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Thin black border around laptop screen. Please help.

Q: Thin black border around laptop screen. Please help.

I have a Samsung NP350V5C-A02UK and it is a great laptop. However, recently I have noticed a thin black border around the screen. I couldn't get a good picture with my camera but it looks very similar to this picture http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3519/t/19434351.aspx however, it is just a little thicker on my screen. I am not sure if it was there since I bought the laptop however, I am pretty sure it wasn't. Could any one please tell me how to fix this or if this is normal on all laptops.
Any replies will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Preferred Solution: Thin black border around laptop screen. Please help.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Thin black border around laptop screen. Please help.

What is your screen resolution set to?

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I just noticed two days ago a black thin border around my screen. I've updated my driver and messed around with scaling and size, but nothing helps.

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I have this very thin black border at the top of my LED display, it's there with both HDMI and VGA so its not some scaling issue.The border is very thin and not at the top most, I can see the image like less than 1mm above the border too.Didn't had this issue on Windows 7, tried everything from re-installing drivers and mess with ATI settings but no avail.I don't have this black border in the bios either.
Tried taking a screenshot but it wasn't showing there, sorry.

Could it be a sudden issue with my display ? I just got it a few months back, its a Fujitsu 23" LED display and running at 1920x1080 resolution.My GPU is a 7850.

Any help will be appreciated.

Edit: I also checked on my laptop, there is a very very thin border at the top there too across which I could see the top edge of my cursor.

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i can see a black line across my screen border it was not that noticable when i purchased it but now its getting abit thick any solution to this ? and is this normal?

A:black line across my laptop screen border

Hi @ziyab_khumi,Thanks for becoming a member of the HP Support Forums. I understand you are having an issue with black line on the display. I will be glad to help you.Please post the full product number of your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?Please get back to me with above information, so I can help you better.

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hey hi, i am observing black thin lines on my laptop screen resemble like pencil mark these grow progressively Any solution plz.??" i hav haier laptop running windows 8.1 pro.

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Im having this problem on a Y50, aparently the second monitor is plugged in the onboard video card, so a dont have the option to change this in the Nvidia Control Panel

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For some reason, every time I boot up now, I get a black border around my desktop (a little over 1" thick) instead of it filling the entire screen. I always keep the background set to stretch so that it fills the entire desktop. I don't know what has happened, but I would love to know how to fix it!

Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

A:Black border around screen

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okay, sorry for all these posts i'm making but i recently reinstalled windows on my laptop and drivers went too. the backup for my video driver got corrupted so i used drivermax and got a new driver for it and it worked but at resolutions below 1680 by 1050, the screen has a black border around it. this is really annoying in fullscreen apps and games. Here is my system specs.

OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 2.00GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 8
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1022 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI MOBILITY RADEON X700 , 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 76316 MB, Free - 65131 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, Inc., Kingfisher , Not Applicable, LXT720600351601B75EM11
Antivirus: None

My video cards driver is version 8.593.100.0

A:Black Border around screen. HELP!!

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I'm having intermitent problems w/ my T61 w/ 15" screen. Currently my display is only working in the "middle'  with large black boarders.  I've tried going into the control panel and changing the screen settings but without success. Note this is the latest in a number of "bigger problesm" w/ mu screen flickers on and off , then going into sleep mode on its own.  I am bringing the computer into an authorized repair facility in a week but am lookin for an interim solution to the display issue so i cn nurse it along for a few more days. Thanks.  Zac

A:Black border on screen

what happens if you connect the screen to the external screen.

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I recently got a new HDMI cable for my pc so i can play games on a higher resolution and well after fiddling around with the res for a while i finally found one that works but it has about one inch thick black borders around all the sides and, ive tried updating my graphics card drivers. please help ty.

ps im using a Panasonic Tv as my monitor if that helps

A:Black border around tv screen

Are you using a Radeon Graphics card or Nvidia?

both should have settings to adjust the picture to match the screen.

In Nvidia, it is located here:

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I seriously don't know what happened to my computer recently. Yesterday I was trying to boot my computer in safe mode and when I turn on computer in normal mode, it showed a black border around the screen. I tried to check my setting(resolution and graphic card setting but still, the problem exists) My resolution is 1366 by 768 which is the native resolution and my graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M. Is there anything that I can solve it? The border is about 1cm think, it is around the whole screen and my screen size is 14.1inch.


A:Black border around the screen

If this is not a laptop, try the monitor's display menu to stretch the screen display to the edges.

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Hi there.
Just updated from W7RC, where I was running both of my monitors (Benq 24" + 19") on extend desktop - had no problems at all.
I am now running W7 Ultimate (OEM), and I have the same graphics card (ATI Radeon 5770), same RAM and same CPU. I have a new motherboard and new HDDs.

I've managed to get it so that the desktop is extended the right way, however, this black border was not around last time and I can't figure out a way to get rid of it.
The settings I was able to use last time (in the monitor's menu) are no longer accessible, and Catalyst gives me no options to brute force override.

How the hell do I get rid of this black border!?

A:Black border around screen

Hi rsjabba,

Could you please upload a screenshot so we know exactly what you're seeing?


Windows Outreach Team

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I have a black border around my screen which dosent allow my screen to be full screen how can i fix it ?

A:Black border around screen?

What is the make and model of this computer?

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G'day everyone, here's a problem I've encountered with the settings on my CRT, it's 17" screen and the camera software advises to use 1024 x 768 pixels, but when I set the screen too this there is a band of black around the edge of the screen and the viewing area reduces to about 15", anyone got any idea how I can get a full screen image with the recommended pixel settings. Thanks in advance. Regards Nigel.

A:Black border on CRT screen.

There should be controls on the screen itself for that. You will scroll through until you get to the ones with expand arrows going up down and left right. Then you get to functions that adjust the entire display left right and up down for fine tuning.

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I suddenly had a problem.
I rebooted, and then there was a black border on the right side of my screen, even in the bios and on my Ubuntu boot. The resolution that is apparently the max is 1200x800, where as my original resolution was 1366x768.
I tried to update the monitor driver, but it's apparently up to date, calling it a
"Digital Flat Panel (1024x768 60Hz)".
Updating the graphics card driver for my Mobile Intel Chipset didn't help either.

If anyone could help with this, I'd be extremely grateful.

A:Black Border on Right Side of Screen

Have you tried the monitor on a different computer?

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I am running Windows 98 with an S3 Trio 64 adapter card on a Nanao 17" monitor. There is about an inch black border around the windows screen. I can't utilize the full screen. I adjusted the settings on the monitor but when I reboot it just sets it back again. I've tried to change display settings in the property menu but that doesn't work either. If I change the pixels to say 800x600 it shrinks the whole screen too not just the font size. Can you help???

A:black border around windows screen

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I just built a new PC a few hours ago and I cant get my Radeon HD 5870 to display properly. The display wont fill up the entire screen of my monitor. So in turn, it looks as if there is a black border around what I see on screen. Has anyone else had this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Black Border Around Everything Displayed On Screen

can you post a screen shot and possibly check the resolution settings.

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Dear Friends, I am facing a problem for many days. In my computer screen , there is a black border in the extreme left. I have tried many ways like updating display driver or setting horizontal size of my screen but it remains same. So. please help. 


Can you connect your computer to other screen to check that the problem caused by your screen or your computer.
Thank you.

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I turned my laptop on today and there is a black border meaning that the screen is not being used completely, like it was yesterday. I measured the part of the screen being used and it measured 15.6" and it is advertised as that, but I am 100% sure that this black border was not here yesterday, or ever before. As seen in this Inspiron 5547 video at 2:19, the entire screen is being used and there is no black border  however on my 5547 there is a clearly visible black border which i used my ceiling fan light to show exactly where it is and how thick it is. This is in no way my fault and is apparently a known issue with this model, yet I am still expected to pay for a screen replacement. This will not be happening and I will gladly switch to a different brand(after being a 10+ year dell customer) if I must do so.

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I searched a little in google and found this forum. I also found out that I have the exact opposite problem of this guy: http://www.techsupportforum.com/f59/solved-how-to-get-windows-to-display-black-borders-for-low-res-fullscreen-programs-480064.html

Where can I find these options in Vista?
I have played the same games in Windows XP, but XP seems to adjust the resolution of the screen to fit the game so I can play it in full screen instead of playing them surrounded by a black box.

OS: Windows Vista
Display card: Intel 965 Chipset Family

Any help is welcome.

Thank you in advance.

A:How to go from black border to full screen mode

Right click on desktop -> Resolution.

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Ello folk's
I just wanna pick your brain's a bit as i have this issue that has pickled me for a while now. Since i switched from AMD to Nvidia i have had a 2 inch black border around the display while in the bios and safe mode. When no display driver is installed too.
While searching online i've not managed to find any solution to it and the only suggestions were update bios(done).
Someone else on the EVGA forums was adamant that it was due to the scaling options of my monitor.
I have checked the scaling options and none have any effect on the black border which i expected to be the case as it's only happend since i switched to Nvidia. When i had my HD6950 the screen was as it should be...
Any input is much appreciated as always

A:Black border's around screen when in bios or safe mode

Many articles on google about it, and here`s an old thread, maybe it will help.

Black border around screen

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When I closed my laptop today, the silver back came away from black border around screen on the lower left corner by tne hinge.

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Hello,I am having issues with my Dell 5547 laptop. There is a roughly 1cm border all around the screen which wasn't there before and I noticed it now as my taskbar is adjusted 1cm up but when I put google chrome in full screen it sort of chops the top bar down a bit.
I noticed through google searches other people have had similar issues with Dell laptops however I can't seem to find a solution because every time I try to turn off the "maintain display scaling" it won't let me turn it off.

A:Dell Inspiron 5547 Black Border around screen

Dell Inspiron 5547 Black Border around screen - Laptop General Hardware Forum - Laptop - Dell Community

Did what their "support" told me to do.. not helpful at all

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My Laptop recently hung and I could not even do a ctrl/alt/delete to run the task program to see what was happening, so I powered off manualy. Upon startup, I have a black border running down the right hand side of the page and cannot see the taskbar along the bottom. I have set the resolution to 1280x720 to enable access to the bottom taskbar. I have updated the driver for the display, but this did not cure the problem. How can I get back to 1280x800 ?

View Solution.

A:Black border appeared on right of screen - task bar disappea...

FIXED ! Latest set of Microsoft updates have cured the problem. The resolution is now at 1366x768 (recommended) !!!!!I can only think that I powered the laptop off when microsoft were downloading updates, pity Microsoft do not inform you they are doing this and subsequently freeze you out :-(

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I am having issues with my Dell 5547 laptop. There is a roughly 1cm border all around the screen which wasn't there before and I noticed it now as my taskbar is adjusted 1cm up but when I put google chrome in full screen it sort of chops the top bar down a bit.
I noticed through google searches other people have had similar issues with Dell laptops however I can't seem to find a solution because every time I try to turn off the "maintain display scaling" it won't let me turn it off. 

A:Dell Inspiron 5547 Black Border around screen

The product in the product video has the same black border.It can not be "'fixed''Some of the photos do not seem to have this which is pretty poor form, but the screen size and resolution are as promised.Personally, I would've liked a smaller laptop overall, but if it had to be this size, then I would rather small bezels and a black border, than big slabs of plastic on all sides. It makes it look better when its off and I don't notice it that much.I've also heard people say that this is to do with the touch functionality?? Maybe it gives you a better ability to swipe in from the sides... I don't know.Still, there is nothing wrong with your laptop. If this is a deal breaker for you, you might have a decent argument under consumer laws to get a refund. They really can't show pictures that cover this up and make the screen seem bigger than it is. But the video was there, and the specs are all honest. 

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As Title Shown~I Have A Problem That Make Me frustrated~
While I Playing FullScreen Game Such As Maple Story~The Screen Will Appear 2 Black Border At The Side~
I'm Currently Using Intel GMA As My Graphic Driver~
This Is My Computer Spec~::
Processor:Intel Pentium Dual CPU T2370 @1.73GHz 1.73GHz
System Type:32-bit Operating System~
Please Help Me To Solve This Problem~

A:How To Fix 2 Black Border At The Side Of Full Screen Game~

You are having that problem because you have your display settings wrong in the game settings. You should be able to correct this easily by going to the games settings and changing the display to match your monitor.
http://www.rapidenumerique.frhttp://www.rapidesaisie.fr : http://www.saisiededonnees-idf.frhttp://www.saisiededocuments-idf.fr
http://www.archivagenumerique-idf.frhttp://www.saisie2documents.fr : http://www.saisiedetexte.frhttp://www.saisiedequestionnaires.fr

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I tried Linux yesterday, and wrote over my previous Windows bootloader files with GRUB.

I later that day (as I could not boot into Windows 7), I deleted the Linux partitions with Windows 7 DVD.

Now, after BIOS I just get a white blinking border on a black screen.

I tried

bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /rebuildbdc
bootrec /scanos (Total identified Windows-installs: 0)

I also tried the "automatic" systemrepair (1st choice in the DVD menu, with no luck)

Can someone please help me?

A:Windows 7 wont boot - black screen, white blinking border

try also restart your bios.. take out your battery bios and put it back. then will reset your bios setting. setting the date/time and see how is going.

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So recently I decided to try to update my display drivers for my Asus Radeon HD 7770 Graphics card in hopes that it would fix some problems I was having. After I finished the update and rebooted there was a black border around my screen.

I have dual monitors, one monitors (the one with the black border) resolution is 1920x1080 and is connected via HTMI and the others is 1680x1050 and is connected via DVI. Only the monitor with the resolution of 1920x1080 has the black border not the second one.

I have also done a lot of research on how to fix this and the most common solution seemed to be to change the overscan settings but I do not have the normal Catalyst Control Center i have something called AMD Vision Engine Control Center and when I open that and go the the display settings the only option is HydraVision which does not seem to have any options to help me.

And one last thing, it seems like the image might be a bit fuzzy or blurry but that might just be a result of the smaller image.

If there are any questions just ask and I will answer them to the best of my ability.
Update : Also, I did check my physical monitors settings and it is set to full and not overscan.
Update 2: - OS is Windows 7 64-Bit
Update 3: I woul rather not roll back the drivers as they were starting to cause problems too.

A:Asus Radeon HD 7770 Driver Update Caused Black Border Around Screen


You may need to configure "GPU scaling" as per the below guide.

GPU-68: How to Configure GPU Scaling Option in AMD Catalyst? Control Center

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I've been rocking an apu for about a year now playing Ghosts but now i've finally threated myself with something a bit more fancy. I installed the 750 Ti, however upon succesfull software installation i have a thin black border around the sides. I had that same problem too with the apu but was easily fixed with the underscan function in the AMD panel but so far i can't seem to fix this with the Nvidia panel. If anyone can help me out i'll most definetly buy you a beer of your flavour

A:Nvidia displaying thin black borders around my screen in desktop mode

Hey @Ulikedat,
Did you try this method:
Right-click an empty area of the desktop, and then click NVIDIA Control Panel .
In the View Selection window that opens, select Advanced Settings , and then click OK . The NVIDIA Control Panel opens.
In Selecting a Task on the left, under Video & Television , click Resize HDTV desktop . A window opens.
Ensure that Do not resize my desktop is selected. If necessary, click this option to select it.
Click Apply , and then click Yes to keep the change.
This completes the steps to disable under-scan.


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Today I turned on my laptop and there is a blue line running vertically down the left side of the screen that I can not seem to get rid of .  I updated my video drivers and restarted the system but its still there. the lapptop is a week under a year old. HP ZBook 15 G2 Windows 7 NVIDIA Quadro K2100 M.  I never dropped the laptop or anything even rouch to it. I am very careful.  Please let me know what i can do. Thank you 

A:thin blue line on laptop screen

Hi Kerberg, Can you try the following troubleshooting steps to see if it's hardware/software issue: - Connect the notebook to an external monitor to see if the line appears on the external monitor. - Go into BIOS by tapping "F10" key during boot up and see if the line appears on your main display. If it doesn't occur in BIOS, the hardware is good. We will have to focus on video drivers- onboard and discrete card. If the line appears on the screen, please call 800-334-5144, say notebook and then zbook through the promot. Thank you, -Tenzin

I am an HP employee.Make it easier for other people to find solutions, by marking my answer ?Accept as Solution? if it solves your problem.***Click on "Thumbs up" button to the bottom right side of my post to say thanks!***#hpexpertday

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Warranty of my Dell Inspiron 5558 Signature Edition expired in Jan 2017. The display suddenly started giving problem  - it has black border and grey blank screen and some times blank screen. When you restart / boot, you get the DELL logo which means display is working. . Works perfectly with external monitor though HDMI port. This problem is appearing from last 2 months

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Had IBM Thinkpad 600E fixed under warranty for faulty screen (which had ceased to work) - problem turned out to be faulty motherboard, and motherboard was replaced.
Since getting the laptop back, there is a thin (about 4mm) vertical grey band down the entire screen which obliterates whatever is behind it. This line is about a cm in from the left hand side.
the band comes on from start up...ie through the black POST screen, and if operating in DOS - the same. The correct drivers and refresh rates, etc were already loaded. OS is Win98SE.
Wondering if it could be caused by something simple like a loose cable?
The reason I'm asking is that I'm in Sydney & have to send the laptop back to Melbourne to be fixed....if it is something that has happened in transit, there's no point sending it back to have the same thing happen again. Any ideas much appreciated.

A:Thin grey vertical band on laptop screen

That could be a physical flaw in the screen, but hopefully it's just a loosened connection in the wiring involved.

It probably did happen in transit, since the repair techs would have noticed and called you if they saw it.

You could have a local tech try to check the wiring first, but you'll probably have to send it to Melbourne again. If so, use a bigger box and ship it wrapped in something big and soft like a down-filled winter coat or quilt. You might also want to insure the parcel for the round trip if your postal system or courier company offers the option.

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Random Blue Thin/Dotted Lines on My HP Laptop Screen

I was recently transfering files to my new laptop, and uninstalling programs on my old laptop when I suddenly got thin blue lines randomly on my old screen in dark or black areas (see images). It is not in the same location on the screen depending on what I am viewing.

I hooked an external monitor to my laptop and the image is perfect. Another odd thing is when I screen capture the bluelines and view the image file on another PC, they do not show.

Any ideas?


A:Random Blue Thin/Dotted Lines on My HP Laptop Screen

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Any ideas on what could cause a thin blue vertical line on side of screen? Any ideas on how to get rid of it?  I have  a Dell Inspiron 2200 Laptop.  New to forum, thanks for any help on this!

A:Thin Blue Vertical Line on Screen on Laptop Dell Inspiron 2200

I have the same laptop and have a thin green horizontal line on my screen.  Hope you get an answer here that will help me too.

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So, i've run into a weird issue with the new skaby lake T470 and T470s.Both these machines sometimes show black pixelated boxes or thin black bars on images on both web browsers, photoshop and everywhere else where an image can be showed. tried with both laptop monitor and with a external monitor connected.both laptops has the latest drivers for, well, everything that needs a driver.and also the latest BIOS. anyone has any ideas on why this is happening and how to solve it?or maybe its some issue with those models that needs to be fixed with a new driver version?

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i have a pretty thick black border around my screen now, my screen resolutin is 1600x 1200 and it always fit but i woke up over night and now theres a black border

A:Black Border

Did you try any of the adjustments on your monitor?

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Why have 3inch black borders suddenly appeared on my computer?

A:Black Border

Somebody used black spray paint on the side of your computer to make the borders?

Hi justhoops, and welcome to TSG.
I suspect you are talking about the Windows desktop appearing very small and centered in the middle of the computer display. You will need to give more details about your computer setup (brand and model number of a laptop or the brands and model numbers of a desktop computer and attached monitor.)

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Hi in WMP 12 when watching a video I get a small black bonder (bars) of about4 mm around all sides.
It happens in fullscreen on both 16:9 and 4:3 videos.

I have the video resolution on Windows set to 1080p @60hz and In Windows Media Center it's set to 1080p @50hz.
It does the same for 60 50 30 or 25hz videos. I play a lot of 50/25 hz videos as in Australia.

In other players (iTunes for example) they play with no border (bars).
I would use other players only but want to use Windows Media Center and that uses Windows Media Player features to play videos so I get the same border(bars).

Hopefully someone here can help.

Thanks Kevin

A:WMP 12 Black Border (Bars)

An update: I am going to use Media Center (which is just an interface for Media Player anyway) as I found a way to get videos to fill the screen properly.
I found if I play certain videos twice or 2 different ones (only works on some combinations) then the will go to there correct size.

Like I have a 1080p video of Led Zeppelin which has to be played a second time to go to the right size but my 4:3 videos of The Flintstones will not resize I play them first without using other videos to fix it first.

But I have to do it each time Media Center is closed and reopened.

I hope someone might have a clue what's going on.
I have even repair installed Windows and reset Media center back to defaults.
I have a I7 3770 8gb of ram a 128 ssd and 500gb hdd and a 7700 Series Radeon graphics


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I am a multiple monitor user, and I am noticing an annoying black border around the wallpaper on my secondary monitor.
(The Taskbar is a DisplayFusion Copy, see the borders around the wallpaper?)



I'd like to know how to eliminate these borders around my wallpaper. The wallpaper is set to Fill.

A:Black Border around Wallpaper

Welcome to the Seven Forums

Are you using an individual picture for each monitor or are you spanning two monitors with one picture?

Are your wallpapers the same resolution as your monitors?

I see you mentioned DisplayFusion have you checked the settings with it to see if there is something to change?


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Sometimes they will be top/bottom or all 4 sides on youtube but I haven't had any full screen videos in awhile. If I remember correctly but I also have this issue on something like windows media player as well but haven't tested that at the moment. No it's probably not because of the computer itself either because mine is pretty decent. 9800 superclocked gpu, amd dual-core 6000+ cpu

A:Black border videos everywhere?


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When playing a game like far cry 2 or splintercell conviction fullscreen or windowed there is a black border on the top and bottom of the window. after reinstalling far cry 2 the problem was fixed but I dont want to do this with every game.

I recently installed the new nvidia driver but dont remeber having any problems untill i installed rivatuner. After uninstalling rivatuner the problem was not fixed.

Any help is appreciated

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so i have no idea where to post this and i figured out how to fix it in XP but not in 7.

so the problem:
i have 2 21.5inch monitors running off of a sapphire radeon HD 5830. in xp there was a icon in the system tray thing where i changed some slider bar to get rid of the 15% black border currently showing around my screen. but now i have no idea where to find it. called the monitor manufacturer to see if it was their problem but they are saying its something with my video card. said slider bar said something along the lines of streching the screen, but i dont see any option in the ATI catalyst control center.

suggestions? or anything that needs clarified?

A:black border around monitor

Try updating the drivers for your video card.

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I have an IBM Thinkpad A21p
Windows 2000

When I set my screen at 1600x1200, I am fine.
When I use any other display Setting, there is a black border around the functional display. The screen shows the number of pixels and then instead of stretching to fit the screen, just puts black in the rest of the space.

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I Have a black border on my notebook.  The black column on the right and left side are increasing in size and will take over the screen,  Any suggestions or help to remove the border will be appreciated.

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i installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on my ASUS P5KPL-CM with 4 gb of ram,Intel Core 2Duo 2.66 GHz & pci-e NVIDIA 8400 GS with latest NVIDIA drivers 190.62 but when i set my resolution below 1280x1024 black border appears on my screen and it never goes in full screen until i set my resolusion at 1440x900 the same happens with my games i cant understand whats happening this never happened in my Windows Vista Ultimate x64...................i have LCD monitor samsung sync master 732nw but now i have set the refresh rate at 75 hz so it comes in fullscreen but my games they are still running with same black border problem my mouse doesnt go past the black border many people told me to use nvidia flat scaling option but there is no such optionin my control panel..........................

A:WIndows 7 black border???????????????

Post once only.

You need to adjust your scanning. You need to overscan.

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