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Open IE11 Pinned Sites in new IE window from the 8.1 Start screen

Q: Open IE11 Pinned Sites in new IE window from the 8.1 Start screen


Does anyone know if it's possible to "tell" a pinned site on the Windows 8.1 Start Screen to open in a new IE web browser window? In this way, it would work much more similarly to how site's perform when they're pinned to the taskbar in Desktop
mode. It would also perform much more like any other app (that can be resized in Modern App mode, etc.) than just a glorified website bookmark.

P.S. I am not an IT pro (though I'm not opposed to dabbling with certain system files), but I was asked to post my question on this forum by one of MS's Support Engineers.

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Preferred Solution: Open IE11 Pinned Sites in new IE window from the 8.1 Start screen

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have encountered an issue where my pinned sites (I have several on the task bar) are opening minimized. Up until this behavior started they were opening maximized.

Another strange behavior is that my IE11 shortcut on the task bar ignores the shortcut settings to open IE11 maximized and always opens IE11 in a window.

I can trace the behavior back to right after my IE11 was updated with KB3124275.

IE11 version: 11.0.9600.18163
Update Versions: 11.0.27 (KB3124275)

I have searched here and elsewhere looking for some insight on this and found nothing. I have tried closing all other programs, opening IE11, maximizing and closing and nada. I would appreciate any insight.

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Beginning a couple of days ago the shortcuts pinned to my taskbar began opening in a separate window so that when I started a program, it would open on the far right and the shortcut would still be visible. How do I restore the taskbar so that the program's window will take the place of the shortcut?


A:[SOLVED] Pinned taskbar shortcuts open in seperate window

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

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I completely removed IE11 from my computer...no reason except I want to use Firefox and want the clutter removed.

This appears to be the only unwanted result of having removed IE11.

Apparently there was a setting stored in the IE11 software that held the information to make Win Explorer open each request to open a new tab do so in the same window.

I believe there has to be a key in the registry that can be set to enable opening tabs in the same window but obviously I don't know what it is so I am in hopes that someone here can identify the appropriate key and tell me what its value needs to be to enable this function. I have no problem with editing the registry.

I have already tried to set the "open in same window option" in the control panel folder options applet but no joy.

Thanks very much if you can help me with this issue.

A:Removed IE11 - now Win Explorer will not open new tab in same window

Win Explorer, to my knowledge, is not natively multi-tabbed.

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When i am opening my intranet websites which have security prompts
from IE11 in windows server 2016 as shown below and passing the credential,its not responding after clicking OK button.

Request advise on the same.

Thank you.


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When browsing a website that I have pinned to my taskbar (Facebook for example) I've noticed that the pages take longer than usual to load. When it does load, the page becomes very choppy when I'm scrolling up/down and is generally slow to respond.
It's the same for any website I have pinned to my taskbar.

The strange thing is, If I open up IE9 (non-pinned) and browse using the address bar everything is smooth and fast. Any ideas of why this is happening?

I've cleared my temp internet files and reset IE to default settings with no luck. I've also tried un-pining then re-pinning website but it's still the same.
Is there a way I can clear the cache for individual pinned sites?

A:Pinned sites are slower than non-pinned sites.


OK, After some more time with this problem I've worked a few things out,

Internet explorer (64bit) is working but it's the 32bit that's giving me trouble.
I've tried the following,
Winsock reset
Run with no add-ons
Reinstalled ie9
Reset ie9 settings
Uninstalled Flash/Java
Turned off security/firewall
Removed as much third party software as I can
Also, ie9 (x32) runs fine when I run as admin.

Any help?

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This is pretty self-explanatory.Run in Admin does not kick in when launching a file via a Taskbar's pinned app icon, even when the pinned app has been set to 'Run in Admin' mode (under Properties -> Advanced).The same thing happens in the Start Menu -- the app can be set (Properties -> Advanced) to Run in Admin mode, and the file does not launch this way.Why is this a problem?  Because if one is supposed to use accounts like MS asks, then running as a standard user after having a file created in an admin account, that user cannot alter the doc in any way -- no saves work.  At least this is true for files not on the C partition.  The only way W7 permits saves is to run an app in Admin mode.(I've run into this countless times in the span of a few days with Notepad & PSPad.)If the W7 team wants to insist that docs won't automatically run in Admin mode under these conditions (which they should!!!!!!), then at least give users a right-click context menu option to Run as Admin from the recent/pinned items list.  Currently there is no such context menu option.Thereby, all recent items / pinned items are rendered a useless feature.....Still loving this OS.a.k.a.

A:Taskbar & Start Menu Bug: App Shortcuts set to Run as Admin don't open pinned/recent files in RaA

You want a non-admin user to run a restricted operation. You can easily set the CMD icon to it's Properties to always 'run as administrator'. You can open any app 'as admin' with it. The non-admin user, however could not approve the dialog to open CMD and run an app.Rating posts helps other users
Mark L. Ferguson MS-MVP

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This morning I found that my Start Screen had reverted to its factory setting. All the tiles I had deleted (Ebay, Netflix, Music, Games, and so on) were back again, and all the tiles I had added were gone -- about 60 tiles that were links to my folders and to certain programs, etc. Almost all of the links were to desktop apps or folders. I could pin them all back again, but I don't have a list of them. My desktop and my data are OK, but I need those tiles back. I've been on the phone with Microsoft, and they did a system restore from 12/26, but it didn't restore the tiles even though they were there yesterday. If I could just find a list of their names, it would be enough. Is there any folder that they might be in, or any other way to find such a list?

A:User-Pinned Tiles Gone from Start Screen

Are you sure you didn't log in to a different account than you normally do?

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I'm Having Some sort Of A Problem , When installing An App And it installs Successfully, The App isnt Shown on The Start Screen, I Have To Add it Manually . is There Any Way I Can Make All Apps install And Be Pinned Automtically on The Start Screen , Thanks

A:Windows 8.1 Apps Pinned on Start Screen Automatically

According to this article, the automatic pinning that we all learned to love and expect, has been replaced with the need to manually pin each new app to the start screen in Win 8.1 (as you are describing). I didn't know that because I'm not an apps guy but now that you mentioned it...

How to customize the new Start screen in Windows 8.1 | Microsoft - CNET News

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So, I've posted this on the Chrome forum and I haven't had any replies in over a week. I just thought I'd try here just in case somebody knows what's going on and how to fix it.
Basically, the Chrome shortcut pinned to the Start screen (Metro) opens a new instance of Chrome even if there's already an instance running. It used to go to the open instance; it just started doing this a couple of weeks ago. I have un-pinned and re-pinned, uninstalled/reinstalled, tested it with Firefox to see if it's just Chrome. It also happens when I pin the shortcut to the taskbar, but if I open an instance and pin that instance to the taskbar, then I can close it and it will function as a shortcut that opens a new instance or goes to the running instance.
I don't know if any of that mess makes sense, but if it does and you know how I can fix this, I would be incredibly grateful for advice. This is really driving me nuts. If I have time later, I'll try to post a screen capture to clarify what I'm trying to describe.
**EDIT** Here's a screen capture to try to show you what I mean: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B597ZFKg82RdM1ZkQkFrZnZOVkU/edit?usp=drivesdk

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I am querying whether its possible to migrate start screen tiles from Windows 8 to 8.1 using USMT 5.0?

We have had a look at doing this but cannot find a way to achieve this task.
Any ideas?

A:USMT 5.0 Migrate Pinned Start Screen Tiles and Taskbar Icons?

This is part of the CONFIG.xml, USMT can migrate these settings.
<component displayname="Taskbar and Start Menu" migrate="yes" ID="appearance_and_display\taskbar_and_start_menu">
<component displayname="Microsoft-Windows-stobject" migrate="yes" ID="http://www.microsoft.com/migration/1.0/migxmlext/cmi/microsoft-windows-stobject/microsoft-windows-stobject/settings"/>
<component displayname="Microsoft-Windows-explorer" migrate="yes" ID="http://www.microsoft.com/migration/1.0/migxmlext/cmi/microsoft-windows-explorer/microsoft-windows-explorer/settings"/>
The Start screen replaces the Start menu in Windows 8\8.1. This option still can be used in Windows 8\8.1
You can find more information in this link:
What Does USMT Migrate?

Yolanda Zhu
TechNet Community Support

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I setup a GPO that uses a global sites list for enterprise mode for our domain.  The first time we all launched IE it went and got the list and everything looks good.  Since then I've added 3 extra sites to the enterprise sites list, but none of
the clients seem like they are re-checking the list to see if its been updated because the new sites I added aren't showing up in enterprise mode, only the original ones I first added.  If I open the sites list it shows the xml version is still 1 but
the rules version is 4.  I read online the browser doesn't check for a new sites list until 65 seconds after its been open, but its been like 7 hours and it still hasn't updated.  Anything I could check?  Thanks
I checked the registry entry for the enterprise mode and it shows the correct version number as 4.  I cleared my temporary internet files and it finally went out and got a new one.  But I don't want my users to have to clear their cache any time
the site list is updated.  Anyone know a solution to this?

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IE11 tel: Link does not work in trusted sites or intranet sites
If the site is in internet zone the link does work.

Any hints for a fix?

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An Oracle Form is launched as a Java Applet in IE11. Ideally the user should not be aware of parent browser window but when the form launches another popup (eg adobe, MS office) window the parent window then comes to the foreground and hides the java applet
window - confusing for the user when they close the adobe or office application window!.  This is with regards to Windows 7.  With IE version 8 this was all worked ok and window behaviour was logical for the user.
Steve Edmeades

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I've got two laptops here. Both running Windows 7. On one when you pin an item to the taskbar and run that program it does not open another icon on the taskbar.

On this one it will open a new icon on the taskbar.

Why is this the case and how do I fix it please?

A:Pinned Taskbar item open new icon instead of on top of pinned item?

is it firefox that is duplicating the icon?

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Hi I need to open 41 Internet Explorer (version 11 ) windows and then perform Screen Capture of each of them. The 41 pages are on the same intranet server. The web pages are made with OLD Adobe SVG, they autorefreshed by themselves.

I have a basic script/macro that brings the ?WinActive? by title, one by one, and save the ScreenCapture (image) from the Clipboard to jpeg image.

Currently my PC hardware is Intel I5 vPro, 8 Gb RAM, 250 SSD, Windows 7 Pro 64 bits

My problem is after 4 hours or so, the PC starting slowing down and my script abort, due to the decrease in the PC performance, when he is too slow to bring the next IE window as the Active windows

I have tied to clear my temp folder after each cycle, it help a little bit but It still crashed after X hours

Given that I want to a full refreshed of the 41 Web Pages within a 2 minutes threshold. I cannot Open and Close the Internet Explorer each time. So, I open my 41 pages in 41 tabs, and flip from one to the other with the script using the Title
of the page. Then restart the process

Currently I have No paging in the Virtual Memory (8 Gb only of RAM) but it was doing the same when it was set to "let
Windows manage virtual memory". Do 16 Gb of RAM or more would help me or other settings that I should set specifically? 

My macro is made with "Macro Express", would it be better to use another macro software as AutoIt ?

For your Help

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I have a Lenovo N580 laptop. Last week, I had to do a factory reset (with help from Lenovo Tech Support) because of compatibility problems with new software from my employer and windows 8.1 which is actually worse than windows 8. The compatibility problems caused my screen to go black. When booting, the Lenovo logo appeared and I had a cursor, but nothing else accept a black screen. I tried suggestions found here and the Lenovo help forum, but none worked and the factory reset was the last resort. Now I am back to using Windows 8 (this was actually the second factory reset due to other problems caused by win 8.1).

Anyway, everything is working (for now) and I also have Classic Shell installed. HOWEVER, before this second factory reset, when I had multiple windows open, aero peek worked fine. Now, it doesn't. I followed earlier suggestions of right clicking the taskbar, then clicking Properties, but the box for "Use Peek ..." is dimmed (grayed out) so I cannot check it to enable aero peek.

I got used to this feature in Win 7 and was glad to see it in Win 8, but it is the only feature about Win 8 and 8.1 that I like. Thanks for your help.

A:Window doesn't open full screen when hover over IE window

Right click on the Taskbar and select Properties.

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I have hotmail pinned to the windows 7 taskbar, and I dont get the notification when i have unread emails, this is supposed to work but i cant figure out why its not for me.
I have the jump list feature on the icon when i right click.

What am I missing, can anyone help.


A:ie9 pinned sites

Do you have IMAP or POP3? No notifications with IMAP

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Issue in IE11:

when parent window had a alert triggered, that makes the child window lose focus and go behind


There is a button in parent page (domain A) and on click of the button Popup window (Domain B) will open and child window will communicate back to parent window. when parent window had a alert triggered, that makes the child window lose focus and go behind
only in IE11 browser.

IE edge and other browsers we can see the popup window on top of the parent window. 

is there any fix to retain popup window on top of parent window until user closes the popup(child) window.

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I extensively use pinned sites with Internet Explorer, but this function seems blocked on my new Aspire ES1-531. Anybody have any solutions? Acer staff: Is this a bespoke Acer setting?

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In IE9 you can pin your favourite websites to the taskbar. If it is a large commercial site it may have its own Icon and that is displayed in the Taskbar. However you are meant to be able to change the icon, so for sites without an icon that just display the MS "e" symbol you can design a specific icon so you can identify the sites easily.

I thought that to do this you go to the properties window by right clicking on the icon then right clicking on the page name in the popup window. One of the tabs should then allow you to change the icon. I know I sucessfully did this in the beta, but I am not seeing the tab to do it in the full product.

I must be missing something, but cannot see what.

A:Changing the Icon for sites pinned to taskbar in IE9

Hello Chris, and welcome to Seven Forums.

I find that creating a website URL shortcut using the steps in OPTION TWO of the tutorial below works best for this.

Internet Website Shortcut - Create

Hope this helps,

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Hello Guys,

When I use the Internet Explorer Metro app and click on the address bar I can see frequent sites but pinned sites and favorites are missing. I have a preview release still installed in a virtual machine and I can see pinned sites on that but not on this proper 64 bit purchased full install copy of Windows 8.

I have posted a screen shot below.

Anyone else having this problem?



A:Internet Explorer not showing pinned sites or favorites

Hello Tony,

Are these sites that were pinned to Start from within IE10 Metro? The ones pinned from within IE10 desktop will not display in IE10 Metro?


Hope this helps,

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I'm unable to drag and drop icons from desktop to an open window or open window to open window

what happens is when i hold down the left mouse button to drag an icon from the desktop to an open window

*** the cursor changes to a black circle with a diagonal line going through it (like the no smoking sign symbol)

what is causing this to happen?

thx rob
ps: ONLY copy/cut and paste works now

A:unable to drag and drop icons from desktop to an open window or open window to open w

Check this setting. Enable Dragging and Dropping

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for the last few days i have been experiencing a strange occurrence when i boot my pc there is an open window called desktop ,its odd because i haven't set any windows to open on start up, anyone any ideas

A:open window on start up

Try doing a system restore to a point before your problems start and see if that doesn't fix it...

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9 out of 10 times Edge isn't capable of sticking a good picture icon while creating a Tile for a Pinned Site. A sad "e" is what you only get.

IE11 is slightly better, yet it uses the small favicon with no possibility to change that.

(Metro IE of 8.1 was terrific in that regard. It was awesome, with the chance to select among several pictures. And they were all-tile wide!

With the following we're able to change the picture in the Tile. NOTE: It won't be an all-wide tile picture though, just a smaller icon; but still:
- you can choose whatever you want (IE11 doesn't let you decide the pic)
- you can open it with Edge (or IE11 if you prefer)
- it stays in the Start Menu

Do that:

1) Pin the site with IE11, not Edge with the "Add site to apps". it will add the Site to the All Apps list
2) Just pin to the Start Menu as usual from the All App (or recently Added) list
3) Now open (with Win+R for example) this folder: "%AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu"
(you'll find your recently pinned site(s) links)
4) with Explorer open a Shell prompt with menu File\Open a command prompt
(we need to rename the extension from .website to .url)
5) launch the command "ren NAMEOFYOURLINK.website NAMEOFYOURLINK.url" with the real name of each site of course
6) in Explorer you now can right click each link and select Properties
7) .url allows you to change icon. Choose whatever you want. I currently use some useful PNG 2 ICO website to have a lot directly... Read more

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Yesterday everything was working fine. Yesterday evening, I cleared my history in Firefox and in IE (I use them both). I went out at night, and came back at like 2am, and checked my email and everything still worked just fine. I shut off my computer and went to bed.This morning when I booted it up, I tried to check my hotmail with Firefox and got:The connection was refused when attempting to contact loginnet.passport.comI get the same problem when I try to login at mail.yahoo.com.When I try to load the gmail website, the page won't even load.When I try to access those sites in IE, I get "the page cannot be displayed."When one email site goes down, I assume it's just a server error, but when all of them go down at once, I assume I have a virus or something (especially when I talk to other people who can access them).I searched around online and found some people with similiar problems and it seems that the problem is accessing secure sites. I tried this, and was unable to log into amazon.com or ebay.com, etc. So, I think my problem deals with secure sites.I think it's very strange that everything was working when I shut down last night, and then this morning it's not. I read the pinned thread on not being able to access secure sites:1. I verified that I have 128-bit encryption.2. I deleted temporary Internet files.3. Adding https://www.hotmail.com to trusted sites didn't do anything.4. Clearing the SSL State didn't do anything.5. SSL 2.0 and 3.0 are checked.6... Read more

A:Can't Access Email/secure Sites (i Read The Pinned Thread Up Top But It Didn't Fix It)

Well, I feel like a lamer. I shut down my computer, unplugged and restarted my cable modem, started my computer back up, and everything seems to be working now.

Beats me.

Thanks anyway. This is a good site.

I would have edited the title of this thread to say the problem was fixed but it will only let me edit posts, not the title.

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Hi TSG!! Know this may be a simple problem, but it is driving me crazy...and that's a fine line for me already! When I open a site, like the TSG site for example, it opens in reduced size, not full screen. When I resize the window to full screen, I loose the sites close, resize buttons, only having IE's left, so I have to minimize the window, then close it, or will close out IE. Don't have a clue to how this got set to do this...had all working fine, opening regular size, only minimizing when I wanted to. Now I have to keep minimizing, restoring to get the window on a site to be full screen and to be able to close just that window, not the entire IE open. Can anybody clue me in to what I need to do to get this to work how I need it to? Have went in Internet Options, advanced...been in Control Panel...just cannot seem to recall how the heck to set this up! And...will be very appreciated to fix this and surely reduce the amount of cussing done during my internet time!! Thanx...very appreciated!! Parrotplay

A:How to have Sites Open in Full Screen...

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ok so i was trying to put some videos onto my blackberry bold and i started to play with my phone while it was attached to my laptop and i accessed my media files with my memory card in the phone and all of a sudden i got a blue screen that said restart your computer and some other stuff that i didnt really understand so i manually pressed the power button until my laptop turned off then restarted it. it rebooted as tho it had been in standby not restarted and all i could see was the windows explorer window i had had opened before the screen and the rest of the screen is black. i guess i could attach a picture if it would help ???? thank you very much for your time

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Here are my log files. Im not sure what the virus is, but its not letting me launch any exe files. To get the virus files to run, I changed the extensions to .bat and that worked. The zip programs also worked since I was able to unzip Gmer.

When I launch Firefox I get a java error with a very strange path to jqsnotify.exe and I can see Java is running in Process Explorer.
Thanks for the help!

A:Cant start any programs - the open with window starts

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here. Please take note: If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If you are unable to create a log because your computer cannot start up successfully please provide detailed information about your installed Windows Operating System including the Version, Edition and if it is a 32bit or a 64bit system.
If you are unsure about any of these characteristics just post what you can and we will guide you.Please tell us if you have your original Windows CD/DVD available. If you are unable to perform the steps we have recommended please try one more time and if unsuccessful alert us of such and we will design an alternate means of obtaining the necessary information. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far. Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review your topic and do their best to resolve your issues. If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed. Use the '... Read more

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I have Windows 7 -

When I try to open a folder in opens on the task bar but not no window opens.
Any suggestions?


A:Folders open in on start bar but no window appears.

Hello Dave, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The folder window (Windows Explorer) may be offscreen. You might see if you may be able to use the tutorial below to get it back onscreen to the desktop if that it the case.

Offscreen Window - Move Back to Desktop

Hope this helps,

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Hi!Looks like I got a virus of some kind. Every time I try and start a program, the Open With widow opens instead of the program - this happens in both regular boot up and safe mode. I am able to get Firefox open because when I am asked which program I want to open, I Open With Firefox. The start menu says that Firefox is in safe mode.So, the first thing that I did was install Malwarebytes - I had it in my download section. The Open With Window opened when I tried to install, but I change the extension to .bat and was able to get it to run. It found 8 objects and I deleted them and thought that was going to fix it. But it didn't.I am able to run bat and scr files.When I started Firefox jqsnotify.exe was also running.Not sure whats going on, but any help would be fantastic!Thanks

A:Cant start any programs - the open with window starts

Hello and welcome. We need a deeper look. Please go here....Preparation Guide ,do steps 6 - 9.Create a DDS log (this should be a .scr) and post it in the new topic explained in step 9,which is here Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs and not in this topic,thanks.If Gmer won't run,skip it and move on.Let me know if that went well.

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Re: Windows 2000 Pro


I used to be able to go to Start, My Favorites; click on something; and it would open into a new window. Then, a moron from eBay told me to change a bunch of things, and I can't remember what the idiot made me change (because I thought the brainless idiot knew what he was doing).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

A:Solved: Open New Window from Start Menu

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Not sure how to explain this but... In the properties of the browser links(IE, Firefox, and Chrome) it used to just say "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" 
But yesterday, I downloaded something from a less than honest site, and now whenever I open up any of the 3 browsers, I get redirected to "hao.360.cn" So I checked the shortcut properties, and all 3 browser's targets now respectively has "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" http://xx234.kuaila.com/ in the target window.
I've tried removing the http://xx234.kuaila.com/ by deleting it from the target window, but when I try to save the changes, the computer tells me I don't have administrator privileges, even though I'm the only user on this computer. 
So I deleted all 3 browser shortcuts from the taskbar, and dragged them out from the program files folders into the taskbar, but it will still add the
It's only when I drag and drop straight from the program files folder, that the link's target gets changed and added with the http://xx234.kuaila.com/.
I've tried scanning with Malwarebytes and it came up with nothing so I'm at my wit's end. I've included the hijackthis log, hopefully can have a solution to this problem. 
Thank you very much for your time.

A:Browser shortcut pinned to task bar, Target window modified.

Hello op3l and welcome to the Bleeping Computer forum.
My name is Satchfan and I would be glad to help you with your computer problem.Please read the following guidelines which will help to make cleaning your machine easier:
please follow all instructions in the order posted
please continue to review my answers until I tell you your machine appears to be clear. Absence of symptoms does not mean that everything is clear
all logs/reports, etc. must be posted in Notepad. Please ensure that word wrap is unchecked. In Notepad click Format, uncheck Word wrap if it is checked
if you don't understand something, please don't hesitate to ask for clarification before proceeding
the fixes are specific to your problem and should only be used for this issue on this machine.
please reply within 3 days. If you do not reply within this period I will post a reminder but topics with no reply in 4 days will be closed!
Please DO NOT install/uninstall any programs unless asked to.
Please DO NOT run any scans other than those requested
===================================================Note: Please run these in the order given in the instructions.
===================================================Download and run AdwCleaner
Download AdwCleaner from here and save it to your desktop.
run AdwCleaner
when it has finished, select Clean
if it asks to reboot, allow the reboot
on reboot a log will be produced; please attach the content of the log to your next reply.
===========================... Read more

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since I went from ie8 to 11 I just noticed I can bookmark any site. it gives little msg saying "interface not
any idea to correct this?
Thanksso much

A:Cant bookmark sites since using IE11

Try a system restore to an earlier point, please.
This error seems to be very vague in determining cause and effect, IMO.
Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic323892.html/page__p__1797792#entry1797792 , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.

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Another day, another pointless and waste of my life ie11 problem.
What is it today?  enterprise mode? Activex? nope, suggested sites.
Tell me why every user has 100s of suggested site links adding to their favourites bar? Also why are all of them empty. Just 100s of empty favourites called suggested sites.

How does this software get released.
This is the same in windows 10 as well, so don't come with that non sense about it being a windows 7 problem.

At least in windows 10 ie11 doesn't need 10 broken prerequsties and another 10 cumulative updates before it works correctly.

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I had started a thread earlier here, called "Cannot change name of New Folder. Can't add Search Provider".

Well, I reset the system to a System Restore that was quite old, and the renaming of folders problem seems to have gone away (at least for now). However, what is really bothering me is that IE11 is keeping track of every file I open on my computer, and when I click on the entry in History, it opens the file!

I have disconnected the computer from the internet, but desperately need help in terms of what to do!!!

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It's probably something simple but I haven't found it yet. Any way to set ALL new windows to full screen rather than the standard 1/3rd screen?


A:Open new window in full screen?

Hello Joe,

Windows 7 remembers the size and position of all Windows Explorer windows for what the last window was closed as. You can open a Windows Explorer windows, maximize it, then close it. All windows will open maximized after that as long as you close them while maximized as well.

Hope this helps,

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Internet Explorer used to open my hotmail "full screen" but now I have to click the maximize button to get it to full screen. What do I have to do to get hotmail to open "full screen" again? I'm sure someone has posted a fix before, but my searches can't find the thread.

A:Open New Window Full Screen

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Is there a way to open all windows in the center of the screen?
Some setting or some app to install.

A:How to open window in center of screen

Window Manager from Desksoft works for me. Just set your position and size and exit from the file menu. Don't use the Red X or it won't remember it. I've been using it for maybe 4-5 years with satisfactory results. Experiences may vary of course...

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It's mostly in the title: I often (but not always) told by certain sites that my browser is not supported. I have v11, which I do not remember installing. I assumed it came with w10. These sites all say I need to install the version I already have.

Without changing browsers (Chrome, Foxfire, etc.) what can be done?


A:ie11 browser not recognized by some web sites

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Reinstalled Win 7 in January. After that IE11 worked as it should. As updates arrived IE11 started to display error messages when trying to log in to bank sites etc. Messages were "Technical error. Please try later", "Bad gateway" and
Tried resetting IE, clear cache, uninstalling and reinstalling IE. Adding sites to trusted sites. Nothing helps.

IE cannot log in to most sites (some work) that requires BankId or the mobile equivalent.
Password-protected sites work.

And of course: Firefox and Chrome work alright.

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Hi everyone, I badly need your help. I have pinned shortcuts to the task bar however, when i click them, it wont open. when I try to open any document or program from the start button, it will open a shortcut at the task bar and then when I click it from the task bar, it wont display or open. How do I fix it? please help

A:I cannot Open pinned shorcuts in the taskbar Please help

Hello Sunshine1921,

Since it does show an icon on your taskbar for them, does is show a taskbar thumbnail preview of their opened window when you hover the pointer on the icon on the taskbar?

If they do, then they may just be offscreen, and the tutorial below can show you how to drag them back onscreen.

Offscreen Window - Move Back to Desktop

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Hi everyone, I badly need your help. I have pinned shortcuts to the task bar however, when i click them, it wont open. when I try to open any document or program from the start button, it will open a shortcut at the task bar and then when I click it from the task bar, it wont display or open. How do I fix it? please help

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Hi everyone, I badly need your help. I have pinned shortcuts to the task bar however, when i click them, it wont open. when I try to open any document or program from the start button, it will open a shortcut at the task bar and then when I click it from the task bar, it wont display or open. How do I fix it? please help

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Recently I am unable to open the Store app. After a small Windows 10 update, I have been unable to access the store. When I open the start menu and click the icon, it is unresponsive. Also when I go through my apps, it wont open when clicked there. I even had it pinned to my toolbar and the icon disappeared but left space and when I clicked there, I got an error message. Also, as I was typing this, my toolbar began being difficult. Certain things like the start icon, the calculator icon, or the internet explorer icon wont open when clicked. But the google chrome and the file explorer icons work well. I am not sure if there is a way for me to update the Store app or get it to launch through a browser or do I have to wait till another Windows 10 update to fix my problem.

Thank you for any advice or help in advance.

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If I click on a thread, I get the response in a full size window on my 19' LCD monitor.

However, if I right click on a thread and click on "open in new window" I get a window about 2 inches too small on all 4 sides, I can click on the maximize option and make it a full size window, but I'd like to find a way to cause it to open full size.

I tried draging the window to make it full size and holding the shift key when closing it, to no avail.

A:Solved: How to open full screen in new window?

Open the secondary screen and resize it as you have described. Now, switch to ALL the other IE instances and close them, making the newly resized screen the last IE window closed. It'll now open at the new size.

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