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Booting XP from second hard drive Mouse/Keyboard problem

Q: Booting XP from second hard drive Mouse/Keyboard problem

I have Windows 7 installed on my new computer, but my firewire audio card and also some software wouldn't work properly with it, so I put my old hard drive with Windows XP installed on it into my new computer.

I can boot up Windows XP from the second hard drive at the bios screen bit, but when it gets to the log in screen, the mouse and keyboard will not respond. I have tried multiple mice and keyboards including the old school style non-USB keyboard. The keyboard works fine to press F12 to get into the boot menu etc but then just stops working completely when XP is loaded. I assume its some kind of driver issue or something like that but I'm pretty useless with computers and I have no idea how I can get my mouse and keyboard to respond in XP

Please if anyone knows how let me know, thanks!!


Preferred Solution: Booting XP from second hard drive Mouse/Keyboard problem

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Booting XP from second hard drive Mouse/Keyboard problem

I was thinking about maybe if I copy and pasted all the drivers from my C: windows folder into the windows folder on my D: drive (old hard drive). Maybe this would let my mouse and keyboard work? I'm a bit worried though it seems like the kind of thing I do that seems like a logical idea but actually screws up my PC

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One day while using my computer i noticed my mouse stopped working which is plugged into my USB port. After investigating i realized my USB ports were giving power but my computer was not recognizing them. My keyboard still worked since it was plugged in the old Keyboard input however when i went to get an old mouse to plug in the mouse input it still wouldn't recognize it. My Control panel wouldn't open the "Mouse" menu either. After awhile i went back to try my computer and noticed now the Keyboard wont even work. Thinking it was a port issue i took my extra computer and just plugged the hard drive into the extra one and now i have the same problem so I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with my hard drive. I have no idea what to do since i cant log in or anything. Please Help.

A:Hard Drive not recognizing Mouse, Keyboard, or USB

Never connect or disconnect mice and keyboards that have the round PS/2 connectors without first turning off the computer.

Have a local friend who knows about computers take a look at it.

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My Seaget external hard drive sometimes starts up at random and the keyboard and mouse become either completely or intermittemtly inoperable for a while - maybe 15/20 seconds. Is there a Setup setting I can invoke to prevent this? Seems to me the PC should hace commend of all funcrions.

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i'm very new to these kind of forums, but my problem is as follows:
a few days ago i was having some problems with my laptop's speed so i shut it down and thought nothing of it. the other day, i attempted to boot it up as normal and it wouldn't do anything. i tried in safe mode - nothing. at one restart there was a flash of a BSOD, so i figured i must have caught a virus. i've now attempted to save my files via a SATA/IDE connection, and here is my problem.. after i've plugged everything in it shows up in my computer, but it seems like there is nothing on the drive.. i've used this kind of connection many times before and have never had any problems recovering my files.. does anyone know what could be the problem? my hdd from my laptop is a hitachi 5k750 and it runs windows 7 x64 and the computer i'm using is running at a 32bit OS. could that be the reason why it doesn't want to open? the only other option i see is to do a factory reset, but i'm desperate to avoid this as i have so many files i didn't get to back up and it would be a huge loss to me if i had to take this option. i would appreciate any help!


A:Problem regarding hard drive booting?

Welcome to Seven Forums tstylez88.

Try the steps from these tutorials:

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

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Hello guys,

I have a Dell Dimension 9200 desktop, core 2 duo 2.4 cpu, 4gb RAM, ge force 8600 gt. I have one hard drive, 2 cd-rom drives. I am running windows 7.

Yesterday i tried to install windows using a bootable usb with win 7 on it, because i don't have a windows cd. I realised that it won't boot from usb. I setup in bios to boot from usb, tried to press F12 at startup and selected to boot from usb and nothing, pc just freezes. Then i got a windows cd and tried from cd, same thing. When i try to start windows normally, boot from hard drive, pc restarts at logon screen, at that windows animation screen. I tried in safe mode, it freezes at a file called classpnp.sys. I tried many sollutions found on google, nothing works. I also tried to replace the hard drive with another one from my laptop, same thing happens. I loaded bios to defaults, same thing. I tried repairing, it sais that windows could not rapair. I think i tries almost everything i found on google. What could be the problem?

Thx in advance for your help.

A:Problem booting from cd, usb, hard drive...

Now, when i boot from cd, it not freezes, but start some Caldera dos instead of windows setup. I also disabled restart so windows would not restart at login screen and i get blue screen with error: 0xfffff880009a0028, 0xffffffffc0000034, 0x0000000000000000

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I recently moved some cables around in my computer, to increase the air flow, and make it look better. I have one of those stupid IDE cables where it matters which end you put into the mobo, and which end I put into the HDD.

I accidently put it around the wrong way, and it wouldn't boot at all. I then fixed the cable, and then my OSs would have a big fit, and say system error, or not boot at all. I've got a couple of blue screens with Windows.

Yeah, so, I tested my Hard Drive on my parents computer, and the same thing happened.

So, I think my Hard Drive is the problem.

I'm running Windows XP Proffesional Service Pack 1, and Ubuntu Dapper Drake.

I was wondering if you guys would be able to help me...

A:Both OSs not booting... Hard Drive Problem?

check bios see if drive shows
if you have the install foe OS you may need to do repair

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Hi everyone

I do hope you can help.

I recently turned on my computer to find the message "No bootable devices", press F2 or F12? blah, blah, blah.

I'm running Vista on a Dell laptop. It's about two years old. After some fiddling, that message stopped appearing, but now every time I turn the laptop on it asks me if I want to start the machine in recover mode or normal mode. No matter which of these options I select, the computer still does not boot.

I did a bit of research and attempted a system recovery with two different CDs. No joy. The one that was recognised by my computer (the other didn't even boot) tried to reinstall Hal (?) and another element. However, I think it may be windows that is now missing (?) or I have a hard drive issue.

Could it be that I need to reinstall Vista? I have my product key but no CD to boot from. Does anyone know where I can get one? Do you think this will resolve the issue? If it means I lose my files, so be it - most are backed up anyway.

So, in summary:
- computer says "No bootable devices"
- I tried to recover windows with two disks? recovery didn't work, plus struggled to back anything up
- I don't have a Vista CD but do have the product key.

Please can you help?!

Thanks in advance

A:Hard drive booting problem

when you first start your computer, are your hard drive(s) listed?
if not, you might try resetting the BIOS to default values.
if thats not the problem, your probably going to need a windows disc.

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I have three hard drives in my computer.
2. Main 1TB WDCaviar Black with windows 10 installed
0. secondary useless (as of right now) 1TB generic HDD
1. SSD with Mac installed

if I remove drive #1 I can still boot to drive #2 but if I remove drive #0 (with nothing on it), I cant boot to my dive #2

I read somewhere that the boot partition gets installed to wherever 'disk0' is.
maybe that will help?

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So I have an Acer laptop that was given to me after my desktop computer stopped working. Instead of paying to get it fixed, I took the hard drive out of the desktop and bought an internal hard drive converter so I could hook it up externally to the laptop. It has worked fine, but I'm having some issues with booting from the now-external hard drive. I go into BIOS and make the external hard drive the number one hard drive option on the list or whatever. The computer boots, and starts to load windows, and then once the windows loading screen is done, the computer just restarts itself and goes back to the Acer loading screen (where I'm able to press F2 for BIOS). Am I doing annything wrong? Is it a problem with my old internal hard drive from my desktop?

I have windows vista on the laptop, but windows XP on the external, is that an issue? I have a lot of music production kits and programs and whatnot on my old hard drive that I'd like to now use on the laptop so I figured booting from the old hard drive would be an easier option than having to reinstall all the programs and everything onto the laptop (which would not even be possible because I dont have enough memory on the laptop hard drive to hold the files I need from the old hard drive).

Any help or advice would be much appreciated as I'm trying to get back to my work as soon :)

A:Problem booting from external hard drive

Hi and welcome to TSF

Generally speaking it will not work, as the old HD, is married to the old, now dead PC, hardware. It is looking for things that no longer exist anymore.


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Hi. One of my computers has stopped booting. I was playing a game earlier and it froze completely, total failure which required holding the power button. I started it up again and it booted then froze again when playing the game again a few hours later.
Now it fails to boot. When turning on, "Intel Rapid Storage Technology - Option ROM" starts with a prompt to press Ctrl+I to enter the configuration utility, then after some seconds to another prompt to do a recovery.

In the recovery utility I am given the arrangement of the hard disc:
"ID: 0 Name: ARRAY1 Level: RAID0(Stripe) Strip: 128KB Size: 931.5GB Status: Failed Bootable: No"
Underneath, the physical devices involved, two entries on ports 0 and 1, device models, serial numbers, size and then type/status (vol ID) of Member Disk (0) and Non-RAID disk".

The hard drive is a Seagate 1TB model (I think) running Windows 7.

What exactly has happened and is there anything I can do? Will it not be able to boot again without deleting the RAID volume and therefore formatting the disc?

Thank you in advance and if I've left anything out, please say.

A:Computer not booting - Hard drive problem

RAID-0 is very prone to failure. You could have one bad drive but unfortunately that renders all the data gone. You should test each drive with the manufacturer's diagnostics, run the full test and see if it reports any errors. On many systems you can just disconnect one drive at a time while leaving RAID on for the test, otherwise you have to go into the BIOS and change the drive mode from RAID to AHCI or IDE/Legacy for the testing then switch it back on.

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My Bios set up shows my boot seq as my 2 CD Drives as 1/2, followed by my A:\ drive, followed by my two internal hard drives, followed by a network option.

I am trying to run a back up utility that will perform my back up to a 500 gb USB hard drive, then switch off/restart my computer. I can not run this because the computer will not boot with the external hard drive attached.

Is there a way round this problem...................amny help would be appreciated.

Ian Wallace

A:Solved: USB Hard Drive Problem on Booting

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Hi Guys and Gals,

Ok here's the thing.

I have a Compaq Presario 900 which doesn't have a working CDrom drive.
I took my harddrive out and put it in my friends Dell Inspiron B130 and installed Windows xp SP2. Now that all works fine but(there is always a but ....) when I tried to put the harddrive back into my laptop(Presario 900) Windows will not boot, even if I go to safemode first thing. I thought maybe I could install Windows from the USB port but my BIOS doesn't have a BOOT FROM USB option. Also there is no Bios update that will give me that option.

I have tried deleting and installing all the drivers for the Presario then trying to boot like that but it still gets stuck.

Is there a way or does anyone know of a way I can somehow get this to work???

Thanks in advance.


A:Problem Moving hard drive and booting Xp on different computer

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So recently, the hard drive that came with my computer has failed. So I purchased a replacement hard drive (Blank / Unformatted) and have been trying to re-install Windows 7 Home Premium 62-bit. The only problem is that I cannot boot from the disk, it doesn’t even seem to recognize that one is in it. All I get is the “Reboot and select proper boot device or insert media” screen. Here is my Boot Priority:

1st Boot Device: CD-ROM Group
2nd Boot Device: HDD Group
3rd Boot Device: Floppy Group (Not Installed)
4th Boot Device: Network Boot Group (Disabled because one is not setup)

Note that there is no option to select a USB device as that would require an update to the BIOS which can only be done with a CD-ROM or Floppy Disk (Which this computer doesn’t have). I am wondering if the problem is a driver issue as any CD-DVD Driver would have been on the old hard drive or if it is just faulty. I Have tried both the 32-Bit and 64-Bit DVD ROM for windows 7 (Just in case the older hard drive is for whatever reason not 64-Bit compatible and took out all but one stick of RAM and it still won’t boot.) If anyone can help me figure out what is going on it would be greatly appreciated. Here are my system specs:

Old hard drive: Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 (ST31000528AS)
Capacity: 1 Tb
RPM: 7200
Firmware: HP35
Replacement hard drive: Seagate Barracuda ES (ST3250620NS)
Capacity: 250 Gb
RPM: 7200
Firmware: 3.A EG
Motherboard: N-Alvorix-RS880-uATX (Alvorix)
Chipset: AMD 785G
Manufacturer: F... Read more

A:Problem Booting From A Windows 7 CD After Hard Drive Failure

No one have any ideas?

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When I start up my computer I get a notice telling me that a parameter has exceded it's normal operating range, and to back up any data. Usually I just pressed F1 to continue the booting process, but I can't do that anymore. I can't even press F2. What can I do? Is my HD dead?

A:Having a problem with my hard drive, computer won't go past booting up

That's a possibility, but if it were caput, you would get a no boot device error.

Any prior symptoms leading up to this?

And, what is that F1 to continue to boot thing? You know that's not normal.

It's also possible you were hit with malware.

Couple of things to try:
1. Enlist the help of a friends pc, and download the Seatools diagnostic iso; burn it to cd using ImgBurn at 4x speed. Boot your machine with it and do the tests. Seatools will work with most hd's. If the hd passes, go to step 2.

2. Download the Kaspersky rescue disc iso, and burn this to cd disc as well. Make sure your internet connection is good so you can update the program when it loads. Boot up with this, update, and run the scan. Let us know all the results.

Please fill in all your specs!

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Hi,I have a lenovo y50 laptop that comes preinstalled with windows 8. The laptop has a 1 TB hard disk that I decided to replace with a SSD. I then installed windows 7 on the SSD and the SSD became the internal storage and the 1TB hard disk became an external storage connected through the USB.I use legacy boot to boot windows 7 from the SDD and it works great.My problem is I can't boot windows 8 from the 1TB when it's connected as external storage through USB. I had used UEFI boot and tried also to disable secure boot but had no success.I always get an automatic repair window, However windows 8 boot correctly if I connected the 1TB as an internal storage with the same BIOS setup (UEFI boot and Enabled Secureboot)Any ideas how I can boot the preinstalled windows 8 from a hard disk that is connected as an external storage?Thank you.

A:Problem Booting Pre-Installed OEM Windows 8 From External Hard Drive

If you wish to boot from a USB device you will need to change the boot order in the BIOS so the the USB is the first device in the boot order and the hdd the second device.
You will have go through this every time since these are on to separate drives.

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I recently moved my two hard drives into a new system and ran a system repair. When it boots, the mouse and the keyboard are not working. Both are ps2 type but I have also tried a USB mouse to no avail. Things work fine in the bios screens and when I boot the recovery console. They go away after the system boots into windows.

I installed a new instance of Win 2000 on the other hard drive and it boots fine and the mouse and the keyboard work. I have checked for the presence of the mouse drivers and they are there. I have checked to see if there are additional filters in the registry for these devices, and there aren't. I have tried exporting the keys for the keyboard and mouse from the good system and imprting them into the registry for the system that won't work, and that did not help either.

Any ideas?


A:No keyboard or mouse when booting into win 2000

Not sure this will help, but remove both the keyboard and mouse, from within the device manager, and then restart your system, and see if Windows will find them again.

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A friend has a Gateway PC approx 5 yrs old running XP Home. It doesn't have any PS/2 ports or serial ports. It came with a keyboard where the USB mouse plugged into the USB keyboard.

When the computer is booted the keyboard & mouse are recognized. I can get into bios and the keyboard works. If I go to the safemode options screen the keyboard works to select options. If I boot from a CD the keyboard works to select options. But if I boot into safe mode (or any other available options) the keyboard and mouse are both dead at the login screen. I tried booting (from this same options screen) to a previous configuration that worked, but still no luck. Gateway tech support told him it's likely the motherboard and tried to sell him one for $400. I'm thinking drivers (maybe a virus...?) but can't get into windows without the keyboard & mouse. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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I recently moved my two hard drives into a new system and ran a system repair. When it boots, the mouse and the keyboard are not working. Both are ps2 type but I have also tried a USB mouse to no avail. Things work fine in the bios screens and when I boot the recovery console. They go away after the system boots into windows.

I installed a new instance of Win 2000 on the other hard drive and it boots fine and the mouse and the keyboard work. I have checked for the presence of the mouse drivers and they are there. I have checked to see if there are additional filters in the registry for these devices, and there aren't. I have tried exporting the keys for the keyboard and mouse from the good system and imprting them into the registry for the system that won't work, and that did not help either.

Any ideas?


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i have an infra red wireless mouse which works fine with one of my external hard drives but not with the other.mouse will hardly move and is practically uncontrolable but system works fine when i use usb wired mouse.anyone else had this problem or can tell me how to cure this???


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How can I lock the screen/mouse/keyboard during booting, untill it's finished with booting up ? While locking the screen/mouse/keyboard, I need to have a message displayed which says something like "Please wait untill the PC has been booted up completely".

I need this for my uncle, he is very impatient. As soon the Welcome screen dissapears, he start clicking on all programs and says "its not working !!"... well it is, because after 5 minutes, he has opened Microsoft Autoroute 5x and Route 66 3x... very CPU intensive tasks...

So, does anyone have a problem which can do that for me ?


A:How to long Screen/Mouse/Keyboard during booting ?

You may be able to setup hibernation on it instead of completely
shutting down.
It will retain the data in memory and turn back on quicker.
What version of windows?

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I haven't recently installed any new programs or updates, I haven't even connected to the internet with my desktop in over 8 months. For some reason, I restarted my computer one night, then the next morning when I reached the log in screen, my keyboard and mouse were not responding.

I have the stock keyboard and mouse that came from HP. I tried unplugging them, I tried unplugging the computer itself, I can't run command prompt because I can't use the keyboard to pull up advanced start up options. Even if I were to boot from a recovery CD, I don't think I'd be able to select anything from the menu.

The computer runs fine, it boots just like normal. When I plug the keyboard in, the caps lock light comes on and stays on. I'm sure it isn't a hardware problem, because I find it very odd that they would both just give out at the same time without any change made to the OS.

I don't know what to do, I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.

A:Mouse/Keyboard not responding, even before booting Windows

is your mouse and keyboard plugged via PS/2 port or USB ? if it is ps2, you may have to change keyboard. if it is usb, you may need to change the usb port. you can't know where the problem comes until you try to change ports or some hardware

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Hi all,

After booting the computer and going to windows desktop, few minutes later the mouse and keyboard freeze.

Any fix? all ideas appreciated!

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Hi all,

After booting the computer and going to windows desktop, few minutes later the mouse and keyboard freeze.

Any fix? all ideas appreciated!

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Please if any one can help me out.My keaboard and mouse (Both PS2) stop responding few minutes after booting my PC.This is a very new problem for me.
The details of my PC are P4,Windows 2003 Server

A:Keyboard(PS2) and Mouse(PS2) stop responding after few minutes(15-20)of booting my PC

Have you made any changes to your system lately?

Does win2003 server have the system rollback function like XP? If so, set it back to the last date you know the keyboard and mouse were working.

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My Windows 7 was unable to boot three times.I was asked to ran Windows Diagnostic Tool.So,i did and nothing happened.A loud beep sound started coming and the system froze.Then System repair opened up and it fixed the issue 2 times.But the third time when the crash happened,System Repair could not fix the issue.System Repair suggested to unplug any external device that i had connected.So,i did and my Windows booted.I want to use my external mouse and keyboard because i play games.How do i fix this problem....

A:System Crashing and not booting up with External Mouse & Keyboard

Are they wireless? If so, what make and model number?

Have you checked to see if there are updated drivers for them?

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First of all, thanks for the patience to read all this.

My road to this post started a few weeks ago when I installed an amplifier. My computer was working just fine before, but when I put the amp in it would no longer boot. No beeps or anything, but the monitor mouse and keyboard wouldn't come on. Thinking the amp caused the problem, I took it out and it still wouldn't boot. I systematically tried different parts and eventually got it working again by switching which IDE cable the optical drives and hard drive were on (DVD drives used to be on ide1, hdd was on ide2 -- put hdd on 1 and dvds on 2 and it would boot again). So left well enough alone and everything was working fine again, until last night.

I got a stick of 256MB to put in my system which I bought online. My computer was already off, but I absent-mindedly turned it on and it worked just fine. I remembered that I received my RAM and turned my system off to install it. I put it in and tried to turn it on and I got beeps and smelled something. At this point I'm thinking I may have not had it in there properly. I took it out and tried to turn it on again but there were still beeps, but no more smell.

I've taken it all apart and put it back together and it still beeps. It's a 1 second long beep followed by 3 seconds of silence, which repeats indefinitely. I believe it's a Phoenix bios and I've read a couple different things about what this beep means. Someone told me that I need to... Read more

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Hello all,

AVAST rendered my windows useless by causing it to immediately restart after booting (so I see the 4 color orbs of the windows loading up, then see the blue background where you choose which account to log into then it restarts).

So, after messing around with it for a while I managed to fix the booting process via safemode by messing around with msconfig. It looks like something went right because now the PC boots into the windows login perfectly fine, however, I lost all functionality with my keyboard and mouse. Hence, not allowing me to do anything but stare at the screen or a forced power restart/shutdown. The KB and mouse work perfectly fine during the BIOS phase prior to booting to windows. I bought a PS/2 keyboard today thinking that it might solve the issue (my original KB and mouse are USB) but it did not. I spent a night and morning googling methods but I can't seem to find anything related to my issue and my migraine finally kicked it from frustration.

What can I do to fix this without reinstalling windows? Is there a method to reset what drivers load up? Or maybe reset msconfig startup parameters to default? Another issue I'm having is that I do not have the "repair install" option when I boot with the Windows DVD. This had me stumped all last night but I finally realized that it's because you need to activate the DVD from within the Windows Environment then reboot. That, as I stated, is not possible.

Thank you for your help!

EDIT: Al... Read more

A:Broke booting driver order; Mouse & Keyboard fail to function.

Quote: Originally Posted by Gravitytr1

Hello all,
So, after messing around with it for a while I managed to fix the booting process via safemode by messing around with msconfig. It looks like something went right because now the PC boots into the windows login perfectly fine, however, I lost all functionality with my keyboard and mouse.

So you booted in safe mode and changed some things in msconfig. "normal boot" works as well as I read correctly. Did you use keyboard/mouse to logon? Do you see clock in bottom right of screen? Does it increase a minute each minute?

What did you "mess around" with msconfig?

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Hey guys,

I have a HP Touchsmart IQ500. Turning my computer PC on today, all I got was a blue HP invent screen with setup, boot menu, system recovery, and system diagnosis, and I could not get past it.

I entered the BIOS and figured out that the hard drive was listed as "not installed." Pretty sure that is the main problem.

I tried a system restore (with the Windows 7 install disc), but I guess the computer couldn't read the hard drive enough to enter safe mode (I tried restarting and F8ing several times).

I put in an external hard drive, and the BIOS read it; however, windows does not allow you to partition an OS on a hard drive.

I am all out of ideas; I'm currently taking apart the computer (touchsmarts are hard to pry open), but I have no clue about computers so I'm hoping one of you guys can help.

Thanks in advance!

A:Computer Not Booting Hard Drive/Unresponsive Hard Drive

It should be under warranty...probably too late but taking it apart will most likely void the warranty.....sounds like a dead hard drive/loose cable

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Hi, when i boot up my other computer it is a black screen and says "Primary hard disk Drive 0 cannot be found, strike F1 to continue or F2 to enter setup utility." When i strike F1 it says something like "boot up failed press F1 to try again" what do i do? When i press F2 it takes me to a screen and Undery Hard disk drive 0 it says unkown and under hard disk drive 1 it says off.

PS. My computer also makes alot of beeping sounds all of a sudden. Plz help me What is going on? Thankyou

A:Problem booting computer "hard disk drive" help plz

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Windpows XP is not picking up either on startup everything loads but can not use them any ideas on a easy solution?

Cheers Everton.

A:[SOLVED THE HARD WAY] Keyboard & mouse not working!!

What sort of keyboard and mouse do you have? (wireless?...USB?)

If you have a USB keyboard and mouse, there may be a problem with XP and your USB drivers...the same applies to wireless.

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Driving me a bit nuts. Been through the error log and thought it might be an apple related problem but I can't make heads or tails of this as it does not link to any program or event. Any help is greatly appreciated.


A:Mouse & Keyboard freeze require hard boot

Welcome to SevenForums.

We need your help:

Update your SevenForums System Specs
User CP (located on the top menu bar) |
Your Profile | Edit System Spec (left-hand column)

To gather info, use Speccy (my favorite) or SIW or System Info

In the System Manufacturer Block, enter:
? Manufacturer and Model OR Custom build.
? ADD the word laptop, desktop, netbook or tablet.
For example:
Toshiba Satellite L305D notebook.

Provide full windows version info, for example:
MS Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit

Use the ?Other Info? block for Optical Reader,
Mouse, touchpad, wifi adapter, speakers, monitor, etc

Scroll down and click on SAVE CHANGES.

With Speccy, you can select with your mouse/touchpad info from the display
and paste that info into your specs.

SIW is a marvelous program, but the free version does not offer
this capability.

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Hey guys,
I have been having an issue recently with my mouse/keyboard staggering a lot with significant noise from my computer like something is running.  I checked resources but everything is minimal.  I am running Windows 8.1 Pro.  I have a Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard which I replaced the batteries in the mouse thinking they could be dying, but that didn't work. The Keyboard is a solar charging keyboard and has good battery.
I did notice today, but have not noticed before that when this was happening, the windows maintenance was running.  I stopped it, and it took a while to get the mouse back to normal again.  Don't know if this is a coincidence or not.  
My computer has a 4ghz 8 core amd fx processor and 32 gb of ram.  The skipping or staggering is happening randomly, sometimes at idle, sometimes when putting slight load.  But there is no way I do anything that will stress my specs out to cause staggering which leads me to believe that it has to be some type of infection.  
Can someone walk me through a process to find out?  I have Avast, Malwarebytes, and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit running for protection.  I ran Malwarebytes and Avast and didn't find anything, which doesn't surprise me.  I realize that no program is full proof and each have their strengths and weaknesses so I am sure I am still vulnerable somewhere.  I also realize a clean install is probably going to be the bes... Read more

A:Mouse/keyboard staggering and cpu running hard at idle

Are you running more then one anti-virus scanner in a real-time protection never run more then one anti-virus software in a real-time protection if you do then your network and computer will slow down even your mouse. Also have you try reinstalling the Mouse driver.

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My system completely freezes up with no warning. It makes no difference what I am doing at the time. It has happened whilst using Word, Excel, Our Sage Accounts programme, on the internet, using internal documents. It has pretty musch done it whatever I am doing. Can anyone please help as it's driving me crazy

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I've ghosted my entire system across to another hard drive with the intention of using it as a back-up in a critical situation. Everything seems to have successfully been replicated on the 2nd drive, however if I attempt to boot up from the other drive (after unplugging the main drive), it only boots up part-way till it gets to the blue window with the windows logo and then freezes. For some reason it won't go any further. (The drive light on the front of the base unit pulses). I've set the BIOS so the 2nd drive is the 1st boot device, but it won't perform correctly.
Any ideas? Feedback on this will be much appreciated.

A:booting from a 2nd hard drive

How is the jumper set on the second hard drive? I'm guessing it doesn't matter since you are able to get to the Windows logo but it wouldn't hurt to check. My suggestion would be to make sure the second hard drive is setup as primary master.


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Anybody had problems with samsung sp0802n hdd int not booting up?.
am running xp sp2.screen says no signal.

A:hard drive not booting

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My computer yesterday was an XP machine with one hard drive. I wanted to test Windows 7 but I was afraid I would screw something up with my XP drive in the process. We'll call this Drive A.

Yesterday I bought a new hard drive, Drive B. I downloaded the Windows 7 ISO, got some drivers, and turned off my computer. I physically removed Drive A from the computer and put Drive B in. I started the computer and put the DVD in. Setup was fine, I had some trouble with getting the onboard NIC to work but I was able to overcome.

Now I needed to get back into my XP install to get some stuff done (play video games). I shut my computer down, pulled out Drive B, put Drive A back in and booted up. But I got a boot error message, and it looks like it's a Windows 7 Boot error message. How can this be if I removed the hard drive.

The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible

It's almost as if my computer is trying to boot to Windows 7 even though I removed the hard drive containing the operating system. How do I get into my XP system? The drive is fine, I connected it as a slave and I can access the files on there. I'm guess Windows 7 makes some kind of change on the motherboard that forces it to boot to 7?

Thanks for any help!

A:Booting to another hard drive

sounds in deed very strange, there is no way windows can write a boot loader in a bios-based machine.

are you really sure, that this was a win7 message? AFAIK this message is the same in XP, so it might be a misunderstanding.

Did you put the drive to the same connector? (e.g. sata1 or ata1) as before?

another thing came in my mind: was or is a memory stick connected to your machine?

If you have really a win7 message, there might be a rare chance, that the win installer had put something to the stick, what means your computer try to boot from this stick.

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Hey all, iv been trying to figure out why my p.c doesn't want to boot up Win XP. I went through the bios which doesn't even detect the hard-drive (Serial ATA) at all.

I have totally run out of ideas...

Any help will be much appreciated.

A:Hard-drive not booting up XP

Was your hard-disk functioning properly ??
When did this happen ?
Are those wires well connected ?

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OK, ive heard this is possible with a certain free utility, opensource maybe...but i fail to find it. From what I know it reads iso files but im not sure. Please post any programs you know of that do this with links, plsthnx

A:Booting a cd off of a hard drive...

Hi Grao....

Alcohol 120% is my virtual drive software of choice but other programs such as Nero and Daemon Tools can do this too :)

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I'm having a problem with a laptop that will not boot up.

Lenovo 3000 C100
Windows XP Home

After powering it it up it seems like it does not recognize that the hard drive is there so XP does not boot. No error message. It brings up a Boot Device menu screen with the options to boot from Floppy (does not have one), HardDisk (does not work), CD-ROM or PXE. Choosing HardDisk does not work.

In the BIOS screen the hard disk has the status: "Disable" and there does not seem to be a way to change that. In the BIOS boot sequence the hard disk appears as it should. I've tried reordering the sequence but it makes no difference.

So it may sounds like the hard drive is bad BUT, here is the big BUT...

...Using a freeware bootable CD ROM (BartPE) I am actually able to see all my data is still on the hard drive. I can navigate around the drive and things look fine. This is very encouraging but I can't figure out what to do next.

The laptop came preloaded with Win XP and did not come with installation/repair CDs so don't have one. The user manual explains how to run the recovery program off the hard drive by pressing the LenovoCare button during startup but this does not work (I would guess because the HD is not found).

I am wondering even if I decided to try to acquire disks to reinstall the OS if that would fix this problem. Or is it something else like the hardware or BIOS etc. Doesn't seem like hardware since I can see the hardrive with that bo... Read more

A:Not booting from hard drive

In the BIOS screen the hard disk has the status: "Disable" Click to expand...

are you in an information page - do you need to goto the advanced settings to change it
can you change to autodetect ?

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Yesterday i added my mates hard drive in my PC via SATA, i then installed windows 7 on it for him.
So i had 2 hard drives with windows 7 on.
I then took out his hard drive and rebooted my PC, When i start to load, it says missing or corrupt files (It's looking for his hard drive) How do i make it look for mine instead of his?

It comes up with look a dual boot option saying
Windows 7
Windows 7, although the top one is corrupt as the hard drive isn't there.


A:Hard drive Booting

This is what you need to change it back to the win7 on your other drive... Download EasyBCD 2.1 - NeoSmart Technologies

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If you made a backup with Easeus, you must have Easus Todo backup program installed on the computer to View and Restore your files. Browse backup image in Windows Explorer - EaseUS Todo Backup Knowledge Base

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If you made a backup with Easeus, you must have Easus Todo backup program installed on the computer to View and Restore your files. Browse backup image in Windows Explorer - EaseUS Todo Backup Knowledge Base

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how do you boot from usb hard disk with windows xp

A:booting from usb hard drive

The system must support booting from a USB drive, not all systems can. If you have a boot menu you can access usually by press F10, F11, or F12 you should be able to select the USB drive if the system supports it. You can also check in the BIOS to see if it is an option.

Without knowing the make and model of the system it's difficult to give more specific direction.

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im struggling with this old HP Vectra P90.....
ok the bios is fine with all the hardware incluing the replacment hard drive i put in
but as soon as i try to load win98 after the first bar gets to 100%
it ends in an e: prompt
with win95 set up it goes further. it has re pickels in the setup screen an as it restarts it brings up a windows was not properly shut down box....scans evenything...finds nothing think it ends with a: prompt
its like it really doesnt want tot boot to c:
although i know the hard drive is good....jumpers are fine....formats fine.....fdisks fine
this is driving me mad....im sure its some hardware problem......cant see anything in the manual that woul help.....dip switches on mobo dont effect it......changing ide sockets dont help
changing ribbon cables dont either
im pulling me hair out here
you can stop me from going bald
please please help

A:hard drive ont like booting

Have you tried to format c: with the /s switch? Then can you get a directory on C?

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Hi guys recently my PC has only been booting one of two hard drives in my PC the one that has my Windows on it and I'm not sure how to boot the other one I came across a boot menu and the second hard drive does show up but it tells me only to select one or something I'm not sure how to get back to this startup boot menu and boot both. When I go to ''My Computer'' it only shows one drive my C: drive but there should be my F: drive as well. Please help thank you

A:PC only booting one hard drive?

Technically, you boot only the Windows drive C: . But you should be able to see your other drive listed as well in File Explorer. Right click on This PC and choose Manage. Then click on Disk Management. See what happened to the F drive.

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Okay, So my Dvd drive quit being recognized by windows so even though it worked I couldnt use it. So I checked the internet for my problem and they said I needed to go into my registry and delete the Hkey upper and lower filters in a specific place and then the drive would work. I did this and now my drive works but the keyboard and mouse and other usb things dont work. Since I cant use a keyboard or mouse I cant restore the values and cant really do anything except to run diagnosis etc. after f2 or f12 in start up. They mouse and keyboard work fine in there. But I cant launch anything to restore function from these screens at least that i know. Any ideas out there?

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