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Lenovo Ideapad 310: how to make trackpad do not stop when pressing keys

Q: Lenovo Ideapad 310: how to make trackpad do not stop when pressing keys

Hello There is a feature in Lenovo Ideapad 310 which is being annoying to me: the trackpad is deactivated when I press a key in the keyboard. How this can be configured on Xubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu Mate 16.04 and on Asus M2400Ne with a Synaptics device, looks like this is solely a software issue, but I was not able to find where is this configuration on Windows 10. The Windows 10 options in Configurations-> Devices-> Mouse and Touchpad had no effect, even the option to delay the time between I use the keyboard and click was not effective. Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Mouse had no option to change this too. I have searched and found this topic, but I am seriously concerned regarding messing with Windows registries. I do not want to change registries I do not know because I need the capability to boot the computer after this. I tried to find the registries cited on that topic, but could not find them. Is there a option somewhere which I can deactivate this behaviour? All drivers are updated using the System Update program that came installed on the computer. Windows 10 is updated too. Thank you.

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Preferred Solution: Lenovo Ideapad 310: how to make trackpad do not stop when pressing keys

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Everytime I need to Increase/Decrease my volume level or screen brightness, I need to press the Fn key + the wanted button. How can I disable the Fn key and work the function keys directly? Please don't link me the article that tells me to go into BIOS options and turn it off from there, that option is simply not there!

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can any 1 help me out... i dont know what i pressed  and know its stuck on logn screen... cant put password... not able to use external keyboard.. Cuz of drivers are not installed.....i dont remember what i pressed... FN and some other keys... thanks

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Hello there. Yesterday, I bought the Ideapad 310-15isk, and it's phenomenal in many aspects. However, I'm a bit bothered by the extensive keyboard this laptop has, most importantly, the pagination commands on the arrow keys. I've been meaning to find a solution to disable those and just make them work on the Numpad since it's really bothersome to type on and then go all the way back because of the return pagination key. Is there any solution for this to unbind those commands only on the arrow keys?

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Sometimes when im using my trackpad the mouse on the screen doesnt go where its supposed to go. It either moves very slowly or moves in random directions and starts highlighting things on the screen. I usually leave it for about 30 seconds and its back to normal again. Is there any reason this happens?

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Sometimes when im using my trackpad the mouse on the screen doesnt go where its supposed to go. It either moves very slowly or moves in random directions and starts highlighting things on the screen. I usually leave it for about 30 seconds and its back to normal again. Is there any reason this happens?

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Hello,I am using Lenovo Ideapad 310 15IK. I am facing weird problem with my laptop.whenever I am opening any folder and going back using backspace key it is deleting whole file and the mouse pointer is getting strucked, and after pressing esc key only  mouse pointer starts working. And sometimes when i am clicking on desktop icons, even the icons are getting deleted. Is anyone facing the same problem? Please anyone comeup with a solution.

A:Lenovo Ideapad 310 15IK Pressing of backspace key deletes Files

Please open Notepad and use backspace button   is it working properly?

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Hello. I have had my Ideapad 300 for several months now and I really love it except for one thing, the trackpad. Due to where my hand and fingers naturally sit, there is a spot on the trackpad that shows a little more wear than the area around it. In this picture ( http://imgur.com/bJovhqL ), you can see that there is an oval shaped region that looks a little different. The problem I am having is that several times a day (up to several times per hour), the trackpad goes nuts.  It doesn'ttrack my finger correctly and performs multi-finger actions even though I'm just using one finger.  It jitters around the screen if I try to use it, and I just have to wait for it to self-correct by staying off of it for up to 30 seconds.  If I look at the trackpad icon on the bottom right of the taskbar while it's messing up, the trackpad is registering multiple fingers. I'll use one finger, and the icon will display 1 finger, 2 fingers, 3 fingers, 1, 2, 1, 3, 4, etc.  Like I said, I just have to wait it out for it to go away.  And on one occasion, I noticed that even if I hovered my finger above the trackpad without actually touching it, it would still register fingers, like it was being super super sensitive or something. I've tried everything reasonable to fix it, tweaking the settings, uninstalling and reinstalling the trackpad, updating the drivers, using the OEM drivers, and nothing works.  It's getting very annoying, and ... Read more

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Hi,I just got a new computer and the keyboard and trackpad isn't working. I have disinstalled the diver a couple of times and restarted it but it still isn't working. In the device manger section, and it says that it is working and plugged in even when it isn't. Does anybody know how to fix this? It is brand new and I need a computer!! Thanks in advance! 

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Hello I recently reset my ideapad 510-15ikb using the lenovo recovery usb method. After reset the Device make in Lenovo Vantage shows IDEAPAD not ideapad 510, also the battery gauge / vantage toolbar is not present anymore.

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Hey all,

Just wondering if a program exists that would allow me to press one key, but have it trigger others? For example: Press the Space Bar to trigger both the Space Bar and the Enter key etc.

Thanks for any help.

A:Is there a program out there to macro pressing several keys by pressing one key?


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Hello, my alt key on my Ideapad 300 15isk isn't working consistently, so can you remove the keys on this laptop, so I can clean them and put them back correctly?

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Hi all, Does anyone know how to disable the Fn keys so that F1-F12 work normally (ie. without turning up/downthe volume, locking the touchpad, etc)? Is there a way to do this without accessing the Bios? Thanks a lot in advance.

A:Lenovo IdeaPad 700 15ISK Fn Keys

Hi CivilZombie, 
Here are some articles that describe steps to try :
How to configure the function keys to not require use of the Fn key in Windows 8.1/10
Within Windows:
how to disable hot keys in Lenovo ideapad
Update us how it works for you.

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I've seen a lot of people ask the opposite and I tried the solutions given to them in hopes of helping with my problem but they don;'t work. Basically, I want to be able to use the functions of the F1-F12 keys by pressing the Fn key like in other laptops so that I could use the F# keys for something else. I play games on emulators, you see, and the F1-12 keys are for quicksaves (by shift + F1-12 and just pressing the F1-12 to load) which I couldn't use because pressing the F1-12 keys right now would just make them use their functions instead of letting me save my game and it's kind of a problem for me. Can anyone help? The laptop I have is new and I dunno much of how to change stuff. I tried looking in the control panel and everything but there's nothing. Please help?

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This is an odd issue that I have not found anyone else having. I am not sure as to the cause of it. 

Basically, when I press certain pairs of keys, the computer acts as though another key is being pressed as well. 
Some examples:
q+s: qws
w+d: wed
r+y: ryu
k+u: kui
l+i: lio

There are others, as well as ones with 3 keys triggering a fourth. They follow no general pattern (although wd, qs, ku, and li are the same pattern
on the keyboard, that pattern doesn't cause a similar response on other keys, like ef, rg, th, yj, etc.)

This problem has persisted as long as I have had this laptop. I got it used on Amazon. It said that, in terms of condition, it just had a few minor
scratches and such, which is accurate. 

This occurs every time the keys are pressed at the same time (in fact, while typing this, I was constantly having to correct typos such as "everyu",
"lioke",  and "whiole".)

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Dear Friends, Am using Lenovo ideapad G570 from last 2months in my laptop some keys not working  (N,B,Left,Right,Up Arrow and Space bar) Kindly Suggest me For resolving the issue.

A:My lenovo ideapad G570 some keys are not working

hi vickydy,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
    First make sure this is a hardware concern.
Run an Onscreen Keyboard, by Pressing (Windows key + R) then type in OSK then hit enter
   Now on your onscreen Keyboard click on the keys that are not working see if they responding with the Onscreen keyboard.
     If the keys responded using the Onscreen Keyboard, Then your Keyboard hardware is bad.
Either you call Technical Support to have them repair the unit in / out of warranty repair OR Ask them where to get the part for it and have the keyboard replaced.
Hope this helps

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 Hello, I just bought this laptop last week. My past laptop's Function keys work just by pressing them, but on this one when I press it, it does a certain function. For example if I press F1, it mutes the sound instead. I tried to press F1 with FN key to actually use F1. But it didn't work. 

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Hi, the latptop is only about 2.5 months old now... 3 weeks ago randomly the keyboard's keys on the laptop itself stopped working. No clue why, Ive checked drivers, did a reboot, tried safe mode, etc... It's only on the laptop itself. The keys that work are tyhg caps lock num lock and maybe a couple others... Ive never spilled anything on the laptop nor have I ever dropped it. I was in love with this laptop for the price I paid for it at Best Buy until the keyboard stopped working on it... It just randomly happened and I'm not sure why. The keys don't appear to stick or anything like that... (normal keystrokes just nothing happens in result of clicking them) I am using a keyboard plugged into it right now... I really need to get this fixed and I'm very upset at the fact it happened just 2 months after the purchase... So that cancels out my bestbuy 1 month warranty right there. I really can't deal with this much longer considering the fact that I was planning to use this laptop for my work.. If I can't get a simple easy fix I will have to find something new somewhere else... sorry to say. Praying for an easy solution/fix.

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Hello!My Ideaapad 510-15IKB has 4 media keys on the upper right corner of the keyboard. They are non-functional and I can only assume I am missing a driver for them. All of the other keyboard function buttons work (Fn + F keys). Can you point me to a driver for them? Many thanks!

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Hi ! Is there any option to switch the Fn keys to default in Lenovo Miix 700 ? I couldn find it BIOS, neither in Lenovo Settings app.  Thank you

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Hello technical support team, Some keys in my keyboard do not work at al e.g. 5, 6, A, S, D, etc. the others work fine. I have struggled on the internet and applied almost all posible solutions but they did not solve my problem. I found this threat that is likely the same my issue, but it does not work too https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-update-winpc/lenovo-ideapad-100s-11iby-... Could you please advise as my laptop is useless now? My computer information as belowType: 100S-11IBY Laptop (ideapad)Serial Number: YD******Machine Type Model: 80R2001FUSOperating System: Windows 10 Home @ 2016 (32 bits)Processor: Inter(R) Atom(TM) CPU Z3735F @ 1.33 GHz 1.33 GHzRam: 2 GB Thank you very much Moderator note: serial number removed to prevent abuse.

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hey guysi'm forced to install windows 7 on my dear lenovo ideapad 500 15isk because of some business softwares i'm using, and i cant upgrade it to win8 or 8.1 or 10, and the problem is that brightness key on keyboard not working(take no action with display brightness)all requaired drivers are installed and also i did below solutions:1) install brightness default registery key from support lenovo website2)upgrade its intel vga driver to latest version'm so glad to someone helps me in this extremely annoying issue 

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Hi Guys,

I am a member of the sevenforums and currently have a win8 laptop so thought I'd sign up here (seems to be the same people behind both forums).

I'm having a little trouble and would really appreciate some feedback.

My Lenovo ideapad z500 had 2 keys (K and I) that stopped working (they worked on the touchscreen) and then after that the delete, 8, and arrow keys topped working. Not sure why.

Before I get the keyboard replaced I'm wondering if it could be something else? There's no water damage and I haven't dropped it so I'm confused. I was told it has to be water damage but maybe 1 drop from the condensation on a glass of water is all I can think that may have affected it.

Would be great for some input on this issue.


A:Laptop Keys Stopped working - Lenovo Ideapad Z500 Win8

I was told it has to be water damage

Not true. In fact, water in the keyboard normally does not cause permanent damage. That is, once the water dries, all works again - most of the time. But that does depend on many variables - type of keyboard membrane, how much water, if just water (no sugars or cream, for example), and how much dust, dirt, oily hair/dander, cigarette smoke, cookie crumbs, etc. are under the keys when the water was spilled. The greater damage generally comes when the water works it way through the keyboard and into the computer's electronics.

I would try a regular PC keyboard first to see what happens. If all the keys work properly with a standard USB keyboard, then you can be pretty certain it is the notebook keyboard at fault, and not something more serious.

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Hello, I have a Lenovo Ideapad laptop model Z575 and the PgUp, PgDn and Windows Keys are not responding anymore. It is running on Windows 7 Premium OS. I have tried the steps on the following link: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_8-tms/page-updown-not-working/d5705f27-743... with no success. I run Windows Update often and use Glary Utilities to optimise performance. Can you advice what to do please? Have anybody had the same problem before and managed to solve it? Any advice will be highly appreciated. RegardsCarlos

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I really need your help.  My laptop isn't showing the display notfication when you pressed, for example the camera function key or the trackpad on/off function key, on the screen. I recently got my laptop reformatted and reset; and those display notifications were gone.  I already searched and tried such as the steps in here but nothing happened.  I really hope you can help me.  Thank you! -Nicco 

A:Lenovo Ideapad 110-15IBR Function keys display notification not showing

You have to install Lenovo Utility to get this to work. Also after manual reinstallation you should install various drivers for components in your laptop from Lenovo website to get the best of your laptop. If you don't want to do that, the better soution than reinstallation is to restore factory image using OneKey Recovery. This will automatically reinstall Windows with all drivers built in as well as various Lenovo applications like Lenovo Utility.

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Hello,i just watched the Lenovo Nerve Center and the Light Keys function dissapeared and i cant find it anymore.currently i got only Turbo Boost  Network Priority and Sound Enchacment.. how i make the light keys to back?

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Hi, I got a Lenovo Ideapad 110 for Christmas, and the zoom option on the mouse/touchpad is driving me insane. I have gone to mouse properties, and I do not see an option to stop this. I want to disable pinch zoom! Is that not possible?!  Another note: Less than a week after this computer was bought for me, the actual buttons on the mousepad stopped working. I could not right-click. I took it back to the place i bought it since it's under warranty, and the man had to plug in a USB mouse and reset the entire mouse properties, but the problem of zooming is still there. He told me as far as using a mouse on these computers, people usually use a USB mouse when possible. He said the touchpads are far too sensitive and he's had to troubleshoot this type of problem with buttons not working, the touchpad not working, etc. Just a note, if any advice/experience, please LMK! 

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Hi HP Support, I was using my HP 15-AY503TX Laptop for some programming. I am required to Debug the code always using the F7,F8,F9, and F10 Keys. Normally when I press the Fn keys, it will increase the Sound or change some other settings. To debug, I am required to press Fn Key near the Windows Key then the Specific Fn(E.g : F8) Keys. As I wont much use my PC For multimedia, changing the settings is rare for me. Now all I want to know is, How can I utilize the actual functionality of these function keys without pressing the Fn Key near the Windows key?. I mean, I would be happy if Fn key press is not required for Code Debugging, But required for Changing the Sound or Brightness.

A:How to use Fn Keys without pressing the Fn Key?

Hi, You can change the default action as follows. Shut down the notebook.  Tap away at the esc key as you start the notebook to enter the Start-up Menu.  Select the Bios option ( f10 ), then make the change shown in the document on the following link. http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c02035108&DocLang=en&docLocale=en_US&... Regards, DP-K

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hello.i have a problehm with my keyboard. is TURBOX. when i press 'h' shows 'hm' .. press SPACE numlock light turns off or on. or when i press ENTER to search something. my browser makes full screen. and i have much keys with this problem.
what's happening with my keyboard. help me please

A:keyboard pressing two keys at once

It may need to be replaced, you could try taking apart and cleaning it.  That would allow you to see if it has membrane damage, rarely are key boards a system problem.

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Hello I'm sure this is something which has popped up on here before and I'm guessing this might be the best place to ask it.I have an issue in which I am playing some games, the WASD keys kind of become "self pressed" even when I have let go of them. The short term solution is to just press the offending key again, but I'd like a more long term solution if anyone has one.

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Please can someone tell me if it is ok to disable LENOVO UTILITY in task manager, in order to stop the caps lock indicator from popping up. I have read that the only way to stop the indicator for caps lock and num lock is to disable LENOVO UTILITY in task manager but am concerned as to what else will stop running. Does anyone know what the functions of LENEVO UTILITY actually are as nowhere online can I find a definitive answer? I only purchased the laptop the other day and do not want to break it by removing things that are needed for it to function, however the pop up that appears everytime I press caps lock on my keyboard is driving me insane! Please could someone advise whether disabling LENOVO UTILTY function is a safe thing to do. Thanks Tom Below is original link to the article about resolving caps lock indicator issue from Lenevo support page:https://support.lenovo.com/gb/en/solutions/HT116807   

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I need help!!! When i pressed f2+f3 control keys to brighten the screen it doesn't go up&down. Is there anything i can do?

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I was playing a game earlier - 'The Division' and my enter key was pressed randomly without my doing so and then shortly after the backspace key was pressed and I know this because the chat window opened in game (pressing enter does so) and pressing backspace makes your character walk.

I've scanned my computer with Avast boot time scan, Super Anti-spyware and Malware Bytes and I am all clean. I am quite confident it is not an infection or key logger.

It hasn't happened since, so it is probably nothing, but just wondering what the cause of this would be if i am not infected? I assume it's a hardware glitch - perhaps MOBO or keyboard related?

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hello, my laptop has randomly started to click it's on controls, for example I'll click 'L' and 'dfsk;l' will appear and it will click flight mode on! This is incredibly frustrating as I'm a student who needs to type things regularly, please help!!!Oh, however every thing works fine if I use the touchscreen keyboard

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I am having an issue with installing windows 7 on a Samsung RV510.
The first time i tried it took 3 hours to expand files a further few hours to install (before reboot) then was taking ages again on completing installation. I didnt want to finish the install as i knew something wasnt quite right.

I changed the bios to default settings, checked ram and used seagate tools to test the hdd.

Everything seemed fine so i tried again

the same thing was happening again when i happened to click the mouse, once i done that the installation jumped up 30% then started going slow again, i again clicked the mouse and it shot through the rest of the installation very fast.

Windows loaded up but hung on the preparing desktop screen, i again clicked the mouse and it quickly finished and brung up the desktop. The laptop now does everything fine apart from a slight delay on loading windows and it is currently doing the updates altho these updates seem to hang until i click the mouse or tap the keyboard.

Its like the laptop is going to sleep (altho the screen is still on) until i press something

any idea of what could be causing this?

thanks in advance

edit to add: i have checked for a bios update from samsung but the one on their website is older than the one currently installed.

A:windows 7 freezing until pressing keys or mouse

What are the specs of your laptop?

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Hello - new guy here. I'm on an old compaq presario laptop and when I am on the internet using IE8 or Firefox, if I press any of the number keys, the IE 8/Firefox help window appears. For example, if I am typing a password that contains a number in it, a help window immediately appears. Anyone know why this is happening and how I can stop this from launching?


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When pressing keys i do not always get the keys im after.


1. When i press shift i get l
2. When i press shift + 9 or 0 to get a bracket i do not get anything apart from l because i pressed shift.
3. When i press 9 repeatedly like this 9999(9(99(9(9(9999(((999 you can see my lost bracket comes up but it does not for 0.
4. When i press l more then once i get L, example - llLllllllLlLllll
5. I can not get < or > by press shift and the required symbol.

System Info:

OS - Vista Home Premium
Version - 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2 Build 6002
System Manufacturer - Sony Corporation
System Model - VGN-AR51E

Can someone help me.


A:When pressing keys i do not always get the keys im after.

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Hi, I have a problem when I press FN+anykey it randomly shows 2 different picture icon time to time. please see the picture attached what should I do to make this single. Thanks 

problem.jpg ?55 KB

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I am experiencing 2 problems.
The first problem I am experiencing is that sometimes while typing, my letters will backspace by one like I pressed backspace my self. I don't know what caused this,.
The 2nd is that sometimes while I'm browsing through my computer, the start menu will appear as If I have pressed the windows key. Yet I have not done this. I appreciate any help I could get.

A:Computer is deleting keys while typing without pressing backspace.

Try a different keyboard, please.
For comparative purposes, if nothing else.

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Hi guys, new here.

Did fresh install from factory win7 home premium oa to win7 ultimate

Sometimes the "starting windows" when booting, freezes and i have to reboot again.

When i boot up, and get to user screen, the pasword is ******************** already filling up. I have to wait for it to stop, then i delete, and type in password to login

After login, i noticed my mouse freezes sometimes

when im typing, my computer randomly presses and holds 888888888888888888888 and so on.

after maybe like 5 min, it will stop doing it and my laptop is back to normal. HOwever if i reboot, or laptop falls asleep and comes back on, this annoying thing happens again.

Something wrong with my hard drive? it didnt do it before when i had the factory installed win7 home premuim.

This is my 3rd fresh install, i did win7 ultimate, then back to home premium, and then now ultimate and still same problem.

This problem occurs right after fresh install. before i even install my drivers.

also on a side note: first time i did the fresh install, got "windows could not complete the installation" so i had to follow these steps in order to set up an account and get out of that reboot cycle :

"When prompted with error unable to complete installation:
Hit SHIFT-F10 to bring up command prompt.

type MMC
Click File -> Add/Remove Snap-in... (Or CTRL+M)
Select Computer Management (Double click and Finish on Local Computer)
Click OK
Double click Computer Management (Local) -&... Read more

A:Fresh win7 install, computer keeps pressing keys randomly

Start over and this time follow the steps exactly in Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 using the installer provided for your licensed version. No need to waste hundreds of dollars on the exact same OS in a higher version unless there are specific features you need unlocked. Compare Windows 7 Editions - Windows 7 Forums

At first screen when installer is booted, press Shift + F10 to open a Command Line, then run Diskpart Clean Command to get the cleanest possible install.

Be sure to follow the steps for handling drivers which are different than in XP since WIn7 is a driver-complete OS in the installer and via optional Windows Updates when you enable Automatically deliver drivers via Windows Update (Step 3). Only import drivers still missing after all rounds of Updates are installed with no more offered.

Once you have a perfect baseline install with a legit installer (provided) you'll know any problems are hardware and can test it using the Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7

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                                            the enter keeps pressing on its own. this is the second time it has happened but it doesnt happen often. I think the last time this has happened was about  6 months ago.                                                                                                                                                                                 ... Read more

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Hi everyone at Tech Support Forum,

I am a total noob with things like this so please excuse me,

My PC was running fine untill a couple of days ago, when I turned it on i was taken to the 'Sorry for any inconvenience' screen where I am not able to select safe mode or any of the other options, its as though my keyboard isn't working.

It then proceeds to start windows normally but as soon as it gets to the XP loading screen it blue screens and restarts.

I have changed the 1st boot device to the CD drive within BIOS settings to try and boot from my XP disk so that i can format, but when i get to the 'Press any key to boot from cd' screen, again, it will not recognise me pressing any keys.

If anyone can help me i would really appreciate it, I feel lost without my computer



A:[SOLVED] Blue screen on start up and computer is not recognising me pressing keys

Hi James and Welcome to TSF. Let's see if we can't get that computer up and running again for you. I need a little more information so that I can come up with a plan of action. Please answer these questions the best you can for me and then we can proceed.

Here are some questions for you to answer that will help me. Just answer them the best you can and if you dont know an answer its ok. If you already answered anything I'm asking in your first post just skip over it.

1). What kind of computer do you have? Laptop? Desktop? Dell, HP, Ect?
2). Whats your level of experience? Novice, intermediate, expert, or dont know squat?
3). What operating system are you using? Xp Home or XP Pro? What service pack does your computer run? SP1,2, or 3.
4). What antivirus are you using?
5) Please tell us a little about your computer. How old is your computer? Hard drive, processor, ram, video card. Ect.
6). Do you have an legal full Xp disk for this computer? or is the disk an upgrade disk? Like from HP or Dell?
7). Does your computer have a floppy drive, CD drive, Ect.?
8). Do you have access to another working computer with an internet connection?
9). Did you noticed this problem occuring after installing anything recently?
10). Has your computer done a windows update recently?
11). What kind of keyboard are you using? Is it wireless? does it plug into the computer with a USB connection or a PS2 connection? (PS2 is the little purple connector)

and anything else that might he... Read more

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