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Latitude E5540 - Nothing showing on internal display

Q: Latitude E5540 - Nothing showing on internal display


i have purchased a second hand Latitude E5540. The problem is that nothing shows up on the internal display, when i connect a display to the VGA port it works fine. Even during POST so it can't be driver related. Loading defaults in BIOS and updating it to the newest version didn't help.
Any ideas what to try?TIA

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Preferred Solution: Latitude E5540 - Nothing showing on internal display

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Good afternoon,
I have a dell latitude E5540 that won't work with VGA monitors. The laptop will pick up the monitor within control panel and the intel graphics utility but will not send an image to it. I have tried this with extending and duplicating the desktop. I have updated the graphics card, bio's, swapped cables, tried a different monitor but still it will not work. 
Any help would be appreciated.

A:Latitude E5540 VGA Issue

Hi Blakesale,
Thanks for writing to us.
Is this the first time are you trying the VGA port?
You have tried almost everything we would suggest (updating video drivers, bios, different monitor and cables etc). But as the issue is still the same the only thing we can think of is hardware failure.
If the system is under warranty, Please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name, Phone#, Address and Email). If there is no warranty, then you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call - http://dell.to/1vnT6CQ

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Since update to Windows 10 I have one laptop that the sound does not work.  Troubleshooting says"Generic Audio Driver" --Not Fixed.  I have installed the latest updated driver. I have 50 of these same models that are working perfectly.  No  maintenance or parts have been worked on or replaced.  What is my next step in resolving this issue?

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I have a Latitude E5540 with:
MS Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.SupportAssist ver. 2.0.6875.668 (Agent ver. Dell Command Update v. 2.3.1
1) SupportAssist says that system is updated but Dell Command Update says that the following should be updated?:a. Dell Digital Delivery Applicationb. ST Microelectronics Free Fall Data Protection 4.10.67, A00c. Dell Command Power Manager
I tried to install above from Dell Command Update - but update does not complete?
2) I cannot optimize my computer from SupportAssist (nothing happens when click on "Go to System optimization")?
3) Dell Command Power Manager v. 2.0.0 is installed but I see only the batteri level. I cannot install later version, is it because windows 64-bit?
4) I cannot join SupportAssist to My account at Dell-login (nothing happens when i click "Administrate my account")?

A:Driver issues with Latitude E5540

I don't use SupportAssist.
I don't use Dell Command Update.
I simply go to dell.com and select the driver I want for the version of OS that is on the laptop.
Download to hard drive.
That's how I re-installed Windows 7 Pro 64-bit for E5430.

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I have a Dell Latitude E5540 notebook, with more or less 1 year of sporadic use.
By simply plugging it in, it did not recognize the SSD. In the bios is not recognized. I bought a new HDD, thinking it would solve the problem. But it did not. I made all the settings in the possible bios, without success.
When searching google, it concludes that other people had the same problem, where they had to change the mobo to solve the problem. Therefore, I suppose this is a chronic problem of the design of this model.
Would anyone have any information on the subject?
Thank you

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I have upgraded my dell latitude e5540 from windows 8.1 to windows 10.
the problem is that whenever i try to add my index fingerprint to windows hello it crashes with this message:
" Sorry something went wrong.
Close windows hello, and then try going through the setup again"
It works for any other fingerprint, i have tested it and it works.
the error only appear when i try to add my right index fingerprint.
i have tried uninstalling the driver, reinstalling, uninstalling the software from the control panel, i tried everything i found on the net and nothing helped.

A:Problem with windows hello Latitude e5540

Rather strange that all other fingerprints are accepted and not the right index finger. 
Does it work with Fast Access? If you don't have Fast Access installed, then download and install the same - http://dell.to/1XCSjvX
Update the BIOS - http://dell.to/1MBd0HZ - and also reinstall the chipset and Dell Data Protection Security Tools and check if required.
Create a new local admin account and check if it works there.
Lastly, if your right index finger has scars / cuts - then it might possibly not work - see this thread where some users have reported the same issue - http://bit.ly/1NvEbPe
No Offense, but could you check if it works with a person in your family?
Keep us updated.

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Hey all. The LCD panel in my E5540 bit the dust today. Screencountry has two models, WXGA and WUXGA. Mine came with the WXGA panel. Since the difference in price is pretty nominal, would I be able to swap the panel out to the WUXGA panel without changing the cable? They are both 40 pin. I just wanted to get a definite answer before I pulled the trigger and got the WUXGA panel. If I do have to get a different cable, would it be compatible with my mainboard without any issues?

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I had 4 GB RAM, and wanted to put 4 GB more. There are 2 slots, one is empty, so I bought new module exactly the same, but not the same brand, it's Kingston, and originally in laptop is Samsung. When I started the laptop on, the battery LED is blinking, I've found that means this :
The memory modules are detected but have encountered an error.

What to do? Is it possible that I can't upgrade RAM on this laptop? It supports 16 GB. Thanks in advance.

A:Dell Latitude E5540 - RAM problems

Hi HERCULES330121,
What is the specification of the new ram purchased and the old RAM on the system? What is the exact led pattern noticed? Does the system work with only the new module installed? Have you tried to swap the modules with the slots?
If the 2 modules are of different channels, then there is a possibility that it might not work.
Find the link for compatible memory modules as per Crucial - http://bit.ly/2fTbtSW
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Hello, I have a weird problem with upgrading RAM. The maschine is Dell Latitude E5540, originally came with 4 GB RAM. I wanted to upgrade to 16 GB (it supports max. 16 GB) so I've bought two 8 GB Crucial RAM.
The problem is that when I put both RAM sticks into the slots, and start my laptop, it turns on, says that RAM amount has been changed, gets to Windows logo (it's Windows 10, upgraded from original Windows 7) and turns off, then turns on again and does the same, like an infinite loop.

But, when I put one RAM on one slot, it works normally, same when I put 4 GB + new 8 GB stick. I've tried all combinations, all sticks and slots, and the problem still occurs.
Reseated CMOS battery, reseated RAM slots, bought correct RAM modules...
I guess it's something in BIOS that causes the problem, but can't figure it out. And BIOS is the newest version.
Please help. :( Thanks in advance

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it seems my laptop always uses the intel integrated gpu. is it possible to force use the dedicated nvidia 720m? i would prefer to use the 720m all the time

A:latitude e5540 with nvidia 720m gpu and intel gpu

Hi alphabetagaga,
Using the nvidia control panel - select manage 3d settings - on global settings - select preferred graphics processor as high performance NVIDIA processor and choose apply - see the pic for reference only - http://bit.ly/1ImbYvi
Also. select the option set physx configuration - select the GeForce card applicable and apply - see pic for reference only - http://bit.ly/1eT87ul
This should render the any applications to use high performance / video memory from the nvidia card. However, this is software controlled. As advised by ejn63 - Intel card will physically still be the primary card. After you make these changes, the nvidia will be logically primary.

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I have a Latitude E5540 with a screen 1920x1080. 
Around 1 month ago I saw this problem:
After I changed the screen angle a bit it started to get worth or disappear, depending on its position. So I still could use it moving from time to time my screen.
Picture bellow was taken the same day a bit earlier. As it is pretty visible there is no image problems:
I found out that regardless that I had bought in Europ, and now I am in Canada, it is possible to get Dell global warranty service. So I called to Dell customer service and informed them that there is a problem. They said I need to transfer it firstly to Canada. They helped me to fill the transfer form up and I started to wait 15 days as promised. Here I must say that the operators do not know how to fill it up correctly if the previous owner was a company, so the operator told me to write myself instead of that company - first mistake. All this time I had to move my screen, sometimes to push slightly decorative plastic screen bezel to make screen to work to be able to use my laptop. And I told about that to every operator I spoke with.
After around 18 days I understood that nobody cares of my transfer because I still have no answer from Dell. I called again. They said it was denied because some of previous owner information did not match. Ok, I filled the transfer form once again, and started to wait again. Must ... Read more

A:Dell Latitude E5540: Refused Warranty

No manufacturer covers a cracked or physically damaged screen under warranty - it is inevitably considered accidental damage, not subject to warranty support.

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I have been running in to an issue lately with a Latitude E5540 laptop. 
The specs are:
Intel i5 cpu @ 1.9 ghz
4 gb RAM
x32 Windows 7
In my device manager it says that I have an unknown device and there is the warning symbol next to it. When I go to update the drivers it says that it can't find any drivers (I am connected to the Internet). I looked at the hardware ID and noticed that it was APCI\SMO8810, I then proceeded to research the driver, which I found was the ST Microelectronics Free Fall Sensor Driver. I also know what it's primary function is. 
The issue I keep running in to is that I have uninstalled the driver, and tried to re-install the driver from the Dell downloads. However halfway through the process the install wizard tells me that the most recently updated driver from dells site is older than the driver I currently have installed. (even though it says there is no driver installed)
Help? Let me know if you need more details.

A:Unknown Device Driver Latitude E5540

Hi Tjt234,
Thanks for the post! Try using the link below to update that freefall sensor driver. This link is direct from our FTP site. If the driver gives you the same error in installation I would suggest right clicking / uninstalling the currently listed bang in the device manager then running this download again.
You can also attempt to manually install the driver if this fails. Addictivetips.com has a great walkthrough HERE for manually installing drivers if needed.
ST Microelectronics Free Fall Data Protection Driver 4.10.51
Another tool for updating that driver would be the Dell Command update utility. This can be downloaded from the link below and should update all dell drivers on your system automatically.
Dell Command | Update

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My e5540 came with Win 8.1 Pro and I did a hardware clone to a Crucial MX100 512GB SSD.  I noticed that AHCI was not enabled, so I attempted to enable it.  Windows would not boot with AHCI enabled, but would boot fine when I reverted to RAID in BIOS.
I tried the various tips about registry hacks to no avail.  Eventually I tried to install a fresh Win 7 Pro with AHCI enabled and using UEFI and a GPT partition.  I first disabled Secure Boot and enabled Legacy Option Roms.  Windows seemed to install successfully, but when I shut it down to test a restart, it again found no bootable disk.  I ran across a thread that said Windows 7 could not install a boot loader in GPT.
So with AHCI still enabled, I enabled Legacy boot option in BIOS, booted from the regular DVD (not the UEFI DVD).  Using DISKPART, I ran CLEAN and attempted to install in an MBR partition.  Windows Setup showed a warning that it could not install to the disk because the hardware looked like it couldn't boot from the disk.  I tried to continue and Setup threw an error about being unable to create a System partition.
So I rebooted, went into BIOS and disabled AHCI and selected RAID under SATA options.  I started Windows Setup again and was able to delete the existing partition and let Windows recreated two new ones (one a reserved partition and one primary one).  I went ahead and loaded the Dell AHCI F6 drivers at this point, thinking I would be ab... Read more

A:New Latitude e5540 - Unable to enable AHCI for new SSD

Update: I double checked the Dell website for BIOS updates for my e5540.  I found an A07 BIOS that was a few revs newer than the A04 it was shipped with.   I hassled with creating a bootable USB thumb drive and copied the BIOS exe to it (just Google 'Rufus' for how to do this).  I was able to reboot the e5540 and select the USB via F12 during reboot, and navigate to the BIOS .exe and install it.
After installing the updated BIOS I was able to do a couple things:
1) I was able to install Windows 7 via legacy mode.  Previously, Windows couldn't create a System Partition in this mode.  After the BIOS update, Windows successfully installed.
2) I was able to install Windows 7 via UEFI mode.  Previously, after creating the GPT partition and installing, Windows 7 could not find a bootable device upon reboot.  
I left the new machine in UEFI mode with a GPT partition.  I guess I should have bothered to check for a BIOS update, but honestly - I have had probably 20 computers and rarely had to perform a BIOS update.  This machine was produced less than 8 weeks ago.  The BIOS went from A04 to A07 in that time.  I appreciate the folks who addressed whatever the underlying issues were between A04 and A07, but I am not happy that I wasted a day and a half trying to figure out what the issue was.
I hope my time will save somebody else's time.

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Recently I got an update to Dell digital delivery on my laptop --Latitude E5540-.  Since it was installed, each time I start the machine or awake it from sleep I see a box on my screen that says Dell Digital Deliver 3.1 and looks like it is trying to connect.  After a few minutes (maybe as long as 10 mins) a message is given that says Dell Digital Delivery has not been able to connect.   I believe I had a version of Dell digital delivery on the system prior to this since I had to download and install software I purchased from Dell when I bought the machine new.  However I did not have this problem before the new version was put on recently.  Should I just remove it?  Given that it is a Dell program would the windows remove take care of it or do I need to do some sort of Dell uninstall? Is it then possible to reinstall from the driver list for my machine?
Note that I am able to connect to the internet just fine with all other programs.

Thanks for any help that can be provided.

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Hi, just got my new Latitude E5540 with backlit keyboard. I can't find the time-out setting for the backlight keyboard. It switches off after only 10 seconds and I have to hit a key to switch it back on. I need the backlight always on (because of the lighting conditions I'm working in).
My Latitude E5540 Windows 8.1 pro has no <Dell Quickset> or "Dell Customised" <Windows Mobility Center> installed. Does anyone know where the settings are hidden on this model, or is there an application missing in my laptop?
I've tried BIOS settings as well but there are only OFF and BRIGHTNESS level, no time-out.
Thanks for any suggestions. Pete.

A:Where are thebacklit keyboard time-out settings, Latitude 15 E5540 Windows 8

I need this too. The backlight keeps turning off and it's driving me crazy!

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I recently installed Windows 10 Pro 64Bit on this Dell Latitude E5540 laptop but can't get the fingerprint working... 

I also installed the Dell data protection security tool for windows 10 (version:,A14) from Dell E5540 Support and Drivers page.

Windows had already recognized the the fingerprint reader as Synaptics FP Sensors (WBF) (PID=003f) under Biometrics. But whenever I run the Dell Data Protection Console and try to register my fingerprint it always says:

"The fingerprint reader is not connected. Connect the reader."

The device is enabled in device manager and has no errors. It used to work fine when I had windows 7. Am I missing some drivers or software for Windows 10? I need the FP reader working ASAP.

Can anyone please help me out?

This has been resolved. See AFURSTER Posts below.

A:[Solved] Latitude E5540 - Fingerprint / Biometric not working Windows 10

Still waiting to hear back... I need to get the fingerprint reader working... :(
Is anyone else having issues with the fingerprint reader on their laptop?

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Please let Dell know how many of  you  are experiencing the following problem:
I regularly find that,  with a  single keystroke, my brand new Dell Latitude e5540 laptop randommly produces 2 spaces (most often) and double letters (sommewhat less often than the doubled spaces, but consistently and  predictably). The faster I type, the more oftenn the errors occur... I have  found  it to be an issue of how hard I strike the keys. The keys  controlled by my dominant right hand are most often affected whereas those controlled by my pinkie fingers NEVER have been affected.
I  amm only one of many employees at my place  of  work who all are experiencing the same problemm. I have asked repeatedly for Dell to let me know the extent of this problem and whether they have a recall of this model (which, as far as I can tell, is pervasive with this particular mmodel). My persistent questions have never been answered by Dell, despite numerous contacts with 3 different agents.
Please join me in pressuring Dell to address this problem. 
Thannks, -Jay
P.S. If you notice double letters where there should  be single letters or   extra spaces in this e-mail and this post scrippt, please read on for the reasonn: I am using the brand new Dell Latitude e5540 computer our school system recently purchased to write this e-mail. I have simmply givven up  editing my typing... you're getting the spontaneous errors caused b... Read more

A:Dell Latitude e5540 doubles letters and spaces randomly

This is now fixed with the latest BIOS update. 

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I have a Latitude e5540 that doesn't turn on (at least not easily). But when it does turn on, it can stay on for weeks/months as long as it stays in sleep mode. This has happened three times now. If I shut down or reboot the computer, it doesn't turn on again -- or at least it's very difficult to get it on and it seems to randomly correct itself and turn back on.
Here are the symptoms when it doesn't boot up:

Screen is blank.
The Power light on the power button and edge of laptop are both solid white, no other lights on. Power light remains on as long as it's getting power from the battery or power cable. If I press the power button to turn it off, it sounds like it's going through a shutdown process of some sort -- not like windows shutting down, but it doesn't immediately turn off. The fans will spin up for a few seconds, then it will power off after another few seconds.
When power button is pressed, the fans turn on momentarily then spin down after a second. But they will randomly turn back on for a few seconds here and there as long as the power remains on.
HDD sounds like it's on. HDD light on the edge of the laptop is off.

Troubleshooting so far with no noticeable difference:

Removed the battery and power cable, held power button to drain residual power and tried to connect just the power cable and turn it on. Didn't work.
Connected to an external monitor via HDMI to TV -- once the laptop powers on, the TV detects a new source, but... Read more

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We are deploying Windows 10 64 bit Enterprise and I recently updated two models:  the Latitude E5540 & Latitude E6530.  On the two laptops I worked both models were very slow.  I updated all the hardware drivers - Nic, Video, Chipset.  We are deploying Windows 10 build 1607.  We are not deploying the Creator's Update - 1703 yet.  Both these laptops are on Dell's compatibility list as being tested.
To secure our laptops we also use Microsoft Bitlocker which makes them even slower.  Has anyone come across issues?

A:Both Latitude E5540 & E6530 laptop models slow after installing Windows 10.

Are they equipped with 8G of RAM?  If not, they're going to be swapping a lot to disc - which will be slow if they're running conventional hard drives rather than SSDs.

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Can the SD card reader in E5530 handle a newer SDXC high capacity (exFAT SDXC 256GB) card?Can the SD card reader in E5540 handle a newer SDXC high capacity (exFAT SDXC 256GB) card?
For example, Kingston SDA3/256GBwww.kingston.com/.../sda3?

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I have a refurbished Latitiude E5540 that recently went out of warranty. While using it last night, my screen began flickering, the colors changed, the text looked blurry and multi-colored (almost like double vision) and the screen faded to a greyish white and became blank. I turned it off,tried to log back in but the screen was still a greyish white.  This was the first timme anything like this has happened.
To get it working normally again I  had to unplug the power source,remove the battery and press the on/off button to discharge the laptop. When i installed the battery and plugged in the power source I was able to log in normally and use it without incident for a while but the same issue happened again and I have to go through the same process to get it working again.  
Since last night, every time I use it the same problem happens.
Can anybody help or provide me with assistance with this issue

A:Latitude E5540 screen flickers then fades to greysih white and goes blank

Hi Zuto
Thanks for writing to us. 
Have you tried on an external monitor. Do the symptoms show up on the external display?
If you swing the screen back and forth does it makes any difference ??
Please run the LCD test by shutting down the system,now hold the letter D and then power on the system, after 5 seconds let go the letter D and if the screen is working fine then it should flash solid bright colours. Let us know how it goes.

Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message,by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message


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Over the past couple weeks I get a notification to update the Intel 8260/7260 Bluetooth device on my Latitude E5540 from driver updates at Dell (Dell Command Update). The update downloads ok and starts to install, then a black mini window comes up like the old dos window but without a prompt and after a few minutes or secs the installation stops and I get a message saying it failed.  This has happened about 3-4 times over the past 2 weeks.  Any advice as to what can be done?  Thank you.

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Hi all, 
Just upgraded my standard 1366 x 768 to a 1920 x 1080 touchscreen.
The Latitude E5540 with i5-4200 can not be changed into 1920 1080 mode.
The touch action is working
BIOS states native resolution 1366 x 768 after screen upgrade
Bios is upgraded to latest version
Does the motherboard not accept this screen?

A:SCREEN UPGRADE 1366 x 768 to 1920 x 1080 touchscreen for Latitude E5540 impossible?

Moggy,The resolutions for the system are HD 1366 x 768 HD+ 1600x900 

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Recently we've seen increasing issues regarding the combination of the E-Port II Replicator PR03X and Latitude E5530 and E5540 Laptop Models.
The most common issues are:

Windows Crashes when docking/undocking (with an open or closed lid)
Wi-Fi does not function properly after undocking

Another issue which also came about around the same time which may or may not be related: Windows crashes when the lid of the respective models are closed (without being docked to the E-Port Replicator).
Things which were already tried:

Updating the BIOS and Drivers (Except for the Graphics Drivers, more on that later) of the laptops
Updating the MST HUB Firmware of the Latitude E5540 laptops (I don't seem to be able to find any for the E5530)
Updating the Graphics Drivers(with Dell Drivers), which failed with a generic "The setup program failed to install one ore more device drivers, Setup will now exit."

-> The respective driver installer names are: Video_Driver_JVC00_WN32_10.18.10.4176_A17.EXE & Video_Driver_FGGYJ_WN32_10.18.14.4280_A17.EXE
I'm personally suspecting that , because of the suddenness of the issues, a Windows Update may be the cause but that's just a guess. A full reinstall of the affected systems seems to cause the issues to disappear but I don't see this being a solution really.
Any suggestions about this? I'm also wondering what's causing the issue with the graphics installer, I tried updating through the device m... Read more

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Hi there,
I have some serious trouble with my Latitude E5540. In Windows (10, 64bit), it says that it's working on AC, but does not charge. It stays at 39%.
I've done some reading on the Internet and found several approaches which I followed. I updated BIOS and cleaned the connectors of the battery, which obviously didn't help.
Now, I've really run out of ideas and cannot come up with anything more. I've contacted Dell support, but I guess they won't help because the device is more than two years old and I only had 1 year NBD service.
Something I haven't tried is uninstalling the battery hardware from the device manager. Is this a serious option?
I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Any suggestion is most welcome! Thanks in advance.


A:Latitude E5540: "Power connected, battery not charging" at 39%

Hello, Nice to hear from you. The battery seems to be the culprit here. Should you wish to go ahead with purchasing battery do do PM us the system tag# by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message. 
Though you mentioned you do not have a spare battery, can you borrow one from somebody or take it to a local store to try (if possible)

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Has anyone else noticed how dark the screens are on the Latitude 5X80 series machines? Out of the box both the 5480 and the 5580 are significantly darker than the comparable units in the 5X70 series.
There was a graphics change from AMD to NVidia in this model but it seems like this more of a backlight or screen mat issue than card issue. 

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Windows 7 EnterpriseSystem does not see or react to external display when connectedNothing displays when connectedExternal display says nothing connectedTried multiple dongles - same results
Other system that include a VGA connector work just fine to same external display.

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The display hardware for the Latitude E7470 seems strikingly similar to this 5480. Would it be possible to upgrade the 5480 FHD touch screen with a E7470 QHD display assembly (might also need the eDP cable)?Example of the assembly P/N TYD2F: https://www.parts-people.com/index.php?action=item&id=22817and the cable, if necessary: https://www.parts-people.com/index.php?action=item&id=23385

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My IHD has crashed, and I have tried several options
- booting from CD ROM etc.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to access the hard drive via another computer - repair / retrive data / format hard drive

ALSO - where is the IHD on DELL 600.

I thought I would try to reseat it....



- abhi

A:Internal HD Dell Latitude 600

No problem, you can attach that laptop HD 2.5 IDE to your desktop HD 3.5 IDE, but you'll need to purchase or get your hands on 2.5 IDE to IDE connector. What I do is either use the Slave Secondary where the CDROM goes and connect the laptop HD 2.5 IDE there. The connector comes with a power connector to drive the HD to the desktop PC pwr. Here you can clone the HD to another 2.5 IDE HD for laptop (you'll need another 2.5 IDE to 3.5 IDE connector for that task. Backup files an etc.. with one 2.5 IDE HD.

Less than $1.00 at a computer fair more than $5 at a computer retail store or online.


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After installing windows 10 my internal mic does not work anymore.
Even with Microsoft help, no resolution.
Is there a fix for this?

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I have a e5420 but the internal microphone isn't working. I upgraded to Windows 8Pro a while back. at first it would show the internal mic but greyed out. now not even diagnostics recognises that there is an internal mic. it shows two mic jacks (one on the left and one on the right) when my laptop only actually has one.
This is really frustrating and I'm out of ideas

A:Latitude e5420 internal microphone not recognised

eabanda I upgraded to Windows 8Pro a while back. at first it would show the internal mic but greyed out
Are  you  saying that the mic worked okay in 7 but never worked at all in 8? If so, that might be the problem. Dell does not provide an audio driver for an E5420 running 8.
To diagnose the issue perform a system recovery.
> If the mic works when the system is restored back to 7 then the hardware is okay. You might need an 8 IDT audio driver or Intel chipset driver for the E5420 if you can find them. Maybe you can install the IDT 7 driver using compatibility mode.
> If the mic does not work after the system recovery then there is probably hardware failure. The E5420 came with 2 mic configurations: an internal mic near the power button on the base, or a dual mic array on either side of the optional webcam in the bezel at the top of the display.
If the mic hardware has failed and if you have the optional webcam, you can fix the mic by replacing the webcam. You can get the Owner's Manual (which is actually the Service Manual) from the E5420 documents page. It has step by step instructions for replacing all replaceable parts.
If the mic hardware has failed and if you don't have the optional webcam, I don't know how or whether it can be repaired.

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yes, but it never worked. dell is the worst company and useless in it's response to fix problems.
when they do respond they make things worse.
trust them at your own peril.

A:RE: Internal microphone in DELL LATITUDE 5520

I am sorry that you feel this way about Dell.  Please reply with the problem that you are having with your Dell system and i may be able to help.  I will also be sending you a friend request, please accept if you still require service. 


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Please answer me if DELL LATITUDE 5520 has internal microphone, build-in?

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Hello Dell community!
Yesterday I did a motherboard swap in my E6420 from the Intel HD board to the Nvidia board.
Everything seems to be working fine, except the internal speakers won't work in the OS.
I booted into the built in diagnostics, tested the audio, and it played the tones of audio through the speakers.
I have a suspicion that because I did the Motherboard swap, I can no longer use the old IO board due to it being a different size, the audio device may be on that as it has the headphone jack.
Also, I know it uses a different sound device, but the HDMI audio works just fine.
Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi Everyone;
My del latitude 3440 sound had stop working since last year after connecting it to an external speaker listening to music. I tried system restore right after the moment it went off but does not do anything. I tried installing the audio drivers but still can't. I was assuming that it might be the hardware problem but don't really sure about it. Can anyone please remove the burden from me.

A:No sound on audio jacks and internal speaker Del latitude 3440

Hi Sadsea,
Do you hear the Windows start-up tone when it's loading? Can you run the on-board diagnostics <F12> and capture any error message or codes.
Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address, so that we can check on the configurations.

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I had a Sate 2tb hard drive installed by "professional" . It was partitioned . Got it home but the 2 new drives do not show on my computer but the full c: and d: show and I think the computer is going to crash

A:New internal HD not showing

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Hi all
I've been having an incredibly frustrating issue with my Latitude E7440. I believe that ever since I've upgraded to Windows 10, I have had issues with my Webcam and my microphone. From reading around the forums, I'm under the impression that it may be a motherboard/driver issue. However, I have on numerous occasions tried to install/reinstall drivers for both in order to fix the problem.
Microsoft Camera App says it can't find my camera. The error code is 0xA00F4244(0xC00DABE0)
The webcam no longer appears in Device Manager, there is no imagine devices and as far as I can tell it is not anywhere in device manager at all. In other words, it's not being detected. I have attempted to manually try and install a new camera via control panel, but there is no option to install a webcam. I understand there are no separate Dell or other drivers for the webcam of the E7440 and they were originally microsoft drivers?

I have tried to uninstall/reinstall Realtek audio manager/realtek HD audio manager drivers numerous times and the microphone is not being detected. This used to work fine, but now it's just not appearing at all. In other words, it is not being recognised. I've tried all the tricks on the forums, in terms of "showing disabled/disconnected devices". My issue is nothing like that.
The problem is that when I open the sound devices, the internal/built-in microphone for my laptop is not being recognised. Th... Read more

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I purchased my laptop about a month ago and just over a week ago my internal speakers stopped working and instead just make a very quiet popping/cracking sound when audio is being played. My headphone port still works perfectly tho. Every so often the speakers will start working again randomly but always eventually stop working again. I'm guessing it is a hardware issue and plan on sending it back under warranty but just wanted to make sure as happened very randomly.Cheers

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I have two internal drives the C drive as my system drive and another I named M (for music) which is basically a backup drive. A year ago when I installed Windows 7 Home Premium is also the time I set up the M drive (both drives are about a year old).

I haven't had a bit of trouble until I just noticed my M drive was not showing up anywhere not in "Computer", "Device Manager" or "Disk Management". Now if I run Belarc Adviser it does list both my C and M drive.

I opened the case to make sure the M drive was running and it was with no noticeable noise in fact it's pretty quiet so I don't think it's a hard drive problem.

What do you think has happened and what do I need to do to get Windows to recognize it? Thanks!

A:Second internal drive not showing up

1)Shut down, remove the cables, reboot, shut down, replace cables, restart. ( from M: drive )

Post back.

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Let me preface by saying sorry if this is a stupid question and/or I do not provide enough information.

I have a Dell Precision 390 desktop that was running XP Pro until I switched it over to Windows 7 to test it out. I have two WD 160GB SATA drives inside of it. When I start the computer and go into the setup to look at what drives are enabled, it recognizes the two different drives. Once I boot into windows it does not recognize the second drive. I have tried switching the second drive to different ports to no avail. I used a new OS Install disc to see if it would show the drive in case it needed to be formatted and it still did not show the second drive. I can hear the drive spinning just fine. I have a Sabrent Cable Converter that I can plug into the USB Port to see if it shows up that way using Active Recovery Partition software if anyone thinks that might help.

Any ideas or thoughts would be much appreciative. The people at Dell told me to send the whole thing in. Let me know if you need anymore information.


A:2nd Internal HDD Not Showing Up in Windows

do you have the jumper settings correct? I would hope that this is not your only computer as windows 7 is a beta version. this could be your problem. does the secondary drive show up in bios?

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 recently bought a Dell latitude E6420 i5-2520M 8GB and I am experiencing a very annoying issue with the speakers.
The sound coming from the speakers worked until I plugged in the headphones jack into the computer for the first time - when I unplugged the headphones internal speakers stop to work completely.
What I have tried so far with no success:

Uninstall and reinstall windows audio/sound drivers
Tried Realtek drivers
Disabled headphones
Recovery and reinstall Windows 10

What is strange is that every time I uninstall and reinstall the sound drivers the speakers start to work again until i plug the jack of the headphones and again speakers stop to work. Any Idea?
Please let me know what you need to know about my computer to better understand the problem and I will amend the question accordingly.

A:Dell latitude E6420 - plug headphone jack in stop internal speakers to work

I resolved installing windows native audio drivers
Apparently, this is a known issue with the Realtek drivers on the Dell Latitude.

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I already have the issue that when I put my E5570 to sleep and wake it up again that the keyboard and touchpad do not work. So I have disable the sleep options in the BIOS.
Now I run into different issues.Yesterday I booted the laptop and it hang on the DELL logo, After a while it stated that my EFI file would not be correct. Force reboot and it booted straight to Windows.
What's more annoying is the fact that the laptop boot, the DELL logo is shown and then the screens go's black, as if it's not connected. SO it looks like it hangs.BUT an external monitor through HDMI does work and show the windows logon.The keyboard and touchpad also do not work.External mouse and keyboard do work.
So pretty much I got a brick when I do not have external display/keyboard and mouse available.
When I reboot the laptop it works fine again.Am I the only one with this?Loads of issues with the laptop and wondering if I just have a faulty laptop...
Clean Windows 10 Pro install is done 5 times.Used the  DELL Command Update to install all drivers and patches.Issues keep existing...

A:Latitude E5570 - Black display, no resons to keyboard/touchpad - External display/keyboard/mouse do work

I have been spending a lot of hours in troubleshooting this week.
Diagnostics are 100% ok.
Reinstalled Windows 10 about 15 times.Installing drivers by hands, installing drives trhough the dell update management application.The issues keeps existing.
To sum the them up:- Cold boot (laptop is off) to Windows. Keyboard/Touchpad do not work. (Reboot and they work again)- Resume from sleep. Keyboard/Touchpad do not work. (Reboot and the work again)
After I got the laptop I installed 32Gb of RAM and an 512Gb Samsung 950Pro PCIE M.2 NVME drive.The drive should be support as Dell states on the product page and in the manual that PCIE with NVME is supported.
"Advanced features, like industry-leading M.2 SATA and M.2 PCIe/NVME solid state drives, provide data transfer speeds up to 4x faster over traditional hard drivers. "
In order to get the drive visible and running on PCIe I had to disable the sata controller in the BIOS.This way the drive is detected in Windows as an PCIe NVME capable drive.
Just to verify if the issues I went back to default with the delivered 256Gb M.2 sata drive and 8Gb RAM.To install Windows I had to turn the Sata controller back on.
Installed the drivers manually updated WIndows and tested.The issues do NOT occur.
Retested by installing the drivers using the Dell Update Application.The issues do NOT occur.
So I figured out that the SATA controller somehow is the guilty part for all the issues.I mean when enabled to ACHI or RAID the sleep and non... Read more

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First post on the windows 7 forums. I recently built my own PC from the ground up and everything was running fine for the past month without any problems. I received a windows 7 professional x64 key through my grad school and decided to upgrade my OS (Windows 7 home x64) and shortly after that I encountered issues with my hard drive. Things ran really slow and then my hard drive just stopped booting and in the RAID configuration screen during bootup it shows the drive as an unknown device. I've tried reformatting the drive or just reinstalling windows and in both cases even with my motherboard's driver disc in, it can't seem to find a driver to read the HD. My system build: CPU: Intel i5 2500k w/ stock fan Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3-iSSD RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Video card: ATI HD Radeon 6870 1GB 256-bit DDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 PSU:CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX650 V2 650W Hard Drives: Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s Intel 20gb onboard SSD Case: NZXT Phantom I've tried searching for fixes to this issue on google and on WD site, but I've never encountered a problem like this before and could appreciate the help. Thanks.

A:WD Internal HD showing as unknown drive

I would Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
HD Diagnostic

I personally would stay away from RAID & dynamic partition, as it seems to more problems than it is worth.

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I've done a reinstall of Windows 10 today. I unplugged my internal storage HDD's to isolate the SSD for the install, wiped the SSD, and reinstalled 10.

Now it's installed, I've plugged my 2 internal HDD's back in, started up Windows, and neither drives are showing. Neither in device manager or in Explorer. What could be the issue here, and how do I resolve it?

Any advice is much appreciated.

A:Internal drives not showing after reinstall

Originally Posted by abibee

I've done a reinstall of Windows 10 today. I unplugged my internal storage HDD's to isolate the SSD for the install, wiped the SSD, and reinstalled 10.

Now it's installed, I've plugged my 2 internal HDD's back in, started up Windows, and neither drives are showing. Neither in device manager or in Explorer. What could be the issue here, and how do I resolve it?

Any advice is much appreciated.

Check in Disk Management to see if they've been assigned Drive Letters.

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DELL - Vista x64

My desktop has two internal HDs in addition to the C: drive.

Each of these is 500Gb.

One contains a single folder of 447Gb. It claims to have total capacity of 465Gb but only 95Mb remaining! Not the 18gb, or so, I'd expect.

The other 500Gb drive contains one folder totalling 388Gb. It claims to have a total capacity of 416Gb with 13.9Gb remaining.

1. Why don't both drives claim the same total capacity?

2. Why are there discrepancies in space remaining?

3. Can I get back any of the 18Gb that should be on the first drive?



A:Internal HDs showing too little remaining space.

It would be my guess that it is restore points.
How to Fix Shrinking Disk Space in Vista ? My Digital Life

I would suggest that you download and use windirstat. It will show you in deatail what is on the drive.
WinDirStat - Windows Directory Statistics

If it were me to be on the safe side I would run a full anti virus scan and download and run a full malwarebytes scan. I feel this is not the problem, however.

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Hello. This laptop is almost a year old (still under warranty). It was in HP service center and their conclusion is that everything is OK with laptop because they could not reproduce error with their HDD and their OS (that is what they actually said). Problem is with display. From time to time (not always) thin white line is shown on top of blue or gradiant blue or similar color (I'm attaching links to photos because they are too large to upload - if you look closely at photos, you will notice it on blue color): Photo 1Photo 2 Now, I picked up laptop from service last week and my warranty is valid for 2 more weeks or something like that. Any suggestions what to do? It seems that HP Service Center (MR Servis d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia, Europe) doesn't care or they are not capable to properly test laptop. I paid for laptop almost 1.000,00? and month or two after warranty goes out I will have broken laptop? Thanx in advance,Stanislav Vlasic

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