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Substitute USB HDD backup for Tape ?

Q: Substitute USB HDD backup for Tape ?

The server I am responsible for at work has gone through 3 DAT24 drives (HP) in six years, and I am told by experts this is not exceptional. Now I have a new server and already the DAT72 drive is behaving oddly with refusal to eject at times. (dont know the make, it is a Dell server, so could be anything really)

Would anybody care to comment from their experience of substituting backup to USB drives of say 180Gb, with further backup from there to tape with less reliance on 100% availabilty? I believe the backup software will support this approach - it is BackupExec 9.1 What might be the pros and cons?

Preferred Solution: Substitute USB HDD backup for Tape ?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Substitute USB HDD backup for Tape ?

I'd go with a backup internal hard drive , not USB. USB is too slow.

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I'm having issues using BUE 11d to backup the exchange server 2003. It will not backup the files priv1.edb and priv1.stm in the 'MDBDATA' folder. Files are selected in the job selection list and have an exchange license installed on BUE. Also modify the registry the other night to 'exclude active files' (something in found while roaming on Symantec forums). Neither changes worked. The files appears to be locked because they are *greyed out in BUE. Though they are check, I can't un-check it like the other flat files.

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I just purchased Q1581A tape drive today I got an DP DAT 160 C8011A tape but when I try to back up a specific folder I get an error that reads "the media encountered is incorrect". Please help?

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can i use my DAT recorder to backup my pc via s/pdif optical?

A:4mm Tape Backup

It's not likely. SPDIF is for digital audio connections. It sounds to me like you are trying to backup your computer using a DAT audio recorder. DAT drivers for computer backup have a SCSI or IDE interface. It may be possible to decode/encode SPDIF for general data but it would probably be very slow. I don't think you're likely to find anyone doing this.

Here is an excerpt from the following URL: http://www.emu.com/products/darwin/faq.html

Can I back up Darwin to an Audio DAT?
No. You can, however, backup to SCSI DAT. SCSI DAT is a format that will write data via SCSI on to a 4mm DAT Tape.

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I have not kept up with backing up critical account data for businesses.

What is the current version and I was thinking of re-usable media for off-site storage for daily backups.


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I am looking for an affordable tape backup solution, I am looking into backing up around 30-40 GB of data.

A:Tape backup

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Hi All,
I am considering buying an external Hard drive for backing up my "C" drive. I have a Colorado 250 tape drive on my old computer but it is about 5 years old. Would it be wise to move the Colorado to the newer machine, buy a new tape backup or go with a external HD? Any thoughts would be apreciated or any other ideas. I am not backed up now so need to do something.

A:Backup tape or ext. HD?

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Ive got a NT4 server sP6 that i schedule through SQL7 to backup a few databases over night.
this works fine for usually 5 days at a go but usually over the w/e there is a problem and both SQL and NTBACKUP are unable to access the tape drive
its an HP surestore DAT24
a restart of the server fixes the problem each time, but being the server this is not ideal
the message i get through NTBACKUP is:
' tape device detected and driver started, but is not responding, check power concections etc etc'
from what i can see something is clashing with the tape drive, but i cannot think what it can be
i have sybase sql anywhere, ms office,acrobat, but very little else installed on this server
anyone have any idea what could cause this?

A:Tape Backup

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I have an HP 20G Colorado (Travan) Tape backup device. The driver worked fine with Win 2000 Pro. but when I updated my system with Win. XP Pro the driver would not load. I can't seem to find the driver anywhere. Any suggestions?

O.S.: XP Pro
Processor: 2.66G
RAM: 512

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hey guys

i have an Onstream ADR client machine attached to a NT4 Network can anyone please suggest some backup software which will backup a file server accross the network. I have tried several but non recognise the ADR as a drive.

Please Help, i don't mind if i whethwe it is freeware/shareware/ evaluation or retail.


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am running this unit on a dell poweredge server, 700mghz,256 MB RAM-the unit is on the IDE channel,secondary master-the problem is I am having difficulty in tracking down the w2k drivers...the onstream site seems to be down every time i try to access it,of course,and ms talks all around the subject but never seems to hit on it directly-offers advice on what to do when the tapes(adr) are not recognized,stuff like that.
what i want and need are the appropriate drivers-current-so i can get this puppy up and running.
the users are starting to get a little p-o'ed at me because i am rebooting the server often-trying various combinations of drivers.
this is a vital piece in the network,as i am backing up mission critical data from the database-it changes every day.
please don't tell me to get another unit or to replace it with a or b or whatever-this is a non-profit org and there simply is no money available to spend on hardware-it took me three years to talk them into the server.

A:onstream d30 tape backup

can you give me the product name type,...

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Not sure if this is the right forum,Im tired Im sure candy or someone has my back.
I built a new computer for a business that had a Windows98 machine being accessed by another somewhat of a server setup but not really,just sharing and access. Ok,the 98 machine had a tape drive, Ive installed the software in the same setup as the old one. Can I take the tape drive and put it in the new machine and then put in the tape and use the restore option to load all the files? I dont seem to find a import/export option and cant get them to connect with a crossover for some reason. The 2 XP machines can read each other,share etc just fine,through a router even,but nothing is seeing the windows 98 machine.

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We have an SCSI based server running NT and need to sort out some backup. One of the PCs has a 5GB tape backup drive, which would be nice to use (no one knew it was there until spotted by accident), but it is IDE. Is an IDE backup drive compatible with a SCSI system and if so, how do we do it? Thanks.

A:Using IDE tape backup on SCSI PC

Since your MB probably has IDE connections, there's no reason you can't use the drive in that system. The bigger issue may be the backup software...

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I have a 8mm tape backup setup. The problem is, the tape backup software called tapeware needs to load a Database of all the backups under certain users in order to restore. Well, that database was lost with the system that crashed and it is not on any of the tapes.

My question is, is there a 'universal' tape drive reading piece of software that would allow me to restore that data off of my last tape backup?


A:Tape Backup Not working

Tapeware was discontinued at the end of 2006 and was replaced by Yosemite's new Product: Yosemite Backup.They have pulled their Tapeware free trial from cnet but tucows still has ithttp://www.tucows.com/preview/275180

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I'm currently doing a project that involves coming up with a back up solution for the servers. I'm not too familar with these drives so any assistance is appreciated.

One of the drives I was looking into was the Quantum DLT VS160 Tape Drive. Apparantly the drive and take the SDLT 160 tape, which can handle up to 320Gb compressed, though the drive itself has a maximum capacity of 160Gb compressed, which doesn't make sense to me. I would assume that if it can handle the SDLT 160 it could compress to 320Gb.

So really what am I missing here and can anyone advise me on a tape drive that can handle and be able to use the SDLT160 tapes to the fullest.

A little more info on the project. The 'server' in question is a file server that has a 100Gb drive and at 80% capacity. The storage is growing at 2% (16GB) a month. Obivously I will be recommending an upgrade of the hard drive since it will reach capacity limit within 2 months I was planning on 1 drive that can do the 320GB compressed but not having any luck finding one that can do that with the SDLT160 media.

Any thoughts?

(edit - i forgot to mention, the 'server' cannot be down for more than 12 hours for backup )

A:Backup Tape Drives

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I have a problem with WIN98 SE not recognizing an IDE tape backup unit. On boot-up the computer sees that it is attached, but when I get into windows it is not listed in the device manager. There are no drivers required and I have gone so far as to delete and re-install windows with out any luck. I know that the drive is good because it shows up in DM on a different computer. Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

A:tape backup problems

Well, i can't help you now, but you could help me (and others) help you by telling us the make and model of your tape drive

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Does Windows 7 support tape backup hardware? Software? I have a home built machine that has a Sony Tape Drive on a SCSI chain. It was supported on Windows XP but Vista does not support tape backup. Thanks for any help or advice.

A:Tape Backup Support

Windows 7 have removed Removable Storage Manager (RSM) service from Windows 7
Microsoft say "You can use RSM to manage online libraries (such as changers and jukeboxes) and track removable tapes and disks."
This means Windows NT Backup for Windows 7 and Server 2008 OS no longer included intergrated support for Tape Drives
The way around this for Server 2008 is to install Nortons Backup Exec
For Windows 7 , It seems the only tool I found that support this is Uranium Backup: software backup Tape, SQL Server, NAS, DVD, Zip, FTP and >> BackupAssist Backup Software - backup software for Windows servers, tape backup software, exchange server backup, sql server backup, internet Rsync backup, image backup but so far no free softeware

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I have a Tandberg TDC4100 tape backup and Adaptec EZ-SCSI 4.0 loaded. When I try to backup the system, I get an internal hardware fault message. The system was used as a server before under a non-Windows operating system and the tape drive worked fine. It is now running Win 95. Am I missing a driver, configured incorrectly, or is it truly a hardware fault?

A:tape backup not working

Have you run the EZ SCSI tests?

What backup program are you trying to use? The one built into Windows doesn't work with all that many SCSI drives.

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I've had a disastrous week here, a little background:

A disk in our array was consistently failing. Dell sent out a replacement disk and the company which we contract to handle our computer stuff came out to replace it. The guy got here and called up Dell Enterprise once he had put the HD in to have them walk him through the steps on configuring it... which had me wondering why I didn't do it myself.

Anyway, the Dell tech had him configure the disks in reverse. He mirrored the new disk to the old one from what I understand, effectively losing all our data for the day. He spent the next four hours rebuilding the new disk. To make a long story short we had to put the old corrupt disk back in and run a recovery on it which brought our files current to last friday (03/03) The last good tape backup we had made was on Tuesday night (03/07). Currently I'm SOL however, because the Veritas Exec software lost the catalog information for the tapes past last Friday and won't catalog Monday or Tuesday's tapes.

The error in the job log reads: "An inconsistency was encountered on the storage media in DELL 1"

Is any of the data on this tape recoverable at all? I don't need a whole lot of it, just the couple projects that were changed & created on those two days (03/06 & 03/07)

Another question I've been forced to wonder is what's the point of this tape backup at all if the backup gets screwy when a harddrive ... Read more

A:Tape Backup won't Catalog

Was the tape catalog on the hard drive and it's corrupt because of that? You should always write the catalog to a tape too.

You should talk to Veritas or whoever supports your backup solution. Unless the "inconsistency" means "catalog is missing", you should be able to recover what is recoverable.

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Hey guys,

I have to restore some tape backup for a server and have run into a few problems.

I have two tapes that were run through the backup consecutivly. The person that put the second tape in did not nopoll the tape, and it has a different date on it than the first one. So when I try to look at the tapes it brings up the first one dated 11/29 and asks for the second tape for 11/29. Since the other tape was not nopolled it has a different date on it, and the backup program spits it back out.

I need to be able to look at the tapes individually. Any ideas? There are multiple backups on each tape, so each tape may have 10 separate backups, while the two tapes together only share one backup. What can I do?

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I was cleaning up some old closets in my school's computer lab. I came across a few old backup tapes. I was talking to my friend, and he told me that you can get tapes pretty cheap to use for backup purposes. On the hp website, you can buy a 3TB tape for only $120!! That is a whole lot cheaper than a backup hard drive.

What would I need to get a tape drive for my laptop. I don't need the newest, just something to use this awesome technology!!


A:Tape Backup Drive... Should I buy one.

Drew, I have never used tapes. But don't forget that they are serial write and read and will loose the magnetization in time (how long I have no idea).

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Could you please tell me what does "I/O Device Error" message mean during tape backups. It was a full unattended back up. The operating system is Windows NT 4.0 with service pack 4. The type of tape drive is Compaq 12/24 GB DAT. Do you think it deals with the tape itself or the hardware or something wrong happened during the transporting stage? I tried backing up data the next day and it worked successfully.

Thank You for your help.

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A:Error Message during Tape Backup


Um... it means the tape itself or the hardware or something wrong happened during the transporting stage.

A full error message, and the exact time it occurs would be of more help to answer your question. Also, the operating system, current Service pack (if applicable), type of PC, PC components, Type of tape drive, backing up software, whether the backup is full or incremental, unattended or watched... and anything else you might want to add...

Basically, what you asked is similar to asking a bunch of Doctors "I have a headache. Does that mean I have not had enough sleep, a flu, dehydration or a brain anurism?" A little more info is needed to make a diagnosis, know what I mean?


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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Hi all.

This might seem a bit of a dinosaur technology question but some businesses still rely on TAPE cartridges for backup.

I know you can get 1 TB usb disks which are probably MANY times cheaper than a decent tape subsystem - to say nothing of the cartridges themselves - however a lot of businesses still use tape.

I haven't seen anywhere a discussion about whether tapes still work.

Note - Professional tape sub systems - sometimes with "Robot" like mechanisms for selecting the correct volumes - not rubbishy consumer QIC like systems.

Without decent backup capability at a corporate network level then W7 / W8 server will be a no go.


A:Tape Cartridge Backup -- does it still work in W7

Hey jimbo, here is a Technet post that might help you. Good Luck.

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Hi. We have windows 2000 server runnning here. How can I access the backup tapes to make sure they are backing up correctly each night? I dont know much, but I think I read about an active directory or something you have to go through to get to them? The backup drive is not listed under windows explorer, so I am assuming it is something like this. This does not seem like it should be anything too difficult to do, is it? Thank all! Norman.

A:accessing backup tape question

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Back in 1997 I started a new job as a SA for a printing company. They had a large number of scanned sheets that needed to be stored on a server. I immeadiately saw the need to make regualr backups. I asked my boss to by a high-capacity tape backup system. With a pricetag of over $1000 (plus media) he refused. So I was forced to look into other options. I opted to buy several USB external HD's instead.

Jump ahead 8 years. I am still at the printing company, and their data storage needs have grown considerably. I now make weekly/daily backups to one of three external 300GB hard drives. I can backup all 180GB of data in about 2 hours, and the daily incrementals are done in less than five minutes. The hard drives I use are off-the-shelf units from CompUSA, and cost about $350 each. I cycle through three different drive for redundency.

My question is, given the speed and ease of backing up to an external HD, why would anyone use a tape drive anymore? Your thoughts?

A:Are the days of the 'tape backup' numbered?

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Using internal scsi sequential device utilizing 4mm media type for back up on server. Approaching max capacity on tapes. Compression ratio 1.33:1. Win2000 OS. Backup Exec 9. Looking for input on replacement. External drive? Library? Media types? I am looking for something that will grow as the company grows. Also anticipating purchasing additional server. Should I run two separate backups for each device or 1 emcompassing data on both? Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


A:Running out of room on backup tape

You need to do some research on your comapny's needs and future needs based on the data you will currently be backing up and anticipated growth. I see that you haven't put NAS in your list. Tapes are great because they can be stored off site and DAT would probably suit your needs in the future (plus you can retrieve your old data in a new DAT drive). There are some USB based DAT72 drives from HP that look interesting and they are not that expensive. If you do get another type of drive make sure it is supported under your backup software also.
I personally would have a tape drive for each server, less overhead and less problems doing restores.

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Hi there,
I wanted to venture back into the worlds of Tape Backup (And having found that many major hard drive companied still manufacture tape backup and distribute it fairly widely, I purchased this drive from ebay


It is a DAT drive, and so (Not knowing a huge amount about tape backup) purchased this 72gb Tape Backup Drive


When I insert the tape into the Drive, It looks at it, then the tape light flashes and it ejects it again.
This drive did not come with the manual or anything, however I have downloaded to HP tools and drivers from the site.

What does this mean please!? Have I gone and got an incompatible tape?
Are the drive not installed correctly?

Any help would be much appreciated -Thanks.

A:Solved: Tape Backup Problem

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I am doing some work for a company that has about 10 PC's running Win98 on a local network and they need a way to back up information. It is a chemical lab that has several PC's hooked up to machines that run tests on chemicals. They need to back up these files and several databases. I need opinions on what is the best way to back up all this data. They want it to be able to run at night when no one is around. I thought about CDR, but that's not enough storage. What about tape? How reliable are they? They would prefer some kind of disk that can be stored off site. Not just backed up on a hard drive there. Also, I would need something that could get the info off other PC's on the network and back it up too. I will probably build a computer for them specially for backing up and storing some of the data. It will be storing the data for others to use (kind of like a server). So, would a SCSI hard drive increase the speed or is the slowest link the 10/100 network? I don't remember if it is 10 or 100. I have no idea what RAID is - would this be an option?



A:What's the best backup method for several PC's on a network? - tape or other?

Loaded question, and really should be in the network forum, so I'm going to move it there.

But first...

Can you put in a server and have them actually store the files there? Then you just have to back up one drive.

A tape drive can back up anything you want on a peer to peer network as long as you map drive letters to the various computers.

4mm tape is pretty darn reliable and much faster than Travan tapes. I generally put 4mm Sony drives in the servers I sell. How much capacity are you talking about though?

You will also need to figure out what kind of software to use to backup to the drive - this will depend on the OS of the machine that the drive is in.

As for RAID - that is for onsite redundant backup. Although a very good thing, it isn't offsite, which is what you said they want.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech
(5/20 new, unlimited, pay to surf site added):

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i need to identify an old tape backup (1999?)

from the device stickers

hewlett packard model XXGBi

also twice MX00302822

TRAVAN on the faceplate

inside i can see colorado 5GB
PN: C4354-56000

I salveged this out of a friends system with a fried HD and my system recognises it but i dont know the exact driver to download for win98se.

A:driver for old tape backup needed

Internal or external?


http://www.hp.com/cgi-bin/cposuppor...&opname=hp colorado 5GB internal travan drive


http://www.hp.com/cgi-bin/cposuppor...&opname=hp colorado 5GB external travan drive

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i am using windows 2000 server. i am unable to take backup in tape drive through my new hp tape drive because the backup destination is not highlighted in backup wizard. windows is detecting tape drive but even the backup destination is disable .
i have done everything regarding drivers,installation of remote storage again
but i didnot get the solution.
please provide evey possible help u can.


A:unable to take backup through hp tape drive

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I am trying to restore data from one of my tapes, when I run the restore wizard it tell me to chose to drive or folder to restore. Under 4mm DDS I dont see the tape that I put in the tape drive. For example, I am tring to restore the Tuesday tape however I only can choose monday, friday ...etc. Do you know how I can get the catalog from the tape that I put into the tape drive. Thanks Jon

A:Restoring data using a tape backup

This is how it is done
1) Goto RUN
2) Type> compmgmt.msc
3) Storage > Removeable Storage > Libraries
4) You right click on your TAPE DRIVE and then do INVENTORY

5) Close > Computer Management
6) Goto RUN and then type NTBACKUP and then try the RESTORE wizard you should be able to get it working now.

7) Enjoy


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It seems to have slipped my mind how to get a file off of a backup tape. I am using NT 4.0, hp colorado drive. (also, no extra backup software {i.e. veritas backupexec} just the plain ol' backup program under administration tools....


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OK I've got external HDDs, but not enough to store all my systems, so I have an HP Ultrium 460 LTO tape drive.

What software do you recommend for tape bckup on Windows 10? I tried Easeus Todo backup trial but that was painfully slow. Acronis Advanced Backup is rather expensive, and has a rep for being buggy. Symantec Backup Exec is also $$$ and needs a Windows Server to install so that doesn't work either.

I'm looking for backup to tape (or D2D2T) with a "bare metal restore" capability, freeware would be good, but I'm not averse to payware! What do the mavens here recommend?

Thanks a lot,

A:Tape backup software for Windows 10

I did not use backup payware , I use Easeus Todo Backup Free, I've been using it several years with several PCs and have had no issues with the freeware ,so I mention it FWIW.

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After having abandoned my 35 GB Sony AIT Tape drive when I upgraded to Windows 7 as its backup software no longer supports tape drives, I just bought an HP LTO5 1.5 TB tape drive but will need to get a backup program. The HP page says you get a free download but I don't know if I'll be able to since I bought the drive used.

What backup programs support LTO tape drives and have these features:

Absolute necesscity:
-Ability to backup open files
-Ability to do incremental backups

Would be nice:
-Be able to restore without having to re-install Windows first
-Ability to set scheduled backups set to be on specific tapes and if the wrong tape is in it will request the correct one

I'd like the software to ideally be free but otherwise under $100.


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Hi all

Hopefully I'm posting this in the correct place, Mods please move if not, thanks.

So, I have a bit of a problem. I accidentally deleted the wrong folder from our work server yesterday (Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard), but we have a nightly backup to a tape drive so I went onto the backup software (Symantec Backup Exec 2012) to restore the data. However, using the restore wizard it has been "Querying for data" for approximately 12 hours... is this normal?? Is it possible to restore files/folders from a tape backup, or would we have to restore the whole system? Do I just need to wait a long time for the system to find the data?

We have a spare 2Tb NAS drive so I could potentially restore all of the data to this (approximately 600gb), would this be a more viable approach?

Thanks in advance

A:Restoring files/folders from tape backup

Never mind, sorted now

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Even if you're on the right track - you'll get run over if you just sit there.Click to expand...

Is their a software package that will run my device under Win XP Pro?

I have migrated to Win XP Pro for my OS on a new HP laptop. The software HP Colorado Backup Software II, Ver 9 ran on my old laptop under Win 98 great. HP has discontinued this product and does not support Win XP.

The tape drive backs up the data, but under the "Compare" stage I receive major errors like "Error..file name - error reading from storage device", and "Error...file name - has corrupted data on the backup media. File header not found on media [4872 1308]."

This happens on old and well as brand new media tapes.
I tried forcing the program to run under Win XP "compatibility mode" but it will not start.

I tried upgrading to Veritas software/Stomp's "Backup MyPC ver 4.85". The tape drive backs up the data, but again under the "Compare" stage I receive major errors like "Data read from the backup device was damaged (CRC failure) [4641 1221] Error..file name - has damaged or corrupt data on the media."

Veritas does not support HP's Colorado Tape Backup "External PPT" interface, but does support the HP Colorado Tape Backup "Internal IDE" interface. Veritas just states that the software program will not work with an external device.

My friend also has a HP Colorado tape Backup 20 GBe Inter... Read more

A:HP Colorado External 14GBe Tape Backup

Have you looked around to see if there have been any firmware updates released for your tape drive?

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How can I restore from a foreign tape? The foreign tape was from an Archserve environment. Now I am using veritas backup exec.

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Does anyone know of a company that can rewrite old tape backups to new tape backups.

My old tape backup system ran ArcServe software with with a 150gb Exabyte tapes.

I am now running Veritas software with 400gb Verbatim tapes.

I am looking for a service that can take the ArcServe tapes and write them to the Verbatim tapes so I do not have to keep the old tape backup system connected.

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Tape backup software conversion

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I have had to reformat my hard drive and install WIN98 from the Aptiva CD. Now, when
I install th Colordo Backup Lite, it tells me
that the tape drive and the floppy drive will
be sharing resources and to not use the floppy drive while the tape drive is in use.
Fine, but when I put a tape into the drive
and it finishes spinning the tape, the tape ICON appears and starts flashing with the word 'busy' under it also flashing. Any suggestions?
Thanks, Don Pugh

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A:{SOLVED} Colorado backup tape always busy

Try uninstalling that software, then installing Windows 98 backup software instead. It is written by the same people and is a more current version.

It is in Add/Remove Programs, Windows Setup... accessories maybe? maybe another tab... but it is in there.

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Hi there,
Follwing lots of hard drive poblems, I am looking at tape backup.

I need a quick, inexpensive option, and have found just the thin on ebay.
I found a external DAT Tape drive, and an 600gb native DLT tape cassete,

I am fairly novice to tape backup, can I put the DLT tape into the DAT drive?
Or is there anything to do to make it so you can? becuase this is about the only oprtion I can find for my budget and time scale.

Sorry to add a bit of pressure too..but I need an answer within 1 hour as the listing runs out then!

Thanks soooo much!

A:Solved: Quick Tape Backup question - Urgent

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I am running Windows 2000 Server and when I run the Backup Wizard, I locate the folder I want to save, but when I search for the path to the tape drive it's not there.

I then closed and opened my computer to see if the tape drive is there, and it's not. I can see the c: drive, a: drive, and the CD-ROM, but no tape drive. I went to device manager and it tells me that the drive is working fine. What should I do?

A:Can't Find Tape Drive When Attempting to Backup Data

Have you installed SP3 for Windows 2000, and download and install the latest drivers for the tape drive?

You did not mention what brand or model tape drive you had. If you have a Seagate here's a link to a diagnostic tool for testing: http://www.seagate.com/support/tape/utils/tdiag.html

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I am doing some work for a company that has about 10 PC's running Win98 on a local network and they need a way to back up information. It is a chemical lab that has several PC's hooked up to machines that run tests on chemicals. They need to back up these files and several databases. I need opinions on what is the best way to back up all this data. They want it to be able to run at night when no one is around. I thought about CDR, but that's not enough storage. What about tape? How reliable are they? They would prefer some kind of disk that can be stored off site. Not just backed up on a hard drive there. Also, I would need something that could get the info off other PC's on the network and back it up too. I will probably build a computer for them specially for backing up and storing some of the data. It will be storing the data for others to use (kind of like a server). So, would a SCSI hard drive increase the speed or is the slowest link the 10/100 network? I don't remember if it is 10 or 100. I have no idea what RAID is - would this be an option?



A:{Advice Offered} - What's the best backup method for several PC's on a network? - tape or other?

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I have an old but functioning Sony Digital Data Storage Tape Backup Unit (SDT-9000) that uses a 50 pin connector.

I know very little about computer hardware but need to restore some data from some DDS-3 format 12GB tape 125m tapes that I believe was backup using this tape drive.

To install the SDT-9000 do I need to connect the soft ribbon 50pin connector as well as the power and if so, what does the other end of the 50pin connector connect to?

Also, what is its function?

Any help in my restoration attempt would be most appreciated.

Computer Noob

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I have an issue with Symantec Backup Exec 12.5, where a catalog has somehow been lost now I have come to re-catalog the backup it fails.

The backup is over six tapes, all tapes are present and show up in the autoloader tape drive.

When I attempt to catalog the first tape in the set of tapes it will catalog all the data then fail with the following error;

Error: E0000900 – The requested media is not listed in the media index and could not be mounted. To add the media’s catalog information to the disk-based catalogs, run an inventory operation on the media and resubmit the Catalog operation.

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-2304;

The link explains about having the media present when cataloguing the media but it is so this must be something different, hopefully someone has seen this before.

Many Thanks for any help on this...

A:Solved: Backup Exec 12.5 Cataloguing Tape Failed


I found a solution to this issue.

What I did was to retire the media once retired and I deleted the media from the retired media set.

I then preformed an inventory to re-add the media to the Backup Exec once completed I placed the media back into the correct media set and preformed a catalog which was successful.


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Hello all,

Wandering if any of you could shed some light on a problem I am having?

I have BackUp Exec 12 installed on a XPSP2 machine, it has a Sony SDX-470V tape drive installed (Internal).

BackUp Exec seems to see the hardware but the jobs don't run. If you try to do anything like Inventory or run a job they just queue and sit there forever.

BackUp to disk jobs work fine but it's almost like it doen't like the drivers?? I'm currently using the drivers supplied by Symantec.

Addtional - I've just noticed two things also, the license for this is a quick start edition and also the machine is not on a domain. Would either of these make any difference? Ta

Any ideas would be really great.

Mucho thanks


A:BackUp Exec 12 / Sony Tape Drive problem

Also Just noticed that I have several drivers missing off the machine, would any of these make any difference?
PCI Device
PCI Serial Port
PCI Simple Communications Controller


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I keep trying to use the backup software that comes with Windows but it never does the scheduled backup like its supposed to... Does any one have any suggestions for different software that may run alittle better, i will be running it on an XP Pro machine.

A:Solved: Need backup software for Certance Travan Tape Drive

Just in case anyone runs into the same problems i had with the built in backup programs, i went out and tested a few programs and found Genie Backup Manager Pro... easy to use and runs when its supposed to... it doesn't seem to be too expensive either only 70 bones...

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