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Windows xp welcome to setup keyboard wont work!!

Q: Windows xp welcome to setup keyboard wont work!!

I was reciently trying to reformat my computer and once i got to thr Welome to Setup area my keyboard suddenly stops works yes the ps/2 is the retangular one and this is a microsoft keyboard with Fingerprint Reader anyone have a suggestion?!

Preferred Solution: Windows xp welcome to setup keyboard wont work!!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows xp welcome to setup keyboard wont work!!

Please do post 2 threads on the same problem.


Thread closed.

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I tryed to reformat my computer since i got a keyloger.. so when I run reboot the cd (Windows xp) and get to the step Welcome to Setup my keyboard just gets disabled it dosent work i try num lock or anykind to see if it would light up nothing its like it just died but it works when i did the BIOS setup area I have a microsoft keyboard with fingerprint reader andthe ps/2 port is retangle. anyone got any suggestions??

A:[SOLVED] Windows xp welcome to setup keyboard wont work!! !

Hi david9562 and welcome to TSF !

Switch for a regular PS/2 keyboard for the time of the installation, you'll be able to use your own keyboard once Windows is installed.

Make sure you've backed up all your data on a different physical drive before you go the format/reinstall from scratch way.

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When I turn on the PC the keyboard will work and everything, and the indicators are on right up until the options to Make a Windows Instalations, and exit menu appear on the screen. Then when that happens, keyboard does not work.

I have tried to look for something in my BIOS that would enable some special USB port or something but I cant find anything and I have tried a couple of different keyboards.

Its an Intel DP35DP with a Core Duo processor.

A:Keyboard will not work during Windows setup

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Basically my keyboard works when it starts. I can press F8 or Esc to go into the windows startup menu. However when (even in safe mode) it starts up it asks for Ctrl+Alt+Del. Here my keyboard is non responsive. I've had this issue before and used to solve it with windows restore settings to a previous date through safe mode, however this time i can't get into safe mode because clever windows felt like making it so secure.
Also the option of going back to previously good settings after pressing F8 desnt help. I've tried all sorts of boot disks made on my other computer but nothing seems to get it to that BIOS screen. As i said the buttons work before windows starts up just i cant do anything useful with them. Oh and i dont have an XP Pro CD either... would that help? how do i restore mysetings to a previous date?

A:Keyboard Wont Work When Windows Starts Up!?

Hi andrew99 and welcome to TSF !

Is this a laptop or a desktop ?

If it's a desktop, is that keyboard PS/2, usb or wireless ? What's its brand and model ? Try with another PS/2 keyboard and report if you have the same problems.

If it's a laptop, what model is it ?

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i think their is still a virus on my comp i have ran malware bytes and avast and still cant find it first started avter removeing a virus with malware bytes found 53 infections so i clicked remove all restarted the comp and now my keyboard dosent work in windows or safe mode but it does work in bios and comand prompt boot. when windows loads i go to device mngr it says for keyboards
(windows cant load device because a previous instance is still in memory)(code 38) ive tried everything even deleted all the kbdclass registrys and let them auto load from windows device maybe the bug is there avast antivirus pops up every few mins sayind threat detectd (rootkit blocked) svchost.exe and cretes a blank folder in windoows\temp\ with a random name\svchost.exe

plz help been stressing for almost a week
using windows xp home edi

when i try to post hijack log it redirects me to cannot display this page help plz

A:after removeing a virus my keyboard wont work in windows

ok so i have done everything possible i did a soft repair from the restor partition on my hd that came from dell and that still didnt fix the problem so my only choice was ro do a clean install from the partition and that fixed the problem so this one is marked solved but if u want u can still look in to finding a fix for that error so if it still happen in the future their is a faster way to fix it

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Hi everyone,

Recently upgraded my second PC to windows 10. However i am stuck, the mouse and keyboard will not work for me so I am unable to select options etc to complete install.

If anyone can help me i would appreciate it alot.


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While being on windows 7 home premium which this laptop shipped with, everything worked fine, but after upgrading to windows 10 my keyboard back light wont turn on after i wake it from sleep and this has become a nuisance because when i open my laptop at night where i cant see i have to search for the light key and hit it twice just to light up my whole keyboard, does anyone know a solution or way to help me fix this issue?

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My x240s keyboard doesnt register in bios meaning i cant access the bios menu without an external usb keyboard - wierdly tho it does work  when booted into windows and linux  to get through grub i have to hammer away randomly on the keyboard until something registers before making a selection - its hit and miss. ive reset bios, unplugged the cmos battery, run the bios diagnostics and cant think of anything else to do. anyone heard of this before as the issue is usually the other way according to google searches.

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hi all. i have a compag white internet keyboard, older model, and it works fine in bios and any other time, but when trying to hit F8 to enter the windows startup options it doesnt work. ive tried enabling usb legacy device support in bios but it didnt seem to help. this keyboard doesnt need drivers to work, so i dont think its that. and my old keyboard could do it. any ideas??

A:Usb Keyboard Can Not Enter Safe Mode (keyboard Wont Work)

Use a PS/2 keyboard instead.

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I have recently taken out my 128 mb SD ram chip and put it back in and now I cant get my moniter to display anuthing and my keyboard and mouse dont work...I do get three beeps but it takes like three minutes for them to sound.

A:My monitor wont display/my keyboard and mouse wont work...

Without more details about your motherboard, it sounds like your memory is not seated properly, or you damaged it when you took it out.

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Please help me I am in alot of trouble with my windows xp sp2 (well after backups were run it says it is sp2) I have recently had a huge system crash on my pc and i had to run my backups that i made with packard bell recovery. I do not have my orginal xp disc as i never recived one with purchase. The backups run sucessfuly and i now have to set up my pc. I have to enter a user name for the user of pc. But my keyboard will not type. It is wired. My wireless mouse works but my wired mouse won't. I can't get a wireless keyboard as i have no way to install it. I cannot proceed without typing in a name and I don not know what to do please help.

BTW I don't now much tecnical stuff about computers and i cannot log on to windows to install/unistall anything as even in safe mod it says windows needs to be setup. I have a packard bell I-power with 2 Nvidea graphics cards and an amd athlon processer and 500gb hd.


A:Help keyboard won't work at setup

By wired, are you talking the PS/2 style or USB? If they are PS/2, is there any chance you can get your hands on a USB adapter or USB keyboard? XP will take a few seconds and then load the USB drivers, but it sounds like your ps/2 ports might have issues.

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i have just bought a totally new setup today, and ive plugged and mounted everything into the chassi.. but i dont get a video signal from it, when i plug in the screen into the pc it just goes from "check cable connection" to "no video input" and nothing happens.. all the fans from the cpu, chassi and grafic card are running, and all lighs and LEDīs are working.. just no picture at all (and therefor not much i can do). ive tried using the sceen with another computer and it works fine.

since its brand new i havent even gotten to install windows on it yet so im 100% sure its something with the hardware/seetup offcourse..

after checking all the power cables i couldnt find anything wrong with what i had done.. so i took the motherboard out of the chassi to be sure it wasnt hitting it in any way.. i also tried with an old Geforce 9600 grafic card from my old pc to see if that would work, but it had the same result.

then i decided to try and set it up so i had minimal things connectet..
so now it have the powersupply plugged in, with power going into the motherboad in 2 places (24pin and 8pin) the cpu is mounted (and plugged into the motherboad in the correct place) the grafic card is set in place in the PCI x16_1 slot and have its two power sources plugged in (8pin and 4pin.. with the 4pin being a special 2 into 1 power plug for ekstra power) and i still get the same result..

i really need help to figuring out this problem please

... Read more

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Hi, I just got this motherboard,Asus model A7V8X-MX, I finished building the system, and went to set up the bios (award bios 6.0) only to discover that the keyboard would not work. I tried this with several new keyboards, and it still did not work. All I got was the bios telling me to hit del for setup, and when I hit delete, nothing would happen.It also said what my CPU was, and memory, which it got correctly. Upon startup the three lights on the keyboard blink on and off once at the same time, so I know that the keyboard is in correctly, and I tried it in both the keyboard and mouse ports to no avail. What's the problem here? it's a new board, why isn't it working? Please help!
Cory Luquet
PS: I tried replacing the battery upon the suggestion of something on a message board, and it did not work. Also, if you need my system specs, they are as follows:
Asus A7V8X-MX mobo
athlon XP 2000+ CPU
256mb pc2100 DDR
40gig Maxtor 7200rpm HD
sony 52x cd-rom
sony 32/10/40 CD-rw
17" monitor
integrated sound, lan, video

A:[SOLVED] keyboard won't work in bios setup

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for some reason i started getting errors when trying to run any type of setup.exe, pretty much not letting me install anything...i try to run a program but it never fails to get an "internal error: failed to load DLL "shfolder.dll I am running on Windows XP Professional version 2002 /service pack 2...any thoughts are highly appreciated...thanx

A:setup.exe 's wont work error with shfolder.dll

I'm having the same problem. One of my spyware programs is also blocking "DollarRevenue" on a frequent basis, but I can't seem to get rid of it. Any help would be wonderful! I'm running Windows XP SP2 as well.

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so iv'e been downloaded some software from utorrent (i know it's a bit risky), and when i unrar the file, and entered to the directory, all of a sudden all the setup.exe files's icons become blank and when i try to lunch them, they wont open. 
even when i've try to run them as admin. and even when i shut down all my antivirus defendes(windows defender). 
thank for you all.

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Well i rebooted my computer one evening and when i went to type in the password i noticed my keyboard wont work. you can see that power is getting to it and the numlock works but all the other keys wont i had to hook up a much older and slower computer to get anything done, however i would like to get back into the other. the keyboard is not bad. i have another and i switched them out, the same thing happened with that keyboard. i tried rebooting many times.

the only thing i'm able to do is reboot but i cant get past the login screen. i'm able to press F8 and get to that screen but my arrow keys dont work so i cant change my options there either.

i ran out of ideas....help?

A:The Keyboard wont work

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Please dont burn me at the stake if Im in the wrong place. Got a problem withtoshiba lap top L305. Last time it was used it worked fine, now there is a series of 7 beeps it boots up fine goes to my desk top mouse works, but no keys......this is day two for me looking for help. The live phone 24/7 so called free support says take it to best buy n have a tech look at it, that it sounds like a key is stuck....Help?

A:keyboard wont work

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My keyboard has sudden ly stopped working , all the lights work as dose the button to switch the back lights on and off but appat from that its totally unresponsive

ive tried 2 other keyboards safemode reboots updating drivers deleting drivers and replugging in keyboards different usb ports , am I missing something really stupidly obvious here using onscreen keyboard to type everything so appologies for abruptness

many thanks

A:Keyboard wont work

Did you fix this?

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Hi all...

This looks like a helpful forumn so I hope you might be able to resolve my issue.

I have a Gyration Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard. They both plug in using a single USB reciever. I was moving the computer and when I plugged the reciever back in, my keyboard wouldnt work once it got to the windows login screen.

I've changed the batteries, reinitialized the devices using the learn/teach buttons, confirmed that my USB support is enabled in BIOS and attempted to log into safe mode.

Neither a USB nor a PS2 keyboard will work, while the mouse runs smoothly. I cant log into windows as I have both a user and an administrator password which I am unable to type.

In my research I found this old thread discussing my exact issue, with a logitech mouse and keyboard.
However there seems to have been no resolution to it. Please Help

A:Keyboard wont work...

Does it works on the BIOS? If ok try logging in safe mode.can u get there?

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I have a Hp G60-230CA notebook pc. My keyboard and touch pad do not work. Under keyboard properties, it says " Windows cannot start this hardware device because it's configuration info. (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged." Please help!

A:keyboard wont work

Try connecting an external Usb keyboard to the laptop and let us know if that works or not.

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I am facing this strange issue, i keep some rdp windows open for work all day and at some point the keyboard just stops working on the remote desktops, only the mouse works, to get it working again i have to close the rdp session and reopen it many times, sometimes even this doesn't work, so i have to reboot my win 10 and then it normally works. I must say that in all my years of windows 7 i have never had a similar issue.

Any fix?

Thanks to all.

A:Keyboard in RDP sometimes wont work

no one knows?

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gota toshiba L305 the last time I used it it worked fine. When I turned it on this time there were a series of 7 short beeps, and then went thru the usual procedure. Everything is the same except the keyboard wont work. There are no keys stuck, the battery was removed n put back. I was told to take it to best buy and have a tech look at it. Help?

A:keyboard wont work

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I have 2 WINxp computers hooked up using the same monitor, mouse and keyboard for both through a KVI switch. They worked fine for several months when all of a sudden one PC no longer recognizes the keyboard. Even if I plug the keyboard into the PC it STILL doesn't recognize it. I even bought a new keyboard with the same results.


Thanks and Happy Holidays!

A:Keyboard Wont Work

jwaldrich said:

Even if I plug the keyboard into the PC it STILL doesn't recognize it. I even bought a new keyboard with the same results.Click to expand...

did you try to reboot the computer when the new keyboard and mouse is plugged in...

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My keyboard or pc has been a pain in my life, because for some reason my keyboard wont work doing boot up nor startup or anytime. am currently using a on screen key board which hurts my heart. i dnt believe its the keyboard because i jus]t bought a new on yesterday and before cutting it on the 3 lock lights blink which was wierd since my pc didnt come on as yet. sometimes my pc shocks me well stings you if u put your leg next to it and sometimes when i turn the switch off i can still turn the pc on which remains for a short time. i dnt kno if this the cost of the keyboard not working but its my only lead. its not usb. so help would be most appreciated. thank you

A:keyboard wont work

ok.... USB keyboard might just sovle the problem... go back to the store you brought from yesterday say it doesn't work and get your money back and buy a USB one.... better still find a friend and borrow his and try it out

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hi guys
a friend has a h p media centre pc m 7000 the key board stopped working we tried another ps2 keyboard and it still never worked we then tried a usb keyboard
windows xp is saying new hardware found but the keyboards or boards will still not work any ideas plz ??
best wishes centscotsman

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when i turn on cmp i can type in pass fine
once it starts up keyboard is powered up but dont type
i found virus(new) in c:/WINDOWS/recife bu cant do anything cuz i cant get on admin acc
if sme1 can tell me a way 2 temp make this admin pls tell me

cmd works

A:keyboard wont work

bump help me

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Hi all im not sure if im in the right place but i have just brought a wireless keyboard and mouse pcline-PCL-K350 i installed it onto my pc it worked ok then stopped all of a sudden i have installed it the mouse works fine im running windows xp professioal please help me

A:keyboard wont work

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hey all.
I am new to this so I would just like to say hi to everyone. I hope you can help me.
Last night I set up a wireless network in my house. My pc is connected to a Belkin wireless modem/router (through a network cable) and my landladies pc is connected via a belkin network notebook card.
To cut a long story short I got it all working and I noticed that my landlady had not been updating her windows upadtes on her pc. I installed windows service pack 2 and i have not been able to connect to the internet since. It says I have an excellent connection to the network but the internet wont work!!!!
I have turned the firewall off on my landladies pc but it makes no difference.

Any help would be appreciated.



A:Belkin Wireless network setup. It wont work now service pack 2 is installed.

service pack 2 has way too many glitches and faults with domains and some types of networking. uninstall it.

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My mouse and keyboard wont work in normal or in safe mode but work in recovery mode. Before this happened I had some crazy box about vista firewall that ive never seen before come up and say i had a bunch of virus's so i manually shut down. Now when i try to restore i get an error "Windows has detected file system corruption on HP (C:). You must check the disk for erors before it can be restored." However it wont let me do the scan to check for errors. I backed up all my stuff by way of the recovery manager but i really prefer to not do a full recovery if i can help it. HELP!!!

A:Mouse and keyboard wont work!!

Try running system restore from recovery, then -

NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help - Tech Support Forum

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hey guys,

about a day ago my keyboard and mouse stop working as soon as windows starts.
the keyboard works before windows starts, like to enter the boot menu, advanced menu, and set up. do you guys have any ideas on how this could have happened? any suggestions? thanks in advanced!!!!

A:mouse & keyboard wont work

We need to know what you are using.

PS2 Mouse and Kayboard?
USB Mouse and Keyboard?
Wireless Mouse and Keyboard?

Have you restarted the computer?

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I seem to have a problem with my keyboard not working sometimes when I start windows,I have to reboot the computer sometimes 4 or 5 times before it will work.I dont have any errors coming up on the screen and I checked Device Manager and everything is working fine with the keyboard.Does anyone know what may be causing this.I even tried diffenent keyboards and it does it with all of them.

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hello everyone.
I ant to format my computer since its completly crashed, well i cant do that because i cannot use my keyboard in bios. I cannot even load up regular windows because its corrupt and the only 2 options i have when booting up is start repair or start indows normally. it has a 20 second timer and just goes to start repair
How do I get my keyboard to work? it does work because ive tried it on my laptop
I tried all ports in and out
its an asus eebox 1501

A:Keyboard wont work in bios


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i was just using my pc and out of nowhere some keys stopped working here are the keys;shift enter a b n \ and |. using toshiba laptop.
is this fixable?

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My son has an older P2 350 with Win98se .Sometimes when you boot it up the keyboard wont work.We have tried other keyboards and it does it with all of them.Sometimes it takes 6 restarts to get it to work.Does anyone know what my be causing this headache?

A:Keyboard wont work on start up sometimes

On those times when the keyboard doesn't work do you get any error messages?

Once you are in Windows (when the keyboard isn't working) go into device manager any comments or problems there with the keyboard?

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I'v been having a few issues with my cpu lately. A new hdd and psu are arriving soon so I'm going for a fresh reinstall of everything.

However in the meantime, I can't use the internet basically 'cause my keyboard isn't working. When I boot up, the boards lights stay on as win xp is loading- which is normal, but right about when the black windows intro screen finishes, the keyboard lights go out. Then when I'm in windows, the board is dead.

The board isn't stuffed 'cause it is detected in bios- I can enter bios and move around ok so it's a windows related problem. Also, I tried another keyboard and the same thing happens.

I've had this keyboard working fine for a few years now and haven't has this problem. Also device manager is showing the keyboard as working fine!
Any suggestions......???

A:keyboard wont work in winxp

What kind of keyboard is it? USB, PS2, Wireless?

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I have 4 keys on my keyboard that wont work The nine key, o, l, and the . key. I have no idea what happened, they just stoped working. The computer is a dell labtop. Please help

A:4 keys on keyboard wont work

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Hello everyone. I am trying to reformat a very screwed up system that was custom built. My immediate problem is the keyboard won't work, so I can't select the "boot from disc" option. I have both a keyboard that plugs into the purple recepticle, AND a wireless that uses usb. I CAN get the wireless to work only AFTER the computer has booted all the way up. If i wiggle the purple plug, I can get an occasional light on my plugged keyboard - but not enough to go through the reformat process. HELP!

A:Trying To Reformat - Keyboard Wont Work

Looks like the purple one (or the plug in the motherboard) is bad. Try another one with a purple plug.

As for the USB one, try borrowing a USB to PS2 adaptor (comes with most mice and keyboards and is usually grene) to see if it'll work in the purple plug.

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the bottom half of my laptop does not work.. im typing with an on screen keyboard and a plug in mouse but here is the story.. it was thundering out and it was pretty bad so then the lights flickered, shutting down my xbox (i was playing that) and my computer was STILL plugged in so i think it might have fried something or loose wires.. this all was on like 6/24/2010... still messed up today, so.. any one know something that can be done?? besides taking it to best buy? it was an christmas gift and i took it in 1 time before for, it had an active worm virus in it so it is in good condition and its the whole keyboard spared all the ports.

A:keyboard wont work for laptop

It does sound like the storm damaged it. If it is still under warranty then take it back immediately.

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I should probably start off with I do not know much about computers, so please bare with me and talk in simple people talk . Okay my problem is my mothers computer will not work. It boots up and the lights flash and seems to work but the monitor goes to stand by right off the bat and the keyboard lights up in the begining but then won't work either. I have plugged in another monitor and keyboard (that I know work) with the same problems. I took the battery (cmos?) out and put it back in (someone else recommended doing that) and it did not help any. Anyone have any ideas on what the problem can be? The computer was not a year old when this starting happening, if that helps.

A:Need help-monitor, keyboard wont work

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My USB keyboard will not work AT ALL while watching a Youtube video or in a skype call. How can I fix this?

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Hello, i have windows XP and i have been trying to reboot my computer in safe mode in order to remove all the junk/ads/spyware off my computer efficiently. However, when I try to press f8 at startup, my computer doesn't work. Even at the configuration screen that appears after rebooting like 4 times, it doesn't work... The only time it seems to work is after its booted up. Can someone give me some advice on fixing this problem, or removing all the junk thats infesting my computer? it would be much appreciated, my e mail is [email protected],

A:keyboard wont work at startup

Hello manvin and Welcome to TSF sometimes you really have to time it right when you hit the F8 key but if you're still having problems accessing Safe Mode or Last Known Good Configuration give this a try

Recovery Console: In the progression of repair items for XP, Recovery Console is the next logical step if Last Known Good Configuration and Safe Mode have failed in allowing the system to boot. As Microsoft states, "This method is recommended only if you are an advanced user who can use basic commands to identify and locate problem drivers and files."

Access the Recovery Console: Start the computer with the Windows XP installation CD in the CD drive. When prompted during text-mode setup, press R to start the Recovery Console.

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hi there
i have a infered logitech cordless keyboard and mouse
my mouse is pluged into my usb and keyboard is pluged into ps/2
but everytime i reboot, my keyboard wont work and i have to
go and disable it,then enable it to get it to work,i have tryed uninstalling the drivers and re-installing
but no joy.my pc is running on windows xp pro .i have also just bought a p/s2 to USB adapter and that dont work.i have also put both leads into the p/s2 slot's and when i do that neither my mouse or keyboard work
when i go into device manager,the easy internet keyboard driver's has a yellow dot with a ! mark in it and not a ?


i have posted on other site's to no avail

A:logitech keyboard wont work

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I currently have Fedora Core 5 running on my PPC computer, and I was attempting to install FreeBSD for my network device, but during the installation my mouse and keyboard wouldnt work, so I reset the computer, and then I couldnt put in an option for what I wanted to boot. So now I can't boot off any cds or log in at all. I reset the CMOS just to see if it would change anything but no luck.

Should I take the drive out and format it on another computer?

A:USB keyboard and mouse wont work

There might be a "legacy USB" or "USB keyboard" or similar option in your mainboard BIOS, enable it.

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I just got done putting together my first computer build, and when I start the computer it gets to the Boot menu. Now I need to get into BIOS but the keyboard does not seem to respond. I did some research on the net and people are saying maybe my mobo has disabled the "USB Legacy" in the BIOS, so I need to get the PS/2 keyboard. So i just drove halfway across town and bought a brand new keyboard with a PS/2 plug and it still dont work. I cannot Enter the BIOS to change the "USB Legacy" thing. Every time I get to the boot menu i press Del , but nothing happens and the computer says "Monitor going to sleep" and then a couple of seconds later it gets to boot menu again. IS this something wrong with my video card, do I need to take it off the mobo, before getting into the BIOS ? ( if so why am I seeing the boot screen). If the USB Legacy things is disabled than why the hell is the PS/2 NOT working, I know which hole it plugs in. Another thing I saw online is people saying I might need to reset CMOS, I really dont wanna mess with that. Please help

Intel core 2 Quad Q8400 2.66 ghz
Gigabyte Atx GA-p43-es3g mobo
Sapphire Radeon 4670 video card

A:Keyboard wont work in BIOS, Help!!

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So as the title says, the keys on the top of my laptop (Under the F keys) don't work in the sense that they give a jumble of symbols/more than one number, rather than what it should:

So from left to right, finishing at the backspace, this is what i get (What you should normally get is on the left, and what i got is on the right)
` = `1
1 = `1
2 = Doesn't give any number, it just opens a new tab in the browser
3 = 3
4 = 54
5 = 54
6 = 67
7 = 67
8 = =8
9 = 9
0 = -0
- = -0
= = =8

With Shift
~ = ~!
! = ~!
@ = @
# = #
$ = %$
% = %$
^ = ^&
& = ^&
( = (
) = _)
- = _)
+ = +*

Sometimes it works alright, and other times this is what happens. Though, this is the longest period of time that it has been messed up for. Also, all the other keys work fine.

System Specs

Also, i haven't spilt anything really on there. I did spray my keyboard with some disinfectant a few times to clean it and stuff, but other than that, no copious amounts of liquid. Please help me!

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I have friend who has a dell PC, Windows Media Center XP, Pentium duel core, 3gigs ram, 320 gig hard drive, on the pc it only has USB, no PS2, keyboard and mouse is USB only (duh) wired, the problem started as my friend stated after he installed some software, sad part is he installed all this software that he does not remember what software it did to make his computer crash, cause him to do a cold shutdown/reboot, when it came up you see the mouse point but behind it is a couple of purple lines then slowly (like 10 minutes) the background comes up, with also purple lines, i thought this was the work of a trojan, so i decided to use unhackme software, rebooted the pc into safe mode, installed unhackme, and rebooted again to check for any antispyare, i did and found some stuff, removed it, and after that i tried rebooting it again back to safemode, now the mouse and keyboard does not work, i tried to restart it again, it works fine when you go through the bios but after it gets to startup, the lights on the keyboard does not work, whether i go to safe mode, or normal mode (and normal mode still shows purple lines and boots up slow, so still not fixed on slowness), dont know what to do, tried different usb ports, front and back but nothing. what should i do from here?? i dont have a CD to repair windows, is there anything else i can try? I reset the BIOS settings back to factory default but still nothing, reset them back still no mouse and keyboard working after startup... Read more

A:keyboard and mouse wont work on win startup

If you are able to log in once you log in do the mouse and keyboard work?

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