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Move Dell components into other case?

Q: Move Dell components into other case?

I am starting to get concerned about my new Dell Dimension 8400 getting hot, doesn't seem to be much in the way of airflow. The whole Intel processor is all new to me...usually an AMD chick, but I got a good deal. Anyway...would it void my warrantee if I put mobo, dvd, & HDD etc. into a different case with more fans to improve airflow? Has anyone else done this? Just curious.

Intel Pentium IV 3.6GHz
ATI Radeon X850 XT PE PCIe (256 memory)

Preferred Solution: Move Dell components into other case?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Move Dell components into other case?

I don't know if it would void Dell's warranty or not (although I think it well might!), but if you were going to do all that anyway why didn't you assemble your own machine in the first place?

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hi all ,

i have a desktop

i changed my broken case to a new case like

i removed the HDD and the motherboard and the CD-rom ..etc and installed them to a new case

but when i press the switch button it works normally , and the screen display normally and there are no beeps , but after like 20 second my computer turns off automatically ! ,

what may cause this issue ?

A:i replaced all of my computer components from my broken case to other case

could be overheating CPU. Did you apply fresh Thermal paste to the HSF after reinstalling the motherboard? Is it tight and secure? Did you blow out all the dirt, dust and debris from the fans' fins?

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Hey Guys,

Finaly I made the time to create my ulimate case I've been reading reviews for the best combination graphics adapter, processor and cooler.
Has anyone ever overclocked a Dual-Core AMD Athlon 64 X2?
I need some tips for excellent perfomance

Thxs in advance,
Monique Vreugd

A:first case mod need components

What motherboard and memory are you using with this processor?

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I don't think I have any overheating issues just yet but I was curious if anyone had some ideas on the most effective ways to cool a BTX case. Case temp is around 50 C and CPU is mid 50's when idle. Room is about room temp, 70 F or so. When doing something intense the it all creeps about about 5 degrees C to the point where the case is around 55, CPU around 60-61. These numbers according to Speedfan.

Again, I've had no problems thus far and I don't think these temps are unreasonable. But I was curious as to what my cooling options are. I was thinking the quickest, cheapest, and probably least effective way to go was to put a fan in the empty PCI slot...at least until I need that slot. But it seems that most PCI fans are not made for a BTX case as they point in the wrong direction. Also, this particular setup is somewhat unique as there is a plastic duct running directly from the intake fan to the CPU, making alternative CPU cooling somewhat tricky.


A:Cooling Components in BTX Case

see if there is a place at the front of the case , in front of the hard drive cage, to add another fan..I put 120 MM fans there...blowing into the case... so they can blow cool air over the hard drives an aid the other case fans blowing out of the case...works good and the 120MM fans are quieter than the 80 mm fans

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Hi, so i am in possesion of an hp desktop (here is the product page, http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=c03635837) and i was planning on buying a new case, a new GPU (msi gtx 1060) and a new Psu (to support my new gpu. Now in order for me to add all of this stuff i think it would be ideal to transfer all of my components to a new case. I am familiar with how to do this, i just wanted to know if this will all work nice and smoothly or if i need to know a few things first or even if it will not work at all. Thank you.

A:Moving my pc into new case and upgrading components

JablesTheGreat Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I've done this a few times -- but not with this model PC -- so I can only offer general comments ... 1) I/O shield -- this is the small plate that covers the external sockets at the back of the case.  These are generally a standard size, so if the new case has the same size opening, you can simply move the shield to the new case. 2) USB ports -- these have standard MoBo connectors, so as long as the ports in the new case are the same generation as the old case (i.e., USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0), you should be able to reconnect the USB ports without problems. 3) Memory card readers -- this is more problematic.  Every HP PC I've owned has had memory card readers and the connectors are anything but standard. In addition, the readers themselves are designed to fit into each special case, so they're not "bolt-ons" that can simply be reattached to a different case.  If this is the situation with yours, you would have to suffice with USB-based memory card readers for the new case. Good Luck

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I moved my CPU (AMD 939 4800+x2), RAM (2*1gb Nspire), and Video Card (7950gt EVGA) from my shuttle ST20G5 which had a bad RAM slot to an Ultra Microfly case with EVGA NF44 AMD motherboard. When I turn on the computer, it beeps once (tells I passed POST) and takes me to BIOS. Then I select XP Pro from my boot menu, the XP load screen is displayed for a few seconds, and then I get a STOP error. One weird part is that when I enter BIOS, it shows up as Pheonix AWARD BIOS, just like in my shuttle, not the EVGA version of BIOS, even though it shows the EVGA splash screen upon boot. I am using the same HD in hopes to preserve all my data... not sure if that is a problem? Please feel free to ask questions and please help... I am stuck on an old laptop with none of my documents... I know because it passes POST that I couldn't have messed anything up too bad when I moved everything

A:Moved components into new case and now get a BSOD upon booting

I have researched the problem a little more... maybe I have to do a repair install of XP?

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I rebuilt by installing all hardware in a new Coolermaster haf 930 full size tower. Everything seemed fine on bootup but, I noticed the drivers, were installing I think, for the ssd and dvd/cd. it booted back up and restarted just fine all day yesterday. When I got up this morning, I turned it on and it got to the welcome screen with small spinning circle next to it but, stayed there a lot longer than usual. Next, it went to a plain blue screen and stayed there for 10-15 seconds then all icons popped on the monitor as usual and everything worked fine after that till I shut down or restart then it's the same thing all over again. All help will be greatly appreciated Thanks!

A:strange bootup after installing components in new PC case

Re-check all your connections. It sounds like something that was previously connected is not now.

Also: are you using the same power supply as before? Or is it a new supply that came with the case?
If a new supply, what are the specs on both (old and new).

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I'm not too tech proficient, but I'm getting better, and decided to tackle my biggest challenge so far.

I took everything out of a Gateway PC, replaced the PSU and put everything back into a new full tower case.

Everything works great except the audio. Here is the problem and details:

I only have an onboard audio card. The new case has a headphone jack on the front that connects to the "audio" pin connection on the bottom of the motherboard. I connected this.

After reassembling, the audio jack on the rear of the case on the motherboard I/O panel does not produce sound. HOWEVER, the headphone jack on the front DOES produce sound.

I'm a little puzzled because that would seem to imply the motherboard is fine.

Does the I/0 panel audio ports run off of dedicated power, or a specific power cord that I might have placed in the wrong place or backwards?

Any other ideas?

Followup question. THere is something wrong with the front headphone jack (maybe a manufacturer defect) that is causing the left speaker to crackle and be less loud. almost like a bad speaker, but I tested for that.

In the case I took everything out of there was a single AUDIO pin connection from the front panel to the motherboard. But on the new case the AUDIO pin connection had an additional identically sized pin connection coming off of it about 1" from the AUDIO pin connection. It had some numbers on it like a voltage rating or something (unsure).. I just ... Read more

A:Onboard audio problems after moving components to new case

Hi, If you replaced all the cables as they were then you should have no trouble.
The front panels are in 2 groups. The USB sockets are 1 group with a cable that runs over to the motherboard.
The front panel audio board has 2 cables that run from it to a single free socket, and that plugs onto a connector on the motherboard that has 5 pins in one row and 4 pins on the other row, with one pin empty.
But I would think it's more likely the problem is the settings in Windows.
Right click on the speaker icon in the taskbar, choose 'playback devices', and if your speakers are plugged into the back of the pc, you should see them in the list. They should have a green tick over the speakers.
If not, right click on the speaker line, and choose 'enable', that should put the sound signals onto the socket where your external speakers are connected to.
* Might also be worth testing that your external speakers are working by plugging them into something you know works, such as a mp3 player, mobile, or tape player output. It's possible the speakers are not getting power. (Power LED on one speaker).
*Also check for muted audio in Windows, and the 'on/vol' control on the actual speakers.

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Hello world,
I'm looking to considerably upgrade my current system, which will become essentially a new system overall.

I was looking into something along these lines:
[Key: Currently Own | Looking To Buy]
Motherboard- Asus Sabertooth Z77.
CPU- Intel Core i5 3570K 3.4Ghz s1155 6MB.
Cooling- Corsair Hydro H100i.
RAM- Kingston HyperX Beast 2x8GB DDR3 1600MHz (x2= a total of 32GB).
GPU- GeForce GTX 460 (768MB).
PSU- Corsair GS600 80PLUS. (is it enough?)
HDD/SSD- *.*
Monitor- *.*
Peripherals- *.*
Case- Open for suggestions!

The rest is less of an issue.

What do you guys think?

A:A New (*upgrade) System Build, Components and Case Questions

The PSU is definitely enough. You could even have two GTX 670s with this PSU.

32 GB would be about 28 GB more than I would ever need, but hey.

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Hello: Installed Windows 8 Pro Upgrade to an old PC case. Can I transfer all

the components from that case and install them in a new empty case,

bringing along that Windows 8 installation too? I would transfer everything

except the intake/exhurst fans. Thank you.

A:Migrating entire PC components with Windows 8 to another empty PC case

Yes, if you are moving the same motherboard and Hard Drive it should be smooth.

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I'm thinking of moving my computer to a bigger case but I'm not sure what cases are compatible with my current motherboard. I own a Lenovo 90F1007QUS.  I need a bigger case because I'd like to upgrade the PSU to 500W and install a graphics card. Please respond with recommendations about how to go about upgrading to a bigger case. 

A:Want to move computer to bigger case

hi, look at the GTX1050 OC Low profile from GIGABYTE, if you have pci-e, you could play all games with this videocard, and you do not have to change the power supply, it works for me I have a lenovo M800 SFF  

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I am trying to put another hard drive in this dell opitplex 260x of mine. It is becoming nothing but a pain in the rear cause the case uses them stupid green sliders and the case is too small. Could I use another computer case like remove all the parts and transfer them over to the other case.

say a case like this

A:use another case instead of the dell optiplex case

thats a nice case but if ur willing to blow that kind of money i would get this
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811144089 its a full tower so lots of room or this
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811129021 this one has some of the best airflow and fan capabilities i would buy this one if u have the money
or if ur low on cash get this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811208021 which is really beautiful and cheap (recomend if u dont got cash lol)

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My Dell N5050 laptop died and I tried moving the Harddisk into a old HP Deskpro. The disk boots fine but Windows 7 DELL OEM reboots as the windows picture comes up. It then allows me to do a repair but that doesn't help. The repair report doesn't give any clue to the problem.

I am guessing it is some fundamental driver that is Dell specific. Any idea how to sort it ?

The repair will allow me to get to a dos prompt.


A:Move Dell Windows 7 Hard disk into non-dell hardware

Welcome to our forum auror1968.

Their is a excellent chance that the OEM/SLP key, drivers and a lot more are tied to the Laptop and will not work on the Desktop.
Does you Desktop or Laptop have a Windows 7 sticker on it that looks something like this?

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I bought my Dell Vostro 3800 ST almost 2 years ago, sadly I didn't really do my research before I bought it, and it turns out, card that came with it wasn't really great for gaming and it's nearing the end of it's life.
So I'm planning to buy proper card, but my tower is waaay to slim to fit in it comfortably.
So my question is, will I be able to take my motherboard to another, non-Dell case? If so, what type of case would be good? I did try to find online, what type of motherboard it is, but if there's an answer to that question, I can't find or understand it.
I'd be grateful for any help provided :)

A:Will my motherboard from Dell Vostro 3800 ST fit into non-Dell case?

It's more or less a micro-ATX board so it will likely fit a standard case.  That said, wiring the power switch, hard drive LEDs, etc. will be difficult - they're not standard and it may be a lot of trial and error to make work.

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hello i would like to know if can do a case transfer on a dell inspiron 660s to a vostro 200 case, i have been looking all over but it seems that they both have the same form factor Micro-Atx so i wanted to know before i try and attempt it or spend the money on it.

A:Dell inspiron 660S to dell Vostro 200 case

Hi zixzen,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
You can access the manual of both the system on our Dell Support site, which will give you the dimensions for the case.
If you have any other query, please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.

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I have installed a hard drive docking bay on my xps8300 so I can swap hardrives without opening the computer, but front bezel of the computer case is too small and does not aloe me to use this dock.
So I need to replace the computer tower case with one that does not cover the external bays.
Can anyone tell me what other case will fit my mobo?
Thanks in advance; gentleman

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Ok I really want to try to overclock my Dimension XPS T500,PIII 800mhz, 384 SDRAM, geforce2 MX, but installing cooling items to a pre-loaded (installed) case is quite difficult, as in case fans and such. What kind of cooling products could I install to such a case? Recommend anything; VGA Silencers, water cooling, heatsinks, and fans. How much do you think I could OC such a computer.

Here is some more info on it: http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/dkub/

A:Cooling components avalible to install on a Dell

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I made a mistake and allowed Dell to install some SupportAssist components today.  I have seen quite a few errors created for the Dell Software, (SARemediation) but nothing like this... They all happened this morning between 12:56:22 and 12:56:29.
I am posting this in case someone at Dell may need to know... 1568 errors in 7 minutes seems like a lot.
The error says:
DCOM got error "1115" attempting to start the service TrustedInstaller with arguments "Unavailable" in order to run the server:

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So I have a 3 year old Dell E310 with XP MCE, with the Pentium 4 521 (2.8GHz,800FSB) and the motherboard is Dell Model 0JC474, which I guess can only be upgraded a little bit, to a 3.2 800FSB which I doubt would provide much improvement.

So the question is - if I buy a new PC with a new fancy schmancy processor, and I stick with XP, is it possible to simply install my current HDD into the new computer and retain all of my installed programs and settings? I have so many programs and custom settings it would take a lifetime to get a new PC to the same place.

A:Can I move Dell E310 (3100) HDD to new Dell PC?

Hi wantonsoup,
Welcome to Techspot. :wave:

Because you have configured your hardware to one PC then when you remove that hard drive and install it to a new PC more than likely it will fail to boot.
You could try but you must back everything up before the move.
If you had an external hard drive you could try making an image of that hard drive and then reinstalling windows on the new drive and then placing the image back. That may work. However again there may be some conflict.

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Hi! I have Dell 3330 with all the original components ( battery / Adapter ) running windows 10.1 64 bti. but my machine has a strange problem it charges my laptop's battery to 42% only and after that it shows 'Not Charging' message on mouse over. I did run the dell diagnostics for which battery passed the result. 
I did try some  tricks of uninstalling / disabling battery drivers and updating them after a restart. 

Removing the battery .. drained out any charge on the motherboard by pressing it for 20 secs or more. 
But the issue is same it is still not charging after 42% .. Surprised!?? 
Kindly suggest what is wrong where with the software.

A:Battery plugged in not charging- Dell 3330 with all original packaged components

Hi Saurabh78
Thanks for writing to us. 
When did the issue start?  Please update the BIOS from support.euro.dell.com and observe for any changes. 
Try this battery on another machine or another battery on this machine, which will give us a clear picture of the cause. 
Most of the time we are looking at a faulty battery in these situations. 
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message,by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message


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Some Components of IE 10 Remain Post Win 10 Pro Upgrade w/ IE 11. What's the best method for removing the IE 10 components?

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I tried loading windows xp and got a message that:
a components file does not match the verification information in the components manifest. XP will not load. Does any one have a solution?

A:Help! a components file does not match the verification information in the components

See if this thread sheds any light on the situation.

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I backed up files from one 1TB eSATA drive to another 1TB eSATA drive. It now occurs to me that it might have been better to have installed the backup drive in my computer case [less clutter on my desk].

Not wanting to do the backup all over again, can I simply install the drive in my computer without having to reformat the drive [and lose everything]?

Thanks in advance.

A:Can I move eSATA Drive into case without reformatting the drive?

I wouldn't think you should encounter any problems by installing it in your case. After doing some searching I couldn't find anthing that says it won't work.Fabe

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how do take apart a dell competer? i don't see any way to get the side panel off.

A:dell case??

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Okey Dokey...
I have a dell dimension 4700.
I needed a 3pin to 4pin connector for my heatsink on my video card.
My local hardware store doesnt sell these individually so I have to buy a case fan that had one with it. $10, no big deal. Anyways...

This is my case fan on my dell... Link
This is the one I bought... Link

Is the dynex case fan better then the dells? Thought my computer knowledge is somewhat good, I know little about case fans


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What has happened to Dell?? The parts department sucks!!! Anyway - does anyone have a good resource for buying replacement case fans for a Dell??????


A:Dell Case Fan??

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Can anyone shed some light on it being possible or not to replace my old DELL Case with a newer one (preferably a coolermaster case)
I've heard that they make their own parts, including motherboards, so they are made to fit a particular casE?
I would like to get a new case and my current Dell one is badly damaged and not very appealing to the eye.


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I have spent hours looking all over the internet. I have a dell optiplex 790 mini tower I am building a gaming computer and I need a new case. There is something about the connectors with the USB and power button with the case that may not be compatible with the motherboard. Can someone please find out what kind of pc case I can get to be compatible with my motherboard? My Computer is a Dell Optiplex 790 Mini Tower

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Hey guys, I have a Dell XPS 8100. I've had it a while and I believe is out of warranty (Assuming the warranty I had was 1 year).

I'm proper sure there's something wrong with my heat sink, it's not keeping my CPU perfectly cool. I installed a new PSU with a bit more wattage but that shouldn't affect the temp of my CPU. I may of knocked my heatsink I was inspecting it the other day as I installed the new PSU.

A few hour's ago I heard my machine's fans spinning up really quickly, I opened up RealTemp to get the temperature and they shot up from around 30C to around 65C in a matter of seconds, I shut the PC down straight away, and started it up again a minute later. Seems alright.

After re inspecting my heat sink it is no longer being held down firmly, I cannot seem to remove it from the motherboard. As far as I'm aware it might be attaching onto the other side of the motherboard, however I cannot open the other side of my case to get to it to have a look, it doesn't have any screws. A friend told me it was soldered closed, and I can't get into it and that Dell sometimes do this to stop you messing around with your PC.

Is this right?

Below is a picture of the case, the screws on the left are the ones I can't seem to be able to remove. If they are indeed screws, they're just sort of circular holes.


And this is the heatsink I have t... Read more

A:Dell PC Case

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Would I be able to put a AMD motherboard ATX in an dell intel case ATX?

A:Dell Case

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I just picked up a Thermaltake Armor MX VH8000BWS ATX Mid Tower Case, and was wondering would a Dell xps motherboard would fit in it? I have not tried yet but asking before i do it. I heard that dell motherboards only fit in dell cases


A:Will a Dell XPS motherboard fit in a ATX Case?

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i wanted to know if it were possible to add a case fan to the front of the case if its possible what size fan would i need if you watch the video posted below it shows that a fan can be installed or should have came with the desktop

A:Dell XPS 8910 Case Fan?

The system looks like it shares the chassis with the Alienware Aurora R5 -- the fan from it should fit the XPS.
Try calling Spare Parts (1-800-357-3355)  to see if they've got one.

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PLEASE HELP! Need to install birtday present (INTEL Video camera & USB card). How Do I open Dad's DELL v333c desktop computer case? Thumbscrew at rear out; still won't open. Do I need tools? Does it snap open? Must I pull front panel? If I ask DELL about this, their warranty goes away. THANKS!!!!

A:Help Open DELL Case

Well, I doubt Dad will be to thrilled but take out the thumbscrews at the back and then the side cover(s) pull straight back. You kind of have to put pressure down on it and slide it back. It's usually real tight.

Oops, I assumed it's a tower. I can't remember if it's an old flat desktop unit. It probabaly should be pulled to the back as most of those types did.

[This message has been edited by bhesson (edited 09-29-2000).]

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OK. I had to replace my case for my dell xps 625. Long story. When I swapped cases I went to a Cooler Master HAF 932. The swap went mostly smooth till it came to wiring the master io board for the power/reset/had led. I can't find a pin out anywhere and I don't know where to wire the the connections for the power switch. Also when I boot up the machine with the on button on the mobo the cpu fan runs at 100% the others are connected to a controller. It boots and beeps and nothing comes up on the screen. It did boot up once to windows and now it won't. So I need help with several things. I need help with the master io mobo connection wiring, cpu fan running at 100% and also why it's not booting to windows.

System specs.
Dell xps 625.
Amd phenom II 3.0 quad.
8 gig ram.
ATI radeon 4850 X2 in cross fire.
Mobo part number is OP927G.

Thanks I'm advance.

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would i be able to fit the DELL T3500 in new case, as i ordered a motherboard and plan to build a gaming computer, if so give me names of cases please

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Will a MSI Computer Corp. 760GM-P23 fit in a Dell Inspiron 570 case?

A:MSI Motherboard in a Dell Case?

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ok, so i looked at the comparison of the ATX vs BTX cases with the kit, and on the back of my Dell case it looks like a ATX motherboard case, but it is really BTX. Any clues?

A:dell case and btx motherboard

Any clues about what?

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I wanted to buy a bigger case for my computer so I can upgrade my psu and get a full size graphics card will my motherboard fit inside any standard case?

A:New Case For Dell Computer

It should...but we need the specific details of you Dell PC. If you would fill in your system specs in you profile area then we can get a better picture of your needs.

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Newb here.

I have a Standard ATX Gigabyte Motherboard. And I would like to buy a Dell XPS 410 case only. Does anyone know if my motherboard will fit this case? I found different answer searching online, some say yes, others no.

Any help would be great! Thanks.

A:Building PC and need help using Dell case

I would say "NO" too... why buy a Dell case? If you plan to buy a standard ATX motherboard you will have to go mid tower or full sized generic ATX tower. What's wrong with a micro ATX motherboard?

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I have a dell Dimension 3000 that I put some money into and I want to put it into a nice new case.

I was told the The Cabinet form factor is Micro tower/Mini tower.
and the motherboard is standard micro atx motherboard form factor.
But I don't no.

Can someone please link me to some cases that my dell will fit into.
I want one with fans/lights maybe a temp gauge.

Thank you so much
I been wanting to do this for a long time

A:What case will my Dell D 3000 fit into.

It will fit into any mid to full tower case, and probably some cases designed for micro atx. In short, nearly any case you find on newegg.com will work.

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Sorry if this is a really lame question, but I have almost no experience with computer hardware.
I just bought a new Dell Optiplex 780 to run a sound system in a theater, and I need to transfer the sound card from the old computer to the new (for reference, its a Delta M-Audio Audiophile 2496), but the new Dell came in a low profile case, and the card doesn't fit.
So the best option seems to be to just buy a cheap (20-30 dollar) full size case and transfer the computer wholesale over so the PCI card fits, but I've been told that the style of case matters.
Any suggestions as to a good case at a cheap price that the components will fit in properly would be greatly appreciated.


A:Dell Optiplex needs new case

Unfortunately you can't. These are proprietary Dell designs and they do not fit any standard case on the market.

So you need to use either a USB sound card, a half-height sound card, or buy a different computer.

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I have a heat sink fan that is close to its end of life. I bought a replacement and attempted to open the case to replace the old fan but after removing all of the screws the case seems to be held along the back by some mysterious fastener. While I would love to replace this noisy fan, I don't want to destroy the computer doing so. Any advice on opening this model?

It's a B 120 ...typo in the subject line. I do think the 120 and 130 have basically the same case.

A:Dell B 123/130 case cracker

Dell B120 / B130 is the laptop type.


I hope this helps Make sure you check each link, and who knows there's something you are looking for

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I'm looking for Dell US customer service email address as I had bought the new laptop Dell inspiron 7558 having service tag G5NJN52 from dell US in march 2016 and after that i moved to india. After 2 months of usage my laptop screen started showing vertical lines.I contacted dell customer care india and they took more than 2 months to repair it. I'm highly dissatisfied.I want to reach out to the Dell US Customer Care for my issue.Please help me with it

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Hi, I have a dell Optiplex 755 which refuses to let me into the case.

I'm not aware it has ever been locked (although that facility is there).. and i certainly don't have any keys for it.

I have tried pretty much everything other than smashing a hole in its side to get into the case but the clasp which releases the side panel refuses to budge.
Has anyone out there come across this problem and found a way of getting into these cases. I have opened these types before without trouble..!

A:Dell Optiplex 755 case not opening.

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My friend's HD recently died, and he wanted me to replace it with a new one, but I can't open his computer; how do I open Dell Dimension 4700 cases? It doesn't have any screws, I'm sure there is some way to open it, but I don't know how. Any help would be very appreciated.

Sir Loin

A:Dell Dimension 4700 case help

if it's the same as a demension 2300, there's a plastic tab on the back of the case, push the tab down then push the left side panel towards the back, this opens the case

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Can someone please explain to me how to open my Dell Demension E310 Computer case? I seem to have lost my owner's manual.


A:How to open my DELL E310 CPU Case

on the newer Dells they have a black lever on the top at the back. if you push or pull it to the back of the machine the side will just open up.

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