latest version of Windows 2003 for Small Business (Sp1)

I have installed this OS on a new Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX150 S4.

Now I want just to use this Server as a server on a Workgroup. But the OS insists that it should be the Domain Controller. And then it just shuts it self down. Below is a log from the event viewer. Is there a way around this or will I have to bow down to the might of Microsoft. Just don't really want to configure the entire Lan from workgroup to Domain
Event ID 1014
Source SBCore

This computer must be configured as a domain controller. It will be shut down in 30 minutes. To prevent this computer from shutting down, run Setup on the disk that you used to install the operating system to configure the computer as a domain controller.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.

A:Windows 2003 Small Business Server SP1

alangidman said:

Hi Just installed the latest version of Windows 2003 for Small Business (Sp1)

I have installed this OS on a new Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX150 S4.

Now I want just to use this Server as a server on a Workgroup. But the OS insists that it should be the Domain Controller. And then it just shuts it self down. Below is a log from the event viewer. Is there a way around this or will I have to bow down to the might of Microsoft. Just don't really want to configure the entire Lan from workgroup to Domain
Event ID 1014
Source SBCore

This computer must be configured as a domain controller. It will be shut down in 30 minutes. To prevent this computer from shutting down, run Setup on the disk that you used to install the operating system to configure the computer as a domain controller.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.Click to expand...

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Hi All,

I bought a 15 user licensed Back Office Small Business Server which was un-installed as the company grew and SBS was no longer adequate for their needs.

The software includes all documents and licenses and have a proper invoice from the company, confirming that it has been completely un-installed from their servers and that now i am the licensee.

I installed Back Office Small Business Server successfully using the registration ID provided on the original CD case. However, it asked for a 15 digit ID before it installs office 2000, which I can't find anywhere in the pack or on the back of CD.
Called the company and they claim that they had gave me all the documents and Cd's and either can't be bother to look for it or they really think it was in the back.

However, this leaves me in a somewhat undesirable position, as I have already paid for the complete bundle which included Novell, NT Workstations, FaxWare, ARCServe, Backup Exec and a few others and am not able to complete the installation of my server and am left with a intranet without a domain controller.

Can anyone suggest where or how can I prove that I have genuine license and obtain a new 15 digit id for office 2000 that is included in Back Office Small Business Server.

If this does not come free, as I have already invested a lot in hardware and software, I have no choice.

I did spend some time browsing Microsoft site hoping that I will find an option to apply for a new one but couldn'... Read more

A:Back Office Small Business Server

Hi big-brother

Welcome to TSG!

Please do not post duplicate threads. Reply here:


Closing duplicate.

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Hey guys,

I have a Small Business Server 2003 STD in a HP ML330 Server.

I have a good one for you all!

Its a standard install of SBS2003, it only seams to run 32-bit software applications, and it will NOT run 16-bit applications, this includes 16-bit setup.exe files!

Need help on this, cant figure it out!

Thanks for all your input.

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Hi all,

I'm trying to find an antivirus solution for sbs 2003 - i have Norton on all my workstations so don't need anything to kick out to all of them. Also, does anyone have any opinions on what i should use to secure the MS exchange 2003 server?

thanks in advance..

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When Small Business Server 2000 is deployed, it automatically sets workstations to use the server as an internet proxy because you would be expected to use the Proxy Server built into SBS 2000. However, in most installations a NAT router is used instead. Unfortunately, SBS2000 will still occasionally set the workstations to use the server as a proxy, preventing access to the internet.

Although this can be manually corrected on each workstation by removing the proxy settings in Internet Explorer, what is the best way to fix this issue permanently? TIA.

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Does anyone know if Microsoft Business Contact Manager come included with Small Business Server 2008?
Thank you.

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Hey guys,

I was wondering if any knows of the incompatibilities/issues when trying to connect to a Windows SBS 2003 using SMB. I have a client that is trying to scan a document via a copier to a network folder but even though the machine has the correct domain user name, password, permissions and hostname/folder details, it will give an authentication error. On this particular copier, you have the option to browse to the folder, but this also fails.

I do know that the scan to folder option works, because we have had the copier scanning to individual PCs before. One of my colleagues who is on vacation had something similar happen to him, but obviously I cannot get in contact with him.

Any advice would be great.

A:SMB & Windows Small Business Server 2003

It appears to be a common problem; most of the info I found is that the Digitial Signing would need to be turned to disabled in Domain Controller Default Policy. Though this did not help this machine, it looks like what would cause the issue.

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My Server won't shut down.

My Remote Access Router exe will not activate or come up.

I think I want to 'clean' the entire Server and start over. How can I safely do this?


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Hi All,

I am running MS2000 small business server with a domain set up (not a work group), I am also running MS Exchange. When I go to add a new user in the Administrator console, I am advised that the home folder does not exist? Am i setting up the user in the right area and will they automatically be given an Exchange server email box?

Thanks for any help.


A:New user in MS2000 small business server

Hi Replying to my own message but thought may assist others. When set up as a domain not a work group the user is set up in "Active Directory Sites Services Users and Computers" then add the user in the users section, I live and learn ( however slowly)

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We have a small business server with 4 x p.c's on the LAN with 1 x p.c at home connected by Logmein to one of the P.C's.

The Server is 98% full on the C drive with nothing on the D drive - It must be set up incorrectly?

The Server and P.C's have Logmein Installed for remote access.

We are looking for a cost effective support service as we also have a wish list of standard things we want to do with the system.

Any Ideas?

A:Support Required for Small Business Server - Surrey

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I have a small business server 2003 hardwired to a Netgear router. The server connects to the internet fine through the router and you can connect remotely to the server from anywhere in the world via the router.

However when trying to connect to the router wirelessly it will not connect. The wireless network is visible but windows reports it is unable to connect.

The server has two nic's and the one connected to router has its ip assigned by the routers dhcp but is assigned as static.

Other than trying to connect wirelessly from a laptop everything else seems to work 100% ok.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

A:No wireless after connecting hardwired small business server

First off, I'm assuming that the laptop CAN connect using a wired connection, if not, we need to know that.
Assuming you can connect with a wired connect, this sounds like either encryption key mismatches or MAC filtering on the router.

Remove ALL stored wireless network profiles from the laptop, make SURE you know the encryption key of the router, and remove any MAC filtering configuration from the router.

Power cycle the router, reboot the laptop, and see if you can connect.

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Hello all, this is my first effort utilizing this forum so "thank you" in advance for reviewing this post.

I'm looking for anyone with insight into a wireless AP conflict with SBS 2003 network. Internet and LAN functions fine until the WAP54g from Linksys is connected. The switch lights-up like a dancefloor and clienst begin randomly dropping off of the server. Seems like a DHCP problem, but I have tried several configurations on the WAP.

Note: The WAP ethernet configuration is not available, so I have to access it through the CD-ROM wizzard. Any help or suggestions would be helpful!


A:Wireless AP conflict on Small Business Server 2003

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This download address a particular way mail downloads can fail when using the POP3 connector in Small Business Server 2003. This issue causes the process IMBDOWNL.EXE to be hung with the CPU utilization at 25, 50 or 100%. A warning with event ID 1067 will be recorded by the POP3 server in the event log when this error occurs
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003, Standard Edition

Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003, Premium Edition



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Been trying to get a answer to a very simple question but couldn't find anything conlcusive.

Basically i am wondering if you would be able to install .net Framework 1.1 in a Windows Small Business Server 2008.

From what i can tell .net Framework is 32bit and SBS 2008 is a 64 bit native operating system. Cannot run 32bit applications?

I would appreciate if someone can tell for sure if i am right on my assumptions.



A:Windows Small Business Server 2008 with .net framework 1.1

Try installing .net framwork for 64 bit windows 2008 server

Try installing .net framwork update for 64 bit windows 2008 server

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