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Edit Advanced Boot Menu?

Q: Edit Advanced Boot Menu?

Does anyone know how to edit the advanced boot menu? When I hit the F10 key I would like to add my own entry there. Any guides/ideas? I have started to do research on BCD.

Preferred Solution: Edit Advanced Boot Menu?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Edit Advanced Boot Menu?

Hi Eagle710,
This may be helpful for you:
Boot Process: Windows Vista vs. Windows XP

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i wona ask if is there any option to edit advanced boot menu,so not the menu for select OS's,but the menu when win 7 restart unexpactualy and the open the bootmenu -repair and normal mode...So repair your computer is set as default so when 30s is done its go into repair.How to se that normal mode will be defaut nach 30s?


A:advanced boot menu edit

Why not just quickly press the down/up button then quickly enter?

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Hello everyone,

This is my first post on this forum, so forgive me if this is not the correct board or I do something incorrectly.

Now then, I have a computer that was on vista that I just upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit. When it was on vista and you went to the advance boot options screen (pressing F8 when windows is first loading), hitting "Repair your computer" would boot to a image of the installation disk on the system from the manufacturer.

When I did the upgrade to Windows 7, I erased all my partitions, one of which was Vista's "RECOVERY" partition, which is what housed the bootable disc image. What I am trying to do is recreate that option in the advanced boot options screen.

I have followed the instructions I found here on this site, but now that everything is running, the option to boot into that disc image is showing up as in the attached picture (which I took from the above instructions).

Does anybody know if it is possible to set it back up the way it was in Vista?
I know on Dell computers with Windows 7, it is set up that way, but I am having a hard time making it myself. Does anybody have any ideas?

It is an Dell Inspiron 1525.

A:Edit Advanced Boot Options

You need to make your Recovery Disks before wiping a Recovery Partition, or else order them from Dell if you ever need them. You can also clean reinstall Vista using any Vista retail installer for your version.

I remember the media-less Recovery Partition tutorial when Cereal Killer posted it up because it involved way more work than needs to be done since you can simply store a Win7 backup image in a Primary partition and reimage it from the Repair My Computer choice on Advanced Boot Tools menu accessed by tapping F8 at bootup.

If you don't have the 100mb System Reserved partition which places the Repair Console at F8, then you can boot the Repair CD or Win7 DVD this to me is a lot easier than having a Dual Boot menu every time you start up (which cannot be hidden as you may need it at any time) when you don't even have a Dual Boot.

To answer your question: You can replace the Vista Recovery partition by running the Recovery Disks, I believe, however it is not really needed now that it's gone since you can order the disks or use a Vista DVD if ever needed.

For recovery using Win7 system image, the best approach is always to store it externally (in case of HD failure) and when needed boot from the Repair CD, DVD Repair console, or F8 Advanced Boot Tools menu if you have 100mb SysReserved partition.

That said, I have a copy of my System image stored in a Primary partition on all 6 of my home computers. I have used it while traveling to reimage a laptop booting vi... Read more

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I installed Windows 8.1 to try.
The problem is that it stopped working and gives me troubleshooting boot menu .
I have Windows xp on the machine too that's working fine.
So now every time I open my pc, I get the boot menu where it says Windows 8 can't start. What u want to do. Run troubleshooting or boot in earlier version
I go ahead and select earlier version.
I just want to remove this menu and remove the entire Windows 8. I just want to go directly to Windows xp

A:Dual boot system (Windows 8.1 and xp), how to edit boot menu from xp

Please post back a screenshot of Disk Management. To do this from XP, press the Prnt Scrn button, open built-in Paint to paste the screenshot in, Save File, attach back here in reply box using paper clip icon. Screenshot with Paint

If XP is still System Active in Disk Mgmt, then normally you can just delete 8, remove the boot entry in msconfig>Boot, but we need to see the screenshot to be sure of no unexpected configurations.

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So i was playing Doom 3 and the game crashed so badly that i had to restart my computer (im running Vista 64bit by the way) and upon restarting it, it gets to the BIOS screen but after that it just goes black and nothing happens, i have tried the F8 thing but all that brings me to is this boot menu, but not advanced boot options, i have also tried pressing F8 or F5 after i selected hard disk from that boot menu, still nothing happens. So i cant access "restore to last good system configuration" because F8 doesnt take me to the right menu to do so. Also i dont have a vista install disk so am i SOL and have to just get another disk or upgrade to windows 7? or is there some other way to do this? Any help is appreciated!

A:Cant boot past BIOS screen, no Advanced boot options menu

Let's first see if this is a hardware problem. Try these free, bootable diagnostics:


H/W Diagnostics:
Please start by running these bootable hardware diagnostics:
http://www.carrona.org/memdiag.html (read the details at the link)
http://www.carrona.org/hddiag.html (read the details at the link)

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I am trying to fix a friends pc. he has installed Win XP Pro and each time he turns machine on he gets the Advanced Boot Menu. He always chooses Normal start up and then Windows loads ok.

How can he get rid of this Option Screen and get Windows to load straight away.


A:Advanced Boot Menu

zarah said:

I am trying to fix a friends pc. he has installed Win XP Pro and each time he turns machine on he gets the Advanced Boot Menu. He always chooses Normal start up and then Windows loads ok.
How can he get rid of this Option Screen and get Windows to load straight away.
zarah Click to expand...

Hi zarah,

Try this:
Click the Boot.ini tab and uncheck /Safeboot if it is checked
Click Ok

Then on next reboot, if /Safeboot was checked and is now unchecked, the system should just boot up in Normal mode.

-- Tom

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Hi all...

My Gateway Laptop (NV55S05u) had a Norton scan today and found a trojan virus that Norton could not remove. I restarted the computer to try to get it in safe mode, and when I restarted I got a black screen with just a cursor. I was able to get into the BIOS (F2) and also able to burn AVG rescue disk onto a CD and boot from that as I was unable to boot from a USB stick or SD card. I ran all the scans I could find and deleted the virus files off my system. I then created a Windows 7 recovery CD from a different functioning computer and booted from that disk. I was able to run startup repair, but then it doesn't finish. I don't get a chance to see why it doesn't finish because this stupid HP Recovery Manager pops up. Upon further research, I discovered it should have something that says "System Recovery" to reset back to factory settings. I can see it is there, but I am unable to click on it. I then tried doing a system restore back to an earlier point and it completes and has me restart. When I restart, I push F2 again to change the boot order so the computer boots from the hard drive first. When I do this, I just get the black screen with a cursor in the upper left corner of the screen. I am not sure what else to do at this point. I do not have the original windows 7 disk as I bought it pre-loaded on this laptop. This computer is only about 2 months old so I am freaking out. If anyone has any ideas I would be SO appreciative.

A:System will not boot, cannot use F8, cannot access advanced boot menu

You do not need to buy a new copy of Win7 as you own the one which came preinstalled on the Gateway for the life of the machine, and can reinstall it as often as you need and in any way you want via several methods.

First work through these steps for when Windows 7 fails to boot.

I should tell you that Norton and AVG raise red flags with the experts here - the better choices are in the steps.

Do you have a Win7 System Repair Disk to use as this is best to try the repairs?

If not you can download the latest official Win7 ISO download with SP1 for your licensed version and burn to DVD or write to flash stick using Windows 7 USB-DVD Download Tool:
Win7 Home Premium x86 SP1 English Official ISO download

Use one of these disks for repairs given in the steps above, or if necessary to Clean Reinstall Windows 7 Factory OEM without the bloatware and useless factory utilities which have better versions in Win7.

You can also try running Gateway Factory Recovery by tapping the key given on first boot screen for Recovery, or order Recovery Disks from Gateway Tech Support which is included free for the first year along with a full parts and replacement warranty.

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Hello, I have a remote user who has a Lenovo desktop with Windows 10. She is unsure which model it is. Windows fails to load (when windows loads the cursor just spins for hours and never loads). I want her to open the Advanced Boot Menu and run a "repair your computer" before windows start loading and I tell her to hit the f8 key repeatedly. This is not working. What is the key combination for Lenovo computers to get to the Advanced Boot Menu (Safe mode/repair) or is it F8 and just a Windows 10 issue with it booting too fast?

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I added a new HDD and formatted it with a second instance of Win7-64. Now, when I boot up, I get a menu that gives me a choice of the two Windows 7 OS's.
I would like to edit this file so it has more descriptive names. In fact, I would like to eliminate the menu altogether as I can control which drive boots using F8, which gives me a list of all my drives that I can choose from (assuming this is safe to do).

A:How to edit dual boot choice menu

This can be done quite easily using the BCDEDIT tool. See BCDEDIT - How to Use

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i have installed different OS but mainly i use XP and 7 however 8.1 was also installed for trying. The options to choose the OS are given at boot and i choose to turn on the OS from there.
I was planning to uninstall or format 7 and 8.1 using XP as main for sometime and then install 7 as main OS.

I tried installing Easy BCD to remove the boot options of multiple OS and then right clicking on partitions and formatting them to remove the OS completely.
But when i install Easy BCD and run it, it gives an error message that it cannot locate the BCD file, do you want to locate it manually. I didn't understand this error so i chose to locate it manually and went to installed directory in XP, and there was a BCD file, i clicked it and Easy BCD turned on.

but now it is not giving any boot information in software. it is written that it has zero entries and i don't see any options to delete the other OS entries.

What should i do?

A:[SOLVED] Easy BCD - edit boot menu

Can you boot into Windows? If so try this: How can I remove Windows XP from an EasyBCD dual boot installation with Windows 7?

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I am working on a friends borked laptop. It no longer boots to the operating system. Instead, it drops to a boot menu editor, as seen below.

I don't know much about boot menu editing in windows, and there should only be one OS, Win 7.

If I hit escape, this screen comes up, but I can't select anything. the blurry line says Windows 7 incidentally.

I've never gotten it to boot so I don't even know what sort of mess awaits me once the OS loads. Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: After leaving it on the screen above, it magically turned into this screen below. Only while I can move the highlight bar to any option, return doesn't send me anywhere.

A:Win 7 boots straight to boot edit menu

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Do you have an installation disk or flash media ?
If so you might try startup repair a few times in a row,
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

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What key must I press on my Satellite Pro M70-220 during startup of Win XP, in order to get into the "Advanced Start Menu" - that is, the menu that gives various boot options, such as Safe Mode, Last Good Startup Congiguration, Normal Windows Startup, etc. ?

On my old Satellite 5105-S702 laptop it was the F8 key, but pressing the F8 key on my Pro M70 does not appear to bring up the "Advanced Start Menu".

The Advanced Start Menu came up on its own a couple days ago, after an abnormal shutdown, so it would appear that it does exist on the Pro M70.

Thanks for any advice anyone can offer.


A:Satellite Pro M70-220 - how to start Advanced Boot Menu


The Advanced Boot Menu can be reached pressing the F8 button.
It?s a Windows based menu and it?s no matter what notebook it is.
It should work on all computers.

Maybe you cannot enable the Advanced Boot Menu because the Windows OS is muddled up.

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Advanced Boot option menu missing from my Deii Inspiron 1720 as far as I can tell the recovery drive is still intact. I have seen a web page somewhere that explained how to fix this issue cause I needed it before I know Windows AIK is used but thats all I remember any help is welcome thanks

A:Advanced Boot option menu missing

sorry what is missing is the repair your computer option that is what I'm looking to repair

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I have a Dell laptop running Windows XP Home. Everytime I boot the Advanced boot options menu comes up. Have tried everything on the menu including Last Known Good Configuration. How does one stop this from happening and go back to a normal boot screen?


A:Advanced boot options menu comes up at every boot

Is it the full Advanced Options menu with all 11-12 items, or the short one that also says Windows Failed to start?

If it's the full menu, my first guess would be that the F8 key is stuck.

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On my computer I have 3 primary partitions:

1. "System reserve" which contains e.g.the Bootmamanger and MBR
2. First Win 7 installation ("main")
3. Second Win 7 installation ("reserve")

When I boot now at first the Bootmanager on the first primary partition is called/started which in turn starts the boot menu. In the boot menu there are currently two entries:

Windows 7
Windows 7

So I cannot distinguish between the "main" and the "reserve" Win 7 installation.

How exactly can I modify/rename the two "Windows 7" entries in boot menu?

Second question:

After selecting and booting the actual Windows 7 installation the other Windows 7 installation is visible as a separate partition in WinExplorer:

C: running Windows 7
D: DVD drive
E: other (non-booted) Windows 7

How can I automatically hide the other Windows 7 installation?
The drive E: should be available e.g. for USB sticks or network drives.


A:How to edit/rename boot menu entries/labels?

For the first question, use Easy BCD (Download EasyBCD 2.0.2 - NeoSmart Technologies). Not sure about the second question.

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I have a Dell 5010 and replaced the HDD after the original drive went faulty. I made a recovery drive on a USB flash so that I could do a reinstall after fitting the new drive. Anyway, after fitting the drive and restarting the laptop, it will not allow me to access the advanced boot menu. It just goes to a blank screen with a flashing cursor.
I have run the Dell diagnostics tool and there are no issues. This tool reported a faulty drive with the previous HDD which led to me replacing it.
Any suggestions?

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A friend of mine is dual booting Windows ME and Windows 2000 Adv. Server. The system has previously had windows XP Home installed on it and the Win 2000 Adv. Serv. has also been previously installed on the system, but then was removed. Because of this the OS boot menu shows Windows ME, Windows XP, and two Win 2000 Adv. Serv. entries...

What we want to know is how to delete the old entries, and for all of you Windows XP users out there, in the "Startup and recovery" section, there is no "manual edit" button like XP has, so therefore we are stuck... We have searched for files with the name of "boot" and also files that may contain "/fastdetect" like the startup and recovery drop-down menu shows.

A:Windows 2000 Advanced Server OS Boot Menu

I'd be curious as to why someone would spend that kind of money on an OS for home, Advanced Server is rather expensive.

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Is it possible to overwrite my install of Windows 10 with a 8.1 by using the Advanced Start-Up option? I can get into the Windows 8 installer disc this way, but I want to make sure I don't screw aything up.

My Fujitsu T902 won't let me into the boot menu by pressing F12 anymore, it just beeps and loads up Windows normally. I'm wondering if this is some Win10 security feature or incompatibility with my computer. The computer came with Win8, but it wouldn't load after I tried installing Ubuntu. I couldn't find an official Win8 ISO so I used Win10 Beta, though I don't remember how I managed to boot into it.

I want a fresh install as I again tried installing Ubuntu via Advanced Start-Up. Then it booted into Ubuntu but couldn't load the Windows image. I managed to get back into Windows by adjusting my boot settings. Somehow the Ubuntu startup menu was able to get me into my boot settings menu, but no keyboard shortcut seems to let me in.


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I am using a Dell Inspiron 1440 laptop, with a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit OS. I recently reformatted my C:/ drive, and all seemed to be working just fine until I installed an icon package, which required me to reboot the computer. Since then, my laptop has not been able to get past the Advanced boot options screen (i.e. the Dell logo showing along with the "F2 Setup F12 Boot Options menu", and later it goes into the white blinking screen (like when you're typing), and the screen goes black after awhile, restarting again to the advanced boot options menu. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Windows 7 startup does not get past Advanced Boot Options menu

Boot into the Win7 installer or System Repair Disk to run Startup Repair a few times. How to Boot your Computer from a Bootable CD or DVD

It should offer to System Restore but if not run it manually from the System Recovery Options to get back before the crap you installed which ruined your Win7.

If this fails then you may need to run Dell Windows 7 PC Restore from it's partition, or get a superior Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 following the steps and methods and using only the tools to maintain a perfect reinstall.

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Hello everyone, I would like to address a problem I ran into while trying to restore my Dell XPS M1330 to factory settings. When I boot into advanced boot menu by pressing f8 (I have tried ctrl+f11 and it doesn't work) I press enter on the "Repair Your Computer" option however, when doing so, it only boots up windows like it would normally. I'm not sure at all what the problem is and I'm kind of new to this. Does anyone know what to do? Thank You so much in advanced!

A:Advanced Boot Menu: Repair Your Computer Doesn't Work

Post HERE and ask Peter (Ex_Brit) to send you the link to the versions of Vista you need, 32 or 64. Include your E-mail address mucked up, like abc at xyz DOT com then edit your post and remove it as soon as you receive the link.

The ISO Peter provides has both SP1 and SP2 applied which can save a lot of time. Otherwise, follow this tutorial: Vista ISO - Download and Create Installation DVD or USB. You then need to create the ISO which will not have SP1 or SP2 included.

Pick up this Tutorial: How to Download a Vista ISO and Create an Installation DVD or USB here:

To Create Vista Installation DVD or USB Flash Drive with ISO File

then do a Clean Install of Vista as described here: Clean Install with a Full Version of Vista

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I am using a Dell Inspiron 1440 laptop, with a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit OS. I recently reformatted my C:/ drive, and all seemed to be working just fine until I installed an icon package, which required me to reboot the computer. Since then, my laptop has not been able to get past the Advanced boot options screen (i.e. the Dell logo showing along with the "F2 Setup F12 Boot Options menu", and later it goes into the white blinking screen (like when you're typing), and the screen goes black after awhile, restarting again to the advanced boot options menu. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Windows 7 startup does not get past Advanced Boot Options menu

You have already posted this. I would suggest one thread for one problem.

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On a friend's computer, when I access the advanced boot menu using F8, the repair your computer option is missing. I found this info on a Microsoft page:

Repair your computer
Shows a list of system recovery tools you can use to repair startup problems, run diagnostics, or restore your system. This option is available only if the tools are installed on your computer's hard disk.

Does anyone know if these tools can be installed on a computer that is missing them? This is an Asus laptop.


A:Repair your computer option missing from advanced boot menu

Originally Posted by YoVincenzo

On a friend's computer, when I access the advanced boot menu using F8, the repair your computer option is missing. I found this info on a Microsoft page:

Repair your computer
Shows a list of system recovery tools you can use to repair startup problems, run diagnostics, or restore your system. This option is available only if the tools are installed on your computer's hard disk.

Does anyone know if these tools can be installed on a computer that is missing them? This is an Asus laptop.


I don't possess such deep knowledge to answer your question.
Perhaps the following link will be of interest to you :
Lost "Repair My Computer" Option in F8 Boot Advanced Startup Options Menu

Lost "Repair My Computer" Option in F8 Boot Advanced Startup Options Menu - Vista Setup and Install

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Hello - I have been referred here from the 'malware removal' section (link to thread http://forums.techguy.org/malware-r...omputer-constantly-freezing-antivirus-xp.html ).

I ran smitfraud and rebooted but my computer keeps freezing both in safe mode and normal. I tried last good configuration but the same thing happened. Either just a black screen with the mouse icon or frozen on the long list (in safe mode).

I don't know any of the other options so I hope someone can help.

Many thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Cannot boot up (normal or safe) I can only get to Windows Advanced Menu

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Appreciate any help anyone can give me here.

Turned off my PC this afternoon, with no problems that I was aware of. Turned it back on when I got home tonight. System hangs with a blank screen during normal boot. Power off and try f8 to go into safe mode - and now all of a suddon f8 brings up a boot menu with my dvd and dvd rw-drives and my hard drive, and not the advanced boot options it always did before. Cant get to safe mode, can't get to a system restore option or a command prompt or anything.

Now I'm getting a bit worried, and figure I'll break out my recovery disk. I have a cyberpower, inc. recovery dvd-rom that came with the pc - but no matter which of my drives I put it into (dvd rom or dvd-rw) and no matter which drive I boot from, the system goes to a black screen and just hangs.

I can press delete when the PC starts to enter setup, but thats my bios and there doesnt seem to be anything I can do there. f8 gets me to this dumb boot menu instead of advanced boot options (is this some kind of crazy virusb, or I am just going insane here?). No idea what to do now. Please help!

A:Vista 64 home - advanced boot menu gone, can't restore from recovery disk

Hello kad153,
When you get to the boot menu, high light the HDD your OS is on and press enter, that should bring up the options you are looking for, choose "Last Known Good Configuration".

If it still wont start follow this tutorial.

Create a Recovery Disc

Then this tutorial.

Startup Repair

Hope this helps, good luck and post your results.

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Using Windows 7 Operating System and Word 2002, when trying to put in a picture in an email signature using advanced edit, the following message pops up: coud not find an editor for html (.htm) files.

I have tried several fixes, to no avail. Do you have one that will work????

A:Need advanced edit help

There are a lot of HTML editors, but I use HTML-Kit.
Google will find many for free.
When you install it, Open IE/Internet Options/Programs and make sure it's assigned as the HTML editor.

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I've noticed that Windows 7 doesn't seem to like the Menu bar and it hides it from users unless they hit *alt* which briefly brings it back. How do I lock this in place? I got to view and toolbars, but manu bar is not an option and there is no way to lock it there. please advise. (File Edit View Tools) menu

A:How Do I lock my Menu Bar? File Edit View Tools menu

See if this helps,

Menu Bar - Turn On or Off

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A:how to edit windows seven os selection menu description menu ?

See if this helps.
Dual Boot - Change OS Name in Windows Boot Manager

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 with Windows Vista I am trying to do a factory image but the repair your computer is missing from the F8 advanced boot options menu.
Can anyone tell me how to get this back on the list Thanks in advance

A:advanced boot option menu missing option

if your just trying to do a "factory reset" try powering on then press the ctrl key and the f11 key at the same time (at the dell logo), should get you a pc restore screen, follow the instructions...good luckps, if you have a manual, the key configuration may be different...

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Well, I clicked OK but got the error message in attachment number 2 that access was denied to change permissions.

A:Security tab: Edit, Advanced, OK, and Cancel buttons don't work

Trying a Windows 7 File Permission Reset batch program, but it looks like it's locked out of every folder it scans, or it can't find the folder. Even Word 2010 Starter won't open.

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I am trying to create a signature in Outlook with my company's logo and contact info. I went to signatures--advanced edit and created the word doc with the signature I want. I save it, and when I look at the preview there is no logo! I also tried copying and pasting in the general editing area and it still comes out blank I tried to copy and paste into this post but it won't work here either.

Please help! I know this can be done but how?!?!

A:Outlook wont show my logo in advanced edit signature

What version of outlook are you using? And when opening up a new message does the logo still not show their?


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Hi, I wanna edit my context menu (right click). I wanna do this kind of things:

-Add a "create new folder" or "create new text document" below the "New" option, so I don't have to do "New/wait it load/select option"

-Delete some Winrar options, such as "compress and email..." and many other options of other programs from the "root" contextual menu.

-Add options directly to the "root" contextual menu, like "Add to VLC's playlist" or "Play with VLC". Right now I have an option that says "VLC" in the "root" contextual menu, and it has another menu in there, that have many options, as those 2 I just mentioned.

-Edit the "Open with..." option, so I can add the programs I want. Right now, I have to go to "Choose default program...", then UNMARK the "open default with this program" cause I don't wanna use it always. Then go "more options", then again "look another app", and finally search for an exe.

-Right click to an archive and, below "copy", I'd like to add a "copy file name" option.

You know, a lot of stuff to do, xD. Thanks!

I'm running Windows 8.1 x64, by the way.

A:How do I edit all the context menu?

I've just seen the "Customization" section. May be this thread is better there, right?

Just found this:
Edit Context Menu - Change Default Program in Windows

I don't know if with that program I can make all the changes I want. If someone can verify I can do everything I posted, this post is solved.

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Is it possible to edit the right-click menu on Free Commander?

I have expanded the page because of eye problems and now the "delete and rename" items have fallen out of view amd I use these very often.

Many items in this menu are of no use at all to me.


A:Edit Right Click Menu?

There are a number of context editor utilities or tweaks you can try. Here's a Google listing you can go through:

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I have a little question for you guys here. I am wondering if it's possible to edit the Context Menu in Windows 7 (when you right click on a file or folder)? I want to delete "Play with vlc" and "scan with bla bla" etc. Simpleness is the key to success!

I also want to delete or disable the WinRAR extract to... option in the Context menu, exept for when it's a RAR file, then I want to see that in the menu. Hope someone can help me with that

Thanks in advice!

A:Can I edit the Context Menu?


Try this software Context Menu Editor for Windows 7 & Vista v 1.0 Released | The Windows Club also this Edit Context Menu Items In Windows 7 & Vista document to Edit it manually

- Captain

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Its way too cluttered for me...all I want is Back, forward and Bookmark.
Is there a way to trim all the fat off?

Thanks in advance

A:How to edit IE8's conext menu?

Try this

At the top, near the picture, right click>properties. Uncheck the box.

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Is there a way to add the "My Videos" folder to the start menu in the same place where "My Pictures", "My Music", and "My Computer" are?

A:Edit Start Menu

After some quick searching I found this: http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htm

Look for "Add Folder to Start Menu - Replace MP or MM" which is the second one down on the right column. It replaces either My Pictures, or My Music, which I'm not sure you want to do.

You might want to read this

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When I load a music CD the autoplay window appears.

Eg. Play CD in Realplayer, Mediaplayer etc. It also has the option to play in Rio Music Manager which I uninstalled a year ago.

How can I rid the Autoplay menu of items which no longer work?
Can I add items to it?

I have heard of the file 'autoplay.inf' but can't seem to find it - I presume this controls the menu.

Many thanks

A:Edit Autoplay menu in XP

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1)How to add programs to the right click menu?
2)How to remove programs from the right click menu?

A:Edit right click menu.

Hi Panais,

This tutorial and the related links shows you some options that can be added.

Context (Shortcuts) Menu

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Well my question is, can i edit the right-click menu on the taskbar? For example, you can edit the "normal" right-click menu to contain whatever you want, is that also possible with the Taskbar Menu?

What I wanna do is implement the menu "Kill process" on the taskbar, so that i don't have to go to the Task Manager to terminate a process.

And please don't ask my why i wanna do this, or how stupid it is to terminate a process "just cause 'I' want". I don't care about that, I just wanna do it, if it's possible.


A:Can I edit the Taskbar Menu?

You are always going to get the warnings about killing a process, it's an obligation. That said, if you must, I can't answer your original question, but this should serve your purpose:

Daphne - Kill windows process - Task manager replacement

A Guy

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I have Windows XP SP2 and all recent updates. I also have a lot of programs in my All Programs list, and would like to edit the list by putting similar programs into folders. For some reason, I can no longer do that; right-clicking does not bring up the usual context menu. How do I fix that?

A:Can't Edit "all Programs" Menu In Xp

Sorry, but that doesn't work, either. Sometimes, nothing happens; other times, it opens a Move Items dialog box which would move the folder in question to some specific drive and folder (but would that update the Registry so the program would still run?)

However. what I want to do is add folders to the All Programs menu and then be able to drag and drop programs into it. That used to work, but no longer does.

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hi guys,
i was just wondering if theres a way to change the folders available on the vista start menu,

e.g. instead of documents, have downloads

and redirect mail to gmail

is it possible? if so, how??

Thanks, 4ndr3wk

A:can i edit the start menu?

You can always create shortcuts to the URLs/Folders, and simply drag them in to the start menu and pin them.

Otherwise, I'm sure there are many third-party apps out there...

I'll take a look...

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where do i find the edit menu?

A:where do i find the edit menu?

lol sorry nvm

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Hey guys....

Does anyone know where and how MS Intellitype Pro stores the details
(program link) for the short cut key definition...

I downloaded and installed Windows Mail Live, I like the new mail client,
but it looks like when it updated the selection choice for Intellitype
setting, one of the pull download windows live is not pointing directly to
the program file, they both launch ie to the live mail web site.. I know I
can select the custom option and point directly to the file, but I would
like to update the pull down link to one for the web and the other to the
local program client.

I have attached a photo of the menu...

thanks guys.

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If you go to Start>All Programs, you will see a large list of things to choose from of all the programs that have shortcuts on your start menu. Is there a way to remove and add certain things to this, or maybe a folder somewhere that allows you to edit what will be in the All Programs section?

A:Edit Start Menu

C:\Documents and Settings\ **User**\Start Menu\ Programs

You should find most things in there. You can create folders in there to make it easier to find things in the start menu.

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Hello eveyoneCan someone please help me unlock advanced menu in my BIOS Insydeh20 rev 3.7.I want to access my GPU options and to lower the dedicated shared memory to my integrated GPU to minimal as possible since I a have GPU with dedicated 2g of ram. I did had HP 255 G2 with same BIOS and combination of F10 + A worked. But with this one it doesn't. Can someone please help me.

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Can it be done? I haven't had much luck with ShellExView

I don't want to uninstall WMP since I use it for it's Play-To feature.

A:Edit folder context menu?

Yes it's doable. I did a quick search for them and found them. I'll put together a how-to if I get a chance this evening to show how

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In Windows XP
When on the desktop or in any folder you can select and right click any file. This produces a menu of things you can do with said file. Such as: "Open, Run as..., Send To, Cut, Copy and Properties".
My Question is, how do I edit the possible choices on this menu for a given file type or all file types?
For example I have a number of artwork applications on my computer, I want to be able to right click bmp or jpeg files and be given to option of using "Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8" to open the files, but without directly associating those file types with "Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8". So if I double left click those files, another application like "Ulead Photo Express 2.0 SE" will start and load them.
I also use an Encryption program sometimes. And would like to be able to select multiple files (of any type), right click and Encrypt or Decrypt, depending on files current status. Currently I have to start up the encryption program separately and manually select the files from with in the encryption program.

A:Solved: How to Edit right click menu?

Check the options in each program and look for File Associations. You may have a choice as to what action to associate with each extension, either Open, Edit, Print, or any combination.

If you use Open With and select a program other than the default, Windows should remember that choice, and list the program in the Open With list the next time you right click on that file type.

If not, you can use Folder Options to associate one program to "open" the file, and another to "edit". You can select either option as the default action for a double click.
For example, on my system, a double click on a bmp file opens it in the Windows Picture and Fax viewer. If I right click, I can choose edit, and it opens in MS-Paint.
Make sure you create a Restore point before changing anything. And definitely don't mess with program extensions such as exe, cmd, bat, and so on. If you make a mistake on exe for example, you might not be able to run System Restore (or any other program for that matter) to fix it.
Control Panel | Folder Options File Types tab
Find the extension in the list, click the Advanced button, highlight either open or edit, click the Edit... button, and edit the Application used to perform the action: line. You can browse to the application, but may have to add "%1" to the command line once you select the program. If either Open or Edit is not an option, you can create a new action for that function. Note that spacing and the placement of q... Read more

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