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TweakUI changed Shut Down buttons

Q: TweakUI changed Shut Down buttons

Hi! I'm running Windows XP Home and at the suggestion of an online friend I tried using TweakUI, version, to try to solve a minor log on annoyance.

That annoyance was the log on screen that asked me to click the user button before I could see my desktop each time I turned on my little hand-me-down laptop.

In TweakUI under Logon>Autologon I checked "Logn on automatically at system startup" and left the "User name:" field set to "Owner."

That worked to bypass the annoying logon on screen, but now the "Shut Down" screen has changed from the XP screen with the three red, yellow and green buttons, to the Win2K style Shut Down drop down box.

I don't care for that drop down box because it remembers my last choice, so if I choose "Restart" one time, then the next time try to shut down my computer I end up restarting it.

How can I get that XP three button shut down screen back.

Will in Seattle
a.k.a. "Clueless"

P.S. Is there a way to change my logon name for the Tech Support Forum from "Sleepless in Sea" to "SleeplessInSeatl"?

Preferred Solution: TweakUI changed Shut Down buttons

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: TweakUI changed Shut Down buttons

Undo what you did in Tweak UI. To solve your logon issue go to Start/Run and type control userpasswords2 and press enter. Uncheck User Must Enter User Name and Password to Use This Computer. press Apply, type in your password and press OK restart the computer.

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i have been using Tweak'UI to do some tweaks like for mouse and internet search, but i dont know what happened when i closed TweakUI, imeddiately i cons in my pc(xp pro) changed and became like the picture i have here:


it is pretty much look like the icons in the old versions of windows, every icon(control panel, start menue, drives) in my computer have changed!!! the most obvious change is the Recyclebyn that completely look different from the xp default icon. icons look very light, i mean lighter than usual!!
any solution!!!

A:Icons in xp changed after using TweakUI!!!!

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rebooted pc with discs and now the number 2 button is the @button where as it used to be where it is marked on the keyboard i.e middle letter row of keyboard . how can i change it back ??

A:buttons changed

So you rebooted pc with what disks?? What kind of a computer do you have and what OS? That would be helpful. Oh and the disks what are you talking about?

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hi rebooted the pc with the discs and now the @ button is number 2 .it shows the @ button middle row of letters where it always was . how do i change it back .

A:Solved: buttons changed

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I have a totally new problem with my MS Intellimouse Optical. I have used this for some time (98, ME, XP) with no problems. I now have a new system - Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I have downloaded and installed the latest Intellipoint software (7) from Microsoft, and installed the Mouse. But...
- The Mouse is recognised not as an Intellimouse Optical, but an Intellimouse Web
- I cannot therefore change the side button settings on the mouse (via Control Panel>Mouse) from the default "Forward" and "Back", or the centre button either.
This is annoying. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a number of times, to no avail.

Does anyone know...??
(a) How to get Windows 7 to recognise my mouse as the proper type (Device Manager etc)....or
(b) How to hack the settings (XML / Registry / whatever) to change the default option, so the mouse does what I want it to without trying to change the buttons via the Control Panel.

Many thanks

A:Intellimouse Optical buttons can't be changed

Hi Walrus1963 and welcome to Windows 7 Forums

When you installed the driver, did you correctly select your mouse model from the dropdown list during installation? If not, uninstall the driver and reboot your machine. Now, reinstall the driver being careful to select the correct model when prompted. What is the model of your mouse?

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Hello to everyone
I am new to these forums and I have come here for help

I installed some Mods for Oblivion and my directional keys Uparrow and leftarrow have some how ended up with multiple functions
Uparrow is also esc, F12, b,n and Windows key
Left arrow is also F2 and PgDown

Ive tried restoring my system, deleting/reinstalling drivers, modifying the registry and even third party freeware like AutoHotkey and Keytweak but nothing works
I just want to reset them back to being up and left (i use the directional keys,numberpad, right shift and right control for all my first person shooters and have to relearn with WSAD something I dont want to have to do)
I am even considering getting another keyboard but somehow I dont think that will solve the problem. I deleted the System32 entries for my keyboard and it stopped functioning altogether. I unplugged and plugged it in again and it set up the system32 (installed generic drivers there and then ) and the keyboard functions again but my problem remains

Please help me if you can. I dont know what else to try
Kind Regards and thanks in advance

A:HELP PLEASE Keyboard Directional Buttons changed

You messed everything up by adding in the Mods. Mods are never recommended for anything. You may have corrupted system files. Uninstall the program and all mods. Then check the keyboard. If you have a microsoft keyboard...get intellitype and it might fix the problem. Modding is always bad.

Dont diss the forum. Alot of issues are resolved but we need time to try and find a way to solve them.

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I just have this small problem. In my folders the details buttons have changed. Im not sure when it happend but I installed some software that came with my new MP3 Player so maybe that has something to do with it. Is there anyway I can change this back to what it used to be?

A:Windows folder detail buttons have changed

try tweakui

use the repair icons at the bottom
hope it helps

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This has been bugging me for awhile, and I am hoping somebody can help me correct this problem.
My save and cancel buttons have been changed to "Guardar" and "Cancelar"

How do I restore them to there original language of english?

Here's a sample pic for anybody to understand.

A:Save and cancel buttons changed to a different language

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Hah, erm thought id just say, when i opened Start bar to click shut down, its not there, only the log off button
This a virus or something, i can just log off and then click shut down or whatever, but just seems strange.
Goodnight all

A:Solved: Shut Down Buttons Gone

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Greetings! Here I have a trouble whenever I want to shut down my computer, it happens that it doesn't matter if I click the Shut Down button or Hibernate or Suspend all do the same, log me out of my session and take me to the Lock Screen image that I've setted. The only way to shut down my computer from Windows is pressing the power off button on my computer and as far as I understand this strange behaviour isn't normal. So how to make all those buttons do their work properly? Over all the Shut Down button (it pisses me off!!). How can I configure that?

Extra information about my computer:
Windows 8 Professional (Activated), 3 Gb RAM memory, GeForce GT 430 video card, ASRock motherboard, hard drive partitioned with Arch Linux OS installed on the other partition.

If any extra information is required just make me know. I appreciate every given help. Thank you.

A:Hibernate, Shut Down and Suspend buttons all log me out of session!!

mine works fine it would seem to be some kind of hardware disconnect try updating mobo drivers?

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So I am trying to figure this out and nothing is working. After installing some windows updates my shut off buttons (Logoff, Shutdown, and Restart) became a drop down menu. I found the solution by running control userpasswords2 and deleting that extra account that was not necessary and unchecking the option "Users must enter a username and password to use this computer." and then going to User Accounts under change the way users sign on and off then checking the "Use the Welcome screen" option to get my three buttons back. The problem now is whenever I start my computer, with the Welcome screen option, I have the "loading personal settings" screen that I want to avoid. How can I keep the three shut off buttons while getting rid of the "loading personal settings" screen?

A:User account settings and shut down buttons

see if you can set it up with this


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I retired my XP machine and switched the XP's better case with my other Win 7 Pro 64 bit system. ( Win 7 had an older case with less usb ports/options/cooling etc )

AOK except with power buttons...both buttons shut down PC...no sleep for either button. I have sleep enabled for the "sleep" button on case front...but both buttons shut down system. The 2 buttons are as follows: left button has a 'triangle' on it...right button has a 90% circle with a small vertical line at top.
No longer have the info for the case...and no 'brand' is stamped anywhere I can find on the case.

Sleep worked before on the XP system with the right/circle button...but both buttons now shut down PC ?


A:Both case buttons shut down computer...no sleep option on either

By convention, the "90% circle with a small vertical line at top" is the universal symbol for POWER (or the ON/OFF switch). The wire leads from this switch (2) should be connected to the motherboard's PWR connectors - which I am sure it was since the XP days.

In your Windows Power Options there will be a setting that will allow you to select what you want to happen when you press certain buttons. For the POWER button the default is "Shut Down". This can be changed to Sleep or Hybernate. Users choice.

To access settings, go to Start > Control Panel > Power Options
Then for what ever Power Plan is selected > click "Change Plan Settings"
Near the bottom of the next window, click "Change Advanced Power Settings"
Click the plus sign next to "Power Buttons and Lid" > and make your selections.

I am not familiar with the "'triangle' on it" button. But let's assume it is a "Sleep Button", and you can change that too in the same place.

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I've a Lenovo C200 NoteBook with Vista Basic 1GB Ram , currently fully updated with SP1 etc.

I noticed a couple of weeks ago after obviously booting up that when it came to shut down time that the Shut Down menu had changed ! There are NO longer the options ... Sleep and Hibernate ?

Q 1 Have these functions been removed in an update by MS ?

Q 2 If not removed by MS in an update then does any one have an idea why this may have happened ?


A:Shut down menu changed ?

Any one have an idea why this has happened ? Its OK with me to tell me i'm a dope and done it myself IF you can advise me how to get them back on the menu if this is the case.
Or was it MS fault or MS update change to the shutdown menu ?

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I don't know how all this happened, I wasn't doing anything special. But my windows and buttons (the start bar and stuff-->like in display properties) is set to windows classic, with no other option avaiable. and the headers on windows opened has small font and a class style. this changed automatically.However, the main thing is that an error message keeps popping up that say:The instruction at "0x75606eb5" referenced memory at "0x00000008". The memory could not be "read".Click on OK to terminate the programthen, whenver i click ok, the message pops back up. also, when i search something on google and click a link, the page is redirected to an ad site (the last time i got a webpage on car wheels). I think I'm infected, but I have no idea how. I tried to restart my computer, but the situation got worse. Before, the message only popped up twice or so, but after restart it would not go away. I also googled this and it seems that this infection or whatever it is gets worse on restart. therefore, i'm apprehensive to restart my computerPlease help!Also, I uploaded a picture of how my desktop looks (with small font and classic window bars) onto imageshack (sorry, i can't figure out how to upload pictures onto this forum). heres the link:http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/528/55185781.pngAlso, I tried system restore, but it won't work. A message pops up saying that system restore is unable to protect my computer. restart my ... Read more

A:Windows and buttons automatically changed to windows classic style

also, I just realized that the sound isnt working either. when i try to play something in windows media player, it says theres something wrong with the sound device.
and on the internet, you know how some websites have an ad banner on the side or something. well whenever i go to one of those sites, the ad is always the same. its always an ad for men and enlargement
any help would be greatly appreciated. i really don't know what to do

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About a week ago I realized I had the Vundo Trojan along with Estalive adware and various other adware problems. I was able to remove that trojan using AT&T yahoo spyware scanner, Malwarebytes, and SpywareDoctor. I also had something called TotalVirusProtection, which I learned was something called Rogue Antispyware. Everything seemed fine until now.

Well now my little hell is back. I have another strange spyware tool as an icon at the bottom right corner of my screen, constantly saying that I have a virus. My scans are taking forever, and I managed to use the AT&T one to show that I had "Cobfinn Trojan". That was all that came up, I removed it, but it sure isn't gone. My task manager is disabled, and when I try to run it an error appears stating "Task Manager disabled by administrator". Whenever I startup windows, the system gets a 1 minute shut down timer after the windows desktop shows and it says: "Windows must now restart because DCOM server process launcher service terminated." All of my desktop icons are gone. After about 30 seconds the icons appear but the background changes into a black screen with a large flashing icon in the center telling me I have a virus or something. My internet keeps opening on its own to a site that tells me to buy "antivirusXPpro-2009". I get error messages stating "ntdll64.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close." I have never heard of that file. I have no idea where t... Read more

A:Shut down countdown! Desktop Changed! Pop-ups! Disabled task manager!

UPDATE! I was finally able to reactivate spyware doctor. I turned on Intell-Guard and ran an Intelli-scan. I removed: Trojan.Generic, Trojan-Proxy.Agent.JO, Trojan.FakeAlert, Trojan.FraudPack.ANY
I no longer have the "red x" icon symptom, but everything else is still messed up. Spyware Doctor recently blocked Trojan.Pakes.kzx (I think that was the name, Pakes or Packs I missed it). I keep getting this message now: "The application or dll C:\Windows\System32\Px.ax is not a valid windows image" Spyware doctor is blocking many threats right now, one every 30-60 seconds or so.

Remaining Symptoms:
-computer suddenly sluggish
-system 1 minute shutdown countdown whenever I turn on the computer
-Startup very slow
-Desktop changed into a black screen with flashing box in center telling me I am infected
-On startup desktop has no icons and after a few seconds the background changes into the above warning screen.
-I keep getting this message now: "The application or dll C:\Windows\System32\Px.ax is not a valid windows image"

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 2:58:19 PM, on 4/15/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16791)

Running processes:
C:\Pro... Read more

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After reinstalling my Windows I've noticed it looks different.
everything looks brighter and the windows buttons are different,
instead of the normal left one I have the annoying appearance on the right. (images attached)

I know it has something to do with the color setting but I can find anywhere I can change it.
I would greatly appreciate a help with this one

A:Appearance of "close", "minimize" ecc buttons changed

Welcome to the Seven Forums

It looks like it's changed from aero's to the basic theme, right-click on the open spot on the desktop and choose Personalize and try changing it to a aero theme.


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Several times now, when I start my computer, everything seems normal. But when I try and click on the start button, a quick launch button or a task bar button - NOTHING HAPPENS. I just get a ping sound from my speakers.
Sometimes a restart fixes the problem and sometimes I have to turn the computer off and then on again to get it to work correctly.

Does anyone know what could be wrong and what I can do to fix it.


A:Start button / Quick launch buttons / Task bar Buttons - Problem

Is everything fully loaded when you are doing this?

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If anyone has acces to the connections/schematics for the M4600 touchpad/button assembly, I'd love to see them! For some reason both the right buttons have stopped working. Tried to disconnect/reconnect  the 14 pin "touchpad cable from the mainboard, but unfortunately this did not do the trick. Need to look a bit deeper - so would love to see the schematics or at least the pinout of the connector(s)... (It's a button - how hard can it be to fix... ;-)
Thanks and best regards,

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hello Im having an issue with my laptop , two days ago i turned it on and i dont know what did i pressed but a dailouge box appeared with two options ( yes\ no ) and i was in a hurry i think i cilcked on yes or maybe no i dont remmber but  since then my brightness keys f2 and f3 and my volume control keys f6 and f7 and f8 none of them are working i tried every single soultion in the internet now the screen is too bright and i cant control it i wish u could help me asap thank you

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Q: TweakUI

I tried to use TweakUI to restore the control panel icons that are missing but it didn't restore them. What can I do that is FREE to get them back besides using TweakUI?


Welcome to the forum . .

Have a look thru the list a Kelly's Korner . . he has a pretty exhustive lits of fixes.

Number 256 might do the trick

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Q: TweakUi

I downloaded Tweakui Powertoy.exe. It does not let you choose where
to put file. I have searched for it and cannot find it. I clicked on the
.exe and checked the I agree, but where did it go.

I need this to put my recycle bin back on desktop. I lost it and found it located under C:/Doc. & Settings\my name\desktop\recycle bin.
Now it isn't even there.

I tried the Desktop Settings trying to restore it there with defaults and that
did not work.


My Tweakui is installed in Start Menu/Program Files. You can always do a Search for it.

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Q: TweakUI


I recently upgraded from 98 SE to XP Home.

I still have TweakUI on my control panel which I installed while using 98. After the upgrade to XP, though, the add/remove option for removing this utility is no longer available.

I now see that there is a version of TweakUI made specifically for XP. My old version seems to work, but I haven't really tested it entirely.

I'd really like to uninstall the old 98 version manually, but simply don't know how. I had a lot of issues after my upgrade which required attention, so I don't want to go back to 98 just to delete this program.

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much in advance,
Dr. Michael

Q: TweakUI

I recently played around a little bit with the TweakUI powertoy for XP. It seemed kinda cool but it messed up my setup slightly. I forget what I did but now when I put my color settings on medium (16bit), my icons look all old and dated. The colors look "worn" and "faded" but only on the desktop. When I put the color settings on high (32bit), it's fixed but I don't like having it on high. Any suggestions?


Sounds like you have changed a transparency setting in it!!!!

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A very handy tool for XP. http://www.systemsmedic.com/TweakUI.htm

A:TweakUI for XP

Sure is Doc! http://forums.techguy.org/t323000.html

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Hello to everyone
My system specs are 133mghPent, 128mgb ram, 1.6gig hard drive, 56K modem, running 98se. I have been looking at downloading "tweatui, but am not sure of how much usefullness it will be on my long in the tooth machine. Also was curious as to if I did download it, and deceided to remove it is that possible? Any comments pro, or con appreciated.

Mike Peters

A:tweakui ?

TweakUI is cool, does lots of neat little stuff. It can be removed if you want to.

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Does TweakUi for Win- XP Home work in Win-7?
If not, is there a suitable sub. for Win-7 Prof.?

A:TweakUi ?

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I scanned my computer with Ad-Aware 2007, a mishap occured when emptying files and a message to send to Lavasoft appeared I clicked to send but I was not on line.

There seemed to be no detection by the message sending software and where the message went I do not know I am not a Registered user, so I could not contact Lavasoft.


I installed Tweak UI on my desk top and when I opened it I got a message.
The procedure entry point GetDirectoryW could not be located in the dynamic link library Kernel32.dll

I searched Start-up data and found this,
kernel32 kernel32.dll.vbs X Added by the W32/Wekode-A worm.

Any comments or suggestion would be very helpful as I am greatful to share this with you.

A:Avg And Tweakui

Please read and follow all instructions in the pinned topic titled "Preparation Guide For Use Before Posting A Hijackthis Log". You may have performed some of these steps already. If you can't perform a step, then skip and continue with the next. In step #9 there are instructions for downloading HijackThis and creating a log. (This is a self-extracting version which will automatically install HJT in the proper location.) When you have done that, post your log in the HijackThis Logs and Analysis Forum, NOT here, for assistance by the HJT Team Experts. A member of the Team will walk you through, step by step, on how to clean your computer. If you post your log back in this thread, the response from the HJT Team will be delayed because your post will have to be moved. This means it will fall in line behind any others posted that same day. Start a new topic, give it a relevant title and post your log along with a brief description of your problem, a summary of any anti-malware tools you have used and a summary of any steps that you have performed on your own. Please include the top portion of the HijackThis log that lists version information. An expert will analyze your log and reply with instructions advising you what to fix. After doing this, we would appreciate if you post a link to your log back here so we know that your getting help from the HJT Team.Please be patient. It may take a while to get a response because the HJT Team members are very busy working logs posted before... Read more

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Could someone please tell me what TweakUI (?) is, and whether or not it is something I should download and install? Thanks.

A:TweakUI - what is it?

TweakUI is a program to improve performance on your system. It's suppose to speed up file transfers, and disable programs that run in the back ground of your puter, like a program that controls the shadow that appears under you mouse pointer or something like that.

I thought I read somewhere that Windows xp, and TweakUI don't mix well, not sure, but if you have windows xp check around to make sure it'll be ok.

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Q: Tweakui

I need the web site to download tweakui, since that would be easyer than ya'll telling me how to find it on my win. 98 cd.
Thanks in addvance.

Q: tweakui

I have tried to download and install tweakui on my computer. Each time I try it says to insert the disc.....dont have one...what should I do next.....just a puter dummy....thanks for any help you can give.......pete


Okay, so for years now I've used TweakUI for several reasons and never had a problem with it. Well, one of the things I used it for was to hide a hard drive from any other accounts on my computer, having said drive only visible to me.

All of a sudden the drive is now showing in Windows Explorer for other users. I've tried uninstalling TweakUI and reinstalling it and that didn't help. I also tried to hide it using the Registry Editor and adding a new DWORD "NoDrives" but that didn't work either. There was already one there (I assume from TweakUI?) so I deleted it and created a new one but the drive is still showing.

What could have caused TweakUI to suddenly stop working? I had some weird issues with my BIOS earlier, but that's happened before and didn't cause TweakUI to stop functioning correctly. Right now I'm using a program called "HideMyDrive" and that works, but it hides the drive globally and restricts access to it completely. I just want the drive invisible to other user accounts on my computer.

I don't *think* it's pertinent but I'll explain my BIOS issues anyway. Another user was using the PC while I wasn't here and they said it was "making a racket", like the CDROM kept trying to read so they tried rebooting. Well, it got stuck in that loop of "Please insert correct media and try again". So for whatever reason my BIOS (ASUS P5QL Pro motherboard) reverted to showing the spla... Read more

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Anyone know how to kill Tweakui's autologin from the Recovery console?

Although that may not be the real problem:
I went and changed my user's name, then forgot to change it in Tweakui...now TUI tries to log me in, fails, and i get a welcome screen with no account names.....


A:XP /Tweakui question

Hold the shift key down before the login screen comes up, you'll get a prompt for user and password. This allows you to logon normally, then you can fix TweakUI's parameters.

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Hello everyone,
I am currently working with TweakUI. I have installed this on both of my PCs and it works well on each. However, when I gave it to a friend and he installed it on his 2 PCs, it worked on one, but has a persistent problem on the other.

He runs XP SP2 on both his machines. His problem is that on one of his PCs when he sets his preferences using TweakUI his computer loses them when he restarts his PC. It seemed to be a pattern when he noticed it would always lose them on a failed shut down. However, when he tried doing a normal shut down and the starting it up again he lost his settings anyway.

Anyone have any ideas as to what could be wrong with that PC? Or a setting within TweakUI that he needs to make sure is on to make sure it saves his settings?

Thanks in Advance,

A:TweakUI Issue

this might seem too simple an answer, but is he pressing the "apply" button after making his changes ?

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I have heard that tweakui is a good program to have. So I went to ms and downloaded tweakui2000/1.33. Now I can't figure out how to install it. Has anyone had the same problem, and what is the fix? I right clicked twice after downloading to a folder on the desktop, but my winzip wants me to put it in my widows temp file folder.Further when I get to what seems to be the executable portion of the file it asks me for the disk. Am I doing something wrong or is this what happens if you do stuff without getting the right info from YOU guys first,ha ha ha.

Anyway if there is a better way please tell me.
Better yet if there is a better and free product please send me...

Thanks as always..


A:how do i install tweakui?

Unzip the files to a known directory, select the .inf file, right click, choose install
That should do it.

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When downloading, when prompted as to where to download, (current location or to disk),
what is the appropriate location?



A:Downloading TWEAKUI

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Hi!.Has anyone used Microsoft tweak UI. Do I need a zip program
to open it up. I dwn loaded the program and put it in a folder to
install oa my disk,but there was no install program to install,what
did I do wrong.

A:[Resolved] Tweakui

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Look at the attachment. I get this error everytime I boot up. I have uninstalled Tweakui with add and remove programs but still get the error.

A:Solved: Tweakui

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Trying to install TweakUI in Win XP and get the following message.

"The procedure entry point GetDirectoryW could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNE32.dll."

Downloaded a new TweakUI.exe file from Windows PowerToys site thinking perhaps the file I had on CD was corrupted, but no joy.

KERNEL32.dll is, in fact, present in the system 32 folder. So I don't know what the problem is. I suspect the existing file may be corrupted. Any thoughts on downloading a new KERNEL32.dll file and replacing the existing one? If so, anyone have a link to do so?

Any other thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

BTW... I just finished a format and clean install of XP on this system.


A:TweakUI and Kernel32.dll

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Does anyone out there know how to get Tweak UI to search your favourite search engine using the little utility listed under Internet Explorer, search?

I've reinstalled Win XP & the version of tweak UI I reinstalled isn't quite the same as the one I got earlier in the year.

Each time I try to make a search "shortcut" using tweak UI I foul up, any ideas guys?

One other thing, where did the utility go that used to make my mouse snap over to the default button on each window I had open, I really miss it.

Thanks oh wise ones.


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A small problem, but vexing. I just downloaded TweakUI (to my desktop) from MS, ran the wizard to install it. I tried to open it from the start menu, but was told that "The item 'TweakUI.exe' that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly." I did a search for TweakUI.exe and came up with nothing. What did I do wrong? It's not a matter of life and death, but stuff like this bugs me.

A:(Resolved) TweakUI

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I was annoyed by those little black arrows in a white box, indicating a shortcut.

I decided to download TweakUI for XP from the Microsoft Downloads Center to get rid of them, instead of digging through the registry.

So, I selected to get rid of them, and pressed Apply.

All my icons either became a lower bit version of themselves, or their older selves from earlier OSes.

Note that, unlike the photo above where the icons are older-looking, the interface, background, and applications themselves aren't.

This includes the mini icons on the task bar, except for the ones in Quick Start.

Editing the app's properties, and changing the icon, show the regular one in the selection screen.

Selecting them does not fix the problem.

How do I solve this?

A:Problem with TweakUI

Have you tried a System Restore? Might be the easiest way to fix this..

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I've installed TweakUI. And I don't want to use it any more as I wan't to try TweakXP. I tried to uninstall it but can't seem to figure out how as it won't uninstall from add/remove progs and has no uninstaller of it's own.

Please help.

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Is Powertoy TweakUI expected for Win 7? I liked it in XP to remove options from the desktop right click menu without having to edit the registry.

A:Is Powertoy TweakUI expected for Win 7

It still works under w7. I havent tried all of the options yet (but most), but I know the context menu editing works for removing New items. You'll get a prompt about compatability when running it the first time.

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this is ****in lame *** ********, it doesnt even show up in the control panel.

A:unable to install tweakui for XP - why?

For your information, WE DON'T TOLERATE your kind of language here!

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can not boot into xp home after using tweakui.... yes I know is not program specific....

I was tired last night and when I did 1 of a couple things
1) installed a newer tweakui over top of a existing tweakui
2) I unchecked all the users that were listed for auto login then ticked auto login

Now cpu will not boot past a user screen where you can not enter any users and have option to boot to floppy.

Sorry if a little vague to the screen but have been doing this over the phone and by netmeeting

So question is how to get this machine to boot to a screen I can get into as F8 key does not work and gives the user screen which so far is usless
Will not boot into XP Home CD also it goes to this user screen where as said can not enter anything

A:can not boot into xp home after using tweakui

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I'm posting this as a warning to other novices (like myself) who may have recently got a hold of the Microsoft TweakUI for XP. It serves as a warning to clearly think before you act lol !

My PC has only one user, me. and as such does not boot up to the windows welcome screen where you simply select the name of the user you would wish to log on as. My PC bypasses this step and boots straight to my desktop. With this in mind whilst i scanned through all the lovely useful options within the TweakUI interface i naturally "UNCHECKED" the box under the logon section which says "Show (yourname) on Welcome Screen". BIG MISTAKE !!!!
Upon rebooting XP now went to the welcome screen with a nice polite message asking me to select a name to log on and begin. Well..... there were no names.....and no way of logging on, suddenly the grip of panic overcame me and no matter how many times i tried to reboot and press random blank spaces on this welcome screen nothing was going to let me get around it.

As there are literally hundreds of good information sites that list XP tweaks and tips i was unable to readily track an exact entry as to how to circumnavigate the issue i created. The only way is to boot into safe mode thus bypassing the windows logon page and going straight to the desktop. To boot into safe mode press the F8 key after your memtest has run and bios has loaded, and select "safe mode" from your screen of options

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A:Tweakui Trap For A Doofuss Like Me

Topic title - "Tweakui Trap For A Doofuss Like Me"

I believe you may have uncovered a bug in TweakUI -

there is no "Doofuss" on/off box!

Seriously, glad you got it worked out.

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