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PC Plans - Less than $450 budget

Q: PC Plans - Less than $450 budget


I was looking through CPUs and Motherboards (As that's all I need to buy at this time, don't worry about the RAM).

I found these (Sorry, I'm not allowed to post links yet):

Intel Core2 Quad Q9400

I want to future-proof this set-up as best as possible FOR UNDER $450.

The Q9400 has SSE4.1, 6mb L2 cache, and 1333mhz fsb (45nm manufacturing process).
I assume SSE4.1 instructions are GOOD to have (should I forget about this)?

The thing is, I will never overclock anything, and I'm wondering how much extra am I paying for this "fairly capable" overclocking gigabyte board. Is there one that's comparable without the overclock-ready components?

Any responses are GREATLY appreciated!!!

Preferred Solution: PC Plans - Less than $450 budget

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: PC Plans - Less than $450 budget

Futureproofing by my definition: I want to fit into the "reccomended" requirements for games over the next 3 years. Not 120FPS in crysis kind of goal.

"Don't worry about ram": I can get 2GB sticks of DDR2 RAM at any time from my local stores, so I don't need to discuss it. No offense taken .

I am doing this in increments though, trying to capitalize on what I have now, and the future development of products whilst getting the best value possible.

My plan: Core 2 Quad (yet to determine best value per dollar now, i thought the new instructions might be worth my while), Gigabyte motherboard (good quality; not DESIGNED solely for overclocking), 4GB kingston DDR2 probably 1066.
Still keeping my--harddrives, nvidia 7800gt (I know this is "inefficient"), 450W coolermaster PSU, case, sound blaster audigy 4...

I realize at some point I'll have to buy a new GPU, and a new PSU, I'm waiting until DirectX 11 to contemplate this, as I feel buying a DirectX 10 video card is a waste.

The i7 doesn't interest me, by the time I can afford it, octa-core will be released, I have to choose when to buy sometime... I have an athlon 64 right now.

The Question Remains

Intel Core2 Quad Q9400

Good Combo? I will not be overclocking.

Thanks for your response Matthew.

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This link was already posted before. But I just like to remind you that this is an excellent tool for migrating the OS to the SSD. Paragon is currently offering it for free.

If you plan to install a SSD, you might want to get it now and keep it in stock. It does, however, not say for how long this "test" version will be working. The website is in German, but the product is in English. If you have any problem with the German verse, let me know and I help you.

Another member just used this free version to migrate his system and it worked well. I have used a test version and that worked well too,

Paragon Software Registrierung

A:For everyone that plans to buy a SSD


Thanks for the link.

Is the program you used 2 or 3 weeks ago that allows you to transfer only portions of a partition and thereby avoid having to shrink it? The program that costs $20 normally?

If so, I might keep it. I probably won't be buying an SSD for at least 6 months. Looks like I'm go to build a new PC, but will keep spinning drives for a while longer.

Any known limitations on this regarding functionality compared to the paid for version?

I'd guess it would work on any hard drive--not just SSDs?

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Hi there,

How do I create a custom power plan with modified Advanced setting so that the laptop sleeps after 30 mins on charge.

At the moment am using Balanced and want to keep using it, but when in advanced setting I change the default to e.g Require password from Yes to No, Wireless settings etc the lap wont sleep after 30 mins or 15 mins on battery.

Any expert assistance would be appreciated.


A:Power Plans?

click change plan settings, then advance settings.

I can post screen shots if that would help.

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Hey there.

I was wondering how Power Plans work. Say, I have my Power Plan set on Balanced. Now it'll adapt to the Balanced settings for plugged and unplugged respectively.

Now say, my computer needs more power for a task I'm performing while I'm not plugged in. Will it be able to push itself to it's capabilities, or would it stay restricted? How about when it's plugged in?

If I would rather have "High Performance" settings when I'm plugged in, and "Balanced" when I'm not, is there a way to do that? It's clear that Power Plans work even while being plugged in, but I see no need to limit the PC while you aren't on battery.

Thanks. XD

A:Power Plans

Hello XD, and welcome to Eight Forums.

All of the default power plans have the same options. It's just that each one has it's own preset settings of each option. You of course can set these how you like though.

Since your PC uses a battery, you will be able to set your power plan options to what you like for when you are "Plugged in" and "On battery" for the same power plan. This way you will have two separate actions for the same setting depending on if you are "Plugged in" and "On battery".

Power Plan Settings - Change in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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Security giant Avast has announced it intends to acquire fellow Czech-based antivirus software maker AVG for a purchase price of $25.00 per share in cash — resulting in a transaction that will total around $1.3 billion.
The deal is aimed at gaining scale and geographical breadth, Avast said today. It also wants to build out its security offerings with an eye on emerging growth opportunities such as in the Internet of Things, as well as on serve existing customers with “more advanced” products.
The transaction is expected to close sometime between September 15 and October 15, 2016, depending on [AVG shareholder approval and] the timing of regulatory review.

Avast Software agreed to buy AVG Technologies NV for $1.3 billion in cash to add software to protect mobile phones from malware as it aims to tap into the growing number of physical devices connected to the internet.
The deal will give Prague-based Avast more opportunities in internet security-related business, providing it with more scale and an increased geographical reach in both its core business and newer areas such as Internet of Things, according to the statement.

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Hi, I have two laptops, one an Acer running Vista Home 64bit and the 2nd a Toshiba Satellite running Vista Home 32bit. On my Acer 64bit, when I unplug the AC it automatically switches from High Performance to Balanced without me doing anything. I like this, is there any way to do it on my Toshiba as well, it does not automatically do do so...THANKS!

A:Power plans help please??

Originally Posted by chinfisc

Hi, I have two laptops, one an Acer running Vista Home 64bit and the 2nd a Toshiba Satellite running Vista Home 32bit. On my Acer 64bit, when I unplug the AC it automatically switches from High Performance to Balanced without me doing anything. I like this, is there any way to do it on my Toshiba as well, it does not automatically do do so...THANKS!

GOTO CONTROL PANEL---- POWER OPTIOND- THEN ADVANCED SETTING .then there should be an option to change power plan when plugged in or running on batterie

not done this for a while on laptop but im sure thats how its done

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Okay, my PC recently kicked the bucket and so now I'm trying to plan a new computer build. I'm looking for something fairly decent spec, good enough to play new PC games at decent graphics and framerate, but that won't totally suck up every last penny I have. I think I'm actually contemplating buying a prebuilt.


The above seems to be quite reasonable, and seems to be a good price. A few details are a little sketchy on it though, such as do all AM2 socket boards support PC-6400 memory? If so then it shouldn't be a problem that it doesn't actually specify that.

I realise the HDD may not be very good despite capacity, but my current one is about 4-5 years old and only 80GB, so I can only imagine it's an improvement really.

On top of this, I'm planning to purchase one of these. I would go ATi but it has a lifetime warranty... not to be sniffed at. I'll probably upgrade the RAM at some point as well if it proves too slow.

The PSU isn't specified, but I recently bought a Corsair HX520W. Would that be sufficient?

Overall, the build is:

Socket AM2 mobo
Corsair HX520W PSU
AMD Athlon64 X2 3800+
BFG GeForce 7950 GT OC 512MB GDDR3
160GB SATA-150 HDD
Windows Media Centre Edition 2005

So, does all this look okay? Or can anyone see possible problems? Any advice would be appreciated. ^^

A:New Build Plans

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Hello everyone,

I have plans for a homebuild:

Processor: AMD 64 X2 5200+ Windsor 2.6Ghz... $129
Board: BIOSTAR TForce TF7025-M2 Socket AM2 NVIDIA GeForce 7025... $69
Memory: 2 X Crucial Ballistix 2GB (2 1gb chips) = 4gb total memory... $139.98 (with rebate)
Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar SE 250gb SATA (speed 3gb/second)... $65
Optical Drive: ASUS Black 18x DVD+R... (writes and reads DVD+R(W) and CD+R(W)... $27.99

So... does that configuration sound like a good idea? Any better ways to get those specs or higher? Whatever motherboard I use, it must have onboard video because I'm not willing to shell out for a graphics card yet.

Recommendations for a case and power supply? I don't know how many watts to get or what brands are good, so any recommendations?

Will any of these parts be all that difficult to install? I'm decent with computers and am a 2yr PHP developer, but hardware (other than ram upgrades) is new to me. This will be my first homebuild so I'd like to not mess with tricky stuff like water cooling, etc.

Thanks for any help or ideas.

A:Homebuild Plans



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Hi I'm an advertising idiot!

A:T-mobile Plans

I have removed your advertisement. Spamming the forum is against the rules.


Category II Offenses

Advertising and Spamming

Spamming/Advertising - You cannot post advertisements of any sort in any forum. This includes products, services, or web sites from which you'd directly or indirectly benefit in any way.
EXCEPTIONS (may be objected to, at the discretion of the moderators)

#1: Unaffiliated Announcements - If you see a great deal somewhere, you're welcome to share it with everyone by posting it in the "General Opinions and Reviews" forum if and only if you are completely unaffiliated with that deal.

#2: Signatures - When posting a useful response, you may include your own web page (or that of your company) in the signature of your message. However, this does not precede other rules. (That is to say that you can't mis-use HTML in your link, provide links to naughty web sites, etc.)

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Hi there,

I recently had to get a new harddrive in my Dell Inspiron Laptop (my ONE YEAR OLD inspiron laptop ).

When I got it back, the harddrive is fine and all my info is back, but I can't change my power plans. It will tell me that "Windows cannot make the plan you selected active. Choose a different plan. The system cannot find the specified file." Additionally, I am unable to change the options for what the computer does when I close the lid. It will tell me that "Windows cannot save some of your changes to this plan's power settings. The system cannot find the specified file." Lastly, before the new harddrive I had a power-saving battery mode. Now it does not exist.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
Thank you!

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Are there any plans to add the i58300H to the list of processors in thinkpads T480X?The new latitudes have them already~ (please don't force me to go back to D.). Thanks in advance,

A:any plans for i5 8300H in t480X?

First, I have no inside knowledge and cannot speak for Lenovo. I think they may use that processor somewhere, but not in the T480.  That is a 45w CPU (like other Coffee Lake-H) and the other CPUs in that model are 15w ones.  It doesn't seem reasonable or possible to me.  

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Hi my brother is looking into upgrading next year from his Thunderbird 1.4GHz to an A64 system. So far he has a friend who is gonna sell to him a X800 for $100CAD which is a good deal and I told him to buy it. As for CPU, mobo, and ram I was thinking of a 3500+, generic 2x512MB PC3200, and a VIA K8T890 based board. I am sure he won't be overclocking but what does eveyone think? He asked me how long that X800 will last him and I said around 2 years but it depends on how the games in the future are.

A:Brother's Upgrade Plans

I think you're doing good on the processor and RAM. If I were you, however, I'd go with an nVidia graphics card, such as the PCI-Express 6600GT or 6800GT, which can be doubled up later on with SLI mode. I don't stray too far from MSI, ASUS, GIGABYTE, or DFI. Yours may be a good board, but I haven't had very good experiences with other, well, not-name-brand motherboards. That's a very good system though, with the X800. The only thing i'd look into is the motherboard, unless you KNOW it's good and read lots of reviews about it. I've had problems with my motherboard going bad, frying my processor. The 3500+ is a very good choice. You should definitely get CORSAIR RAM. Like I said, if you want an awesome graphics card, go for the 6800GT. Later on, you can double them up. However, if you get the system you're getting, it'll be a gigantic step from the 'ol Thunderbird 1.4 Ghz, I'm sure.

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Are there any plans to add the i58300H to the list of processors in thinkpads T480?The new latitudes have them already~. Thanks in advance,

A:any plans for i5 8300H in t480?

First, I have no inside knowledge and cannot speak for Lenovo. I think they may use that processor somewhere, but not in the T480.  That is a 45w CPU (like other Coffee Lake-H) and the other CPUs in that model are 15w ones.  It doesn't seem reasonable or possible to me.  

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We're about to upgrade our Verizon phones and my wife wants a Smartphone with a data plan.
Personally, I just want the bigger screen size and multimedia capability of something like the LG Vortex, but the fast-talking rep at the nearest Verizon store told us that I can't even buy one without paying extra for the data plan, too.

Why would I need that, when I can just ask my wife to Google something on HER phone?
She's right next to me.

It sounds like BS to me.

A:SmartPhones MUST Have Data Plans?

It sounds like BS to me.Click to expand...

Unfortunately, the rep is telling the truth. Verizon just wants to extort as mush money from you as possible through required data plans.


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Hello computer experts!
I can go in to power options, change an existing plan or make a new plan, but when I change an individual setting, such as "turn screen of in X minutes", it won't save the change after I turn the computer off & on.
I used to be able to do this....

TIA! Murf

A:I can't save changes to power plans....

Hi littlebear,


I can see that you are facing issues while saving changes made to power plans in your system. I do understand your concern.

In order to assist you, I would request you to kindly follow the link mentioned below that shows the detailed steps on how to choose the optimum power plan settings for your system. The link is as follows:

Change, create, or delete a power plan (scheme)

Glad to Help.

Thanks & Regards,
Dell Social Media Responder

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Will there be a new version of EMET published and if so, when?

Chris Bynum - MSFT

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Based on the history of past windows OS's, is it possible to estimate how much cheaper the full versions of Windows 7 would be after a year? Specifically the professional or ultimate versions?

I'm using XP Pro and I'm very comfortable with it and don't feel like I need a new OS just because it's new and has the latest bells and whistles. My 2 factors for deciding to upgrade depend on price and future OS plans from Microsoft.

For price considerations, I can get the full version of Win 7 Professional for $100. Should I wait to upgrade to Win 7 professional to see if prices will get better, or is this already a price that even waiting won't beat?

As for future OS's, is it worth it to get 7 if Microsoft is going to come out with a new one in several years? How long do you think 7 is going to last? XP's had a very long lifespan, so if it's going to be anything like that, I would consider upgrading. But if not, maybe I can hold on to XP for a few more years for the next OS.

Given these 2 factors, any recommendations?

A:Future pricing for Win 7 and Plans for New OS

Quote: Originally Posted by wse7en

Based on the history of past windows OS's, is it possible to estimate how much cheaper the full versions of Windows 7 would be after a year? Specifically the professional or ultimate versions?

I'm using XP Pro and I'm very comfortable with it and don't feel like I need a new OS just because it's new. My 2 factors for deciding to upgrade depend on price and future OS plans from Microsoft.

For price considerations, I can get the full version of Win 7 Professional for $100. Should I wait to upgrade to Win 7 professional to see if prices will get better, or is this already a price that even waiting won't beat?

As for future OS's, is it worth it to get 7 if Microsoft is going to come out with a new one in several years? How long do you think 7 is going to last. XP's had a very long lifespan, so if it's going to be anything like that, I would consider upgrading. But if not, maybe I can hold on to XP for a few more years for the next OS.

Given these 2 factors, any recommendations?

I started with a pre-beat version in Dec 2008, then all the differenet versions to the retail release. Win7 will have a long productive lifespan. $ 100 is a good price at the present time. Try it, you'll like it.

" Doc "

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Wondering if Dell has plans to make a XPS 15 with the 8th gen intel cpu.  I know they have the XPS 13 but was looking for something with a larger screen.



A:DELL XPS 15 with 8th Gen Intel CPU Plans?

They'll be released - eventually. Since we haven't seen announcements yet, I'd make an educated guess that they'll show up after the 2017 holiday season - in January or February.

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What do you think of the the RIAA's (Recording Industry Association of America) pledge to file lawsuits against hundreds of individual computer users who illegally share music files on the Internet?
See this link for details:
RIAA plans lawsuits

A:RIAA Plans Lawsuits

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I've just done a clean install on my Dell Inspiron 7537 laptop. I had a Dell supplied power plan on the previous W10 installation (upgraded from W8.1). Where are these plans stored so I can recover the previous Dell plan?

A:Where are Power Plans Stored?

Hi, a quick test indicates the relevant area (you'd have to explore further) is here:
HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Power\User\PowerSchemes\381b4222-f694-41f0-9685-ff5bb260df2e\238c9fa8-0aad-41ed-83f4-97be242c8f20\29f6c1db-86da-48c5-9fdb-f2b67b1f44da\DCSettingIndex: 0x00000258

However, what the structure is for a complete scheme I don't know.

Given that you've done a clean install, I'm a little puzzled as to the source you'd use to recover one.. a disk image maybe? And would it really be worth the effort?

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All my Windows Vista-on based desktops have always had problems sleeping/turning the monitor off. I can usually pull off a scheme for a while after a clean install but eventually it will regress to the point where the schemes just flat no longer work. On my most recent format, a Windows 7 64 PC, I am now at this point. I set a power plan to turn the monitor off after 10 mins and go to sleep after 20, but the computer does neither after the appropriate amount of time. This also happens on my girlfriend's current Windows Vista 64 machine as well.

I remember hearing about the potential for various programs to interfere with sleeping, but I was wondering how I would go about diagnosing which program, or what in general, is interrupting my PC's sleep/monitor off cycle?

A:Problems with power plans

I wonder if the anti-virus could be the culprit. What A/V are you using? Try disabling it, for the time being, and see if your problem goes away.

What other programs are there that you and your girlfriend both use?

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Hi Folks

Can anyone suggest a site that I can obtain lesson plans for MS office 2000? I can only find really basic stuff



A:Solved: Lesson Plans

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Is there any way to change the listed power plans?

I am asking this because when I am on battery power, I go to power saver.
When I am plugged in, I go to High Performance

Is there any way to change it because when I go to Performance it lists them as shown:
High Performance
And when I go to Power Saver it lists them as shown:
Power Saver

Is there any way to show it as:
High Performance
Power Saver

A:Change listed power plans?

Hello Isaac,

You could use these power plan shortcuts below pinned to the taskbar (or where you like) to make changing them easier to do.

Power Plan - Create Shortcut to Change Power Plan

Hope this helps,

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With my laptop (Windows 7), can I set the computer to use different power plans when plugged in and when unplugged? I want to run the speedy power plan when plugged in and the battery saver power plan when unplugged. Thanks!

A:Different Power Plans for Plugged In and Unplugged?

You can change a plans settings for plugged in and on battery, which is much simpler. Click the battery icon, click adjust screen brightness, then click change plan settings then change advanced plan settings. Their will be an entry for both plugged in and on battery. You make the computer act exactly how you want for both without having to change power plans.

Power Plan Settings - Change

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Can anyone help by adding to this information? I have learned the following:

Project Spartan is MS new browser, which will have nothing to do with IE. The Project Spartan is a Beta name.
Project Spartan and IE 11 will both ship with Windows 10.
IE 11 will continue to have bug-fixes and security enhancements for older systems.
Project Spartan will not be available for Windows 8 or earlier.
Windows 7 is expected to have extended support and updates through 2020. Windows 8's frustration around the world with both users and companies, along with the forthcoming Windows 10, will see how the public adapts.
It sounds like with regard to IE 11 updates, the answer now is "yes, but no new IE 12 is "planned."

Please add and comment.


A:IE 12 vs. Project Sparton Future Plans?

What do you want a comment on? How long IE11 will be supported?

Here's Microsoft's Lifecycle for IE: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/lifecycle/search?sort=PN&alpha=internet explorer&wa=wsignin1.0

With more detailed info from the links on the Notes section: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/gp/microsoft-internet-explorer

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Microsoft has now released three cumulative updates for Windows 10. These updates combine security fixes with non-security bug fixes, and so far, Microsoft hasn't done a very good job of describing the contents of these cumulative updates. While the security content is quite fully described, explanations of the non-security fixes have been lacking.
Many, including your author, feel that this is undesirable and that a key part of the Windows-as-a-Service concept, in which Microsoft releases a steady stream of fixes and functional improvements, is a clear explanation of what those updates are. This is a new approach for Microsoft, and it seems like reassuring users and administrators that issues are getting fixed—and that functional changes are clearly described—should be important.
This is doubly important in those unfortunate situations that a patch has a problem. Microsoft will tend to update such patches when the problems have been fixed, but it does a poor job of clearly communicating this.


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We're looking at purchasing source control software, and have a few options.

I'm curious if anybody knows of a website that lists scenarios that we could test to make sure that the source control software reacts appropriately and is stable.

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Since I need a new PSU along with a GX460, I'm on the hunt for the right PSU. I don't want to spend stupid money on one, but I'd like one with a minimum of 3 years warranty (the Corsair is 5yrs for example):

Curent spec:
Dell (foxconn I think) mobo
Intel Q8200 on std cooling (though I'll likely add a Coolermaster V8 at xmas)
4 GB DDR2, 800mhz RAM
Currently using a HIC 1GB HD 4670
GTX 460 (to be added with psu)

Future plans:
2/3 SLI motherboard
Most likely a i5 750 (though may go i7 route)
6-8 GB RAM
2/3 GTX460's

OS: Windows 7 Pro 64bit / Linux 64bit

Drive wise, I have one Crucial 256GB SSD, and one Hitachi 1GB drive. I'll also be adding another SSD later on for Linux solely to use. All SATA. Plus 2x SATA optical drives.

I was looking at around 850w, (I was briefly advised in another post 750w wasn't enough).

I like this: http://www.ebuyer.com/product/152604

Also these:


Please note I may not purchase from ebuyer, its just easier looking on one site til I've made my mind up, then I'll hunt out the best price.

So I've three questions really:

1. I've set around £120 max for a PSU. Are the above good choices?
2. I'd like a PSU that will last me the next 4-5 years - Is 850w enough to power 2 GTX460's?
3. How much power does 1 GTX460 really need?

The next card I get I'll be adding another lat... Read more

A:Are these PSUs suitable for my future plans

I've got a Corsair 750TX and it runs two 1 gig overclocked Palit Sonic cards just fine, (see my specs above). Of course if you are planning for the future, I'd get a bigger one. Also a good place to check out how much power you need and compare it to other cards......


Oh, you can't run three of these cards in SLI, only two. Each card has only one place on top to put the SLI bridge, so, no three way. You could always use a third card for PhysX though.

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Hiya, I want to build a clear acrylic case from scratch, and wondered if anyone had come across any plans or dimensions for one.

The case itself seems staightforward, it's the Drive bays I was concerned about mostly.

There doesn't seem to be any info readily available, I've GOOGLED to no avail.


A:Plans/measurements 4 clear case?

I would think if you want to build your own clear case,,all you need are the dimentions of your CD-ROMS,hard drive,floppy,MOBO and I/O plate.
then build the case to fit.
that way you have a product of your own vision not someone elses.

Good luck

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I've spent way too much time on this and it seems basic so I'm hoping someone here has some insight for me. The task seems simple; we need to create designated power plans that users can select between but can't alter.

In detail, we want 3 plans; High Performance, Balanced and Tablet. We want users to be able to choose whichever closest meets their needs at that moment. However we do NOT want them to be able to change the tablet plan to never sleep, for example.

We can force this with a GP Preference that resets everything every single time, but users are complaining about that because they go in and manually are changing the settings (because the interface lets them) and then our policy updates and overwrites it.
The high volume of complaints has management requiring that I disable the forms to prevent the confusion.

Is there not a way to disable the individual settings but to still enable the ability to switch between the plans?

P.S. Our environment is Windows 7/8.1/10 and the behavior seems to persist in each OS.

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Hi folks,

I am soon to be teaching in Africa for a few years. I have lesson plans for MS applications. However, I may be introducing open source applications to the schools. ie, open office or even just wordperfect in other words an alternative cheaper application to MS.

While I can use these application myself, I am hoping someone out there knows if there are lesson plans for either open office etc? or where I can obtain them.

Thanks for the help


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I subscribe to an internet plan room for contractors. When I receive an offer to bid on a project, I go to the section of the site where plans and specs are located. When I click on the download option to view plans or specs IE (6 or 7 does the same thing) closes. iSqFt (the plan room) has given up with tech support since the problem is on my end. They have a remote access program but IE just locks up when we attempt to have them examine my computer. I've have a wirless network that I disabled and went to the site directly from my modem. I've tried uninstalling all anti virus programs I've uninstalled IE7 to no avail. This plan cost me 2.5k a year and is totally useless at the present. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Manufacturer System manufacturer
System Model System Product Name
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 6 GenuineIntel ~2499 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 0401, 5/15/2008
SMBIOS Version 2.4
Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS
System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Locale United States
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2111)"
Time Zone Pacific Standard Time
Total Physical Memory 2,048.00 MB
Available Physical Memory 1.18 GB
Total Virtual Memo... Read more

A:IE Close when I download plans and specs

What is the file extension of what you are trying to download? Is it a file you can download and save and then open in some other software or is it loaded into the web browser using a technology like activeX? Can you access the site with some other browser? Have you tried any other browser?

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Hello everyone,

I hope you can help me.

I have recently done a fresh install of Windows 8.1 on a family member's laptop due to the amount of bloat ware etc.

Everything has gone swimmingly and all the correct drivers etc are installed/up to date.

There's one big problem though. Whenever I change the power plan it just remains the same. I.e if I have the power setting to 'High Performance' and I change it to 'Power Saving' nothing happens.
The brightness doesn't even decrease.

The laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad Z580.

Many thanks and any help is appreciated in advance.


A:Power Plans not working on reinstall

I had a similar problem like yours on a Samsung laptop. I eventually found out that the Samsung Settings control panel had a fan setting called 'Silent Mode' which was overriding the Windows power plan settings, and guess what, they never told you, how good is that, what a dynamite piece of programming - hats off to Samsung!

It caused all sorts of problems with other applications as well, such as audio drop-outs when using my USB audio interface, once I turned it off everything was hunky-dory.

Hope it helps.

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If the same settings are kept in both Balanced and Power Saver, are there any differences if I change the plan ?

A:Any hidden benefit in power plans ?

Your system will run cooler with Power Saver plan than Balanced plan and may result in few minutes extra battery life.

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Mozilla, the company behind one of the most popular browsers available all around the world, is reportedly rethinking its strategy regarding the release of future versions of the application. It has just pushed out the Firefox 3.6 RC2 (Release Candidate) flavor of the browser, and is expected to soon deliver the final flavor of 3.6 to users, after which one should only expect it to release another major version of Firefox, namely 4.0, with no interim variant in between.

Full read here: Mozilla Drops Firefox 3.7 Plans, Goes 4.0 Late This Year - Will add behind-the-scenes capabilities via usual security updates - Softpedia

A:Mozilla Drops Firefox 3.7 Plans, Goes 4.0 Late This Yea

If it works better and faster, let them take their time ...current version 3.5.7 is good for me

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I have a TravelMate P645 and am nearing the end of my two-year standard warranty.  I looked at extending the warranty to 3 years through the Acer Advantage program but was told that since TravelMates already come with a standard two year warranty, they do not qualify for extended warranties.  Is this true?  I think I am getting misinformation, since I was told only a week ago that I could buy an extended 1-year warranty for $69 or a 3 year accidental (from date of purchase) plus 1 year extended for $179.  My warranty ends on the 7th after which the option if it does exist is no longer available, so quick responses are appreciated!

___________________________________LeeFMODELTravelMate TMP645-MG-9419...Full HD, AMD Radeon HD8750M/2GB Graphics...i7-4500u dual core processor...256 GB SSDACCESSORIESMicrosoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000Logitech K810 Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboardful Gibson Laptop BackpackProDock II

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A:No option for extended service plans on Travelmate...

Sorry you have had trouble getting correct information. Please send me a private message, so I can get someone in contact with you who can get you set up with the extended warranty you want. I will make sure we get you set up.

Important Links: US Driver Downloads | Knowledge Base Articles | Service LocationsRemember to mark posts that resolved your issue with Accept as Solution.You can even mark multiple posts in a single thread. This will make it easier for others to find the same information.

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Straight to buisness: When I change power plans, let's say from "Power saver" to "Balanced" the changes does not take affect immediately. Any ideas?


I have just started using the Local Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc), and these are the following changes I have made, and nothing else:

"Hide the notification area"
"Turn off all balloon notifications"
After this the sympons to the aforementioned problem occurred.
So my initial thoughts are that when I created a shortcut to <Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options>, the changes won't take affect immediately. Before I used to just right-click the power icon in the notification area, but as mentioned, I have hidden the notification area, so I can no longer do this.
I have also tried the following guide to create power plan shortcuts:
Power Plan - Create Shortcut to Change Power Plan
That does not work either, so I'm stumped...only way to make the changes (for instance from "Power saver" to "Balanced") is to either reboot or log off-log on.

A:Problem when changing power plans; changes won't take effect immediate

There are some system changes that you can make which can take effect immediately, some which require the user to log off and back on again, and some require a reboot. If in doubt, a reboot is probably the best option.

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I am teenager with every teenagers problem, slow internet.
Anyway, my family have decided to make a downstairs *work* area (we have a huge house) and i want to make the most of this oppertunity. I want to make a no lag gaming zone/downloading zone!
I am experienced in software and ect. but not internet and modems and plans. the deal with my pearents is that they dont do anything (mostly cause they cant be stuffed) and me and my brother do everything.
What I am looking for is this- a fast internet area (wireless preferbly) with a separate plan and the lot from the rest of the house. Mabye internet at about 10mbps or is that way to much?
U seriously dont know where to begin, please help!


A:Solved: Fast Speed Internet Plans and What Do I Need?

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Sunnyvale, California-based Advanced Micro Devices, the world's second largest processor vendor, has recently confirmed that it plans to launch its next-generation Opteron processors, featuring a 12-core design, in the first quarter of 2010. The launch of the new chips has been confirmed by one of the company's officials, speaking at a presentation at the Hot Chips conference at the Standford University. According to available details, the new solutions will boast reduced clock-speeds and will draw the same power as the company's recently-launched six-core processors.

Pat Conway said, in a presentation at the Hot Chips conference at Standford University, that his company was preparing the launch of its new generation of Opteron server processors, aimed at providing customers with a 12-core processor design, improving performance for virtualization-ready systems. Code-named Magny-Cours, the new Opterons are designed with two six-cores into a single package, using the same power as Istanbul chips.

Unfortunately, the specific details related to the new processors' clock speeds haven't been released yet, but Conway did deliver a few pieces of info on the Mangy-Cours. The new processor will use two six-core chips, connected by four hyperthreaded interconnects, and will be targeted at two-and four-socket servers. In addition, it has been featured with a total of 12MB of L3 cache, each core supporting 512KB of L2 cache. According to Conway, the chip will be manufacture... Read more

A:AMD Plans 12-Core Server Chips for Q1 2011


Nice post

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ok, i know i want to go multiple monitors in the future. therefore, i know i need more graphics card ram. i currently have this radeon 6870:
Newegg.com - XFX Double D HD-687A-ZDFC Radeon HD 6870 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card with Eyefinity

what i'm wondering is, would it be the same as this radeon 7870 that has 2gb ram if i just buy a second 6870 and run the 2 in crossfire?:
Newegg.com - XFX Double D FX-787A-CDBC Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition Black Edition 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card

or should i not plan for the crossfire'd 6870's with 1gb ram each and instead plan for the 7870 with 2gb of ram? would it be the same? what would be better for multi monitor setup

A:multiple monitor future plans? $$$ coming soon

The ram doesn't increase when you crossfire, so you will still be limited to 1GB with a pair of 1GB 6850's.

are you planning on gaming across the 3 screens or do you just want multi screens for desktop use?
If you game across 3 screens, you will want a faster card(s) since you will be running much higher resolution.
If you plan on just doing multi screens for desktop use, and game on one monitor, then that 1 6850 you have is going to to be fine.

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If I change the power plans on the Graphic Control panel nothing happen, only change the brightness.
before, when I buy it and until 5 days, if I changed to maximum battery life does:
Change background, Color Depth to 16, and brightness.... this isn't happens any more.
How can I make it back?? all defaults settings: background, Color Depth..... etc.

Laptop: ASUS K53E
Graphic: Integrated Intel? GMA HD
Driver: the Original from ASUS page (
OS: Seven Home Basic X64

Thanks in advance

A:Intel HD Graphics - Power plans issue

I would guess this have something to do with the settings of your included program for the laptop. Look for some kind of advanced settings in the included program and and see if you can find anything there. Otherwise an idea could be to provide us with a screenshot.

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Windows 10 users will lose the existing " placeholders" file storage feature once Microsoft goes through with its plans to unify the synchronization engine used with the OneDrive cloud storage service.

Placeholders, which Microsoft also calls " smart files," lets users browse files stored across in the cloud without those files actually taking up disk space on their devices. The feature displays a file's icon and metadata information, while the bits of the actual file are stored in the OneDrive service datacenters.

Windows 10, when it is released later this year, won't include the engine for the placeholders feature. Instead, Microsoft will issue an update to Windows 10 later this calendar year that will add "the core capabilities of placeholders," according to Chris Jones, corporate vice president of OneDrive and SharePoint, who explained the changes to come in a blog post last week.

Microsoft's OneDrive Plans Mean Feature Changes for Windows 10 -- Redmond Channel Partner

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Does anyone know how I can set my power plan to automatically change based on whether I'm running on AC or battery?

What I would like is to set things up so that when I'm plugged in the computer automatically switches to a high performance plan, and when I unplug automatically switch to a power saving plan.

A:Setting power plans to change automatically

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Hello All, I'm using a new Pavilion 15-ab208ur laptop and a bit frustrated that it has limited options in BIOS and limited settings in native HP software.I would like to get a full control of the hardware that I paid for but unfortunately it's not true at the moment. It would be great to see in HP Support Assistance some monitoring/tuning tools for hardware components that allow me to control hardware (temperature, frequency, etc.) For example I have raised a question regarding vRAM frequencies here:http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Video-Display-and-Touch/Geforce-940m-default-vRAM-frequency/td...I have to use tools like GPU-Z, MSI Afterburner, etc... for monitoring my laptop condition.It will be nice to have same features in HP Support Assistance or HP CoolSence tools. Does HP has any plans to add support for enthusiast level customers to their software part of laptops? Best Regards,Alexey.

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A:Does HP has any plans to support enthusiast level customers?

Hi, You can move up another level and pay more such as work station class machines or some TRUE games machines or you can build for youself a laptop BUT for normal laptops manything a locked in BIOS. Vendors (not just HP) have to lock this with a very simple reason: they don't want users BREAK new machines and send them back. Upper level laptops are for a Pro like you, Regards.

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