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after standby for low battery pc immediately return on

Q: after standby for low battery pc immediately return on

ive configured win7 to go in standby at 1% battery power remaining and to show a warning at 6% but after 6% warning when it goes at 5% it goes in standby (actually this could be normal cause 5% could be the minimum power to be shure windows to react so its ok)

BUT after going in standby it immediately came back from it and the pc is already on, with the battery at 0% and after 2 minutes the pc ends battery and shut off with no more energy without caming back to standby or any other

in win7rc win at 5% was going in standby and than coming back just to go in hibernation, i think cause it calculate that 5% wasnt not enough to keep up standby but now it just go in standby and came back immediately.

somebody can help to keep stanby without caming back immediately or just to let it automatically going in hibernation after stanby if not enough battery is remaining?

Preferred Solution: after standby for low battery pc immediately return on

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: after standby for low battery pc immediately return on

nobody can help?
this is really important

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Hugely disappointed. Lenovo seem to ignore posts on their social media so posting here in final desperation. Just bought a brand new Lenovo Yoga 520. During setup the thing just fell over to the Oops screen, restarted and is now stuck at the 'Just A Moment' screen and has been for around an hour and a half now. I truly hate lousy tech and wondered what to do and whether this is how it's going to be. Is there anything I can do and it not then it's back to the retailer to get my money back? I've never owned Lenovo before, but instead brands like Toshiba, Dell and Apple who have never let me down and had heard good things about so am hugely disappointed but life it just too short to have to workaround sloppy badly built tech. Any help and advice welcome before I get rid of this thing.

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Hello all,

I'm facing this problem with a second account (simple user without password) that i have in my computer.

When i press the Login button, the Desktop screen it's appear for 2-3 seconds and it get me back to the Login Screen without doing anything. It is look like a "fake" log out.

And I mean fake because, with an Administrator user account i can log on normally. Also, the same time i can see that the other account who's fascinating the problem it's still logged on.

I looked at the Event Viewer for errors and i get this all the time:

I made an another account as the previous (simple user) and i can log in normally.

Any idea of what is's going wrong with this account?

Thank you

A:Windows return to Log In Screen immediately after Success Log In

tenHater said:

Any idea of what is's going wrong with this account?

Sounds like the account has accidentally been set up with Assigned Access (known as Kiosk Mode in Windows 10). Whether you ticked the wrong box while creating the account or it is a corrupted profile is difficult to tell. If you have Home it's definitely the latter...

Microsoft TechNet said:

Set up a kiosk on Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, or Education
A single-use or kiosk device is easy to set up in Windows 10 for desktop editions (Pro, Enterprise, and Education).


How-To Geek said:

To leave Assigned Access mode on Windows 10, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete


However it was created the Kiosk Mode is not working properly, it should launch into single app when you sign in. I'd delete the account and make another one.

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My computer came with 8.0. I upgraded to 8.1 because of issues with 8.0. When I click on most of the apps on the start page (store, weather, maps, calendar, etc.), the app briefly displays the green or blue or purple startup page and then flips me back to the start screen. If I move my cursor to the upper left corner I see that the app is there, but if I click on it I get flipped right back to the start screen. I have tried creating a new user and when I log in as the new user the apps work. I suppose I can go through the effort of setting up all of my older programs for the new user but it seems like a lot of work since it appears that I have to set each one up separately. Is there a fix for the apps in my original user or is there an easy way to "clone" all of the desktop applications I have set up on my original user configuration?

A:Most apps open but immediately return me to the START page

Hello dbjernin, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you like, going through the listed troubleshooting items in the tutorial below may be able to help fix this for you.

Apps and Tiles Not Working or Responding: Fix in Windows 8

Hope this helps for now,

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When my computer is set to Standby, it immediately restarts. If I restore to a prior time, it works for a while but then reverts to restart after standby. Could this be a virus that my virus scan has not caught?Thanks - Removed member's email address

A:Standby Immediately Followed By Restart

Hi, I have this problem as well, i found if i put my pc on standby qickley it would re-start, if i loged off first it was ok, i also saw on a forum site the same prob & the reply was that some thing was still doing something on your pc, i found out it was the signal to my wireless keyboard & mouse that made mine re-start.

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Hello everyone,

I'm having an issue that I also had with the Windows 7 Beta.

Basically, power management does not work.

My monitor does not go to sleep after the set amount of time.

Standby doesn't work at all -- even if I manually put it into standby, it comes right back out immediately.

My BIOS is set to use S1&S3 suspend. The motherboard isn't that old so it certainly is ACPI 2.0 compliant. (It is an Asus P5N32-E SLI, which is an nForce 680i board)

I MUST have working power management, so I'm pretty disappointed by this.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!

PS I have already disabled WOL for my network card.

A:Win7 immediately comes out of standby

Ive had this with the 7057
Wich version are you using?

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I have a problem in the BIOS suspend/resume capabilities, I currently have the "StandBy" setting at S3/STR in the BIOS, so when I choose to suspend from Windows, the computer almost completely powers down...

---> I clicked Start > Turn off the computer > Suspend and watched Windows XP Pro's blue "Preparing to stand by...." screen, then the system suspended...

----------- Then a blackout occured while the system was in standby mode...

------> Then when I press the power button the ATX chassis (after power was back on), the Green Power LED comes on, and all the fans spin up and I can see the D-LED bracket going through the first two phases: "Early Chipset Initialization" and "Init Onboard Memory Size" (as documented by the 865PE manual)...for ONLY 2 seconds, then everything turns back off (the fans stop, power LED goes off, CPU off...etc.), then it tries to turn on back again.... and so on, constantly looping the first 2 phases....so once I suspend the PC it cannot get back to normal mode....

--------> Through trial and error and eliminating any of my components to be the issue, I temporarily got it to boot by removing one RAM module and pressing Reset on the case, twice, then turning it off again, and re-inserting the RAM module, then power back on....

---> After that, I was able to reproduce the problem several times, with the same solution....(even tried to reset BIOS but same results)

------------>... Read more

A:Computer won't return from standby! Help!

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I have a huge problem with my computer at home. My son was on facebook playing one of the games and he clicked on a gift. Something popped up (he doesn't remember what) and now my computer is doing crazy things. First the keyboard locked up...then we restarted and before any of the bios stuff or loading windows a screen popped up covered in symbols like smiley faces and hearts. Then everything started loading and the computer immediately entered standby mode.

I restarted in safe mode and ran avg and malware bytes, they found nothing. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for your time,

A:My computer immediately enters standby

Hello and welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:


After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

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My new windows 7 laptop is sometimes crashing while in sleep mode. The flashing power light goes out and when you press the power button the computer turns on as if it's been off. Upon rebooting it says it's had a BSOD. The code was 9f. I've looked around a bit and some people seem to think this might be to do with network card/drivers however the device manager is reporting no problems.

Here's the BSOD report:
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 5129

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 9f
BCP1: 0000000000000003
BCP2: FFFFFA8004090060
BCP3: FFFFF80003AE74D8
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1

Also I found this windows hotfix which I think may fix the problem but it says to only use it if you are having the specific problem mentioned: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/977186

Thanks in advance

A:Laptop Crashes on return from standby

Hi this is some info on your error code
(Click to consult the online Win XP Resource Kit article.)
A driver is in an inconsistent or invalid power state. Typically occurs during events that involve power state transitions, such as shutting down, or moving into or out of standby or hibernate mode.
0x0000009F: DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE {KB 246243} Win 2000, Win XP
Computer Hangs During Shutdown Because of Resource Conflict {KB 262575} Win 2000 (during Safe Mode shutdown with PACE InterLok software)
Computer Hangs During Shutdown Because of Resource Conflict {KB 314101} Win XP (during Safe Mode shutdown with PACE InterLok software)
Stop 0x9F error when waking a Windows Vista-based computer connected to an IEEE 1394-based device {KB 929762} Vista (external drives, iPod, etc. ? hotfix available)
info found here http://aumha.org/a/stop.htm Please follow the instructions here

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Hi, There seems to be a problem with the power management on my T570. I have two batteries, and I think the main one to be used is the battery 2. Sometimes, I'll be working unplugged, and my computer randomly turns off. Not the usual "Windows turning off" sequence, but an immediate blackout with no feedback. When I turn the computer back on, I see that Battery 2 is at 0% and Battery 1 is now in use. It does seem to be a problem in the power management, no? Thank you,Fred

A:My computer turns off immediately when Battery 2 reaches 0%, even if Battery 1 is 100%

Sounds like power management or battery reporting status wrong.  Are you still under warranty? If yes, call support first.  Can you get (borrow) another battery to try?

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I have a sony vaio laptop---everything works fine apart from that about 50% of the time when I close the lid and it goes into standby, the system goes to blue screen and restarts when I open the lid again. (it restarts too quickly for me to see what is written on the blue screen).
Note: this ONLY ever happens when the master wireless networking switch is turned to ON (i'm pretty sure it doesn't matter whether or not I'm actually connected to a wireless network)

Any help would be much appreciated as this is super annoying.



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Hi people,

Seems a nice forum for helping people. So I joined.
Now, I just bought a Fujitsu S6120D without software/drivers. Installed XP(SP2) on it. Everything is fine except that the monitor does not come back after standby mode. I can see the Caps, Num keys working, HD working and fan runs as well. But I cant understand why the display does not come back. I have seen 2-3 display drivers online, tried them but no sucess. I would appreciate if anyone can help me fix this issue. (also to mention that there are two devices visible in device manager which cant find their drivers. My graphics display driver is Intel 82852/82855 chipest and is installed.)

A:Fujitsu S6120D display does not return from Standby mode

Double check all your drivers and downloads. This can often be a chipset issue. And the incorrect driver can also be the cause.

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Basically anytime my computer requires my login and password to get back to the desktop, after I hit <enter> it takes way over a minute to come back. I can hit <ctrl+alt+del>, then <k> to lock the screen, immediately try to log back in and it will take over a minute to show me my desktop again.

I don't know where to begin to troubleshoot this. I also have Ubuntu installed on a separate partition and grub is the bootloader; however, I don't see how this could affect my WinXp install since Ubuntu is not running at the time.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

A:Return from standby, hibernate, locked screen takes over a minute to show my desktop

frznchckn said:

I also have Ubuntu installed on a separate partition and grub is the bootloader;Click to expand...

No thats not the reason for long time loading.

But what I do think that its actually normal that you have to wait over a minute to go back from standby.. I tried with my PC - it took me about a minute, maybe less. Apparently it depends on how many programs are loaded when you hibernate or log off, maybe not, anyway dont take this problem too seriously.

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Hello, I have a XPS 9550 laptop that have almost a year of life. In the recent weeks the battery when arrive at 20% of charge suddently drop to 5% without a good reason (during play a mp4 or during write with MS Word for example, CPU is costant and there are no heavy operation).
The diagnostic test is passed (with elapsed time of 00:00:00 in report, is it normal?) and the battery health is at 88%, it have only 33 charge cycles because, when I can, I usually use the laptop with the charger.
I've writed at Dell Suppot (I have the premium warrantly for another two weeks), I sent the requested screen of the battery informations from the bios and executed the istructions, the answer was that battery is ok and all is normal (in this screen the bios report that battery status is "Excellent").
This is a graph of the battery report generated from Windows when you can see the last drop from almost 20% to 6% (is also reported that design capacity is 84 mWh and full charge capacity is 74 mWh):

Isn't it a symptom that some sectors of my battery is damaged?
Anyone had a similar problem? There are something that I can do?
The last thing that I can try is a Battery Calibration but not have precise information of the procedure for my laptop and it seems a bit risky.

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HiI have been using Z410 since almost 1 year now (warrenty expired) but since couple of days I can notice that in 2 mins of removing the power adaptor from the laptop, it just shutdowns.  Looking into the forum I can understand that the battery is not functioning correctly however the power manager shows battery as normal. I did the gauge reset also.  issue still presisst,Is replacing the battery only option in this case?


Go to Solution.

A:Problem with z410 - battery draining immediately

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
From what you have described it sounds like the battery is failing and needs to be replaced.

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how to return DELL Battery mode after hdd was formatted ?

A:how to return DELL Battery mode after hdd was formatted ?

Please list Dell model number and  version of windows. Ex: Dell Inspiron 3543, window 10
To find system information: Type msinfo32 onto search box

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I purchased this Notebook on Dec 6, 2016 and the battery will only last 2 hours. When I have not been able to charge the battery and it went completely dead, it takes several hours to recharge (happened twice). It has lasted for nearly 4 hours once, but I wasn't using it and it was in sleep or hibernating. I have set it up with HP recommended power saving settings.  Previously, the battery has been on the AC charging for 2.5 hours and I tried to take it to another room and as soon as I disconnected the AC, it shut down. The battery checks out fine on the HP Support Assistant battery check. Right now it has been on the AC charging for just over 1 hour and it has 42% on the battery. I don't want a laptop that I have to have AC to use, so if this is typical battery life, I will spend more money and get a Dell since I have a relative that works there and says theirs will last hours without a charge. It still has 11 months warranty of course since it is brand new and QVC will take it back. 

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I'm supporting T460s and T560s for my job and in the last month have had 3 battery issues occur out of no where. I'm using Windows 10 64-bit. I'd like to find a solution from the forums or at least a way to find what is causing this so I can plan for other laptops to go bad.  In the last month, I've dealt with 3 Thinkpads that have had a sudden change of heart about finding Battery #2. Nothing special happened. I booted, looked at the system information to see if this one has the specs to setup for a specific user and BAM - "Battery 2 not found". I was really hoping to get this all setup and out to a user who's using a 5 year old laptop.  I've ran Lenovo's System Update; I've updated Windows; I've downloaded the Power Management software from Lenovo yet still this battery is not found. I took it apart to ensure the battery was seated correctly. I re-imaged it from an image from last summer. Nothing.  Are these faulty batteries? Does that battery recall need to be expanded again? Is it the Motherboard? Is this a string of bad luck? How do I identify what the cause is? I refuse to believe this is coincidence. 

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I just placed my order for my replacement battery through the Battery Recall page.  However, I don't see any instructions about what I'm supposed to do with the faulty battery.  Please advise.  Thank you.

A:Disposal/return/recycling of recalled battery

There'll be a prepaid shipping label. Put the old battery in the box the new one comes in, affix the label and send it to Dell.

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So I have a Dell Precision M4600 running Windows 7.  Whenever its plugged into the wall or docking station, if the battery drops out, it shuts down immediately as if I don't have it plugged into the wall.  Windows does tell me that its plugged in.  The battery charges fine as I have unplugged the laptop and used it off the battery.  So those are indicators that it is receiving power through the plug. 

So why should it power off if the battery gets disconnected?
Yes the battery is loose and right now I have duct tape holding it in.

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So I have a Dell Precision M4600 running Windows 7.  Whenever its plugged into the wall or docking station, if the battery drops out, it shuts down immediately as if I don't have it plugged into the wall.  Windows does tell me that its plugged in.  The battery charges fine as I have unplugged the laptop and used it off the battery.  So those are indicators that it is receiving power through the plug. 

So why should it power off if the battery gets disconnected?
Yes the battery is loose and right now I have duct tape holding it in.

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I have a four-year-old Windows XP Professional system. My display adapter is Sapphire Radeon 9200 Atlantis which I use with an Apple Cinema display.

About a week ago, my system stopped being able to come back after standby mode. I press the enter key, and I hear the fan in the system box and see hard drive lights flashing. But my display remains black (sometimes I get the windows blue), and I have to do a hard reboot. I suspect the problem may have to do with my display adapter. One time, the system did reawaken, and I got an error message saying the display adapter had experienced problems. (Sorry, did not write down the error message.) I tried updating the display adapter driver, but it did not help. I also went to Windows update and made sure I was up to date on all of the pieces of Windows. Any other suggestions?

A:System will not return after "standby"

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My 5 year old Dell Vostro V131 battery doesn't seem to work anymore when unplugged. When it's plugged-in and charging, the computer works fine, but the red "low battery' light blinks constantly. The battery meter shows that the battery is 100% charged. But as soon as the power cord is unplugged, the computer immediately shuts off.
What might be the problem? Should I purchase a new battery?

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Hi all, I wondered if any others have news or any hints on how to get this flat battery for the Thinkpad T470 etc.When I bought my Thinkpad I planned on getting one, but several of my orders were canceled a week after they got my money because of "fulfillment error".Also, so far I have not found a reseller in the UK that can actually deliver these. Is the battery discontinued ?Is there any replacement that is the same small size as the 3-cell battery? Or will all T470 have to live with the clunky 61+ and 61++ Any help or information is appreciated, I would really appreciate my T470 having a slim battery dress one day.Best,Daniel

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Backup stand by battery for hp DV5 laptop

A:Backup standby battery for hp DV5 laptop


Is there a question you'd like to ask?

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Log full of these:

I guess this is the mail app? It seems bugged, is there a way to disable it? It cant be deactivated in the background apps...

A:Mail app eating battery during standby

Try disabling the Calendar in background tasks to see if it goes

Mail & Calendar are part of the communications apps, disable one and the other is also disabled

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When I close the lid on my T40 (goes in to standby mode) it will not restart. I have to remove the battery and the AC supply then replug the AC and press the Power button. It then does a complete restart. This also happens if I use Hibernate (FN+F12) or Standby (FN+F4). I have checked the BIOS and upgraded to the latest version from the IBM/Lenovo website. The battery is fine and not part of the IBM recall. I can use the T40 on battery power. However, it WILL NOT boot from battery either!!

I've tried all the advice from the IBM website so am now turning to the experts. Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this. It is getting annoying.

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When in standby (or connected standby) the Yoga consumes quite a lot of battery.In just a few hours, the battery capacity was reduced by 10%.Because of intelligent hibernation, my PC does not run out of battery during the night, but then it makes standby pretty much useless. I've seen similar issues being discussed for the X1 Yoga at these forums, and I believe that a BIOS update was issued to fix the problem.Cannot seem to find a BIOS upgrade for the 920 that has a fix, though. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

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I am not sure if this is the best place for this topic, but here goes. During the Christmas season i received a shiny new SSD for my Dell 1121 laptop. I went about installing the drive following one of the many install articles on the interwebs that shows several optimization tips for SSDs. After doing so i noticed the expected increase in performance. Mostly the startup times of the OS and of most apps.

Only problem i have now is that my battery tends to die rather rapid while the system sleeps. Prior to the SSD it would seem i could leave the system on standby for a week or better with no issue. Now i am lucky if the system stays alive for a day on standby.

Can anyone think of something that may have changed during the install or a SSD optimization thing that could have screwed with my battery life on standby?

Thanks in advance.

A:Battery dies on standby after ssd install...

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Hello.I am pretty tired on this. I have set "Never" for both AC and Battery scheme in Power Manager when the laptop will enter standby. But it randomly enter sleepmode anyway at the same time I am browsing the web or playing a simple game. I had another Thinkpad with exactly the same behaviour (T430). It feels like it follows the same pattern; unplugged for a while and then forced into standby regardless what I am doing at the laptop at the time. I wonder why the computer even enter standby  when "Never" is chosen in the Power Manager menu. Can someone please help me?David.

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For my laptop, should I hibernate or standby?

Standby: it leaves the power light flashing
Hibernate: seems to turn off almost

Does one keep more power than the other?

Stanby is more convenient as when I open the laptop it turns on from there

If I got an extra battery, could I hibernate, and then swap batteries?
Actually: how would I charge a second battery without it being connected to a laptop?


A:Hibernate or Standby - which is better? + second laptop battery questions

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The battery on a recently purchased X1C7 drops a little under 1% per hour when in the Modern Standby state. When the hibernation timeout is disabled, the default configuration will automatically hibernate after the battery drops 5%. The system is currently configured to hibernate after 1 hour to prevent excessive power consumption when not in use, but this is not ideal.  A screenshot of the relevant section of a Sleep Study report is included below. It shows an unregistered device (_SB.PCI0.I2C0) active 100% of the time that is preventing the system from entering DRIPS. There are no unknown devices in the Device Manager and the most recent drivers are installed for everything (as far as I can tell). The BIOS was recently updated to v1.23, but this issue has been present for previous BIOS verisons as well. Any ideas how to resolve this issue? 

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With the newest BIOS installed it happens again that X1 Carbon 6th gen gets very slow when display is off while on battery.This already was fixed a few firmware versions ago."Standby after a certain amount of time" is completely switched Off in Windows of course, energy control slider is set to "full power". My observations:While on battery (display off) computations are very slow or even completely paused.While on AC power (display off) computations finish normally. This is not a tablet... the computer should also continue computatios no matter if display is off or on, when i encode a video for example.Someone else experienced this? How can i fix this? Thanks and regards 

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Overnight on windows 10 pro, this laptop will drain 10% or more. I've updated the firmware, all drivers and every update with windows and lenovo vantage. The bios is set to windows power which is the modern standby setting. I've read that s3 or the 'linux power' setting should actually not drain the battery in standy, but that didnt work either, caused more issues. is this a faulty laptop? I noticed the cpu also runs very hot, I cant keep it on my lap, normal operations, light web browsing push it to 70c, and videos will go to 80, any heavier load and it hovers around 95c

A:new x1 yoga gen3 standby battery drain and running very hot

Welcome to the forums.
Is fast start up turned on or off?  If on turn off that should help with the drain issue.

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It seems I managed to fix this piece of premium cr*p to sleep normally.The steps to make it works : 1) stop windows audio service2) enter airplane mode.3) enable usb selective suspend4) go through device manager's usb device list and select "allow computer to suspend device" for everything. After these steps I'm getting pretty all-green sleep study report (see attach)I'm going to program special service to run pp 1-2 automatically on sleep enter/leave.Hope everything will worksHope Lenovo "geniuses" won't provide "fix" that breaks it again.  


Go to Solution.

A:X1Y3 and others - modern standby/sleep battery drain/insomnia fix - done

Here we go guys with beta version. Today was the first day, when I've closed lid, put computer to desk, and found it fully charged at the morning! You may check source at github https://github.com/AlexMKX/LenovoSleepFix (it is rude beta, which means beta than nothin') so don't blame me for sh*tcode yet. However, it works neatly, all errors handled and so on.  Manual (MUST read, binary link there) : https://github.com/AlexMKX/LenovoSleepFix/blob/master/Readme.md 

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I have the X1Y3 recently bought directly from Lenovo and am exclusively running Windows 10 Professional. I have noticed when I put the computer on standby:a) the battery drains quite quickly - approximately 70% over about 36 hoursb) on occasion (maybe 10% of the time), the fingerprint reader does not activate when returning from standby. It works fine when booting fresh. I have no USB devices plugged in when I leave the computer on standby.The Thinkpad light pulsates in and out to confirm it is in standby.When the computer is fully shutdown with nothing connected to it, I do notice about a 5-10% battery loss per day. I would try removing the battery but I can't in this model without probably voiding warranty. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks

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I bought the X1 Yoga 3rd Gen during the week of Thanksgiving 2018.  I watched a ton of reviews showing the battery getting anywhere from 7-9 hrs of life even though it specs say 15 hours.  7-9 is still acceptable for me but my battery only gets ~2-3 hours of life.  This isn't even the worse part. Like many others my laptop suffers from the dreaded battery drain but seems worse than others.  I seem to not even be able to leave it without the A/C adapter plugged in at night or it will be below 40% by the morning. I have tried many of the "hacks" suggested.  Turned the USB always on OFF and turned the Thunderbolt 3 active at boot up OFF.Neither of those made any difference.  All my Windows power/battery settings (close lid, on power, on battery, etc.) are set to StandBy. I thought about doing a battery gauge reset but have seen horror stories that batteries are screwed up after doing that. Any suggestions for very low battery life relative to specs? excessive battery drain?  TIA,S104S

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I'm hoping someone can find an answer to my vista problems. It's on a Compaq (HP) CQ60 laptop with Home Premium.

1. My low battery alerts don't work properly. I have it set to alert me of low battery at 12% ish and then hibernate at 7%. I have only ever seen the low alert once I think so it just hibernates with no warning. I get the low battery warning triangle on the battery tray icon but no pop ups. Also there is no 'Time Remaining' just a percentage but I think this is a problem that doesn't have a solution.

2. Occasionally my start bar (which I always have set to auto hide) stops hiding. It sits on top of the status bars of my programs and is really annoying. I can't seem to see any pttern to why/when it does it. Sometimes turning off auto hide and then turning it back on will fix it but this doesn't always work.

3. After resuming from sleep MSN/Windows Live won't work. It is still running but it logs me out and won't log back in. It's effectively a dead window that looks like it's running but no buttons work. Only way to get it back is kill it in task manager & restart it.

Hope someone can come up with some ideas?

Thanks a lot


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Apparently no help from microsoft have inoperable desktop

A:Can not return desk to win 7 but did successfully return lap top dest top is not operable - need he

What has happen ?

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I've found a fully and very easily reproductible battery drain issue (+2.5W consumption!) when not using "Connected Standby" sleep in windows 10.
Here is the detail :
- First, I don't use "Connected Standby" anymore as I've had many occurrences of the computer not going to sleep when closing the lid in "Connected standby" mode. To disable "Connected Standby", you've to put "CsEnabled" to 0 (instead of 1)  in \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Power.
- I use BatteryBar v3.6.6 to monitor power consumption in realtime (it works really well)
- The problem is the following : on my 9360 QHD+ with backling at 15%, when doing vitually nothing on Windows 10, the power consumption is between 3000 and 4000 mW when I cold start Windows 10. Then, if I close the lid for a few seconds (to put the computer to sleep) and open it up again, the consumption is then between 5500 and 6500 mW. No matter the number of times I re-close/re-open the lid, I then never can have between 3000 and 4000 mW again. The overconsumption is about 2500 mW compared to the normal initial power consumption
- This problem never happened with BIOS 1.0.7, I tried it dozens of time on different units of 9360
- The problem appeared with BIOS 1.2.3 and is now still present in 1.3.2
- The problem is clearly linked to the Thunderbird BIOS update that occured in BIOS 1.2.3. If I disable the Thunderbird port in BIOS 1.3.2, I have no batte... Read more

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Hello, I have a Dell Desktop with Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3.

This started about 2 months ago, my set time Automatic Standby was working fine, then it stopped working - computer will go into standby mode if I manually tell it to. Was set to 45 minutes, but then that stopped working, so I tried out a few other times - a few but not every time setting. The only one that seemed to work was 20 minutes but now that has stopped working.

I've read that it may be due to something running in the background, there's a long list of things and processes in the task manager but I'm not savvy enough to identify them or recognize what if any may be the cause. I may have installed a new program around that time, and I did also read a comment from a person with a similar issue who mentions that they installed the latest update for what Microsoft uses against malware and viruses - sorry not sure what it's called. Anyway I kind of remember accepting the update a little before I noticed the standby issue.

I did think about trying System Restore and going back to an earlier date, but it won't let me go beyond January 2011 which it has never done before, don't use it often but in the past it's let me go back to previous months.

I've scanned with Malwarebytes, SUPERAntiSpyware, and Avast, they did not detect anything. Panda ActiveScan did detect something, so I took it over to VirusTotal and 5 out of 43 Antivirus programs are detecting it as som... Read more

A:Automatic StandBy no longer working - Manual Standby does work

My understanding is that when you set a time to stand by or hibernate, if there is any running process on the system that cause the CPU to use 10% even for a split second (like you would observe in Task Manager), the timer gets reset back to zero.

The system has to be "idle" and that also means no keyboard, mouse, email reading, surfing, etc. Idle means idle.

Knowing that, if you have something running in the background like an automatic scan, updates, something that is running that periodically checks for something to do, updates, etc. that could use 10% of the CPU - even for a split second, that will reset your timer.

In my notes, I have this reminder to myself from past experience of things that can interfere with a timed stand by or hibernate:

Does your system have installed Windows Search, Skype, iTunes, MagicJack, RSS feeds, any kind of Instant Messenger, any kind of malware scanners doing scans or doing automatic updates like MSE, AVG, Norton, McAfee, Bit Defender? Did a cat walk on your keyboard?

To test, set your options so some small amount of time - maybe 5 minutes and see if the system works properly every time. Be sure the mecahnism itself is not flawed. If it does work properly every time with a short timer, and you set it back to 45 minutes and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work you will have to figure out what is going on that resets the timer.

I think I would set it to 45 minutes, note the time of day and find something... Read more

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Hi,  I want to buy laptops of HP with the Modern standby / InstantGo / Connected standby mode (Low power Idle (S0)). However, I can not find on internet whether laptops are compatible with this mode. Can someone provide me a list with laptops that are compatible with Modern Standby? Thanks in advance,W

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I tried using standby mode after reading about it in this forum. My computer is useless after waking up. I can't even close xp pro. I even have to use the computer power button to shut down windows. My harddrive light stays on all the time as well. My browser never opens, and after 5 minutes of waiting, I finally decide to shutdown and it can't. Is there something I need to know in order for standby to work. I have already looked at the bios but see nothing to change. I am afraid to try hybernate. Is this a software or hardware problem?
Life is good without using standby mode.

A:Standby Mode-- Can't Open Applications After Using Standby

Good question: The one and only time I tried THAT function, I had to unplug the computer from the electrical source in order to get the monster to work! I've refused to use it since. Hibernate isn't quite as bad, but I find I always have to do a full shut down to get my computer to work anyway, possibly because I use log-in accounts - I don't know. These days, I either leave it on, or do a full shut down .Orange Blossom

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i was able to resolve the beeping sounds that come from my msi motherboard. everytime i log on to a limited user account i get four beeps and after testing the ram which has no defects i reset my ami bios to default settings. i got 8 beeps. and to put the story short, the bios beeps are due to an issue with gainward's expertool. i dont get it when i change to an admin account but when i change it back the beeps come back. i removed the expertool and the beeps are gone but one problem: i can not tweak my video card. i guess there is a conflict in the programs of my pc but is the mobo still defective? wht is your opinion? should i return it or not?

A:my new motherboard: to return or not return?

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Help please, my standby power scheme option will not hold in standby. The key board option will not hold, maybe a few seconds. The start option does the same thing. I really did use and like this option. Only new change I can think of is the modem. Went to a 4200 Windstream(SpeedStream) because of slow connection on the older ?6200 ? I have many new Indian friends that say it is not the modem.Need a slow walk through,don't understand this problem. Don't understand computers!!
Could be the problem has another source?

A:XP home -standby does not stay in standby

1. First go to the device manager.

2. In the device manager open a device that uses "Power Management", such as a Network Adapter by clicking the plus sign next to it. - An easy way to access the device manager is to use the key combination "Windows Key + Pause/break", go to the "Hardware" tab and click the device manager.

3. Right-click the child icon that shows up under the Network Adapters category

4. Left-click properties

5. On the top will be a "Power Management" tab

6. Make sure you uncheck the box that says, "Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby".

* There are other devices that use this power management function. One that I know of is Mice, you will have to figure out which it is.

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I have LG FLATRON W2486L monitor, and recently ive been having some issue with it.
I think it may be related to Win7 X86 i am using.
My graphic card is 250GTS with both DVI and HDMI connections
while i used HDMI cable before i am correctly using DVI cable for the very same reason
I opened this topic, hoped it will help but it didnt.
Basically when I turn on my monitor (at the morning for example) it got stuck in a loop
where it goes from Standby to Fully On and back to Standby (while i hear a sound as if i connected and
disconnected a USB device from the computer hub)
Now usually I ignored it as after like 2 jumps it went on
but this morning it got stuck in that loop for like 7 or 8 times before it turned on!!!

Please help?

Specs: Intel Core i3 540
Gigabyte P55-US3L
GForce 250GTS 1GB

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