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Unplugging cords

Q: Unplugging cords


I wonder what'd happen if I unplug the desktop tower cord from the power surge or electric outlet? Will I lose what I have in tower? I unplugged the desktop monitor cord from the power surge several times and nothing was lost, but I am not sure about the tower cord. The reason is because I need to move the table around in the room and need to unplug the cords. I am sure nothing will be lost if unplugging tower cord from the power surge or outlet because the table needs to be moved around in the room, something else like moving out of the house, etc if you know what I mean.

Also, what would happen if unplugging the cords from the desktop monitor and tower themselves, not from power surge/outlet? Would everything be lost? Much thanks.

Preferred Solution: Unplugging cords

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Unplugging cords

Save everything, then turn everything off, using the approved procedure and then you can unplug.
As always, your important stuff should always be backed up. An unexpected improper shut down, and stuff can be lost.
Stuff can be lost for other reasons, too.

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Is it safe to unplug my mouse and then plug it back in again into it's USB port without shutting down my laptop?

Is it safe to plug in my laptops power cord while my laptop is running without shutting down first?

A:Plugging in and Unplugging cords while laptop is running?

Yes and yes, except if you are going to unplug the power cord do it from the wall socket first and be sure you have plenty of charge on the battery.

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Zlock Cords is a universal locking power cords that locks at both ends. No power cords disconnects, No need to make excuses for equipment failure.

A:Zlock Cords - Universal Locking Power Cords By Zonit

You are a spammer.

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I want to transfer about 300 pictures to My Ladys laptop.. but, I'm not wanting to go the e-mail route. There HAS to be a way to connect our computers via USB plugs, but... How ? male/male plugs, or male/female ? which type will work ?

A:which usb cords to use ?

cheapest way is an ethernet crossover cable simply get one then plug up and enable networking...........

or use a flash drive ............

or burn to a cd ....................

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Okay so I recently got a gtx 650 that came with a 6 pin to 4 pin molex converter, but my motherboard is a bit old and I have nowhere to plug it in! Please tell me what converters I can buy or what I can to to make it work, thanks!


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can ya run USB cord from one computer to another i have seen it done but i was wondering,if its possiable to do like to transfer files from one to another , an if they do an can how would i go about doing it i didnt want to just try it i thought id ask the pros here lol ty

A:about USB cords ??

you need a special cord for that type of network, as the input and the output have to be reversed. Look online, they are pretty cheap.

Or, if you have some spare CAT5, I can link you to how to make it into a crossover.

If you are going to buy something to do this, i would suggest a CAT5 crossover cable, you can run them much longer, with less loss, for less cost.

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I have an older machine with all of the ports in the back including my USB ports. I was thinking about getting one of those broadband wireless USB modems.

I am thinking of taking the USB modem with me and using it on my laptop but because my ports are on the back of the PC, getting to these ports frequently is a pain.

Do they make USB extension cords? And also... if they do, would there be any kind of signifigant "loss" by patching an extension of a few feet or more?

Thanks in advance


A:USB extension cords....???

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Is there a difference in USB cords that might hurt my scanner? I have an Epson Perfection 1660 Photo scanner. I need a longer USB cord for it. The cord that came on it has 2 little cylinderical shaped plastic things about 1 long and 5/8 across. There is one about 2 from each end of the cord. I am concerned that they do something that a normal USB might not do. Does anyone know what these are and are they necessary to my scanner working safely and properly?

Thank you,

A:Solved: USB cords

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Ok, not knowing a difference in Ethernet cords, I bought a longer cord to stretch across my room. I bring it home, plug it into the modem and then into the PC, and ... well .. the DSL doesn't work. So I look at the wires, and my short cord that came with the DSL setup, says "cat5" and the longer black one says "cat5e". Is this a problem? I am using a ZyXEL prestige 600 series modem.

Do I need to buy a longer cord that says cat5 on it?

Probally a stupid questions. Thanks for any help.

A:Ethernet Cords

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I need quite a few A/C Adapters and A/V cords for some older systems (Genesis, NES, SNES, Dreamcast, and N64). Where else can I get this stuff other than eBay? Your lucky if you can get any kind of cord on there at a fair price. I mean, the very few companies on there charge $5-$9 to ship something that costs literally 63 cents to ship via First Class Mail (which is the mailing service of choice for these guys since they can use it to rip everyone off and make their money). Now, I actually don't know how much A/C adapters and A/V Cords run for, so I may not be getting ripped off on eBay.

Is there any stores that still sell this stuff? Or maybe a website that actually charges fair shipping prices? Help would be very very much appreciated.

A:Where can I get A/C Adapters and A/V Cords??

Hmm...well here I go to my local stores that sell used video games. I goto Gamestop and Electronic Boutique. You can also go to their websites and see if they have what your looking for. Although in the stores they usually have more things than the inventory on the internet shows. Hope this helps.

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one for the books...

i have to toggle my mouse cable to get it to work. i havent changed the mouse.
you'd figure i would have by now, except:

the same thing is happening with my power cord. i did change the power cord - same problem. toggling required.

re: toggleing means i remove the plug from either the pc or in the case of the power cord, the wall. and keep pulling it out and re-inserting it.

what's happening? no other symptoms.

A:plugs and cords

Computer make/model?

Off the top of my head, I'd say maybe a bad power supply or motherboard.

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Not sure where this fits in (topic) but, people who use cameras and imaging, etc. probably know about this.

I'm looking for a cord that goes between the serial port and a digitial camera.

From looking around online it seems to be a PC camera serial cable.

My question is, are these generic, like if the plug fits into the camera, it should work? Or are they made specifically for the make and model of the camera.

I have an Epson PhotoPC 750Z, that doesn't have a cord to connect the camera directly to the PC. (I have a removable drive to put the memory card in, but need new USB ports, which I have ordered, and that's another story)

I have several PC serial port cables, from different cameras, with the connection on one side and the plug (that goes into the camera) on the other. One of thses fits the Epson, but doesn't seem to work. The software comes up (I got it set up in PSP as a TWAIN, and it also opens on it's own) but it says "camera not connected". I have the camera on the right setting, the little green light is on, the batteries are good. It must be just the cord.

I've been looking online and all I can find are generic type cords- camera to pc connection. I looked on the Epson website and couldn't find any cords for sale (and they'll probably be a lot more there if they do have them, like replacement)

I can't find anything in google search (which doesn't mean it's not there) for a pc camera serial por... Read more

A:cables and cords

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This new monitor came with two cords to connect it to the computer. One is called a DVI and the other is called a VGA. So, given that there is a socket on the computer for each of these, which would be your choice and why? I am supposing that you only use one and not both at the same time. Thanks for bearing with me. I know this is pretty falling off a log simple for you all but all I know I learned by reading your posts.

A:One monitor, two cords

DVI is digital, while VGA is analog. DVI may give you slightly better picture quality and is less susceptible to interface so I'd go with it.

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I have an old Lexmark ZII Printer and have misplaced the power cord and the user's guide. Is there anyone out there who could tell me what the part number of the power cord is or where I can get one? And can you tell me where I might find the user's guide?

A:Power cords

The manual should be available for download at the www.Lexmark.com website.

Lexmark may also be able to sell you a new power brink for the printer as well, or maybe you can find one on eBay. But remember that you can get a whole new printer with new ink for under $30: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16828104656

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I was trying to connect my laptop to my HDtv but I realized that my laptop doesn't have an hdmi port (which was irritating), so I was wondering if a normal usb cord would suffice, or if there was a usb-hdmi cord?
sorry if this seems very basic...
thanks in advance!

A:USB to HDMI cords: is there such a thing?

No a normal USB cord will not work as the connections don't match.
Does your laptop have a VGA or DVI outlet on it?. It may not have an HDMI outlet but it would most likely have a VGA or DVI outlet. You can then get an adapter for one of these to go to HDMI.
You can also get an adapter to go from a USB port to HDMI but this is a more complex set up.

Take your laptop down to a computer specialist store & explain to them what you want to do & they should be able to advise you.

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I have got to find a way to contain all of these cables and cords connected to my PC. This has turned into a genuine safety hazard. Cordless still involves cords. I really don't have a lot of money to spend, so I'm wondering if somebody has found a solution to keeping them all covered up.

I do have a lot of them tied up, but they're still there, along with a modem, VOIP phone adapter, and USB hub jumbled together on the floor.

Is there some kind of a box or even bag that wouldn't be unsightly that I could concoct to hold all of this stuff safely? Of course, there's the other issue of needing to access these components when a problem develops.



A:cables and cords and tangles, oh my!

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I just purchased a Spectre x360 in the U.S.  I would like to buy either the adapter attachment to the power supply for England and one for France, or power cords for each country.  Can someone tell me what are the part numbers that I need to order? Thank you

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Can anyone help me find the customer service number or website to see if I can order a new usb cord and a power cord for my 305V DGX camera? We moved a couple of years ago and they got lost in the move. It was a gift for my son and he has been unable to use it since. I wa going to buy a universal one but person at WalMart said that it probaly would not work and that I should try to order new ones from the company but I don't know how to reach them. I would appreciate any help.

A:need power cords for DGX camera

why don't you put the SD card in a card reader? I googled and most places say, this camera is no longer available, so probably can't buy a usb cord.

On the other hand, I do use the USB connectors from any camera as long as they connect, it seems ok. I had 7 cameras over the years and don't remember anyway which cord goes with which camera, so I keep all cords even when the camera got useless.
But it is much faster to have a card reader. New computers have card readers anyway (not mine, so I have to have a multi-card reader)

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Hi there,
I think I'm a bit rough on my hard drives as the usb port tends to break on my external harddrives (3 in 6 months ) . I was wondering if there are harddrives that don't require usb t:confused plug into the computer to work?

A:External hardrive without cords

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I just bought a new desk and thought I had labeled all of the wires for resetting everything up ...but.... of course I didn't.
I have an HP Pavilion running 98 and a compaq presario running xp. I have a brother mfc 420cn and a verizon 2wire internet. Now I can't seem to get the printer set up with all of the phone lines. The sequence escapes me and is driving me nuts. The instruction book only talks about the phone and the printer.
Please help me.
Thanks in advance

A:cords driving me crazy

oops qwest 2wire. See how frustrated I am.

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Hey guys,

I recently bought a used SkyCaddie (golf device that measures distances via GPS) and it didn't come with a USB cord. I tried using the USB that charges my PS3 controllers. The skycaddie charges but the software that it came with won't sync. I'm usually pretty good about solving these things.

Is it possible that the USB cord that I tried doesnt transmit data? Only charge?

Please help!


A:USB Cords - Charge vs. Data

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For dell laptop, ispirion 525

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I've got the IDE cables down, but I need a power cable for my HD...Are they all the same?? Different power ratings??

A:hard drive cords....

They should all be the same.

You are referring to the one inside the PC right?

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help me answer a question that involves communication of computers within a local area network but connected with both wireless and ethernet cords. I use a cord and I am able to easily communicate with any other computer within my LAN that uses one aswell but as for the wireless machines I cannot see them at all and they cant see me. We all connect to the same router, I have tried using nbtstat, "net" commands don't work (net view, net use), tracert, nmap, netcat,......I cant even ping them. Anyway, all the computers run windows XP, there are four of them and two are wireless, we all connect to one router witch then goes to our modem. I was just wondering if anyone knew forsure that wireless and corded machines are seperate even within a LAN or if there is a way to meld the two together

A:can cords and wireless see eachother within a LAN???

That should definitely just work. I have wired and wireless devices connecting to one router and they can see each other.

The only problem I could imagine is if the wireless computers are being assigned IP addresses in a different subnet, eg wired devices on 192.168.0.* and wireless on 192.168.1.* - these private subnets will generally not be able to send data between each other. You could check this on the individual computers or your router probably has a web-based interface where you can see the IPs of all connected devices, wired or wireless.

If this turns out to be the case then have a look at the router's DHCP settings, assuming you're using the router to assign IP addresses to everything.

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Hello, Everyone Just thought you would like to know>>> Dateline: 03/08/02

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced yesterday that Longwell power cords that were supplied with Hewlett-Packard printers are defective and could pose a shock hazard. The following Hewlett-Packard printer cords sold between April 2001 and February 2002 are subject to the voluntary recall: About Poll
What Kind of Printer Do You Own?
Hewlett-Packard (included in the recall)
Hewlett-Packard (not included in the recall)
I don't own a printer
Current Results
HP Deskjet 800 series
HP Deskjet 900 series
HP Photosmart 1000 series inkjet printers
HP Photosmart 1100 series inkjet printers
HP Photosmart 1200 series inkjet printers
HP Photosmart 1300 series inkjet printers
To determine if you printer is affected by the recall, look at the plug in between the blades. If it says Longwell, discontinue use of the printer and contact Hewlett-Packard for a free replacement cord. Hewlett-Packard can be reached by calling (877) 917-4378 or you can visit their web site at www.hp.com.
More information about this recall can be found at The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Web site. This site includes pictures of the defective cords. Tom

A:Shocking Printer Cords?

Thanks for that info. Just tonight my neighbor asked me which printers were affected. Hers is in the list

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How do I do it. I have windows xp on both and networking cards in both. I just need the specific and a possible heads up at a web site that has the info.

A:Enthranet cords and connecting laptops?

Have a look at THIS SITE, it should get you going in the right direction......

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First off heres my computer mobo and os:

Intell essentials D945GCLF2
Windows XP
I have not added a pci card as the computer looses power upon plugging in the card. im running off a 120 pico psu.

Anyway im currently building a nes pc and this is the last thing i need to get working on it. I have spent the past 9 hours trying to get it working including anything to do with resolutions and refresh rates. What seems to be wrong is that my nes pc is recognizing it being plugged in and it gives me new functions (it acts as if i have a monitor and a tv plugged in) in the graphic card options (on board graphics card), But it doesnt seem to output anything to my tv through the svideo i currently have 2 diffrent cords one is a 4pin and the others a 7pin. The 4pin goes only to the tv's video. The 7pin goes to the Red Yellow and White on my tvs a/v jacks.
(They are not plugged in at the same time but they both go through the same svideo port, is there anyway for me to test if the hardware is broken? I just bought it though so it should be fine)

I was wondering if theres somthing i need to configure in my computers bios or if theres anything i can do to fix this without spending more money. I have a really old tv but i dont think thats the problem because ive plugged it into 3 diffrent tvs including a brand new one.

Please help, if u need any more info about my computer just let me know but searching Intel D945GCLF2 should bring up the specs.

A:Need help with S-video to (Red Yellow White cords)

It is nothing to do with the bios. the problem is likely to be in the control panel of your graphics chipset. What is the make of your graphics card? If i remember rightly... white and red are sound and yellow is picture. Graphics cards as far as i know dont support sound through an s-video do they? im not sure exactly what your trying to do... you want sound and video from your pc into tv? why can you not just stick to using a vga to something that fits in your tv? e.g HDMI? or VGA - VGA m2m.

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Hello! Thanks for reading. I'd like advice on buying a few new adapters / power cords for my HP Pavilion laptop (15-ab065us).

The HP site recommends parts #741727-001 (adapter, cord to computer) and #755530-001 (cord to outlet); great, but to buy them on the HP site would cost 4x what it would elsewhere. I've found likely cords online, but often sold together with part numbers that don't quite match?even though by specs they seem OK?and I don't want to risk damaging my laptop. How can I know by the specs (or by the part numbers) which would safely work together?

[EDIT: I managed to read the micromouse type on the adapter. It says it's part 740015-001 but to replace with HP Spare 741127-001. Why the difference?]

Thanks again!

A:Compatibility: HP Pavilion power cords

do you have a link to the cord you are thinking of buying? Remember it is best to replace with the OEM Part rather than use a third party adapter that may not work properly.

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When I want to access the internet with my laptop, I have to use a wireless router becuase for some odd reason my computer does not work with ethernet cords... This is really confusing becuase I have installed all the drivers and such that came with the computer. (dell inspiron 5100) anyone have ideas as to why this is happening?

A:Computer does not understand ethernet cords

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My friend has a weird problem. He just got a new dvd burner that has a 3 pin power connector (not a 4 pin molex type). The issue he has is that no matter how he switches around the connections, the only other 3 pin power connector isn't able to reach the dvd drive.

Is there some way he can get power to that dvd drive, without having to buy a whole new PSU for his dell?

A:Power Supply extender on one of the cords, Is it possible?

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I have a wireless network using Belkin F5D6050 adapters and want to know if I can connect USB extension cords to move the "business end" of the adapter to a better spot wthout having to move my comp because of a short cord?

If so, how long a cord can I use?
How many cords together can I use? (e.g. 4 x 10' cords)
What is the longest USB extension cord I can get (pre-made cord, that is)

Thanks for any help,


A:USB extension cords for WIFI adapters

I think I'd stick to about one extension cord, or you'll start having issues with data corruption on the USB side. Why do you need to move the adapter that far from the machine?

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I have a Compaq M2000. It gets so hot and the cord was not working and then I notice that the power cord that goes into the side was melted. I put in another one, and by the end of the day it was starting to melt that one too.

What is the issue?
Please help!


A:Compaq M2000 burning up power cords. Please help!

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Is it still advisable to not run coax (for internet connection) near power cords / transformers?

This was the wisdom years ago, and with less shielded cable (e.g., RG59, 62, etc.).

However, with the very high-quality COAX and high degree of shielding, does this matter?


A:Solved: Shielded COAX and Power Cords

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Does HDMI do the same thing ans the red yellow white cords. I have a new Surround Sound System(Samsung 1000 Watts) and idk if HDMI does the same thing as the red yellow white cord. And do HDMI cords send audio to the T.V or no?

A:HDMI vs Regular Audio Video cords

hello XxKOLOHExX
the cables you are talking about are composite cables (meaning the Y running video R and W running audio...)
HDMI is different in that the signal is completely digital and most of the time encrypted..
while composite cables are analog...
HDMI contains all the cabling needed for A/V with the option of using true HD sound completely digital
and as long as your TV is HDMI compatible it should display Video...
for more info you can look here
HDMI - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
for RCA A/V
RCA connector - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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My daughter bought a (used) Dell Inspiron B-130 for school a few months ago and has gone through 3 AC adapters for it. The pattern is that they will work for a while, then get so that the cord has to be in just the right position for it to work, and finally it won't work at all.

She's gone through three power cords in 4 months - the last one lasted for about 2 weeks.

My question:

Are these power cords THAT poorly made, or should I consider the possibility that there may be something wrong with the socket on the computer where the power supply plugs in?

If it turns out the Dell cords are just junk, can anybody recommend a reliable replacement? At $30US a pop, this is getting to be expensive.

A:Dell laptop eats power cords

i don't know your particulars nor can I diagnose yours, obviously, but can tell you there's been a general problem with the laptop power connector on the Inspirons. (i know as i have two nieces with Inspirons. Only one had the problem but after some online searches i found there was a trend among many, not all, Inspirons).. I've never had problems with my Latitudes.

The bigger problem is the power connector is actually soldered to the mother board making it too involved to try to replace yourself unless you're experienced in soldering things to the board. If you check around (search online) you;ll probably find places that will service it for a flat fee.. tho that fee runs around $100+ bucks. Don't know how long you have it, but may as well try Dell also

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I have a red, black, ANd green cord that is connected to the front of my Emachines computer case... Well i went in and cleaned my computer and i accidently knocked the cords out... so now i cant find the right combo to get the computer turned on.. i have been soo fustrated with it...

does anyone know of the places where these cords connect??

please reply

A:Hdd Led, Pwr Sw, Front case Cords, Cant find right pins

Well the first thing to do is identify the cables. I assume when you say "red, black, and green" that you are talking about 3 SETS of cables? As in a PAIR that is red and a PAIR that is green etc?

Sometimes the function of the connectors is printed on the jumper block, like "HDD" is your hard drive light, and "pwr" is the power on etc.

Then with a flashlight, check around the pins towards the lower right of the motherboard, it is usually printed in tiny white ink, what the pins do. Then match up with your connectors.

If none of that pans out, you'll have to give us your model number of the PC, and/or the model of the motherboard itself.

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Hi there,
I recently purchased a case for my first build. I made the first rookie mistake, buying a case from a not so know company.
Turns out all instructions are in Chinese. I'm confused on what the following are.


If you could help that'd be great!

A:Front port cords.. Confusion on meaning.

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I've been having a lot of issues with WiFi recently.. packet loss in games, random outages and just slow internet, it's not my isp, it's wifi and possibly a faulty wifi adapter.. I've decided to upgrade to ethernet finally and was wondering what would be the easiest way to do it? It's about 60-75 feet give or take between my computer & the router, would it be possible to move the router to my room instead of the living room which it is now? Could I just put the cord to the floor and have it dragged across our apartment? What would be the best cord for this range?

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I recently had my husbands computer repaired and wanted to get it hooked back up for him before he got home from work. I can't find our owner's manual on the PC and have been searching online for something like "HP Media Center 800 Cord Diagram" and can't even find one on HP's website. Can anyone help out with this?

I can get the main cords (power supply, monitor, internet), but when it comes to the printer, mouse (we have a weird connector, so it's not the one located right next to the keyboard), router and printer. The mouse, printer and router all have the same type of cord (flat on the end). Anyone know where I can get a diagram for this?

A:Solved: PC Repaired at shop -- now I can't remember what cords go where!!

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My Dell Inspiron 1750 needs a new battery and charging cord. Prices thru Dell are outrageous. I found reasonable options on Amazon that claim they are compatible. Is there anything I should be aware of when buying non-Dell batteries/cords? Thx!

A:Thoughts on generic batteries and charging cords?

Batteries are a mixed lot - some work fine, others are junk.
Non-Dell AC adapters will run the system but will not charge the battery (whether OEM or third party batteries -- the Dell adapter is required if you want to charge the battery).

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Looks like it is for our friends overseas right now. Could not find a ref for the USA or Canada. But I expect that they will not be far behind.
By Jason Mowbray

09 June - Microsoft have issued a further safety recall after it was discovered that there are more problems with power cables.

Previously Microsoft only issued new power cables to owners of older machines, but now any Xbox bought before 14th January 2005 is afected.

To find out if you need to take action, make a note of htye serial number on your console and call Xbox Support on 0800 0289276, or click HERE to check online.

As with the original safety recall earlier this year, customers are advised to turn off their Xbox when not in use to protect from the risk of the component failure and potential fire hazard.

More recalls for Microsoft

Microsoft is providing new power cords at no charge to replace the cords that originally came with some Xbox consoles. You will need your Serial Number and Manufacture date to verify if your Xbox Console requires a replacement cord. This is located on the bottom of your console. If you have your Manufacture date and Serial Number and are ready to continue, please choose Place An Order below.
If you would like additional information on how to locate your serial number and manufacture date, please click HERE.
If you would like to obtain additional information on this programme, please click HERE .
If you are unable to locate your serial number or manufacture date, p... Read more

A:More recalls for Microsoft XBOX power cords

Note that I edited the title to reflect what was being recalled.

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Hello, I'm having some problems with my PC. Here is the model of my PC "Asus Desktop: M51AC".
Desktops - M51AC

So basically what's going on is I did a fresh re install of my operating system Windows 8 which came with the PC installed. Everything went fine, everything was working! I did some updates and then it fails, there was a bunch including 51 updates and Windows 8.1 so it was downloading. At the installation part it shows a error. I restarted my PC and I noticed I wasn't connected to the internet. I updated all my drivers, and when it crashed it showed a yellow mark by these devices.

realtek pcie gbe family controller
sm bus controller
sm bus

Those were the only ones with a yellow mark by it. I fixed it by installing the latest drivers, the error code was error code 10 could not start, it was for all of these devices. I installed the latest drivers now it doesn't show the errors but yet it still does not work, and my PC doesn't detect the Ethernet cable from my router anymore. I searched this on every forum, and used google lol, for about 3-4 hours now over a update failing. I re-installed my OS again and it still does not work. I think it blew a fuse or something and it's not detecting it, I dont honestly know. I went in command prompt and pinged and received 4 packets somehow which is odd.

Here is a video also I recorded:

Thank-you if someone call help me its been a struggle over an update failing! Thanks!

A:LAN not detecting Ethernet cords. Windows 8 restore+Video.

Did you try "Troubleshoot problems" from right click menu on the network icon by the clock on taskbar. ?

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Went into a store tonight to buy an HDMI cord for my Roku to HDTV [1080 not 4K]

Saw cheapo HDMI's about $5,than name brands at $10, than premiums HDMI from $15 - $30 plus
Here is an example of a premium for $15:

What should i buy? I am thinking the $10 name brand is fine, but if a premium HDMI cord may give me even a tad better picture, maybe i should buy one at $15

A:Solved: Are all HDMI cords created [make that 'made' ] equall?

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Hello. I have been having a serious problem with my computer. Sometimes (but not always), when I change the monitor inputs on the back of my computer, while it is running, the computer fan will suddenly get very loud and the computer will stop functioning. I am forced to shut it off. Usually when I turn it back on, the same thing will happen right away, and I often have to spend a lot of time powering it off and on, maybe up to 10 times, until it will finally run. Then it usually asks me to do a disc check scan, and then it will work for a while, but only temporarily. It used to be able to do this without a problem.

This almost always happens if I pull the cord out too hard, and I have to be very careful, but sometimes this happens without me even touching the connections. Sometimes it happens if I just touch the back of the computer or even if a wire is moved.

I took it in a long time ago, and the person said that it was because I needed a new battery. At the time, I was turning it on, then off, then on so quickly that he thought that may be another reason why and explained that it was like turning a light switch on and off really quickly.

About last month, it started happening so badly that I took it into the computer shop again. I told him that I often change the cords for the monitors in the graphics card while the computer is running . He said that doing that shouldn't be a problem. He cleaned out the computer (I don't have part of the case on it, and the dust i... Read more

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Even after unplugging my PC from my TV and back into my monitor (which I got high FPS on) my FPS is significantly lower than normal and my PC just crashed while playing CSGO. Any help would be great

A:Low FPS after unplugging PC from TV

Install this little tool and run it.
Top of tool, click Analyze.
scroll down and retrieve the information.

Copy / paste in your next reply.

WhoCrashed 5.03
Comprehensible crash dump analysis tool
for Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2012/2008/2003 (x86 and x64)

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Good Day Everyone..

I am having this problem.. well on standby the local area network shows it has network 2 but when I opened any browser or use an application that uses the internet it goes unplugged, enable and then identifying... as the results I will get a message of no internet connection in the browser but after that it will stay on network 2 message again like its fine...

I tried to ping google.com -t and it seems it doesn't go unplugged, enable and identifying.. it is pinging well..

nothing changes even if I change the settings in the speed & duplex.

I also tried ipconfig /release and /renew.. /flushdns

it is like this for 3 days now then I am rebooting the canopy yesterday.. changing some settings to forced and it kinda worked.. though it goes unplugged, enabled and identifying again.. once per hour I think... then this morning this problem is back again....

edit: ok I just noticed now when I use ipconfig /all
the media state are disconnected even though it says network 2 in the local area network.. also the enabled word... in the window is blinking...

A:Keeps on unplugging

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