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Poor LAN wifi speed

Q: Poor LAN wifi speed

My wifi connection between my PC and my router seems to be kind of slow as it reaches max around 50 Mbps. I'm not talking about my internet speed but about the speed between my PC and my router.

I have this setup
- Archer T4U USB 802.11 ac (drivers updated)
- USB 3
- Airport Extreme router 802.11 ac (5Ghz only)
- PC is about 3 meters away from the router without any walls or electronic devices in between
- All other equipment (MacBook, iPhone) do not have wifi speed issues. From the same point as the PC, I get much higher speeds (500Mbps)

What could be wrong?

My rig:

PCPartPicker part list: Core i5-6600K 3.5GHz Quad-Core, GeForce GTX 1070 8GB - System Build - PCPartPicker
CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor
CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-U12P SE2 54.4 CFM CPU Cooler
Motherboard: Asus Z170 PRO GAMING/AURA ATX LGA1151 Motherboard
Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2666 Memory
Video Card: MSI GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Video Card
Wireless Network Adapter: TP-Link Archer T4U USB 3.0 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi Adapter


Preferred Solution: Poor LAN wifi speed

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Poor LAN wifi speed

Originally Posted by TexTwil

My wifi connection between my PC and my router seems to be kind of slow as it reaches max around 50 Mbps. I'm not talking about my internet speed but about the speed between my PC and my router.

I have this setup
- Archer T4U USB 802.11 ac (drivers updated)
- USB 3
- Airport Extreme router 802.11 ac (5Ghz only)
- PC is about 3 meters away from the router without any walls or electronic devices in between
- All other equipment (MacBook, iPhone) do not have wifi speed issues. From the same point as the PC, I get much higher speeds (500Mbps)

What could be wrong?


adjacent channels ?

The free inSSIDer network analyser will tell you what you need to know about your local network and througput configuration including WIFI overcrowdinng ,overlapping and adjacent channel networks ,other newtorks (neiboors ) but outside of driver ,fiewall ,port configuration or HDWE problems .

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My new Elitebook 1030 is getting poor WiFi performance. The speed is only good if I am within 4 metres line of sight of the router, and only if I boot up from there, not boot up further away and move closer. As I move further away the speed drops off quickly, and the speed is very irratic on speedtest.net The 1030 has an AC 8260 card. As a direct comparison my Dell laptop with an AC 7265 gets faster speeds close to the router and does not drop off until I am a long way from the router, and on speedtest its performance chart is dead flat. In fact at the range where the Dell is starting to lose speed on speedtest, the 1030 is struggling to download and keeps dropping out, in otherwords not useable. Both the 1030 and the HP have the same adapter settings in device manager, and the same settings within the power profiles. It is not bloatware because I have tried a clean install and used the latest drivers. Do you think it is a flakey card? Or is the hardware overriding the wifi card power settings? It is only 1 week old and I am reluctant to put it in for service as I expect they will only check if the wifi works, not how well it works. 

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Hello all tech guy users!!

I am having a really frustrating time with my wifi signal recently.
Here are the symptoms:

Max distance from router in which I can receive a signal is about 15 ft
Really slow upload and download speeds from MY laptop only.My fiance's laptop had a DL speed of 18Mps, and I don't remember the UL, but it was much better than mine. Screenshot to follow...
Internet will drop out while I still show connectivity to the router and then seconds later the router signal will drop out completely
Just now my signal dropped out and from my laptop which is sitting three feet from my fiance's laptop. Hers has internet just fine...
What I have tried so far:

Changed Routers
Changed broadcast channel on both routers
Updated the driver for my wireless network adapter
Virus Scan
Malwarebytes Full Scan
Xirrus Wifi Inspector run. Screenshot to follow
Removed Windows' ability to shut off my network adapter to save energy
This problem occurred for the first time one week ago today. I have been getting by since then, but the hassle is getting to me.
Full disclosure time...
Right before this happened, I had an issue with my laptop where the battery was not getting a charge. I tested the power available to the plug and found the proper voltage there. I took the cover off of the laptop and found that a solder joint between the power plug and one of the wires had come loose. I re-soldered the wire and it charged up no problemo...I took the cover back off ... Read more

A:Poor Wifi Range and Slow Speed all of the sudden

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I'm having problems with my new network setup.

I've recently changed ISPs from a 2Mb Pipex line to a 16Mb Sky line but have been forced as part of my T&C to change routers at the same time. I was previously using a BT voyager 2110 router. The new Sky router is a modified Netgear DG834GT. I have been told that it is possble to get the UN/PW from the router (so I could theoretically go back to the BT one) but it is hidden. I have also been informed that the router has been locked down by Sky to prevent firmware updates.

I am having problems maintaining ADSL connections with this new router and am wondering if this is due to the low noise margin I have. The noise margin is generally less than 7.2dB and often as low as 6.2bB, falling below 6.0dB on a few occasions. I have also had problems getting good wireless speeds and can't understand why.

Connected by ethernet I get download speeds of c14000kbps and uploads of c675kbps but on wireless I am struggling to maintain speeds of c2500/350 respectively.

I have tried changing channels, I have moved the router next to the wireless antenna (separated by <1cm). This has not helped and my speeds still don't get close to the ethernet speeds. My partners laptop (Broadcom 802.11g WLAN card) gets very respectable speeds (c13500/600kbps) in some areas of the house and poor in others. With the BT router she had good connections speeds throughout the house.

I recently fitted a new wireless card when my old intern... Read more

A:Poor wifi speed, dropped connections and low signal to noise margin.

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I have Lenovo 920, version 920-13IKB. It is a laptop with 1080p screen.I really like the laptop. The hinge is awsaom. But I run into an annoying problem with slow network when attending a webinar. Problem: - logged in to the webinar safaribooksonline.com- when working on the batter the laptop was not able to keep up with streaming data to be able to refresh the screen; on average it was aournd 100kBs with some ocasional spike up to 1MBps.- during webinar the sound worked fine, there wasn't any jitter or other problem hearing the presenter- the overall browser webinar window worked fine as well. There is a chat pop-up, a window with presentation slides etc. The webinar browser tab works fine and you could navigate between elements fine.- the only element that didn't work was the actual video screen updates Ive found the following 2 workarounds: - connect the power adapter. Once the batter is connected the wifi start to work as expected and after browser webinar window refresh you can see the video stream updates - change the registry setting following this article (*) and once done change the power setting of the wifi card to: maximum performance when on battery (*)https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-start/windows-10-on-surface-pro-3-missi... I found (*) on these other threads Re: Very slow wifi on the Yoga 920 -- confirmed with other devices [ Edited ]https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/forums/v3_1/forumtopicpage/... Read more

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I recently set up a ftp server running on my new 10/10 (mbit) fiber line and i've been noticing some speed problems.

Both over FTP aswell as Http transferee protocols I've been noticing upload (others downloading from m server) being slow capping at aprox 200kb/sec, However when i use a program such as SKype to send my files to my buddies it goes up to 800-850kb/sec (yes the same people who downloaded for 200 from ftp/http.

Now i was wondering if there is possible to fix so the ftp server uses maximum bandwith aswell?

any help appreciated

A:Poor speed over FTP

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I just installed sprint dsl today, decided to check my speeds and found out they were really low, compared to what they advertised, for instance 265download as opposed to 500, i checked my distance from the CO and i am 1.3 miles so that cannot be the problem, i have double checked my connections splitters,filters etc, and still to no avail, i tried using the TCPoptimizer and when it recommended i change my mtu to 576 i gave up on that, as you know by now i have not tweaked my os, i will be grateful for any resources you guys can give, recommended software tweaks or manual registry entries anything at all.


800Mhz intel chipset
256 ram
sprint {supplied} dsl modem
40 gigs HD

A:Poor Dsl Speed...help!!!

First off, make sure that your interior wiring is optimal, I'd personally run a direct connection from the telco terminal point to your modem using good twisted pair wire, and put a single filter on the other leg that goes to all the telephone equipment. Poor wiring and multiple filters will degrade the DSL connection significantly.

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Hi all,
I am having incredibly slow downloading speed. 
I have updated XP. Unpluged n plugged in Modem. Reduced running applications. Ran Malwarebtyes...Symantec...and SUPERantispyware.
and still no dice.
Any help would be greatly appreciate.

A:Poor Download Speed

What do you get with this speed test?  http://www.cnet.com/internet-speed-test/#ftag=MKT0d12852?ftag=CAD9f89b0c .
Do you use a router?

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I purchased an Mblaze 1 week ago It is a dongle (Modem) from MTS.. 10 Gb usage is free. But the speed is 10 kbps averagely. I reside in between tollygunge and behala. Their website is not down.
Steps I tried
1. Win R + Recent, Prefetch, %temp%
2. TCP optimiser
3. Complainign at customer care
4. I tried it with Windows 7 (64 bit) & Xp (32 bit)
5. Uninstalling other network softwares like nokia pc suit & micromax
6. Disabling avast
7. tower is OK

Can anyone please help me?

A:Mblaze Poor Speed

Doesn't help if their website is down... Can you explain what is Mblaze is?

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Regarding camera issue of mine it's not covered in warranty no damage has been found on phone just on lense what a coincidence I asked for quotation or in written that this will be covered out of warranty service center denied that why I had to voice record there statement 1st on call your excutive said who camera is covered in warranty because camera is single unit she told me bout company and all. And I had Moto X2 for almost 2 year that camera's lenses is bigger that this phone but never got any quality issues with that used iPhone 5s for more than 2 year not even a single spot on lense had Nexus 5 for over 2 year even bigger lense but nothing even tempered glass that cost around INR 7 on my screen lasts for 3 month on my phone but in this phone 100% of back is of glass but no scratches on back but just on camera there is glare type effect and service center said this is physically damaged and not be covered in warranty and I have to pay INR 230+ for quotation orally and approximately they said INR 1000 and even after repair will not be covered in warranty. After use of 25-30 days of normal usage I have to spent INR 1000. So in a year I have to spend INR 14760 on this phone maintenance if I want to use this phone's camera. I think I had make a BIGGEST mistake choosing LENOVO for 1st time. I want a solution or permanent fix for this issue. I am attaching photograp and voice recordings and call records how much I had to suffered and I had to wait for almost 3 hours just... Read more

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WinXP Home SP2
Recently upgraded ADSL connection from 1Mb to 2MB.
Although the tray icon says I am connected at 2.2MB ADSL, my download speeds are no better than when I had a 1Mb connection.
All speed tests including Bts own show a download speed of only 126KB/sec.
BT is unable to explain but believe its got something to do with my system rather than their service, which seems logical considering the tray icon shows 2MB connection.
No antivirus running, only zone alarm.
What could be wrong?

A:Poor dowmload speed but 2Mb connection!

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Hi guys

Plz help.

I have a new HPG62 laptop and in recent weeks my internet speed has taken a servere nosedive. BT have renewed the cabling to property but connection still poor.

My LAN is showing as disabled in the task manager and my Wireless Network connection is connected and shows a link speed of about 19Mbps.

What can I do to speed up my connection?

Recent speedtest (prior to BT visit) showed:
download speed during test: 87 Kbps
acceptable range 50 - 250 Kbps
DSL connection rate: 1824 Kbps (down) 448 Kbps (up)
IP profile for line: 135 Kbps

A:Poor broadband connection/speed

Ok:Some questions.
What was the speed prior to "nosedive ?
Make and model of modem and router?
What speed are you paying for ?
If your download speed is 87 kbps,that is truly pathetic.How did you determine this ?
Are you supposed to have both a lan connection(
Ethernet cable connected to the router) and a wireless connection ?
If just wireless,may we see:
Wifi test exe. Hint from Johnwill

Download and run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspecto from
on the problem machine. Post a screen shot of the main screen(networks screen) here.

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file. To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button
to upload it here.

Note that this application requires NET Framework to run. If you get an error about a missing function, download and install NET Framework.

Full details are here http://library.techguy.org/wiki/TSG_...g_a_Screenshot

May we see the results of a speedtest?

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Ok, let me start from the get go I recently did a system restore on my comp and just got the updates microsoft let's you get. This is a two part question the other part is in hard drive support.

So I just did a restore and now my comp does that thing when your computer is laggy and you drag a box and it is really slow and such. like it makes 3 boxes behind it. it's not like making like a thousand boxes but it's very slow at moving. like when I scroll down in my browser it's very slow and looks like multiple refreshes. is there anything I can do to help this. Maybe it's related but when I boot my comp it'll say something about intel media cable not found or something I'll edit with specifics.

EDIT #1: Also this might help I get streaming videos perfectly. It doesn't lag on those at all.

A:[SOLVED] Oh **** poor refresh speed

hello Matt

have you ever run a (sfc) befor , this checks your core system files

also try running all your spyware scans and antivirus programs you may have restored to a time where your pc was infected

did you

defrag , disk cleanup, also a scan disk after the restore ,check your drivers in the device manager ?

i will be looking at you harddrive post now !! it might be the prob.


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I recently got a new Wireless card LB-Link BL-LW04-A2.
I'm able to connect to my wifi and I get 4 bar connection yet my download speed is 1mb. If I put my laptop in exactly the same place that gets about 20-30 mb download speed.

I have spoke to my ISP and they have said it's not a fault at their end. I'm thinking it could be braise my driers are out of date for my wireless card. I've been on the manufacturers website and there are new drivers but it won't let me download them.

Can someone please help me

Thanks in advance

A:Very poor Internet connection/speed

definitely try to update the drivers for the wireless card. Thats the first thing i would do. Then in addition to that; i would power cycle both the modem and router(if you have a router). Unplug both(if applicable) and wait about 1 minute or so; then plug the modem in first; and let that boot; then plug the router in and let that boot and see if it helps resolve the issue.

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I have avast anti-virus and recently downloaded Malwarebites each removed a series of corrupted files/keys/registries/values. 
However, my internet download speed is still absolutely pathetic. I have a 12mbps connection and when tested through speedtest.net I am barely pushing 1mbps. 
Please help me fix my baby! Please. 

A:poor internet download speed

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***************************************************If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lower right hand of t... Read more

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I am getting pitifully poor transfer speeds from an XP box to 2003 box. Ive tried using ftp, as well as other copy programs, even cmd line.

Task manager indicates that with any single connection I top out at about 5% of the 100MB capacity. I can open several connections and transfer in parallel with each connection topping out around 250KB until the processor gives out from too many concurrent tasks.

Interestingly, I tried ftpng to a different machine which then referenced the drive on the target through a network share. For some reason this setup tripled speed per connection (750-800) but still no where near theoretical limits. Again I can open several concurrent transfers, each topping out at about the same speed until the processor gives out... the best I have achieved so far is about 20% utilization.

The drives in question are all 7200 RPM with 16MB buffers (IDE). I have also tried different controllers on the source and target machines without change.

This leaves me to believe that the nics or the switch may be the bottleneck. However, I do not understand why a net share from a different cpu was faster than straight to the target. I also fail to understand why I cannot acheive the same 20% utilization off a single connection?

I have looked around for settings in XP or 2003 that might limit individual connection speeds but nothing seemed to make a difference.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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I have:
CPU: Intel Core i7-860 (Quad core) 2.8 GHz
Mobo: Gigabyte: GA-P55-UD3P P55 1156 pin DDR3
RAM: Patriot Signature 4GB 2 Ghannel Kit DDR3 1333 (for Intel 775 pin, Intel p55, AM3)

The set-up is about 1 year old & my 2TB HD rarely shows defrag at worse than 0.5%, most partitions are 0.0%.
On the whole I consider my computing is slow.
Slow to load, slow to wake up, slow to launch programs, & slow to shut down.

What infuriates me is that only very rarely do I see CPU utilisation higher than 20%, & then it's usually around 37% doing flat out file copying. Also very frequently below10%.
I have a couple of widgets providing this info:
Core Temp reports RAM usage.
CPU Usage shows the utilisation average & with each of 8 "cores".
As I write now I observe the RAM usage at between 40 & 60% while the CPU usage is only 12%.
Simultaneously TaskManager shows 00 CPU usage for all running processes.

Can anyone offer some explanation (I'd be happy to run any recommended benchmark tests) or what I might do to sort this out.
I can remember when my first Pentium II processor seemed just as fast although that rapidly lost speed.

A:Poor CPU utilization & slow PC speed

You shouldn't expect more than a small percentage of CPU usage, so that is normal.
Same with RAM, except that 2GB of RAM is pretty normal too.
If you really think that your computer has a problem, it would most likely be virus related.

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I have 2 laptop PC's.
One is running Windows 7 the other Windows 8.1.
If I do a speed test to speedtest.net (or any other site for that matter) I get vastly diffent speeds on the 2 PC's.

On the Win 7 PC I get a download speed of 85Meg. (Wireless or ethernet).
On the Win8.1 PC I get a download speed of 4Meg. (Wireless or ethernet).

If I start the win 8 pc in safe mode with networking the speed increases to 20meg.
Reboot and its back to 4 meg.

I have tried lots of different suggestions that I have found whilst searching the web, but nothing works.

The win 7 pc is a Packard Bell and the win 8 is an HP.

I am finding this incredibly frustrating.

Any ideas / suggestions anybody?

A:Poor download speed on Win 8.1 compared to Win 7

Just an update folks.

I reverted my Win 8.1 pc to win 8.

Pre revertion speedtest.net gave 4 Meg download speed. 11Meg upload.

Post revertion (i.e. PC now running win 8) speedtest.net gave 40 Meg download speed. 11Meg upload.

I think this proves that 8.1 seriously affects my download speed.

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WinXP Home SP2
Recently upgraded ADSL connection from 1Mb to 2MB.
Although the tray icon says I am connected at 2.2MB ADSL, my download speeds are no better than when I had a 1Mb connection.
All speed tests including Bts own show a download speed of only 126KB/sec.
BT is unable to explain but believe its got something to do with my system rather than their service, which seems logical considering the tray icon shows 2MB connection.
No antivirus running, only zone alarm.
What could be wrong?

A:Poor download speed but 2MB connection!

The fact that the tray icon says 2.2MB doesnt mean its not he BT service.

But in case it is the system, first off, disable any third party firewall you are using and use the xp firewall instead (not permanently, just for testing)

Also go here


download hijack this, create a folder for it, unzip to the folder, run it from there and post a log

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having had this yoga700 14 for a year ,a nd today it is dead , no power at all , the  the LED indicator light is not on even with the adapter plug in . ONE year , this is the shotest life laptap that I have ever own. And I have had it sent to Lenovo's depot center four times in this one year . I can only say that their skill is terrible , every time I received my computer from the cemter , my computer would have some new ugly scratches and some sign and distorting edge which was apparently caused by improper disassembly operations. A month ago the computer could not boot up , and it was sent in again and they replaced the motherboard . in just a month, it completely  dies now ,  it does not have power at all, the power led indicator does not turn on at all , even if I have tried several confirmed working adapters. So you can see how poor their quality is   warranty is expired now , I m really disappointed with this first lenovo product I owned  , it was the first and it would be the last lenovo product in my life.       

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ive had poor wifi signal from my bt home hub since i got it 2 years ago. Ive even had bt give me another one as they said it may be faulty but its just the same.My desktop is connected to it by ethernet cable & works very well however my laptop even only 15 feet away in the next room struggles to keep a connection.Ive tried all the changing channel stuff but to no avail.
My old dynamode router would let my laptop work at the bottom of my garden!
Are these BT hubs just poor performers? Anyway to fit an external airial to it to improve signal?( Im not too bad with a soldering iron!)
Please dont suggest calling BT in Bombay as that is a trial in itself!

BTW my walls ARE solid brick but as I said the dynamode could easily give a good signal in the same situation.

A:bt hub poor wifi?

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12 years with the same ISP.
11 MBPS has been our usual internet speed[pay for up to 20mbps]
Never had issues.

6 months ago and almost without fail:
Between 530pm to 11pm Speed becomes less 1 mpbs and complete internet drops
The last month, this started happening increasingly during other times of the day.
7-9 MBPS is now typical when the internet speed is not acting up, not 11MBPS typical like in the past 12 years

Everything has been changed out trying to solve the internet speed; modems,routers, wires.
Problems occurs both with a wireless and direct internet connection.
Internet comes through telephone lines.
Have not added any new household electrical appliances
Just a 1 to 3 devices may be connected to the internet at the same time. That was the same for years.
Did all the reboots , all along.
The ISP has 'taken steps' along the way at their end to try to solve the issue. They have checked the house inside and out. And said the connection is fine.

Get 6-8MBPS not 11mbps like in the past 12 years
The internet drops to less than 1 mbps between 530pm to 11pm almost every night.
There is almost no ISPs competition in my area
I have spent about about $10,000 with this ISP over 12 years

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Have spent (wasted?) better part of the last 5 days (not counting days previous to this current round of troubleshooting) trying to save my PC and sanity. Have limited funds; need free fix.

Running XP, 64-bit. Deleted unused, unwanted folders/files, uninstalled bad programs, cleaned system w/CCleaner, have MalwareBytes Pro & MSSE for protection. Believe have pared down startup programs to minimum so don't have to mess with starting programs like iTunes (as far as I can tell, am only running 5 programs at startup). Added external hard drive last summer. At first it did the trick; now, worse than ever (I installed & used it w/o knowing enough about it). Sometimes PC runs like bunny & I get so hopeful! Then, it runs like molasses, and "tech rage" soars again. Though am largely self-taught, I suspect that something is running in background that doesn't need to be. I can't find it, though. Have checked Task Manager, but am not knowledgeable as to what all those things are unless has name of program. In addition, when updating/downloading/uninstalling/deleting program, I discover that some app or program like MalwareBytes, MSSE, Games (i.e., solitaire, freecell that comes already installed w/PC), will drop off desktop at unpredictable times. Doesn't happen every time.

So, I study the forums faithfully, and am hoping I have understood directions for submitting Hijack This info. I need this PC for my job. And, after coming so far ... Read more

A:Solved: Exhausted, Poor, and Need to Speed Up Slow PC

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With Bluetooth ON, WiFi download speed is very slow and intermittent.  With Bluetooth OFF it's fine.  I've installed the latest WiFi Adapter driver.  It makes no difference.  Shouldn't I be able to have both WiFi and Bluetooth operational at the same time?  My other computer and devices can do so.   Do I have a hardware problem or a setup issue?  Just purchased the computer.

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I have high speed broadband. On my desktop, when I run speedtest.net, I get approx. 170-180 Mbps

If I disconnect the ethernet cable from the desktop and connect it to the notebook, and run speedtest.net, I only get 85 Mbps.

Any ideas?


A:[SOLVED] Poor Broadband Speed on Notebook

The Ethernet port on the laptop may only be rated at 10/100. Meaning the highest it could receive is 100 Mbps.

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Hi there, I turn once again to the place where I usually get help when I feel lost

The problem
Slow speed performance when surfing. It usually takes 5-10 seconds just to connect to the adress, whereafter everything seems to load in normal speed. Sometimes the loading as subpar as well but it's mainly the annoyingly long initiation time to connect to an adress

What's wierd
1. Speed tests I've done show I have 98% upload/download and around 5ms response time, which is near perfect. This does not reflect my actual performance at all though.
2. At work my usual webpages are loading at instant speed. At home I have lousy loading times.
3. Occurs both for firefox and IE
4. All duplex modes have been tested and does not improve performance
5. Everything was fine up until 2-3 months ago when I noticed a sudden dip in performance. It has stayed that way since then. I can't recall any major changes I did to hardware or software during that time.
6. Broadband provider company is at a loss (their support is crappy of course) but I might push them further to resolve the issue as a last resort.

Technical specifics
I'm using
* 10/10 Mbit u/d broadband via cable TV
* windows xp sp3
* firefox 3, latest update
* Avira Antivir Personal
* standard broadband provider modem, using TP-cable, not wireless
* standard integrated network card
* Not sure if other hardware specifics are relevant (probably not) so I'll list them at request

My Question
How do I go about f... Read more

A:Solved: Poor broadband speed issue

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Change properties to properly So I'm having a few problems with my computer that have built up from accidentally clicking on ads and going to bad sides, when I go to IE11 for the first time of the day after turning on my computer my add ons aren't there and it tells me my add ons are disabled and to choose add ons, the same thing happens after closing IE11. Along with this when I go to watch a video on hulu or you tube it says I can't watch it because I need the latest version of flash player when I already have it and it works in google chrome, though after I get my add ons on Internet explore to show up by letting videos play on google chrome it works. Now I can't even watch hulu at all but you tube works as long as the add ons are there. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, I'm just trying to give the detail I was told to give. Another problem I'm having is choppy videos, especially with google chrome. IE11 isn't nearly as bad as google chrome, when I play videos there it's really really choppy and recently the sound started getting choppy, I should be able to watch videos in both browsers with no choppiness at all you know? With that, the only other symptoms I can think of is logging in to a site and posting in forums not working in IE anymore and speed, I noticed a youtube video actually had to stop and load for a bit (I know crazy right?) A couple other things is turning on IE or other stuff like word takes longe... Read more

A:Poor speed and videos not playing properties

I don't know if I got the gmer part right, it wouldn't save to my desktop just to documents where I couldn't find it when I went there, and it wouldn't open it with the notepad for me to copy it so I just pressed the copy button. I think it saved it in an alternate dimension. Is it right?

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hi guys...just bought a new system.

im having a problem with my unchached speed and memory performance...any ideas whats the problem?.

heres a rundown compliments of pcpitstop.


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Hi there, I know nothing about computers but I have a big issue for the past two weeks now since I got the internet in , I have been on the phone to my internet provider over and over and to the computer supplier about this but still don't know what the cause is. I am using a second hand fully working dell pc with no issues other than my broadband speed to the house is supposed to be good and no faults on line they say, but speed to computer is hardly anything at all, 0.3 for the wifi and with the cable it is 9.0 which would be ok but picture quality when trying to downlaod movies /you tube is still unwatchable with or without the cable although much better with cable , Iv been told connection is fine and to the lap top it is but not to the pc . Nobody seems to be able to tell me whether this is because the pc is old (new monitor) or if there is a fault on the line that they are just not picking up. i'm ruuning out of ideas now, any help would be great. Thanks

A:very poor broadband speed to old DELL refurbished PC

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I have 8 mbps connection wifi. when I test with speedtest.net I get download speed of 1 mbps on my laptop.
but we have 2 android phones and we get around 9 mbps speed on both the phones.
I gone through forums but could not get solution.

attached is screenshot of Wi-Fi inspector. please help me.

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Hi all. Really hope someone can help me here.
I am using an Asus RT-N66U. Signal for wifi at home has never been great, but on a visit for Christmas to the in laws, I was stunned. My father in law has the exact same router. His house is 2 floors and god knows how many rooms. The router is located in the study on the ground floor.
There wasn't a place in the house that didn't get me full signal.
So when I got home I was annoyed my router is hopeless.

To better understand I've made some images. First, this is the WiFi map of my apartment. It's a 2 bed flat on one floor.
As you can see, I shouldn't get that much drop off for such a short distance. The wifi in the toilet/bathroom is unusable and the 2nd bedroom is hopeless.
When I pop outside the front door, the signal also drops. Not to the point of unusable, but watching youtube is futile. I'm on a 125meg connection by the way.

Here is some wifi scans of the area. Firstly, right beside my router.

Mine is the red one, with the silly name. Don't ask, my partner did it.

Now another scan taken from the bathroom.

Finally, my settings for the router:

The things I have tried:

Changing wifi channels. Curently now set to 13u
Increasing the TX power to 100.
Moving router away from DECT phones and the TV area. But due to cable restrictions, I can't move it any more.
Installing custom firmware on the device in an effort to increase range.
Used 2 other wireless routers, results si... Read more

A:Really poor WiFi Signals.

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my wifi driver is not work properly.its range is so poor and after sometime it automatically loose the connection.

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Just bought this laptop last Christmas and I've been having no wifi problems until now. I was always getting full bars. The laptop came with Windows 10 64bit. I've been having problems with Windows 10 Start button so I reinstalled Windows 10. Now my wireless registers 1 bar when I set the laptop next to the router, 1 foot away. Just tomake sure I set up my iphone as a wireless hotspot, same thing, 1 bar (incidently, even though it is registering 1 bar it will not connect to wifi). I've gone to HP's support site and reinstalled the wifi drivers, no change. I wiped the hard drive and installed Windows 7, no change. I suspect it's the driver. The device manager shows it as "Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter". Incidently, my old HP laptop is still working in the original room with full bars) Any ideas? 

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Hiya guys,

I refurbed a laptop (Dell Inspiron 1150) and all went well!

There is however 1 annoynance, the wifi shows vey low, and the internet is either very slow or unreachable.
If I move the laptop closer to the wifi router (Sky) the connection is excellent.
I tried to connect my other laptop and that connects fine strong stable connection (and it detects 4 other networks in the area, whilst the 1150 only sees the one network)

The wifi card I bought is a Broadcom 802.11B/G Mini PCI Wireless Lan Model BCM4306 (802.11B/G 54MB), it came with the drivers.

Have any of you guys any ideas? card faulty, wrong driver maybe...?

I am Looking forward to your replies!


A:poor wifi connection

I doubt it has anything to do with drivers. I would check to make sure the antenna lead is plugged in.

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Please help!I get really poor signal, it won't work more than 2 meters away. I have an HP Stream and have no end of problems It isn't the router as Ipad etc works fine. I've got no idea where to go next?

A:Poor wifi signal

Try reinstalling the Wifi driver from the hp.com site, that has worked for some other Stream notebook users here.

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Hi,poor wifi connection as soon as move away from the router to the point where no connection at all. Have tried several family homes to check connections and the laptop is showing the same. Everything else via the network is running perfectly. Tried changing the channel on the router and also installed the latest server. Seems the Problem lies with the wifi card installed into the laptop. I'm not sure if this is going to be resolved. I hope you have other options to try other than what we have already done. Already tried to disable the firewall, that didnt make a difference either. Thankyou

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I have a big old desktop PC. Huge metal coolermaster cm storm trooper case. I connect to internet via Ethernet. Works well. But when I ordered the custom built machine I asked for an internal dual band wifi card just in case i had to ever move the machine where it was unfeasible to run a wired connection. Out of curiousity I today screwed in the three antenna which were supplied to the back of the PC (with great difficulty reaching the tight space) and then joined my wifi on it. Just gauge its working ok if needed. At this point it's worth noting we use wifi at home all the time on our consoles and Apple devices and it works well with strong signals and good throughput. But on the desktop machine I was testing it was terrible. Barely able to connect and when it did it was at speeds of less than 10 megabits. and this is even with my access point in the same room!

is this because the antenna are right round the back of the PC (largely metallic case) with no clear line of sight to the access point? I suspect this is the case and clunky desktop PC are not suited well to wifi. I just remember we had a gaming laptop in this very room sometime ago which had absolutely no issues using the home wifi

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This laptop has an awful wifi signal is there anything i can do to improve it.The signasl is only acceptable when very close to the router itself Chris

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I'm looking to do the rounds with all of the best software and methods. I think I may have drank too much one night and accidentally opened a downloaded "media" torrent which contained an executable and clicked to run it by mistake. Ever since there have been mild odd malfunctions which almost seemed so subtle that they were mere glitches as we see in all technology. Technology has a personality, at least mine. But suddenly the same programs I always run somehow seemed to slow the computer down immensely and everything began to freeze up. If I stay in one window I'm fine for a while but opening/closing programs is seeming to take triple the time than before.
I have a feeling there was a manual I missed but if you tell me what to do to just give my laptop a full check-up and colonoscopy I would be ever so grateful. (Windows 10)

A:'Basic' - Sudden and Unusual Poor Performance Speed

Hi,Let's see if there is an infection; please follow the instructions below. Also, is there a certain type of program loading slower? or just all of them? Junkware Removal Tool (JRT)Download Junkware Removal Tool (JRT) and move it to your Desktop;Right-click on JRT.exe and select Run as Administrator (for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 users);Press on any key to launch the scan and let it complete;Credits : BleepingComputer.comOnce the scan is complete, a log will open. Please copy/paste the content of the output log in your next reply; AdwCleaner - Fix ModeDownload AdwCleaner and move it to your Desktop;Right-click on AdwCleaner.exe and select Run as Administrator (for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 users);Accept the EULA (I accept), let the database update, then click on Scan;Let the scan complete. Once it's done, make sure that every item listed in the different tabs is checked and click on the Cleaning button. This will kill all the active processes;Once the cleaning process is complete, AdwCleaner will ask to restart your computer, do it;After the restart, a log will open when logging in. Please copy/paste the content of that log in your next reply; Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - Clean ModeDownload and install the free version of Malwarebytes Anti-MalwareNote: It's your choice if you want to enable the free trial of Malwarebytes Premium or not. Enabling it will give you real-time protection from the program, as well as access to all the Premium features.Note: If you ha... Read more

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My wife's Acer Laptop is experiencing very slow Internet speeds with both Wired and Wireless connection.
It is setup through a TP-link WR1043ND router to a Docsis3 router to a cable connection.
I have tried wireless and wired using the supplied Nic's and have trie a USB Gigabit wired router and they ALL seem to run at about the same speed (see attachment) and my desktop (a more powerful machine) runs at FIVE times the speed (see Attachment).
Any ideas as to what the bottleneck could be?

A:Poor Internet speed Acer 5570 laptop

It wouldn't be due to limitations of the network controller chip of your wife's laptop?...

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Am having some performance issues with regard to bootup and internet connection speed. I have DSL but the fastest download rate I can get is 170kbps and should be around 1200kbps for my area. Is there someplace I can check the settings and or restore defaults. The other problem is that when the blue dell logo appears startup it just sits there for 5 to 10 minutes before finally booting up. Any advice or help that might guide me in the right direction would be appreciated. System is a Dell Dimension 700mhz P3 WinXP/SP2.


A:Slow startup and poor internet transfer speed

Generally it is best to break up your post into separate posts for each problem, but let me take a stab.1. Have you used one of the on-line tests to determine your exact d/l speed?http://www.dslreports.com/toolsIf this tests significantly lower than the speed promised by your provider, you should call its tech support so they can check your connexion.2. There may be several causes for slow booting.One of the most common is that your computer is loading too many unneeded applications when it starts up. There are many applications, such as Spybot Search and Destroy, that list what is being loaded on start up and allows you to delete them. To determine which to delete, look these up at BC's Startup database.A second possible cause is spyware, which can be removed by several good, free applications like Ad-Aware SE.Another possible cause is lack of maintenance. Deleting junk and unneeded files, running scandisk, and defragging should be done on a regular basis.Hope this helps,Regards,John

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Hi everyone,
I'm having this problem with the WiFi (which I set up in 2011) at my grandfather's. I googled quite a bit for this problem and never found a solution. I've had the issues for quite some time, but as I usually only stayed there for a couple of days the last couple of times anyway, I didn't spend too much time fixing it. Now I'll be taking care of him for a week, and I'm here for a total of almost 2 weeks. The Internet connection is very poor - sometimes, web pages will load (but not as quickly as they should), sometimes they will load after about 1 minute, sometimes they will load about halfway and just not go any further, and sometimes page loading just gets stuck at the beginning. There is never any message such as "the server timed out" of "the server could not be found". The problem only happens on my computer (Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Tablet with Intel Advanced-N 6205) - I've seen at least 10 devices at various times using the Internet without any issues, including his laptop (thank goodness), and my computer doesn't have this issue with any other wifi network (the router is a Tenda single band Wireless-N W268R). I don't have the problem when I connect via ethernet, but the ethernet connection is only available upstairs, and I want to be able to stay downstairs when I need Internet on my computer, because he can barely make it up the stairs. I can also access the router settings etc. without any issues. Here is what I've tried (although it co... Read more

A:Poor Internet connection over WiFi

Hi trainman, Welcome to Seven forums.

Try to upgrade the router's and your NIC firmware.

1- Change wireless router encryption to WEP, rather than WPA. (I understand switching to WPA2 could also help with some compatibility issues...)

2- Uninstall router management software that came with router (e.g. D-Link router comes with a program called “Network Magic”. It might interfere with the Windows-7 wireless software that is already installed)

3- Change wireless adapter settings: In "Properties", unclick "TCP/IPv6"

4- Change wireless adapter settings: In "Properties/Configure", disabled Ad Hoc QoS Mode.

5- Change wireless adapter settings: In "Properties/Configure", changed Wireless Mode to 802.11g

6- In Control Panel/Power Options: Change advanced power settings... Wireless adapter settings: set to Maximum Performance

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Hi all,

I'm having an ongoing wireless problem with my Windows 7 PC in that speeds are a lot slower than expected and I even get intermittent 'connected to network but no internet access' problems.

I have two computers on my network: a Windows PC, and a Macbook. With the laptop my download speed is regularly 17mbps. But my PC can barely pass 7mbps. I ran speedtest with the laptop on the floor next to the PC so I know they both have the same line of sight to the router. My laptop also never drops the connection.
This tells me that the router cannot be at fault and that it's setup correctly.
I have the latest drivers for my PCI wireless adapter. Windows is up to date.

So.. where do I go from here? Is it possible that the wireless adapter just isn't very good? (I bought it as it had good user reviews). Although it barely managers a signal strength higher than 2 bars (which according to Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector is about -85dbm Very poor!).
Is it likely that some adapters work better with some makes of router? I have a Netgear router and the adapter it TP-Link.

Or could it be an issue within Windows? If so where would I start looking?

Thanks in advance for any help!

A:Best way to troubleshoot poor wifi on Windows 7?

I would suspect its the wi fi adapter. The signal strength is not high enough for proper operation.

Some adapter come with an antenna, or have provisions to add one, so one thing to look at.

The other thing to seriously consider is that the adapter you got is defective. If its returnable, I would return it either for a different model or exchange for another same model.

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Hi All, I have just purchased the Ideapad 720S and have been having a problem with the WiFi. I noticed that it would slow down and the network would become unresponsive while getting content from my NAS box. If I ping my router, I also noticed that there is a high latency which varies loads, never really going below 3ms, but sometime dropping a ping and often going up to 20 - 40ms +! I have tested the laptop on 2.4 and 5 GHz bands and the situation is the same. I have also tried a different Access Point, but the problem persists. My old 7 year old Dell XPS15 does not exibity this problem. I have updated the WiFI Driver (Atheros QCA9377) to the latest on the Lenovo Website, it shows as I have also set the Power plan to max performance on the WiFi apapter. Any help with this problem would be appreciated, Thanks -Ben 

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I have just got a Yoga 710 but appear to be suffering from very bad wifi sensitivity.  I am sat on top of my router and only have 2 bars of signal.  Any ideas?

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I just purchased this laptop yesterday and I'm unsure why I'm receiving such terrible signals and receiving poor signal at my girlfriend's house as well. I'm getting two - three bars on my home network that is one room away from me.

A:XPS 13 2015 Poor WiFi Signal.

I rolled back driver to version and it works perfectly now. 
Go to Device Manager --> Network adapters --> Dell 1560 802.11ac --> Driver --> Roll Back Driver
It seems to work by now...

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