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Monitor flicking between analog and hdmi

Q: Monitor flicking between analog and hdmi


I just purchased 2 new hard drives and a new copy of Windows 10 for my desk top set up. I removed my old hard drives and put the new ones in with the intention of installing the operating system. However, when I start up my new system my monitor only displays picture for a couple of minutes before it goes blank and flicks between HDMI and Analog not displaying any picture.

What I have tried:

Using a different brand monitor with a different socket into my graphics card.

Using a different graphics card.

Using different ports for my graphics card in the board.

Removing and cleaning graphics card and RAM.

I even got desperate and changed my system back to what I used a few days ago and my monitor still plays up.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get my picture back?

Preferred Solution: Monitor flicking between analog and hdmi

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Monitor flicking between analog and hdmi

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Good Day
I have a View Sonic G90f 19in monitor and is about 8 or 9 yeasrs old.
I have a Nvidia 8800GTS that is about 2 years old.
Lately I have been having problems with the monitor turning Off and then back On some times once in a while and sometime continuously.really no pattern to when it flicks on and off.
The Drivers are up to date for the V card.
I checked all the connections and everythings seems OK but still problem exist.
Settings are at 1280 x 1024 75 HTz 32 bit color.
I will open the cover and jiggle the V card but not sure if this would do anything.
Has anyone experienced anything like this?

A:Monitor flicking On and Off

If the problem only started recently and the monitor is 9 years old, it's likely it's dying. The only to know for sure is to swap in another monitor and see if it does the same thing.

-- Andy

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i have a lcd 19inch tv.vga monitor when i use it on my pc the monitor trips of sometimes it comes straight back on very bright or it sits on a black and silver screen and i have to press pc button on remote to get desktop back did change graphics card to a new one but still happens (nvida geforce 8500gt)so i took my monitor with the problems put it on my partners pc worked a treat no problems i put her monitor which is just a vga monitor not tv combo and it worked without flickering of how odd is that i cannot understand that maybe someone can on ere.

1280x1024 colour depth high 32bit refresh rate 60hz (monitor technosonis lcd1908)

A:monitor keeps flicking of line

are you running it at it's native resolution ?

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My monitor is just spazzing out, and I have no idea why. In fact I know it's not the monitor that's the problem because I switched my tower with my brother's tower to see what would happen (using the same monitor), and it works perfectly fine.

Just so you guys have some background...

My computer decided to crash at one point whilst I was playing music and using MSN messenger, not even letting me bring up task manager using ctrl+alt+delete. I had to manually restart the computer, but when the startup screen came up it had a really strange graphics issue where there were sketchy lines running through the screen, and when the DOS-looking screen came up (i.e. when checking if there's anything in the CD drive) all the characters were jumbled and scattered. What's worse, Windows didn't even start up...the screen just stayed blank after the Windows load screen. I attempted Safe Mode and the same thing occurred, so I'm guessing it is a hardware issue?

Just to be sure I tried putting my computer through system recovery with the disk that was provided with the computer, and surprisingly it did take me to Windows...the part where it starts checking for hardware drivers and goes through all the stuff that it does when you recover the system...however when it said it had to test the keyboard and mouse, and the screen may flicker for a few seconds my monitor started off with its very own issue. I waited at least 10 minutes, and it didn't stop.

Wh... Read more

A:Monitor is flicking itself on and off like crazy!

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Sony LCD is about 3 years old. Each time I get on the computer the screen begins flicking quickly, eventually slows and finally stops. As long as I keep the screen active it does not seem to happen. And every so often the screen goes green for a second or two (sometimes blue) and then comes back on when I click the mouse. Any suggestions?

A:Sony Monitor flicking on/off everytime pc is accessed

Replace with knowngood monitor. If problem still exists then you video card is toast

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I'm just curious as to why I see the black & white images on the top left corner my Monitor when I shut my W7 pc down? They don't appear together, but sequentially. Its no biggie, just curious,thank you.

A:HDMI, Digital & Analog

No idea. Could be your monitor text saying "no signal, going to sleep". Try and take a photo next time.

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I have a Windows Vista HP Pavilion Laptop and want to connect to my Analog Box TV through my HDMI port, so I can play videos/Clips/TV Programs from my computer to my TV. What kind of cable/adaper do I need to this and is it possible with my TV? My TV has a video and audio ouput in the front, which is currently connected to my cable box, so I now only receive CNN news and the rest of the challenges are Korean. Don't want to spend $300 for sattelite/fees, so am trying to get sports and FOX news through my computer websites.

A:HDMI laptop connection to Analog box TV

As far as I know there is not "adapter", you will need a converter box to convert the hdmi digital signal to analog, I don't see any using a Google search. The other problem is HDMI also carries the audio which will be lost even if there was a converter box available.

One other option is to look for a USB video card for that laptop.


If it were me, and its not, I would invest the $50+ towards a new TV with HDMI inputs.

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i have a question.

can win 8 play audio from hdmi and from the analog outpots which i have onboard at the same time ?

i have 2 amps connected to 1 computer and each one of the amps play music to other room.

my problem is that i can make them play at the same time and i need to choose which one is playing.

any one got an idea ?

A:can win 8 play audio via hdmi and from the analog exits ?

Like older operating systems, you can only have one default audio playback device.

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I just received my X1C7 laptop, I wanted to use it for monitoring purpose. I want to have at least 4 monitors connected (including the laptop monitor), for that, I have bought a Lenovo Powered USB-C Travel Hub which has HDMI/VGA/USB2/USB3/RJ45. This gives me two HDMI. This is what I have connected: to the HDMI of the laptop a Dell P2217H screen.to USB-C the Asus MB16AC screento USB-C  the Lenovo Powered USB-C Travel Hub HDMII can get those 3 monitors working together: Laptop monitorUSB-C Asus MB16AC screenUSB-C HDMI OR USB-C Lenovo Powered USB-C Travel Hub HDMII am not able to use both HDMI and the USB-C together but if I unplug the USB-C screen, I am now able to use two HDMI signal together.  I am on Linux dka 4.19.0-6-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.19.67-2+deb10u1 (2019-09-20) x86_64 GNU/Linux How can I get two HDMI + USB-C monitors working at the same time? My bet is that this laptop does not support 2 HDMI monitor + 1 USB-C Monitor. I haven't tried on windows but is that even working on Windows?I have another USB3 screen Asus MB168B+. It uses DisplayLink driver, it does not have official support for Debian but theoretically, could it work as an extra screen considering I can't use (yet) two HDMI + 1 USB-C screen together.  

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I have recently face very bad experience with my Lenovo TP Yoga and HDMI port, only one to connect external monitor. I have bought the cable HDMI  - mini HDMI and it did not work, so I called the support (Czech Republic) they told me that the warranty is over and they can change only the main board - cost app 70% of the new Yoga. So I ask them to do the test before. Surprisingly the answer was the pert is ok and it works. I ask them what cable they used, answer was ordinary cable ..... It is long frustrated story. Finaly my IT just by coincidence tried ANALOG reduction to HDMI and it works. I don?t understand at all why the support did not tell me that it works only with ANALOG and more why HDMI port works only with ANALOG reduction, some of the monitors even don?t have it anymore. On top of that nobody from Czech support really cares, 12 month warranty gone (Yoga is 15 month old) so who cares ...My conclusion is NOT TO BUY LENOVO ANY MORE

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I bought a LCD montior,went home,unplugged the 1999 monitor from
the computer, plugged in the lcd monitor,ran the software.

3 weeks later , i love the picture,but am i done? did i forget a major step?
When the Lcd boots on, i get a square box that says digital...than analog.
My video card(about 4 years old now)-and-my new monitor
ATI Technologies Inc. RADEON 9000 Series - Secondary
SyncMaster 731B/731BF/731BA(Analog) 1280 x 1024 34 x 27 cm 1296380215 June 2006

A:Solved: Just went from CRT monitor to LCD monitor...digital/analog

Did you get a DVI Cable with the Monitor.
It's best to have the DVI Cable from the VGA Card to the Monitor.

If your VGA Card has no DVI output then you might want to think about getting a VGA to DVI Adaptor

Otherwise it will be OK as it is.

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I just bought a new pc with a flat digital monitor and GeForce 5200 card. The guy at the store said I should connect both the regular VGA cable and the DVI cable (although I don't see why).

Here's the problem:

When I go into the Nvidia interface it seems that there are more settings for the analog monitor than for the digital. For instance, the analog settings allow for greater resolution. When I set the digital settings at a resolution of 1280x1024 - the screen has flickering spots. And the refresh rate on the digital monitor is fixed at 60 hertz while the analog allows the choice of 60, 70, 72 or 75

My question is did I waste money for the more expensive DVI? Is there a noticeable difference between the two? Am I missing something in the setup?Why do the analog settings offer more options?


Pentium 4
Windows XP Home
512 RAM
GeForce 5200
AOC Flat DVI Monitor

A:DVI vs Analog Monitor

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Hi, what type of LCD monitor should i get?
DVI or Analog? I've heard that the DVI creates a better, crisper image.
Can anyone confirm this?


A:LCD Monitor DVI or Analog?

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I've bought a new samsung monitor and it has ports for VGA (analog) and DVI (for digital?) and my screen resolution was way off compare to the size of my monitor's screen so I thought changing to digital was a way to go but when I checked the back of my PC, it only had VGA port... no DVI port... is there any way for me to change my monitor's resolution to digital? because I heard in order for you to get the digital resolution my PC also need to have DVI port and not just monitor.

Thank you

A:My new monitor analog to digital

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I have a HP Slimline PC and a SyncMaster 2343(BWPlus/BWXPlus)(Analog) Monitor. The monitor two connection options. It has a standard VGA & DVI-D Single Link. The PC only has the VGA(BLUE)connection. If I use an adapter,(DVI-D single link male 18+1 to VGA female) will my monitor then switch to digital?

A:How do I get digital rather than analog from my monitor

No sorry, only Analog. Your computer needs DVI_D output or HDMI.

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LCD Monitor-analog or digital?

A friend who has a standard monitor now, is thinking about buying an LCD monitor. Should I steer her towards analog or digital? If it's digital, does she need to install a new video card?
LCD Monitor-analog or digital?

A:LCD Monitor-analog or digital?

I would steer her towards digital as there are adaptors available (pretty cheap I might add) that allows you to connect a DB15 connection (Standard ole' VGA) to a DVI connection. That way she will have the benefit of going digital in the future if she desires. Both of the LCDs I bought even came with one of these adaptors. Also, many of the current cards on the market have both a DB15 and a DVI connector.

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Hello and thanks in advance,

I just saw a pretty good deal on a new computer with a 17" monitor. The monitor is analog. I don't know the difference between an analog and a digital monitor. ... Is an analog monitor good enough? Is a digital monitor much better?

(I will be doing basic things -- spreadsheets, and accounting software -- and not intensive graphics work.)

Thanks again ... RB

A:Is an Analog Monitor Good Enough?

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LCD Monitor-analog or digital?

A friend who has a standard monitor now, is thinking about buying an LCD monitor. Should I steer her towards analog or digital? If it's digital, does she need to install a new video card?

A:LCD Monitor-analog or digital?

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This is probably a stupid question yet I must ask it.

I have a new Gateway 4831 with a ATI Radeon HD 5770 video card. I am running two monitors off it -an old CRT monitor and a Samsung 932B flat screen. I have downloaded the Manufacturer's Win7 driver. The Samsung can connect to the computer either with a digital DVI cable (digital) or with a VGA (analog) cable. I am currently connected with a VGA cable and with a DVI-VGA adapter hanging off the video card. This is mostly due to the fact that I don't have a DVI cable and do have the VGA cable.

Question: would the monitor perform dramatically better in digital mode with a DVI cable or would any improvement be minor?



Note: I don't have any major complaints with my monitor - I just don't know what I am missing!

A:Analog or digital monitor selection

Dramatically? No. Would it be a better choice, yes. A Guy

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My Acer G215H is connected to my nVidia GT 430 via DVI, but in every monitor-related settings screen is says it's analog. The driver for said monitor includes both analog and digital drivers. It's actually very irritating to get 1080P but only at 60Hz. Solution?

A:Monitor detected as analog but is digital

Quote: Originally Posted by Fhadso

My Acer G215H is connected to my nVidia GT 430 via DVI, but in every monitor-related settings screen is says it's analog. The driver for said monitor includes both analog and digital drivers. It's actually very irritating to get 1080P but only at 60Hz. Solution?

Sorry but you should read the specs.
PS both my monitors run at 60Hz and I have no problem with this

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I have just bought a new card for my pc. Its an XFX 7900GS 256MB (PCI EXPRESS)

It has two DVI outputs. My monitor has both analog and DVI connections

When I connect my new card via the DVI cable, my monitor doesn't turn on.

However when I use the monitor analog cable and use the dvi to analog converter my monitor works fine.

Previously I had an NVIDIA 6200TC card and it was connected to my monitor via a dvi cable with no problems

EDIT: I have connected the monitor to my other computer which has an NVIDIA 6600 256MB via a DVI cable and it works with that computer too.

Is the problem the Monitor or the Card?

A:Monitor only turns on using Analog cable.

Well if it works with another DVI card then it likely isn't the monitor. Will the monitor litterally not turn on (as in, no power light, no nothing) or will it simply not recieve signal or display something?

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Hi....sry for the confusing title....i myself dont know what to put as this is quite a confusing matter for me...hope u guys can help me out here...this is the problem.

Im running on windows vista ultimate on a laptop
My graphics card is ATI Radeon X1400 256 mb

I have revently bought a Playstation 3 and i would like to connect it to my CHIMEI CMV 221D 22inch LCD monitor. On the other hand i would also like to connect my laptop to my external LCD monitor. My monitor has a digital and analog port. My laptop ONLY has a DVI port.

I connected the DVI port on my laptop to the DVI port on the 22inch LCD and it works fine.
I connected the HDMI port on my playstation 3 to the DVI port on my LCD and it works fine too.

Wat i tried to do is to connect my playstation 3 to the DVI port, convert the DVI port on my laptop to analog and connect my monitor to my laptop using analog. The monitor displayed the playstation 3 however when i tried to switch it to analog mode it doesnt display anything and jumps back to my PS3.....Pls help

A:Need Help: LCD monitor:Ps3 to digital and laptop to analog

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I changed my computer's screen resolution. All of a sudden, i get an error message: Analog out of range 74.1 Khz / 60 Khz whenever i boot my computer (after the log on screen) what do i do to fix this ? I'm running LINUX-Ubuntu so going safe mode and changing the resolution there won't work - help?

A:Analog error message on my LG monitor !

Pulling out your motherboard battery (after you unplug power cord) may set your bios back to a default setting that will allow your monitor to operate again. Good Luck. (Wait about thirty seconds before you replace battery).

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I can find many references to problems with "analog out of range" but none with answers that have worked for me. Scenario:

I have an Intel 82865G video card in a Dell Dimension B110 (I know, I know, crappy computer, non-upgradable video card, PCI only).

However, that notwithstanding I have an LG 2061TQ 20" widescreen monitor that I hooked up about two weeks ago. It worked fine for about a week and then all of a sudden when I start my computer I get past the BIOS screen and then it all goes black and up pops a blue dialogue box that says "analog out of range - 93.5 Khz / 75 Hz" and then nothing. If I shutdown and go into Safe Mode and then to device manager there is NO monitor at all.

If I shut back down and hook up a Dell 15" LCD monitor it detects as a standard plug and pray and works fine. I updated ALL of my drivers and then got this cool idea to disable the small Dell monitor. I restarted thus creating a second plug and pray Dell monitor. I updated one of them using the LG 2061 driver and then disabled the other Dell monitor leaving ONLY the LG widescreen available. I shut down and reconnected the widescreen. I started up and it worked beautifully... until I restarted my computer and then back to the "analog out of range" error. I have been through this several times - if I update the LG driver and then disable the Dell pnp and restart the widescreen works fine until I shut it down and restart it.

The LG widescreen works fine o... Read more

A:Solved: LG Monitor - Analog Out Of Range...

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I just bought this: Acer - S2 Series 23" Widescreen Flat-Panel LED Monitor - S232HL

It supports VGA, DVI and HDMI. I updated my specs. I have it hooked up using the DVI cable rather than the HDMI, because I didnt feel like looking for my HDMI>Mini HDMI adapter, plus at only 1920x1080 @ 60hz, there wouldn't be any difference anyways right? (I don't plan to use HDCP stuff right now so)

Anyway, hopefully this doesn't really mean anything, and well the display looks incredible to be honsest, but this is what I see that bothers me: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y29...X560TI_DVI.jpg

It says Analog, just for kicks I updated/reintalled the driver, makes no difference, it always says 'Analog' next to the panel model. Does this matter? Should I dig out my adapter to use HDMI to be sure I'm getting the best quality possible?

Thanks for any help, I'm usually decent with this stuff, but this is just a bit confusing, I can't imagine why it would say Analog.

A:New Monitor hooked up via DVI, but Win7 says analog?

I have the exact same monitor and it shows the same thing. It is likely a typo/misprint in the driver INF, which if you're feeling real adventurous you can try and find the line in the INF for it and change it manually. And no it doesn't affect how the monitor works or is detected, just in how it is listed in Device Manager and Windows display settings.

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I just purchased the Samsung B2030 monitor. The Geek Squard told me that it should operate in digital rather than analog. When I first turned it on, a box on the screen flashed first Analog and then Digital. I did nothing because I figured that the monitor would be self-adjusting with the PC. (WIN7). Now when I turn on the monitor, the box says Analog before disappearing. My questions are "Should I continue using it in Analog? If not, how do I change it to Digital?"

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I've had this problem for a while now. I have absolutely no idea what's causing it. At first it was occasional, then it increased in frequency, and now it's all it does. I'm at a point where I can't even use my home computer.

When I start my pc, everything sounds like it's working fine. All fans run, video card fires up, no strange noises. But nothing ever comes up on my monitor.

It stays black with a sign in the upper left corner that flashes between Analog and Digital. It does that for a few seconds, then it goes completely black and the power button flashes, like it's in sleep mode.

I recently replaced my motherboard with a new one (same board, just new), also replaced my processor last night. Still the same issue.

Here's my list of hardware, running Windows Vista 32-bit

Motherboard - Asus M2A-VM AM2 (new)
Processor - AMD Athlon 64 x2 (new)
Video Card - nVidia GeForce 9800 GX2
Memory - 2x G Skill 240 Pin DDR2 2gb (4gb total)
Monitor - Samsung 22' monitor

Any help on this issue would be much appreciated. I've been struggling with it for months, it would be nice to not think about it anymore lol

A:My monitor switches between Analog and Digital while black

What model Samsung monitor do you have? I had one of their 22-inch Touch of Color monitors a few years ago and it gave some problems.

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Lately i changed my computer's screen resolution (Linux ubuntu) all of a sudden the screen goes black, with the error message "Analog out of range 74.1 Khz / 60 Khz" in the middle. I can access the log-in screen, but after that its nothing. Does anybody know how i could fix this? help much appreciated!

A:Analog out of range error message on my monitor

Did you try pushing the monitor pass it limit of RES?
Did you try changing out the Video card or overclocking it?
Did you change something in the OS driver for Video?

Pretty much that's the cause of why you see that message.

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I just bought a new dell XPS 400 desktop with a Dell E196FP monitor. I've had it for 2 days and have been battling headaches the whole time I've been using the monitor. I'm sensitive to refresh rates and getting migraines. This is the first LCD monitor I've used other than my laptops that I use all the time.

I was told to use a DVI cable instead of the analog cable. My video card has that connection but it doesn't look like the monitor does. Any ideas or am I just stuck with analog?

Is there anything else I can change with the monitor that might help? I keep seeing on the web that the refresh rate on LCDs is not the same technology as the CRTs and its not that helpful with this issue.



A:Solved: Dell LCD monitor analog question

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Hello: I hope someone can help me out. Here is the subject my fathers laptop Toshiba Satellite A60-SP159 video card ATI MOBILITY RADEON 7000 IGP in display configuration do have 1- multiple monitors as default but the 2-multiple monitors options should have analog tv option but it says default plug and play and default at monitor 2 options how can i add without the video card drivers cd the analog tv option for me to see desktop on any tv with rca video in?

A:s-video analog tv monitor type problem

hmm my toshiba goes something like this...Display properties...settings....advanced...display device...battery just died on it so I can't test it.Need a new power cord,stuck using one that has 1/2 the req amps so its a little hard on it. Good Luck Hmm just reread your post maybe you can download drivers from the toshiba website

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My XPS 8700 doesnt have a NVidia HDMI port. What  are my options to fix this if I want to connect to my monitor using an HDMI cable (without using adapters of course)? Is there a way to connect to my monitor via the HDMI port located in the middle left of the model? What is the latter HDMI port used for if it cant  connect to a tv/pc monitor? 

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I have this 'Intel GMA 4500M' video card. I am trying to connect it to my analogue TV. It has a VGA output on the laptop which would mean it would send an analog signal. I have to connect it to the TV through an VGA to RCA adapter on the TV. When I plug it into the TV with a vga to rca connector I do NOT get a picture. So I really don't know if it doesn't support analog or if I'm using the wrong adapter. Is there an analog signal coming out of the video card?

It says on the WEB it also supports dvi but i don't know if that's DVI-D, DVI-I or DVI-A.

Laptop is toshiba L305 S5933

I haven't been able to get my question answered on Google so I am asking here.

A:Will My Intel GMA 4500M Integrated Video card send an analog signal to my analog TV

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i have a Acer Aspire M5800-U5802A and on start up i went into its settings by pressing delete.

i set the settings to default and now i cant see anything on the monitor.

so i attached my desktop to my hdtv and it auto synced with it fixing the problem both on the monitor and hdtv (hooked up seperatly)

but then i went back to the same settings while booting up computer i pressed delete and it opened up a list of options that i reset to default.

now its black again, both on my hdtv and monitor.

my question is; is there a way i can get my desktop to auto sync with my hdtv or monitor so that it can recognize it?

computer is fine and not broken, no beep problem no ram problem just a settings problem.

id appreciate any help. thanks.

A:Solved: analog power saving mode LG Monitor

im going to try and use another monitor tomorrow and see if it automaticcaly syncs and resets the settings so something shows up on the monitor. looks like im on my own.

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I just dont get it. My monitor is currently hooked up digitally (dvi) to an xbox 360 and vga wise to the actual computer. I can run the xbox 360 fine but the computer I am having problems with. I came home and for some reason the monitor acted like it was asleep. I finally restarted the computer but when it got to the xp loading screen and startup screen there were black lines at some points in the screen.

Then the startup screen stayed as my background and I couldn't click on anything; well I could but nothing would happen for about a minute. During this time, the screen would flicker. I just dont get it. I don't think it is the monitor, I think it is the video card. If it has never acted up in years (its an old 128mb agp card). I did try overclocking it a little bit with riva tuner but that was over 4-5 months ago. What is the deal?

A:Monitor flickering on analog but fine on digital, computer acting up

It was fine for parts of today but now it is doing it again. I just don't understand what is going on. Do you guys need more information or what? Windows xp sp2.

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So this started a few days ago, out of the blue. i didnt install anything or change anything. i fired up batman arkham city on my pc (i played that game before on my pc, this was routine), and when going ingame, monitor went black, and gave me that Analog , Digital thing at the upper left corner. then it'll play that Hardware unplugged sound (im on a xp). Screen will stay black and go to sleep mode.

I ran 3dmark 06, same thing happened.

Now, i'm getting no artifacts, no tears, no weird visual glitches. games will even let me go ingame and play for about 2 minutes before the screen shuts down. computer will run fine, 2d is great, videos run great, gpu temps are between 47 to 55 on idle. 75 to 95 on full throttle

i was thinking of dust bunnies or dirt in general inside my gpu's heatsink and around my gpu. i was gonna open the heatsink, but the screws are really tight, and i only have one of those handle-less drivers : http://creamyg.hugelaser.com/Projects/CES_Log/Photo_Log/CES_Log02/Thin_Screwdriver.jpg

What do i do? can't afford a new gpu now.

A:Monitor goes out of sync (shows the analog, digital thing) when in game

Ok, i opened up the heatsink, it was pretty dirty, so i cleaned everything up.
I reinstalled the GPU on its usual port, and it wouldn't give me an image. So i set it on another port, and voila, image. i doubt it fixed my problem though.

I'm gonna report later if it goes out of sync again

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About six months ago while playing WOW, my monitor went black and lost its analog signal.

My first thoughts were that it had simply overheated as the fan on the power supply had gone out a while back. I could reboot the computer and it would work for a bit <anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour> then black out again.

I replaced the power supply. Booted the computer worked fine for a few hours, went back on WOW and black out again.

Next I replaced the video card, nope, still would go black and lose the analog signal. So I finally figured it must be the monitor, so I replaced the monitor.

This seemed to work fine. I had no problems for about four months. I have NOT been on WOW for four months, other than a few quick log ins.

The first monitor, that I thought had a problem, I kept. I have since tried it on other machines, and it blacks out on other machines as well, so I was convinced that I had fixed the problem.

I went on WOW earlier this week and all was well, I ran a raid and everything seemed fine. Last night, however, black out again. Same thing as the first monitor.

I am stumped here, because the first monitor does not work on ANY machine now. Is there anything that the motherboard can be doing that actually damages the analog signal to the monitors and breaks them? It is not the video card, that too was replaced. Is there anyway that WOW can actually break a monitor? That just sounds kinda far fetched to me. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you
 ... Read more

A:Strange problem with monitor losing analog signal and shutting down.

What is your GPU, and mobo?

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I have an Asrock ION 330 HT BD with a Sony Bravia 720p attached (HDMI to HDMI). When I start up my PC, the screen remains black. Only after I plug in a second monitor, both screens work just fine. When I pull the second monitor out, the Bravia also stops getting a signal. Seems a bit weird.. How can I get it to work with just the Bravia attached?


A:HDMI to HDMI only working with second monitor attached

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Have you made sure your graphics card driver is up to date?

Have you tried starting your PC up in safe mode and seeing if the problem still persists?

Please ensure you have done both of these and then post back; it would also be helpful if we knew your system specifications which you can fill in under 'User CP'.

Also does the task bar appear on the primary monitor or secondary monitor?


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I have a video card with both a DVI and an HDMI output and a monitor with only an HDMI input. Should I connect my monitor to my PC with an HDMI cable or with a DVI - HDMI cable?

A:Should I use an HDMI or HDMI-DVI cable to connect to my monitor?


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my dell monitor is stuck in ANALOG power save/standby mode. It tells me to move my mouse or press any key on the keyboard but this still doesn't take it out of this mode

A:dell fpt1704 monitor stuck in ANALOG power save\standby mode

have you tried specifically the space bar?
Check out your cable running from the PC to the monitor. Make sure it is plugged in securely to both the video card and the monitor.

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I have been looking for verification that if I buy the Dell 24 Gaming Monitor – S2417DG and attach it to my Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567 HDMI that I will get full 2560x1440 resolution refresh rate 165 Hz with 1ms response as the Monitor specs are listed.
I can find no information that the HDMI will pass this level of output.
I have talked to Dell tech support and they do say that the HDMI port is connected directly to the  NVIDIA  GeForce GTX 1050T i with 4GB GDDR5 but I also have seen information that HDMI will not support this.
So I am looking for verification on this configuration being compatible/able to output the full capabilities of the video card to the monitor via the on board HDMI output?

A:Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567 HDMI Specs/Does HDMI out support full bandwidth for G-SYNC Dell Gaming Monitor – S2417DG

First of all, G-Sync as far as I know requires DisplayPort and will not run on HDMI.  Even if it does, I don't think even HDMI 2.0 has enough bandwidth for 1440p @ 165 Hz.  And even if it does though, all of the Dell systems I've seen have only had HDMI 1.4, which is only enough for 1440p @ 60 Hz.  But even if all of that isn't a problem, does the Inspiron 7567 have ONLY a GeForce GPU, or does it have an Intel GPU plus a GeForce GPU?  If it's the latter, G-Sync will definitely not work because in almost all systems that have both GPUs, only the Intel GPU is directly wired to the display outputs.  If your system has ONLY the GeForce GPU, then G-Sync should work in theory, but again you may have the bandwidth problems I mentioned above.

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So eagerly i tought to buy this cool looking laptop for a huge $2000 i needed it to output to a hdmi monitor ot TV so sometimes i could see movies as well, now i had to buy the special DA200 dell adaptor and in the past 3 weeks it`s been a complete nightmare, i WAS NEVER ABLE to make it work permanently. The chat support was no help at all usually simply resuming to try and replace the part but i do think the part is good and i didn't feel like waiting 2 weeks for it to ship from china.

The ethernet and usb work on the DA200 adaptor , EXCEPT HDMI.  SOMETIMES it would work briefly until next restart, i had tried everything ever available on the internet. The laptop is running Windows 10 (as it`s restricted to that version, i tried to install other versions with lots of issues and compatibility issues) so  i have installed reinstalled and installed different versions of the video driver for all possible windowses and none worked. what did work was very brief until next restart and that usually happened when i had a fresh windows install, after the first restart i will get a non working hdmi again.  

I have tried several hdmi cables so i know it`s not the hdmi cable or the tv ot the monitor. and nobody seems to be able to help!!

A:dell xps 13 9450 (2015 new version) does not output HDMI to tv or monitor via special dell DA200 Hdmi adaptor

Oops I see my first post got sent, even if the website failed...
Anyay.. I talked to Dell Support and they told me to update the firmware for:
Intel (R) Thunderbolt 3 Firmware Update
(version 02.05.04,A00)
downloaded forn Dell.com/support
Enter your service tag and you will find it under Chipset on the driver download page.
That fixed it for me!
It was a known issue for the guy i talked to.

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I have the 2nd setup through a vga to hdmi cable but it just sits there black with "check signal cable."

2nd monitor is an lg2241


- multiple re-boots
- downloaded a driver from LG but don't see that it did any kind of install. Double clicking it's zip file opened it and clicking on the three files did nothing but open gibberish code.
- at screen resolution I see multiple displays and I have it set on extended.
- Clicked detect and identify
- #2 says display device on vga
- tried unplugging and reconnecting the cable (hdmi to vga)

I'm lost. SOS!



A:Dual monitor setup hdmi to vga on 2nd monitor shows nothing

Dave welcome to the Seven Forums.

That cable won't work unless the VGA port on the computer/laptop supports digital (highly unlikely), as VGA is an analogue signal and HDMI is digital. To get it to work you would need some kind of converter not an adapter, which that cable essentially is.

Assuming this is your monitor,

LG E2241V-BN: 22" Full HD LED LCD Monitor | LG USA

is says it has a VGA port on it. If it does then just use a plain old VGA cable.

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Monitor is plugged in vga. Toshiba tv us plugged in hdmi. When I turn my computer on it thinks the tv is the vga monitor. If I unplug the tv and have just the monitor it recognises it but if I then plug in my TV. It then switches to that screen and won't return to the monitor even if I unplug my tv. It won't play sound through my tv or recognise it as one. I can't use windows and P as it does nothing. I want the monitor to be primary and tv as secondary with sound. Help me please

A:How do I add hdmi tv as secondary monitor and vga monitor as primary m

sweksybaby welcome to the Seven Forums.

This should be what you are looking for,

Display - Change Main Display

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Hi guys,

I decided to purchase a Samsung LED monitor and have connected it up to my pc using a HDMI cable. I recieve the picture on the screen but no audio, been spending the majority of today trying to solve the issue but have landed short.

My set up is a AMD A10-5800K APU, 8 GB ram and using windows 7 64 bit. The monitor I purchased is a Samsung LED monitor T32E310EX.

Currently the speaker symbol has an x next to it, when I click it it tries to fix the problem. When I right click it and go to playback device it shows Digital Audio HDMI (High Definition Audio Device) as my default device but no sound bars next to it. If anyone could help me out that would be great thanks

A:New monitor, HDMI connection between Pc and monitor but no sound

Have you configured your speaker setup to use Monitor Speakers rather than external speakers?

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Hi: I'm have HP Pavilion P6140f computer with LG Flatron W2061TQ monitor. The computer is a few months old, I had the monitor before the computer but it is fairly new as well. Everything worked beautifully for a few months, then I started getting a dark screen with "Analog our of range 126.1 KHz/240Hz" displayed when the computer was not being used for a while. My only recourse was to turn off the computer by holding the off button. I am now getting this once or twice a day. HP recommends that you not turn off the computer at all, just put it in the sleep mode when not in use, so I'm worried that I might be harming the computer by turning it off this way. Is there another way to turn it off in this situation without just holding the off switch? Also, is there a way to recover back to the normal screen display from the "analog out of range" display? I have put the resolution to the recommended 1600X900 at 60 Hz and have checked for up to date drivers. I have noticed that there are a lot of LG monitor problems with this same "out of range" scenario when you Google this problem, so I'm pretty sure that it is the monitor and not the computer that is the bad guy. Short of buying another monitor (probably an HP this time) or changing the video card to one that will be compatible to the LG (not sure what that would be) is there something else that I could try first. Thanks for any help you can give.

A:LG Monitor displays "Analog out of range"

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lenova g580 no screen work with windows 10, work only from hdmi monitor.build in monitor do not work.how do repair?

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