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Pavilion Elite HPE-495uk BIOS

Q: Pavilion Elite HPE-495uk BIOS

My HP Pavilion Elite ( HPE-495uk ) does not boot from alternate drives anymore, like optical drive or live USB stick. During boot I can select the boot options and see all drives listed straight away; the USB stick even shows up by name. When I then pick one, the screen instantly freeze and the keyboard locks up. The mouse stays on, but is - as normal- unusable. I used to boot this way to live USB and DVDs before without problem. The HP website does not have my bios ready for download and neither do American Megatrends Inc and the motherboard manufacturers. Where do I turn to obtain my bios so I can flash it and hopefully fix this problem? Thank you for your time and help. PS: Please let me know if you need more system information.

Preferred Solution: Pavilion Elite HPE-495uk BIOS

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Pavilion Elite HPE-495uk BIOS

Are the USB ports still operating as expected when you plug in a USB flash drive that has files on it? How about the optical drive? Can you still use the drive? Have you checked in the Device Manager to see if both devices are present and have drivers installed? The HP Pavilion p6360sc desktop PC also has the MS-7613 (Iona-Gl8E) motherboard that yours does. You can use the BIOS for Windows 7 (64-bit) that is found at the following HP web document.http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-Pavilion-p6000-Desktop-PC-series/4079858/model/41... A direct link to the update is belowMS-7613 motherboard BIOS Updatehttp://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/swdetails/HP-Pavilion-p6000-Desktop-PC-series/407985...

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Hello, The HP Drivers & Support website does not have a BIOS for this desktop so I've tried and failed to obtain the BIOS for the Pavillion Elite HPE-495uk in both calling business support and the consumer helpline (as this is apparently a consumer model) - the consumer line stated that as this model was now out of warranty they couldn't refer me onto a support technician to look into my query, despite me not wanting specific HP support on that model, simply want the BIOS which should be readily available on the website.  We have 30 units within the business that we need to update. Can anybody help? Thanks,Emma

A:BIOS Needed for HPE-495uk (Pavillion Elite)

Hi Emma, The bad news is that HP doesn't have and BIOS updates posted for the HPE-495uk. Why do you think that you need a BIOS update?  What BIOS level are your PCs at now?

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Hello Emma, Big_Dave, I know I'm replying to an old thread, but have either of you found the bios anywhere? Thanks.TT

A:Re: BIOS Needed for HPE-495uk (Pavillion Elite)

@TT0,I moved your inquiry to create a new issue.  Adding to (called hi-jacking) a stale, 3 year old inquiry does not benefit the forum, as only Emma could grant flags.This allows you to start the issue, and get proper help.  It also allows you, as the now OP (Original Poster) to grant "Solution" and "Kudo" flags. These flags are used to evaluate the effectiveness of the forum.  So that we are on the same page, let me tell you this:1) The HPE-495uk model is circa 2010.2) The original OS was WIN 7, and that means it's a Legacy BIOS until.3) Legacy BIOS units are  incapable  of attaining UEFI VBIOS upgrades.4) That prohibits any Graphic Card (GPU) that is only UEFI.  (There are a few dual BIOS cards). As stated previously by @Big_Dave, why do you want a BIOS upgrade?  There needs to be a specific reason for that action. Hopefully I answered your inquiry with the 1-4 comments. 

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How can I entering in BIOS not HP Assistant for HP Pavilion Elite 550ru computer?

A:BIOS entering for HP Pavilion Elite desktop

Typical way to enter BIOS is to look along the bottom of the HP splash screen at first boot.  The key needed is listed as "Enter BIOS" or "Enter Setup"  F1 or F10 or whatever it says.

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 just these past 3 months the computer when asleep for more then  20ish minties will shut off and trun back on after I wake it up and I tryed updating the BIOS but HP has nothing for the BIOS for this computer and the Assistant says its up to date but I have not updated the BIOS since I bought it in 2010.

A:HP Pavilion Elite HPE-372f can't update BIOS

Hello Gamer My guess is windows 10 is not giving best chipset and storage driver for your HP pC. One incorrect system driver can cause all kind of strange problems. You are correct as no BIOS updates are offered by HP and HP is not giving windows 10 drivers for PC also. I don't think this problem is good to fix using windows 10. Do you have any errors in Device Manager? Grzy

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Hello, does anyone know where I can find an update for my AMI BIOS version 6.13? I cannot find the update on HP or AMI sites.  TIA :-)

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Error loading operating system. When i try f10 im directed to type in a passcode(witch i have forgotten) f1,2,8,11,and 12 do nothing..pressing esc takes me to a boot menu hard drive give the error nvidia boot agent says wire unplugged

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Hello Bleeping Computer, 
Before I begin, I would like to Thank the Moderators for moving this topic to the appropriate category if it is not already.  Also, Thank You in advance to those who respond to my post and help me figure out what's going on with my computer. 
I have a HP Pavilion Elite HPE running Windows 7 Home Premium. I had purchased this computer new in September 2010 and upgraded the PSU to a Corsair RM650 and the graphics card to a AMD Radeon R7 240 series about two years ago. I would prefer to keep this computer running for a couple more years if possible. Now I say a couple years but if anyone should think after seeing my computer specs and the age of my computer that I should just start fresh and buy or build a new computer please don't hesitate to say so.
I run a couple of games such as Trainz 2012 Train Simulator and Run8 Train Simulator as well as use e-mail, watch videos and a couple of programs. 
The recommended requirements for Trainz is:
OS: Vista/Windows 7 (64 Bit),
Processor: Core 2 Duo (or equivalent),
Memory: 2 GB RAM,
Graphics: nVidia GeForce 8800 (or equiv)
Hard Drive: Approx. 16GB hard drive space,
Sound: DirectX 9.0c or compatible Sound Card,
DirectX 9.0c
Mouse and keyboard
Computer does an OK job of running this program but will lag behind quite a bit even with the upgraded graphics card. 
The recommended requirements for Run8 Train Simulator are:
Run 8 Train Sim... Read more

A:HP Pavilion Elite HPE needs help

Have you tried reinstalling W7?
This will wipe out all your stuff, so be sure to backup your data before doing this.
To reinstall W7, tap F11 as the system starts - that'll take you to the recovery partition.
Beyond that, you can try these free hardware diagnostics:  http://www.carrona.org/hwdiag.html.
Unfortunately, there's not a bunch of things to repair W7 with (and I haven't worked with W7 much since W8 and W10 came out).
Here's a list of repair options:
here's some repair/recovery/restore options (in this order):- System Restore to a point before this started happening.
- DISM/SFC repair (DISM doesn't work with W7, although SFC does)
     Then please run the following DISM commands to see if there's any problems with the system (from an elevated (Run as administrator) Command Prompt).  Press Enter after each one:
    Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
    Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
    Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
    FYI - I have repaired systems using the last command even though problems weren't found with the first 2 - so I suggest running them all.
    From this article: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh824869.aspx
    You can also run sfc.exe /scannow from an elevated (Run as administrator) Command Prompt to check for further corruption.
- RESET using the "Keep My Files" option (W8 calls ... Read more

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I have a HP Pavilion elite I believe it is an e9120y and need to know what video board I can put in it to get my display back. xbanker

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Does anybody knows if this desktop (Pavilion Elite m9400f)is compatible with Windows 7 Pro 64Bit?
It had Vista Home Premium on it & a compatability check said that it needed a complete new install, no upgrade.
So I went ahead & did it (Formatted C drive and left the Vista recovery partition in place (D)& almost at the very end of the installation when it is doing the registry part, it stops completely and says that it can't setup windows with the exixting hardware and shuts down.

Does not make sense at all. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks

A:Pavilion Elite m9400f

What version of Win 7 are you trying to install...and what is the origin of the media you are using?<<...a compatability check said that it needed a complete new install, no upgrade.>>Are you referring to the Win 7 Upgrade Advisor ? Why would you leave a HP Vista restore partition on the hard drive...when a clean install was indicated?Louis

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 Hello. I have a copuple HP Pavilion Elite e9280t PCs (tower case) that I purchase several years ago. Am in the process of freshening them up with new hard drives.  While I am at it, figured I would replace the old dusty case fans (I understand fans can go bad after many years, just like hard drives). Does anyone here know how I can get the exact spec for these fans, so I know what to purchase when I go shopping. Thank you.

A:Need fan spec for HP Pavilion Elite

@fridaythemovie?, welcome to the forum. The best way to determine which fans have been used since the computer is older is to measure them.  Also, if you remove one from the computer you may find the CFM.  You can check with this seller to see if they have them available. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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Son's computer activated raid, I want to install an SSD, understand that machine must be in ACHI mode. When I change RAID to ACHI in bios I don't get a boot to the desktop, I get a message that a problem was encountered and reboots to the same message. AMD Phenom(TM) II X4 940 quad-core processor, 8gb ram, windows 10. How to overcome this?

A:HP Pavilion Elite m9500z

HP Pavilion Elite m9500z CTO(Custom-To-Order) Desktop PC

The "How to - Hard Drive" section may be helpful to you.


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well an issue I cannot solve - no audio is working and have been through all trouble shooting and uninstalling/reinstalling the audio driver to no success.
I really need some help to fix this, I only did a complete system restore 2 days ago, I have suspicion that windows updates caused the issue but cannot find the problem file/driver or whatever is causing this.
Model of this HP computer is HPE-575a
I have been to HP website and downloaded the driver for 64-bit windows. Doesn't solve the issue.
I know the hardware is fine and works its just a driver issue.

A:Win7 64-Bit -No Audio on HP Pavilion Elite HPE

audio is now working. took several attempts installing/reinstalling the driver.

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I have an HP Pavilion elite e9220y desktop. This morning I plugged in an older external hard drive and the system locked up. I couldn't eject the hard drive and then couldn't do much of anything so I manually turned off the computer. Upon reboot I received the following series of information:

RAID 3.2.1545.2 ...
Scanning drives.......(singing the Jeopardy tune while waiting)
- No array is defined -

CTRL-F (performed this effort to see) - No drives

Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key.

Steps to diagnose:
1. CTRL+ALT+DEL pressed F11 to try and do a system recovery - nothing
2. CTRL+ALT+DEL pressed F10 to enter setup - BIOS appears but no drives show.
3. Put in 1 of 3 Recovery Discs...but the same information listed above from RAID to Reboot appeared.

Since I had to get to the office, I determined I would try to unplug all connections/wires/etc., when I get home and plug in only monitor and keyboard to see what comes up then.

I believe that this is all caused by the lock up of the Western Digital External Hard drive. I believe that it caused the system to lock. Thoughts? ideas? sledgehammers? I hate to get rid of this one it worked great up until today.


UPDATE: Came home followed a variety of checks to no avail. Took cover off unplugged and replugged the connections (power and data) to the hard drive, changed the connection on the motherboard to another plug. Each time I turn on can�... Read more

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I recently obtained a hp pavilion elite hpe-337 from relatives. It was fully functional before they gave it to me but they kept there last hard drive and it came with only the power cable. I had a new hard drive ordered but I am having trouble connecting to a monotor. The hard drive does not have an operating system on it yet but the bios should still show up right? I tried using a dvi-d (single link) cable, a vga cable with a dvi-a (analog) adapter and an hdmi cable but still no success. Am I doing something wrong?

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I recently bought HP Pavilion Elite e9160f on e-bay. It's came with Vista and I upgrade it to w7.
And install new video board EVGA 9800 GT.
I connect PC to my flat screen TV an everything was OK, exept no sound. Aperantly I was missing spdif connection from motherboard to video board. I don't have cable and made one.
I have to remove and install video board several time until I was done.
And when I start PC - it's not boot any more.
1. I realise Power button not glow but LED on power supply is on
2. System fan and CPU fan start but after couple second stop.
3. Then after couple seconds fans start again.
4. But monitor black.

If anyone have any suggestion - I will be really appreciate

A:HP Pavilion Elite e9160f Won't Boot

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Hello HP Support, My Elite HPE-440F now has some CPU fan noise when first started.  The noise goes away after several minutes of operation.  I'm pretty sure the noise is the result of several years use.  I would like to replace the fan and feel confident that I have the necessary ability and tools.  Please provide part number and availability for a replacement fan.  My desktop information follows:  Product Number: BM427AA#ABAModel Number: HPE-440fCPU: i5 CPU [email protected] 2.80 GHzOS: Windows 7 Home Premium / Service Pack 1 Thanks,

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I have a pavilion Elite m9280f that I need to trouble shoot.
It has a digital output card for video output only. I connected
the video output and power up the computer and I did not
get any video output. The fans can on but I did not see any
video output. The computer would not turn off using the power
button so I unplugged the computer. What is my next

Thank you,

A:HP pavilion Elite m9280f PC troubleshooting

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Hi all.I'm Ben. I have a hp pavilion elite m9402 PC. One morning i saw that the cd/dvd drawer is open. No Power. The green light is on in back,but no power anywhere. I did a power deplete process by unplugging from the back of the pc. Opened the side up. Unplugged the yellow and black from the board. and waited 48 hours. Plugged it all back in....nothing. i have several power cords and have tried them all.My computer friend said it was holding a charge,and that's how he got it working last time. Before this happened. After shutting the computer down correctly.I was shutting down the entire desk at night by clicking off the power strip/surge protector,then It was taking a long time to power up,after turning the desk on in the morning. I have my pics backed up. But not vital info.(DOPE) ANY SUGGESTIONS??

A:HP Pavilion Elite desk top won't power up

Hi Ben, welcome to the forums, it does sound like a PSU (power supply problem) you can test this with a multimeter if you have one OR take it to your local computer shop. HP recommend a min 400w PSU, however for that model you also need the power supply to have a maximum combined +12 Volt continuous current rating of 20 Amps or greater. Make sure you get a unit that fits this bill.

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 Have acquired a Pavilion m9200t Elite running Vista Uttimate. Was hanging, but seems to have stopped after flashing BIOS to v5.43. Still Vista is problematic. Wondering if there is a know upgrade path to Windows 7 or 10 for this box? Am considering ReactOS, but using a USB keyboard stops install. Checking for possible driver availability, et al, before buying.

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Got an HP Pavilion Elite m9405f desktop here, came loaded with Vista, but since the hard drive died, I've decided to install Win7 on the new drive. HP shows full driver support for it.

Problem I'm having is, when booting from the Win7 install disc, I get the "Windows is loading files" screen with the white bar going across once quickly, then again slowly... then... nothing. Blank screen.

The monitor isn't going to sleep, so I'm pretty sure the machine is still active. I've tried both VGA and DVI ports on the installed video card; I've also removed it and tried the onboard video. I've gone through every combination of options for the "primary video adapter" option in the BIOS (Onboard, PCI, PCI-e x16, PCI-e x1). Same results, every time. It's almost as if it's going into a graphics mode that my monitor doesn't support... except it's connected to a 17" LCD that does 1280x1024 just fine; it SHOULDN'T be a problem.

"<F9> System Diagnostics" option at POST doesn't show any errors either (other than the lack of a bootable hard drive).

A:Solved: Win7 on HP Pavilion Elite?

Is your Win7 a Full Install DVD? or an Win7 Upgrade DVD?

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HiThe RAID screen is telling me that one of my drives is failing and needs to be replaced. I have already ordered the replacement 1.5tb sata drive to replace the failing one.  My question is, once the new drive is installed, does the raid rebuild itself via the raid configuration menu or it that done from within windows using the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology program? This system was setup in a raid 1 when ordered from HPProduct# xm556avhas 2x 1.5tb sata drives 

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I have Pavilion Elite HPE-590t PC, 5 years old. It starts to hang up during booting. This force me to force shutting and restart manually. It would take 2 to 3 times for the computer to boot completely.  Now when I put the computer to sleep, the computer shuts up and the fan keep running. The mouse or the key board would not reactivate the computer again. I must force shut off and reboot manually. The question is this a repairable issue remotely or otherwise it must go to a shop?Is this being a symptom for a dying computer?

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Existing hard drive is failing. Clone attempts failing.  Can I purchase a new hard drive to load Windows 10 and still see adequate performance? Existing HW:  Intel Core 2 quad Q8200  at 2.33 GHz, 8 GB memory, ATI Radeon HD 4350 video card. Thanks in advance.

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My video card GeForce GTX 460 not working. I need a new card video or equivalent. What are actual models compatibles and how i could to buy it? thanks

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I have what I think should be a straitforward question but I have searched forever and have been unable to find a solution. I would like to know where I connect the data cable from the Personal Media Bay to the motherboard. If it helps, it is an IPIBL-LB Benicia motherboard. A description would work - a diagram would be perfect. Thanks in advance for your help.

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My problem started when I got a new monitor a two to three years ago and it has gradually gotten to the point where the monitor never gets any signal from the PC or just a small flash at the top of the screen.  I have tried three new monitors, replaced the motherboard, powersupply, cpu chip, video card and the CMOS battery, and the operating system, Windows 7, reinstalled two times. This last time which was done at Office Depot last week is worse that it was before.  Before it would come back on sometimes, now not at all.   When I was on the computer and it timed out the picture would not come back on. One of the techs working there thought it was in the settings and his PC was doing the same thing as mine.  Anyone know what setting it could be?  I would appreciate any suggestions that would help.  

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Hello,Installed W-10 a few months back and the system is running very slow. The 64 bit system has 12 G/Ram, running windows 10 pro with an i7 processor.Do you know if this system should/could run W-10? and if so, are their updated drivers HP can provide? Im asking due to W-10 drivers not being available for my system via the HP drivers site. And MS is saying I should come back to HP for update dated drivers. thank you  

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 I've tried to use the messenger chat function with no response.  I'd ideally like to be able to download the recovery .iso to a USB to boot to as I do not have an optical drive on my laptop, and install to a new hard drive I've already purchased and installed.  I can read data off of the old hard drive using an external drive bay on my laptop, the boot sector however I believe is trashed/corrupted.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Below is the attempt I made to contact the Chat helpdesk earlier today. Chat Conversation Start85K people like thisComputers/Technology7:35AMHi, I am trying to resolve an issue for my parents. They have an HP Pavilion Elite HPE-410y PC. I am pretty sure the hard drive has some sort of failure/boot sector corruption and is preventing it from booting. I removed the hard drive and am able to read the contents of the drive with a drive bay with my laptop but I need a bit of guidance as to how to start with a new drive I purchased since there was no operating system disk shipped with the computer.

A:Pavilion Elite HPE-410y recovery media

Based on the HP Pavilion Elite HPE-410y Desktop PC Product Specifications, this model was introduced about 6 years ago. Almost no consumer computer since the introduction of Windows XP or Vista has included a Microsoft OS disc or Recovery/Restore Disc/Disc set. When the computer was first setup, HP Recovery Media should have been created. HP doesn't provide the HP Recovery Media, the HP Recovery partition image or the HP Recovery Manager via download. Additionally, HP no longer has the HP Recovery Media for this model available for sale. The HP Recovery Media for this model is available for purchase from ComputerSurgeons.com at Windows 7 64 Bit Recovery Kit BY018AV For HP Pavilion Elite Desktop PC Model Number HPE-410y. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Please click the white KUDOS star to show your appreciation

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I need recovery disks for my HP Pavilion Elite M9340F if anyone can copy theirs for me. If there is any other way to reinstall vista with the oem key that would be helpful to, Thanks!!

A:HP Pavilion Elite M9340F Recovery disks


Could you use the hard disk recovery partition? F11 or F12 on booting.

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What are all my options for CPU upgrade? http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c02250428 Thanks  

View Solution.

A:Pavilion Elite HPE-380t cpu upgrade options?

@mpjbay?, welcome to the forum. Here are the only processor upgrades that are supported by the motherboard and HP: TDP: 130WMotherboard supports the following processor upgrades:Intel Core i7 9xx series (Bloomfield, includes Extreme Edition) The TDP is very important when choosing a processor upgrade. These are the options that you had to choose from when you bought the computer: Must select one of the following options:Core-i7-930 (B) (130W)Core-i7-950 (B) (130W)Core-i7-960 (B) (130W)Core-i7-975EE (B) (130W)Core-i7-980X-EE (G) (130W) Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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Can this PC accomodate a total of 6 monitors. I already have 2 monitors on a NVidia GEforce GT230 video card.  What whill I need to add 4 more monitors to this PC.

A:Adding Monitors to my HP Pavilion Elite HPE150F

Jimmy, welcome to the forum. The first thing that you will have to do is upgrade the power supply unit (PSU).  I suggest contacting StarTech's Tech Support for help.  They have USB video adapters that will allow you to add monitors to your computer.  I have used their Chat Live option several times with good success.  They will know which solutions will work best for your situation. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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My stock gpu is 9800gt which is half broken because I couldn't use its full capacity. When it's enabled the desktop goes black screen of death, it goes normal when I disabled it but I couldn't play games. My suspect is overheating because I'm a hardcore gamer. I play games like call of duty 4, fallout 3, arma 2, etc. everyday and my pc is 1 year old. I use it everyday.

Now I'm planning to purchase the XFX - ATI Radeon HD 4890 1GB DDR5 PCI Express 2.0 Graphics Card (500 watts)

My pc specs is

Psu: 460 watts
processor: Phenom-9850 (A) 2.5 GHz (125W)
HD: 750 gb
ram: 6gb
os: vista
gpu: GeForce 9800 GT 512 MB GDDR3 memory
link: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/...29&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&lang=en&product=3747345

Now I want to know everything about xfx Hd radeon 4890. Is it good for gaming? How's the cooling? when did it come out on the market? will it fit in my casing?
It's 500 watts, can I buy 500 watts or should I buy 600 watts? any psu brand you can recommend? include the price please thanks.

link of the gpu I plan to buy: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/XFX+-+A...Card/9566025.p?id=1218125775469&skuId=9566025

A:Graphics card for my Hp pavilion elite m9350f, please help

It isn't the wattage that is important as much as it is the quality of the power supply. Get a good one as opposed to a cheap or no-name brand, unless you already have a good one such as Seasonic, OCZ, Corsair, PC Power and Cooling, or one of the other top models.. The video card is fine.

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Hi, my question has to do with what is the best ram to fill my ram slots with. I run windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and i'm only aware that I can fit 8Gb total. I'm into recording music with alot of peripherals. I have things like a 003 console, an 11Rack, a Boss GT-10, along with a Yamaha G-1 Piano. All are via usb except the 003 (Firewire connection). I have a sandra report to reflect my power supply and graphics card upgrades. Sandra Report! SiSoftware Sandra ComputerModel : HP-Pavilion GN553AA-ABA m9040nWorkgroup : WORKGROUPHost Name : Marshall-PCUser : Marshall ProcessorModel : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU    Q6600  @ 2.40GHzSpeed : 2.4GHzCores per Processor : 4 Unit(s)Threads per Core : 1 Unit(s)Type : Quad-CoreIntegrated Data Cache : 4x 32kB, Synchronous, Write-Thru, 8-way, 64 byte line sizeL2 On-board Cache : 2x 4MB, ECC, Synchronous, ATC, 16-way, 64 byte line size, 2 threads sharing ComputerMainboard : Asus BerkeleyBIOS : AMI 5.13 10/24/2007Bus(es) : ISA X-Bus PCI PCIe IMB USB FireWire/1394 i2c/SMBusMulti-Processor (MP) Support : NoMulti-Processor Advanced PIC (APIC) : YesTotal Memory : 3GB DIMM DDR2 DDR3 ChipsetModel : HP P35/G33/G31 Processor to I/O ControllerFront Side Bus Speed : 4x 267MHz (1GHz)Total Memory : 3GB DIMM DDR2 DDR3Channels : 2Memory Bus Speed : 2x 334MHz (668MHz) Memory Module(s)Memory Module : Micron 8HTF6464AY-667D7 512MB DIMM DDR2 PC2-5300U DDR2-666 (5-5-5-15 3-20-5-3)Memory... Read more

A:HP Pavilion Elite m9040n Ram Upgrade options

Both Hynix and Micron produce good RAM modules. I would suggest you go for 4X2GB DDR2-800 memory modules. Here are the specs of the memory supported by the motherboard:Dual channel memory architectureFour 240-pin DDR2 DIMM socketsSupported DIMM types:DDR2-800DDR2-667Non-ECC memory only, unbufferedSupports 2 GB DDR2 DIMMsSupports 8 GB on 64 bit PCsSupports 4 GB* on 32 bit PCs  NOTE:  *Actual available memory may be less 

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Hi, I have a HP pavilion elite m9500y.below is the link for the specification.http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=c01616194Suddenlty, it won't start with black screen. After turning of the power, I can hear no sound from the computer.My keyboard doesn't work. So, I cannot access any to my pc.I have checked memory cards and replaced the battery for mother board. Nothing has happened. So, I am guessing that power supply is the problem.I am wondering what PSU I should buy.It requres 350W psu.  I am not sure it is okay to replace with higher W psu, such as 450W or 500W. So, here are my questions.1. what is the problem of my computer?2. If the PSU is the problem, should I replace with 350W psu or higher W for the future?3. If I want up grade my pc in the future, what would be the best options? I am looking forward to hearing your advices. 

A:HP pavilion elite m9500y power supply

Here is the standard help file for PSU's. I'd also suggest re-seating the RAM modules. Let's check these before you leap into another PSU.

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My desktop started having the issue of not detecting my monitor for over a week now.  The first time it happened, my monitor all of a sudden hibernated while I was working with my computer.  I thought my monitor died because it was an HP 2011x.  It is almost 6 years old. I thought maybe it needs a replacement.  I checked the monitor and it was fine.  It is now obvious that the Video Card is the one that needs a replacement.  I found a complete instructions on "Adding Or Replacing an Expansion Card (Video Card, Sound Card, etc.) in HP Pavilion Elite Desktop PCs" through HP Support.  Since my computer cannot detect any monitor, there is no way for me to go to the options of selecting which Expansion Card I need to replace and save that setting.  My computer was NOT turned off properly because I can't see my desktop in the screen. My question is with all these that happened beyond my control, can I still safely replace the video card without performing that process?  Thanks!

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Thanks for your recommendation. I bought cx600. I will let you know the results after I replace PSU with it.  Could you recommend what I need to replace for upgrading my pc? Should I change the motherboard, the graphic card ?Please let me know.  

A:Re: HP pavilion elite m9500y power supply

Best to forget a motherboard change, as you;d have to purchase a "new" WIN OS.  Your Vista OS would be invalid. For a graphic card I would stick with the EVGA GTX 670, a true legacy graphic card.  Your new PSU will work with it.

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I did not recovery my pc from recovery media. It  stuck in "starting windows" and from that point it does not continue.Please help? 

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Hi. I currently have a HP Pavilion Elite HPE-315be with a nvidia geforce GT320 and I would like to upgrade it for the new models of graphic cards such as GTX900 series. Is it possible in terms of the size to fit the Case, energy supply and so on? If no, are there better graphic cards that may be an option or since it's OEM it is a brand new desktop?I'm keen on changing the graphic card because since the windows 10, when I play some video games the computer crashs and reboots for no aparent reason (I'm assuming it is the graphic card). I someone as a better explanation, I'm all hears.Thank you

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I have an HP Pavilion Elite d5000t atx desktop that I use as my home media server.  I have a 500gb hard drive and a 6tb drive that stores all my media.  I decided to back up my media and when I plugged in my external hard drive the computer locked up.  I would reboot and the computer would not recognize either of the two hard drives.  I tried reseating, different cables.  Nothing worked.  I replaced the hard drives and they are still not being recognized.  I tried going into BIOS to see if BIOS is recognizing the drives and I can't even get into BIOS.  What can I do?  

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I want to upgrade my graphics card with one that will run 4K. I bought and installed a GEForce GTX 980 (was on special) but the PC wouldn't boot with this installed. I played around with it for a while, with no success. I contacted the shop where I bought the card from and they said, bring it in, we'll sort it. I took it to them and they had the same result. They then said that HP put a block/code in the BIOS to stop third party peripherals from functioning. I've not been able to verify if this is in fact the case. If it is, does HP have a prefered "vendor" of graphics cards they "allow" to run? If not, what card/s will work with this PC? To save ppl looking up the hardware specs:Motherboard is a Cleveland-GL8Graphics Card is a AMD Radeon HD 6850

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Can Windows 7 drivers be installed on an HP Pavilion Elite m9280f Desktop PC
I look on the HP website. All I can find is Vista drivers

Thank you,

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I just purchased a brand new HPE-127c at Costco on 1/23/2010. I have received 11 BlueScreen crashes since 1/25/2010 and need help to resolve the issue. As a result of the crashes there have been 11 dmp files created in C:\Windows\Minidump. Here is a sample error that is shown once the computer reboots after a crash:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 7f
BCP1: 0000000000000008
BCP2: 0000000080050031
BCP3: 00000000000006F8
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

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Please let me know if there is anymore information I can provide to help resolve this issue. Thank you in advance for your help.


A:[SOLVED] HP Pavilion Elite HPE-127c BlueScreen Crash

Hi Bobby -

Sorry to hear of new system w/ BSODs.

The bugcheck from the info posted -

0x7f (0x8,,,) = unexpected kernel mode trap. An exception occurred while the error handler was taking care of a prior exception; the CPU signaled "double fault" and the system crashes.

More info is needed --> http://www.techsupportforum.com/f217...ns-452654.html

Attach the resulting zips to your next post.

Regards. . .



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I would like to upgrade my HP Pavilion Elite m9515y Desktop computer from 8gb (4-2gb) to 16gb (4-4gb).  I cannot find  what type of chips - density - that I should purchase.  I contacted two different sellers and one told me that I cannot use high density chips while the other one told me I could.  My computer's motherboard is a MS-7548 (Aspen) and my processor is an AMD Phenom X4 9850 chip.  Thanks in advance for any assistance in choosing the correct memory chips..Abe

A:HP Pavilion Elite m9515y - Memory upgrade from 8gb to 16gb

@abeazar Dual channel memory architectureFour DDR2 SO-DIMM (240-pin) socketsSupported DIMM types:PC2-6400 (800 MHz)PC2-5300 (667 MHz)Non-ECC memory only, unbufferedSupports 4GB DDR2 DIMMsSupports up to 16 GB on 64-bit PCsSupports up to 4 GB* on 32-bit PCsYour specs here. http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01619745 REO

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hp pavilion elite m9040n
intel core 2 quad processor
nvidia geforce 8400 gs graphics card

Hi all, new to the forums but not computers.
I suspect my families HP pavilion elite m9040 n desktop is experiencing some graphics card issues. We've had it for a few years and only recently began experiencing these issues. Thinking it was an OS issue I wiped the hard rive and began to reinstall a fresh copy of windows 7. After boot up the windows 7 install screen is presented, but it is oddly mottled and the colors are oddly off. The screen is crisscrossed with intersecting lines of dark red and black. An image of this screen is attached below. A similar image was presented when trying to install vista. The only luck Ive had is with ubuntu which boots up fine and works for several hours before shutdown and then it will refuse to boot up for 2-4 hours. More specifically it will boot but present a screen of alternating red and black horizontal stripes. Within ubuntu oddly discolored screens will flash during boot up after this occurs.
Its obvious to me this is a hardware problem as different operating systems react similarly to the issue. My first thought after OS issues was perhaps it was a problem with the monitor. I hooked up another computer however and it worked fine.

So now I figure it must be a hardware problem with the computer. Unfortunately I have little/no experience with computer hardware and can only guess at whats going on. I suspect the graphics card is compromised... Read more

A:HP pavilion elite m9040n graphics card issue?

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I have a HP - Compaq Pavilion Elite m9150f that I just installed Crucial 8GB (4x 2GB) DDR2 -800 UDIMM memory. I am running Windows 10, 64 bit and can use the 8GB of RAM. After cleaning it out with canned air and installing the memory the units LED light will go on when plugged in but the fans and front lights will not work.  I tried numerus times to reinstall the memory, put in the old memory, checking all the connections and still cannot power on the unit. The LED on the back of the power box does glow green.  It did power on one time and I thought it was fixed but when it was unplugged to be moved it then it stopped and the same thing, LED on but no power.  One time I reset it by unplugging it and pressing the power button and waiting 10 seconds and it did power on. I thought it was fixed again and then tried it again and no, same thing no power only LED. To answer some questions: No its not in warranty, yes I did unplug it before I replaced the memory. And it had been working fine before the memory was replaced.  I would love some advice.  A friend is telling me I should replace the power box but after doing some research it could be just about anything. 

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