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Bootmgr is missing, startup repair doesn't detect hard drive

Q: Bootmgr is missing, startup repair doesn't detect hard drive

I tried to install Ubuntu and failed. i removed it using the ubuntu boot-repair so i will at least have my windows 7 back. now i get the message "Bootmgr is missing", and the windows repair (the one from the installation disc) doesn't even recognize my hard drive. when i'm loading the ubuntu installation or boot-repair it does recognize my hard drive.

i backed up all my files in case i need to format and install windows 7 again, but right now i can't do that because the installation disc doesn't detect my hard drive.

any suggestions?

Preferred Solution: Bootmgr is missing, startup repair doesn't detect hard drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Bootmgr is missing, startup repair doesn't detect hard drive

Quote: Originally Posted by orivolfo

I tried to install Ubuntu and failed. i removed it using the ubuntu boot-repair so i will at least have my windows 7 back. now i get the message "Bootmgr is missing", and the windows repair (the one from the installation disc) doesn't even recognize my hard drive. when i'm loading the ubuntu installation or boot-repair it does recognize my hard drive.

i backed up all my files in case i need to format and install windows 7 again, but right now i can't do that because the installation disc doesn't detect my hard drive.

any suggestions?

Just curious, why are you still running ubuntu's installation or boot repair? I appreciate the fact you may just be testing things, but I would suggest leaving well enough alone.

You may want to check the following link for some help;

Bootmgr is missing - Fix


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I'm receiving the Bootmgr is missing messagem e.I looked up solutions for it and most of them said that the best thing to do is run the startup repair on the recovery disc/windows disc. I tried that but it failed saying it cannot repair it automatically(one of the things listed in details under Problem Signature 7 was MissingBootManager. I tried another solution to this by rebuilding the BCD but it said that there aren't any Windows installations(only the drive with Windows is plugged in) and I tried this solution:
?If the Bootrec.exe tool cannot locate any missing Windows installations, you must remove the BCD store, and then you must re-create it. To do this, type the following commands in the order in which they are presented. Press ENTER after each command.

Bcdedit /export C:\BCD_Backup ren c:\boot\bcd bcd.old
Bootrec /rebuildbcd

But with the second line, it can't find the file to rename

Is there a way to get it booting again without re-installing Windows?

A:Bootmgr is missing,startup repair doesn't work

Boot up using the Startup Repair CD or Windows 7 DVD. (not the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disk) If you have a Netbook, you will need a CD/DVD drive.
NOTE: Make sure no USB drives are plugged in.

Do not use a USB Pendrive for Startup Repair.

Use the Rebuild BCD in this tutorial:
How to use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows

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Edit: Solved.

Hello everyone.

I just recently performed a clean install from Vista 64bit to Windows 7. I have two internal drives Local (C: ) and (F: ). I made sure I installed Windows 7 on my local (C: ). Everything installed fine and I got Windows 7 to work.

The problem is when I restart my computer, I get the "Bootmgr is missing". I am only able to get to my desktop if I have my DVD set to top boot device in my BIOS, AND if I have the Windows 7 dvd in it.

I searched everywhere for a solution and it seems like the way to fix this is to boot from Windows 7 and do a startup repair. I did this, but I am still getting the exact same problem.

When I am on the system recovery window , I noticed it shows my (D: ) drive (even though it is set to (C: ) but it shows the same size of my (C: ) drive.

How Do I fix this?

A:Bootmgr is missing even after doing a startup repair

Quote: Originally Posted by Zinic

Hello everyone.

I just recently performed a clean install from Vista 64bit to Windows 7. I have two internal drives Local (C: ) and (F: ). I made sure I installed Windows 7 on my local (C: ). Everything installed fine and I got Windows 7 to work.

The problem is when I restart my computer, I get the "Bootmgr is missing". I am only able to get to my desktop if I have my DVD set to top boot device in my BIOS, AND if I have the Windows 7 dvd in it.

I searched everywhere for a solution and it seems like the way to fix this is to boot from Windows 7 and do a startup repair. I did this, but I am still getting the exact same problem.

When I am on the system recovery window , I noticed it shows my (D: ) drive (even though it is set to (C: ) but it shows the same size of my (C: ) drive.

How Do I fix this?


Windows 7 does not (normally) assign a drive letter to the 100MB system partition, but when using the recovery DVD/CD, that partition is given the C: moving the other drives/partitions down one letter.

Please verify that the Hard drive with Windows 7 is set to the primary hard drive in your BIOS settings ( if that is possible), or unplug the second hard drive and see if 7 boots normally?


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When i first installed windows 7, everything was going great. until i restarted without the windows 7 disc in my drive... then it all went wrong.

I have three hard drives.
1) Windows Vista 32bit Ultimate
2) Windows 7 Ultimate RC 32bit (partitioned in half, primary and logical)
3) Storage of my junk

The second hard drive is 160gb, partitioned in half to make to 80GB's. They are all sata, along with my dvd drives.

When i turn my computer on with hard drive 1 set to boot first, it boots vista perfectly fine. (no option comes up to pick an operating system)

When i turn my computer on with hard drive 2 set to boot first, and i DONT have my windows 7 dvd in, it comes up with BOOTMGR IS MISSING...

When i turn my computer on with hard drive 2 set to boot first, and i DO have my windows 7 disc in, it works perfect.
Is there a way to not have to put the disc in to boot all the time?
And its also strange that i dont have an option to select which operating system to boot from... its either one or the other
I have tried unplugging seperate hard drives and nothing changes, and i have tried start up repair from the windows 7 disc - still nothing.

The second problem i have, is hard drive 3. it is recognised in vista, but whenever im using windows 7, it does not detect the drive. Any ideas why it appears in vista and not 7?
i tried unplugging and re-plugging when the computer is both on and off, and its ALWAYS detected in the bios, just not windows 7.

Thanks in advance.

A:BOOTMGR and missing a hard drive

Ok not sure I will get all this right but your boot drive problem may be solved by booting fron DVD and selecting repair, when it tells you it couldn't find any problems go to expert repair options (Or its called something like that), then select command prompt. At the prompt type: bootrec /fixmbr
If that does not work then goto recovery centre/command prompt again and type the following:
bcdedit /export C:\BCD_Backup
cd boot
attrib bcd -s -h -r
ren c:\boot\bcd bcd.old
bootrec /RebuildBcd

If none of the above works then you are screwed for your main boot partition and the only way you can sort is to re-install windows on that partition, you donot need to install all versions on all partitions. You will have to boot your instalation DVD and at installation stage you need to delete the boot partition then create partition again. Select this partition for re-install. no need to format after deleting as install will do that.

Hope that helps and you don't have to go down the last options route.

Ok for the other problem of drive being seen in Vista but not windows 7 you need to have some hard drive partitioning software installed really to fix this (Good option is Paragon Partition Manager). All you do is run the software then click on drive that is the problem in the list of drives and see if in the info pain the item that says "Activity" is marked as "Yes" if not then you need to right click and select "Mark Partition as Active". This w... Read more

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Hi, my computer crashed a couple hours ago out of nowhere and when it restarted itself I got the dreaded "BOOTMGR is missing" message. I'm running Windows Vista 32-bit. I put my Windows recovery disc in and entered the information for language, time and currency, and keyboard input. Then it tries to go directly to installing Windows. I don't have an option for repairing it. I can't afford to reinstall as I have way too much stuff to lose and it would be devastating. There should be an option after that first screen on the lower left so i can repair instead of install. I'm desperate and time is of the essence as I was working on something I need done for tomorrow. I tried to follow the steps here... http://cyberst0rm.blogspot.com/2007/04/how-to-fix-bootmgr-is-missing-in.html , but yeah, like i said, it doesn't give me an option to repair after that first screen. Please help, I'm starting to tear out my hair!

A:"BOOTMGR is missing" but i don't have an option to simply repair startup, help!

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A few days ago, while booting my laptop (Fujitsu Siemens, WinXP Pro, SP2) I recieved an error message, telling me "C:\windows\system32\config\system" was missing or corrupted. The first method I tried was booting in safe mode, but I got exactly the same error message. Then I tried to restore the system last known to function, again without any effect.
Then I tried to repair the whole thing with the Windows Install/Repair CD from the manufacturer. Initially everything seemed to work well, but when chooseing the partiton -1 for I have no partitions- (right after pressing "r") the whole thing crashes and I get a bluescreen with the message "BAD_POOL_CALLER" ***STOP:0x00000043,0xC4096000,0x00000000,0x00000000
After that I tried the xp_rec_con.iso (http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic270018.html) this time, I got a new error-message; ?Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer?.
Then, I read somewhere on the web about running MemTest to check the RAM. That's what I did, but even after 5 tests, MemTest86 had not found any error.
I'd be really thankful, if somebody could help me solve this problem.

A:WinXP Repair cannot detect any hard drive

I suggest you run the hard drive diagnostic tool available from your drive manufacturer.

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Got the message 'Bootmgr is missing' this morning. Been looking at potential solutions rfom the gurus on the forum, but neither the bios nor the recovery disc seems to be able to recongise the existance of the C: drive - as such I can't use any of the options that I've read on here in the tutorials.

Initially the drive did show up in the usual sata bios checks - but now nothing. It like ti's unplugged! tried swapping sata and power cables to no avail. Even the dos prompt can't find c:

Is there something else I can try or is my drive toast?



A:Bootmgr is missing - is hard drive toast?

It doesn't sound good if bios is not recognising your HDD. Try a bootable hard drive diagnostic program to see if it can scan for the drive or try plugging in another drive to see if it is recognised
SeaTools | Seagate

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Hi. I recently got a new hard drive and I'm currently trying to install windows 7 from my USB. I initially got the error ''Setup was unable to create a new system partition''. I googled the issue and got to this thread: Setup was unable to create a new system partition. I followed the instructions of harltron in post #6 and partitioned the drive, but when I restarted the computer I got the following error: ''bootmgr is missing'' when my PC tries to install Windows 7 from the USB. I've googled the issue again, but no luck. As you can probably tell, I'm not very tech savvy so if you have any suggestions it would be nice if you could include a quick way to do it

Thanks in advance.

A:Partitioned a new hard drive: Getting bootmgr is missing

Work through these steps for Overcoming Windows 7 Installation Failures - Windows 7 Help Forums

Report back results, as you go if you want as we may see other steps necessary.

Don't forget to unplug all other drives.

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Hey if anyone can help me out with this it would be hugely appreciated.

Basically i put a new hard drive into my laptop and tried to install windows 7.
It keeps saying bootmgr is missing, press ctrl + alt + del to restart.

The OEM windows 7 disk is inside my cd-rom drive and i went to the bios and put the cd/dvd as first, and the hdd as second, pressed f10 (save and exit.) and still no luck.

A:BOOTMGR is missing?? new hard drive installation

Make and model number of computer please?

Does it provide the chance to press a Fn key (usually F12) at boot to get to the Boot menu? If so use that then select the DVD drive.

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I am running a Intel D845BG mobo and have a 6.5gb hd connected to IDE0. I launch my machine and I can see the harddrive in bios as well as my other devices. When I start Windows 2000 setup, it says that it can't find boot partition to check signature. It gets to the initial setup and gives me 3 choices. to repair, setup, or exit. I choose install fresh copy. Then I get the error message, "Setup cannot find any hard disks installed on your computer" Press F3 to restart.

I have tried all jumper combinations on the hard drive, I know the hard drive is good but can't get Windows 2K setup to recognize it. Please Help.. I have tried everything.

Thank you in advance.

A:Setup W2K Doesn't detect Hard drive

Have you tried using a different ide cable?
Also have you tried a bios flash?

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Here's my hard drive:
Seagate Constellation ES ST3500514NS

I haven't been able to get Windows 7 installation to detect this drive for about two months now. I'm running on a Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H mobo, revision 2.1.

I recently found a list of drivers for my motherboard on Gigabyte, but I'm not sure if any of these will help me.
I also found some downloads for my hard drive.

Oh, and I can use this drive if I'm running Windows 7 on a different hard drive, but I just can't install Windows 7 on it.

A:Windows 7 Doesn't Detect My Hard Drive

Check if the new HDD is being detected in BIOS. Also, the HDD may be formatted as a file system not supported for Windows. Make sure it is formatted as NTFS.

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I'm using a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3R motherboard, and my hard drive is a seagate barracuda 500gb.

The system is brand new, built myself. No previous operating system on it.
I tried installing windows vista. I get past everything, until it asks me to select a drive to install to, and the list is empty. I tried every driver on the mobo's cd, and every driver on their website, none of them worked. I've tried different SATA modes, and ports on the mobo, and it doesn't work (I would dear say I've tried everything, except another OS because I don't have access to one).

However, when I select browse to search for drivers, when installing vista, I can select the local drive and search it for drivers. Does this mean it's there and it's something else, or is it just an option and what not? (there's a floppy there too, but I have none installed on the computer).

My bios sees the HD just fine. I'm out of ideas, and friggin fed up. I tried contacting Gigabyte but that was pointless.

A:Vista doesn't detect my hard drive

set the sata to be seen as ide in the bios

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So i want to switch the HDD's of my 2 computers, i unplugged both drives, then i put one of the drives into the other computer attaching it exactly as it was (the master slave thingy) but the comp said it didn't detect and master or slave. So i took it out again and changed the master slave thingy so that it was the same as the HDD that i took out of the computer i was trying to get this HDD to work in.

Same thing happened, comp said it didn't detect any HDD at all.

Why can't it detect it?

Both drives are unformatted and have windows and stuff on them, i thought it'd be a simple switch a roo.

Does this mean that the HDD is not compatible in this other computer?

Or do i need to do something to make the computer detect the HDD?


A:Solved: Computer doesn't detect hard drive

I assume they are not being seen on the bios - correct

check the details on the HDD and make sure you have set to Master - what else is on the cable .....

are these identical machines ? because with windows you have installed all the motherboard drivers and even if you swap them around and get the bios to recognise them - windows may not work correctly

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I use 3 computers, in one that has Windows Seven and other Xp, the computer detects the external hard drive with no problem
But in another Windows Seven pc, it doesn't detect it at all, the hard drive makes a clicking sound and nothing else

So, what can it be?, I even connect it to a TV and can watch movies with no problem, but being detected in that computer, never

A:Computer doesn't detect external Hard Drive

Do other external drives work with that PC?

Does that external drive appear in Windows Disk Management? If it does, does it have a drive letter assigned? If not assign a drive letter.

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Install everything, the bios detect the hard drive (it's a new hard drive, never been use) but when installing the Win7 64, the hard drive list is empty.

Here my spec

Phenom II 940BE | Gigabyte 790X-UD4P | Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB | XFX HD4770 512MB | OCZ StealthXStream 600W | NZXT Tempest


A:Windows 7 installation doesn't detect hard drive

You need to format new hard drives. no?

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Okay, to begin I have searched the forums and I'm not a noob to troubleshooting however this has got me stumped.

I downloaded the Vista Recovery disk(http://neosmart.net/blog/2008/windows-vista-recovery-disc-download/) since i have a toshiba Laptop which doesn't have the actualy Vista Install disk. Burned the Iso to a bootable cd and got the cd to boot up.

I click on repair and then i'm sent to a screen that asks me to select the Hard Drive/Operating system to repair from however there is nothing to select. There are two options next and load drive. I clicked next with nothing selected it did a repair but no luck (tried this twice) my guess is because the repair essentialy did nothing as it didn't detect any hard drive to save the bootmgr to. However under the load disk section which is what i think i should be using i have no idea what to select. Any ideas?


A:BootMGR Recovery disk used doesn't detect OS

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I've suddenly been having this problem for the past week or so. Sometimes when I boot up my computer, my other internal hard drives (B and E) are not detected; only the C drive is. The disks don't appear in my computer, and the space doesn't appear to be available in disk partition (all of the files saved on those disks also cannot be accessed obviously).

Usually the problem fixes itself after a few reboots, but it becomes really inconvenient to reboot like 3-5 times every time I want to restart my computer. Does anyone have a possible solution? Any help is appreciated, thanks.

A:Computer does not detect hard drive on startup

Completing this tutorial by Golden might tell other members some needed information.

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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Hi, I am recieving the error "BOOTMGR is missing. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart" When trying to boot.

The situation is this:
-I had hard drive issues. Purchased a new hard drive then made a ghost image of my Windows 7 install partition. Ghost image made with Norton Ghost 14.0
-Installed new hard drive, partitioned it with the win 7 install disc. rebooted.
-Loaded ghost image using norton ghost system recovery disc. ghost image was save on an external hdd. i loaded it onto brand new hard drive into a new partition.
-The ghost image loaded successfully, but I now receive the error mentioned.

It obviously appears there is a problem with the master boot record etc. I tried installing windows 7 freshly from the disc and that worked fine, but I need my ghost image from the external to be loaded.

I do not have any OS installed and running currently. I tried installing XP after this happened, thinking I could find a way to modify the boot record from inside XP. However, after installing XP I receive the error: "error loading operating system".

What should I do now; what is the proper way to load this norton ghost 14.0 image of windows 7 onto a brand new hard drive?

Thank you for any help!

A:BOOTMGR is missing - error on boot. Loaded a ghosted OS image to new hard drive

Got a feeling your recovery disc may not have the boot loader inside.

Normally you can rebuild boomgr and this is my suggestion

(1) Load Win7 installation DVD, opt for repair and click Command prompt

(2) Copy from the DVD the program bootmgr.exe and the entire /boot directory into your WIn7 directory if it is the C drive,
if not put it in the C drive.

(3) Put Win7's MBR inside the C drive by command

bootrec /fixmbr
(4) Install Win7 boot sector code in the C drive by command

bootsect /nt60 c:
The bootsect.exe is inside /boot of the DVD
(5) Rebuild the BCD by command

bootrec /rebuildbcd
You should find Xp and Win7 in the next reboot.

The booting sequence starts with something like

The Bios reads the Win7 MBR and loads it into memory
That MBR will load the bootsector code in the first partition recognised by MS Windows and that must be the C drive
It is the boot sector code that finds bootmgr and put it in the memory
boomgr can then show the user the booting alternatives with a BCD menu.

The original recovery disc will never boot in the new hard disk because even if everything is complete the GUID partition reference of the old partition will not never mactch that in the new disk. The GUID reference is unique when a partition is created. You can check it out yourself by command "bcdedit.exe /enum".

Word of warning

If you have installed WIn7 in a C drive position it may not boot if you place it in a D drive. Although the drive lette... Read more

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Hello all. First post here but have utilized sevenforums for years for many issues. Anyway....

I did a windows update yesterday and the notification to restart was popped up on the desktop when I left for work. I get home this morning and the PC was shutdown. Upon startup, I would just get a blank screen after BIOS.

After many attempts, I then was able to actually get to the menu for SafeMode. When attempting to boot into safe mode I would actually get the Windows emblem for a few moments and then the black screen reappears. Sometimes the logo shows up and sometimes it does not. Either way, it won't go past the logo.

System repair on the boot menu would not do anything.

I inserted Windows 7 DVD and attempted to follow this tutorial Startup Repair Infinite Loop Recovery

Startup problems could not be prepared so I moved on to step 6 for comman prompt.

Now, once at this step I changed the drive to C:. Now, I know that this is my boot drive. But when I go to DIR of this drive it is showing my files from D: All my drives are reduced by one letter. All my drives including my proper C: are showing up okay in BIOS. Also, I know that System Restore has made save points but they do not show up as the C: is not showing

So, to get to the point....Where is my C:? This is obvioulsy related to why the PC will not boot. Any thoughts? Thanks so much

A:Startup Repair Missing Boot Drive

In normal win7 and in recovery mode the drive letters can be different. Very normal. How can the recovery mode know what drive letters you gave to the partitions???

"After many attempts, I then was able to actually get to the menu for SafeMode."=> what did you do to be able to boot to safe mode?

Did you try "Startup Repair Infinite Loop Recovery"? Not needed as far as I know in this situation.

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Hey guys. I got a Sony Vaio VGN-FZ470E about a year ago from my uncle, who just got a new laptop. The laptop was cleaned completly, and a brand new copy of windows 7 was installed on it. Anyways it was working fine up until until yesterday, where it crashed. After rebooting a message appeared to boot into windows normally of to run startup repair. I chose to boot into windows normally, but it crashed soon after (on the Windows Logo). The second time I booted it into startup repair and let it run. After I came back screen was no longer on startup repair and instead was displaying a black screen with "Operating System Can't be found on it". I know this message pops up if your hd gets loose, so I turned teh computer off, popped it over, and made sure the hd was securely in place. I booted it up again but I still got the message, so I grabed my home premium disk to boot into the system recovery options. I ran startup repair again, but got an error saying that startup repair can't fix the problem because it can't detect a hd. After that I went into System Image Recovery, and into the advanced tab to see if the hd was still showing up there. It wasn't but there was a new drive named Boot ( X: ) which contains a Windows Folder and a Setup application (Windows Installer) (Also the drive is showing that is has 28.4 MB free of 30.9MB, which doensn't make sense because the Windows folder alone is 819 MB). I even attempted to reinstall windows to see if... Read more

A:Hard drive gone after startup repair

Sounds like your hard drive has failed to me.
You need to look in the BIOS to see if it is detected.
With older Sony models, you pressed F1 as the laptop was powering up.

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As title states, my bootmgr was deleted when I was formatting my original hard drive to remove the windows vista from it and use the drive as a storage drive. I already have Windows 7 64bit installed on my new SSD hard drive, and both hard drives are plugged in.

I think I accidentally deleted it when I seen this small 9 GB drive while in the formatting screen. I decided to erase it thinking it might free up some internal space and speed the computer up or something. Obviously my thoughts were wrong and I deleted key internal stuff.

I followed a lot of the stuff from this post... Boot Mgr missing and unable to repair ... But nothing seems to work.

Using bootrec.exe /fixmbr and bootrec.exe /fixboot says it was successful, but after restarting it turns out not. I also did those commands and ran the repair several times, nothing has worked.

This is the information I got from this..
SELECT DISK 0 (confirm this is Windows 7 disk#)

Microsoft DiskPart version 6.1.7601
Copyright <c> 1999-2008 Microsoft Corporation.
On computer: MININT-K1CH1RT
Disk ## Status Size Free Dyn Gpt
Disk 0 Online 298 GB 0 B
Disk 1 No Media 0 B 0 B
Disk 2 No Media 0 B 0 B
Disk 3 No Media 0 B 0 B
Disk 4 No Media 0 B 0 B
SELECT DISK 0 (confirm this is Windows 7 disk#)
Disk 0 is now the selected disk.
Disk ID : E690F57D
Type : ATA
Status : Online
Path... Read more

A:Bootmgr is missing, can't boot, can't repair

Mark Win7 partition Active using Repair CD or Win7 DVD: Partition - Mark as Active (Method Two)

Boot into DVD or Repair CD to run Startup Repair 3 Separate Times until Win7 starts on it's own.

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Today i on my laptop ( asus vx 6 ) and i got an error say " Bootmgr is missing "
i load up my CD and went into recovery option, and my OS was never listed over there.

please help

A:Bootmgr is missing / os not listed in repair console

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My laptop will not start, it says bootmgr is missing, ctrl alt del to restart. I go into windows vista startup repair and it will not detect my OS (vista). I can load drivers, or click next and then run the usual programs, such as repair. The startup repair just says it cannot fix anything (no OS). I have been in the console and done all the fixmbr/boot/rebuild commands on all the partitions.

Any ideas? The laptop is a lenovo n500, specs here: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/AS...nnorswebguidec

A:bootmgr missing/no os found on vista repair

I suspect a problem with your hard drive based on your description.

Try these free, bootable diagnostics first:


H/W Diagnostics:
Please start by running these bootable hardware diagnostics:
http://www.carrona.org/memdiag.html (read the details at the link)
http://www.carrona.org/hddiag.html (read the details at the link)

If both tests pass, please post back and we'll try other troubleshooting techniques.

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Before I start this happened after updating the motherboard BIOS from version 1.4 to 1.7, I went to 1.6 after just in case the latest BIOS had a bug

I've been stuck on the startup repair for almost 5 hours saying that it's repairing my hard drive or whatever (i forget exactly what it said), I first booted linux to check the SMART data on the HDD (i now know that I can do it with HBCD too) it came back all fine. I am now running Hirens Boot CD and DRevitalise to scan and repair bad sectors.

System Specs:

i5 3570k @ stock
MSI Z77 GD55 BIOS Version 1.6
8GB Kingston HyperX 1600mhz
Running HD4000 graphics
500GB Blue WD HDD

I do have a DxDiag on the desktop of the pc in question which I could get if needed (to tired to do

Edit: Reinstalling is not an option I will consider unless there is nothing else that I can do.

Edit: Turns out there is a tool from WD for HDD testing, am running that now instead if the last one.

A:Stuck on startup repair screen saying repairing hard drive

Test ran with no errors shown, SMART data says drive is OK.

EDIT: I have also tried booting in safe mode, goes straight to the same screen. (should have mentioned I tried this first)

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My pc is a stock Asus G53SX-A1, no hardware changes. Yet it says the reason I got a blue screen was due to hardware changes. My computer froze and rebooted during a video game. So I have been experiencing the classic startup repair loop and I tried everything I could find on google without progress. When I try to the option to fix the problem automatically it says it wasn't able to help and tells me the root cause is because there is no hard drive detected, and that if a hard drive is installed it is not responding. I can't detect in command prompt, but somehow I can see contents of it through BIOS so its really odd. When I tried to reinstall windows it says it can't find a hard drive to install on and I need to insert a drivers disk so I can set up the hard drive to continue. So I put in my Asus drivers disk and yet it tells me there's no drivers detected. I looked at the Asus website and all the downloads they have available are the same as on that same drivers disk it said it couldn't find drivers on. So right now my main problem is my pc doesn't detect that I have a hard drive at all even though I do, the same one the pc came with. This laptop has worked fine for almost a year and this issue just came out of nowhere, so any ideas as to why my HD would suddenly disappear in my computers eyes? I even moved the HD to the secondary slot to see if maybe the primary slot had gone bad since I had an issue once with my desktop that was fixed by moving my RAM stick to a different ... Read more

A:startup repair loop, root cause: no hard drive detected

What must have happened when your computer locked up is that the OS lost the ability to write to the hard drive while in the middle of writing to it, which compromised the safety protocols and damaged the MBR or other system file that has compromised the operating system.

You have access to a working computer in order to make this post. I would attach your Asus G53SX-A1 hard drive to this one as a secondary device and run some disk utilities on it. Try a chkdsk repair or better yet, use a feature rich 3rd party diagnostic tool.

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So I have had this new hard drive since October of this year after my last one of five years went kapoot and my computer slowed to a crawl. Came home after a week of vacation and when I booted up my computer, it worked fine. Restarted it again just for something and now it?s acting weird. It will make the beep after my motherboard logo (Gigabyte) and start up windows before saying ?loading your files? and then bringing up the startup repair screen. I don?t know what to do and I think it?s going to do a repair loop. I?d hate to have to get another hard drive but damn. Just my luck.

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Hi Everyone. So, here's what happened, I dropped my laptop running Windows Vista on a Thinkpad R500 That is about 3 years old, while it was streaming audio from the net nonetheless

I had to reseat it, but since then it won't boot - it goes into "startup repair" saying its fixing errors and hangs there indefinitely (for days at a time).
What I've tried:

-I was able to use the system rescue cd to mount my drive and copy the needed data to an external drive, although I know it encountered some errors.
-I've run lenovo's hd diagnostics and it says there are errors in the drive, but I just need a way to fix it.
-I do not have a vista dvd so I cannot run chkdsk.
-I downloaded a Vista startup repair disk image but when I boot from that cd and choose repair your computer it never gives me the option to go to command line or system restore, it goes straight to startup repair and its does not recognize the drive. MS website says this is because lenovo has its own restoration libraries, which DO NOT contain anything to fix a hard drive. I am apparently supposed to order a dvd from support if I need one.
So, I'm looking for a reliable Hard drive repair tool, essentially a free equivalent of chkdsk that I can run through my cd drive to try to find and fix the errors. Or, if there is a chkdsk redistributable out there, even better.
Linux based is fine, I think fixing the physical errors might be worth it.

Although, generally, are these sorts o... Read more

A:Dropped my hard drive - Startup Repair Hangs- no vista DVD

Chkdsk cannot fix a dropped drive. Or partitions. It only fixes the file system. You better just buy a new one. That one is about to quit completely in all likelihood.

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I have a Dell Inspiron N41110 that ran like a dream for the whole 13 months I've had it--until last night, when it froze, I forced a reset, and it got stuck in the Startup Repair loop.  At first Startup Repair said the problem was a corrupt registry, but now it says it can't figure out the root cause at all.  I tried this tutorial, but the computer couldn't copy a couple of the files due to an "I/O error," so it's still stuck in the loop. System Restore wouldn't work--it told me there were no restore points.  Then, after spending hours getting my personal files off with Paragon Rescue Kit, I ran the Dell diagnostics from the boot menu, and the hard drive failed the test with error code 2000-0142.
Finally, I decided to run chkdsk for the heck of it . . . and it's been stuck on "Correcting error in index $130 for file 4897" for four hours now. 
What should I do now?  I'm not especially technologically savvy (obviously) and this is my first encounter with the startup repair loop, so even though I've now read tons of threads and articles on it I still have no idea what to do with my computer.  I've read a lot of stuff that says reinstalling Windows 7 is the only way to fix it, but now I'm wondering if the hard drive is the root cause and can't be fixed.  Is there any way to tell for sure what's going on, or should I just get a new hard drive and be done with it?  (I'm definitely not happy at the prospect of needing a ne... Read more

A:Startup repair loop - Reinstall Windows or get new hard drive?

ERROR CODE :2000-0142 from the Dell Forum - Also From DellYour worst fears are true. HDDs can last 1 year or 15 years, I have found it is just luck and care that makes it longer or shorter. Have you dropped or crushed the unit, as this can also shorten the life - Thank You - and Sorry - 

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Hi, I am faced with a very serious problem and I'm starting to get really desperate.

I have an SSD with Windows 7 and Xubuntu dual boot with GRUB boot menu,
and two internal laptop hdds that I use for data, such as music, photos, software projects etc...

I recently changed some of the drive letters for the two internal laptop hdds, but NOT my SSD ( C: drive )
but now I get the "BOOTMGR is missing. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" message.

First thing I did was insert my recovery disk ( same as my installation disk for win 7 ) and attempted to rebuild my bcd.
And so I did the usual good stuff:

bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /rebuildbcd
I also had to rename/delete my old BCD store in order to recreate it.
I made sure that the relevant partitions are active, ran the commands, but still the problem persists.

I also noticed that my Drive letters changed. A partition on one of the laptop HDDS, which as E:\, became C:\ and my C:\ drive became E:\
So i unlugged all my hdds except for my SSD where my windows is installed, and repeated the whole process.
But no luck ...

I've been at this for hours, but yet nothing.
Even my Recovery disc is going bananas now. When I select the Windows OS and attempt to recover its says the Windows Recovery is not compatible with this installation.

I've also looked around in my C:\ drive to look for the BOOTMGR file. But its nowhere. Probably because its beyond hidden. I tried this:

di... Read more

A:BOOTMGR is Missing, and WinRE doesn't fix it.

Never mind.
Yet again, a dead serious problem turned out to be something completely stupid.

For some reason, even with the other HDDs unplugged, the Windows Recovery attempted to recreate the bootmgr file on a different drive.
I simply copied it from one of the other drives using the Command Prompt from the recovery disc to my Windows 7 installation drive.

Now I just have to figure out how to change the Windows Vista loading screen back to Windows 7 >.>

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Hello, today I tried to add a new HDD to my computer which ended up making my computer unbootable.

At first I had the "Restart and select proper boot device" problem, which was fixed.
After that the Bootmgr is missing. I searched all over and still have not been able to fix the problem, here's the things I tried:

bootrec /fixmbr
Bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /rebuildbcd
Total identified windows installations: 0
Success (So im thinking it didn't do anything)

Set the partition to active.
Thing to point out:in detail disk it says Boot Disk: no

Auto System Start Up repair thing:
Can't repair system automaticly

Having it the only HDD in the computerno change.

The harddrive only worked with my laptop's HDD inside (I'm assuming it's because it used it's boot manager, some how copy it over?)

Tried playing around with BCDedit. (Might of made it worse )

Thank you in advance!

A:Bootmgr Missing, Start up repair, diskpart wont fix

Start Up Repair Report

Problem Event Name: StartUpRepairOffline
PS1 6.1.7600.16385
PS2 Same as above
PS3 unknown
PS4 -1
PS5 External Media
ps6 1
PS7 MissingBootManager

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This is my first computer build, and it has been working, by and large, solidly since I assembled it late last year**. I booted it up earlier this week and got the ?BOOTMGR IS MISSING? screen. My first step was to go into the BIOS and make sure the boot order was correct.

There are three internal drives in the computer: an SSD with my main Windows 7 install, a drive with a hackintosh boot to OSX 10.9, and a drive for use with windows backup. I?ve tried switching the cables around to eliminate the possibility of a bad cable, and checked that all connections are secure. I tried all of the steps outlined below both with all the drives attached and with only the boot drive hooked up.

The boot order seemed fine, but I tried a few variations to make sure it hadn?t gotten mixed up. 6 drives showed up in the BIOS- both a UEFI labeled version and non-UEFI (P1:, P2:) for the non system drives, and what appears to be a non-UEFI version of the boot (P0:) and the Windows Boot manager on the boot.

Changing the order did not make much difference. I can boot into the Hackintosh drive just fine, but any variation on the boot drive still gives the BOOTMGR issue. Occasionally the boot drive will load to the startup repair screen, but telling it to repair appears to be unsuccessful as it loops back to the repair screen, and telling it to boot windows normally goes to the BOOTMGR screen.

When I remove all drives but the boot drive, I sometimes get two choices showing up in the BIOS (... Read more

A:Bootmgr is Missing; several repair methods unsuccessfully attempted

Post a screenshot of you Disk Management. It might help. Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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Hello, i have a Acer Aspire 5755g-6841 laptop, and yesterday i started getting this message. "bootmgr is missing" after i tried to do a system restore. The attempt at the system restore ended bad with it not finishing and me having to reboot my laptop. It was stuck at 99% completion for 5hrs. Now when i use 2 different restore discs that i made for windows 7 64-bit from a downloaded iso, i get stuck in the recovery options menu with the blue loop never ending and no OS being loaded to be selected. Also anytime i try to use the eRecovery from pressing ALT+F10 it gets the blue loop there and never loads. If anyone knows much about this please reply asap and Thank you in advance.

A:Windows bootmgr missing, repair disc not working

Unplug any USB peripherals and see if it works now.

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Hi All,

I am new to this community and this is the first time i am posting.

My computer doesn't show volume control in system tray and Audio is completely gone. When I tried to get that from accessories it gives me a message that there are no active mixer devices available and tells me to go to control panel and add hardware.

Let me tell you what I have done so far. I ran msconfig and found "Windows Audio" and it was okay since there was check mark besides it. Alternately I ran %SystemRoot%\system32\services.msc which takes me to the same place and everything seems okay.

Then in control panel - sounds and audio devices - volume tab completely grayed out, on audio and voice tab it says the default device is modem#0 line play back ( I don't know why..!) and same thing for sound recording.

I have been working on this for 2 days but can't figure out. Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated.

And also, none of my USB seems working and doesn't detect any connections like my external hard drive.

Hoping to hear some solution...!!


A:"There are no active mixer devices available" and USB doesn't detect ext. hard drive

Sometimes, it takes a reformat and reinstall to get things working. Others here will have solutions that will sometimes work temporarily. But the complete reformat and reinstall is the most reliable, we have found.
Do you use a USB printer - scan - fax - copier? We find that there is some sort of relationship with this problem you describe, and certain Epson, HP, and Lexmark multifunction printers and USB failures. In those cases, a total uninstall and removal from the registry, then reinstall from downloads seems to be a good fix. In others, the multi-function printer never works right again.

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I recently upgraded my comp i got a new MB a Gigabyte GA-A55M-DS2 and as this MB only had SATA ports i got a new SATA HD as well I used my old MB to install windows on new HD and copy user info etc. It booted fine on old MB but when I installed my new equipment and booted it it said BOOTMGR Missing.
First I tried using windows repair but it couldn't find anything wrong with it so i tried restoring windows but when this didn't work either I swapped the MB's back this time when tried booting with the new HD it came with the same error so I booted with old HD formated the new HD and reinstalled windows but this before i installed it it came with a warning message saying the HD didnt support booting I tried installing windows anyway once again it worked with my old MB but when I used the new one it said BOOTMGR Missing.
I'm totally flumoxed can someone please help!!!

A:BOOTMGR Missing! Rstoring windows Doesn't help


Have you tried these steps:
Bootmgr is missing - Fix


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Hello all, I hope someone can help me.

This is a neighbor's desktop (now in my possession to fix): HP Premier Slimline 1TB EFI/GPT Partitioned like this:

C (OS-W764) 100GB
D (Hidden HP Recovery Part 2GB)
F Pictures 200GB
G Another... 200GB
H Misc.... 500GB

She wanted to take 100GB from G and add it to C. So I used Easus to do that. All went well moving it from G to F, but then when adding the unallocated space to C, instead of Easus intercepting the reboot, the Windows Recovery routine kicked in and said it needed to repair Windows... when it rebooted it went into a DOS routine searching for DHCP.... until it finally said there was no bootable disc.

I ran the repair tool a few times with the same result. Finally, I booted from a Paragon rescue CD to restore a backup from an external drive. The operation completed but when I rebooted I got "Missing Boot Manager" error.

And now when I try to boot from the retail W7 CD or a Windows repair CD, I get "this disc not compatible with your system". So I cannot get to a command prompt to try the fix mbr commands.

All the partitions and data are there... it's just the MBR messed up (or the GUID or whatever a GPT disk uses). Obviously Easus was not able to finish its job of resizing C.... Unless it's just the BM messed up. So ...

1. Does anyone know of a BOOTABLE CD tool that will repair the Boot Manager for GPT disks?

2. If I have to reformat the drive and start... Read more

A:BootMgr Missing after Easus Repart of C - No Repair Tool is Working

C (OS-W764) 100GB is primary and active?

And now when I try to boot from the retail Windows 7 CD or a Windows repair CD, I get "this disc not compatible with your system". So I cannot get to a command prompt to try the fix mbr commands.

it lists win7 as installed OS?

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Ok so I have seen this bootmgr problem posted all over the Internet, but there are very few solutions and most of the solutions will not work for me, so any help would be amazing. My system is an HP Pavilion Notebook dv6500t.

Intel Core2 Duo processor T7300 (2.00 GHz & 4 MB L2 Cache)
2GB DDR2 (2 Dimm)
383MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400M
160GB 5400RPM Hard Drive

from what I can tell it has a small 2gb recovery hard drive to run vista's recovery manager off of instead of using a restore disc. HP sent me no Vista discs or system restore discs.

So the problem is when I start up my computer I get a black screen and a message saying:

"bootmgr is missing press ctrl + alt + delete to restart"

When I restart I get the same message. I tried opening up the system restore menu that is built in, and starting a full restore to its original factory condition but as soon as it starts reformatting the hard drive I get a message that says:

"Error 0x4001001300001002. If this issue continues, please contact HP support."

And of course I contacted HP support which was a waste of about 3 hours of my life and nothing got resolved. I have done numerous hard disc diagnostics tests and they all come up clear. I have also tried using the command prompt to copy the bootmgr file and folder to my other drives but had no success.

So If anyone can help me I have only had my laptop for 2 weeks and am desperate for some answers. Anything would be much appreciated.

A:Bootmgr is Missing & recovery manager doesn't work

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My system crashed on my acer laptop - I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary - It wouldn't boot back up. Would boot into safe mode so I did this & followed instructions to stop all other programs running other than microsoft, still wouldn't boot up - just hangs at the win7 logo screen. I tried system repair a few times & it reported problems that it couldn't fix. Then it wouldn't even boot up into safe mode, just get blank screen with cursor.

I created a new repair disk from my PC which is running fine, booted my acer laptop up from this ran system repair & it says it could not detect any problems, but still can't boot up even in safe mode.

A:Win 7 x86 can't boot up, startup repair could not detect problem.

Work through these steps which include everything possible for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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Please help! The girlfriends Gateway laptop running Vista home premium 32bit failed to boot recently. I volunteered to look at it (and now wish I hadn't!!!!!)
Background: As handed to me, when switching on, it would tell me that "windows failed to shut down properly" and gave me 2 options; to start up normally, or to launch start up repair (or words to that effect). Trying the 'normal' route would have the computer hanging with a black screen and cursor. The 'repair' option eventually gave the blue screen of death, all I could read for the split second the screen showed was 'uncountable boot volume' before it shut itself down.
So, after some googling various information suggested I ideally needed the installation disc (which at the time was unavailable), or otherwise a program supplied by NeoSmart would do the same job, which I tried. After burning the image onto a disc, the computer booted, and I went through the 'automatic repair processes'. Eventually, after supposedly repairing various issues, the screen told some items could not be repaired. Fingers crossed that I could at least boot from there, I tried without the disc. All I got this time (and continue to do so) was 'no g21dr'.
I mailed NeoSmart, who sent me a link for another updated program to try. I did, the program repaired more stuff, until the point where it told me that 'startup repair could not detect a problem. If you have recently attached a device to this computer,such as a camera or portable music player, r... Read more

A:'no g21dr'...and then 'startup repair could not detect a problem...'

Sorted. Once, that is, I realised that the the message didn't say 'g21dr' but 'g2ldr' instead! Found this on the NeoSmart website - followed the instructions, and all is good in the world again!!!

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Hello and HELP!!!! If I am posting in the wrong area, sorry, you can move me if needed. . . . .

I am having an issue with Microsoft Outlook, specifically detect & repair. I have been having a lot of issues in outlook and when I use detect /repair either within outlook or under add/remove programs, repair, it gives me the same missing file issue ZF612707.cab. UGH I have misplaced my disk and continue to look for it but until I find it is there a website that I can download the missing file from?

I found a website that has listed all missing files http://turbidvisions.com/misc/msoffice2003/ but I don't know if its a safe source and I don't want to cause a bigger problem than I already have . . . . .

SIDE issue: I tried posting my question in the Microsoft forum but couldn't do so, even when I signed in. Maybe my computer is possessed? It wouldn't open the page, it kept taking me back to the forum page even though I added the website to safe places.

Thanks for any and all help!!!

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recently I have failed to boot with the message "bootmgr is missing" or "there has been a disk error" on windows 7. I installed windows 7 about 3 years ago on a student licence but have lost the disk in the meantime (legitimate disk downloaded and burned when I was a student, still have the key).

I have downloaded a legit repair disk from microsoft. However, it doesn't recognise my os (the list is blank when I choose repair) and asks that I insert my windows 7 DVD to install drivers to recognise my OS. If I proceed without, it says that my issue cannot be resolved.

Seems odd that my comp would start sometimes if bootmgr was not present - surely it would either be there or not?

So basically wondering if there is anthing I can do, with a repair disk but no windows 7 disk to fix this. I run an old dual opteron 280 setup that could be failing I suppose - the hard disk is a samsung HD103SJ that is about as old as the windows install. Clean system so don't think malware is an issue.

Any help appreciated,



A:Bootmgr is missing or disk error on Windows 7 startup?

Sounds like your bootmgr is corrupt. If you can borrow a win 7 cd from someone you maybe able to repair it. Or you may just have to reinstall win 7 . Being you still have your key. That should not be a problem as long as win7 version you borrow. Is same version you used the frist time. But on the other side it may be your hard drive. If you can get into your windows now. I would try running a check disk on it. If you do get it back up and running. I would go into maintance on the main menu and make a system repair disk to be on the safe side.

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Hi there,

I'm running Windows XP sp3 and have a 500G Transcend USB external hard drive without external power and all was working very well, but suddenly Windows doesn't detect my hdd on startup, the Safely Remove Hardware item appears in the system tray and is showing the presence of the drive but it doesn't assign a drive letter to it and it also doesn't appear in My Computer untill I unplug it then replug it. Does anyone have a solution for this annoying problem. A little help is appreciated very much, thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Windows doesn't detect HDD on startup

The problem seems to be the HDD itself because i've tried another external HDD and it's working fine, what possibly can be the problem it's a very new HDD?

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This is my problem which is haunting me...
Before 5-6 months when I booted my laptop it showed me SMART hard disk error and a brief description that my hard disk is facing imminent failure and that to replace my data, I didn't care much about it, so what I did was used the laptop... Before a month or less than that time or note than a month my laptop became very very slow... When I click something it loads after like 10 mins at first but later all goes fine. This happened after each reboot. It look like 1 5mins to boot. And sometimes comes to the desktop and freeze that I'm forced to use the on/off button to switch it off and reboot it again,likewise 5-6 reboots will make the laptop boot properly.. So it happened continuously. So one day when I tried to on the laptop,it worked fine till that WINDOWS STARTING LOGO and after that it showed me the blue colour windows and it vanished from less than a second. So it happened continuously and then I tried to format it,, and it couldn't be formatted at a point called WINDOWS EXPANDING FILE 0% it stuck there and I've kept it like 30 minutes which at last ends up with a error. Then I again booted up, it showed me BOOTMGR is missing and to press certain keys to reboot. This was what happened. It is a laptop which was used 5 years without a virus guard and I was an internet surfer... Played many online games...

A:Bootmgr missing and hard disk error

What you explained that may be a virus issue, may be a hard disc failure, and many more things. .

If windows installation is not complete after formatting the hard drive, it should show a missing bootmgr.

In general (it has some exceptions as well), a virus should not be there after formatting a hard drive, so we can keep that possibility aside for the time being. Do the HDD test only right now.

As you cannot boot to the computer, you need to do a bootable disc check. Test the HDD using Seatools for DOS. See how it goes.

If it is free from errors, try to do a clean reinstall again.

If still fails, we need to blame any other hardware components .... but that comes later.

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I have Compaq Presario CQ60-615DX. Whenever I start it, I receive "Launch Startup Repair" and it never repairs any thing. Unfortunately, I don't have a recovery disk. Would you please give me some help?

A:Startup Repair Doesn't Repair Anything

Please read this tutorial fully, and follow all steps.

99% of the time all issues can be resolved with problems starting windows with this tutorial.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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Hello. I have a brand new Sony SVT13112FXS - hard drive is a hybrid of 500 GB HDD and 32 GB SDD.

I was attempting to reformat it to get all of the anti-virus stuff off, except when I tried to reformat no disks were shown in the reformat tool. It asked for drivers, so I assumed I'd need to install the SATA/chipset drivers. I downloaded them from the Sony website but it wouldn't allow me to install them (from a flash drive). Specifically the error is "No drives were found. Click load driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation."

In my troubleshooting I (stupidly) marked the wrong partition as active and got the dreaded "bootmgr is missing" upon restart. I attempted to repair using the windows 7 disk as a recovery tool and selected "startup repair" 3 times, but it still does not work.

I am able to get into command prompt and I am assuming I can inactivate the (wrong) active partition there. However, when I go into DISKPART and type "list disk", all that shows up is my flash drive that I am attempting to install windows from - the computers hard drive does NOT show up here.

I will also happily completely reformat instead of repairing, but I cannot do that since I can't get the disks to show up in the reformat tool.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

Edit: My next idea was to try Gparted - any thoughts?

A:bootmgr is missing - unable to view hard drives

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Bootmgr missing error. Dell Inspiron 560. DVD drive won't read disk to reload. Downloaded disk to USB n it won't reload. Changed boot options thru f12 key to no avail. Any suggestions? Ty. Also can't access command prompt or any recovery key. Please help.

A:Bootmgr missing no cd/DVD drive

Bootmgr is missing - Fix

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