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Windows update with SHA2 not installing

Q: Windows update with SHA2 not installing

Hello everyone.
I'm kind of desperate at the moment. Since Microsoft change the singing of the window updates to SHA-2, the updates are going in a loop (Installing, reboot, faile, repeat) and don't want to install. I've read that you need both of the following updates for
it to work KB4490628 and KB4474419 install. Looking at the installed updates, I see that both are there.

I'm pushing the updates through a W2012R2 WSUS server.
Any ideas?

Thanks you all

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Preferred Solution: Windows update with SHA2 not installing

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I maintain 2 webservers that host identical websites. 1 is a dmz box running a SHA1 certificate, the other is an internal server that has a SHA2 certificate. Internal users, utilizing Windows 10, get cert errors. If they hit the SHA1 server (same software) no cert errors, and they access the website without issue. I am stumped on this one, and any help would be appreciated.

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How to enable SHA2 in Windows? If we installed the latest security <g class="gr_ gr_43 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del" data-gr-id="43" id="43">rollup</g> updates for
windows 7, is enable the SHA2 automatically???
Kindly clarify??

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When I try to install KB3182373, a "Security Update for Microsoft Silverlight", Windows Update reports failure with the message "Code 643 Windows Update encountered an unknown error".
I ran WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab. It reported that "Troubleshooting couldn't identify the problem".
What can I do to fix this? I'm running Windows 7 Professional.

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Windows updates keeps installing/reinstalling the same update over and over again. I looked in my update history and it shows that they are installed successfully every time. What should I do and is this using space on my laptop by re-installing over and over again?

A:Solved: Windows updates keeps installing/re-installing the same update over and over

It is not using any space. Right-click the ones you already have and hide them so they don't come back.

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Our Nessus vulnerability scanner has been flagging our computers with the following vulnerability: SSL Certificate Signed Using Weak Hashing Algorithm

Basically what it's telling us is that we need to upgrade the local Remote Desktop Certificate from SHA1 to SHA2.

These certificates are self-signed and self-generated by the local machine. If you look at the certificate you'll see that theIssued to: and Issued by: fields show the name of the local machine.

The question is: how do these auto-generated, self-signed certificates, which are currently SHA1, get upgraded to SHA2? Remember, these are not created by the local Enterprise CA, they're auto-generated by the local machine itself for Microsoft-branded software such as AD and RDC.

Looking for ideas/suggestions on how to do this.

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Test for win7 sha2?

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Hi everybody

I get windows update error code 2 on installing Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5, 4.5.1 and 4.5.2 on Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2 x64 (KB2978128)
I have also some other errors installing Internet Explorer 11.

I have used "sfc /scannow" command but it didn't find any integrity violations. the CBS log is attached.

I have also used SUR and the log file can be found attached to this post.

Any help is appreciated.

A:Windows update error code 2 on installing security update .NETF 4.52

Not as bad as I thought from the file size of the CheckSUR log...

Seconds executed: 626
Found 40 errors
CSI Manifest All Zeros Total count: 40
Unavailable repair files:
winsxs\manifests\amd64_microsoft-windows-ie-lowreg_31bf3856ad364e35_10.2.9200.20916_none_0f2b73186e1... Read more

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Windows Vista SP1 (KB936330) update keeps coming back as important update after installing it several times. I look at updates history and it show the same update already installed several times. Service Pack 1 (KB936330). I don't see update for Service
Pack 2 though. Can someone advice please, I am not sure what to do. I'd appreciate an advice. Thank you

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Hi Team,
Just wanted to know that 
Does NTML support SHA1/SA2 , as with centos 7.4 MD4/MD5 is deprecated ?

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Hi all, really hoping for some help.

I have been trying to set up my older (2008) laptop with a clean install of windows 7 ultimate / 32 bit.
The reason to do this is because I was given a SSD drive and wanted to set up a 100% fresh system.
This laptop was before running just fine on the same windows version, but from a HDD.

My problem is this: I run a new setup for windows, no problems. I run windows update and it starts with updating to a new update agent Version 7.6.7600.256. No problems, I receive some updates including SP1. After installing SP1 I get the mandatory update to update to Update Agent 7.6.7600.320 and windows update just breaks. When I start it just searches for updates forever but never finds any.(after hours)

Now, my PC is running the same windows version and updates just fine. Also, I have tried to do clean installs on several systems and they ALL have the exact same problem. I even did installs on all these systems with different W7 versions (Home and PRO) and still the exact same problem, as soon as Update Agent 7.6.7600.320 gets installed it all grinds to a halt.

I have tried all kinds of solutions I found on the internet including a repair tool from tweaking.com (Tweaking.com - Windows Repair Free/Pro) which combines most solutions suggested like disk and file system checks. I also changed DNS settings to the Google DNS and of course tried the MS Fix it tool and also ran CCCleaner. I have tried so many things I don't even remember them all.

So bec... Read more

A:Windows update breaks after installing update agent 7.6.7600.320

Hi Jo123 & welcome to the forum.
Please follow Windows Update Posting Instructions.
Don't think issue is with windows os, it's windows update.
Windows updates are taking an extremely long time.
Some have stated 24-48 hours.
Set your computer to sleep NEVER
Start windows update and be patient.
Patience is a virtue!!

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I have a Win2K SP4 (all Critical Updates) laptop that has a weird quirk I noticed recently. I have installed the Security Update KB819696 (Unchecked Buffer in DirectX Could Enable System Compromise) a few times, but it never asks to reboot when finished and will always show up as a critical update even when I have manually rebooted the laptop.

Any idea on what could be causing this and how to solve it? Recently there has been some problems with malware/spyware/adware (which is cleaned) and perhaps something in the registry was corrupted or deleted as a result. Other than that, everything seems to work fine. Thanks for your help.

A:Security Update KB819696 in Windows Update even after installing it.

I've had that happen on more than one occasion. MS eventually fixed the problem but your case may be due to other factors.

Here's what Doug Knox offers:

Usage: Download xp_hotfix_prompt.vbs and save it to your hard drive. Double click the VBS file you downloaded and you'll be prompted to enter the KBxxxxxx or Qxxxxxx number of the Hotfix. No checking is done to see if the Hotfix is actually installed on your system, so its your responsibility to ensure that it is.

Note: I cannot guarantee that this will work for ALL HOTFIXES. Using the tools at my disposal, I have determined how the majority of checking is done for the presence of a particular hotfix. This mechanism may not be the same for all Hotfixes and could change at any time.

This page last updated 09/07/2003 11:29
All material Doug Knox


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Windows 7 showed a notification that there was a problem in the Action Center. It said that there was a driver update and prompted me to download "15.49_nforce_winvista_win7_64bit_international_whql

Now immediately after installing Windows Update wants to update my display driver and four other NVidia drivers.... Any idea what's going on?

How do I tell if 15.49 is the latest and greatest update for my chipset?

My INfo:

Win 7 Home Premium SP1
64 bit version

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide...

A:Windows Update wants to update after installing 15.49_nforce_winvista_

You can check with HP site for your make/model and see what's the latest driver that they have listed. You can go to Nvidia site and use the auto detect or search manually for the latest driver.

HP Pavilion Elite m9517c Desktop PC | HP? Support

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to help my Aunt with an issue with her computer but have ended up at a dead end.

The initial problem was that she was having problems getting updates, including SP1 to install. I have read through various threads on this board to find tips on this and most seemed to suggest that I run the System Upgrade Readiness tool.

But I can't seem to run this either. Every time it runs I get a message asking me to install a hotfix (KB947821). KB947821 just appears to be the SUR tool but when the install process starts it just hangs up and never finishes. Everything I've tried, including running the Microsoft diagnostics tool, can't fix this.

I've seen other threads that suggest resetting windows update using a .bat file. So I tried that as well. Now when I run Windows update it says that I need to "install an update for Windows Update". But when I try this I get an error message saying an error occurred and quoting error code 800736B3.

I've attached what I think is the CheckSUR log file.

I seem now to have run out of ideas. Any help anyone can give would be most appreciated.

A:Issues installing SP1 and Windows Update update

Sometimes you can have better luck by downloading the Service Pack and installing it directly, rather than using Windows Update.

Download: Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (KB976932) - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details

For 32 bit Windows, you need the last file listed. 537 MB

For 64 bit Windows, you need the next to last file listed. 903 MB.

Might help, might not.

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Windows Update launched when I shut my computer down last night and was still at same screen after running all night. I shut computer off and on and still at same screen after 2 hours. Now what?

A:Windows Update hung at installing update 1 of 1

post the file called "windowsupdate.log" which is located in C:\Windows

Also run microsoft fixit tool http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971058

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I am wondering if there is a way to trust a SHA1 cert? We use Oracle and our version does not support SHA2. It is internal only and never sees the internet. We fully understand SHA1 and the risks. We don't want to trust them all, just our 1 cert used internally.
If its a matter of trusting them all or lowering security settings, we would consider this for our Intranet zone until we can upgrade Oracle.

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Windows continually fails to update this module:
Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2952664) -I have retried over and over, it continues to fail.
Error in windows update is:
Error: "WindowsUpdate_00003701" "WindowsUpdate_dt000"
So far there has been no solution provided.

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i bought an update for windows 7 and i had to download a certain file.
This file is a .iso file.
Then the next step sais i had to burn the file on to a dvd.
I burned the file on a dvd and when i put the dvd in my pc it opens only one file, a .txt file saying :
"This disc contains a "UDF" file system and requires an operating system
that supports the ISO-13346 "UDF" file system specification."
What should i do?

A:Installing windows 7 update

Burn the ISO file as a disc image rather than a data file...

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Hi Tech Guys,

My Windows 8 Update didn't install yesterday & now seems stuck on 'preparing to install',
maybe the same problem it had when trying the free update to 8.1 that didn't work,

Any advice greatly appreciated,


A:Windows 8 Update not installing

Please post your system specs, To include Make and model System if Big Box, or same info for the following if custom or home built, Mother Board (including Revision number), Processor (Exact Model Number), Ram, Video Card, Hdd(s), Optical Drive(s), Power Supply Manufacturer Model, Wattage and Amperage on the +12V Rails, OS, and any other peripherals installed on the motherboard.

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When I turned off my laptop last night, it said Windows is installing an update, 1 of 1, and do not turn off the computer. Since it was taking so long I left it on and went to bed. This morning, the same message is still there. I tried turning the computer off and on, and the same message is still there. It won't let me do anything.

I know very little about computers. Does this mean it has a virus? Any suggestions on what to do? Is there some way to override/ignore the update?

I work from home but am at the library now.

Thank you.

A:Windows 7 Update 1 of 1 not installing

Quote: Originally Posted by liversmeat

When I turned off my laptop last night, it said Windows is installing an update, 1 of 1, and do not turn off the computer. Since it was taking so long I left it on and went to bed. This morning, the same message is still there. I tried turning the computer off and on, and the same message is still there. It won't let me do anything.

I know very little about computers. Does this mean it has a virus? Any suggestions on what to do? Is there some way to override/ignore the update?

I work from home but am at the library now.

Thank you.

it doesn't necessarily mean that you have virus.
you have to give us detail of the error message that you are getting

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My system is an HP Pavillion Laptop w/ windows XP presently networked through a Linksys Wireless-B Broadband Router with a Dell PC which also has Windows XP. (I am using the Dell PC for this msg.) About 12 hours ago as I was attempting to sign off for the night, the following popped up on my laptop: Windows (logo)" Installing update 1 of 2" which alternates with this msg: Windows (logo) "do not unplug or turn off your computer. It will turn off automatically." Well it didn't and it hasn't! About an hour ago I finally tried to turn it off (no luck) and then tried to unplug the unit. However, realizing that the unit also has its own battery, unplugging didn't work either. The screen still shows the same info and I cannot believe any update would take this long. I've considered unplugging and removing the battery to see if that would stop the "locked in " update but am not experienced enough to know whether this would cause some other problem. Can you help?

A:Windows - Installing update 1 of 2

I just posted about the same problem. sigh I did get my computer to turn off - you do hold down the power key til it goes off, right? Some machines are quirky that way.

Waiting anxiously and with some resignation to see if it boots....

I'm in, but we'll see if I have problems or not.....

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So I've had this problem for awhile where it will say I need the following important update installed: "Update for Windows 8 for x64-based Systems (KB2756872)" and so I click to install it, it loads the bar about a fourth of the way and then goes to "The updates were installed" and I go to check for more updates and it shows the same exact update. So I rebooted my computer a number of times and it still wants to install that same update.

If I view my update history it shows that same update being installed and that it "succeeded" but I don't see it in my list of installed updates.

Any advice or help would be much appreciated.

A:Windows 8 installing same update

If it's not showing up under installed updates, install it manually from here and then re-run Windows Update to see if that fixes the problem.

Download Update for Windows 8 for x64-based Systems (KB2756872) from Official Microsoft Download Center

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I am having a problem where I always get prompted to do Windows Updates, but it won't install.

Here is the exact error message I'm getting:

Some updates could not be installed.
The following updates could not be installed:
Security Update for Windows XP (KB2481109)

Any suggestions to take care of this error?

A:Windows Update Not Installing

Install this


Restart the PC and try to update

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i have just used my broadband connection to update a friends PC. it had never had any windows updates installed. initially i had to install 18 service sp1 updates. then after rebooting windows update showed sp2 had to be installed, which i did. i rebooted and now get the following error message when i access windows update 0x 80072EFD - which indicates the PC wont run live update. it also wont access any web pages!!!!!
there was an error message on start up cant find smsse.exe but my friend tells me this has been there a few weeks and hasn't affect his dial up internet connection.
i am using a speedtouch 330 modem and the internet connection setting are the same as on my w2k system
any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Cant Run Windows Update after installing SP2

i have solved the smsse.exe error using solutions already posted on the site - adaware and spybot solved that problem.
i have used the solutions mentioned on previous postings to try and solve the 0x80072EFD error on windows update but am getting no where.

i have actioned this instruction from microsoft
and established the Internet connection is preventing me from reaching the Windows Update site. i have tried the recommended solutions none of which have worked.

my browser appears to connect to the home page eg i cat set it to this site and view one page (if i am lucky), but then after a few seconds all life is dragged out of my connection eg i cant then make a posting on the site or view any postings

what is causing the problem can anyone help????

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At the first of the year an update came out that is causing my network users to have to enter in there outlook email password constantly. We are on an Active Directory domain with exchange 2007. When uninstalling the updates it seems to fix the problem but the issue I am having is once the users reboot the updates reinstall themselves. Any help would be great, I have been battling this problem for the last 15 days. I have turned off updates on the server and on the workstation. What am I missing?

A:Windows update keeps installing itself

Quote: Originally Posted by fluentdesigns

At the first of the year an update came out that is causing my network users to have to enter in there outlook email password constantly. We are on an Active Directory domain with exchange 2007. When uninstalling the updates it seems to fix the problem but the issue I am having is once the users reboot the updates reinstall themselves. Any help would be great, I have been battling this problem for the last 15 days. I have turned off updates on the server and on the workstation. What am I missing?

You can set wds update " not to install " .....

then Uninstall the trouble ones .....

After that ...when it shows up ...just right and HIDE it ..
.It'll never bother you again .

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Every time I start my computer, I have the update shield showing in the bottom toolbar. When I click on it, it tells me that I have an update to install. I click on install and it says that it is installing and that I can continue working while it is being installed. it is the same update every time. My computer is running so slow. I do not know much about computers, can someone help, please??

A:installing a windows update

Sounds like you might be infected. Check the the Infection Forum.

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Hi all, hope someone can impart some words of wisdom regards the following! I am running Windows 10 on my laptop and when running the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant to install the most recent version it advises that all criteria for updating are ok (including disk space) but then stops installation advising not enough disk space. As far as I can see the Upgrade assitant tries to install to my recovery drive which is more or less full with files showing an HP warning 'Recovery Partition' message. The laptop has 1tb of memory that I'm hardly using. Can I somehow get the update to install to my hard drive as opposed to the recovery drive? Is this the right solution? I'm really no expert and am thinking of popping into the computer shop on my high street and paying them to take the pain away, but I thought I'd give this forum a whirl first to see if there is an easy solution? I've searched quite extensively online for a solution & there's nothing I can find that helps. Thanks in advance to any respondees!!! Simon.

A:Installing update to Windows 10

Hey Simon, If you are already running Windows 10, the upgrade assistant won't tell you anything that you don't already know.  The new Anniversary Update for Windows 10 will install on your computer. -wes

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I did a clean boot on Windows 8.1, which reverted to Windows 8, which came with the computer whenbought.When using Windows Update, it states that there are no updates for this computer.When going to Microsoft & downloading the 8.1 update, when trying to install a pop-up says that thisupdate is not for this computer.When trying to download the Windows Update Troubleshooter, an error occurs.Any thoughts or ideas?

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Windows keeps installing the same update:
x64-based systems (KB2647753)


A:Windows Keeps Installing the Same Update

Quote: Originally Posted by JamesJ

Windows keeps installing the same update:
x64-based systems (KB2647753)


James we all have that!! Uninstall it from the "installed updates" list and reboot. Now goto Download: Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2647753) - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details and install it from there. Problem solved

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My Windows 7 will not install this one update (not sure what update it is) but every time I start up my computer for the last 7 days, within 20 minutes there is a 'shut down and install updates' icon by the shutdown button. and it always says "installing update 1 of 1" even if I shut down the computer 8 times in one day to install it! it seems to be stuck installing the SAME update over and over again because it is always 1 of 1

A:Windows 7 keeps installing the SAME update over and over!!

Please reboot again, and immediately go to Windows Update - what update is attempting to install? what updates are listed as awaiting install?

If you can't see it there, go to Update History - what update is listed?

What Anti-Virus and other Security software is installed?

Please post the c:\Windows\windowsupdate.log file, and the C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log file - you have to copy that to your desktop, and compress it before uploading it to your reply.

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Whenever I try to get Windows to install new updates, it acts as if it's installing them but then gets to 15% and switches to another window. Then another screen comes up and tells me "Failure converting changes, reverting changes, Windows will shut down? It will not install Any updates and I'm very concerned about not being up-to-date on security issues, as I have weeks of updates not installed? Please, I tried the MS Fix tool but it didn't work for me. Is there any way around this? If I have to take my into the shop to have them figure out how to d/l it, it will cost me big time and I can't afford it. Thanks!

A:Windows Update Not Installing Them

OK... did some searching on MS site and this is what you need to do...

The update KB2647753 is the problem child.

1) open up windows update
2) view all of the updates .... uncheck all of them EXCEPT for KB2647753
3) install ONLY that update. reboot upon prompt, wait it out
4) open windows update again, go back to the area where you can check what updates you want installed.... check the remaining boxes and install ... reboot when prompted....

5) I went back into windows updater and confirmed that all of the updates were successful.

YIPPEE! it all worked. This is the first time since getting windows 7 that I have had any problems with updates, so I guess I can't complain too much. Hope it works for all of you - Carl

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Hey guys, I'm getting a "Failed" when trying to install Win7 SP1 using windows update. It shows up in the list of available updates, apparently its 87.2MB total, it gets to 18% complete then it fails, with the error 80200053.

I'd rather avoid downloading the 2GB iso, but if that's my only option I will, I'd just like to know what's preventing me from getting SP1 over Windows Update.


A:SP1 Not installing over Windows update

I am downloading it now to see if it works on my machine.
will update with the results.

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After Installing the latest updates for Windows 10 (KB4048952, KB4048953, KB4048954, KB4048955, or KB4048956), some Epson SIDM (Dot Matrix) and TM (POS) printers cannot print from x86 and x64-based systems.
I read microsoft has released Windows Update KB4055038, but for windows 10 it does not work
until now, for a while I disable windows update service

anyone can help for the solution ?


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Carried out a clean install deleting partitions and windows update has a red bar to the left and a red badge with a white x, no updates.

A:Windows update not working after installing windows 7 professional on a Dimension C521

The date and time must be correct.  You must have a live internet connection.
Then you download and run the update troubleshooter.


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Carried out a clean install deleting partitions and windows update has a red bar to the left and a red badge with a white x, no updates.

A:Windows update not working after installing windows 7 professional on a Dimension C521

The date and time must be correct.  You must have a live internet connection.
Then you download and run the update troubleshooter.


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This one has me really stumped!

I installed free Windows 10 yesterday and, after using it for a while, decided that I don't like it so I rolled back to Windows 7 by re-imaging to an image I saved just before installing W10. I immediately noticed that Windows Update would no longer work. After a lot of searching, I found that Background Intelligent Transfer Service was missing. It was not in my services. I tried everything I could find in various forums with no luck. Windows Update worked right up until the I installed W10.

I finally found a MS article on how to put BITS back and it worked. I then checked it's dependencies and made sure they were there and working but Windows Update still wouldn't work.

I then re-imaged back to an image 5 weeks old and BITS doesn't show up there either even though it definitely worked back then. That was a mystery since my PC should have been re-imaged to exactly how it looked back in June.

Thinking I might have a bad sector on my drive, I ran Disk Check with the option chosen to repair anything it finds that is wrong. I also ran sfc /scannow. No luck.

I'm at loss to explain this let alone fix it. I found lots of threads where other people lost BITS but not when they had just installed W10 and then rolled back to W7. Nothing I found has worked and I'm at my wits end at this point.

This all started with the W10 install but I don't know how my old images could be affected.

I can usually fix any PC problem... Read more

A:Lost Windows Update after installing Windows 10 and then rolling back to W7

REupdate to 10, then update 10 (there's a new one this week). Now try reverting again.

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Recently, I had to do a factory reinstall on my Dell Laptop which reverted it back to Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Service Pack 1 in addition to drivers, software, etc. That worked out fine when using the disks, but I discovered another issue. When trying to get Windows Updates to install on my system, all I get is the screen that it's checking for updates and it keeps checking, but nothing ever gets installed. I've tried everything under the sun online to try to remedy this, but with no success. I've tried running the Windows Update Troubleshooter as well, but I get an error of "problem installing recent updates." It did fix a "service registration is missing or corrupt" though. I've probably spent hours on trying to fix this, but to no avail. Any possible solutions or ideas?

A:Windows Update Not Loading or Installing Anything

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Hi there guys!
I'm having an issue with my computer installing Windows 8.1 Update (KB2919355). I tried downloading and installing it from Windows Update and gives me an error "Some updates were not installed" Code 800F0902 - Windows Update is currently installing other updates. Please try again in a few minutes. The fact is, I have been trying to install it since yesterday; did a few restarts and doesn't work. Also, that is the first update that failed completely on my PC.

I also downloaded all files given on MS Download Center here:
Download Windows 8.1 Update for x64-based Systems (KB2919355) from Official Microsoft Download Center
I followed their instructions and also that update fails. In fact, the other updates given there installed on my PC correctly with no issues found.

My PC is a HP Pavilion g6-1d85nr Notebook PC with Windows 8.1 Pro (64-bit).
I hope you can help me resolve the issue and install (once and for all) 8.1 Update on my PC... thanks in advance.

*BTW... I have prerequisite KB2919442 installed on my PC since March Patch Tuesday.

A:Issue installing Windows 8.1 Update

I have the same problem. I've been trying for days now. (I already installed 8.1 months ago ? so the hugeness of the ?Update 1? file is redundant, but whatever.)

I assumed it was just chocking from everyone on earth trying to download a 887.6MB file on the same day ? and the Windows updates process was failing on a time-out setting ? and that Firefox would manage the clunky choking download better over a long time frame, so went to manually download the file(s) as well, but the file size was different ? so I got cold feet and came here first to see if anyone had solved it via that method.

Now having read a bunch of threads on it ? and I know it's not just me ? I'm going to not worry about it for a week or so and see if it sorts itself out. I don't think there is a security concern.

Patients is a virtue and all that.

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As noted in the title windows update has installed the file kb2393802 a total of 45 times on my computer. Therefore I have reset it to check for updates but only install what I choose. Does anyone have any ideas why? Thanks

A:Windows update keeps installing same file

This might be of help...

Troubleshoot problems with installing updates

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I just finished a clean install of WinXP with SP2 using the disk that came with the computer. Then I used the driver disk to install the drivers. Lastly, I went to Windows Update (from the start menu). I downloaded, installed, and rebooted after the first 80 critical updates. Then I did the same after being prompted to install SP3. After the reboot and returning to the WU the little green bar just kept running - no updates showed in the browser. I went to the MSN homepage and was asked to upgrade my browser to IE8 and did. Then I noticed that the Automatic Updates popped up with new updates to install which I did.
I know there are other software and driver updates (although I won't install drivers from WU) and I would like to be able to get them if I need to - especially for MS Office, etc. I tried using a BAT file fix I found at the MS Knowledgebase but it didn't help.
I tried to attach my windows update log to this post but it's too big. It was also too long to paste and kept crashing IE8. So, if you can help but need to see it, please let me know how to post it.
Dell Demension 5150
Intel Pentium D
2.66 GHz
2.50 GB RAM

A:Windows Update not working after installing SP3

Recurring problem with Internet Ex-PLODE-r (monthly, it seems) every time Microsloppy releases a new cumulative security update to Ex-PLODE-r it "breaks" Windows & M$ updates.
Install latest (Nov 2013) Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP (KB2888505) & hopefully WU will work
Hope this helps.

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How can I run the latest update for "Windows Update Agent" for a win 7 64 bit setup. I bought a DriverBoost program but it will not work until i install the latest version of update agent. They just refer you to the microsoft site which is about as clear as mud to me.

Thank you

A:Installing Windows update agent

If you run Windows Update (part of Windows 7) regularly, it should update the Windows Update Agent if an update is available.

It is ironic the makers of DriverBoost sell a program that is supposed to update your system, that won't work unless your system is up to date.

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I am unable to install this update: Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 Security Update for Windows 2000 and Windows XP (KB979906)
I keep getting this message: Error: 0x643 Try to install update again. I've gone into the security panel and added it as a trusted site which it also suggested but am still unable to install this update.

A:Problem installing windows update

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I am unable to install any updates through Windows Update. It is set to update on shutdown but, doesn't finish installing before shuting down. I am running Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit. When I go into the log, it mentions something about not installing because of something to do with Regulation. I would appreciate any help whatsoever. (Also, please try to keep the process as simple as possible since, I am not computer savvy.) Thanks.

A:Windows Update not installing after shutdown

For both Seven and Vista
Windows Update - Reset - Windows 7 Forums

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Hey guys
So after preforming fresh OS install did the drivers and then went to Windows Updates,the updates came out fast installed the first wave very smoothly then when reaching SP1 and installing it the Windows Updates was stuck on "searching for updates",did another OS install but this time kept SP1 for last,all were installed until no more updates were appearing except for SP1,installed it and bam Windows Update was broken again.
So what do i do here ? i've already done some of the "fixes" and nothing works,as soon as SP1 is installed the whole thing breaks,i've tried to install SP1 manually right after the format and the same thing happens.....

A:Windows Update broken after installing SP1

It finally worked after keeping it searching for almost 2 hours now,thanks and thanks.

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Hi Everyone! Thank you for taking time to read my post.
I am currently using a Dell Inspiron Mini Desktop and has minimum hardware. I purchased this over Black Friday 2015. Currently, I only have about 28 GB usable SSD HD space. I want to update to the recently released Windows 10 Anniversary Update. I am currently using Windows 10. Due to space limitations in my current system, it will not allow me to install the update. It is asking for 20 GB free space.
I have tried to delete as much programs and files but still lack the 20 GB required to successfully update to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
Is there any other solution to this issue without the need to upgrade storage?
Thanks for your help!

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Hello guys, I'm having major headaches installing the SP2 update onto my XP machine. The update has been downloaded correctly. Each time I try to install the update I get an error message that says that my unique Windows key could not be verified and the update could not be finished. I then cancel the update, but a reminder screen pops up every so often reminding me that I have updates ready to be installed. I have two questions. Why is the error message appearing? And secondly, how can I completely cancel the install so that the 'new downloads ready to be installed' does not pop up every ten minutes?

Thanks guys


A:Problems installing Windows SP2 Update?

Well, the message about the unique key is due to the fact that the SP2 installation process can't verify you have a legal copy of XP.

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