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Laptop monitor dilema. Is it the monitor or the intigrated video card.

Q: Laptop monitor dilema. Is it the monitor or the intigrated video card.

I didn't know if I should have put this in the general discussion page or the video card page but here it is.

My laptop has been acting up today. I would open the lid and it would have strange colors. For example blues would be a strange red color. But it would automatically fix itself and go back to normal colors.

I was suspicious but didn't think much of it. Later today I walked past it and the monitor was black nothing on it. So i pushed the power button and shut it down.

Than the fun began It would show me the splash screen Dell when you first boot it up like for some it would say ASUS or such depending on the mobo they had installed. It to had messed up colors only it did not correct this time than the screen went black. I waited a few minutes hoping it would wake up and give me a screen.....witch it never did.

I rebooted several more time trying to get into the bios or anything with a screen witch also failed. The DELL splash screen never failed to come up though.

After close observation I noticed there was something on the screen it was just really dark and barely readable. It said something to the effect of "Windows has failed to start" and gave me the option of booting normal or startup repair.

I eventually shut the lid and got a secondary monitor and tried to use it. Apparently shutting the lid disables the primary monitor and lets you use the monitor you plug in. And now I have a screen again. It worked.

What do you guys think is it a monitor issue or a video card issue. And is it repairable?

Sadly i don't know much about the laptop other than it is dell has an integrated ati graphics card and is windows vista.

It is dell inspiron 1721 if that helps

Preferred Solution: Laptop monitor dilema. Is it the monitor or the intigrated video card.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Laptop monitor dilema. Is it the monitor or the intigrated video card.

Hi computergeekguy,

Since you are getting 'video' on an 'external display', it appears to be an LCD related issue with the laptop. You may also try to run the LCD BIST (Built in self test) to check the 'LCD display performance' when separated from the 'graphics'. You may find the following steps useful:
- Power off the laptop
- Press and hold down letter <D> on the keyboard
- Power the laptop back on (continue to hold the letter <D>)
- Laptop enters in the 'LCD diagnostic environment' (check the performance)

If your laptop does not enter the diagnostic mode, you may also try to release the 'flea power':
- Power off the laptop
- Unplug the AC Adapter and Battery
- Press and hold down the 'power button' for 10 - 15 seconds
- Plug the 'Adapter cable' back in and launch the 'LCD BIST' again

Do reply if you have any further questions. I would be glad to assist.

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Hi there!

What I want to do: "...extend my desktop on a second monitor, but, my second monitor is compounded by 2 HDMI TVs and a VGA LCD stage monitor both used as Duplicate setup in Windows 7".

How I have done this (and it works!):

-I have 4 diplay devices (2 HDMI TVs that are connected using a splitter and two monitors both on VGA);
-I also have two "video cards" (GPU): one Amd radeon hd 6570 (with VGA, DVI, and HDMI ports), and Intel HD onboard (aprox. 1GB with VGA output port).
-I have connected the TVs with a HDMI 1x2 splitter on amd radeon's HDMI port, and one of my VGA monitors (this one acts as a STAGE MONITOR for the singer / artist lyrics).
-The integrated Intel HD card has my "Control" monitor attached that I use as my primary monitor (the one that shows me the Desktop and the lyrics control application).

Software aspect of the problem: In Windows 7, I use my Intel HD video card as my primary display, then I can extend on a second monitor the desktop! (The second monitor is my VGA Stage monitor). The Third display that appears in the setup is the HDMI splitter, this one is a Duplicate of my stage monitor. I use: 1680x1050 resolution for my primary display, and 1024x768 for the second monitor... (I know, this resolution is too small for my HDMI TV's... Windows recommends me a 1900 x ... fullHD resolution, but my STAGE MONITOR does not support that much, so I need to use a small resolution).


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Having exhausted every avenue, I'm turning to you guys. I have had a dual monitor setup with my laptop(Inspiron 1545 with GM45 Intel Card) extending to a regular LCD screen. It worked for two months and until recently has stopped working.

I have uninstalled, reinstalled, uninstalled, reinstalled the newest drivers, changed the cables(power supply and VGA), system restored back a month to when it was working, and changed the power outlet.

This originally worked flawlessly and now the laptop is not recognizing any device I attach via the VGA output. I have plugged the laptop into another monitor with no avail as well. I find it hard to believe that this would stop working one day with no notice or any problems. I have also tried attaching a projector that had worked for over a year with the laptop and have gotten nothing.

I receive a black screen as if to say this something being outputted, but nothing is displayed. Both windows screen resolution and the intel GUI both do not recognize another device.


Processor: Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Speed: 1995 MHz
Vendor ID: 8086
Device ID: 2A42
Device Revision: 07
* Accelerator Information *
Accelerator in Use: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family
Video BIOS: 1706.0
Current Graphics Mode: 1360 by 768
* Devices Connected to the Graphics Accelerator *
Active Notebook Displays: 1
* Built-in Display *

Monitor Name: Generic PnP Monitor
Display Type:... Read more

A:Laptop/ Video Card Won't Recognize Second Monitor

Hello dukeagles21 and welcome to Seven Forums.
Try the monitor and projector on another computer to eliminate them as being faulty or not. If indeed they both work it remains that there is something wrong with the lap top somewhere.

Was it by chance dropped or received a hard knock?

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I am at a complete loss! I recently moved and when I got my computer unpacked it wasn't working properly, the monitor would come on for a couple of seconds and then goes to black, if you power it of then back on it does the same thing. you can position it just right and still see that XP is running in the background and can move the mouse cursor around. So my first thought was that it's the monitor, so I hooked my boyfriend's brand new monitor up to it (both are lcds), exact same thing. So naturally I assume it must be the video card, so I replace my 2 year old video card w/ his new one and tried both monitors...same thing happens. I am now worried that it may be some sort of virus. I don't know if this has anything to do w/ it but I added my b/f's harddrive to mine to act as a backup storage device, I took his hard drive out and put it back in his system and plugged in his monitor and it has the same response, but his system worked an hour ago...so that's what lead me to my virus theory but I can't find anything online - PLEASE HELP!

A:Monitor blacks out, replaced video card and monitor...

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hey guys,
I thought it would be sweet to run a duel monitor setup on my computer but
when i installed my video card my comp aways runs on the video card monitor,
it doesn't even show the motherboard monitor is there. I was wondering what could i do to fix this.
BTW. the video card is a maddog predator Radeon 9250 pci.
the computer is. compaq presaio s5100nx with 768 ddr and 2.6 mhz running on windows xp home.

A:Motherboard monitor and video card monitor conflect

You may have to change something in the bios, I have done this before but I dont remember what the setting was.

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I have an IBM Thinkpad 390X laptop w/a NeoMagic MagicGraph video card. Can I plug in an external LCD monitor?

Thanks much,

A:Will my laptop video card support a 19" LCD monitor?

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A friend gave me a broken laptop. Really broken - dvd drive ripped out, squawking hard disk and worst of all - shattered lcd. I found an old CD-ROM drive, bought a new 2.5" hard disk, added some more RAM and connected the VGA port to an external monitor and presto - new lapt...er...desktop computer! It's a Compaq X1005EA too, only a couple years old.

The laptop lcd is shattered and replacing it would cost too much. The video card is obviously fine since it's been used via an external monitor for the past 9 months. It looks as if the connectors to the lcd screen aren't broken; I've disconnected the power connector but when on, the still-in-place lcd shards light up in a lovely jagged acid rainbow, so at least that one works.

Here's my question - is there a way to connect a 2nd external monitor to this laptop, via an adapter (or combination of adapters) to the internal video card, in effect replacing the broken lcd screen? This would give me the sweet multi-monitor setup I crave.

Thanks in advance,


A:Connecting an external monitor to internal laptop video card?

You could buy an adapter that will split off to the external monitor and make two lines therefor two monitors

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I have an HP laptop and I have been running it with dual monitors. I finally decided to upgrade to Windows 7 and after I installed it I noticed that the built in monitor of my laptop looked strange and when I opened the display settings to change the screen resolution and set the external monitor as a separate monitor rather than a mirror I noticed that only one monitor was detected and it was the external one (Generic non-pnp monitor on standard VGA graphics adapter) and the built in monitor does NOT show up at all.

I've tried the detection button, in hopes that the computer would read the built in monitor and I could fix the problem. This did not help. I tried unplugging/replugging the external monitor to no avail. I tried restarting without the external monitor plugged in and it STILL reads the built in monitor as if it is the external one. Is there anyway to fix this? I have not tried re-installing the OS, not yet anyways.

Any suggestions ?

A:Monitor Issues - Laptop Reading Built In Monitor as if it were my external monitor.

Only thing I can think of is to disconnnect the external monitor, uninstall any monitors listed and then reboot and hope the computer installs the correct drivers for the laptop monitor.

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I am using a 22" screen for my primary screen and the laptop lid open for a secondary screen. The main screens resolution is 1680x1050, I can set it to anything I want and it's always using the full screen. The laptop screen on the other hand will only use the full screen if it's at 1400x1050 resolution (max for that screen, IBM Thinkpad T43). With the large 22" screen I have no trouble reading the screen at high resolutions, the screen is huge, with the little 14" screen though I have to strain to read the screen at 1400x1050.

The problem is when I set the laptop screen to anything lower than 1400x1050, it uses less of the screen. Preferrably I want it at 1280x1024 or 1024x768 (I dont know which I want yet as I can't see the freaking screen at that resolution). At 1280x1024 for instance the useable screen is just a box in the middle, so the "1280x1024" is still barely readable for me cause it's shrunk from full screen, plus it's just annoying only using a portion of the screen.

I have played with the ATI Control Center, the Thinkpad display settings and windows display settings and just cannot get this thing to go full screen at lower resolutions when docked and using the external monitor.

Anyway to resolve this?

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Iím in a dilly of a pickle here.

When playing video, my screen will go black for just a second and then return to normal. With most video players, the video will then usually play, but when using BSPlayer (bsplayer.org) to watch video, the screen will go black, return to normal and then video will not play.

It gets worse. Sometimes, I will be minding my own the computer will still be running, but then, the screen will go black, then the monitor will give me the old message:
"self test / check your pc and signal cable / monitor is working"
The computer will still be running, and the only way I know to get picture back is to restart the computer. I have gotten this error the most when the using BSplayer, which sometimes causes the monitor to just shut down like that. But other video players like divx, QuickTime, and windows media player will all occasionally not play or cause weird image problems to crop up on the screen

Also, if the computer freezes up, hitting ctrl+alt+del gives me a black screen with garbled white text.

I have updated my NVIDIA drivers and installed the latest bsplayer version, but neither of those actions fixed my dilemma.

OS: 98se
Video Card: NVIDIA Geforce FX 5200
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2200

A:Video Card Problem - Playing Video and Shutting Down Monitor

spinnermason said:


Iím in a dilly of a pickle here.

When playing video, my screen will go black for just a second and then return to normal. With most video players, the video will then usually play, but when using BSPlayer (bsplayer.org) to watch video, the screen will go black, return to normal and then video will not play.

It gets worse. Sometimes, I will be minding my own the computer will still be running, but then, the screen will go black, then the monitor will give me the old message:
"self test / check your pc and signal cable / monitor is working"
The computer will still be running, and the only way I know to get picture back is to restart the computer. I have gotten this error the most when the using BSplayer, which sometimes causes the monitor to just shut down like that. But other video players like divx, QuickTime, and windows media player will all occasionally not play or cause weird image problems to crop up on the screen

Also, if the computer freezes up, hitting ctrl+alt+del gives me a black screen with garbled white text.

I have updated my NVIDIA drivers and installed the latest bsplayer version, but neither of those actions fixed my dilemma.

OS: 98se
Video Card: NVIDIA Geforce FX 5200
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2200Click to expand...

sounds like the gpu is overheating or goung bad get some compressed air and blow out the video card very through (*get the rest of pc while you are at it) and if this dont help you may have to replace

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Hey everyone. I installed a second video card to my system because I have a dual monitor setup running off one card (ATI 3850) and now I have an ATI 4670 running my projector.

It seems that when I play video off the second card (to my projector) it shows a slight stuttering in the video, but not the audio. These are files I know work properly, so it's not that.

When I plugged in the second card and fired up the machine, 7 automatically installed the drivers. Was this a bad idea? Should I uninstall them and do an manual install from drivers available in the setup from ATI's website?

I had to do some rearranging of the screens under the screen resolution menu, but it seemed ok until I played video off the second card.

Also, when I start the computer, ATI blacks my screens out for a few seconds and then comes back on, similar to what it does when I want to change the resolution of a screen. This is frustrating to watch every time I turn on the machine.

Anyone now what I can possible do to solve these problems? I never thought it would be so difficult to install a second video card and have it work properly! Thanks everyone.

A:Video Stuttering on Third Monitor Running off Second Video Card

Definitely install the ATI drivers.


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Hi all,
I just turned on my computer to see all the 'dos' lettering in a rainbow of colors. When XP came up all the colors were messed up and it needed to be rebooted. It came up in safe mode. I restarted it again and its fine now.

I saw this happen about 4 yrs ago on my old Sys, but I can't remember if its the vid card or the Monitor that was shot. Maybe its something else. Not sure.

Did anyone else have this happen? What was the out come of it?

Hope some one can help.


A:Monitor or video card going ?!?!?

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For about two weeks, my monitor has been "acting up". It started while searching the internet, I went to a website that had a game. I played it and in a minute, the graphics on it looked like multi-colored tin foil. I really can't explain it. I restart the computer and everything is back to normal.

Soon after my monitor started to flicker when I would click on a link. Like somone had quickly turned off and on my monitor.

I have a Geforce Nvida MX 420 video card. Which hasn't given me any trouble since i've had it. Now all of a sudden I'm having this problem.

Does it sound like I've downloaded a virus that my virus program isn't detecting or could it be something wrong with the card.

Everything on my computer reads that there is nothing wrong with the video car.

A:video Card or Monitor? Need Help

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using windows xp with no problem til this morning. computer normal til shut down then returned a short while later. both edges have wavy lines with black showing plus screen is blurry. monitor is about 6-7 years old while computer about 3years. feel like been on all night drunk looking at screen with a drop of booze. thanks for any help. sunnyleec

A:monitor or video card

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Hi everyone. Today I just purchased a new video card, a nvidia 6600 gt AGP. A guy installed and sold it to me but when he tried it on his monitor it worked fine. But now when I try it on my monitor it just pops out as a blank screen. Does this mean I have to buy a new monitor (his monitor was bigger then mine if that has to do with anything) or do I just have to change some settings in my computer in order for the monitor to respon properly. Everything else works the same. My monitor is a Compaq FS7600 15-16 inches I believe. My Main concern is if I have to buy a new monitor(if so how big) or can I simply change this with a change in the settings. Thank you for your time.

A:New video card and monitor help

Monitor size is going to have little to do with it. Did you check to make sure that your monitor is plugged into the AVG card and not onboard? I know it sounds basic, but it's a detail a lot of people forget. That is, if you have onboard video.

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I recently built a new system but kept the same monitor. I'm using an Acer 23" LED widescreen monitor (forgot the exact model number - let me know if it matters and I'll find it).

The old video card was a GeForce 8400 GS
The new card is a Geforce GT 610

The view angle did not change. The monitor settings did not change. I'm using the same version of Windows (XP Pro SP3) with the same display settings and monitor drivers. The NVIDIA control panel is the same version and I set it to match the old one (most settings were default; just a contrast/brightness tweak or two).

But with the new system/card the greys in Windows all bleed together, the display looks washed out, and when I adjust gamma and brightness/contrast to fix these problems, there is too much contrast in darker/colored areas and the hue seems off. I do a lot of graphics and video work and have projects in progress; it's very important that I'm not second guessing my work due to a display that doesn't match the one I used to use.

Any ideas why this is? Any suggestions on how to fix it? I'd prefer to find a fix that doesn't involve lots of settings tweaking, as I've already tried this and failed, and because I don't want to second guess my settings for the life of this system.

A:Same monitor, new video card, but very different look

It's possible that a BIOS setting was changed when you upgraded, so make sure you're still set to PEG or PCIe graphics, and set the bus speed to the right generation (PCIe 2.0 in your case), disable multi-monitor, etc. Anyway that's a long shot, the real problem may be that you got a bad video card. If possible, try it in another system and see if the problem persists.

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we have a Gateway performance 450, we are getting lines or shadows streaking from the text or dark objects when a window is open. most tech sites said it was the monitor, but we replaced the monitor only to have the same problem with the new one. Now we are puzzled, is it the video card or something else? We tried moving the power supply to a different source because we read that it could be a reflection of the signal, but still have the lines. Anybody know why or how to get rid of the lines ( streaks )?

Rich & Lisa

A:Monitor,video card,or?

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Maybe someone can help me figure out what is going on here. When I boot my computer, I only get 4 bit graphics and the system won't let me change it. This is a new problem. I figured a video card problem, but interestingly, when I boot in safe mode I can change and get a good display. This makes me think it is not a hardware problem.

I tried reinstalling windows XP. with no luck.

Finally, I installed Illustrator the day before this started happening. However, the problem did not start until the following day.

I guess I will try a new card, but I wanted to see if anyone had any other ideas.



A:Help, Monitor or Video Card or What?

Try reinstalling your video driver.

What could you change it to in safe mode? You should only be able to change it to 16 colors.

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ive been lookin at the 7600GT and it has to spots for the monitor but and they are both dvi and silver? does a blue monitor connector fit into that?

A:Monitor and Video Card

Blue, do you mean by that a VGA-cable?

If so, it will not fit in and you will have to buy a VGA-DVI adapter.

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I am getting black and white lines on my monitor as if the signal was getting ready to go out, not sure if it is my video card or my monitor (already checked all physical cables). I have tried using my laptop as a second computer to view the basics, i.e. internet, WMP with my monitor and everything seems fine. I have an HP w22, and updated the drivers for my monitor and video card (radeon 9800). I checked the settings for the monitor from HP (1680 x 1050) and refresh rate and am still having problems. When I play WMP under Now Playing tab to view visualization art that i.e. spins it is only in that area that the redraw problem occurs, if I make the window bigger then the problem gets bigger. Recently while on the internet this is starting to happen. Any suggestions?

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I just bought a new LCD HD Monitor and it doesn't come with any cables. I do have a DVI cable from my old monitor that I can use. I also noticed that in my video card box there is a HDMI to DVI adapter that I can use.

Is it worth it to purchase a HDMI cable to plug into the adapter?

Will I get a better picture?

Can I get HD with just the DVI connector that I have?

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Monitor/Video Card ?

Is it worth it to purchase a HDMI cable to plug into the adapter?
Yes, it is worth it, I currently use a DVI to HDMI cable and it looks amazing. I couldn't imagine the adapter degrading the signal quality as it stays digital.

Will I get a better picture?
It depends, what do you mean by "better picture"? The answer to that will depend on what you are currently using to connect your monitor. If it was an analog connection (S-Video, Component, VGA),
you will definitely notice a better picture, especially in comparison to S-Video and)

Can I get HD with just the DVI connector that I have?
HD is just another word for high definition, which starts at 720p, or 1280 X 720 pixels.
As long as your monitor supports at least 720p you will get HD.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hopefully this helped!

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I just bought two Dell 24inch monitors that support a resolution of 1920x1600.

Now i have a Evga 6800gs OC that supports that fine. But one of the other monitors is for my father and i need to upgrade his video card for him. What are my cheapest options that will put out 1920x1600?

What exactly does max resolution mean in terms of a Video Card?

Ive learned to be cautious of such terms in dealing with projectors.

I assume Max Resolution would be the max resolution the card will fill, but i look at an FX5550 which states it supports max resolution of [email protected] It was my under standing that the FX550 and the 9250 only put out at 1600x1200. Am i wrong?

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Hello, As I am typing this my computers screen is going on and off, blacking out constantly.I have no idea if it is my brand spanking new video card not or the old monitor im using. the video card is a nvidia geforce 7600 with 512mb ram. I am having issues trying to browse online or play online games an d the screen keeps blacking out constantly. Can you help?

A:Bad monitor or video card?

The only way to test would be to try out a new monitor. Or you can hook up the monitor to a different computer and see if its behavior continues or improves.

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I need a video card to install a second monitor. Chances are, 64mb would work, since I only plan to use it with Dreamweaver. Other than the mb, I don't know what kind of video card would work. PriceWatch has some very inexpensive cards, so can anyone make a recommendation?


A:video card for second monitor

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At times when rebooting my machine instead of getting the Windows XP splash screen I'll get color bars. Is this an indication of bad video card or monitor/connection, drivers, or something else?

PC Specs:
Antec P160
Antec TruePower 550W PSU
Abit AN8 SLi
AMD 64 3500+
CORSAIR (2 x 512MB) DDR 400 (PC 3200)
eVGA 7800GT
Maxtor 16MB 250GB HDD SATA150
Seagate 8MB 250GB HDD SATA150
Plextor DVD +/-RW SATA
Hyundai L90D 19" LCD 8ms

A:Video card/Monitor

It's probably the video card. Try replacing it temporarily by running on onboard video( if u have it) for a few days and see if you still get the same problem. If you don't, chances are it's the video card.

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I think I already know the answer, but I just wanted another opinion. My sister has a computer and she just plugged in her monitor and she got nothing at all on the screen. She said she has power to both the monitor and computer. I had her try a different monitor and the same thing blank screen. She then tried the first monitor again and said it began to work but after the Dell came up there was just a bunch of colors and pixels. After that it would always just come up as a blank screen like the monitors were not even on. I was thinking the video card is toast. Any Ideas? Thanks.

A:Monitor/Video Card?

welcome to TSG

Do you know if she has a separate video card or onboard video? If it's separate try reseating the card.

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Just bought a GeForce GTX460 and a new HannSpree 22 inch monitor (HF225).

I'm getting random flickering of pixels in the brighter colored areas of the screen. I can't give you a screenshot , it doesnt seem to pick it up.
Its like, fuzzy dots. Especially in red or dark orange parts. And bright blue.
Anyway, I have two monitors plugged in right now, with both of them displaying the same thing. Only the NEW monitor is showing the pixels dots now.

Is this a problem with my video card or my monitor?

A:Is this my monitor or my video card?

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I'm getting a lcd monitor with dvi/analog input would I need to upgrade my video card mine has only analog out

A:Video Card-LCD monitor

Nope, the monitor will have ports for both types.


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Hi!! I have a question, how do I change my resolution to 1440x900? I go into Screen Resolution and there is no 1440x900 in between 1360x768 and 1600x900. I have the driver for my monitor and my Nvidia 8300 GS Video Card (256 MB), so what do I do???


Yes I have windows 7.

A:Monitor and Video Card

Go to the advanced options on that screen and on the adapter Tab you will see a button for List all Modes and you should be able to select the resolution you want from there.

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Hello, i need help on how to create a cable to interface a 9 pin Samsung CFG9637L monitor (fcc id# A3LCFG963) to a 15 pin video card.
Peter Vanegas

A:9 pin monitor to 15 pin video card

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Have started to see blocks of different color on screen. Similar to spreadsheet grids, a couple of columns wide, running vertically down screen. Can see color in every other "block". What's happening?!

A:Monitor or video card?

Swap out the monitor first. What type is it, LCD or CRT? What are you computer specs/video card?

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I have SAMSUNG SyncMaster 910 MP (manufacture date - week 34, 2005) which was purchased LONG time back as evident by the manufacture date and obviously out of warranty. I also have NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE, Video Card memory = 256MB. Btw, I got this information from "PC doctor - 5 for windows" when I ran the diagnostics on both monitor and video card. The diagnostics did NOT report any problem(s).

My desktop (HP m7560n) is also pretty old and out of warranty too. The desktop is currently running Windows XP running old and the operating system details are as follows : Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition Professional, Service Pack Service Pack 2, Build Number 2600, DirectX Version 9.0c (

I, recently set the resolution on the monitor to 1280 * 960 (32 Bit) 60 Hz when the monitor started giving me trouble at a higher resolution of 1280 * 1024. The monitor started (suddenly) going blank with power light blinking and then came back on its own.

After, I reduced the resolution to 1280 * 960 (32 Bit) 60 Hz, the things improved a LOT but for a few days ONLY. Now, again it is going black and comes back on on its own with power indicator on. Please note that after going black it comes back on without me switching the power supply off.

PLEASE HELP me. I am NOT sure whether this is a monitor problem or the video card problem or both. Also, please note that I have NOT downloaded the XP updates for a long long time after my system crashed installng l... Read more

A:Is my monitor or video card is Bad or both are bad ? Please Help.

I ran the utility and here is the log.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+, x86 Family 15 Model 75 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1982 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE , 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 296214 MB, Free - 170190 MB; D: Total - 305234 MB, Free - 277057 MB; E: Total - 9011 MB, Free - 802 MB; K: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 139735 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTek Computer INC., NODUSM, 1.03, MS1C67S04600580
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

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I have two video cards that I can (and sometimes do) put into SLi, however most of the time I dont because I have two monitors. However when out of SLi I understand that most of the video load just goes on to one video card. Instead of that I want to divide the load by having the second video card manage my second monitor instead of the both at once.

The problem is whenever I plug my second monitor into either of the ports on my second video card, no monitor is detected at all its as if it doesnt exist.

Is there any way to get it to work?

Here are my computer specs

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz
Motherboard: EVGA NVIDIA 680i SLI
Case: Lian Li ATX Full Tower
Total RAM: 4 GB DDR2 800 240-pin
Video Card 1: GeForce 7950GT 512MB
&#9492; Video Card 2: GeForce 7950GT 512MB
Monitor 1: SCEPTRE 20.1" 8ms DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor
Monitor 2: Tyris 17" 8ms DVI LCD Monitor
Hard Drive 1: (Unknown Origins) - 200GB IDE 7,200 RPM Hard Drive
&#9492; Windows XP Professional
Hard Drive 2: Western Digital Raptor 150GB 10,000 RPM Serial ATA150 Hard Drive
Hard Drive 3: Western Digital Raptor 36GB 10,000 RPM Serial ATA150 Hard Drive
&#9500; Hard Drive 4: Western Digital Raptor 36GB 10,000 RPM Serial ATA150 Hard Drive
&#9500;&#9472; RAID 0 for a 72GB partition
&#9492;&#9472;&#9472; Windows Vista Ultimate

I am using Vista primarily now, although this issue is on both XP and Vista, I have updated all my drivers for my video cards and for my m... Read more

A:Second Monitor on Second Video card

bump for great justice!

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Help, all of the sudden my screen is now too white. not sure if it's my monitor or my video card (N vidia GEforce 6150 le) I tried to adjust my monitor nothing seemed to work. I tried to adjust my NVIDIA settings by moving my contrast and adjusting the gamma and brightness i can get the screen to go darker but but something is still wrong with the white the color is way off. I also updated my NVIDIA software still does not work. i also noticed that Google updated my picasa to picasa 3 would this have anything to do with it
thx realitycheck

A:Video card or monitor ????

Borrow another monitor, see if the problem persists. If it does, then it's the video card. I would firstly suspect the monitor, but better to test it.

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Hello: The computer screen has a pronounced flicker from time to time as if the power has been briefly interrupted. Would like to determine if this is a monitor or video card problem. Fairly certain it is heat related. The most dramatic example happened last night. The screen went dark except for a band about a fourth of a screen height, displayed about a third of the way down from the top. It looked as if the top of the desktop display had been lowered a couple of inches down, and the bottom was raised up (jammed) about five inches. Clt+Alt+Delete restored screen to full so the Start button could be used for Log Off.

Have detected no particular pattern of occurance other than the heat factor. It does seem to become more active when fairly full graphics are involved, i.e., cards displayed in all plots of Freecell Solitaire. Has not pulsed at all while reviewing threads and posting this note (about and hour).

Any thoughts/suggestions appreciated. DAB

A:Monitor/video card?

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I just reformatted the drive I keep Windows XP on and when I reinstalled my video card software nVidia 7600GT it stopped working in max resolution mode of 1440x900, Now this monitor has both analogue and digital inputs and I keep them both plugged in because for whatever reason that I've never bother to try and figure out, I can't watch videos when its in digital input. The analogue input is showing things just fine but has a bit of blur to it which is why I perfer to keep it in digital. Digital however is where I'm running into my problems with the max resolution. Its zooming way in on the screen and its allowing my to scroll around it with the mouse.

I've figured out this before but I really don't have the patience or the time to fight with this as I've got 3 grad school papers to write in the next week.

Oh, and no, its not anything like "Install the monitors drivers". They've never offered drivers for my monitor and I've never had any loaded before.


Thanks in advance

A:Monitor/Video Card Help

Racor said:

Oh, and no, its not anything like "Install the monitors drivers". They've never offered drivers for my monitor and I've never had any loaded before.
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Sure, but what about your graphics cards drivers? I guess you installed the ones that came on your card's installation cd - rom.

I remember reading about problems with NVIDIA drivers and monitors with a 1440x900 resolution. Newer drivers fixed those issues so why don't you give it a try?

Here you can get the latest drivers for your display adapter:


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Hi All,

I am pretty sure that his question has been ask before, but here goes again.
I am looking to upgrade my video card and my Monitor in the near future.
I want to go in the HD direction so here are my choices of monitors:
Acer H213H bmid 21.5" 5ms HDMI Widescreen 16:9 Full HD 1080P LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 ACM 20000:1ASUS VH222H 21.5" 5ms HDMI Widescreen 16:9 Full HD 1080P LCD Monitor Built in Speakers 300 cd/m2 1000:1 (ASCR20000:1) w/ SPDIF out ASUS VH226H 21.5" 2ms(GTG) HDMI Widescreen 16:9 Full HD 1080P LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 1000:1 (ASCR 12000 : 1) Built in Speakers
Since I am new to the HD world, ( Yes I have been living under a rock) I would like to know what should I be looking for and what should I stay away from. Also in the video card department I have no clue what to got for. Seeing how we have an extremely good group of knowledgeable Vistanians here I figure I could have some good suggestions from you guys and gals. I do have a preference for NVIDIA graphic cards. Here are a few details of what I use my PC for:

3D work (Modeling mostly with 3ds max)Graphic work (Adobe CS3 and some CS4)Some CAD 3D work ( AutoCAD and Revit)Gaming (Crysis, DOD.s, CS.s, Insurgency...)
I would like to be able to have a card that would last for a reasonable time. I am open to any of your recommendations, for the screen and/or the video card. Last little details, Screen wise, I do not need anything more than 22" and for the video card I will be plugging a secon... Read more

A:Monitor & video card?!?! what to do?

HD isnt about the default resolutions, eg/ 720p, 1080i, 1080p. HD resolutions are any resolutions that contain more than 900,000 pixels on screen, effectively you have been using HD with the monitor you already have, since that monitor has capabilities of displaying 1,310,720 pixels on screen, you have already been using high definition. however, some people swear blind that high definition is the set default resolutions stated above, which is not true. high definition sources have been around since the 1960s but we were hampered for a screen to display such resolutions at that time. i hope this is an insight to your next choice of monitor, personally, you dont need to go over 22" and with a resolution of 1680x1050, these resolutions are higher definition than a 720p television.

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I have an ATI Radeon 7200 Video Card and a KDS Visual Sensations VS-190is Monitor. My colors are messed up, everything has a blueish tint, there is no red and my greens appear yellow. This problem comes and goes, but sometimes, like today, it hangs around longer. Usually it is this way for about a minute when I first turn my system on, but usually goes away. I have asked around about this problem and I keep hearing either my Vid Card or Monitor is bad. Is anyone familiar with this problem and could you please tell me where it lies and if I have to replace either? Thanks...

A:Bad Video Card or Bad Monitor?

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i have a dell dimension 2400 ive used to monitors both doin the same thing the first one had an hour glass picture of the desktop after it booted up i thought it was monitor so i threw it away. the second is turning a see thru blue while browsing the net ,games or anything. ive reinstalled xp and reset bios but still doing it. my graphics card is integrated. if it is a graphics issue can you suggest a nice card that be good for games and compatiable with my system but in a cheap range. thank you.

A:video card or monitor

if you have a PCI_E port on the motherboard then a GT 220 is a good enough card, almost puts my 8800GT to shame

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about 30 to 40 minutes after I boot up my desktop PC the screen goes flooy
lightning fast jumpy lines shoot across and cover the fuzzy screen. The monitor
is a 22" HP flat screen that came with my HP a1730n desktop package about 4
years ago. The video card is a new ( 3 monthes old ) 275 GTX 1792 MB nvidia
which has been lightly used and worked fine since I got it.

Is this problem most likely the monitor or the video card?

A:Monitor or video card?

Initial guess would be the monitor. Have you got another monitor to swap in it's place temporarily? What were you using for a video card prior to this one? Can you go back to it temporarily? Have you tried another resolution?

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Recently installed a new Radeon 9250 and in World of Warcraft I have noticed weird bright spots across the bottom of the screen, the center of them being white and the edges are all spectrum colors. A friend told me this was 'burn-in' and I shouldn't worry about it, but what exactly is burn in? Could it be artifacts? I've heard of them but I don't really know what they are. The monitor is an old CRT, I'm estimating around 8 years --- would it be that? It's been shaking a little bit (the screen) and it had trouble turning on today.

Thanks for the help.

A:Monitor or Video card?

grayG said:

Recently installed a new Radeon 9250 and in World of Warcraft I have noticed weird bright spots across the bottom of the screen, the center of them being white and the edges are all spectrum colors. A friend told me this was 'burn-in' and I shouldn't worry about it, but what exactly is burn in? Could it be artifacts? I've heard of them but I don't really know what they are. The monitor is an old CRT, I'm estimating around 8 years --- would it be that? It's been shaking a little bit (the screen) and it had trouble turning on today.

Thanks for the help.Click to expand...

It is most likely the card. What does you friend mean by "burn in"? Just to be sure; What computer do you have? What brand and model #? Better yet, what power supply and how many watts or how many amps are on the +12V Rail?

Does the screen have artifacts or "lines" outside of World of Warcraft?

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What specifications should I be looking for when I purchase this?

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Nvidia GeForce GTX 260, HP w2408h Monitor

I've been noticing some graphical issues lately. It looks like heavy pixelation in the background on my games, more specifically World of Warcraft and Modern Warfare 2, especially in the skies. I'm trying to pinpoint whether it's the video card acting up or the monitor. I've never really heard of a monitor causing pixelation before, but I'm not ruling it out until I get a 2nd opinion.



Picture quality is degraded from what I actually see on the monitor.

A:Video Card/Monitor issues

Please post a cropped part of a screenshot at full quality instead of full screen shots at compressed quality, pick a part where there's a lot of pixelation.

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Hey, I just helped my friend install his new video card. However, now his monitor is not getting a signal. It is just a blank, black screen. When I installed the video card, I am almost positive I was grounded. I tried connecting the monitor back to the motherboard's video card (integrated) but the monitor did the same thing. It is a fairly new monitor and only about a year old PC. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

A:Monitor not responding after new video card

What video card and motherboard? It could be a dead card or compatibility issue.

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Hi everyone,
since yesterday I seem to have trouble with my LCD monitor, a BENQ T904. After some period of rest it only shows a black screen even though the light is turned on (green). Even when rebooting the screen will stay black, except you can see that it tries to display something as there are differences in the lighting/shading.

Sometimes when I turn it off and on I get the display back. But only when I run the computer in BIOS or safe mode. Which sucks. Also, I noticed that when the monitor gets turned on it shows the BENQ logo in a weird way...like there's a purple discoloration to it or it doesnt show the letters completely. And when I hit the monitor buttons for adjustments (brightness, contrast etc) the menu doesnt display either. (only when I was successful in getting a "picture" overall)

Does that mean the backlight is going? Or maybe its just the monitor cable? I have plugged the cable in and out of the video card (Nvidia GeForce 6200) and also switched the two ends between monitor and card. But that doesnt improve anything.

I really dont have the money for a new monitor right now so any advice is greatly appreciated. I may be able to get another video card from somoeone but somehow I get the feeling its the monitor...maybe I should open it and see if the backlight is lose? I did have a backlighting problem with a laptop once so I have some experience in this.

Btw, the device manager neither shows a problem with the monitor nor wit... Read more

A:Problem with monitor or video card?

Try another monitor to make sure it is the BenQ monitor

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Hello All,

I run Windows XP Pro SP2. I also use Avast anti virus, (now with Anti Spyware) and Superantispyware and Spyware Blaster. My system information are as follows: -

OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name HOME
System Manufacturer ECS
System Model M825VXX
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 1 AuthenticAMD ~1200 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 07.00T, 4/2/2001
SMBIOS Version 2.3
Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS
System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Locale United States
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2111)"
User Name HOME\Smarty
Time Zone SA Western Standard Time
Total Physical Memory 1,024.00 MB
Available Physical Memory 632.66 MB
Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB
Available Virtual Memory 1.93 GB
Page File Space 1.40 GB
Page File C:\pagefile.sys

Further information

Name S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR
PNP Device ID PCI\VEN_5333&DEV_8D04&SUBSYS_8D045333&REV_00\4&26E5833C&0&0008
Adapter Type Trident 9440, S3 Graphics Co., Ltd. compatible
Adapter Description S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR
Adapter RAM 2.00 MB (2,097,152 bytes)
Installed Drivers vga.sys,tgiul50.dll
Driver Version
INF File oem14.inf (S3Psddr section)
Color Planes 1
Color Table Entries 65536
Resolution 800 x 600 x 60 hertz
Bi... Read more

A:Monitor Or Video Card Problem

First I would open the case and make sure the computer isn't filled with dust and lint. If you have a video card w/fan I would make sure it is operating. You could try uninstalling/reinstalling the video driver. If you have access to another monitor, it would be nice to try that.
What is the make and model of the computer?

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