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P71 BIOS xeon - not booting

Q: P71 BIOS xeon - not booting

Hi there, I am so stupid. I was distracted today by a recommended BIOS update that flashed on the screen. Needing a break and being naive, I clicked-on the update following the steps required. My computer now no longer boots up. P71 20HK - Intel E3-1505M v6 I have read many posts about potential solutions........reaching out to ask whether anyone else has been silly enough to download this 'recommended' update (13/march/2018) and perhaps have a solution? Thanks in advance

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Preferred Solution: P71 BIOS xeon - not booting

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have the exact same problem others have posted here with no solutions listed...

Upgraded to Win7 Pro x64 from Home Premium x64 (Anytime Upgrade online), specifically to add second physical processor...

Used MSCONFIG and EasyBCD 2.2 to "force" Windows to look for more cores... nada!

Mobo BIOS will not "see" second processor, at all. Only recognizes one in either socket.

Dell docs and forums insist it is dual-socket supported in "Pro" and "Ultimate" versions of Windows.

Replaced mobo and running latest Dell BIOS (A08) to no avail...

Two tubes of thermal paste and two mobo's later and I'm outta patience.


A:Dell 490 BIOS & Win 7 Pro not seeing 2nd Xeon. SiSoft shows it.

See the other post. If the bios does not see the 2nd CPU then neither will Windows. Do you have RAM installed for the 2nd CPU???

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Is there any chance that LGA771 Xeon CPU will work in LGA775 Systemboard without BIOS microcode update? 1. My Systemboard is HP-DX2400MT - IPIBL-LB (MoBo) and it supports Pentium Dual Core/Core 2 Duo/Core 2 Quad CPUs. I want to buy any same spec Xeon CPU and I want to know if if it is possible or there is a change that it will work without microcode update?  2. or Generally is it possible ? do normally 775 MoBo BIOS has 771 microcodes?  P.S I know that it may domage PC, not recomended and shouldn't do such upgrade, thanks... 

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Hello! I am a happy owner of Lenovo p50, but i got couple of questions. Firstly, Intel Xeon CPU E3-1505M v5 @ 2.80GHz should have a maximum clock speed of 3.7ghz, but thats not the case. The higher i see it goes is ~3.4ghz. I use Piriform Speccy. I tried some CPU stress tests etc, but the result is around 3.4ghz max clock. The Second question is why my bios menu is all greyed and i cannot change any setting. Yesterday i upgraded the BIOS to the latest N1EET60W (1.33 ) and today i tried to visit the BIOS to check some CPU related settings, but i found that almost every setting is locked and i cannot access it. It might be a security mechanism, but before i enter the menu i got promted to scan my fingerprint so i guess that should be it.

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This appears to be a "feature" and not a "bug."  I would very much like to boot from external Thunderbolt drives to work with different operating systems.  I request that Thinkpad engineers update the BIOS to allow seeing external Thunderbolt drives at the BIOS boot menu.

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Hi All,

I have a dual socket motherboad with chipset 5000.

I currently have 2 unit of Xepon Processor (X5450, E5450)

My question is, can i insert both processor in the motherboard to use? is it compatible?

Thank you


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Need another backup P70. Both 1535 and 6920 are configurable for Dell M7710 workstation. Lenovo online chat told that both CPU are available but currently still not offered for public to order. 

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I checked T3600 and 3610 - the only difference is BIOS firmware, even BIOS chips are the same. T3600 has Intel ME firmware 7th version - that is why Xeon v2 are not recognized by the 3600 system, they need later 8th version of ME. Upgrade of ME formware is a difficult procedure  - You need to fit the size and other attributes of old ME region. The simpliest way would be to read both BIOS chips from 3610 motherboard and clean data region in ME but I don't have any T3610 systems. Another way is to analyze BIOS file for T3610 and drag out the firmware for T3600. If anybody has T3610 - please reply

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I have 3 HP Z230 Tower Workstations with Xeon E3-1225 v3 CPUs which I would like to go faster.Is it possible to upgrade from Xeon E3-12XX v3 to the newer Xeon E3-12XX v4 CPUs, especially the E3-1285L v4 ?If possible, what are the requirements?   BIOS Upgrade, Specific RAM modules and the like. Has anyone by chance ever attempted or sucessfully performed such an upgrade?Any information would be much appreciated.Thanks in advance.

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Hi, Xeon E3-1535M v5 or Xeon E3-1550M v5? Which processor would you recommend? A shop told me, that E3-1535M v5 is no longer available by Lenovo and that Xeon E3-1550M v5 would be the best. Is this true? Thanks for any advice!

A:P50: Xeon E3-1535M v5 or Xeon E3-1550M v5?

Saw your other post asking about optical drive. I got a feeling that it's either a joke or scam. 1) There's no optical drive option for P50 (of course we are talking about built-in drive, not the external one).2) There's no E3-1550M v5 option for P50.  In fact, even the E3-1535M has limited availability.  e.g. E3-1535M is available in Japan but not in US. Good luck with the 'special built' P50. 

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I am guessing that something quite wrong was done in 2.20 (and it persists into 2.21). There was no such errant behavior with 2.19, as I've confirmed by reinstalling 2.19.  Works perfectly and boots promptly and the BIOS Setup utility works lickity-split with 2.19, just like it always has.  But with the install of 2.20 the behavior changed drastically.
Looking at the README for BIOS 2.20 this definitely seems like the culprit:
[Problem fixes]- Fixed an issue where fan might rotated with max speed due to not reading CPU   temperature correctly.- Fixed an issue where system might not boot to OS when attached an external monitor   and its USB3 devices.- Fixed an issue where network boot might happened at reboot after resume from suspend   by Wake On LAN.
At first I thought I had blown the BIOS update, since my screen was simply black for what seemed like 1-2 minutes after displaying the Lenovo logo and "press ENTER to interrupt" message.  I pressed ENTER repeatedly but nothing happened, for a long time.  Eventually, the hard drive activity LED on the P70 started flashing, and seemingly almost 2 minutes later, the machine came to life and boot process continued normally.
Then, once I entered the BIOS, I used the right-arrow key to navigate through the tabs.  No problem until I got to the Security tab and then pressed right-arrow one more time to navigate into the Boot tab... and it hung!  Didn't go ri... Read more

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I updated from A19 to A22 and even back down to A19 on my OptiPlex 755...  Now it skips lines when I try to change settings in BIOS or when I boot to a DOS USB drive it double types letters.  Never happened before until after this update.  I ran into this a few years ago and I know its a simple fix, but I can't seem to remember what I did.  It does not happen in Windows 7.  I've swapped the keyboard, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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I am having problems with direct booting into Windows 8 installed into a VHDX file.
This is a four-partition UEFI boot on a GPT drive. EFI files are residing on a second partition of disk 0 (the ESP partition) in the EFI folder. The boot virtual disk is residing on the fourth partition of that disk 0.
When I turn on the PC, it shows black screen after the BIOS POST screen. No Windows 8 boot menu, no other information is displayed. However, if I press Shift+F12 (or F12) to start Dell BIOS Boot Menu and choose Windows Boot Manager from the UEFI part of
the boot menu, Windows 8 starts to boot without difficulties.
How do I make Windows to boot automatically without having to select Windows Boot Manager in DELL BIOS boot menu?
I believe I messed up with boot sector somehow... What needs to be fixed provided that Windows 8 will boot into VHDX file?
Thank you.

Well this is the world we live in And these are the hands we're given...

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I have a USB keyboard. Whenever I boot to my Bios, I have to put a PS2 keyboard on. My USB does not take effect until the screen gets to the Windows logo and it is too late then. Is there anyway around changing keyboards?

A:Booting to Bios

Quote: Originally Posted by bigmck

I have a USB keyboard. Whenever I boot to my Bios, I have to put a PS2 keyboard on. My USB does not take effect until the screen gets to the Windows logo and it is too late then. Is there anyway around changing keyboards?

Hi! Using the PS/2 Keyboard look in the BIOS for a USB Input or USB keyboard option and enable that.

If a user helps you please rep them!

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Hi there
I'd like a feature in a Bios to enable an ISO on the HDD to be a selectable boot device.

Some MB's have a small Internet Browser built in to the BIOS which can be activated at boot time before loading the OS.

Perhaps even if loading a file system into the BIOS wasn't possible perhaps by selecting this type of option in the BIOS Windows could issue a prompt for the ISO once it could read the file system before loading the rest of its code.

Shouldn't IMO be impossible to do and would certainly make life a lot simpler.


A:BIOS to allow booting from an ISO on an HDD.

Problem is when the BIOS goes to the HDD, first stop is the MBR. How is it going to find the .iso from there. Maybe if you put it into an active partition all by itself. But now it is looking for a bootmgr there. I guess one would need a "look for .iso" option in the MBR.

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I have a Compac v5000 laptop running WinXP Home. How do I get to the bios screen during bootup?

In fact, what are the F keys for boot up options?

I KNOW you guys have the answer.

A:Booting into Bios

F10 usually

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This seemed the closest forum for my prob. Hope i got it right.
I have a Toshiba Satellite P25-s509 BIOS v1.60. It has no floppy drive and the internal cd drive is broken (i think). I'd like to boot sometimes from a USB cd/dvd drive but can't figure out how to.
On normal boot i've done the F12, "Boot from removable disk", but can't specify the USB device, so it boots normally from hard drive.
Set-up also says no floppy installed & i can't edit that line.
FYI, i'm just trying to run a memtest from a cd which works perfectly on my kids desktop, but thought it a good safety precaution to have a boot disk (or flash drive) in case.
I've downloaded the latest Toshiba BIOS v2.10 for this model, but am too scared i'll really screw something up, so i've let it be.
All help greatly appreciated.

A:Bios & booting from USB

Make sure your BIOS supports booting from USB devices,you can check this from the Toshiba website I guess.

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I've tried the Ubuntu 7.04 LiveCD and now I am hooked. The issue is my 40 gig hard drive doesn't contain enough space for a real useful Ubuntu installation.

I was thinking of doing this and wanted everyones opinion to see if it would work.

I have an extra 80 gig hard drive laying here and was thinking of getting a cheap external case for the drive and throwing Ubuntu on it. I could tell my Bios to boot from USB and if it wasn't Pluged in and didn't see it, it would just boot my normal Windows installation. This way it wouldn't touch my boot loader on XP Pro.

Well, I'm not sure If my Bios supports USB HDD booting.... I went into my Bios and looked in the Boot section. I have an option to boot from removable media. There is a list to choose from such as USB FDD and USB ZIP..... I didn't see one that said USB HDD.
Does that mater ? Can I just choose any of the USB's and it will boot from it once Ubuntu is installed and ready?

I have a Asus A7V600-X motherboard

A:Bios Help: Booting USB HDD

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Hi I have turned off the power-save feature for the CPU in BIOS when being in battery-mode. I did this because I got 2.1 GHz instead of 2.6 and I had significant less computing power when being on power-save. However the P50 refused to boot up. I sent it to the repair-center and they had to exchange the mainboard. Now my question: Is it normal that a trivial BIOS setting kills the machine ? I seriously don't know what to think of it. Am I supposed to not touch any BIOS settings even when they compromise the computing power which I need ? thx

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I made a few changes to the bios, including setting a bios and admin password.  now when I boot into windows 10, after entering my password, it goes straight to dell support assist.  this happens every time on boot up, and now I can't boot into windows.  

A:not booting after bios changes

What changes other than the passwords did you make?

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This computer was forced into Windows 10 from Windows 8 (not sure what edition) and Windows 10 start menu didn't work and you couldn't click on anything but the calendar and clock and small things like that, no settings or anything. I tried to get into the recovery menu and was able to "refresh" and it's as if this thing just died. I have Windows 7 Pro on a flash drive as well as Windows 10 Pro on a flash drive to try to get into this system to reinstall either OS, but after enabling legacy boot I attempted to do a repair from the Windows 10 usb drive and now this won't even let me get into the BIOS. This laptop keeps coming up "Your PC/Device needs to be repaired" error 0xc0000225 and no matter what keys I press it won't let me get into the BIOS or even boot from usb anymore. I unplugged the hdd and I can access the BIOS but I'm not sure where to go from here.

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Each time I try to run my computer it keeps booting into Bios. The prompt f10 usually takes it to XP start up but yesterday nothing seemed to work the only thing I could access was the BIOS setup utilty or a blank screen which tells me to reboot with the correct device. I haven't used bios settings before so I don't know if I need to change anything or if I have accidently changed something. Thanks Michelle

A:Booting into Bios

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Lenovo Z50-70 Laptop I installed ubuntu 17.10 dual booted with windows 10.I tried to drop back to Ubuntu 17.04 but the bios wont show the Pen Drive. I Tought there must be some problem with the /boot/efi Folder i deleted that partition. The Bios Won't still show up the Pen Drive The pendrive is bootable in other laptop's I Tried putting the RAM of other laptop which reulted in black screen which does not occur on stock RAM upon  removing HDD And opening bios->boot menu it will show me old bootloaders i.e Ubuntu and Windows.I Installed ubuntu 17.04 in the stock HDD by mounting it on other laptop creating EFI partition but  it still shows up old partitions.I removed souldered CMOS as i tried to set BIOS to legacy still pendrive won't show up, Upon reopening BIOS it would still be on UEFI. Kindly Help As I don't want to spend money on service center*PS- Sorry For The Bad Grammer, I dont have any OS installed

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Sir, i have updated bios.After updating bios, computer is not booting.No display in monitor. Then i have tried all the way.Like openning cmos battery..But no result...please help me...

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I made a major change where I installed a new motherboard from Gigabyte. At the same time, I re-installed an old hard disk so I can use it for data storage .

Problem is, that old hard disk had a Win 7 installed and it boot from this one insted of my SSD drive. The SSD drive was already in my machine before the motherboard swap.

I look up in my bios boot sequence and the SSD does not appear. But it is available from the list when I press the F12 for the boot selection.

I'm not an expert and I'm a bit (maybe a lot) loss with all these aptions.

Any help appreciated


A:Booting from SSD: How to force it in bios

Did switch physically the Sata cable of the Hard disk to the SSD.


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Hi guys,

I hope this is in the right section. If not I'm sure somebody in the know will move it.

I just installed an Asus Crosshair IV Formula mobo. I have Windows installed and every thing is fine on that end. However when I boot Windows doesn't load automatically. I get this message

Please enter Setup to recover BIOS setting
Press F1 to Run SETUP
Press F2 to load default values and continue

Pressing F2 lets me continue fine but it's a bit of a pain. I started getting this message after I updated the BIOS using the Asus Update tool.

Prior to this I also get a message flashing up saying something about checking for disc then disc not found. But it flashes so quick I can't read it for long enough to note it all down.

Any advice would be appreciated.


A:Booting / Bios Issue

I would try to update the bios from inside the bios. the update tools likes to break things.

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Windows XP
While defragging there was a crash and when booting now, the BIOS screen appears. Exiting the window results in a hang - nothing happens.
Booting from a Windows disk results in the A: prompt. Trying to change drives doesn't work, as the computer does not "see" the hard drive. Any suggestions?

A:Can't get past BIOS When Booting

Use some Data Recover software like GDB to check whether your HDD has got corrupted or not. Usually if theres a crash during Defragigng, the entire disk gets corrupted and unusable in some cases. Was there a power failure or the system just crashed on its own?

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My son's laptop wouldn't boot, even before loading the BIOS, the CD drive would click twice then nothing. I thought it was the screen but I transferred the screen to an identical laptop and it still worked. Funny thing, I then hooked it up to an external monitor and it did boot, then I did a scan of my son's laptop and it showed no signs of virus or malware, but I did see some services from MSCONFIG that I disabled.

Then I'm thinking could it be the CMOS battery? Because when I did hook it up to the external monitor and it started, it did show something of a CMOS error, but don't remember, I wish I wrote it down, but it hasn't re-appeared since. Since I got it up and running, removed some unknown services, and updated the BIOS to the latest version, it's been starting up successfully ever since. It's a Toshiba A135-S2386 laptop, which is known for startup problems, including having to pop out the battery and starting it with just the adapter, which I did as well. Thanks.

A:Is it possible for a virus to keep a PC from booting even from the BIOS?

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whats up guys just built my new pc and i having some issues.first, my asus board isnt reading my eide dvd drive.i thought it might of been because i have ide connectors on my mb but once i get into bios its there. so after i ignore the error messages of no ide drive found i try to put in windows xp and the mother board software and nothing happens.in the bios the boot sequence is in the right order and the dvd rom seems to be spinning but thats it. can someone help me with this?

A:problem booting os in bios

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.....strange. I need to resolve this somehow. Lately my computer upon booting goes directly to Bios instead of starting Win7. This only happens every 1/3 boots. Then once the other day it booted to Dutch language at random. Is my board giving out? Is there anything I can change in the settings? Odd...... I need help if possible.

A:Bios weird booting

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Awhile back i bought a laptop for the kids.i used it a little bit and recently...somehow..they crushed the screen

i took the HDD out (HM500LI) and bought a caddy so i could get some of my stuff off of there..

its a USB (2 usb to PC 1 to caddy) and when i plug it in...PC recognizes it as an "External HDD" but of course it has an OS on it and wont let me access the files

i went into BIOS and made the external HD my first to boot....but still goes straight to my current HD

the caddy HD is Vista...current PC is Win7

the external HDD is running and the light is green...but thats all i get out of it

any suggestions?

i can provide more info if needed

A:Laptop HDD not booting in PC bios

"but of course it has an OS on it and wont let me access the files"
Explain this a little more. Do you get an error message?

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hello everyone.

i have a pc that was dusted around, transported from one place to another in a car, formatted, had its ram and CPU heat sink and cooling fan replaced, and just beat around a lot in general (not literally... i was very careful doing all this).

now i got a POST fatal error, but the beep code is just 5-second beat, 5-second pause, 5-second beat, 5-second pause, 5-second beat, 5-second pause, 5-second beat... you get the idea. cant find this code anywhere on the internet, and i'm beginning to think this may not be a POST beep code at all... the computer has PHOENIX BIOS and is a HP Pavilion 751n.

Anybody got any ideas? please help...

A:Help with BIOS and booting problems

This link may help with the beep id'ing http://www.pcguide.com/ts/x/sys/beep/

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I recently updated my XC-605 with P11.B4 bios which I downloaded from the support page. After update using the included afuwinx64.exe in the WIN folder, everything was normal. I rebooted the PC, it emmited a long beep and has no display. Aside from that, the CPU fan is spinning fast and the two front panel LED's was lit. The PC remained at that state even after I removed the CMOS battery, short the jumper to clear the CMOS.  Sadly my warranty just expired last year. I hope somebody has an idea of any work around to fix this. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:XC-605 not booting after P11.B4 bios update

Disconnect HDD-DVD, ram modules and try to boot to BIOS. if it's not booting, probably BIOS is corrupted.

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This is the first time I post here and one of the first time I post on a forum asking for help. Usually i find answers looking for help but this time i have a big issue and I need help. I hope any of you guys will be able to save me.

Here's the story : A friend of mine asked me to fix his Acer Aspire S7-391. He couldn't boot on W8 due to an 0xc0000001 error.
Before doing anything to his computer I tried to boot on different liveUSBs of linux distros so I could copy some stuff from his hard drive to my external one. I couldn't boot on any of them.

I went to the bios and tried to disable secure boot thinking it was the problem and i couldn't disable it.
Even though i couldn't backup any file I decided to repair the windows issue. I made two USBbootable copy of windows8 : one with Rufus, one with the windows tool. I still couldn't boot on any one of them.

So, this is where i failed hard, I went to the BIOS and changed from UEFI boot to Legacy mode.

Now the computer won't even start, the led lights on for 1sec and goes off. I can't access to anything. Is there any solution ????

Thank you for reading me.

A:PC not booting - Can't acces BIOS

Sounds like a RMA to me, if you can't even get to the BIOS again it sounds like it bricked. You could look on the Acer support forum there may be a last resort way of installing a good BIOS file.

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Today, I decided to put XP on My Second Drive (D) I have 2 drives and I didn't want to overwrite (C). Ok, so I installed XP to (D), and had no problems. I wasn't pleased with it that much and I still like Win98SE. So, when I went to remove it I figured I should delete the folder that XP was installed in on Drive (D), and the folder was called (Windows). I deleted that and When I booted up after Shutting down, The "Choose OS" screen comes up with XP still on the list! (It asks if want to choose Win98SE, or XP). I have tried to figure out how to get it off of my bios, but I had to come here where the real experts are.

- Thanks in advance,

A:Remove XP from bios when booting up...

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I have cloned my 500 GB HDD to my Samsung 970 Pro SSD on my Thinkpad P52, and now I want to boot from the latter. I have gone into the BIOS to change the boot order, but it was not clear to me specifically how I should cahnge it; here is an image of the current boot order: https://liveuclac-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/zcqs... It seems option 5 is my SSD and option 8 is my HDD, so doesn't that mean that the SSD is already above the HDD in boot order? Why then does the PC still boot from the HDD? I would prefer not to change an other part of the boot order unnecessarily.

A:BIOS order for booting into SSD?

how did you clone it?  I would guess that windows boot manager still points at the old drive.  I always remove all other drives when setting up a new boot drive

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Hello all.

I got a (rather nice) computer from a friend, because they didn't want it any more. I can kinda see why, seeing as when I got it, it wouldn't turn on. After a phone call, I discovered that it doesn't get past the BIOS unless you unplug all external peripherals, except the screen, and wait until it reaches the XP login screen (at which point you can plug in a keyboard in the rear USB ports, the front don't seem to work). By that I mean, I get a lovely treat of the WinFast logo, for however long I care to leave it on for.

I am seriously stumped, and don't know what to do. All the info about the computer is in my profile (I think, I'm not sure where it goes).

I'm eventually planning to install Ubuntu on it, so I'm not afraid to do a bit of destruction.

A local techy suggested it might be a dead motherboard battery, but my knowledge is not quite as deep as to know what that is, let alone how to fix it.



A:Not Booting Past BIOS.

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the title pretty much says it all... My computer worked last night, but this morning, it doesn't. When I turn the computer on, it boots about halfway thru the bios and then it shuts down... Can't even get to the setup or boot menu... Any suggestions?

A:bios booting error

It could be bad memory or power supply.

If you are handy you could try opening the PC and reseating the memory, cards, and cables.

I once had a PC with a weak hard drive power connector and doing the above fixed it.

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Hi all,

Just bought a used computer (low budget!) and it has a problem with Starting up. After I push the power-on button, the computer takes about 1-2 min to go through auto dectecting my harddrive (primary master ide). It has no delay auto dectecting the DVD (secondary master ide) and the other two are disable. Then Before loading Window xp logo, the computer "hangs" for 2 more min...ZZZzzzzz. (Just Black screen) But everything run smooth after window start loading up. I have tried flashing the new bios with the lastest verion, tried using another harddrive and messing around with the bios setup, but nothing helps. I don't think it has anything to do with xp because the "hanging" happens before loading xp. ANY ADVISE?? Greatly appricated!!

Here is my specs:
-AMD duron 1.6GHz
- ASrock K7VT4A+
-256 DDR 400 Ram
-ATI Radeon 9000 64 MB DDr w/ TV out
-6GB Wester Digital HDD
-16x Mitsumi DVD rom Drive

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I have recently moved from one location to another. I of course brought my comp. After hooking everything back up to my new location (USA). It boots up in BIOS and wont go any further. If I type Alt+Ctrl+Del, it does restart, but back into my BIOS. I have reseated my memory and removed all PCI cards. BIOS shows all my IDE devices as well. Has anyone had this problem before? How can I go about fixing it?
Thanks -Andrew

MoBo = Aopen MX46-533V

I have 3 HDs and DvDROM installed.

A:HELP! Computer Keeps Booting into BIOS

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How do I boot from dvd or usb?  I get no startup options.  I jave tried f2, F5, F8, F11, F12.HP ENVY TouchSmart 23se-d494 All-in-One Desktop PC

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Hello, I'm having an issue with a notebook that's not booting up. The Caps lock and num lock flashes 3 times.According to what I have found, this would suggest a memory issue, but I already replaced the memory.Any tips?

A:Notebook not booting, not even BIOS

Dear Customer, One or more of the memory modules may not be seated properly. Check for and reseat loose memory modules.If you have 2 Memory Modules.  Restart having one and see if you get the Error, Do it for 2nd Module aswell Perform memory self test to conclude Plug the AC adapter into the computer.Turn off the computer.Press the Power button to start the computer and repeatedly press the f10 key to enter the BIOS Setup menu.In the BIOS Setup Utility, use the Right Arrow or Left Arrow keys to navigate through the menu selection to locate the Diagnostics .Use the Down Arrow or Up Arrow keys to select Memory Test .Press Enter , and then Yes to perform memory test.After test completes, press f10 key to Save and Exit , and then press Enter key to Exit Saving Changes? Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee 

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Hi all,

my pc isnt booting after updating the bios. I get no beeps and the monitor stays in standby. The fans go and thats about it. I really don't have any idea what to do, ive looked to see if my motherboard have got the CMOS jumpers but i can't find them and ive taken out the battery for 30mins but it still stays the name.

Please help


A:PC not booting after BIOS Update.

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Hey all,

So close to getting this new computer to work, here is the problem. I turn on the switch, the mobo starts to boot up, the HDD starts spinning up and seeking, the CD drive's green LED blinks, the corsair mem's activity LEDs blink, the whole computer sounds like it's booting up, that lovely higher pitched sounds of the fans speeding up, the keyboard lights come on, and the amber LED on the front is turning to green, AND THEN THE WHOLE THING SHUTS DOWN, about two seconds later it trys again and then shuts down again. My current theroy is that the heatsink that INTEL sent me with the processor is either not making good contact with the processor, or that the grey clay crap that they put on it isn't acting as a good enough heat transfer compound, below is what i am using to build the computer, does anyone else have any idea what it could be? thanks in advance

Mother Board:


Corsair 512 MB DDR2 (667) PC-5400

Hitachi 250GB/IDE/ATA-6 8MB CACHE

CD Drive:

Floppy Drive:
Sony 1.44MB White Floppy Drive

Power Supply:

Video Card:
(To be added, once PCI Express Video cards hit market, for now running video off of integrated video processor on the Motherboard)

A:mobo isn't booting into bios

You need to do the "barebones" startup. Just the RAM, CPU with heat sink etc, and the monitor hooked up. If it works add components until you have a problem. It it doesn't work try the same thing with the MB out of the case on a non conductive surface. If it still doesn't work then you are left with trying to troubleshoot RAM, power supply, overheating or the motherboard.

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Hello Tech Support,
   I own an Acer V Nitro VN7-591G, the bios version is v1.15 the latest off of the support page.  I'm having a problem configuring the bios to boot straight from an M.2 SSD drive.  I have a feeling that this is a bug in the bios because phone support wasn't able to fix this problem - ticket support # ***.  I've also read about people having the same issue that I have.  Here's my setup:
This laptop came with a 1TB 2.5" HDD.  I then installed a Crucial 275GB M.2 SSD to the M.2 slot and cloned the 1TB 2.5" HDD to it.  I then partitioned the 1TB HDD Windows 10 installation to the same size as the Crucial drive to keep as an internal backup of the OS, and partitioned the rest of the 1TB hard drive to use as storage.  So, I want to use the M.2 SSD as my boot/system drive and use the second storage partition of the 1TB hard drive as well, then keep the first partition of the M.2 SSD as a backup that I can boot from if needed or clone to another M.2 SSD if the one I have fails.
So, in the v1.15 bios, I choose UEFI and set the boot order to have the Crucial M.2 SSD first in the list.  The laptop will not boot the M.2 SSD first directly from the bios no matter what I do, I've tried every setting, including restoring defaults and restoring boot defaults.  If I hold F12 down on startup and select the Crucial M.2 SSD drive it boots from the M.2 SSD as it should and loads windows off of the M.2 SSD&nbs... Read more

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I was using my computer when it started to slow down and then it blue screened, and then when I restarted it , it just loads into BIOS and won't boot up windows even when I select the hard drive manually. Wondering what happened/how to fix it. Thanks

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