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Vista Not Recognizing HDD

Q: Vista Not Recognizing HDD

I need some help, I just built a new computer, with sata hdd, im not doing a raid array. When I get to the part in the installation where it looks for the hdd's, no matter what I do, it shows no drive detected. In post it shows up, and also in the BIOS setup sreen as well. I have a usb drive with the appropriate drivers from mobo disk, and still isnt showing up after they are installed. please help if possible. Here is my setup

640gb Western Digital Green SATA HD
Vista Home premium 64 bit
Pentium C2 QC 2.5ghz
Gigabyte GA-ep45-ud3p mobo
580w psu
8gb patriot ddr2 pc6400 ram 4-4-4-12
2 HIS HD4670 Ice-Q turbo 512mb GPU in crossfire
Lite-On SATA 20x DVD burner

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Preferred Solution: Vista Not Recognizing HDD

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I just built a new rig yesterday, here's the spec's:

Intel 680i Motherboard
Core2 Duo 2.66
4GB PC1066 RAM
2x WD 320GB HDD's on Raid 0
Geforce GTX 8800
Windows Vista Ultimate

Now the problem is on boot, my computer sees all my RAM. I even set it to do a RAM test to count all of it on boot and it did without flaw. But, I come in to Vista, and it only shows 2814 MB of RAM. I'm thoroughly confused about this ... any ideas?


One thing I wanted to mention is that the FSB on my CPU is 1333, and the RAM speed is only 1066 ... I honestly don't know if this could cause any problems, but I figured I'd toss it out there.

A:Vista not recognizing all my RAM

Are you using the 32-bit version of Vista? If so - read this: http://support.microsoft.com/default...b/929605/en-us

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Alright so I just finished building my new computer and as soon as I got everything set up I realized that for some reason Vista was only recognize 1 and 1/3 of my RAM. I have 2 2gb sticks of ram both identical brands and manufacturers they worked in my older computer before I switched them to my new one(they are only 10 months old). My motherboard is an nforce 750i SLI I know its not a problem with the motherboard or how I installed them because on start up the motherboard recognizes both sticks but when windows loads it only registers my RAM as 2.8gb when it should be 4gb. I removed one of the RAM sticks and started my computer and the motherboard recognized it as one and windows recognized it as 2gb, so I did the same thing with the other stick and got the same thing but when I put them both in I still only got 2.8gb when windows loaded. Can anyone tell me what is causing this? Also my computer seems to freeze completely now and again and I think this has something to do with the RAM. I am using windows vista home basic 32 bit. I will post anymore info you need.

A:Vista not recognizing my RAM properly

Hi, welcome to the forums 32 bit OS will be able to address 32*2 or roughly 4gb of memory (Ram) Now the OS itself will retain for kernel use a certain amt of the installed memory, depends on the system however the Max amt of ram that Vista 32 will reveal is around 3.5 GB of an installed 4 gb. You actually have an efficient use of ram 2.8 is more then enough memory for Vista 32 bit. In other words relax what you have is normal. Which means something else is causing your "freeze" (technical term). There are many reasons for this so we need to know ALL about your system.

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Hi there. I'm new to these forums and my knowledge of computers isn't that great.

My laptop (HP laptop- Windows Vista) was able to read disks just fine. However, I noticed one day that it just stopped being able to read disks altogether. I put in the disk, the disk drive flashes yellow a couple times, and then just stops. Nothing happens. I've tried searching around websites but I don't quite understand all of the computer language and functions, so I haven't been able to follow everything.

Could someone help me solve this problem?

A:Vista not recognizing disks

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I am working on a new video project at a new work site with a new computer. It is a game of finding out where everything is right now, but not a fun game.

I am running Windows Vista Ultimate and tried hooking up a WD 500GB MY BOOK, Studio Edition via usb and firewire directly to the back of the pc with no results.

I went to WD's website and registered the product as well as downloaded the most current drivers.

My startup menu recognizes the drive as being active with 1% used and allows me to disconnect it, but "my computer" does not see the drive and I am unable to save files to the drive.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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so, a super annoying issue. a newer hp desktop with vista installed had a sophisticated virus/malware which caused the network/internet to not work on it(completely messed up the dns settings and who knows what else) , and i cannot do a system restore, and it wont even recognize the bootable win 7 dvd. the win 7 dvd works on any other computer, but on this, it doesnt boot for it or even show up in "my computer",not even in safe mode or anything. any other dvd or cd, even the windows xp cd is recognized. i did the "disable driver signature enforcement" before windows vista boot, and still no luck. please help, i need to somehow get win 7 installed on this, as the virus/spyware messed up the dns/network adapters, and i think it'd be easier just to install win 7.

A:Vista not recognizing win 7 installation dvd

If you want to try to repair Vista follow these same steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

If you're ready to install Win7 wipe the HD first using Diskpart Clean Command from the installer's Command Line accessed by DISKPART At PC Startup.
Try triggering the installer to boot by tapping the HP ESC key at boot. This is almost always a failure by the user to boot the installer or Repair CD correctly.
Failure to boot a disk is 90% of the time user error, reset the CMOS: Clear CMOS - 3 Ways to Clear the CMOS - Reset BIOS. Set HD to boot first in BIOS setup, use ESC key to boot installer or boot disks.

If this continues to fail, download and burn to DVD or write to flash stick the latest official Installer with the tool provided in Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 to see if the installer is the problem.

If not then download, burn to CD using Windows Image Burner then boot free Partition Wizard bootable CD or DBAN CD which will boot itself without user prompting, wipe the HD from Disk Tab after highlighting the HD #.

This will force the installer to also boot itself so you can follow the steps in Clean Reinstall to get a perfect Win7 install.

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I recently bought windows vista home premium, and also assembled a new PC. I placed the dvd into the DVD drive, and it didn't recognize it. I thought it was the DVD, but I tried it in my main machine and it worked.

I am about to test another DVD in the old drive. Also DVD-drive recognized a CD and I loaded XP onto it, but I want Vista on it. Anyhow heard of anything like this afore?

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Hi everyone, I found a resolution to correct Windows XP and Vista with recognizing the correct amount of RAM installed.
I noticed this problem has happened to a lot of people (from questions in other forums)

My problem was upgrading to Vista, While the PC has 1G RAM, Vista would not install. stating that only 256MG Ram was detected.
I spent 1 hour and 45min on the phone with Microsoft and they couldn't identify the issue.

After sometime I noticed the following:
-BIOS showed 1G
-MSINFO32 showed 1 G
-System properties showed 256MG (*this is what upgrades look at)

Here's what I did to correct this. In BIOS I changed the OS install mode to on and restarted the PC. A message showed stating something like "limited to 256 RAM" I allowed the system to boot up then restarted entering BIOS again. This time I changed OS install mode to off and restarted the system. The new message showed System memory changed to 1G. Guess what? Vista loaded!
Hope this helps anyone that might cross this issue in the future.

Dell dimension 4600

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I recently installed 4GB of RAM into my system and in system properties iy only recognizes 3?

A:Solved: Vista not recognizing 4 GB of RAM?

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Booted up my gateway laptop one day and my windows Vista desktop was noticeably different. The taskbar had reverted back to a taskbar more akin to one from Win 95 or 3.1.

After noticing that I noticed that it would not find or recognize any networks at all so I have no Internet connection. It will not allow me to run a system restore. I bought Windows 7 hoping upgrading would help, nope. When I put the install disk jn it gave me an error saying it does not recognize drive.

I'll admit I'm not a complete computer expert, but I have no idea as to why I can do right now to get my computer functioning.

I able to run programs on vista like ITunes, or other ones. But I'm pretty hampered by not being able to access the Internet and being unable to figure out why.

Any ideas?

A:Windows Vista Not Recognizing Anything

hope it's not infected......

check your bios to make sure it's in order. if it's no, reset it and reboot and see if the pc comes good again. actually, just reset it anyway.

to install win7, change the pc boot priority to cd/dvd first. have the win7 disk in the drive and reboot laptop. when you see "hit any key to start from cd", hit any key, eg space-bar. and win7 installation should start up.

hope you bought the correct version of win7. if it's oem version you can do an upgrade. a fresh install will wipe everything off your hdd. so just be aware of that incase you have important data in there.

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I have an old Emachines T5082 that I decided to upgrade for my son. I'm trying to upgrade to Windows 7. Here's the the problem I removed the 512mb that it originally came with and added a 1gb stick. In the BIOS as well CPU-Z its reading 1024mb but windows only shows as 894MB. Can anyone assist with this?

Thanks in advance.

A:windows vista not recognizing all ram

Is the video shared there by using some ram

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I've had an Acer Aspire 5100 laptop for about 4 months. Turion 64, 1.5G RAM, 120G Hitachi HD, Pioneer 16X DVDRW, and Vista Home Basic. This is my first experience with Vista, but I've been using computers since DOS 3.1, I'm used to Windows 2000, and I'd really like to Ubuntu Bill Gates completely off my desktop except that I have a couple programs that need windows.

It was fine up until a week or so ago. The BIOS always lists the DVD drive on the boot screen (I turned off the BIOS splash screen), but it's a crap shoot whether or not Vista recognizes the DVD drive. If Vista recognizes it, everything works normally for up to about 10 minutes, then it's just gone with nothing listed in the device manager or Explorer. Other times Vista does not recognize the drive at all, but reboot again and it may.

The bloatware that came with this machine was gone the first day, I use AVG and a couple different spyware programs so I doubt that's the problem. I have pulled the cover, unplugged and replugged the drive with no change. I haven't found any drivers from either Pioneer or Acer. Vista has been updated, and there is a voice in the back of my head that says that might be the problem. Any suggestions?

A:Vista not recognizing DVDRW drive

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I have some photos on an IBM Microdrive Compactflash card. I attached the drive to my laptop with an ExpressCard Compactflash Adapter.

Vista didn't recognize the card at all. I'm a photographer and have had no issues at all with regular flash cards, but from what I've just Googled, there seems to be some issues with Vista and the Microdrives, which are PCMCIA hard drives in a compactflash size.

I thought there was a hotfix, but MS said it didn't apply to my system.

Any ideas?


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Ok I run both OSX Leopard and Vista. I am using a 200 GB external HD to back up my Mac and I would like to use it to back up my PC as well. I recently partitioned it into 3 drives 2 being Mac and the 3rd being NTSF for my PC. Well the Mac partitions work fine but when I plug it into my PC it doesn't come up. It does show it in "Device Manager" and the drive software is up to date it tells me. Where did I go wrong ?

A:Vista not recognizing partitioned external HD ?

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Hi, I've just bought a new machine, an Acer Aspire 2930, and I need to digitize footage shot on my Sony A1 camcorder.

The Acer has an Expresscard/34 slot, for which I've bought an external PCI firewire card. The one I bought is this one, which supposedly works with Vista.

However, when I insert the card, Vista doesn't recognize it.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

BTW, I am new to Vista. My old laptop, which had a firewire port and ran XP, always recognised the camera.

Thanks in advance.

A:Vista not recognizing PCI firewire card

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I recently had a serious crash on my Shuttle61 series desktop which was running WXP Pro. I bought this machine with the OS pre-installed and the store is now out of business. Fortunately, my son just bought W7 for his machine and he gave me his Vista Home Premium Upgrade package and I decided to try it. Installed just fine after installing my trusty old W2K OS as a base, upgraded and its not as bad as I thought! So far only one obvious glitch... the OS is not recognizing my 320Gig "slave" drive which is where a lot of my pictures and data are stored.

I went into the BIOS and the Slave is showing up properly. I also popped the cover off and made sure all connections were snug, but this drive has been working just fine until the Vista install. Connecting external USB drive shows up just fine as well. So I am baffled about why the BIOS is seeing the drive, but the OS is not.

Can anyone shed some light on how to fix this? Is this a glitch in Vista?

Thanks in advance for any/all help!


A:Vista not recognizing Slave Drive

I don't know how you can fix that but I do have a question. Is that legal... for you to use someone else's Vista Home Premium Upgrade?

Originally Posted by pocoloco

I recently had a serious crash on my Shuttle61 series desktop which was running WXP Pro. I bought this machine with the OS pre-installed and the store is now out of business. Fortunately, my son just bought W7 for his machine and he gave me his Vista Home Premium Upgrade package and I decided to try it. Installed just fine after installing my trusty old W2K OS as a base, upgraded and its not as bad as I thought! So far only one obvious glitch... the OS is not recognizing my 320Gig "slave" drive which is where a lot of my pictures and data are stored.

I went into the BIOS and the Slave is showing up properly. I also popped the cover off and made sure all connections were snug, but this drive has been working just fine until the Vista install. Connecting external USB drive shows up just fine as well. So I am baffled about why the BIOS is seeing the drive, but the OS is not.

Can anyone shed some light on how to fix this? Is this a glitch in Vista?

Thanks in advance for any/all help!


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OS is Vista (obviously). New laptop. I have an audiowav player with a foot pedal that I use to import wav amd wma voice files to type medical reports. Old computer with xp worked fine with the player. New laptop can import and play wma files, but am unable to import or play wav files. I can put a wav file anywhere on this computer and the player just will not see it. If I try to play the file in windows media player, it says I need Sanyo ADPCM (125) codec. I have actually pulled that from the old computer and put it on this one in the system 32, but it does not recognize it. I also downloaded a windows vista codec pack and still no luck. place where my company bought player has virtually no support. I could not really find much on the net about that codec. Any thoughts would be appreciated...Thank you..Rhonda

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This is really strange, and I'd love some suggestions. I just installed 2 e5345 quad-core Xeon cpus (approved for the board) in my Tyan Tempest i5000xt mobo but Vista only sees 4 cores...sort of:

POST sees both cpus and all 8 cores (BIOS is latest version) and when Vista x64 starts, Device Manger sees all 8 cores, but Task Manger's Performance Monitor along with the basic System Information page, only see 4 cores. Plus doing benchmarks it is clear 4 cores are missing from doing calculations.

I have tried uninstalling the cpus in Device manager to force a new recognition, I've also tried reinstalling Vista, both attempts did not work.

I'm starting to pull my hair out over this one...any thoughts?

Tyan Tempest i5000XT (S2696)
Dual-CPU Intel e5345 quad-cores
Phoenix 1.05 BIOS
nVidia Quadro FX 1500
E-MU E-DSP M1212
Vista Ultimate x64 SP1

A:[SOLVED] Vista not recognizing 8 cores

Hi -

Device Manager shows all 8 - any red/yellow flags present? Be sure to enable hidden devices via VIEW tab. Do all 8 have a driver - what is it & the date, please.

Do you have info from MS on the support of dual-quad 4 CPU? It seems they just added quad core to PERFMON not that long ago. I have never heard of nor seen 8 on one screen.

Run Vista system health report & see what it has to say. Save in HTML format, zip & attach to post.

START | perfmon /report

Regards. . .



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I am running Vista Ultimate. I am having a problem where vista is not recognizing directories in the path variable.

For example, if I open up a command line (ran as administrator) and type "ipconfig", I get the error - 'ipconfig' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

But if I change the director to c:\windows\system32> and type ipconfig it will give the correct output.

Now I know that the path variable should be set to the system32 directory, but when I check the path and the extension, everything seems ok. Here is a screenshot:

I don't know what else to do to get the command prompt to recognize the system32 diretory commands. Any help appreciated. And all the commands that I am trying exist in the system32 directory.

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Windows Vista has stopped recognizing my monitor. This happened after a normal shutdown and otherwise normal startup. The monitor, which is the only one that has ever been used with this computer (both were purchased new in Dec 2007) is an HP w17e, but it is now listed as "Generic Non-PnP Monitor" in Device Manager.
I can adjust resolution, but the picture still doesn't look right - since this is a widescreen monitor, everything appears "stretched." Plus, it doesn't "remember" icon positions on the desktop.
There is no option to add Monitor in Add Hardware.
Rebooting does not help.
Unplugging the monitor from the computer and plugging it back in doesn't help.
The HP website does not offer any driver downloads for the w17e.

Please help!

Vista Home Premium
Compaq SR5254X
HP w17e LCD monitor
Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver Report
Driver Version:
Operating System: Windows Vista (TM) Home Premium* , (6.0.6000)
Default Language: English
DirectX* Version: 10.0
Physical Memory: 1014 MB
Minimum Graphics Memory: 8 MB
Maximum Graphics Memory: 251 MB
Graphics Memory in Use: 96 MB
Processor: x86 family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Speed: 1600 MHZ
Vendor ID: 8086
Device ID: 2772
Device Revision: 02

* Accelerator Information *

Accelerator in Use: Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family
Video BIOS: 1374
Current Graphics Mode: 1280 by 960 True Color (60 Hz)

* Other name... Read more

A:Vista Stopped Recognizing Monitor

If it came with a cd can't you just reinstall the software?

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Hey all.

Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I have a VNF4 Ultra Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra ATX AMD Motherboard, and there's 4 slots for RAM. I had 2 slots filled with 512 sticks for a total of one gig of RAM. So I got another stick, this one a gig, and installed it. At first I expected to see total RAM was 2048, but it showed 512. So I moved the sticks around and now it says 1535. I have tried moving them around and always get 1535. Is this a mobo error, or a Vista error? I have Vista Business if that helps. I would have just bought another 512 stick if it wasn't going to recognize a full gig of RAM.

Any ideas?

A:Vista not recognizing correct amount of RAM?

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Windows Vista laptop had a hangup where it froze for a moment and we restarted it -- now the password (that we know is entered correctly without caps lock) is no longer being accepted. Can anyone help? All Windows updates have been installed. Cannot get into the computer as another user either.

Thank you!

A:Vista Not Recognizing Windows Password

Hi -

We cannot assist with password issues.

Please see - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/940765

Regards. . .



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So out of nowhere my computer doesn't recognize cds anymore. Nothing auto plays and when I click on the Icon for the F: drive in "My Computer" it opens the drive and tells me to insert a disk. I tried advice I saw on other threads that included checking for updated drivers (done with no help) and deleting the upper/lowerfilters from the regedit file (also had no effect). I don't know where to go from here so Im pleading for your help! Thank you.

A:Vista no longer recognizing any cds/dvds

hi and welcome to TSG this may be one option to try http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/2113/vista_how_to_autoplay_options/ another is to go to device manager and delete the driver for your cd drive reboot twice windows will reinstall the driver this has worked for others

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Ok here's my problem

I have a acer aspire 5535 laptop with windows Vista 64bit. Something happen and I couldn't turn on my pc. It kept telling me to insert installation disc. The only one i could find in my house was the 32 bit vista. I didn't realize it was 32 until it was downloaded in my pc.

Now here's where my problem gets more frustrating:

My network and ethernet drivers are not being recognized. I tried reparing it. I got the name of the drivers and i downloaded them from my htc evo and connected it to my computer. It didn't recognize any of the drivers. I tried downloading both 64 bit (before i realized I had actually 32bit) and i downloaded 32bit.

I need some help please


Hi yankees90 and welcome to TSF

So you thought you had a 64bit OS, but it was actually a 32bit OS, and no 32bit drivers are working for your computer now on a fresh install?

Have you tried downloading the latest chipset drivers for your computer and installing them first and then the other drivers.

Looking at the specifications though, it doesn't seem to run Windows 7? Though sometimes you can still run 7 but use Vista drivers instead.

I would check though by downloading and running the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor just to be sure.

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New user here. I recently upgraded from XP to Vista by wiping the HD for a clean install. From then I've been having problems

It seems that Vista isnt recognizing the cd drive, or at least only doing so temporarily. I used the CD itself drive to install Vista so I know it isnt a problem with the drive. I found a temporary fix disconnecting the CD drive, rebooting, connecting it back , then rebooting it again. At this point Vista sees it and goes about installing drivers for it. However my drive disappears on the next startup, not showing itself on My Computer or the device manager. I would go look for some kind of driver for my drive but I don't even know the model let alone brand. Threw away that documentation awhile ago.

to make matters worse, when I actually do get the drive to work, Vista won't let me install my motherboard drivers via CD. It installs most games/software etc fine but spits out errors installation when reading my driver CD's autorun.

If it helps, my motherboard is an ECS 945P-A and Im using a DVD-RW drive. I'm installing with Vista Home Premium

thanks for reading!!

A:Solved: Vista not recognizing cd-drive

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I am a Mac user who is trying to help my mother figure out an issue with her Compac. Talk about blind leading the blind. Anyways... a few days ago, her internet stopped connecting. It is high speed/no router. I hooked up my laptop & it worked, so I know it's not Mediacom.
I was on the phone with a tech guy at Mediacom & after he had me perform many steps, he said the problem is found in device manager and Network Connections Sharing Center. When I go to the Network Connections Sharing Center & manging net connections: all that shows up is dial-up. When I go to Device Manager, there is only one item listed & it has a yellow triangle with a ! The guy who was trying to talk me through this had me try to delete & reboot- no luck.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

A:HP computer with Vista not recognizing internet

Go here (on the HP) http://www.techspot.com/vb/showthread.php?t=100655&highlight=drivers
Click Start Detection
Install your Ethernet drivers

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Hello Im new here and i was hoping i can get some answers here.
Ive recently built my own computer but when installing Vista, its not recognizing my hard drive which is not allowing me to install.

Comp specs:
Mother Board: GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2.8GHz 3MB LGA775 BOX
Graphic Card: GF9600GT-E512HW/HD/GE

Mother Board is currently recognizing my Hard drive

I have reconfigured my Bios settings for to (Enable) Sata Port0-3 Native Mode
Onboard Sata/IDE Ctrl Mode: IDE

Does anyone have any advice on how i can get vista to recognize my Hard drive, any help would be appreciated.

A:Vista is not recognizing my Hard Drive

If the hard drive is detected in the BIOS than the hard drive is recognized. There is more info required to help you.

1. Are you trying to install vista on it? (sounds like you are)
2. What is the error message on the computer?
3. Are you booting directly to the dvd drive?
4. Is the Vista disk a genuine copy of is it a burned copy?

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I have a WD 500 GB hard drive and recently, Vista hasn't fully recognized it. If I plug it in I can find it in the device manager (and it makes the "USB in" sound) but it doesn't appear in windows explorer. The only way I can view it in explorer is if I reboot the computer; but as soon as I unplug it and plug it back in it's gone.

Here's the steps I've taken so far:

1) Tried the drive in all available USB ports.

2) Made sure all USB ports are functioning correctly

3) Tried the drive in another computer to make sure it wasn't the problem.

4) Deleted INFOCACHE.1 as some forums say it can lead to USB problems.

Please help!!

A:Vista not recognizing external hardrive

Try updating your computers chipset drivers.. Visit your computers manufactures website and look for update motherboard drivers or updated chipset drivers. Install them. Reboot and try again. if that does not work you could always try to re-seat the connections. open up the portable Harddrive and unplug the PCB from the hard drive then plug it in again.

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I bought an Acer Aspire 5515 laptop last week with the Vista Home Edition OS. It worked fine for a few days, but now it doesn't seem to recognize my mouse at all. I've been Googling for a solid three hours and nothing seems to have worked.

As far as I can tell the mouse works alright on XP machines, so I'm fairly certain this is a Vista problem. Any ideas?

A:Solved: Vista: Not Recognizing Mouse

Try to connect to other USB port, and reboot PC, or use keyboard, to search for hardware changes. If mouse has more than 3 buttons, it usually comes with disk, try installing it.

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my mobo is
Compaq-Presario RK545AA-ABA SR2163WM

and my graphix card is FORCE3D RADEON HD5450 1GB
i have tried everything i can think of power supply, ram, made sure it was pushed in all the way, bios and set pci-e to first nothing the card does work it was tested on another pc and it works fine, when i plugg this card in the pci-e slot the monitor does not pick it up nor the onboard while its installed now when i unplugg it the onboard works fine what am i doing rong please help i am so frustrated with this, oh and i also installed the drivers for the new card using the onboard graphix thinking this would help nothing same thing.

A:vista not recognizing my new graphix card please help.

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Hi there,
I just build my very first computer, of which I am very proud of. Here are the specs:
- AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 3.2GHz
- Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H
- G.SKILL Ripjaws X 8GB DDR3-1333 RAM
- Sapphire Radeon 6850 1GB GDDR5
- 1TB Seagate 12.7200 SATAIII HD
- Windows Vista 64-bit Ultimate

Here's the problem: when I go into Display Settings > Advanced Settings, it indicates the following:
Total Available Graphics Memory: 766 MB
Dedicated Video Memory: 1024 MB
System Video Memory: 0 MB
Shared System Memory: 3838 MB

When I go into DxDiag, it corroborates this with "Approx. Total Memory: 751 MB", under the Display tab. I've never seen a computer detect less memory on the graphics card than there actually is. My AMD VISION Engine Control Center software does say that it's in fact 1GB, but everything else is wrong. I'm running Catalyst 11.6 for a driver.

Does what Windows says actually matter? If so, how can I get it to recognize the full VRAM? Also, how do I disable the shared video memory? Don't really need it.


A:[SOLVED] Vista not recognizing all Video RAM


Here's the problem: when I go into Display Settings > Advanced Settings, it indicates the following:
Total Available Graphics Memory: 766 MB
Dedicated Video Memory: 1024 MB
System Video Memory: 0 MB
Shared System Memory: 3838 MB


It's reading it fine as indicated above. Nothing to worry about your good.

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Hi, I just recently bought a HP laptop and am running Vista on it. I have previously ran XP and have a external harddrive I use with all my other computers. My problem is that the harddrive won't recognize my files on the harddrive. It installs, but after this it searches for files and can't find any. Can I get access to my old files, or do I have to reformat something? Thanks in advance.

A:Harddrive not recognizing files on Vista

Right click on a problem file, select properties and in the box that appears, make sure you are in the general tab section. At the bottom where it says "hidden" etc. click on the "Advanced" button. If the "Encrypt contents to secure data" checkbox is selected, then the files were encrypted by your user account on XP.

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My problem is that my vista computer seems to not even know it has a CD/DVD drive/burner in it. I've looked under hardware - it's not listed. I look at the "my computer" folder - it's not listed. I've rebooted my computer a couple of times. I've even run a few tests. I put in CDs that I know have worked in the drive before - no reaction. It opens and closes just fine, and the little light flashes, but nothing actually happens.

The only thing I haven't done is opened the case - and I'll probably try that in the next 6 hours - but I will admit that I won't know what I'm looking for. I don't usually look for anything other than DDR slots.

I'm not getting any error messages, I'm not getting anything. I've run the "can you RUN it test" to see if it picks up a CD/DVD drive, and it says that I don't.

I've seen a thread that has expired on this topic, but I don't know how to do the bit about merging something into the registry - and I'm not sure if that would be a viable fix for my vista problem.

I'll be online but not physically present at the computer on my AIM for the next few hours, and I'll only log off of it when I'm switching computers so I can open the case of the slimline. I'll be back to check this in a couple of hours.

A:Solved: Vista not recognizing CD/DVD drive

Check your BIOS to see if your DVD drive is listed there. The issue your referring to with the registry is the upper and lower filter iTunes issue. You can still see your drive in the device manager and My Computer but it doesn't work. This isn't your problem. Either you have a cable that has come lose or your drive has crapped out. Check the cables and make sure they are plugged in tightly. If they are take it to a local repair shop to have it fixed.

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I just got a new hard drive, and I was planning on installing Vista on it. It's a Western Digital Caviar SE16 500GB SATA HDD. My computer only has IDE, so I'm using a converter/"vertical bridge" with the hard drive. Vista can't detect any hard drive during the install and asks for a driver.

I'm not sure if the drive is dead, or if there is a problem with Vista. The page on the Western Digital website says "perfect for Vista" and "Works with Windows Vista." I took it to another computer place after I couldn't get it to install, and they said all the connections are correct.

I heard it's not formatted because it's OEM. Fdisk says "no fixed drives" (or something like that) when I run it. I also tried Data Lifeguard Tools from the WD website, and that didn't detect the drive either.

So, is there a driver that I can download that will work? Or is my drive just dead on arrival?(how can I be sure?)

A:Vista is not recognizing hard drive

Hi omglol741,
Before any version of Windows will see a hard drive, the hard drive must be seen (and seen correctly) by the computer's BIOS (Basic Input Output System). Make sure the hard drive is seen correctly in the BIOS. If it is not might want to change the jumper on the hard drive. Try setting the drive to Master or take the jumper out all together. If this drive is a slave drive then change the jumper to slave.
Hope this helps.

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Hey, i recently switched from windows vista to windows xp on my laptop because vista is awful. The model of the laptop is the Toshiba Satellite A210 with the 2x AMD Athlon processors, as there is a version with the AMD turion processor instead. Anyways, the laptop works to use the internet, but not to play video games or run anything graphic intensive. When i look in device manager it shows VGA video controller instead of the video card i had when i had vista. Also, when i run programs like Can You Run It, it says i have no video card installed. I figure it must be the motherboard not recognizing the video card, as i was not able to find any xp drivers for the motherboard. I was hoping someone here could provide some insight into this for me. Thanks in advance.

A:Switched from vista to xp, not recognizing video card

you need to go to the video card makers site and download the drivers for it.

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Vista 64 Bit Ultimate
i7 920 CPU / 12 GB RAM
ASUS P6T Motherboard

Canon XL-2 camcorder is not recognized by Vista when plugging into the firewire port. Premiere CS3 does not see the device either.

No issues with XP2 32bit... recognized and captured fine.

Searching the net reveals firewire connectivity on Vista (in general) is problematic, if non-existent.

Should have done my homework before building the box. 64 bit allows for access to more RAM and than means faster render times. Not being able to capture via firewire is a definite "show stopper".

I had been happy with 64 bit up to this point (all bells and whistles turned off of course). Another "EPIC FAIL" for Microsoft.

Anyone have any ideas .... at all ... on how to get this working?

A:vista 64 bit not recognizing firewire connection to camcorder

Go it .... after a ton of digging.

Windows Vista does not enumerate an IEEE 1394a device that you connect to the computer

A registry hack puts back the 32 bit enumeration ... and ... "bob's your uncle!".

After adding it, the firewire connection IMMEDIATELY recognized the camcorder and installed the drivers. Nice....

Below is the Microsoft KB answer...

"When you connect an IEEE 1394a device to a computer that is running Windows Vista, Windows Vista does not enumerate the device. However, if you connect the same device to a computer that is running Microsoft Windows XP, Windows XP enumerates the device successfully."

Note An IEEE 1394a device may also be referred to as a FireWire device.

"Windows Vista only enumerates a device that sets its link status to request enumeration. If an IEEE 1394a device does not report the correct status of its link, the IEEE 1394 stack in Windows Vista does not enumerate the device."

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I feel abandonned. First by Dell because I "deared" upgrade my OS from XP Pro to Vista Ultimate, which evidently prevents me from utilizing the rest of my 4 yr support contract. Secondly by Seagate/Maxtor because I built my own external hard drives using one Maxtor Diamondmax21 (320Gb) "internal" drive in a CompUSA enclosure and a second drive usinge Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9 (120Gb), also in a CompUSA enclosure. Seagate tech support said "Unfortunately, we do not support those drives in this type of environment". Also chatted online with an Intel support representative, but to no help.

My computer is a Dell Dimension 9100 with 4Gb RAM, 3 GHz processor, running Vista Ultimate (since March 2007) with all updates. When the machine was new, it had XP Pro.

The two "home made" external drives worked fine until I had to reformat my C-drive, reinstall Vista and all other software about 2 weeks ago. Since then the machine does not "see" or recognize the drives. They do not show up in MyComputer, Device Manager or Disk Manager.

This is what I have tried:
1) Using different USB cables
2) Tried all 5 USB ports in back of machine and 2 in front
3) Switched around the enclosures and power supplies
4) Plugged both into my laptop running XP Pro, and both show up and are accessible at first try
5) No yellow signs in Device Manager
6) I have an external LaCie (160Gb) hard drive plugged into one of the USB ports on the back and it works perfe... Read more

A:Vista not recognizing my two external hard drives

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So. When I first installed it today the mouse worked fine, I had logitech setpoint on there (Mouse is a logitech M100)

And after installing some updates, the mouse wouldn't work with vista. I highly doubt an update broke it, So I prefer responses not about that since they were security patches.

Regardless I kinda need the mouse to work since I sort of well lack a touchpad. (broke not drivers)

Please hurry with your responses.

A:Vista not recognizing Logitech mouse. Just my luck.

Nevermind. I really don't care anymore.

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I built my computer about a month ago. Everything was working fine until recently. Two USB ports built into the EVGA 680i SLI motherboard stopped working and the front 2 USB ports on my Antec 900 stopped working. I have tried everything that deals with hardware but none of that has fixed it. Has anyone had this problem with Vista and their computer? I would like to know how to fix this problem.


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I just got a 1TB My Book Edition 2 WD external hard drive and when I plug it into my computer vista won't recognize it. I know the hard drive works as I tried it on another computer running XP. Does anybody know how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance for any help.

BTW. I have a 250GB Lacie hooked up and it works fine.

A:Vista not recognizing external WD Hard Drive.


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My friend has an issue that neither of us can find a solution to.
He's running Windows Vista Business, and it won't recognize the DVD-RW in it, or any flash drives.

A:Windows Vista Business not recognizing DVD drives.

Was Vista Business preinstalled on this computer, or is it an upgrade?

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After 5 years of working fine, I suspected I needed a new hard drive when my Vista started to crash randomly after fresh Vista re-installs. (my guess is I had either a virus - which seemed unlikely given my use of automaticall updated Avast and MalWareBytes and my browsing habits have all been the same ; and the stumper was that problems weren't solved by fresh reinstalls....so that made me think it was bad sectors, tho' after scans quaranteened them, severe crashes still happened.
A tech installed a new hard drive for my Toshiba laptop, and I installed my original Windows Vista Recovery DVDs I made when it was new, but several yellow exclamation marks appear in the device manager; (I looked there after my fresh windows install says no sound hardware is detected). I checked and my device driver is up to date; and the 4 others device problems say the same thing eg for audio output Realtek HD, Wifi Link 5100, Display Adapters PCI Bus, etc Each one says "Windows cannot load drivers - code 39"
The only advice I've found on the net hasn't worked. In RegEdit, when I open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\, there is only one entry named (Default),and type is REG_SZ and Data is (value not set) so I can't delete upper or lower filters.
Any ideas?

A:fresh Vista install not recognizing devices

What model is your Toshiba? There's usually a sticker with the model number on the bottom.
You may have to manually reinstall the device drivers, it sounds like they are corrupted in some way.

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I have an nVidia 680i motherboard with one onboard IDE controller with a DVD-ROM and a DVD-RW drive attached. I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit. If there is a CD or DVD in one of the drives when booting Vista, I can access that CD or DVD from within Vista until I eject it. Once I eject the CD, Vista shows the drive as empty. I can put in any CD at that point and Vista won't recognize it. I have to either remove the drives from device manager and add them back or reboot the PC to see the new CD. Anyone have any ideas what would cause this? Thanks in advance for you help.

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I have purchased two PCI Network Adapters and for each I have received a "The device is not configured correctly (Code 1)" error in Vista's Device Manager when trying to manually locate and add the drivers, either from the software accompanying the adapters or from the companies websites (I have tried products from Linksys and Belkin). After hours on the phone with tech support ppl, who were conviced the software I got was corrupt--not true-- I think it might be best to install a new OS (revert back to XP) because I want results.

Has anyone been able to find a way out of this predicament in VISTA?

Please note I have tried the basics, i.e. going to Device Manager and trying to search for the drivers or manually add them from software or company's website. No matter what I do, I get an error message indicating that the drivers can't be found - even if I have "browsed" to them!

Thanks very much all

A:PCI Network Adapter problem in Vista - Not recognizing drivers

When browsing for them make sure "Include Sub-Folders" is ticked and search "C:\". That might give you a much better chance of locating them. As for Internet locating you can't really change how it scans for that. Maybe a disk came with your hardware containing the Adapter's Drivers.

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Damn Western Digital. I sent back their last piece of crap hard drive that broke in 4 months and they gave me another piece of crap hard drive that broke in 4 months. The problem isn't the same, though. The hard drive looks and sounds alright, but when I plug it in to any computer, it has maybe a 15% chance of working. When it does work, if I bump it or move it an inch (or my laptop, for that matter), suddenly it's not recognized again. It's worked 100% perfectly until last week.

My theory is that the USB cable from the hard drive to the computer is malfunctioning. On the hard drive end, the cable is bent up pretty bad. The metal is bent at a 160-degree angle or so when plugged in. Are there any quick tests I can run before buying a new cable and possibly finding out it's a waste? Would this even cause a problem like this?

A:Problems recognizing 500GB USB hard drive on Vista

well...first off, what's a new usb cord cost? like 5-10 bucks if you shop around for about 15 minutes? does it show up in with the little safely remove software icon on the task bar? at startup, if you run bios settings, and choose advanced settings and then hard drive, does it show up there? i'm assuming it doesn't show up in my computer or disk management as well. a good start would be an answer to these last few questions. how did you manage to bend the usb cord in the first place?

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I recently got a Western Digital Caviar SE WD3200AJS 320gb hard drive as a second hard drive just for media storage. Ever since I received it, Vista has had trouble with it. The drivers have never properly installed right, yet once within the first week of having it I was able to view it through the Admin. Tools and format it. I put on a good 30 gigs of video, but the next time I used my computer Vista was back to viewing it as an 'Unknown ATA Device' BIOS recognizes it fine (I use an Intel 945G mobo), and I was able to install Ubuntu on it and it's recognized fine there, yet Vista just can't do anything with it. Any advice?


A:Vista not recognizing Western Digital Hard Drive

Also, I've been having a BIOS Press F1 to continue boot error because of this hard drive lately. I think it might just be a master/slave conflict, because I was using jumpers before and never had this problem. I don't really think it's relevant, but I'm by no means a hardware expert and I'm looking for any advice here.

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