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Solved: I Have that awesome.."No audio output device is installed" message...

Q: Solved: I Have that awesome.."No audio output device is installed" message...

Hello there so i have the No audio output device is installed message from vista and need to get rid of it. Im not for sure what happened when i upgraded to windows vista ultimate from windows XP it for some reason messed up my speakers?

Preferred Solution: Solved: I Have that awesome.."No audio output device is installed" message...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: I Have that awesome.."No audio output device is installed" message...

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I recently tried installing a program a friend of mine gave to me in a cd, but it ended up messing up my computer, After installing it, my computer kept showing this blue screen saying windows had been shut down to prevent damages. After awhile, it came back normal but I found out that there was no sound playing on the computer, the little speaker icon has a big red X mark and it says " No Audio Output Device is Installed", and Im not sure why, I;ve had this computer (Hp Pavillion dv6000) with Windows vista and I've never had a single problem with it until now. How can I get my sound back?

Help will be really appreciated! Thanks!

A:Solved: "No Audio Output Device is Installed"

Sounds (excuse the pun!) like an HD Audio Driver issue. I'd go to the HP website, search for your box and click the drivers and updates link. Download and install the Audio Drivers and reboot. That should solve the problem, but if it doesn't just post again and we'll have a re-think...


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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Genuine Intel(R) CPU U7300 @ 1.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3960 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 1852 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 59999 MB, Free - 16683 MB; D: Total - 235140 MB, Free - 194652 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0PWV73, A05, .DK8G8K1.CN486439994347.
Antivirus: Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Disabled

On my Dell Inspiron 1470, I keep getting the message that "no audio input device is installed" over the speaker in the lower right, along with a red x. Nothing shows up for audio in the device manager, or in system info. I've attempted a number of things. I've reinstalled the realtek driver, checked for hardware changes, made sure i'm up to date, uninstalled older updates, but nothing seems to work. Randomly after I restart my computer sometimes the sound will be back, but it's only a matter of time before it dies again. Why is this happening, and what can I do?

A:Solved: "no audio output device installed"

Audio driver (all drivers actually) should be here;

NOTE:It's important to install CHIPSET drivers as soon as the Windows Installation is complete.

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I have a Gateway GT5628 Core 2 Quad desktop. Vista Home Premium. It has on-board sound (which is enabled in the BIOS), and worked fine for the month I've had the machine until a couple of days ago. We had a power outage, and when the system came back up, I had a speaker icon in the system tray with a red X saying "No Audio output device is installed".

The system does not seem to realize that a sound card exists. It no longer shows up in device manager. Also, "Sound, video, and game controllers" is not showing as a category in device manager...was this removed in Vista, or is this part of my problem?

I talked to support at Gateway, and they told me to reinstall the drivers. As I expected, the drivers won't install because "Audio device not found". They then told me to do a Factory Recovery.....no thanks. I've spent too many hours tweaking this thing! Do you folks think a Factory recovery would do anything? To me this seems like a hardware problem. If the machine can't see the sound card now, it's not going to see it with a recovery either, right?

Plus, I already ran System Recovery once! The system blue-screened like crazy when I first got it. After installing all my software, I realized that SP1 was not installed. It would not install no matter what. I had to do a factory recovery, then install SP1, then re-install all my software!

FYI - I have the newest system BIOS installed.

Thank you for any tips!

A:Solved: No audio output device is installed - "Sound, video, game controllers" option

Sounds like the power outage did something not so nice to your PC (investing in a UPS is a good thing). It sounds to me like some sort of hardware issue at this point.

I would recommend opening the case up and seeing if any of the capacitors (little can like things) on the motherboard look like they are distended (look like they are bulging out or exploded), also do a sniff test and see if anything smells funny.

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I'm running a Dell XPS 420, which came with Windows Vista. I decided this morning that I was going to give Windows 7 a try, backed up some media on another PC, and did a completely fresh install.

Everything worked perfectly, I didn't even have to install any drivers. My native resolution was automatically correct, the sound worked, the internet worked, everything was dandy. It worked perfectly, and for the record, I really enjoyed it. I used it for several hours, getting used to the new features and whatnot.

I went to sleep for a few hours, and then went out for a while. When I came back, the sound had stopped working. It gave me no error at the time, it just didn't work. WinAmp wouldn't play my MP3s, Youtube videos were without audio, system sounds weren't playing, and yet, the volume was enabled and at an audible level of 67. My speakers were still connected properly, too.

I figured maybe a reboot was in order, and when I restarted, there was no sound still. Now, however, the speaker taskbar icon had a red x next to it, with the words "No Audio Output Device is installed." on the tooltip. I rebooted again and there was no change.

Using the Windows 7 trouble shooter, it says that "Hardware changes might not have been detected."

The odd thing is, this has happened to me before with Windows Vista. I wanted to perform a clean re-install of Vista, and when I did so, the sound worked perfectly for a few hours, before going out again. I would re-install Vi... Read more

A:Audio stops working, "No Audio Output Device Installed"

Hi filmtrauma, welcome to the forums.

While you have been asleep, Windows Update may have installed a new Sound driver for you which may have caused this error. Open Windows Update and click 'View Update History'....

You could try downloading the latest drivers from the hardware manufacturer, a lot are now supporting Windows 7 too..

Also, is your sound hardware plugged in (to the motherboard) securely? It's rare but i've dealt with some cases of hardware coming loose, might be worth a look. Another thing to check may be the temperature of the card, it may be getting overly hot due to a dust build up (might not be, i'm not 100% up-to-date on all sound hardware).

Hope this helps

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Warning, I am NOT a computer person at all, but have spoken to some and tried several repairs. I have a Sony VAIO VPCEA24FM laptop, running windows 7 64-bit and the sound has randomly stopped working (made no changes to anything that I know of). There is a red circle with an x in it on the volume icon on the taskbar, and when I hover over it it says "No Audio Output Device is Installed." However, when I open the device manager and click under sound controllers, Intel (R) Display Audio is listed and if I click on it, it says this device is working properly.

I tried to update the drivers and it says I have the most up to date. When I open sound on the control panel it says no audio device is installed and even when I right click and click "show disabled devices" nothing is shown. I have tried microsoftfixit, and it doesn't help. I have also tried to download the Realtek High Definition Audio Driver from the Sony website, and it downloads and installs and then a window comes up that says it may not have installed properly, and asks, "reinstall with recommended settings?" i click ok and it gives me a message that says, "This update can only run on Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7" and all there is is an "ok" button, which i click, and it does not reinstall. HELP I'M AT MY WIT'S END!

A:Sony VAIO laptop "No Audio Output Device Installed"

Hello and welcome Samark had a look at the Sony site and you might try this for the audio driver, as I prefer to go to manufacturers sites rather than the Device Manager which I personally don't find all that reliable.


there is also this but try the Sony site first http://www.realtek.com.tw/

As a matter of curiosity you haven't dropped the laptop or spilt anything on it by any chance?

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I don't know if any of this is related, but I wanted to provide as much information as I could for you gurus to deal with. So here's what happened:

I left my ASUS K55A laptop in sleep mode. I opened the lid to wake it up, logged in, and then everything started to load really slowly. This hasn't happened before, and the computer quickly BSOD'd in that new Windows 8.1 fashion. It restarted and scanned/repaired my D drive, again in a very slow manner. It took maybe 20 minutes just to get to the login screen (as opposed to maybe a minute). I login, and again, everything's very slow. This time, I just hit the power button and reset the laptop that way, hoping it'd fix things. Unfortunately, the same thing happens. After doing this about 2 or 3 more times, each time spending about 20 to 30 minutes, I just let it run after I log in. I manage to click the "Restart" option on the side after waiting eons for it to respond to my clicks. I get it to load and it booted up normally.

Or so I thought.

My D drive was suddenly inaccessible and my little volume speaker at the bottom right had the red X beside it, saying "No Audio Output Device is Installed". I spend another billion years trying to fix my D drive, changing permissions and allowing full control, and eventually getting full access again, most likely with some unknown ramifications. I found out after that although my C drive didn't suffer from the same problem as my D drive, the C drive would keep asking me f... Read more

A:Asus Laptop/RealTek "No Audio Output Device is Installed"

From your description, I'm going to suggest what I try to avoid at all costs. Do a complete reinstall. I know its a hassle but sometimes its what is needed.

Backup your user data to some external media (USB flash drive, CD/DVD media, etc) first as the reinstall will wipe it all out. Then do the reinstall, using the recovery mode that I assume ASUS has (most PC vendors have a recovery partition on the hard drive that will allow restoring to the original factory condition).

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Recently when I was trying to enable my sound card so I could make YouTube videos, I managed to somehow break my sound. I have a windows 7 64bit computer that runs realtek hd audio and nvidia hd audio. I have tried reinstalling windows and that does not work, as it comes up with an error message "upgrade failed, restart and then select updates when prompted" no mater how many times I do this It does not work. Please help!

A:Sound error "no audio output device is installed"

Reinstalling Windows probably is not the answer. The sound device (RealTek) is apparently the problem.

Without knowing what you did to "enable my sound card" we can't really say what is needed to make it work again.
Filling out the My System Specs will also help someone to try and help you.

What is the status of the RealTek in the Device Manager? Is it listed and does it show an error code or working OK?

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i wasn't really sure where to post this, but i have the no audio output device is installed error in windows vista home premium. I have tried everywhere and the only solutions i found were, to scan for hardware changes in my sound card, to disable then re-enable it and to update the drivers. I have tried all those options and it still does not work, Apparently my drivers and everthing is up-to-date.
I am using a HP-Pavillon a1215uk with 3.2Ghz processor and 2GB ram. My sound card appears in device manager as "high definition audio device"

A:windows vista "no audio output device is installed"

Welcome to TSG:
Any error indicators in device manager?
And you have gone to the HP site and downloaded the latest audio device driver ?
Just to make sure that all bindings etc are correct,I might,in de3vice manager,uninstall the device and re-boot. See if that helps.
Just been on the HP site,I do not see a driver for that device and O/S.

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Hello All,

I am sorry if this has been addressed but I have been looking everywhere and have tried so many things to resolve this issue to no avail.

My Sony laptop VGN-FZ21Z VISTA home premium 32 bit has a little red x next to the audio on the bottom right toolbar. No Audio output device is installed is displayed when I hover over it. I have gone into the device driver to check the problem and no audio device is installed. I have tried to download the driver from the Sony UK website and it says object not found restart computer and try again. There is then a prompt to install with the correct settings and it tries again and says I have the wrong device. I have also reset my computer to factory settings and still that little red x is there. I have looked everywhere for the correct device driver but can't seem to find one for this model.

Thank you kindly for your time.

A:Sony VGN-FZ21Z "no audio output device installed"

Welcome to Seven Forums:

Is the driver your trying the Sigma Tel: http://www.sony.co.uk/support/en/product/VGN-FZ21Z/updates?

And if so have you tried following these instructions? http://www.sony.co.uk/support/en/product/VGN-FZ21Z/downloads/STDAUD-01487701-UN_3275


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My Dell PC just installed a new Windows 10 update and my sound doesn't work anymore. It seems that there is suddenly no audio output device installed on my PC anymore. I checked the system and got a troubleshooting report.
What can it be and how can I solve this issue?
Any help appreciated!
Thanks, Steve

Check audio device


There might be a problem with your audio device.

Potential issues that were checked

Detection details

One or more audio service isn't running

Issue not present

Both the Windows Audio and the Windows Audio End Point Builder services must be running for audio to work correctly. Atleast one of these services isn't running.

Hardware changes might not have been detected

Issue not present

Troubleshoot problems that prevent your computer from playing or recording sound.

Package Version:


Microsoft Windows

Playing Audio
Find and fix problems with playing sound.

Package Version:


Microsoft Corporation

Hardware and Devices
Find and fix problems with devices and hardware.

Package Version:


Microsoft Windows

A:"No Audio Output device is installed" after Windows 10 update

Problem got solved the following way: With the update microsoft 10 tried to install the most recent audio driver but by default installed the wrong one (intel instead of a realtek). In order to get the right version open the dell support
dell.com/support -> view all support -> enter your service tag -> "drivers & downloads" -> find it myself -> download and install the bios and audio driver -> done

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Hey, guys.

I've been having that problem for a while now, but I could always just system restore back to a previous state and my sound comes back. But now, it seems that when I tried to do a system restore, one wasn't available.

I've done everything that I've searched on, like disabling/enabling sound card, uninstalling and installing again. None of those seems to work.

Since my system restore sets it back before an update is installed, then I think it's because of an update. And the most recent update since the Red X was an update for windows defender, and I can't uninstall the update, or whatnot.

I'm getting really desperate here, guys. Please help.

Thanks in advance.

I run Windows 7 Home Premium x64.
The sound card is Conexant SmartAudio HD.

A:Red X on Volume Icon, "No Audio Output Device is installed."

If it's a Windows Update you should be able to uninstall it, at least if you remember what number it was exactly. "Control Panel" > "Programs and Features" then at the top left click on "View installed updates", the updates you installed, at least via Windows Update, should now be viewable. Then find which one it was and uninstall it, should be easy enough.

So Windows isn't acknowledging your sound card in "Device Manager"? If not go to Conexant's website and search under "Audio Solutions" or google for any drivers that may suit your exact product. If it is acknowledging your card. . .I don't know. If it's not onboard then it wouldn't be able to be disabled in your BIOS, unless you have an onboard sound AND a sound card, and they're conflicting? If so you might have to disable the onboard audio perhaps?

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first i want to comment that that error has strange capitalization issues...


i am running vista home premium 64 on an hp pavillion dv2845se verve entertainment notebook pc and i have the dreaded no audio output BS

when it first started happening, it would come and go as i restarted or hibernated. now its mostly full on sucking.

i have updated drivers, restored to a time before the problem, full system restore (it hurt bad when my 'new' machine came up with that little X)

when the error is up, if i look in device manager, there are no options at all for sound card, game controller, video.... also, it means not only do i not have sound, there is no device to update drivers for.

also, when the error is up, it also causes the Hp Quicktouch On-Screen Display to stop working (is this because the drivers are shared or something?)

stranger still, when the rare chance i do have sound and god's love shines on me, the HP Quicktouch On-Screen Display issue goes away. However i lose the ability to use the headphone jack! (this was just once that i noticed, and since the aforementioned full system restore i have only had sound once and the headphone jack worked, so there...)

i have gone through HP's site and Microsite (ahem...) and gotten nothing. on the forums here, it seems some people have luck downloading the drivers from the makers' site (realtek) but i am running conexant hd smartaudio.

i have included a handy... Read more

A:Unique twist to: "No Audio Output Device is installed"

oh yeah! also, i work in the music industry so it is insanely important i have sound capabilities ASAP. THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR HELP!

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all settings in the options menu of RDC have been confirmed (play sound locally is selected)
However, once connected there is a red/white "X" on the speaker icon in the taskbar of the remote PC and states "No Audio Output Device is installed" & I am unable to troubleshoot or configure sound settings. I removed all audio cables
& restarted the remote PC as well. 

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Hello all!

So, I've just installed a fresh version of Windows 7, coming from Ubuntu 10.04. Everything seems to work smoothly, except for the little problem of having NO SOUND! I've tried everything I can think of or find anywhere on the internet, and nothing seems to be making any difference. The sound symbol on my taskbar has a little red circle with an x, and it states "No audio output device is installed". I've downloaded oodles of drivers (realtek, ones from HP, chipset driver for intel as well as the nvidia one, ricoh card reader driver, etc., all 32bit, which is what my win version is); some will install, some come up with errors, but neither seem to make any changes. Through device manager, I've disabled/enabled, uninstalled, deleted, had it check for drivers. I've used windows update to see if perhaps it had any solutions. Nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any advice/ideas I could try? If you do, please use layman's terms to get there. I'm usually very good at troubleshooting, enough to get by with few problems most of the time, but I'm not up on all the technical terms. I can include screenshots of anything if it would help. I am on a Compaq Presario V3020US notebook, with an intel centrino duo processor. I'm not completely sure of other specs, but if you know where I can find them, I shall look there. ANY help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


A:"Audio output device not installed", code 10, presario v3020US problem

I notice you mention the chipset drivers. In most cases the chipset drivers must be installed before installing sound drivers. If you haven't installed in this order, give it a try. I've also seen cases where the install was not initially done with the correct install sequence and after many different tries, it finally will take a new/correct sequence install to get everything working. On many PC's the correct install sequence is (1) Install Windows (2) Install motherboard chipset drivers (3) Install device drivers including video, sound, ethernet, etc. The chipset drivers are key to a successful install as one of the prime things they do is define (identify) all the devices on the motherboard.

Also, it could be a BIOS problem. Make sure the audio is enabled in the BIOS. You may want to reset the BIOS and see what that does. Check the Compaq BIOS resetting procedure (on most desktops you can just Power off the PC and remove the CMOS backup battery for about 10 minutes, but that's not alway easy on a Laptop).

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Greetings and salutations.

I recently upgraded an Acer Aspire 3690 to Windows 7 (32bit) and everything went well, almost. See, for life of me I can't get audio to work. (That old chestnut.) The speaker icon in the notification area displays the white cross/red circle and informs me that "No Audio Output Device is installed". Fine. Okay. Just a driver problem, right?

Well, Device Manager is showing no discrepancies and the two devices associated with the Aspire's audio chipset (Conexant) are installed and happy (Modems/HDA CX11270 Soft Modem, and System devices/High Definition Audio Controller). But there is no entry for Sound, Video and Game Controllers, and that's what concerns me. Acer's driver support page for the 3690 tells me that Realtek powers the audio, but regardless of the potentially compatible audio drivers I've tried to install (most of the Conexant drivers fail with "Driver installation failed: could not find the MEDIA device for this driver" and the Realtek drivers either have no effect or BSOD the machine) I've had no success.

Now if I was running XP then MUAA would, I'm convinced, resolve the issue, but as far as Windows 7 is concerned I'm at a loss. Best I figured, the Realtek drivers should latch onto the High Definition Audio Controller then provide an Audio Output Device, but nothing's happening. I'm convinced that the physical hardware's fine because the Soft Modem diagnostics provide feedback, and the BIOS has been updated to 3... Read more

A:Acer Aspire 3690 w/ Conexant: "No Audio Output Device is installed"

I'm assuming you upgraded from Vista/XP. With and upgrade to a different OS and there are devices that don't work right away with the latest drivers tells me that the BIOS for the MOBO needs to updated/flashed. I would start there first. Sometimes the old BIOS are just not compatible with a new version of an OS.

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In my laptop audio devices is not working,Audio drive is there then also it not working Why? some one explain it?

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Please help me fix this sound error.
I am tangled with this error from past one month.
Please help with the best solution for it.
Thanks !

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i just found this site on google and i don't know if i put this in the right place......i updated (system update and sound card update) last week or the week before and after i restarted i got this X over my speaker in the tray and now the only sound i get is this loud BEEP ......i can't play music............well i called HP and they had me go into safe mode with networking then this bios thing (gray screen) ....there was the delete the driver .....restart that didn't work and then he told me the only thing he could think of is to do full system restore and return it to factory settings but then after i was done talking to him i remembered that the speaker say "No Device Installed" so i was thinking could i buy this software (its conexant if that matters) or does anybody know an alternative ...maybe this happened to you and you figured it out

pleast let me know

i uploaded an error message i've been getting for a long time because i had codec problems when i first got this computer and i didn't know what i could do so google lead me to something that told me to save a dll thing (i didn't know)

A:"No Audio Output Device is Installed" after update

wow 27 views (last i checked) and no comments can anybody help me

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 32637 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000, -1984 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 5575 GB (2167 GB Free); D: 11 GB (1 GB Free); G: 5575 GB (40 GB Free); J: 11 GB (1 GB Free); O: 3725 GB (1313 GB Free);
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

Hp support Letter ? 7-16-218 ? After the peer to peer expert had no answer that worked. Is there a way of disabling the defective device somewhere, possibly bios so that I can get some sound working
HP letter ? ?No audio output device installed?. 7-11-2018 ? My computer.

Hewlett-Packard h8-1417c 1.00

System Serial Number: MXX2390D68

Product #: H3Z18AA#ABA

Enclosure Type: Desktop
My 1st letter: Error message: No audio output device installed.

Experience: I have been using computers since 1983 with the first XT.

I have significant experience repairing and upgrading my computers.

Solutions tried: I have exhausted the many ways to fix device driver problems. (Usually it is an easy fix).

I have also tried 3 different USB devices designed to replace sound cards that have failed.

Previous similar problem: In the first year of owing this new HP the Audio failed. Because the Au... Read more

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I have a toshiba satellite U300 laptop, vista home premium 32 service pack 2. About 6 months ago I got the notorious red x through the speakers - I fixed it by re-installing the realtek audio driver. About a week ago the problem re-visted. At first, I uninstalled/reinstalled the driver which brought the speakers back, but everytime I turned the computer on the sound was gone again.I did this at least 8 times in the last week. I did system restore numerous times - to the point that now it doesn't even go back to a point when the audio worked. Now even this doesn't work and no audio device registers under sound in the control panel or sound, game controllers in device manager. I've read the forums on this for hours and tried many things since (including cleaning the disc, defragging etc.) The latest thing I have done is run the system file checker (sfc.exe) and got back several errors which it did not fix - maybe that's my problem?? I have no idea (although I have read the "how to analyze the log file entries) what to do with these results or what to do in general. I still have no sound after spending hours reading and trying to help myself. Can anyone help?

A:recuring "no audio output device is installed"

since no one seems interested in answering my question - I will answer it myself:
After spending many many hours on forums and support sites and trying all kinds of things (most of which were incredibly complicated techie remedies) I found nothing which helped me but thousands of other windows people with the same problem or a variation thereof. Until, by some miracle, I found a simple suggestion on yahoo answers: "...go into the control panel/Users and turn off user account control. After I did that the driver installation was successful..." and voila after more than a week of silence I have sound!! Worth trying

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Hey fellas,

So i decided to upgrade from XP pro 32bit to Windows 7 Ultimate x64 a few days ago.
Thats when my troubles began. Did everything by the book, clean install , install motheboard/vga drivers properlly.

Thing is i got that little devilish x on the speaker down right corner and since then i've looked over 500 solutions over the web forums including many bios changes like enabling and disabling the onboard HD audio and bios update also tried to install several audio drivers of my motherboards onboard sound chip like from other software or 32bit softwares.

Nothing worked and its all due to my system can't recognise the audio chip since im always getting "We can't find HD audio device" when i try to install the drivers.

In device manager i can only spot one option that might be the sound card and it goes by the name "High Definition Audio Controller". I've tried disabling it but nothing.When i try to uninstall it windows 7 automaticlly installs it back.

The motherboard is an ASRock P43DE with the VIA VT1708S audio chipset.
(i've checked on my motherboard and i noticed 2 chips near the audio panel. one saying VT1708S and another saying Realtek. But the Realtek chip might be of the LAN controler not sure about that)

In playback devices and recording deviced i get no option, complete black space.
So i am starting to get desperate after a few days of trying to solve this out because i was really excited about trying out my new software.

PS: Tri... Read more

A:Another "No Audio Output Device is installed" Issue

And you have installed the VIA high definition audio driver ver:v7500F_HDMI?

ASRock > Products > Motherboard > P43DE > Download

Realtec IS your LAN driver in this case, that is correct.

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I have a Medion Laptop model MD96015.
When I brought my laptop it came with Windows XP, but it had a sticker saying it was Vista Compatible.

A few days ago I loaded Vista Home Premium on my computer, and I got everything working except my sound.

When I go into device manager it says that "SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC" is working properly, and when I click update drivers it tells me my drivers are up to date. I tried going to the medion website and downloading the audio drivers they provided for my laptops model number, but after installing them, I still don't have any sound.

On my taskbar there is the speaker symbol with a cross over it, and if I put the mouse over it it says "No audio output device is installed"

I have tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them again, but it doesn't seem to work. I'm out of ideas now, so please, help!!

A:Help Needed: "No audio output device is installed"

ok, i need you to do something for me SamanthaAmy, can you go back into the device manager, and above the devices, theres a button that looks like a spyglass over a computer. click on that and tell me if anything happens

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Hi, I was using my computer today and I left it alone for a short while, then when I came back suddenly the sound was not working, even though the volume was turned all the way up. I restarted it a few times, and eventually the audio output device was gone (there was an x in the icon instead of sound waves, and when I hovered over it it said "No Audio Output Device is installed"). I also did a clean reboot, which didn't work. I went to the control panel, clicked Sound, tried right-clicking where it said "No audio devices are installed" so that I could choose to show disabled devices, but that was already enabled. I went to Device Manager and clicked "Sound, video and game controllers", but the only thing in the dropdown was "Bluetooth Audio Device". Does anyone know what I could do about this?

A:All of a sudden, "No audio output device is installed"

Please provide some system specs. Helps us to try and help you.

Since nothing is being shown, reset the BIOS as a first step and see if that helps (If you have any customized settings you will have reset those after resetting the BIOS).

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Well like the title says, I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 from Windows Vista. Everything was working just fine till last week my audio goes bye-bye. In my taskbar my audio icon it has a white X in a red circle. Plus it says "No audio Ouput Device is installed."

More info, it goes on and off randomly when I shutdown or put the computer to sleep. I have a HP Pavilion dv6700nr,

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 [email protected] Dual-Core
Memory: 1.94GB
System type: 32 Bit
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 7150M/nForce 630M

Any input or help is greatly appreciated.

A:No sound "Audio Output Device not Installed".

Aww no one wants to help

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I've been going on for a month without sound now. Earlier, it used to be a few times a week with sound. Stupid HP laptop.

A:Was there ever a solution to the "No audio output device is installed"

Try to get the correct audio drivers from HP

HP Support & Drivers | United States


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I used Macrium Reflect to clone a hard drive with some bad sectors to a better working one. I had to do some registry fun times and get the new C: drive to actually be a C: drive (that was a fun activity.)

After I fixed that as well as a wireless problem, I still cannot figure out what is going on with my laptop's onboard audio. Windows says "No Audio Output Device is installed." and a red X near the volume icon in the taskbar. When I click, troubleshooter comes up, and that tries to fix the problem "Audio device is disabled" which fails. When I right click, I can open up the Playback devices window and I see my main audio device, enabled as default. When I open that and click properties, it looks fine, but there is nothing in the Levels tab.

I have also tried reinstalling the audio driver multiple times, as well as the Mr. FixIt that Microsoft has, which reports that there is both a Low audio device volume and Audio device is muted, neither of which gets fixed. The device shows up without any problems in Device Manager.

What is happening? I'm good at computers (well for the most part...I did fix the drive lettering issue!) so I will be willing to do anything at all. My computer is a Lenovo T61 running Windows 7 Home Premium. The chipset is a SoundMAX. Any thoughts? I'm thinking it's all software because my sleep chirps and boot beeps when my hard drive decides not to init properly (???) all play through just fine.

A:"No Audio Output Device is installed." after HDD clone

If you did clone properly... it is an exact copy... so works the same. Did you clone all partitions or only 1 or 2? Was old drive also connected when booting from new disk? Normally macrium clone modifies ALL references to old disk on the new created disk. It does it even if you clone only one partition. After booting from cloned win7 you only have to adjust drive letters refereing to old disk. But since you removed the old faulty disk, this is unnecessary as well.

Don't know what happened. All drivers, documents,programs should still work! Did you clone without errors? Did you disconnect a cable accidentally when replacing harddisk?

Do you hear no sound at all? The beeps on boot are from internal speaker!! Not the soundmax

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Right, first post, I had a little search for a replica thread but for some reason, the search wasn't working, so I apologise.

this seems to be a common problem for some, but mine has a little twist from the norm.

I log on, I get the little speaker icon with the red x over it.

I got to the Realtek website and download the driver, install it, it works! Yay!

So all is good in the hood until I turn off my computer. When I restart (without the computer actually turning off) it works fine still, but when I actually turn it off then on again, same problem!

I'd really rather not have to go through an installer every time I want to list to some tunes, so can you help a brotha out?

Thanks guys, have fun with this one.


A:"No Audio Output Device Is Installed" - but different :/

hi have you tried going to device manager,sound video and game controllers click on the little + to expand the view right click on your sound choose properties then update driver you should then get the option to point windows to the file and update from their

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I received my Acer Aspire One notebook with Windows 7 Starter last year for Christmas. Not a week later, the sound would spontaneously stop working, often while I was in the middle of listening to music in Winamp. For a few days, restarting would fix the problem immediately, but then it stopped working entirely.

The speaker icon in the lower right is covered with a red X symbol, and hovering the mouse over it I get the message "No audio output device is installed."

Googling the problem found me lots of forum topics about similar issues on Windows 7, Vista, and XP, but most of those were solved by going into the device manager, finding the Sound, Video, and Game Controllers option, and disabling then enabling the sound card. But I tried that, and that option is not even listed in my device manager. If I go to Control Panel > Sound, the Playback tab just says "No audio devices installed". It's as if my computer forgot it had speakers. Of course, headphones don't work either.

I tried system restoring and eventually reinstalling. Sometimes the problem would resolve on a restart and work fine, and when that happened the device appeared where it belonged and I updated the drivers. But on the next restart, the problem happened again. I figured out how to flash the BIOS, and it still didn't work.

About a month later the problem went away again and didn't come back. But now, five more months later, it seems to be back again for good. If I... Read more

A:"No audio output device is installed"

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This has probably been posted here before, but I could not find any threads on this issue. I re installed Windows 7, and once I finished, I logged on, and tried to watch a video online, and realized there was no audio. I looked at the speaker to see if it was turned on, and there was of course a red x on it, and the message "No Audio Output Device Is Installed" once I dragged the mouse over it.

Any idea on how I can fix this?

A:"No Audio Output Device Is Installed"

Quote: Originally Posted by Willbug34

This has probably been posted here before, but I could not find any threads on this issue. I re installed Windows 7, and once I finished, I logged on, and tried to watch a video online, and realized there was no audio. I looked at the speaker to see if it was turned on, and there was of course a red x on it, and the message "No Audio Output Device Is Installed" once I dragged the mouse over it.

Any idea on how I can fix this?

Hello Willbug, Welcome to SF,

I guess the Audio Drivers didn't got installed.

Go To > Start > Device Manager > Look for Yellow Marks if your finding it then
Right Click Update Drivers

Also Control Panel> All Control Panel Items> Troubleshooting > Hardware and Sound See what does it finds

Hope this helps,

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Hey there! Maybe I'm missing a quick and easy fix but I'm somewhat at a loss as it stands. My laptop (Asus X555L, Windows 8, 64-bit) woke up from "Sleep" but suddenly wouldn't play any sound. A small cross appears on the speaker icon with "No Audio Output Device is installed" appearing if hovered over.

The troubleshooter didn't give much indication so my instinct was to uninstall the Realtek HD Audio driver and restart the laptop in the hope that my laptop will sort itself out during the reboot. However, the icon appeared the same and no audio played, to make matters worse, it seems it did not reinstall the driver and no longer appears in the Device Manager.
My next attempt was to "Add legacy hardware" - this resulted in another issue. Whenever the driver was ~75% installed, I was hit with a BSOD with the error "SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED (RTKVHD64.sys)". On the off chance that this was merely coincidental, I attempted to install the legacy driver once again but the BSOD kept coming back at the exact same point of installation.
This brought me to my next potential solution - downloading and installing the driver manually. I tried drivers from two different sources, Asus and Realtek, to no avail. The installation wizard runs smoothly all the way until the end but after rebooting, there is no difference at all!

This brings me to my current position. Since I do quite a bit of video editing, the sound is v... Read more

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Hiya, so my problem is that i have no sound, haven't had for a while now.
When i hover over the speaker icon it says "no audio output device installed".
I've tried going to device manager and beside where it says "Realtek AC'97 Audio" is a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark inside. I have tried clicking update driver software and scan for hardware changes.
I have been googling this problem for ages to try and find a solution but anything i can find doesn't work. If anybody could give me any suggestions on what might be wrong and how to fix it i'd really appreciate it.

I don't know much about the computer, it was given to me and i'm not much of a computer wiz. But if you need to know anything i will try to answer.


A:"no audio output device installed"

Hi Jodie, a quick Google search gave me these drivers for you. Try each one and see which one works:
Realtek AC97 audio driver for Windows Vista download - Vista AC97 driver 6285
Realtek AC'97 Driver (Windows Vista) - Free software downloads and reviews - CNET Download.com
Realtek AC97 Audio Codecs Vista A4.04 Driver for Windows Vista Free Download - Softpedia

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Hi all!
OK, I'm having many problems getting sound to work again, as well as my Web cam. I have a 1 year old Hp Pavilion DV6748US Laptop that has a Conexant HD Audio. I have Vista Home Premium 32 bit. I have tried and retried just about anything and everything I can find on this subject with no success! I have some other issues going on as well that I will try and explain to the best of my ability. Here goes with all that is wrong:

my sound randomly comes and goes as it pleases. Sometimes it somes back after waking from sleep mode or restarting. It comes and goes in device manager as well.occasionally I will get a a popup that says windows found new hardware-Modem Device On High Definition Audio Bus and when I try and it can't find anything for it, nor can I find anything for it on my computer and get an error code 10. Only when this "windows has found new hardware" is up can I see my audio in device manager with a yellow exclamation point under the video, game etc. and also a yellow exclmation under "other devices".In the system tray there will appear "unknown USB Device" and under USB Serial Bus Controllers in Device Manager. Don't know what that is.At some point the USB Ports on the left side of my computer didn't work, I don't know if they do at this moment.I never tried the web cam until recently and noticed it doesn't work. It also randomly shows up in device manager and quickplay. Don't know if this issue is all related.I also noticed tha... Read more

A:Need help with "No Output Audio Device Installed" please!

Originally Posted by sscheydt

Hi all!
OK, I'm having many problems getting sound to work again, as well as my Web cam. I have a 1 year old Hp Pavilion DV6748US Laptop that has a Conexant HD Audio. I have Vista Home Premium 32 bit. I have tried and retried just about anything and everything I can find on this subject with no success! I have some other issues going on as well that I will try and explain to the best of my ability. Here goes with all that is wrong:

my sound randomly comes and goes as it pleases. Sometimes it somes back after waking from sleep mode or restarting. It comes and goes in device manager as well.occasionally I will get a a popup that says windows found new hardware-Modem Device On High Definition Audio Bus and when I try and it can't find anything for it, nor can I find anything for it on my computer and get an error code 10. Only when this "windows has found new hardware" is up can I see my audio in device manager with a yellow exclamation point under the video, game etc. and also a yellow exclmation under "other devices".In the system tray there will appear "unknown USB Device" and under USB Serial Bus Controllers in Device Manager. Don't know what that is.At some point the USB Ports on the left side of my computer didn't work, I don't know if they do at this moment.I never tried the web cam until recently and noticed it doesn't work. It also randomly shows up in device manager and quickplay. Don't know... Read more

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When I hover over the sound icon, it said "No Audio Output Device Installed". I have had this laptop for over 2 years and this is the first time this has happened.

I have been reading several posts and many of them say to go to the "Sound, Video & Game controllers" tab in the Device Manager. However, that tab doesn't exist for me. I even clicked "Show Hidden Devices".

Any thoughts?

A:"No Audio Output Device Installed"

I have the same issue. I have a HP DV9925nr with Vista Home Premium 64bit. A few days ago I had Windows conduct updates and I lost the sound. I thought nothing of it and had Vista update itself to SP2. I had this issue before and after SP2. The sound icon has the "x" over it and lists "no audio output device installed." I have downloaded the Conexant driver several times for my computer and to no avail. I have searched for the speaker device on my computer but it does not exist. When I go to device manager, there is no folder for speakers nor audio. My computer believes that the speakers themselves do not exist. The several remedies that people have posted have offered me nothing. I am not the true computer wiz, but I know that something is seriously wrong with my computer.

*I have also tried using headphones, but I get absolutely nothing out of them.

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HELP!!! My sony vaio laptop no longer has sound. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Realtek, I have restored my whole computer, but during the boot up, Realtek does not get installed, it comes up as an error 505. My USB ports are also not working, and I need them to be working really soon. I have done troubleshooting and all sorts of other tests to figure out the problem, but nothing is coming up. Any suggestions help.

A:"No Audio Output Device is installed"

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My little brother was messing with my computer one day, when i came back in the room my computer was shut off. I tried to turn it back on but it wouldn't work so i restored it to factory setting, but now the sound doesn't work. When i scroll over the speaker icon on the taskbar it says "No Audio Output device is installed". I've tried nearly EVERYTHING.
I've Disabled and Enabled my sound drivers. I've tried updating my drivers. I've went to device manager and went to my driver and pressed "Scan for hardware changes". I've tried re-installing my drivers. And i downloaded that vista update that was supposedly made to fix this problem, And I've made sure that my speakers were plugged in. Someone give me suggestions on what i should do please? Thanks in advance!

A:Help! "No Audio Output Device is installed"

Is your sound manager a card or is it on the motherboard?

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i seem to be having a problem with the drivers as with some error messages it bleeps but that seems to only be in the BIOS also i tried copying someone elses CHDArt.sys file and it worked for a while but then it stopped it works if i replace but as soon as i restart it shows the error message again

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Ok, what I'm about to say is going to make many of you want to smack me, but hear me out.
Me and my friend were over at my house, jamming out on our bass and guitar. We decided to record some stuff. I have a cord that connects the guitar to the computers Mic Input. We used that, but like a moron, I decided to put that into the Speaker Output of my Amp. (Guitar == Amp == Computer)

Everything was fine, it worked for the most part. I changed the Equalization on the amp a little bit, and after that whenever the guitar was strummed the audio came out of the speakers.. Which shouldn't happen. Took everything out, tried to start a video on youtube, and firefox crashed. Tried to start it back up and the whole computer froze. Reset it, and it was working ok, until I noticed that there was no audio. So after trying to install drivers for the audio, opening up device manager and noticing that there are no listings for Anything to do with audio, and banging my head upon the desk, I've decided to ask for help.

I have an HP computer running a dual OS install (Vista & 7)
Onboard audio card
and no clue what to do now.
Help anyone?

A:The old, "No Audio Output Device is installed"

You will need to post the model of your HP (or your motherboard information), so that people can assist you with downloading and installing the proper drivers.

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Hi, I am running a 5 year old HP pavilion dv6919ca laptop. I use Bell internet who just recently switched their security package over to McAfee and I installed it several months ago. I have been having sound problems for about two months, prior to this everything worked perfectly. Now most of the time the speaker icon in the task bar has a red x through it and states "no audio output device installed" and there is also no sound or game controllers listed in device manager. At other times the laptop starts up with sound and seems to be working properly but within 20 minutes of watching a video the sound will disappear and when I try to investigate the computer gets really slow or hangs up IE. I have restored my pc back to factory after a ransomware attack but the sound problems after this were the same. My sound is a Conexant high definition audio device. I have reinstalled the drivers-no change. Something is turning off my sound and I don't know how to fix it. Please help.

A:"No Audio Output Device is Installed"

Let's see this:

Press and hold the Windows button + R.

In the Run box, type DEVMGMT.MSC and hit Enter.

Click the + next to the Network Adapters pane so it expands, showing installed hardware.

Take and screenshot or make a list of the devices listed here and include it in your next reply.

Take note of any !'s, ?'s or X's.


Depending on which device is in your machine, below are the latest drivers for the possible sound cards for your machine:

Conexant High-Definition Audio Driver

Realtek High-Definition Audio Driver

Once you've determined which device is on your system (it will be in Device Manager), download the appropriate drivers and install them.

Reboot your system.

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I have a Toshiba U305-S5127 with windows vista . The audio output used to work fine but now, sometimes it works and sometimes shows the message " No Audio Output Device is Installed ". Now my laptop is showing this message and I cant play audio or DVD. Please tell me how to solve this problem. I have already tried downloading and reinstalling the Realtek audio driver found on the Toshiba website.

A:"no Audio Output Device Is Installed"


Originally Posted by blissbloom

I have a Toshiba U305-S5127 with windows vista . The audio output used to work fine but now, sometimes it works and sometimes shows the message " No Audio Output Device is Installed ". Now my laptop is showing this message and I cant play audio or DVD. Please tell me how to solve this problem. I have already tried downloading and reinstalling the Realtek audio driver found on the Toshiba website.

First you need to findout if the laptop means the soundcard is not installed or it could mean that the OS is not detecting your speakers plugged in. To determine this you will need to go to control panel and select classic view then open Sounds. Make sure you have the speakers plugged in the CORRECT audio out jack and then go to the playbak tab and make sure it shows "speakers" in the white window. If it does not than right click a blank spot in that white window and select " show disabled devices. If the sound card name is not in that white window you will want to go to the device manager and make sure the soundcard is listed in there under sound video and game controllers. If it is not than that means windows doesn't see the sound card and it is more than likely a defective card and needs to be replaced. If it is in there right click it and select uninstall, check the box to remove the software for the device and then after the driver disappears you nee... Read more

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I recently Upgraded my Hp Laptop to Windows 7. Right after I noticed that I had no Sound. A red x appears Next to the speaker and it says "No Audio Device is Installed"....Please Help this is driving me crazy....

A:"No Audio Output Device is Installed"

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I am having a problem much like other users, but with a few slight differences...
My problem is this: I have a Compaq Pesario, AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3400+, with Windows Vista. However, this computer is not new, and has been in my possession in full working order for nearly two years. It had not had this problem before recently. The only change that I have made to this machine that I can even remotely relate to this problem is an upgrade from an NVidia Video card to a higher gaming quality Radeon Video card, and a RAM upgrade, which I have already been assured is not the cause of the problem. However, when I go to the Device Manager, I find that there is no evidence of a sound device, and when I check my Icon Tray, the sound icon has a red circle with an x in it, and tells me that I have no Audio Device installed.
Any help on this issue would be appreciated.

Solution: My dad has offered to give me a sound card. This is the root of the problem, since my machine's original card is a chip on the motherboard which, apparently, dislikes my new video card, and so will be replaced as my audio device.

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Hi, guys.

Been having an issue that I've been trying to solve for quite a while. I have an old Compaq Presario SR1750NX that refuses to acknowledge audio devices. It was on Windows XP at first and all the icons in the device manager had a yellow exclamation mark with error 39 (corrupted) in the device status. Since then (last night) I went ahead and upgraded it to Windows 7 Ultimate x86, and the save four devices show up in the device manager. The difference is that there's no error showing yet no audio devices show up in the Sound menu. Plugging in speakers in the various ports does nothing. I even went as far as swapping out the motherboard for a different one I had and the same result. Figured it was a hard drive issue so I formatted another old one I had and it's as if I did nothing.

Here are some images. I can provide more if necessary.

This image said "High Definition Audio" at first but I downloaded a set of NVIDIA drivers and force installed it for all four of these.

A:"No Audio Output Device is installed"

Disregard this thread. I found a source for drivers for this model and the BIOS update fixed it. Marking as solved and linking it for any Googlers out there.

A8AE-LE Motherboard BIOS Update Compaq Presario SR1750NX Desktop PC | HP? Support

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Hello techguys!

A while back, out of nowhere, I had lost my sound. I have had one of my tech-guy friends take a look at it and he came to the conclusion that I needed an external sound card. So I have been using one. I believe he had also tried to reload the drivers and such. HOWEVER, the other night out of nowhere (again) I HAD SOUND without the external sound card! It was a miracle! Then just as quickly as it had returned it disappeared again leaving the same red "X" over my speaker icon with the "No Audio Output Device is Installed" message...again...But if it is a problem with my internal sound card then how did I get my sound back, even if it was briefly; broken is broken isn't it???

So, today I have been trying to uninstall and re-install the appropriate audio drivers from HP, as I do have an HP pavilion dv9700. But when I got the the most recent updated drivers I could not "open" them after they had been downloaded. So I went into Control panel and tried to uninstall whatever audio drivers were there. Realtek uninstalled without a problem, but conexant HD audio will not. I right click, hit uninstall, the little loading circle goes for a second or two and then nothing happens. After googling this, it seems that this could be a large variety of things.

Please help. After getting the sound back and then loosing it, it makes me think there is something fishy going on within my pc.....

A:"No Audio Output Device is Installed"

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Good day guys, can you please help me with this,

"No Audio Output Device is Installed"

I've done so far. searching for the right driver for the audio/sounds in my laptop, but it doesn't work, and at "device manager", the "sound" thing is not there, how can i fix this problem?

looking forward for you guys...Thanks in advance

System Info:

HP Pavilion dv9700 Notebook PC

Windows 7 Ultimate

64-bit OS

A:[HELP] "No Audio Output Device is Installed"

Hello Think try this mate I personally don't like the Windows driver search and prefer the manufacturers support for drivers etc


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Toshiba Satellite L505D-LS5006
Windows 7 Home Premium 32-Bit

No idea what is causing the issue, but one day when the laptop was turned on, there was a Red X over the volume icon and sound wasn't working at all. Device manager shows that no sound device is installed, just as the icon says. I tried installing the sound drivers for the machine from Toshiba with no luck. I restored to a time at which the sound worked, but that obviously did nothing.

"High Definition Audio Device" is listed in my device manager under the "System" tab with the yellow exclamation point. I tried uninstalling that, disabling it, and reinstalling the drivers in every combination in Safe Mode and not.

Some other things popped up during the same exact time as well. The laptop used to Sleep when you closed it, but now I close it and the fan revs up and it won't turn on so I have to hold the power button down to get it to power off and then on again. Also, the USB ports have stopped working entirely.

According to the Toshiba forum, this is an ongoing issue with the Satellite series of laptops, but I wanted to see if you guys had any input.

MalwareBytes has nothing to say about the issue.

A:"No Audio output Device is installed"

Wow... well if it's an ongoing issue, seems like SOMEONE would have a clue. Sounds like the board is going...better back up your stuff ASAP.

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