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Files and Settings Transfer Wizard - Not Saving HKEY_CURRENT_USER Registry Branch

Q: Files and Settings Transfer Wizard - Not Saving HKEY_CURRENT_USER Registry Branch

I've learned now heavily about the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard. I've also learned about the USMT, which I've not yet used in practice, but learned the basics of in the .inf version. Studying that was how I was able to learn this deep into the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard. Basically, the two have similar, but not exactly the same configuration.

Now here I'll post the configuration for the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard. I took what I found already there, and was adding features to it. I didn't create this from scratch, and it would've been silly to, as it's a configuration file.

My issue is that whenever I'm saving settings, anytime I tell it to save something from HKEY_CURRENT_USER in the registry, it does not work. I was needing to know if anyone knows why, so I can correct it please.

Preferred Solution: Files and Settings Transfer Wizard - Not Saving HKEY_CURRENT_USER Registry Branch

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Files and Settings Transfer Wizard - Not Saving HKEY_CURRENT_USER Registry Branch

I just learned of this file. It might help too. I was repeating the options I used to see if this file came out or not for saving it. It did. Hopefully it will help, and reveal the issues.

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i have a new xp machine. i have and old xp machine. these two machines are networked. i can transfer individual files from one machine to the other. this transfer can be done on (from) either machine. proving the machines are networked.

when i try to use "the files and settings trasnsfer wizard" (a windows tools option) i get to the step that selects "transfer method" but the network option is not available (not highlited for selection).

can you tell me what to do to use this option?

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using xp sp3, use the Files and settings transfer wizard to restore IMPORTANT "client" email and contacts!! it used 3 usb sticks from the old computer, now upon starting the process on the "new" computer, xp sp3, it reads each disc (burned them to DVD thought it would read faster that USB, plus I have a copy if I need my stick), and prompts me for the next disc etc..I insert, then it prompted me for disc 4??? there is and was no disc 4 when created!! so I thought I click cancel and it would let me continue on... but no it stopped the whole process all together, I really need to restore this information and am on a Major time crunch here. help!!! Need to get this to work or help extracting files from the .dat files...thanks

A:XP Files & Settings Transfer Wizard

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From Windows XP Pro SP2 to Windows XP Pro (no service packs or updates)
I transferred to my docs on old pc(windows with sp2).
Pulled that across the network to another pc. It was a mapped drive.
Went to new pc pulled (no updates) down off network into my docs.
Drive mapped on this pc also.(peer to peer network).

2 files that I'm copying over. (Guy is brand new hardly any info on his old pc.)
In my dos on new pc same files and same folder still there.
When I come to bring in the old settings, I point to that folder and it has no recognizable files.

I Cannot load settings on his new pc. Updated his new pc to sp2.
Haven't tried to transfer again yet. Will try Monday.
Just posting to see if there is anything else I might look at. If it still does not let me transfer, Was thinking of transferring by floppy to avoid the network. Haven't looked at anything else yet.

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how is everybody today? i recently used the FSTW on my machine to switch from 2000 PRO to XP PRO. the file it produced was too large to burn to one disk so i split the file in 2 and burned it then completely erased the hard drive for a fresh install of xp. the FSTW produces 2 files when it is done, one large DAT file and one small STATUS file. in my haste to do the install i fogot the small STATUS file. this small file seems to be something like a key that unlocks the large file because now i have the large DAT file put back togethr but can't get into it and i can't find anything that will open it so i can get my files and stuff back. i know every thing is there as i've done other machines since ( not forgetting the status file) and it replaces everything perfectly. so now i seem to have a back-up of my computer on disk i just can't get into it. any ideas on what might open this kind of file or how i could trick the wizard into putting it back on my machine??i've tried different status files from other machines and one from mine after i loaded xp but it seems that it has to be the file that came with the original transfer. i'm assuming that some program wrote the DAT file so there must be something that will open it. any ideas???


A:files and settings transfer wizard

i guess nobody has any idea where i should go to find more info. on this or should i try to contact microsoft directly?

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I have just used Files & Settings transfer wizard to move my files and settings to a new computer but cannot find my e-mail (IE6 Outlook Express). New e-mails are coming in but none of the old e-mails or my adress book seem to be there.

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In process of system recovery, I hoped to use Microsoft Files & Settings Transfer Wizard. Before my system reformat, it compiled a file of settings only, 377MB, which it named USMT2IMG.DAT, on a 4GB memory stick.

After reformat, with about 20 of the original programs installed (MS Office 2007, Mozilla, printer, Norton, etc.) I cannot run the transfer correctly. The program seems to be led to the memory stick OK, but then demands I insert Disk 1. It refuses a blank CD (..disk you inserted is not correct. Please insert Disk 1.) Options are then Retry or Cancel. Refuses an empty drive, same message. Cancel causes shutdown of the Wizard.

An "expert" tells me that this program only ever works with files, not settings. Looks like the damage is done now, but I wonder now whether to pay the expert. Can this be true?

A:MS Files and settings transfer wizard

Some Links Worth ReadingLouis

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I'm running win2k pro and want to do a clean install of xp pro. I used the files and settings transfer wizard and saved info to a new folder on desktop to burn onto dvd before the xp install. I opened the USMT2.UNC file and the IMG00001 file is a neromediaplayer icon. Properties show it as a neromediaplayer media file. How do I change this so as to avoid transfer problems... after loading XP? Thanx in advance

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Hi folks. I am getting a new computer and would like to use the XP files and settings transfer wizard. I am confused asto how to use it. I have put in bold type the line I am confused about. Every instruction I read talks about using a floppydisk. Compuers haven't come with them for years. Say what? Are they saying I can't use this method unless I have a floppy drive? Wll someone that has used this method please explain to this old man in language I can understand.Step 1: Get the files and the settings from the old computerOn the old computer, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click Files and Settings Transfer Wizard.In the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard dialog box, click Next, and then click Old Computer.Click Next, and then select a transfer method, such as Floppy drive or other removable media.Click Next, and then click the option that corresponds to the items that you want to transfer. For example, you can click Settings only, Files only, or Both files and settings.Click Next two times, and then wait as the "Files and Settings Transfer Wizard" processes the items to transfer.Click Finish.Back to the topStep 2: Transfer the files and the settings to the new computerOn the new computer, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click Files and Settings Transfer Wizard.In the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard dialog box, click Next, and then click Ne... Read more

A:Files and settings transfer wizard

Seems to me that it's saying...whatever you desire to transfer...must be transferred from the old system to media...then subsequently transferred from media to the new system. No direct transfer from old to new.But...see http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb457074.aspxhttp://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/s...november12.mspxI've never used this tool, so I have to rely on written procedures.Louis

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I'm about to do a fresh XP install instead of an upgrade. Since I have all of my data backed up on the D drive, including a fresh copy of my Outlook 98 files and folders (outlook0.pst, mailbox.pst, etc), does it make any sense to run the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard, or will that just be duplicating what I've already done? Most of the software on the current C drive setup isn't worth messing with so I'll be reinstalling what I need with new drivers, etc.

The only settings I can think of that I'll have to redo are my IE Taskbar and Links, etc. I'll be able to copy all of my Favorites from the D drive or my laptop.

Are there any others that make it worthwhile, or since I won't be reinstalling many of the old programs will that throw the Wizard a loop when I try to move the settings and files back into the new XP install on the C drive???


A:Files and Settings Transfer Wizard - XP

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Can I use the Files and Settings Transfer (FAST) Wizard to bring over my applications to a new C: drive?

I had accidentally let the system boot from an old drive that did not have MS Office and a lot of other programs I need. Now, the drive that I want to use as C: can't be booted; XP lists it as E:. I have reinstalled XP SP3 and all updates, got my web connection and virus/firewall setup again. Now, I have everything else I need on E:. From what I understand, there is no way to fix this on the original C: drive, I have to reinstall all to C:. I do not have all the disks, etc. not to mention the "serial keys" for this stuff. When (and if) I use FAST to transfer this stuff, will it be as if it had been on E:, installed? Or will this only transfer files and I still need to reinstall everything? That will take weeks and $ that I don't have, if I have to re-purchase software.

A:Using Files and Settings Transfer Wizard in XP

Files and Settings Transfer isn't going to be of much help in this situation, you're going to have to reinstall the software.

grelvik said:

MS Office and a lot of other programs I need.Click to expand...

There are a lot of free programs you can get to substitute for paid ones. You can get the OpenOffice suite of programs that's very similar to MS Office. What other paid programs do you normally use?

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Has anyone ever used the "Files and Setting Transfer Wizard"
to transfer files from one XP to another? If so please give me
the benefit of your experience, problems you had to overcome,
etc. Thanks

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I am a Systems Tech for a small company and we just received a new computer for the Shipping department. There are about 7 users that I need to migrate over to this computer (Personal documents, email, Browser favorites etc...) and I thought it would be efficient to use the Files and Settings transfer wizard to do so.

The old computer is a Windows 2000 and the new computer is XP. I start the process on the new computer and it prompts me to make a Floppy with the Files and Settings transfer wizard for Win 2000, which I do. I do the normal steps that it prompts me for:

I insert the floppy in the old machine and run it

As a test I select just one Word document in a user's My Documents file to see if it transfers and delete everything else

I delete all other file types except the ".doc" type

I start the transfer and enter in the password that is generated on the new machine
After a short time, it is done, however, the file has not transfered.
Am I using this utility correctly? I have been following the tutorials that I have read and I do not see my error. Can I use this utility for migrating multiple users to a new machine?

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I'm working on a computer running Win XP. We had previously installed a second, bigger hard drive, so she wouldnt lose any space on her c drive, which is only 9GB. Problem is, she's now down to about 147MB on the C drive, and we are afraid of a crash. Can I use the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard to move some of her programs to the bigger drive?? The new drive is 120 GB, and we want to just leave the operating system on the C drive, and move everything else. We have already run the disk cleanup wizard, emptied temp folders, and deleted unused programs (except for Quicken...it doesnt seem to want to uninstall...), Any suggestions would be helpful...it almost seems to be losing drive space just sitting there...
thanks a bunch!!! thyme

A:files and settings transfer wizard

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I'm in the process of gathering information (and guts) to upgrade to WinXP from Win98se. One of the tools that is mentioned that I can use to save my old files and settings is the FST wizard. It seems to me that it can be only used if you are transferring files and settings from an old computer to a new one. Can it not be used to save files and settings and then reinstall them after XP is installed on the same 'old' computer? If so, is it easy to do?

A:Files and Settings Transfer Wizard for only 1 Pc?

Its not hard at all just follow the prompts if you have another system store your old stuff there if not burn a cd or two then once you have loaded xp on start the file transfer wizard.

If you are loading xp over the top of 98 (which is not a good idea) you won't have to move your docs they will be safe, however to not inherit bugs from 98 do a fresh install.

Hope this helps.

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When using this program to transfer ones files and settings to a usb hard drive does it just copy these settings or does it actually transfer your files and settings leaving your system inoperable? Also could this be a way to back up your system to restore ones settings ? I am working on the wifes system which has XP Home installed and am wanting to upgrade to XP Pro. without hopefully to much trouble and if I have to will do a clean install if it will get me there. Just wanted to try the least troublesome first and hopefully an inplace upgrade will work. Ran the upgrade report from disk and it came back clean.
Haven't had any major problems with XP Home just would like to extend the support period from Microsoft. I guess I should back up all of her program files also . Any words of Wisdom will be welcomed !

A:Solved: Files and Settings Transfer Wizard

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The Windows XP "Files and Settings Transfer Wizard" is supposed to back up and then migrate the settings I've listed below (one user at a time). My question is do you ADDITIONALLY have to "import" any files and settings, or do any further configuration to make all this stuff work, or can you just open up Outlook (after you've reinstalled it) for example and BAMM... All of your old saved emails, address book and settings are all there? Do you simply have to create a user account by the same name as the old user account to make it all work?

Internet Explorer settings
Outlook settings and store
Outlook Express settings and stores
Dial-Up connections
Phone and modem options
Folder options
Taskbar settings
Mouse and keyboard settings
Regional options
Network drives and printers
Desktop folder
My Documents folder
My Pictures folder
Favorites folder
Cookies folder
Screen saver selection
Sounds settings
Office settings
Common Office file types

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I used the Files and settings transfer wizard to backup my laptop before reloading it.. and now i've got nothing but problems.

After reloading I discovered the image file was dodgy and couldnt be restored so i looked through my second machine and found the FastConv program, however it says that its invalid.

I then thought I'd be tricky and create another image using the files and settings transfer wizard then use the 'status' file from the good image on the one I was trying to restore.

FastConv will now sucessfully verify the image, and if I start the extraction it makes all the temp files etc, but when it reaches the end of the archive it crashes (I'm assuming the 'status' file must hold something about the size of the image?) is there away I can extract the data from all these .dat files that FastConv made? or either that if someone knows how I can edit/create a status file that will work with the image (which is 544MB).
I had also thought after I had gotten FastConv to verify the image that perhaps the files and settings transfer wizard might be able to restore it.. Wrong. it starts to read it gets about half way then tells me that there was an error reading the data.

A:Files and Settings transfer wizard > FastConv


Are you still having this problem? If so, take a look at this:


It mentions what to do with corrupt files when using the FastConv program.



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I am using the XP Files & Settings Transfer Wizard to transfer my OE email folders/files to my D drive CD.

All goes well until the writing to the CD-RW when I get the message - The Disk you inserted is not the correct one. Please insert disk 1.

The disk is a fresh, new one. I can't figure out what a 'correct' disk could be and what 'disk 1' could mean. I've never had such a message before but this is the first time I have done this operation.
Can anyone explain please?

XP Home SP 2

A:Xp Files & Settings Transfer Wizard Problem

Do you extract the appropriate files to your hard drive using the OE function first?

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There has been an earlier thread about problems with the setings and files transfer wizard included with windows. Like the earlier post, the program asks for more disks than what was previously downloaded from the old computer. At the point when you do not have any more disks to input, the program shuts down. I'm wondering if anyone knows an altenative way to get the data off of these disks. the file names are "USMT2IMG.dat"

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 6 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2037 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) Q965/Q963 Express Chipset Family, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 76285 MB, Free - 32521 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0MM599
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

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Hi guys

I'm currently working in a PC World store in England. I had a sony laptop in yesterday, the owner wanted all of the partitions on the hard drive deleted so there was one large space for all his files. This included deleting the system restore partition which I then backed up. He had two storage drives (C:/ and D:/).
I used the Windows files and settings transfer wizard to back up all his data onto an external USB hard drive. All worked fine.
I then proceded to delete his partitions and then restored Windows to the C:\
I then ran the files and settings wizard to restore all his files back.

The problem I think I'm having is when the settings were backed up there were effictively two drives (C:\ and D:\) but now when im restoring these settings there is only one (C:\). Where do the settings go from the original D:\????? what can i do!? has anyone any ideas/suggestions/ or experience with this! :wave:

Thanks all

Tom :giddy:

A:Files and settings transfer wizard problems. please help!

Ignore those if you can, they point to non-existing programs.
You will still have some garbage left in the registry, but if you re-install the old D-programs on C, chances are those old infos are overwritten with the new stuff.
If you have any user-files from that D-drive that the customer wants to keep, copy them in a separate directory on that C-drive.

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I have purchased a new PC at my office. I run the files and settings transfer wizard and place the files on a network drive from my old PC. Both PC's are XP Pro. The server I put the data to is running Server 2003. When I run the wizard on the new pc and browse to the folder it always tells me:

"the location that you specified does not contain stored information. Please type a valid folder path into the edit box"

I have been pulling my hair out with this. My new PC has only USB ports, no serial ports for a direct cable connection. The home network transfer option in the wizard is never available.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Files and Settings Transfer wizard problem

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I am hoping there is someone out there who can help me! I have done a clean re-install of Windows XP Home SP2, and have come to the point of transferring all my files and settings back from the backup I did using the FSTW (Files and Settings Transfer Wizard). The only problem is, I now only wanted to install my OE messages and settings and not all of the files, folders and settings that I had originally backed up! Now all of the old folders and files etc that I got rid of from the re-install have transferred back into my C: drive and I cant get rid of them! I have tried system restore back as far as I can but they are still there - does anyone know how I can "un-install" the files and settings transfer I have just done?? I've read just about every MSVP website and newsgroup I can find, but none of them tell you if it's possible to uninstall your files and settings??!!Any info would be great as I'm going crazy with the thought of having to do another clean install of Windows.Thanks,Vanessa

A:Files And Settings Transfer Wizard Problem

Hi Vanessa.
There is no way to undo or reverse the changes the transfer wizard has made. Once it's done, it's done.
There are 3rd party data transfer utilities (such as alohabob) that have an undo function but MS's transfer wizard doesn't. Without a clean backup source from which to restore from, I'm afraid you're looking at "another" clean install again. Sorry.

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I was reformatting a a hard drive and reinstalling windows so i used files and settings transfer wizard to transfer all my file, not settings to another network location. Everything went well until i went to restore the files. The files and settings transfer wizard doesnt find anything in the folder in which i got it to transfer the files too. I checked the folder, there are 3 .DAT files in there. But i still can't transfer them, this is a major problem because they are needed very soon.

A:Files and Settings Transfer Wizard Problem

What is the size (in kB) of the 3 DAT files?

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Saw this asked earlier, but apparently unresolved, so I'll ask it again.

Dell laptop, Win XP Home, 1.7 GHz CPU, 384MB RAM (not mine)
Running slowly, clogged with junkware.
Used F.A.S.T. wizard to create a backup on an external drive.

Reformatted HD and re-loaded WINXP Home from the Dell installation CD. Reloaded driver disk, too. FAST will not recognize the data files created previously: says the directory contains no data. Files are there; I transferred them to C: and tried FAST again, with same result.

Any suggestions?

A:Problem with Files and settings transfer wizard

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Hi, I used the File & settings wizard to transfer my old files to a new HDD now all I have is a bunch of 2 gig .dat files. How can I turn them into usable files. I had pre installed xp home on the new hdd before transferring the data. thanks

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I formatted the hard drive on a computer, but first I had used the Files and Settings transfer wizard to save the settings. I saved them on a second hard drive. Now when I reinstalled XP Pro, when I went to transfer everything back, it says: "your migration store was created with a previous version of Files and Settings transfer wizard. Please collect your settings using the current version of files and settings transfer wizard, which is availible on XP CD."

So I tryed using the CD to transfer the files. But when I specify the folder where the files are in, it says: "the location that you specified does not contain stored information. Please type a valid folder...."
But I am sure it's there! the folder is over 1 gig. Is there any other was to open it (its name is USMT2.UNC).
The worst part of it is that its NOT MY COMPUTER HEEEELLP

A:Files and Settings transfer wizard PROBLEM!

did you install the 64-bit edition XP???

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Greetings - I have recently re-imaged my computer using Ghost 2003. Before re-imaging, I attempted to use the Files & Settings Transfer Wizard. That process did not request me to make a FastWiz disk, as I already had a copy of XP on a CD. Unfortunately, when I attempt to transfer the old settings back into the refreshed computer, it tells me that the location does not contain stored information. I have a folder titled USMT2.UNC which I believe is supposed to be the file I need. Yet, this and another DAT file titled USMT2IMG which appears in another part of my exported settings, doesn't work. Again, these files exist in an exported folder on another drive, which contains a bunch of exported items from the old version of the computer.

Again, I was never asked to make a FastWiz disk, as I already have a copy of XP on a CD. Was I ever supposed to see this? Are my settings gone?

Any help you can provide would be appreciated.


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I want upgrade my computer from XP Home to Pro. What can I do to keep all my applications and everything else exactly the way it is by doing a clean install. Does the files and settings transfer wizard do this?

A:Files and Settings Transfer Wizard question

The files and settings transfer wizard places the files that you chose onto you local network if you have one but if you dont its no good the only other thing i can say is that you would have to burn your programs and documents to a disk and then do you reinstall and then restore yopur documents anywayz i hope this help Adam

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Can anybody help me?

I recently had a pretty major system failure (check out my other threads) and decided that the only way to deal with the problem was to use my reload cd to restore the PC to its factory settings. This was done successfully. Before i used the reload cd i went into files and settings transfer wizard and made a copy of my settings on a dvd rom (or so i thought). the only problem is, that when i insert the dvd rom i made and try to run the files and settings wizard again, it tells me that the wrong disc is inserted and prompts me to insert disc 1. Only problem is...... I only made one disc!!!

Does anyone know what i've done wrong and whether there is any way to get at some of the files from my old system because some of them were quite important.


A:Windows XP files and settings transfer wizard

DVD-Rom drives are not capable of copying files you will need a CD Burner.

Have you put the disk in the drive and go to My Computer and double click the drive and see if there were anything on the disk?

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I'm going to be running the files and settings transfer wizard for a friend. The old PC is running 98 and the new PC XP. We're going to transfer the files using his home network.

My question is, can I use CD-R(s) in place of the flopping for the migration of the files and settings?

A:Xp Files and settings transfer wizard...Cd-r(s) instead of floppies?

Yes you can . . but in a round-about way . . first save the file to a place on your hard drive, then burn that file to cd.

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I am having a problem after using the files and settings transfer wizard in sp2. I backed up apporximately 120gb of files and settings onto a new 160gb HD. I formated my old 160gb windows drive, re-installed windows and attempted to restore the files and settings from the new HD. It restored about 30% of my stuff. Most of my settings are correct but the vast majority of my files are not on my machine. I have tried several times and its always the same result. It says at the end of the process that 'the follwing files could not be returned to their original location and must be returned manually'. I think it then tries to unpack what it couldnt put back in its orignal location on to the drive where the backup data is located it then cannot unpack all of the stuff onto that drive because it runs out of space. What i need to know is if anyone has an idea of a way i can either unpack the 2gb .dat files windows creates individually or be able to see whats in them and possibly delete some. Or if there is a way to put it all on to some form of storage large enough to allow it to put all the unpacked data on the same drive as the packed data. Or perhaps a solution that will allow the data to unpack properly in the first place. Its such an infuriating problem as i know all my stuff is still there its just in a compressed format. Thanks for your time,

someone please help me.

A:Files and settings transfer wizard problem

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I decided to do a clean install and before reinstalling the operating system I used the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard to save my files to a network drive. The file is there and appears to be saved properly....the file name is USMT2.UNC....there are 2 documents w/n called: IMG00001 and status. When I use the wizard to access the files again it gives me this error message: "The location you specified does not contain stored information. Please type a valid folder path into the edit box." How do I recover my files?

A:Files & Settings Transfer Wizard Is Opening My Saved Files

I'm not real familiar with this feature, but I think that you've got to use the FAST wizard to restore the files to your system. Go to Start...All Programs...Accessories...System Tools...Files and Settings Transfer Wizard and launch the dialog.

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I ran F.A.S.T. on a Windows XP MSE pc to make a backup of the files and settings as a first step in reinstalling Windows on it. The backup is just over 4 GB in size. After using F.A.S.T. then reformatting and reinstalling Windows, I went to restore the files and settings but the wizard will not work. I did some googling and discovered fastconv and TrID. When I run fastconv, I only get just over 2 GB of extracted files. I used TrID and had it rename the .dat files to useful extensions, but the main files (the pictures) are not there. I suppose they are in the 2 GB of data that was not extracted. Is there anyone who is familiar with recovering data from a corrupted F.A.S.T. backup? Help is greatly appreciated.

A:F.A.S.T. (Files and Settings Transfer Wizard) archive is corrupted!

After many hours over many days of trying to get the F.A.S.T. backup extracted and files renamed with correct extensions I realized that even if I were able to manually get each file extracted, the files would still have random names and would not be in the original directories. So, I decided to try recovering the data that was on the hard drive initially (the data that I was backing up so I could re-install Windows). I had run into some problems with the XP install so I wound up formatting the hard drive and installing Windows XP about 4 times. I even did a slow format for one of the formats. I was able to recover the files! A small percentage of them were corrupt, but the large majority were just fine, and the recovered files' directory information was recovered so I did not have to organize the files. I will never use F.A.S.T. as the only backup of anything important ever again! I may use it in addition to a file-and-folder backup in order to save Windows settings or maybe Outlook e-mail account settings, and/or as a secondary temporary backup for a hard drive that needs to be reformatted.
So, I solved the problem by avoiding it and doing data recovery from the several-times-reformatted hard drive.

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Dell Latitude C640, Windows XP, Sp1. There's plenty of space on the drive. The entire profile is about 5gb. Attempting to use the FSTW to move user data to new Dell D810.
When the wizard is compressing files on the old machine, when it gets to ntuser.dat, it errors out and says it cannot be copied. Three choices; retry, abort, ignore. Obviously retry does nothing and abort quits the whole process.
It seems that MS fix for this sort of error is to upgrade to Sp2. Seems silly to do that when the machine is going to be reimaged after this refresh..... plus there's always the chance of irrepairable damage.
So that leaves ignore. Anyone think it's possible to simply ignore that file for now, let the wizard do its thing, hopefully with no other errors, do the resotre on the new machine and after the logout copy the ntuser.dat file from old to new? The new machine is running Sp2, and is on a domain (so is the old one, BTW).

A:Cannot copy ntuser.dat when using Files and Settings Transfer wizard

would have thought you would be ok not to copy this file

I believe this file is a boot file which will already be on the new machine - dont quote me on that tho

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I am experimenting with nLite, and would like to make a disk that will be able to reinstall my XP Home (SP2) as quickly & completely as possible. Using "RVMUpdatePackSP2_2.2.2" for the updates, and the standalone Win SP3 to be slipstreamed, and set it up for Completely Unattended install.

I saved the Files & Settings from my "real" O/S which was installed from my WinXP Home Upgrade SP2 disk (completely legal PID) and intended to transfer those settings to the new Install done with the nLited disk.

The only difference between these two installations is that the "real" one was done with only the original SP2, and SP3 was installed after the installation was complete, whereas the nLited software had SP3 integrated.

The problem is that the nLited XP does not recognize the settings collected by the Files & Settings Transfer Wizard as being useable. I have 3 SATA drives. An 80 Gbyte with the "real" O/S installed, a 250 Gbyte that I am experimenting with, and a 1 Terrabyte drive I use for data storage, and that is where I am storing the output from the Wizard.

Any reason why my nLite can't use the settings from my "real" O/S ?

A:nLite & Files & Settings Transfer Wizard Question

Use the your nlited XP cd to run the files and setings transfer wizerd

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I am having the same issues. I saved my files, and settings to upgrade my computer. Saved them to a USB External drive, 160GB drive using Files and Settings Transfer Wizard.

When I installed the new hardware, (video card, and Ram), I found that Windows was very uncoroperative. So I reinstalled XP with SP2, and attempted to apply my Files and settings from the USB drive.

To no avail. Then I updated the Files and settings transfer wizard. Again no go.

At the request of Microsoft, I have tried multiple times to convert the .DAT files and now Im getting error messages.

When I run rmv2opq I get error 5, and sometimes error 2. Does anyone know what these errors are? I have looked, and so far have not found any solutions.

At the request of hamluis, I started this thread.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Rich D.

A:Files And Settings Transfer Wizard/fastconv Issue.

How are you trying to access the rmv2opq? Are you using the command prompt " rmv2opq /S: /D:" (without the
quotation marks)?

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I've just spent about 5-7 days reconfiguring Internet Explorer from the ground up. I was wondering if there's a faster way though.

I want to set up my settings just like this, on possibly several other computers, including this one again, several times. Just to rule it out, No I can't just do anything like create an image, or do any re-installing or anything. Why? These computers are first of all, NOT all running Windows XP Media Center Edition, like this one. They are running various versions of Windows XP. Second of all, they belong to different people, with different liscenses therefore.

Since the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard, seems to have a good number of settings and other stuff it can do, I would like to use it, if at all possible. Why? Well, besides that fact, it can do other things, such as save/restore your file types settings, which I believe is complete. I'll want to do this later too, so if I can use this tool, then I would kill about 10-20 birds, it seems with one stone.

So, first of all, does the wizard work, and save the complete state of the configuration for various programs listed in there, such as Internet Explorer, or the File Types? Does it work with Internet Explorer 7 too, if you have it installed, as well as Internet Explorer 6 (assuming you've saved with the right version installed)?

Now, assuming it saves right, I'd like to know how to use it in a more automated way, if possible, so I could just double click a... Read more

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I used file and settings transfer wizard, but saved the file onto my second hard drive, hoping to restore them from that.

I formated the c drive and reloaded windows xp, but of course the second hard drive needed formating which i did.

I recovered the .dat files used by the transfer wizard from the second drive using a program called file scavenger. Are there any others that i need to retreive? And how do i then install them?

Any ideas?

A:Files and settings transfer wizard, how do i retreive .dat files

Location of index.dat files depends on the version of Windows and whether or not you are using user profiles. Regardless of Windows version in many cases you can't see or find index.dat file using Windows Explorer. There is a little file called desktop.ini in each directory where index.dat file is located. This desktop.ini file forces Windows Explorer to hide index.dat files and to show the contents of Internet cache or history instead. However you can use some other file utility and binary (hex) editor to find the files and read their content.
If you have Windows XP or Windows 2000 then index.dat files are in these locations (note that on your PC they can be on other drive instead of drive C):
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Cookies\index.dat
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\History\History.IE5\index.dat
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\History\History.IE5
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\UserData\index.dat

If you have only one user account on Windows XP or Windows 2000 then replace <username> with Administrator to get the paths of all index.dat files.

So if you want to restore them you just have to copy them to the proper folder depending on what program the .dat files are associated with.

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I need to recover files and settings that i saved onto a hard drive. I can scan the drive to retreive the files, but what format does the files and transfer wizard save them in?
Once i've recovered them how do i then load them onto a pc.
I saved them with windows xp service pack 2.

Any help would be great.

Thanks Andrew.

A:File and settings transfer wizard. What format are the files saved in?

it's saves them in windows backup file. You will need to save anything important to another disk before restoring as it will overwrite your current state when restoring.

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I'm retiring my current Internet/email/utility PC, and using Files and Settings Transfer Wizard to move Outlook Express and Internet Explorer settings to the "new" Internet PC. (a Dell Dimension 2400 that has been around a few years being used for other tasks). Collecting the old settings was no problem, the IMG00001.DAT file may be a little large at 239 Meg. I threw the USMT2.UNC folder onto a CD and took that CD to the new PC. That was Wednesday, Files and Settings Transfer Wizard has been running on the new PC for 3 1/2 days now, with Task Manager showing migwiz.exe at 99% CPU usage for that entire time. Windows XP Home on both PCs. I'm getting ready to give up and was wondering what experience you have had with FAST Wizard.

The one guess I can make is that my old PC has IE 7, and the new Internet has IE 6, from a fresh Windows install from a Service Pack 2 CD-ROM. It would be exactly like Microsoft to not put error handling into FAST Wizard to handle that scenario.


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Sorry if this is in the wrong section.. I didn't really know what to put it under..

I was upgrading my system, from XP to Vista. I tried the 'keep all my current files and settings' option for the upload, but it wouldn't let me use it.
So, I used the file and settings transfer wizard to transfer all my files to my external hard drive. Then I deleated my files on my computer - no point in having two copies. (I now know how stupid this idea was).
When I had successfuly uploaded Widows vista onto my computer, I found that it didn't actualy have the files and settings transfer wizard - it had something called 'Easy Transfer' instead. Easy tranfer is incompatible with the File and settings transfer wizard.

So, now all my files are sitting on my Hard drive in .dat files, and I don't know how to get them back.

Help me please.

A:File and Settings Transfer Wizard vs. Easy Transfer

you could download and install FAST to complete the transfer. i know that solves the problem when migrating from one XP /SP combination to another, perhaps it will work for an XP to Vista migration too. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/...c9-f16c-4c52-a203-8daf944dd555&displaylang=en

this link is for v2.6, but 3.0 is also available on the site.

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Is there a way to automatically create a default "script" to use with the FSTW?

I want to implement something like this at my job, but I need to "dumb it down" for end users to be able to back up their own data, or for a tech to be able to simply click a .CMD file or something similar to quickly back up user's data in the event of their PC being reimaged or replaced.

I know something can be done with XCOPY, but that doesn't copy user settings - only files.

Thanks in advance!

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I just successfully used the pc restore option on my Dell Inspiron 530. Before I did that, I ran the file and settings transfer wizard. The files were saved to an external hard drive I have. Now, after I've restored and am trying to restore all of the files and settings, the program asked me to specify a drive. I've specified the external hard drive. However, I'm not sure which directory I should select. The external hard drive's current contents are the contents of my computer before I used pc restore. But, no matter which directory I select in the wizard, it says no data is there. I can see in Windows explorer that it is there. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, BDWeller

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I have a problem using the built in transfer wizard to transfer files and folders from my old laptop to my new laptop. Both units have XP Pro. They connect via a serial to serial line. They recognize each other and all goes well thru the compression stage, but when it starts the transfer stage it hangs up at the window that says "Connection established. Transfering your settings." Any ideas??????????
Harold Levy
[email protected]

A:File and settings transfer wizard

The details from this wizard will fit on a CD if the network transfer won't work.

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I have a laptop and a desktop PC and would like to transfer files from one to another. I am trying to use the Windows File and Settings Transfer Wizard that comes with Windows XP but am having difficulties with it. I get both computers to the screen where it has the step to "Make sure both computers are on this screen" and i do that, then press next on both...and it stays there and doesn't detect anything even though i have an ethernet cable connected between them.

Is there something I am doing wrong or perhaps there is another program other than the Windows that I could use that would make this process easier?


A:File and Settings Transfer Wizard

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