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Windows Realtek Audio Popping Problems (Realtek ALC662)

Q: Windows Realtek Audio Popping Problems (Realtek ALC662)

Hello all, I just got Windows 8.1 Pro as a gift from a friend and installed it just a few hours ago, and I noticed that I am having audio problems.

Basically put, it's sort of random when this happens, but it seems to happen when sounds play rapidly, as letting a audio que play it's part will play with no popping nosies, here is an example of me showing this by using the sound that plays when you change audio:
Vocaroo | Voice message

The first 10 seconds are me playing the sound slow, with no popping. Then the sound starts popping when I change volume rapidly.

I also checked DPC Latency Checker and everything is running smoothly:
imgur: the simple image sharer

I have all the latest drivers installed, and this happens with with no drivers. I just can't seem to figure out what the issue is here.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I've tried disabling drivers, removing the USB Keyboard and Mouse, as well as setting the audio to CD Quality.

Thanks in Advance to the person who could help me with this.

Preferred Solution: Windows Realtek Audio Popping Problems (Realtek ALC662)

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Windows Realtek Audio Popping Problems (Realtek ALC662)

What type of speaker system are you using ? Monitor with HDMI, check video card settings ? Could be conflicting driver, possibly Video card. Also mattering to speakers used, check for loose connections, something could be disturbing speakers.

Lots of reasons for popping and stuttering. Integrated card or PCI Slot Card?

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Hi folks,

I have just loaded Windows 7 on a Xen HVM DomU (Solaris Dom0)
There appear to be a couple of issues I need to figure out, one of
which is that the Realtek ALC662 / VIA? VT1708S / VT1705 on
the ASRock N68-S motherboard isn't being detected.

I can see it from the Dom0 Solaris:

pci bus 0x0000 cardnum 0x05 function 0x00: vendor 0x10de device 0x03f0
nVidia Corporation MCP61 High Definition Audio
CardVendor 0x1849 card 0x3662 (ASRock Incorporation, Card unknown)
STATUS 0x00b0 COMMAND 0x0006
CLASS 0x04 0x03 0x00 REVISION 0xa2
BIST 0x00 HEADER 0x80 LATENCY 0x00 CACHE 0x00
BASE0 0xfbff8000 SIZE 16384 MEM
BASEROM 0x00000000 addr 0x00000000
MAX_LAT 0x05 MIN_GNT 0x02 INT_PIN 0x02 INT_LINE 0x0b

The Device Manager does show problems with a PCI device on
bus 0 device 3 function 0 which is odd since there isn't anything
reported by Solaris bus 0 device 3.

Could this be my missing audio?

Anyone encountered anything similar?

Anyone know of a PCI scanner that will run under Windows 7?

Kind regards,


A:Realtek ALC662 not found on Xen DomU HVM

Quote: Originally Posted by kubla

The Device Manager does show problems with a PCI device on
bus 0 device 3 function 0 which is odd since there isn't anything
reported by Solaris bus 0 device 3.

Could this be my missing audio?

Turns out it's actually "Xen Platform Device (rev 01)"

Sadly it appears the problem is that the Solaris Dom0 doesn't
support PCI pass through yet & isn't likely to for some time :-(

It's live with no audio in DomU or install a variant of Linux
for the Dom0 rather than Opensolaris. <sigh>


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I installed the Realtek HD audio driver from the ASUS download site (P8Z68-V Pro MB) and all was well until I installed an MSI 560TI video card and let it install the Nvidia HD Audio drivers. The problem I have been chasing ever since was the Realtek HD Audio Manager popping up after the system exited extended sleep state (overnight). After much trial and tribulation and several Google Searches I concluded that the Realtek/ASUS HD Audio driver was conflicting with the Nvidia driver(s).

I did what suggested on one of the sites and that was to delete the Realtek HD Audio drivers and just let W7 install the default Microsoft drivers. Problem gone! Now I am curious, what did I give up and if I install the latest Realtek driver for W7 64-bit (v267) from the Realtek site will the Nvidia conflict return?

A:ASUS/Realtek, Latest Realtek versus default W7 Audio driver

Generally the Microsoft installed HD Audio Codec does not have all the features the motherboard vendor's sound drivers do. In most cases the actual driver is preferred and should be installed instead of the generic HD Audio Code drivers.

The NVIDIA driver is for the Video and the build in audio for HDMI audio. It should not be interferring with the PC's sound and in this case Realtek. I would uninstall the Microsoft drivers and reinstall the RealTek and see if you still have the problem. Generally a driver causes problems when exiting from sleep mode. Actually on "extended" sleep mode of overnight its really better to just shut down the system and then reboot in the morning. If you want it to be operational when you wake up, the BIOS should have an option for auto power on at whatever time you set.

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I accidentally uninstalled realtek audio driver, and I'm now trying to reinstall it, however, I'm getting errors. 
My desktop is Inspiron 3650, and i tried to install Realtek High definition audio driver from 

Below is the installation log

[OS] : 10.0 -Build : 14393 -Service Pack : 0 -x64 system : 1 -MCE system : 0 -Server system : 0 -System Language ID : 0x0411 -User Language ID : 0x0409[Default Path] : -tcRtkTempDir : C:\ProgramData\Dell\drivers\Audio_Driver_956D8_WN32_6.0.1.7908_A06 -tcISSetupLocation : C:\ProgramData\Dell\drivers\Audio_Driver_956D8_WN32_6.0.1.7908_A06
Collecting inventory ...Checking driver version ... [Realtek Audio Driver for DELL MUP Package] MUP Package Version :
C:\ProgramData\Dell\drivers\Audio_Driver_956D8_WN32_6.0.1.7908_A06\RealtekHDAudio\WIN64\RTKVHD64.sys [Realtek HD Audio Driver] Installed version : Package version :
Executing update ... [2017-10-24 0:36:43.15] Run Setup Command : C:\ProgramData\Dell\drivers\Audio_Driver_956D8_WN32_6.0.1.7908_A06\RealtekHDAudio\Setup.exe /z[-rpC:\ProgramData\Dell\drivers\Audio_Driver_956D8_WN32_6.0.1.7908_A06\RHDSetup.log]
-------- Realtek Installer response : C:\ProgramData\Dell\drivers\Audio_Driver_956D8_WN32_6.0.1.7908_A06\RHDSetup.log --------[ResponseResult]ResultCode=-1[Install Progress] Confirm Realtek Driver Check Operation System Version OS Information [WINMAJOR Number] = 10 OS Information [WINMAJOR String] = 10.0 OS Information [SYSINFO.nWinMajor... Read more

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It's been a year since I migrated from Windows XP to Windows 7 which I downloaded Realtek HD Audio Manager R2.70 and audio has been working fine except the only issue it didn't come with 'Stereo Mix' preventing capability to record sound direct from the soundcard. It took me 14 months to restore Stereo Mix as each time I was told to update audio drivers I would update HD Audio Manager so what is the difference between these two Realtek ?

I installed Realtek HD Audio Driver R2.72 last night and it restored Stereo Mix which now enables me to record system sound whilst using screen recorders.


A:Difference between Realtek HD Audio Manager & Realtek HD Audio Driver

Quote: Originally Posted by Swiftkidd

It's been a year since I migrated from Windows XP to Windows 7 which I downloaded Realtek HD Audio Manager R2.70 and audio has been working fine except the only issue it didn't come with 'Stereo Mix' preventing capability to record sound direct from the soundcard. It took me 14 months to restore Stereo Mix as each time I was told to update audio drivers I would update HD Audio Manager so what is the difference between these two Realtek ?

I installed Realtek HD Audio Driver R2.72 last night and it restored Stereo Mix which now enables me to record system sound whilst using screen recorders.


Realtek HD Audio Manager is a software driver used on Windows computers. It handles recording and playback of audio programs. It is required for many audio programs to operate.

While Realtek HD Audio Drivers is a tool that allows you to listen to audio in HD on your PC.

Stereo Mix is used to transfer audio that the PC is playing to recording software such as Audacity, so that you can record what you?re hearing.

When one upgrade their OS like in your case from XP to Win7 with the same motherboard and sound card it is always advised & recommended to download the latest soundcard driver, because the only thing that had changed was the operating system.

The advice is not to go to windows for it, but to go to the motherboard manufacturer, because it would be specialised for the system rather than ... Read more

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The audio works perfectly fine in Windows XP, but not in Windows 7. The problem is, I cannot hear anything when I connect my earphones to the front jack. I just get VERY quiet audio through my left earphone, and nothing at all in the right one. I have tried everything - from the stickies to things I've found while browsing this forum, but nothing is working.

I have integrated audio - Realtek ALC 882. I have installed the latest drivers from both Realtek sites (realtek.com.tw and realtek.cz), but they didn't help. I have tried the pin registry hacks (Pin00, Pin14, and Pin1b) to 04 00 00 00, but nothing happened. I have fiddled with various settings (unticked "enable jack detection", set Onboard Audio to Enabled in the bios, set Stereo Mixer to default playback device), but none of them did anything.

I am at my wit's end here. Really, I will appreciate any suggestions (even obvious ones) at this point. I just want the sound to work!

A:Audio Problems - Realtek ALC 882, Windows 7 Ultimate x32

The big problem is compatibility with Vista/Windows 7. HP does not have sound drivers for Vista or Windows 7, thus it is not supported. Non vendor (non HP) drivers may or may not work.

I used to do a lot of support on the Dell users forum and there were Dell's that were the same way - XP systems that Dell did not support for Vista/Windows 7. In those cases users were installing separate PCI sound cards that were Windows 7 compatible. You may have to do the same thing.

Vista/Windows 7 handles some audio functions differently than XP and the reason XP drivers are not compatible.

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Windows 7 64-bit I'm using an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ processor My audio is working, but I'm getting "popping" noises every 15-30 seconds and it's really bothering me. I updated to the latest driver for Realtek AC'97 and I insalled the Realtek HD Audio drivers, but only the AC'97 shows up in the device manager. When I got to add/remove programs, it shows that HD Audio can be uninstalled, but I don't know if that means it's working. From reading around on the internet, some people said the HD Audio driver solved their problem, but I'm not sure if mine is actually working or not. I don't know much about computers, so please spell things out explicitly for me so I can just follow directions.

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Help. I recently did a clean install of Windows 7 64bit (on my HP Vista 32 machine). Life is grand! My problems started when I tried to listen to the microphone input through my speakers. The front microphone inputs did not work so I downlaed the Realtek HD Audio Drivers (recently updated) from the realtek site. The inputs now work and I can record from the microphone through the Sound Recorder app in Accessories but can not hear the microphone through the speakers while I am recording. After searching the web I noticed a lot of chatter about setting things up in the Realtek HD Audio Manager. This app does not show up in my control panel. Does anyone know where I can get it (if I really need it). The Realtek site only has the driver download (not the manager). Am I missing something, am I confused, or both?

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager and Realtek Audio Driver

Quote: Originally Posted by NTexan

Help. I recently did a clean install of Windows 7 64bit (on my HP Vista 32 machine). Life is grand! My problems started when I tried to listen to the microphone input through my speakers. The front microphone inputs did not work so I downlaed the Realtek HD Audio Drivers (recently updated) from the realtek site. The inputs now work and I can record from the microphone through the Sound Recorder app in Accessories but can not hear the microphone through the speakers while I am recording. After searching the web I noticed a lot of chatter about setting things up in the Realtek HD Audio Manager. This app does not show up in my control panel. Does anyone know where I can get it (if I really need it). The Realtek site only has the driver download (not the manager). Am I missing something, am I confused, or both?

Welcome to SF!
Realtek HD Control Panel is in the Windows notification area. See image below. I hope I helped!


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I get crackling/popping sounds it my games. It's very annoying because it also affect my fps. I tried different driver version and different audio settings but no luck. I notice that it all started after I installed Battlefield Bad Company 2, after I installed my new video card (ATI Radeon HD 5770) the crackling/popping got more worse. I uninstalled BC2 to see if that was the problem but no. The crackling/popping stops when I return to desktop. I have ALC888s

A:Windows 7 Realtek crackling/popping sounds.

Maybe a dumb suggestion, but my son had a similar problem. It turned out that he had the volume level on his monitor turned up (he is using integrated sound from his mobo, not the monitor). We found that once we set that to 0 the popping in games and iTunes stopped.

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Hello i have a problem with sound, its cracking until i restart my pc its fine for 1-2 days but after crackling returns and i hear it more often as the days pass any help i attached also latecy mon and latency checker the first screenshot is after i restart my computer.

A:Realtek, Windows 7 64bit Crackle/static/popping

Lelos some system specs would be real helpful mate and from what you describe which I am assuming is that the longer the machine is on the longer it takes to perform tasks??

One or two things you could do right away is SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker and Disk Check

Run Speccy and show us the temps too Speccy - Download download from piriform watch out for the add ons

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Hi All,

When playing audio on my Windows 7 64bit RTM using my onboard Realtek ALC888 I get those weird popping/static/grating noises every 30 seconds or so.
When actively using the computer the problem intensifies.
I've installed numerous versions of the Realtek official Windows 7 64bit drivers - no improvement.

After scouring the Internet, I've also tried messing around with the HPET setting in the BIOS (setting it to 32bit/64bit/disabled) - again, no improvement.

I've also went through the posts in this forum, while some people post pretty similar problems, I saw no conclusive solutions - if at all.

Let me state that otherwise, everything appears to be in excellent working order, all devices are recognized, the speakers are correctly recognized in the "Sound" AND the "Realtek HD Audio Manager" Control Panel applets.

This is slowly driving me nuts as you can imagine - listening to music and getting a loud "Crack!" all the time is, to put it mildly, annoying.

Any help/hint/pointer/advise will be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks

A:Realtek, Windows 7 64RTM Crackle/static/popping

do u keep ur modem or mobile beside or close to ur woofer or speaker????

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I have installed the realtek audio driver, but with the driver the sound in crackly, but when i uninstall it the sound is good but i can't use no headphones for my laptop. The realtek driver was the latest.
Please i need some help and really fast

A:problems with realtek hd audio

Latest Realtek drivers worked fine for me 7.

Uninstall the drivers and download Driver Sweeper from Guru3D, install it and run it as admin and clean the Realtek drivers.

Try installing the new drivers again and see if they're better.

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I have Realtek HD audio managing the sound on my computer, and it works fine as long as im just listening to music or other sounds

however whenever i try to use my micmy computer dos massive feedback and random noises
i tested my mic on another computer and it was crisp and nice (steel series 5h v2) but on this i suspect its the wave that screwing it up(when i mute wave it stops, but then so does all other recorded noises...)

i just updated my drivers and restarted my computer but it still dosn't work
any idea on how i can get my mic to work(mainly for vent,ts,voip) use

thank you in advanced

A:Mic problems, Realtek HD audio

Check to see if the mic boost is active

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Computer Model:a6200n

Yesterday afternoon some guy was moving the wires behind my computer to make space to pass by and move out the couch... then my computer shut off

I reconnected my computer and i know everything is correctly plugged in but my audio isn't working... i can't hear a thing.

I am on Vista Home premium
And I'm using Realtek High Definition Audio

When i check the Sound settings everything is High and maxed out nothing is on mute and it shows that my speakers are emitting noise.

I also did the driver update and it is 3/12/2009

I think my computer isn't detecting my jacks or w.e. cause when i plug in my Microphone it doesn't work anymore.

If anyone has any idea of why it is not working or how i can fix it please help.

Some images that might help narrow down problems

A:Realtek Audio Problems

Oh yea and when i plug things in the little box doesn't come up anymore.
(the one that says you have just plugged in something)

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i just got a new computer, it has a PM800-M2 motherboard with onboard Realtek AC'97 Audio (ALC655). my problem is that the sound does not come out of the right speaker, i have it set up right and have all the newest codecs (WDM_A380.exe) from realtek. i know for a fact that the speaker works because it works when plugged into a cd player. i dont know what to do from here, any suggestions would be helpfull! please and thankyou

A:Realtek AC'97 audio problems

Maybe the output hole on the souncard is buggered.
Or maybe the left/right speaker balance is right over to one side.

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My Realtek audio has disappeared and no sound is able to be played and I no longer have a capable sound device to play sound. After a lot of research I found out that my computer has Intel PROset Bluetooth that caused Dell Quickset to stop working, which in turn also killed my Realtek High Definition. At least that is what I believe. I now how uninstalled the Intel program. Re-installed Quickset. And I have tried multiple times to re-install Realtek Driver with no luck, I then stumbled upon legacy hardware and installed the Realtek software from their and now I am able to find it in my device manager but it has the yellow exclamation point. The device will not start or cannot and the Dell audio application is no where to be found. I keep troubleshooting with windows and trying to use up to date software but I have had no luck. I have sent my computer into Dell once and cannot do it again because of cost issues. Hoping someone has a solution for me please.

Started with win7-> now upgraded to windows 8.1

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Ok, I'm a non-tech newbie with a problem. I have a Dell XPS running XP SP-2. I have installed Nuance's Dragon Naturally Speaking v9.0, which requires use of a headset. Whenever I attempt to use Dragon with an audio input device, my system crashes. The RealTek HD audio is identified as the problem. What must I do to get my RealTek system working so that I can use a headset for audio input/output?


A:RealTek HD Audio Problems

Update XP to SP3, and while your are at it, install any Hardware updates available in Windows Update, after installing SP3

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I Just bought a GIGABYTE motherboard (GA-K8NXP-SLI motherboard) which came with REALTEK AC '97 AUDIO and i can not get any audio sound what so ever. I installed the drivers guide which installed with no problems, but i still can not get anything.
I installed the drivers, uninstalled and then reinstalled... nothing seems to be working.. i check my DEVICE MANAGER, and everything says its enabled and working... any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Realtek Ac '97 Audio Problems

Is the device chosen as your output device in Sounds in Control Panel?

Where did the driver come from and are you sure it is for your AC'97 chipset?

And the obvious things---is the volume turned up and are you sure the speakers are turned on?

Have you installed the NVidia chipset drivers for the mainboard?

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I have integrated audio on my HP Pavilion a1023c computer (Realtek ALC 880 chipset) which appears to be working correctly. All drivers have been updated - when I click on Device Manager I see that the device, Realtek High Definition Audio, is working correctly, etc. yet I have no sound. I have uninstalled it and let the system re-install it - still nothing. I have checked the bios and everything there appears normal - the audio is set to auto. The operating system is Windows XP Home with Service Pack 3. When I insert a music CD it appears to be playing - yet there is no sound. I am now stumped - does anyone have any ideas on how to regain the sound ???

A:Realtek Audio Problems

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Running an Acer laptop with Windows Vista that has Realtek HD Audio. Vista had first installed a generic HD Audio driver that worked the internal speakers, but the headphone jack did not work when it was plugged in (Worked in XP). I've recently updated the driver per Realtek's website that was made for Vista, however I have the same problem; The internal speakers work. When I plug headphones in, the internal speakers turn off of course, but no sound through output though

A:Realtek audio problems in Vista.

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I am having problems with "Realtek HD Audio input" My audio input devices (mic, TV tuner and other plug in devices) are not working. In the Realtek Audio Manager they are grayed out. I have tried everything and applied some of the fixes I read on the Internet, but the problem remains. Can you help??????? Also have pinnacle PCTV pro 5.5 (no audio while watching TV).

I have Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Version 2002
Service Pack 2
Intel Motherboard Desktop Board DQ35JO
2Duo CPU, E4500 @ 2.20 Mhz
Edit/Delete Message

A:Realtek HD audio input Problems

Update XP to Service Pack 3... Reinstall the motherboards chipset drivers

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Hi all having some problems,the Realtek HD Audio Manager is my sound program and whenever for my mic i put the green plug in the green plug hole in front of my PC it used to work same as the pink recently my mic hasnt worked the pink in the front is fine the green isnt i have to hold it in for sound and if i let go it disconnects so ive bought a new mic still doesnt work though Pink works fine like before but i notice when my Green Plug is in at the front of my PC it says Rear Audio Output but how do i get my green plug to work fine without me having to hold it in???

All help Very appreciated.

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager Problems

tried any selotape?

it just sounds like u hav got a loose connection sumewhere lol

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i just had a new pc and ive gone to watch a film on it but it says audio device not installed, so i went thro sound,video and game controlers option in control panel and everything is installed. then i went thro in start menu>all programs>accessories>entertainment>volume control, and its sayin no available sound mixer. and it aint lettin me put my sound card thro the main sound settings. any help will be well appreciated

A:Realtek hd audio driver problems

What are your complete compter specs? Do you have any yellow marks in the device manager?

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I just switched from Windows XP Pro to Vista 64-bit Home Premium a few days ago. Since the change I can no longer get all of my audio to work. My headphone jac seems fine because I can plug my headphones in and hear sound or if I plug my speakers into the headphone jac I can also hear sound through them. I've checked and make sure that nothing is muted and checked to make sure every device is "enabled". My microphone with my headset doesn't work either now.


A:Audio Problems (Realtek HD 2.01 drivers)

Hi. . .

My only suggestions would be to first go back into Device manager, click on View and enable hidden devices and re-check for red/yellow flags. Then expand the sound tree again, right-click on the Realtek HD audio device and un-install the driver. Then re-boot.

Then go into the Realtek Audio Manager and reset to default settings.

Regards. . .



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I got a new computer this Christmas and inside it is the RealTek HD audio manager as my sound, and currently when I am in vent or Battlefield 2, people can hear themselves AND my game over my mic even though I'm using a headset and speakers aren't even plugged in to my comp. There is another guy as well who has the same exact problem, is it just that realtek sucks or is there some sort of problem that can be solved? Please help if possible, thanks.

A:RealTek HD audio Manager mic problems

yes this is my problem 2

does any1 have any solutions

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I have XP Prof. installed on my pc and the audio is hard wired into the motherboard. I have scanned for new hardware and my op sys isn't detecting it. The drivers are there and working properly but when I went into control panel and open "Sound, Speech, and Audio Devices", it says there's No Audio Device under the volume tab. Under the Audio tab it states that there's no MIDI, Playback, or Recording devices.

How can I force plug & play to detecting this hardware?

A:(Resolved) Realtek AC 97 Audio problems

Hi Adrianne !

Right-click my computer => properties => hardware => device manager. Check that your audio controller is enabled there, if it isn't then right-click and enable it.

If that didn't help, tell us about your motherboard brand and model. Uninstalling/reinstalling the driver might work.

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I recently ran a windows update and installed a newer version of the realtek high def audio driver. When i restarted my computer it didnt work, theres a little red x in my speaker icon in the right corner. I have tried rolling back the driver, downloading and reinstalling older versions of the driver. I have tried installing the motherboard audio drivers, reinstalling and uninstalling on the device manager, this thing involving subinacl dont really remember what, i found it on the internet somewhere. Please, someone help this is so aggravating. I have tried so many things i cant even remember everything. I am running Vista Premium 64. It is an HP dv6940se laptop with SP1, windows update is not letting me install SP2 for some reason, but im trying to get my sound fixed first.

A:Realtek High Def Audio Problems

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the sound on my laptop wont work. ive gone into device manager under the control panel and went to the current realtek hd audio manager driver and it says its working properly but i cannot hear any sound out of my computer.

I've tried putting headphones into the computer and they wont work either i just get a sort of fuzzy sound but cannot hear any sounds of the computer.

I even replaced the speakers in the laptop only to find out that it was not the problem.

there are two icons in the toolbar at the bottom
-one is a volume symbol and is red in color(this just recently came up)
-the other is a regular white volume symbol where i can adjust the volume

i've looked into the sound manager and none of the volume adjusters are muted or anything so i have no clue what the problem is

can any1 please help me with this

A:Realtek HD audio manager problems

I'd first try just reinstalling Realtek using the latest version you find from your system provider or motherboard mfr.

To remove it, first look in Add/Remove programs to see if Realtek listed and remove it there (that should remove applications, control panel applets and drivers). Then check Device Manager and, if still there, uninstall it from there too

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i have realtek audio output.the sound system works good.when i got to SOUNDS and AUDIO device propeties , a window is displayed it shows an option like -place a volume icon bar in the task bar , but if i try to click the option, its not working.it shows error message like "WINDOWS CANT LOCATE VOLUME CONTROL BAR SO INTSTALL IT IN ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS".when i contacted with computer service person he says like he cant help it becoz it is corrupted or u need to reinstall windows.is it true?kindly help

A:realtek audio output problems-kindly help


Originally Posted by ladynu

when i contacted with computer service person he says like he cant help it becoz it is corrupted or u need to reinstall windows.is it true?kindly help

That is highly unlikely to be true.

I think you may well find the solution here:


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I have an integrated Realtek AC97 soundcard on my Acer Aspire 3000 (motherboard chipset SiSM760GX) laptop running Windows XP. Sometime in the last 3 months, some problems started occuring with the soundcard. When I play any audio (streaming/mp3/etc), the sounds starts to distort and crackle after a few minutes. Eventually, the audio 'slows down' as if the audio is running at half speed. These both happen intermittently. The effect is present on the onboard speakers, headphones, external speakers.

I've updated the audio driver and video driver, tried uninstalling and reinstalling the audio and video card, slowing down hardware acceleration, but nothing seems to work. I have a feeling something happened after a Windows XP update a few months ago.

Here's some info on the AC97 Configuration:
Driver Version:
DirectX Version: 9.0c
Audio Controller: SiS(7012)
AC97 Codec: ALC203
Any ideas???

A:Weird Audio Problems With Realtek AC97 -- Please Help!

When you installed the new Drivers, did you uninstall the old ones, reboot, then install the new?

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Hi everyone! First post on the forums =P

What the title says. Basically I have had to remove my soundcard (a Creative X-Fi Soundblaster) as it was completely blocking off the fan on my new graphics card (ATI Radeon HD 5850 - and yes there is no space left on my motherboard!). As a result I have to use my onboard sound. My motherboard is a Biostar A760G M2+ but the problem is that with Realtek HD Audio Manager installed my computer just wont play anything but stereo. I have 5.1 speakers but only the far left and far right speakers are playing, regardless of multiple configurations and switches between jack inputs ?_?

Im at a complete loss what to do; I know that my motherboard onboard sound supports 5.1 but its just a pain making it work =/

A:5.1 Surround Problems with Realtek HD Audio Manager

Are you seeing this?

Do you have the correct drivers installed? ( This is what you need for 5.1 on that board );


After you removed the sound card did you re-enable the on-board sound chip in the BIOS ?

Regards....Mike Connor

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Hey everyone,

This onboard soundcard is really getting on my nerves. But I'm too lazy at the moment to look for a good new soundcard (my x-treme music died - R.I.P.).

So to the problem:
I have speakers, a microphone and headphones, the speakers work fine and the microphone used to work fine. But the headphones always got recognised as speakers, except when I put them in the front jack, but there they make terrible cracking like sounds.
As I have the latest driver I didn't see any hope in getting the front panel to work properly, but why shouldn't it accept the backjacks? From other forums I learned that it should work.

I tried fiddeling around so I unplugged all three (headphones, mic, and speakers) and suddenly it even stopped accepting my microphone! it just comes with the message "This device type is not supported!". How stupid is that? I didn't change anything at that point, I just unplugged it and plugged it in again.

So please please tell me: How can I get my microphone to work and my headphones as headphones with this Ffff.... 'different' soundcard.

A:Realtek HD audio - problems spread like a disease

First, whatever you plug into the rear GREEN "speaker" jack will be detected as "speakers". It doesn't know the difference between a headset and and speaker - just that a device is plugged into it and it assumes it's speakers. The same way with the front Headphone jack. Whatever is plugged in there - headphones or analog speakers it will still be detected as "headphones"

Since it worked once, except for the crackling noise whatever "fiddling around" you did seems to have corrrupted it. Uninstall the RealTek in the Device Manager (do not uninstall the drivers) and then restart the PC and when Windows starts it should detect and reinstall the sound. This may reset it and get things back to the way it was. If that doesn't fix it, reinstall the latest RealTek drivers for your specific system. If you have a "name brand" computer, such as a Dell in many cases non-Dell drivers do not work or work correctly.

If you get it back to everything working, then you can work on the cracking noise. There are several issues, the first one would be to reseat the audio cable from the front panel to the motherboard audio connection. If that does not fix it, there are many posts about "popping and crackling" in audio and it can happen with any sound device including SoundBlasters, RealTek, IDT (SigmaTel), etc. Some general issues that seem to affect this is wi-fi, video card/drivers, cordless phones or cell phones placed cl... Read more

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Maybe this should be in the Audio & Video Section, but I think my problem is software related.
My PC has a BD/HD/DVD RW and DVD ROM and is connected to the following:
Display 1: LG 17" 787LE with Audio 1: Altec Lancing Model #251 5.1 PC spkrs via blk/gold/brown 3.5 mm jacks
Display 2: Sony 42" HD LCD RPTV (HDMI to DVI) with Audio 2: Sony Home Theatre 5.1 via optical digital (SPDIF)
Using the (on-board) Realtek ALC888 and the Realtek HD Audio Manager I was able to play a BluRay on Power DVD on the Sony with audio from the HT while at the same time I can surf or play games at the monitor with separate audio from the PC spkrs. The TV itself even had a separate (3rd) stream of audio.
I know this is possible as I had the set-up going in Vista Home Premium. Sadly, because of GPU issues (I have a Sapphire ATI Radeon 4850) I had to abandon this set-up in Vista and re-build it in XP Home. Sadder stil, is the fact that I can't get the same set-up to work.
The XP Realtek HD Audio Mgr software is just messed up...it doesn't keep its settings, there's no audio via HDMI at all (to TV spkrs), I can't get it to multistream and I'm unable to set-up the 3 sets of spkrs separately. When I do a 5.1 spkr test, the audio samples are generated from a mix of the HT front spkrs and PC fr+rr spkrs.
In addition, the Power DVD software in XP is just as messed up...again, the audio settings don't remain and the configuration tabs and options... Read more

A:XP + BluRay + PowerDVD + Realtek HD Audio = Problems

Looks like you are trying to configure the sound from an app point of view. What does the hardware look like. Have you set them (apps) to use a specific piece of audio hardware. Start with the hard ware and work your way to the app settings. Not sure about why your settings are being changed sounds like it is going back to a default or an original hardware setting (that the software is picking up..)?

You must be running out of patience!

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I hope this is the right subforum for this!

I've just recently gotten a new computer, and installed Windows 7 64 bit on it.

I'm using an ASUS P6X58D-E motherboard, with RealTek High Definition Audio Codec.

My problem is that my computer seems to only be recognising devices plugged into one audio jack. Basically, when I started the computer up, the speakers (which were already plugged in to the green port, as normal) worked fine, and indeed they still work fine now.
However, if I plug headphones or a microphone in to any of the other ports, it says 'you have plugged a device into the audio jack', but nothing actually happens - headphones are silent, my microphone doesn't receive any sound. The front two jacks don't even make that message pop up - nothing happens at all.

If I unplug my speakers and plug my headphones in to that jack, they seem to work - but obviously that's less than ideal. So it's as if this one jack works and none of the others do.
(My microphone doesn't work when plugged into that jack of course)

I've tried reinstalling the drivers from CD, updating the drivers through windows, updating the drivers from the RealTek website, reinstalling windows, etc. No change at all.

Any ideas?

A:RealTek High Definition Audio problems

Each port has it's own use. Check the motherboard User Manual for specifics.

With that said, the "green" port is the standard audio out port. This is where you would connect your speakers or headphones to hear the audio. It is a standard stereo output or in multi-channel mode, the front left/right.

Did the front panel ports ever work? They need to be connected to the proper outputs on the motherboard.

If they have worked in the past and/or they are properly connected, then you most likely have a driver issue. Several of the Realtek chipsets do not work well with Win7, especially 64bit.

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i'm having problems with my ac'97 install...when i try to install it from the original motherboard utilities cd...it gives me a error report(don't send) and when i try installing a downloaded version it shows the windows logo error...if i skip it it installs it but it doesn;t work...i tried different vrsions of windows...same end result.. oh and the logo sign error appears ...the installation is running the alcupd file...please help

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Duron(tm) p, x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1023 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700LE, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 29996 MB, Free - 21840 MB; D: Total - 39189 MB, Free - 33047 MB; E: Total - 122613 MB, Free - 3091 MB; F: Total - 39189 MB, Free - 34837 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-7VT880
Antivirus: None

A:Solved: realtek ac'97 installation problems.. no audio

Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-7VT880Click to expand...

Before you install any device drivers for that computer, you should first install the chipset driver for it.

The chipset driver allows the computer to detect and properly configure its devices.



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After upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7, the realtek HD audio driver lost lots of it's functionality, even to the point that i dare say it sounded better and was more functional in XP.

What's gone is: 3D Sound, Volume Control Tab, Some enviroment presets.

I *can* live without those, but what is bothering me the most now is this nasty thing called Loudness Equalization. Mind you, i listen to Techno, trance, and few rock songs. Each time there is a bass going on, the volume lowers, regardless of LE being enabled or disabled. I've read it somewhere that this is windows 7 / vista thing as. I tried changing drivers, but sadly it won't install my XP driver on 7.

Realtek HD Audio Codec: ALC888
DirectX Version: 11
Audio Driver Version: (Latest)

And again, NEVER had this problem on XP, hence why i posted this under WIndows 7 section! Please help!

A:[SOLVED] Realtek HD Audio problems after upgrade

What is the make and model of your machine? You can nto install xp drivers on win7. The changes to get those drivers to work are very slim to none.

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Hey, I'm new to all of this drivers and such...
I am currently running a Sony VAIO (VPCEJ190X) with Windows 7 Professional x64.
The audio driver came as Conexant SmartAudio HD and I'd really like to get the Realtek HD Audio Driver.

Here is what I've done.

Downloaded and installed (w/ restart) Version R2.69, 64 bit realtek driver from their website.


Programs List.
Device Manager.
That's what I've done so far. Help please?

A:Problems installing Realtek HD audio driver

Welcome to the 7 Forums, Elite19.

The RealTek Driver doesn't seem to be installed. May be RealTek Audio Drivers are not compatible with your Computer. After you installed the RealTek Driver did the installation go properly?

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Hi everyone, if you could help me i?d be very grateful.
I have an old HP Pavilion zv5000. I formatted it after it crashed hard on me, and as I didn?t have reboot discs I pieced the drivers together from what I found on the internet.
There was no sound. I went to the HP site and downloaded pretty much everything they had. After a long hard struggle I managed to reinstall the Broadcam wireless drivers which is pretty useful to me as I am stuck in a hostel abroad with minimal wifi signal. However, now whenever I try a webpage I get the old ?this page can not be found? message. Also, the computer seems to be running hot and very loud, and will shut down completely on quite a regular basis.
I blame this ?wmsncs.exe? thing that is popping up all over my HijackThis log. Try as I might, I can?t get rid of it. Any suggestions?
Anyway, back to the sound. Just before I left home to go abroad I noticed that the audio suddenly worked again. However, unpacking at the other end, the same old problem is back. In ?Sounds/Audio Devices? the device is shaded in gray, and it says there is no device. I found Soundmax somewhere and that seems to be on the computer but will not start.
The error code I get for Realtek AC?97 audio drivers is a ?code 10?, even after deleting/reinstalling/restarted etc. I get the computer searching for plug and play devices, it seems to find them, then after a few minutes it tells me that there was a problem and that my new hardware may not work properly.
Afte... Read more

A:Realtek Audio,net problems, Base System Device, help!!

Have you tried going to the realtek site it self for the dowloads?


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Alright... interesting problem I have never seen before.

spilled some water on my laptop, and after having some issues with the nvidia graphics card not being recognized, I am noticing issues with Realtek. Audio will only work if: headphones are plugged into the headphone jack and the sound comes from headphones, OR something is plugged into the mic jack and sound comes out of the internal speakers. If nothing is plugged in, no sound. When the mic jack is plugged in, Realtek says that a device was unplugged, and when I unplug the mic, it says that a device was plugged in. Tried an uninstall and reinstall of the driver, which led to no success.

Laptop: ASUS U36SD-XA1
Windows: 7 Home Premium 64Bit
Realtek Version:

Any other info needed?

BTW, the first image attached is headphones plugged in, then mic plugged in, then nothing plugged in.

EDIT: i have no idea what happened, but Realtek is freaking out on me, going back and forth between working fine and thinking something is plugged in to the headphone jack/having the problem I described.

A:Realtek Audio Problems Post Water Damage

I would suspect a hardware problem due to the water spillage. Hard to tell what was affected by it.

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First of all, heres a video - listen carefully please!


Issue -

When I built my pc, everything worked fine. No issues, every driver perfect. Long story short I had some issues and had to do a fresh install of windows 7. Then the audio issue above started happening again. So I assumed it was a bad windows install - so I re-installed windows 2 more times and I have had the issue ever since.

If I set my speakers to quadraphonic the noise stops. But the noise still comes through my headphones and it is annoying beyond belief!!!!

I have tried every driver realtek and asus and yet nothing but problems. The default windows driver doesn't have the best quality or else I'd keep using it!

Please help me, if you can fix this I will be forever grateful to you!!!!

P.S. - Asus has no fix for this and wants me to RMA - please prevent me from going through that process.

A:Asus/Realtek Driver Causes audio problems

What am I supposed to hear? I don't hear anything wrong?

I deal with audio every day as I have a recording studio.

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Hello, im Juan from Argentina.
Im having a problem that looks like this one :


Trying to resume it:
My mic records and plays at a VERY low volume + im sending EVERY SOUND like an output, if im using winamp, and im in a call on MSN, the person thats hearing me hears the music, and its like that with every other sound my pc plays. and aaallso... i can only hear the MIC from the LEFT Speaker.

i have an ASUS P5LD2-X mobo...

i tried everything in the topic i refered... but i dont have the Front or Rear Pink in volume settings...
im desperate. Really.

Thnx from Buenos Aires

A:Realtek HD Audio Microphone Problems (ASUS MOBO)

I have an asus P5GC-MX, with the same dodgy Realtek HD Audio. I have had the soft microphone issue since the MB was first used.

Today I tried downloading the drivers from Realtek and installing. I also ran the "MicCal.exe" program, as mentioned in the other thread. There seemed to be no effect. I also enabled the "output" microphone control and switched on mic boost. Still nothing.

But then I restarted the pc, and everything works now! Unfortunately I don't know which action fixed it. But keep trying, you will get it!

Regarding the sounds being recorded, you can mute certain sounds using the recording controls in windows mixer. To access these, go to Options -> Properties and change the mixer device to "Realtek HD Audio Input", enable all the controls, and start playing around

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I used this forum trying to get my problem solved, but i couldn't do it by viewing other threads about simillar problems.

Well, i recently upgraded my SO, from WindowsXP to Windows7.
Before this, my speakers worked fine but now they don't.
I've made many tests and configs changes, had some results but none is what i want.
I can tell that my headphones are working fine when i listen to music or sounds in the web, that stuff, so i think they're fine. On the other hand, my speakers don't make any sound when i listen to media player or youtube.
I've made tests on the speakers and 3 of my columns and the bass do sound, but the 2 front speaker don't make any sound on the tests, instead the headphones do the sound.
I also tried changing the green jack (from the 2 front speakers) to the green headphones jack, and then they made sound, but still the other columns didn't work playing music.

I have a 5.1 sound system from creative
Device Audio : 82801IB/IR/IH (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller from Realtek (PC Wizard info).

Also, my drivers cd is incompatible with this SO, so i've downloaded the drivers from the web.

Any help i can get i'd be very thankfull.
Filipe Fonseca

A:Realtek sound problems - Audio jacks switched(?)

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Hello, I recently purchased the Creative T6160 5.1 Multimedia Speaker System for my computer but cannot get the center and sub to work. The other 4 speakers work just fine. My Computer: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...cname=c01612549With Radeon 4650 video cardMy computer has Realtek audio installed, and in the Realtek HD Audio Manager I have set my speaker configuration to 5.1. The audio manager recognizes that my c/sub is connected but they produce no sound when I test them. I have updated all of my audio drivers. All of the speakers are connected into the back of the subwoofer and all 3 cords coming from the sub are connected properly into the back of my computer. Any help as to why these 2 speakers are not working would be appreciated.

A:64Bit Vista with Realtek Audio, C/Sub Speaker Problems

Hello, I recently purchased the Creative T6160 5.1 Multimedia Speaker System for my computer but cannot get the center and sub to work. The other 4 speakers work just fine. My Computer: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...cname=c01612549With Radeon 4650 video cardMy computer has Realtek audio installed, and in the Realtek HD Audio Manager I have set my speaker configuration to 5.1. The audio manager recognizes that my c/sub is connected but they produce no sound when I test them. I have updated all of my audio drivers. All of the speakers are connected into the back of the subwoofer and all 3 cords coming from the sub are connected properly into the back of my computer. Any help as to why these 2 speakers are not working would be appreciated.I had this under Windows XP, just keep messing with the configs. It took me like 3 hours to get it to work one day.

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After isolating my audio issues, I cannot seem to find the source of the error that is generating a sound that sounds exactly like the phasers from mars attack the movie. I looked at the drivers and all seems to work with wav files that play with the phaser sound in the background.

Anyway, if anyone can help me gain some sanity in this issues would be much appreciated.

I am running:

Windows xp pro 2002 service pack 3
MSI k8t Master 2 far motherboard

A:Realtek ac 97 audio problems - it sounds like mars attack

Try reinstalling your sound drivers from the motherboards website... Is your system clean & free of malware or virus infections?

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Hey Guys,

I have a brand new motherboard with all the wonderful trimmings of a high-end gaming platform. I recently bought a full install of Vista Ultimate 64 and noticed some "issues" after the install.

On a random basis, I will get BSOD's (and on other occasions, my PC will just reboot itself out of nowhere.) I noticed that this USUALLY (not always) happens when audio is playing (usually (again, not always) through Winamp/Windows Media Player). The only time my PC ran for 24 hours straight with no issues was when I disabled the audio device completely.

I have tried multiple versions of the Realtek drivers starting with the latest (that was posted on this forum) going back to 1.74 (I think that's the ver. number anyway, I'm not at my PC at the moment.) The most stable driver I've had yet was the oldest I could find - 1.74 - but does not include the Realtek Audio Manager (the newer ones did) and I still have a BSOD every couple hours.

The latest driver allows me to run for almost BSOD-free BUT the audio driver will "die" every half hour or so while in use and so far the only solution I have for when that happens is to reboot. I can tell the driver dies when I hear the last second of audio repeatedly while the PC continues to respond perfectly fine. Winamp/Ventrilo/Media Center will throw device-driver errors until I reboot.

Under Windows XP Pro, the latest Realtek audio drivers worked perfectly on this motherboard and never had BSODs. This ... Read more

A:Realtek Audio = BSOD/Driver Problems (Vista Ultimate 64)

Hi Nick,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

I do not know if DEP is the cause or not, but this will show you how to disable or enable it for testing.

DEP - Enable or Disable

Hope it works for you,

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I have this ready built office pc "Dell Precision T1600", quite nice setup, but i have a problem with the sounds, ive encountered this problem years ago with the same integrated Realtek HD Audio device.

For awile now it has annoyed me alot that the sound levels keep changing from bass, say a song where you got strong vocals before the bass kicks in, the vocals are loud and clear, but when the bass starts kicking, the vocals are supressed for atleast -50% volume, when the bass eases up, vocals and other background sound volume rises again.

What i have tried:
Remove/reinstall drivers, adjust the bass volume control on the subwoofer, change speakers, try the same speakers on another pc, try the speakers on my mobile phone, fiddled with all kinds of settings ive found on windows and realtek hd control (returned them back to normal).

It works great on other pcs with a different sound card, and the sound was actually best on my mobile phone.

My solution is to buy a new good sound card, but meanwhile it would be nice to just get it working better. This pc only has plugin holes for 1 sound and 1 mic cables, might be the problem, but it doesnt explain how it works on a laptop with the same holes.

A:Realtek HD Audio integrated problems with vocal/bass balance

The Precision line is designed to be a business workstation. But, it should sill function properly.

Whether the Realtek hardware is the problem or something else?

Realtek just issued R2.78 drivers. I would give them a try and see how they work. ONLY use the Windows Media Player and on a known good song file. Do not have other media programs running or be on line. Just the basic computer to see how it works.

www.realtek.com Download from the Taiwan site, NOT the Global site.

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