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Streaming radio recording program problem

Q: Streaming radio recording program problem

I'm trying to use 2 demo streaming radio recording programs separately. I get an error message saying that I'm not connected to the internet when I am. My OS is Vista buisiness. I can browse, download & connect to streaming radio stations, but the recording programs can't connect to the internet. I'm using IE7.
Any ideas how I can fix this so that I can record streaming radio?

Preferred Solution: Streaming radio recording program problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Streaming radio recording program problem

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I have just got broadband and am interested in recording streaming radio as mp3 or WAV files so i can listen to later eg in the car
Anyone any experience of this and which programmes might be good for it


A:recording streaming radio as mp3

Yes, there are such programs. They are called 'Stream Rippers' and you could probably Google it to find them...

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Problems with the audio playback when recording streaming audio :

I have downloaded several 'what you hear' recording apps. Tonight was Audacity with Lame encoder and then when that did not work, downloaded and installed MP3MyMP3.

Since they do not come with great instructions, all I did was go to my favorite streaming audio from a local radio station ; got the show playing through my speakers; opened up the recording app and then pressed the record button. Both apps seemed to be recording and both saved to mp3 files. But when I play them back there is no audio. Am I missing a step ?

my audio card is NVIDAI(R)nFORCE AUDIO. OS is XP.



A:Solved: Streaming radio recording -

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I would like to record a radio program that is run on Saturdays & I am not at home at the time of the program & my tape deck does not have timed feature for recording. I am wondering if I can set the time on my PC and possibly record the program with my CD-RW drive? I am running XP on a Pentium III.
Would like any suggestions. Thanks - Monique

A:Recording a radio program

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i have a fm radio comming into my sound cards line in jack. is there a program out there that is designed to record a line in source and that has a timer for the recording to start and stop?

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We want to start recording a short program that will go out over shortwave radio. We aren't sure what would be the best software to do this. We will need to be able to record and edit 2 different tracks. Then we will put the program onto a cd that will be sent to the station to then be put on the air. We only have the basic sound card that came with our Dell computer and realize we may need to upgrade it. If anyone can offer us advise on this we would really appreciate it.

A:recording software for radio program

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Does anyone know where I can find my "on board mixer" on my cumputer?..I'm running XP Home. Thanks in advance.

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Real Player is version 10.5,
Windows Media Player is version 10,
Windows XP.

when I click a online streaming radio link, for example, mms://media.lewisnews.com/TVNEWSLies . Real Player pops out and tries to play it, but Windows Media Player throws an error:

Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the specified protocol is not supported. In the Open URL dialog, try opening the file using a different transport protocol (for example, "http:" or "rtsp:").

The error code is C00D11BB, according to MS Windows solution, Tools > Options > Network, and tick all Streaming Protocols (UDP, TCP, HTTP) can solve the problem. But, it din't work at all~

I have tried reinstall Real Player and also reinstall Windows Media Player (but, Windows Media Player doesn't allow me to uninstall it), it throws the same error again.

Can someone give some advices?

Thank you very much~

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I have a Realtek HD Audio sound card, and I'm trying to record a snippet of sound from a streaming source, but it never records on my audio program. I think what it is is this; when I go into my Volume properties to change my settings, although it gives me the options of setting the controls for wave output, there's none for wave input (just CD, mic volume, front mic, and line). Help! Thanks - Joe

A:problem recording from streaming sources

download 'audacity' free version have that running change the recording mode to sterio mix i think at the top and then run your streaming thingo and press record in audacity.


hope this help

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I'm trying to Record Streaming Audio from a website, and none of the software I'm using is picking up the sound...The software picks up the mic, and line-in, but doesn't pick up the streaming audio, or anything that is being played on the computer.....I really need some help with this..I don't thinks it's the software...I have Nero Wave Editor, and a Sony Music Creator Software...Neither can pick up the streaming audio...

A:Problem Recording Streaming Audio

Set the default recording device to Stereo Mix if you have it.

Right click on the Microsoft Speaker icon in the task bar, select recording devices.
Right click anywhere in the window that opens and enable both "Show Disconnected" and "Show Disabled Devices" do you see "Stereo Mix" as an option? If so, select it and click the "Set Default" button.

There may be a Record Level luring under one of the tabs.


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Is it possible to record internet radio stations onto CD ?

If so, how is it done ?

Rank amateur here.


You can record it with Audacity.Save it as a .wav file, then burn it as an audio CD.I use DeepBurner for burning audio CDs.Some Audacity tutorials, to get you started:TutorialsHow do I download and install the LAME MP3 encoder?

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people have told me that they can record radio programmes on audacity. I can't get it to work. 1. Is it legal ? 2. If it is what am I doing wrong? I have windows XP SE home edition.

A:Recording Radio Programmes

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Hi , My wife and I are big Jimmy Buffett fans and Jimmy broadcasts his concerts free on his internet radio station. We would like to record them for our own listening pleasure,but we don't know how. I don't know if my computer will do it.
It is a 2 year old Sony 1.6 pentium 4 processor with a high-speed cable connection to the net.Please help.Thank you in advance. I am not very computer literate so be gentle. Dan

A:recording internet radio?

moved here where hopefully you might get better advice tahn from the games forum

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I have this desire to record a particular FM radio station to CD-ROM. The period of interest is 4 hours long.

I have found the Radio Stations detail's but haven't actually got it to play on the Web yet. Part of the problem looks like it is going to be; it uses a Media Player format. Due to the way it streams music in real time apparently there is a degrading of quality. Got other stations to play but not this particular one. They don't seem to be exactly in the forefront of this technology. (WMJX 106.7 Boston)

My other problem is once, I finally get the Radio Station to actually play on my computer, how do I record it? I have ADAPTEC CD CREATOR 4 software and it does have something called Liquid Music Player but leaves me puzzled about exactly how I am going to lash that up in real time. I really prefer not to have to do it as a direct write CD-ROM. OK, maybe I could and then rerecord that.

My other option seems to be record on my Bubblebox on a cassette and then come in via the mic input. Again not sure how I lash that up to actually get ADAPTEC to see it as a record-able file.

Is there some other freebie software to make MP3 or data files of inputs via the mic input on say a hard drive or ZIP drive and then that be converted to CD-ROM in a conventional way?

Does anyone do this type recording now? What are the details to know? Any Websites that can record the time interval and then me download it as a file? Looking for the better mouse trap on this one. ... Read more

A:Recording Internet Radio to CD-ROM

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Is that possible?
And, if it is, which program should be used?

There is one show ("Sold on song" with GMichael) that's online for just one or two days more and I wonder if I can get my hands on it somehow? It was broadcasted on radio so whoever wanted to record it from UK could? so I guess recording it (if possible) from the net isn't illegal?

I know? this can be rated as a pretty dumb question but when it comes to GM, I am not afraid to ask

Thanks in advance!

A:Recording from BBC online radio - possible?

Since I don't think it's entirely legal, I'm not going to link one. But it was me, I'd do a Google for "stream rippers".

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I wonder if anyone has any experience in capturing music from an internet radio broadcast.

The only way I can think of is to tape from the speakers either directly or just by recording outside the speaker. My speakers are built into the monitor so the latter seems like the only way. Unfortunately, the recorded sound quality isn't that great this way, especially from RealAudio.

(I find WinAmp and WindowsMedia sound is a lot less tinny/scratchy than RealAudio. Does anyone else find this too? Is it possible to play radio broadcasts interchangeably, ie is there any way of making RealAudio broadfcasts play in WinAmp or Windows Media? I run RealPlayer 8 Basic.)


A:Recording Internet Radio

Not too sure about the legalities of recording internet radio stations, especially the more established or commercial ones so check first !!

You can record internet 'audio streams' with the likes of Ultra player which can save in MP3 format.


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How can I record internet radio station transmissions to my VCR tape deck? I have a broad band cable connection.

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Can someone please tell me whether it is possible to record a radio broadcast from the computer to an ipod or mp3 player. My daughter lives abroad, likes to hear radio 4(UK) and reception is very poor. She can however hear them on her computer ,she would like to get these onto an ipod or mp3 player(her sons have these ) so that she can listen to them at leisure when she is out and about. If it can be done can you please tell me how. I shall be visiting her in a week or so and I would like to help her set things up as she is even more technologically challenged than I.I know that I can do it on my minidisc recorder so thought it ought to be possible to do it with one of the other devices.

"In the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man is king"

A:recording radio programmes

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Is there a way to download or record internet radio programs that are broadcast live when you are sleeping or not able to be at your computer. Some kind of timing device? Thanks.

A:Recording Internet radio

Freeware Audacity .. version 1.3.7(beta) has the record timer ...

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I am resident in the UK, though I also spend some time in the USA each year. When in the UK I used to record a number of radio programmes onto cassette or mini-disk (remember them?) from my FM radio, using a timer on the hi-fi system - the programmes were either broadcast when I was out or asleep, which is why the timer is important. Sadly, the hi-fi has died and so neither the cassette not the mini-disk are options for the future. I bought a Roberts DAB radio with a memory card slot to make recordings but this has proved very unreliable (I've had three so far, all of which have failed) and they no longer make a model with a memory card slot. I am not aware of any other radio in the UK which has this facility.

It seems to make sense to record these radio programmes from the internet. Some are available as podcasts from the BBC, but a few aren't. What recommendations do you have for software which will enable me to make these recordings?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T8300 @ 2.40GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3573 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family, 448 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305141 MB, Free - 97366 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0U990C, , .1L8NW3J.CN701668760EN1.
Antivirus: Norton 360, Updated and Enabled

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Hopefully you may be able to suggest a solution to my issue.

What I am looking for is some software that helps me identify an audio link
so I can play a radio station streaming on the net on windows media player
rather than activating the player that is a pop-up on the web page or in
some cases an embedded player in the web page itself. These players are OK
but are full of adverts and use a bit of internet energy rather than
allowing it all to feature in producing the output via the player.

There are alternative links one occaisionally finds on other web pages which
directly activate the windows media player. The problem is though that
often these links change and sites such as this aren't always updated as
frequently as an avid listener like me would wish, so, I'd like to be able
to work them out for myself when they change so I can listen to them at the
time I want to. Any suggestions as to what software I need to obtain to help
me in this task would be gratefully received .


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I am able to listen to stream Sirius Radio on my laptop but for some reason when I go to another station (ebonyandivoryradio.com) it requests Real Audio be installed. I have done so but am still unable to receive the station. I am however able to receive it on my PC. If you are testing be sure to check on broadcast hours on the page.

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I cannot get any internet radio streaming. The error message comes up of "mysqladmin flush-hosts". I don't know what this means or how to fix this problem. I use media 10, windows xp home, zone alarm firewall. Maybe this has something to do with the firewall settings? Everything else works fine...just no radio streaming. Any advice?

A:no radio streaming

Turn off the firewall and test it.

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I'm just wondering how much Mb per minute or hour does streaming radio download. I have a download limit so I want to keep an eye on it.

A:Streaming Radio

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When I'm listening to streaming radio the sound will stall on a couple of words and continually repeat them before stopping a bit and going back to streaming again. This seems to happen when I go from one web site to another or do any kind of a search. I've uninstalled WMP 11 and went back to WMP10 but it still happens. I've tried to stream on both Firefox and IE 7 and the same problem occurs in both. I have also uninstalled Real Player but have Quick Time installed although WMP is the default. Thanks

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I have been using a program called Audacity for a couple months. One day I tried to record something of the internet. It didn't work! I originally thought it was the website, but then I tried it with one of MY songs on itunes, and It didn't work.

This all happened after using a microphone and recording that. I'm running windows XP. Thats really all I know about it sorry...


A:Recording Program Problem

Check the dropdown box to the right of the mic icon. Choose the appropriate source.

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I want to be able to record internet radio streams such as AOl.
I am running Vista in a new Dell computer.
I first tried using any number of software recorders downloaded and none worked.
Then it occured to me that my computer had only integrated sound and not a sound card which appeared to be necessary to record.
So I bought a SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio card, installed it and downloaded drivers for Vista OS. Still did not work as I discovered there was no "Stereo Mix" or "What U Hear" recording source on this card.
Creativr Labs says its not the card but Vista OS which changed from XP and no longer accomodates recording internet streams.

Does anyone know for sure or is there any way around this bearing in mind the Vista OS and sound card without Stereo Mix function.

Maybe there is some software solution of which I am not aware.

I sure would like to be able to record this stuff.

A:recording internet radio in Vista

Not sure if you are still looking for answer, I had same problem, but was easiely fixed. Try this link http://www.fxaudioeditor.com/vista_r...g_problems.htm

Happy recording steve

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Hi I'm new to site so if i get things a little wrong - oops. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to record radio streams with Musicmatch v8 basic with the Recorder option and how - Thank you.

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I listen to a radio station that is only on the net. It is not broadcast. I want to record it. I am downloading demo of replay music's (replay-music.com) product now and they assure that it's all legal.

However, I really don't want to save on my drive, as it may come down to being illegal. (And i read that just the fact that some innocents have legal purchased music residing on their computer, that once they go on the net, they are actually breaking the law, because once they are on the net it's in the public domain.)

Do they make speakers that have a capability that I can use some type of digital recording device, and also a switch, so that i can listen and record at the same time?

Or a double switch to plug into the back of the sound card, one for speakers and the other for some sort of digital recorder?

A recorder that I could buy more medium for?

(I'm way behind the times.)

Thanks for your help and suggestions.


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Is there a FREE recording application that will allow me to record an internet radio stream and schedule recordings??? Good ones, not the junk stuff...a lot of apps are only free to try or some bs

A:Best FREE Radio Recording Application?

There are those that swear by this one http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
I don't know if you can schedule recordings with it or not.

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My principal problem with my new Windows 8, and which never occurred with XP, Vista or W7, is that if I am streaming a radio programme through Chrome, then wish to work, with Word for example, the radio cuts out until I return to Chrome. How can I make both radio and Word work simultaneously ?

A:Radio streaming while using other applications

Hi there
Much better idea -- don't use a browser - use this application -- Logictech SQUEEZE SERVER with the SQUEEZEPLAY application -- you can play your own Music as well as Internet Radio etc. BOTH FREE. It will also play music from network disks and you can stream music around the house via Wifi etc . You don't need to have the Logitech hardware - Other computers can recive the streamed media too. Uses very little resource, works on W8 x-86 and X-64 and saves you having to be in a browser when you want to do other things on your computer.

This software can also stream to your mobile phone if you download the mobile phone app too.

Some Software Beta Downloads - Version 7.8

download ist two applications in the list

Note - sometimes when using a browser if the Internet Radio pauses it could be one of two things -- your Internet connection isn't fast enough or the server isn't fast enough -- both causes will cause time outs and re-buffering.

The Squeezeplay software allows you to Buffer a certain time before playing which is quite good if you are experiencing a lot of "time outs" - although the application will then take slightly longer to start. Set it say to 25 secs as a test.

Currently listening to Classical New England (WGBH) from Boston MA.


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i have an hp pavilion dv830. i have a verizon wireless internet provider. the broadcasts form interet radio and bbc are always disconnected after a few minutes playing time. is there any way i can remedy this situation?

A:streaming internet radio

it may be your internet connection if you are doing more than just streaming, like downloading files.

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Hi All,

I am a new user to Windows 8 and trying to understand how i can stream a radio station whilst using other programs as was the case in windows 7.

Basically I load up radio streamer in Chrome and then switch to another program, the radio station stops playing out of my speakers but as soon as i go back on chrome it starts up again... how can i get it to continue whether i am on chrome or not?

Thanks for help in advance


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I listen to I-heart radio stations via Internet Explorer launched from the 'tile' page. If I switch to another application - eg Excel - the streaming stops until I return to IE. The same happens when I switch to some, but not all, other web sites. If I launch IE and I-Heart from the desktop view, these issues do not exists. Any ideas why I am experiencing these issues and they can be fixed, please?

Running: Dell XPS 8700 64 bit, Windows 8.1

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could the radio streaming create problems with the normal audio settings?

I have the realtec audio i don't know maybe they go in conflict because every now and then the audio doesnt work and i have to reinstall the driver, then i reboot the pc and magically it works again.
i have notice i get this problem when i run an audio streamer like virgin radio....
can someone help me?
thank you!!

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My audio turns off when i am listening a radio online, like radio streaming. I dont know what's going on but after listening to the radio, I have no more audio. So I have to reinstall the audio drivers every time and only then it works.
As you can see in the attachment I have several audio drivers I'm not sure why there are so many, maybe that is the reason of the conflict.... however
what do you guys recommend?

thank you

A:audio vs radio streaming???

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Hi... I have just upgraded Windows Media Player to version 11. Previously, in version 10, when I started a streaming radio station it told me the streaming bit-rate. This information doesn't seem to be available in version 11. I need to know because I don't want to use a high bit-rate station for a long time and use up all my broadband bandwith. Can anyone tell me how to find the streaming bit-rate in WMP 11? Thanks

A:Streaming radio bitrate in WMP 11

If you have the station saved, the bitrate shows up in the bookmark.

>> http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Getting-started-with-Windows-Media-Player

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Hi folks, have just got new laptop with Win8 and Winmedia 12 and now trying to stream radio stations. Looked at various help pages but it appears that I do not have the required Online Stores --->Media Guide icons or Online Stores line when pressing Alt V. Any ideas what to do please ??

A:Internet radio streaming

Why u don't use a app for listening radio .there're some good stuff in the store.

And sorry i can't solved your issue

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Hi l jus decided to try streaming from home a radio station but seem l cannot get to connect .l have virtual dj and win amp but still cannot get to start for some reason .any come to my rescue?

A:Streaming online radio station


I tried VDJ and winamp and had a hell of a time getting it to stream, I did google a lot of pages and realised that there is a lot of things to tweak to get it working, follow this link, I admit I gave up in the end as it was more trouble than it was worth but i think I did once get it to work...just the once.

Oh and dont forget you have to open ports in your firewall and your router if you use one...


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Hihttp://radioasiauae.com/new/radioasia/radi...r/AM_final.htmlthe above link is a live listening radio station broadcasting frm dubai. its in my mother tongue language- Malayalam( Indian Regional Language).from yesturday i'm not able to stream the audio.....i cant hear anything....although i hear other radios and films and watever.Wats the matter.....everyone elz can hear the radio but i cant....pls help me sort out the problem...

A:Cant hear internet radio streaming!! :(

I'm listening to it now -- no unusual problems. I'm using Firefox with NoScript, so I had to enable the player.

Maybe the problem was on their end for a while?

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I pay for my Internet connection at home, but the kids are tying it up by leaving their computers on with a darn radio station. I keep telling them not to use it, but they don't listen.

So I want to just take streaming away from those computers. It isn't like they don't have a stack of CDs to listen too and I don't want to fork out more money to get a faster connection - just so they can listen to the radio.

So is there a simple way to disable this? I have a router that could block UDP, but don't know what other communications that would affect. Is there a registry hack or something to stop this (or something else)?

A:How do I block users from streaming radio?

You can block web sites using Content Advisor in IE for a quick fix.

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I am looking for a solution that will stream audio from my pc to my television. I currently own a slingbox and am able to stream my tv to a pc or my smartphone. My goal, for streaming audio, would be to have the stream go through my wireless router to my tv and then the Slingbox would allow me to view (hear) the stream on another pc, laptop, smartphone, etc. I do not need to capture the audio; simply stream it.

Is this possible? Will it work the way I have described?

Thank you in advance for your advice and suggestions.

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Hi Folks, I cant download radio and TV podcasts, listen to radio streaming or use the skype phone. In all cases it cuts out after a few minutes and tries rebuffer/reconnect but without success. Not sure what's going on really, any ideas?

A:TV, radio, skype streaming & downloads

tell about your computer, cpu, ram, c drive size and free space. video card and sound card.

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Can I save streaming music or radio? Does streaming music go into a temp file somewhere?

A:Can I save streaming music or radio?

I use Screamer Radio to capture streaming music.

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I downloaded this from the web http://www.xstreamradio.co.uk/. It says that it is a radio containing 700 stations and a recorder. What I got was software that allows you to enter the name of a radio station and when you click the go button it then sends you to that radio's web site. It doesn't list 700 radio stations and I don't see how you can use it as a recorder.
Am I missing something here? I read somewhere that some of these sites have the ability to record an entire song even if has already started on the radio. Is that true?

A:How does Streaming Audio Radio work

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I've been having problems with connecting to all of the stations provided by Virgin Radio's online streaming site on two of my computers. I've done plenty of troubleshooting on one of them and cannot determine the reason why I can't get the stream to work.

The specific one I would like to get working is this one. It works just fine on my desktop, but doesn't work on 2 of my laptops right now. The player loads up just fine and the ads with sound are audible. When the interface that shows the song and artist loads up, I just can't hear the music. I've tried re-installing Flash from the Adobe site, re-installing Java from Sun Micro's site, switching from IE8 to Firefox 3.5, uninstalling Firefox 3.5 and trying Firefox 3.0, accessing the stream from this site via WMP 11 stream, accessing the Toronto station, restoring my hosts file to default settings, uninstalling Spybot S&D and I have no idea what I can try next!

I have this EXACT same problem on two laptops, one of which has Vista Home and the other has XP Home which are both legal copies. Both of these copies were freshly re-installed from scratch as well just last week. Yet, my desktop with Windows 7 and latest version of everything listed does not have this problem at all.

I would appreciate any further suggestions in solving this issue as I'm very frustrated and completely stumped at the moment.

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