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W540 - Blank screen after undocking/sleep

Q: W540 - Blank screen after undocking/sleep

Hello folks.... I have a Lenovo W540 which has a simple problem that is frustrating me to no end. Whenever I undock the laptop, or bring it out sleep, the screen remains blank. I end having to put it back in the dock (or RDP to it), which allows me to view the screen content on the external monitors. I have updated all the drivers using the Lenovo driver app, and even applied the docking driver update. Nothing seems to help. I've searched the forums, but all that I have found is a suggestion to downgrade the video driver, which I dont really want to do. Anybody else have this issue? Any ideas? Thank you!! //EDIT to add that this is Windows 8.1. Important information

Preferred Solution: W540 - Blank screen after undocking/sleep

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: W540 - Blank screen after undocking/sleep

Exact same problem here. It looks like the only way to brink the device's lcd back is to boot the machine. Then it will work until the next time it falls a sleep while docked.I'm running Windows 8.1 with latests drivers.

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Hi, I have a W540 with a clean install of Windows 10 that consistently bluescreens when waking from sleep. There are several other posts here relating to display drivers, but I suspect this is an AHCI issue because both the laptop display and secondary display work when waking, but it is impossible to log in or interact with the computer. Sometimes a blue screen appears after a minute with error IRQL_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL (storahci.sys). Suspecting a driver error, I updated the Intel Rapid Storage driver to the latest version ( The crash upon wakeup then changed to CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED. The Windows Reliability Monitor does not record any of these crashes, so it seems like there is no access to the drive at all, no dumps, nothing. I have replaced the stock hard drive with a Samsung 850 EVO SSD and enabled eDrive hardware encryption mode and Bitlocker. Even though everything works great during normal use, I suspect something between the SSD, AHCI and TPM is the cause of the problem. Does anyone have any experience on this? A few more driver version numbers just in case:BIOS: 2.278 Series SATA AHCI: Quadro K2100M: 364.72 (Device Manager HD Graphics 4600: I217-LM: 7260: SSD 850 EVO: EMT02B6Q firmware Thanks for any help!

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A user of mine is telling me she gets a BSoD often when she wakes up her laptop from sleep, or if she tries to undock it. My free tools for analyzing the dump file aren't giving me anything useful, so I figured I'd post it here in case someone with better tools would give it a shot.


A:BSoD when coming out of sleep or undocking

I've just had a quick look and the dump is blaming memory corruption, it would be worth doing some memory tests while you wait for the BSOD folks to take a good look at the dump.

RAM - Test with Memtest86+

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 7A, {c0415e08, c0000185, 46c58860, 82bc15f3}

GetPointerFromAddress: unable to read from 82b74830
Probably caused by : memory_corruption

Followup: memory_corruption

1: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

The requested page of kernel data could not be read in. Typically caused by
a bad block in the paging file or disk controller error. Also see
If the error st... Read more

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When I come to work I dock my laptop, lid closed, press the power button on the dock and after a few seconds I'm ready to work. When I leave for home I undock and put in my bag. It takes me an hour to reach home during which time the laptop is in my bag, not being used. When I get home it is hot since it didn't go into sleep. At home when I leave it for a while, it goes to sleep (plugged is 15 minutes or unplugged 30 minutes) 1. Why won't it go to sleep after I undock?2. Why won't it go to sleep after an idle timeout wake timers are disabled when unplugged and powercfg -requets shows an empty list. How do I fix this situation? I know I can undock, open the lid (wait for it to come on), then close again, but this is tedious and a lot of times I'm in a hurry and forget. 

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About 2 weeks ago i started having sleep issues. It used to work perfect for over a year, I figured something went wrong and couldnt get sleep to work consistently. Thought a reinstall might fix it.

Now on the new install, about a week. I am still having issues. Sometimes the computer will wake in the middle of the night around 330am and other random times. Also sometimes the computer powers up when coming out of sleep but monitor doesnt come on. I installed the updated drivers for mobo, video card. And disabled the network from being able to wake the computer (something I actually want on). I also tested with stock speeds on mobo, cpu. Same issues, have also tried stock with increased voltages. No luck.

What should i do its driving me crazy?
I remember seeing a way to see a log of what caused computer to come out of sleep? Since I just reminded myself, I will go and check all connections inside computer.

A:Blank screen after sleep, and other sleep issues

try this link it should help to explain

Sleep and hibernation: frequently asked questions

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When I put my laptop to sleep or it sits idle for a period of time and goes to sleep on it's own it stops recognizing the laptop monitor.  It will still display on other monitors connected through the docking station, but not the laptop.  It doesn't matter if I put it to sleep while on the dock or off the dock, it never recognizes the monitor.   I have an Intel HD Grpahics 4600, and an NVIDIA Quadro K1100M video cards.  I've checked drivers for both and they both say they are up to date (9/29/14 for Intel, and 09/12/2014 for NVIDIA).  I have also updated every possible thing in the Lenovo System Update. This problem occured after switching from windows 7 to windows 8.1.  I've looked at other similar issues in the forums that seem to revolve around updating drivers to solve the problem, so I've done as much of that as I know how to. I have also lost the ability to control the brightness of my laptop monitor through my computer at any point in time.  The function keys don't work, and the setting is not shown on my power manager. If you need additional information just let me know, and any help is much appreciated.


Go to Solution.

A:Won't Wake Up from Sleep (W540)

I am having exactly same problem. Eventualy tried samethings but still cant find any solution. (installing latest video drivers,lenovo driver updates, fingerprint reader installation...) Thank you Ender 

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Since I updated the BIOS to version 2.28, my Thinkpad W540 does not wake-up from sleep.When I try to wake it, for a fraction of a second it starts to display the Windows 10 desktop but then the screen turns black... after a few seconds, it restarts.The Windows Event Log gives no clue has to what caused the crash other than an entry during the bootup indicating the previous system shutdown was unexpected.Disabling Windows 10 Automatic Restart On System Failure had no effect.Disabling Execution Prevention in BIOS (this seems to cause problems with version 2.28 of the BIOS according to other posts) did not solve my problem. My W540 is running a clean install of Windows 10 since 3-4 months.Windows 10 Anniversary Update installed itself since about 1 month and the latest updates are installed.I found similar problems which date back at least a year and seem related to display drivers and were supposedly fixed by more recent drivers.My display drivers were already the latest:Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 Quadro K1100M Since there is no indication of a driver crash in the Windows Event Log, could it be a BIOS problem?Anybody else having this problem?

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For the past couple of years my laptop is unable to recover from sleep.. It always shows a blank screen and i have to force shut down it to actually work.. But i would really like to be able to use sleep mode again.. Any ideas?

A:Sleep problems blank screen

Hp pavilion dv6707us entertainent notebook pc
Model KC323UA
Serial CNF8034R3R
Windows 10

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We have about 500 laptops with win 7 pro x64. We have had a few complaints that on occation, after a computer wakes up from sleep mode, the user sees the welcome screen, but no text or logon box - i.e. they can't se any text or textboxes, only the background image of the welcome screen. The only way to end this state is to poweroff/reset the machine. Any ideas?

A:blank welcome screen after waking up from sleep

Just a few scattered ideas...

* Has there ever been a BSOD?

* Have you checked in Event Viewer?
Type eventvwr in search.
Go to the Windows Logs > Application / System > in the left hand column.
Note anything in red that relates to the problem experienced.
Please record the event ID, and the Source Code and tell us what they are.

* Consider using Hibernation instead of Sleep

* SFC.
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

* Disk check
Disk Check

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My daughter has a new Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming laptop.
If it goes to sleep or she closes the lid the screen remains blank.
The laptop requires a restart.
She is away at school so I will need to advise her from home.
Any ideas?
Driver upgrade? hardware problem?


A:Screen blank after sleep or closing lid.

I have the same model and I just started getting this exact same issue the other day. While I was working, the screen flickered, went out, then came back after a few seconds, but since then, waking from sleep produces a black screen, with the keyboard still lit and functional.
Despite the black screen, I can still log in and play videos and music if I press the right buttons on my keyboard, so that at least is fine. I have to shut down (via holding down the power button) and restart just to get the screen back on, though restarting this way produces a blue screen (not of death) that says that Windows hasn't started properly.
Does your laptop have the same symptoms? This could be a more widespread issue with a recent update or something.

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I recently purchased a Sony Vaio VGN-SZ480. The online manual for the laptop recommend that you use the "Sleep" mode when the computer is not in use, and that you only turn it off if installing new hardware, etc. So we put the laptop to "Sleep" each time we're finished with it...

In the 2 weeks that I've had the laptop, I've noticed several (possibly related?) issues.

1. One time, when I "woke" the computer up, the resolution was reset to the lowest grade, all on its own. This has happened once.

2. Most times when I'm using it, after "waking" the computer up the screen will show the desktop, then it will momentarily go blank, and then come back to life.

3. Today I "woke" up the computer and I could tell that the harddrive was running (the lights were on, and I could hear it whirring) but the screen was blank. I put the computer to sleep (closing the lid) and woke it up again a few times but nothing changed - the screen was still blank. I ended up holding down the power button to force the computer to reboot. I hate doing that, but it did the trick.

Is this a common problem with this laptop? Or could it be Vista related? Or should I just avoid using "Sleep" altogether?


A:laptop screen blank after sleep

You don't really need to use "sleep". There's absolutely nothing wrong with shutting down your PC. And I don't know about Vista, but in XP, the "sleep" function is often buggy, so I don't use it.

I just leave my laptop always on and use the power management functions so that the screen turns off after 30 minutes, but that's it. I do however need it to work pretty much 24/7, so I might not be the best example.

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This has been posted in a couple of different threads, but I'd like to get an answer from Lenovo -- Is there any fix on the horizon for the display not coming on when the system unblanks the screen? I am "working around" it, but not letting my laptop display turn off when on AC, but I can reproduce the problem 100% of the time, if I let the laptop sit idle on AC for 30 minutes and then unplug the AC adapter without touching the keyboard or mouse.  The display will blank immediately.  Pressing a key will turn on the backlight, and the OS is clearly awake (disk activity starts up again, etc.), but the screen does not appear.  Pressing the power button will sleep the system, and once it's asleep -- power light throbbing -- I can press the power button again to wake it up, and everything works normally. This is extremely frustrating, because with the battery life as bad as it is, it would be nice to allow it to sleep when I'm on battery, but it's such a pain to get it to wake up again, that I do everything I can to keep it awake for as long as possible. -- pryankster

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Sadly, my netbook updated itself with W10 Anniversary update ~ it now restarts with a blank screen after sleep mode and needs the power button pressed for 2 or 3 secs to turn off, followed by a complete restart :-( Having googled the fault, it would appear many folk have suffered the same problem. Current machines can be cured by installing the latest BIOS update, but sadly for me, with a 'legacy' machine which is 'end of life', I do not have that option. Anyone know of a workaround please ?? I LOVE my Ferrari ONE netbook !!! I have posted this on the microsoft forum too ... I don't hold my hopes up; can I go back and undo the Anniversary update ?? Thanks in advance BRgds

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The solution for Vista Home Premium 32Bit:Go to power options. You will be changing the setting for each of the three types of power plans individually. For each, click on "change advanced power settings"Find Multimedia SettingsIn drop down un "when sharing media option" select "allow the computer to sleep" .All power plans should be changed to this setting.Very simple. I have put my computer to sleep several times and it reboots fine and the monitor comes on fine. I have not done a long term sleep yet but hopefully that won't be a factor.Cnet link: http://forums.cnet.com/5208-12546_102-0.html?threadID=185067

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My W540 does not reliably sleep, and does not reliably stay asleep. Several times, I have found my laptop on while inside a confined bag. When a notebook lid is closed, it should be off period! I feel that this is a serious safety and reliability issue. Please fix this. BrendaEM

[Present: W540/K2100/4800QM/24GB. Past: X220, S10, T61P]

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Until recently, the cover LED on my W540 (20BHS0G900) pulsed slowly whenever the machine was in sleep mode and the cover was closed.  This was the only visible indication that the machine had indeed enterred sleep mode.  It's very important to me, because it was the only way I had to be certain it was OK to remove the machine from the docking station. Now, the LED no longer pulses in sleep mode.  I have no idea what caused this behavior to change.  How do I fix this so that the LED indicates sleep mode again?  Thank you.

A:Cover LED no longer pulses when W540 is in sleep m...

Just a guess as you didn't state if the LED is staying on 100% or off 100% as opposed to pulsing,  but are you certain it's actually going to sleep (S3) and not hibernate (S4)?  The LED won't pulse when the system is in S4 like it does when in S3.  In S4, the LED will be off completely (just like S5/off state).  

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After upgrade to Windows 10 my W540 start to wake-up voluntarily from sleep when opening the lid.I double check the power settings, on the Lid option it set to - Do Nothing The only way around this issue that I found - remove the "Turn on fast startup" option  

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I like how user name 'Frustrated' was already taken. I rec'd my computer less than 2 weeks ago and have spent many hours trying to resolve the sleep issue and having to restart it by pressing on the power button for 5 seconds. I've looked through the forums and it looks like plenty of people have had this issue, especially with the T61. If I close the lid or put the thing into sleep mode by using the start menu, 70 percent of the time the thing will not wake up.I've udated the BIOS, uninstalled the fingerprint reader, completely removed the Lenovo Power Controls....nothing works and it appears as if Lenovo is willing to do nothing about it. Can I return this thing since it's been less than a month?I've never liked Apple, but I think I'm ready to jump ship.  

A:W540 Sleep Mode causes computer to freeze since day one!!

I do not work for Lenovo. I don't know the return policy, but I'm sure it was included in your purchase documents. Does everything else with the machine work as intended? The W540 was released relatively recently, so there will surely be a few early kinks to work out.  Still, I would guess that not waking from sleep mode sometimes might be classified as a non-critical bug.  (I'm not saying it doesn't matter, just that a BSOD would be more critical, for example). I never use sleep, so it's a little hard to understand swapping to Apple of all things, as the result of a wonky sleep function.  I hope that statement reads as intended--a simple observation, not a judgment call. One option: put in a solid state drive, and skip Sleep mode.  Your computer may boot completely faster than most recover from sleep.  Just a thought.

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RE: Windows 8.

Something strange happened. I put my computer in sleep mode, as I have done many times. But this time, after I brought it back on, my Start Screen was missing all the tiles. AND, I can't put them back. When I click the "All Apps" button at the bottom, my screen just goes blank.

My desktop works, so I haven't lost anything. Just have a totally disfunctional Start Screen.

1) After boot, I'm at the Start Screen.

2) The screen isn't blank. It's got the background and the START in the corner. It's just blank of tiles. There are no tiles on my Start screen.

3) If I go to bottom and right click, I see "All Apps" and if I click that, the screen then goes blank, and the background changes. The screen is totally blank and nothing works except the side menus. There are no tiles listed and no text on the screen.

I've googled this problem and see this is a known issue, except with slightly different symptoms. But I can't get it resolved. All suggestions require going to Microsoft's Site, for this problem. They say that you have to use the hotfix. I contacted Microsoft, from that site and they sent me an email with a link that just takes me back to the site.

I've run SCF and it found no problems.

I have gone through a complete update, using Windows update and it didn't fix the problem. Need a solution to this.

Where on earth is this hotfix (a link to the actual hotfix; not some website that goes round and round).
I don't ... Read more

A:Start Screen went blank after Sleep - Can't add icons

I contacted microsoft & got this email:


[email protected]
11:34 AM (14 minutes ago)

to me


For your convenience, we put the hotfix that you requested on an HTTP site. You can download the hotfix from this site without us filling up your e-mail inbox.

WARNING This hotfix has not undergone full testing. Therefore, it is intended only for systems or computers that are experiencing the exact problem that is described in the one or more Microsoft Knowledge Base articles that are listed in "KB Article Numbers" field in the table at the end of this e-mail message. If you are not sure whether any special compatibility or installation issues are associated with this hotfix, we encourage you to wait for the next service pack release. The service pack will include a fully tested version of this fix. We understand that it can be difficult to determine whether any compatibility or installation issues are associated with a hotfix. If you want confirmation that this hotfix addresses your specific problem, or if you want to confirm whether any special compatibility or installation issues are associated with this hotfix, support professionals in Customer Support Services can help you with that. For information about how to contact support, copy the following link and then paste it into your Web browser:

Microsoft Support

For additional support options, please copy the following link and then past... Read more

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I have win 8 installed for a few weeks now which I have been working on and off playing in a bios duel boot setup to see if I like win 8. (while keeping my win 7 setup)

Every thing has been fine until for the first time I put the computer into sleep , after I tried to wake it up the computer, started up but the screen was still in the standby state. I then had to do a reset as this was the only way I could get the computer to start.
It went through the boot process and opened to the desktop it a state which showed it had booted from a hibernation state (doc left on desk top open how I left it)
I tied a few options I had read in the forums like turning off "powercfg -H off" and rebooted. but this did not fix anything.
I tried a selective start up in misconfig like a safe mode start and this time when I went to try sleep then tried to wake the computer, the monitor at least started up from its sleep mode but was black (blank)

The win 7 x64 on the duel boot sleeps/wakes fine with no problems. I guess the only difference between them is the win 8 is installed on a SSD

any further information you need please ask

A:Win 8 Pro x64 After wake from sleep black (blank) screen

Just an update, Been doing a lot of searching of the internet about my problem and I was about to give in, I kept thinking it was my GPU drivers. But I was wrong

I was thinking I might have had some ideas off people from my post, but I guess without it crashing and giving a bsod it made it hard to find what was the problem.

Just to give help to anyone else reading this post I think I have found the answer . I though I had the most up to date drivers for my ACHI controller from the Asus website which where newer than what I had installed.

But once I found out that I had a Intel 5 series chipset, I found some more up to date drivers on Intel's website. Even though when I went there before and ran an online scan it did not offer any updated drivers (I guess Asus had changed them so Intel did not know them to update?)

So the moral I guess is if you think you might have up to date drivers maybe sometimes you need to keep looking, Hope this helps someone as this is a great forum.

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Hi, apologies if this has already been discussed here.

I did a clean install of Windows 7 64-bit over the weekend. It looked great, installed a few games (WaW has issues but I think it's the driver Windows chose to dl for my ATI Radeon HD 2600). On Sunday the machine went into power save/sleep or hibernate mode (not sure which, as I usually disable this option). When I sat at the machine and clicked my mouse to "wake up" the system it kicked into life. All, that is, except my monitor.

The amber standby light changed to green (to indicate that it was receiving something) but the screen was completly black. Switching the standby button off and on revealled my desktop for a split second before returning to black again. I rebooted. My Dell splash screen and the loading windows splash screen appeared but as soon as it moved to the login screen it went black again. Same thing - switching monitor standby button off and on displayed my desktop/login page as is should but only for a split second.

So far I've
removed and reseated my graphics card. no joy!
switched to my onboard graphics. no joy!
removed two sticks of RAM. no joy.
I'm taking a monitor from work tonight and I'll try that when I get home to rule out any coincidental monitor issue.

I don't think it's the graphics card or monitor because I can get to see the desktop for a split second by flicking the standby button, proving that there's something getting to the screen.

I've read about various hibernate... Read more

A:Win7 64-bit blank screen after sleep/hibernate

I powered down my machine all day while at work and when I came home tonight I crossed my fingers and rebooted. I was fine! Whatever happened has been resolved. I disabled the sleep mode because it must have been related to that!

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So this started when I used to put my laptop on sleep and close the lid. When I opened the lid the screen will go blank and I would have to do a hard reboot.As if that was not annoying enough, now even on full restart some times the screen goes blank and I have to hard reboot it to get it working. This is unacceptabily annoying.Please let me know how to resolve these issues. (Am using windows 8.1 and ubuntu 14.04 if that effects the answer)

A:Hp envy 15 Blank screen after sleep and at start

Hello @ankitagarwal , Welcome to the HP Forums! I understand your screen does not recover from sleep mode or restart on your ENVY 15 notebook without doing a hard reset. If this issue persists in both Windows 8.1 and Trusty Tahr you're looking at a hardware or BIOS issue. Make sure the BIOS is up to date (Version F.64, Revision A, Pass 1) using the following download: HP Notebook System BIOS Update (Intel Processors) If the issue only occurs when closing the lid and not just going to sleep it's most likely a display issue. If it happens without closing the lid as well I would suggest testing an external monitor to test for potential GPU problems. You can also use the HP tools to test for hardware issues with the video output by following this guide: Testing for Hardware Failures (Windows 8). Let me know if any of this helps.

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After working for a few minutes normally, the screen states going to sleep mode and screen goes blank- even after re-bottling same thing happens. Can someone help? regardsBarryp1

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Did a HP bios update.  That was the last time my computer worked!  After I did a restart, it never has booted back up.  Powers on & fans are running but it never boots up.  The screen stays blank & immediately says its going to sleep.  Have tried multiple monitors & cables.  Have hit Esc, F2, F7 at startup multiple times to no avail.  Also took the cmos battery out for a few days with no luck.  Not able to access anything. Please help!!!

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Good Moorning,I have this Thinkpad, more then 1 year.Last week, when i try to go in Sleep mode, the system try to do it but crash.When windows Start i get an system Error.I already update all the Driver. Lenovo Web site support is bad....i still have warranty...but CHAT isn't working, .... Automatic problem detection is always in waiting mode..

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For the last two weeks, whenever I tried to wake my desktop computer from sleep mode I was presented the sign on screen and within a split second by a blank screen. For the last 5 years it had worked perfectly.
I knew there could be a plethora of reasons for this, so I began by disabling ASUS's AI nap. After this I decided to update the ATI Radion HD 4300 driver.  I asked it to search the internet and went for a coffee. Ten Minutes later,  much to my amazement, it had installed the new driver without me asking! There was a warning message which I could not decipher.
I then ran Norton to scan the entire computerand went for another coffee.  On return found this:
Problem signature
Problem Event Name:                      BlueScreen
OS Version:                                        6.0.6002.
Locale ID:                                           2057
Files that help describe the problem
sysdata.x... Read more

A:Blank screen after sleep mode leads to BSOD

Greetings Paul ^_^,Thanks for posting this. In case you are still experiencing BSODs, please feel free to post back -Pranav

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When removing x260 from Thinkpad Pro Dock, laptop will frequently go to a black screen, which can only be resolved by force shutting down.Power light shows fully on, updated Graphics driver, chipset driver, dock firmware (when able to) and SSD firmware (when able to). Also tried amending power settings to not go in to sleep when lid is shut etc.We use Windows 7 OS and drivers have been updated from the Lenovo support website.Common issue with our x260s, any ideas?

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okay I have a ASUS G72GX Republic of Gamers Laptop.

I can be browsing the web watching a movie or even playing World of Warcraft and this thing will either go into sleep mode or the screen will go blank like 2 to 3 times my keyboard lights will switch off as well. I have to move my mouse or hit any key to get the screen to come back. I have done EVERYTHING Iknow of to stop this EVERY thing in the Power settings is turned off This shouldn't be happening at all... I do not know what to do lol it is driving me crazy... Please some one give me some intel on what could be the problem...

A:Laptop goes into random sleep modes or screen goes blank randomly

DX file


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I am posting to this forum looking for a solution to this ridiculous problem of computer not waking up (monitor-wise) when it goes to sleep.  To recreate the issue I merely walk away from computer for 10 minutes or so, come back, monitor is dark.  If I hit any key the other 2 attached montors awake but the monitor on the W540 does not.  I am sick and tired of having to reboot to get it to wake. What I've done over past two months to fix this: Tried many of the suggestions here including going back to previous "Intel" driversTried the newest Bios update  This is a nagging and (in my opion) absolutley unacceptable problem to have.  It's like stepping back 15 years to the infancy stages of laptops.  I don't get it doesn't Lenovo have a QA department?  Obvisouly not. I hate to lump in mulitple problems and won't but I also want to say the touch pad is absolutely a failure.  These two problems make the W540 more of a burden than a help.  As it is now I would never recommend a Lenovo to anyone.   Wake up Lenovo, how many posts like these do you have to see and not do anything?


Go to Solution.

A:W540 Sleep, Hibernate, Won't wake up, new Bios driver doesn't work (3/13/2015)

I've just resolved this by going back to the 21st May 2014 driver:http://www.opendrivers.com/download/driver-167436.html

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My W540 has Nvidia KM2100 graphics card. I have a dock, so, to enable Nvidia KM2100 for external monitors connected to the dock, I changed Video Settings in BIOS from "Standard" to "Advanced".  Then, strange thing start to happen. When close the lid, laptop goes to sleep. When I open the lid, laptop wakes up and I can use it for roughly 2 seconds before screen suddenly goes blank and it automatically reboots. There is no BSOD or crash dump. It just reboots. This happens every time I close and open the lid. Basically, I can't use "sleep" feature. This is very annoying. The OS is Windows 10 Creator Update with the latest graphics drivers for both Intel HD4600 and Nividia KM2100. As soon as I revert Video Settings in BIOS from "Advanced" to "Starndard", which sadly disables Nvidia graphics card for external monitors, this strange behavior goes away. Any solutions?  Thanks in advance.

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We have a batch of these laptops and several of them keep black screening after undocking, the laptops then may take ten minutes to come back or may even require a reboot,  I have tried the following but to no avail.
updated the bios to E7x70_1.15.4  (07/06/2017)
updated the Graphics driver to Intel-USB-eXtensible-Host-Controller-Driver_4H5XG_WIN_5.0.3.42_A02 (10/07/2017)
Can someone please advise on the next possible action to be taken?

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When I go to open my laptop back up everything comes on but the home screen won't come on. The fans run, LED backlight and keyboard comes on. I have to turn the laptop off by holding the power button then it all comes up. EDIT: I have went through the Lenovo Service Bridge and checked for updates and the only thing that wasn't updated was the solutions center so it looks like everything is up to date.Also I threw in the driver power state failure so I didn't have to open another thread. That has been going on for some time while I'm doing things and I'm not sure what to do. 

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When I go to open my laptop back up everything comes on but the home screen won't come on. The fans run, LED backlight and keyboard comes on. I have to turn the laptop off by holding the power button then it all comes up. EDIT: I have went through the Lenovo Service Bridge and checked for updates and the only thing that wasn't updated was the solutions center so it looks like everything is up to date.Also I threw in the driver power state failure so I didn't have to open another thread. That has been going on for some time while I'm doing things and I'm not sure what to do. 

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wen undocking my vaio notebook from docking station, I the screen crashes, shows blue with error message about bios updates-cannot finish reading as computer starts to reboot itself. Have installed bios update thru sony. Their solution was to wipe hard drive clean-that would be very involved. How can I find which software or program created this problem and remove it? Help!!!!!!

A:blue screen error on undocking sony vaio from docking station

Disable the reboot and post the error message.

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Hi everyone, I have a W540 running win8.1pro since mid-2014 and clean installed win10pro with a new SSD in mid-2016. It worked like a charm until the recent 1709 update, after which graphic stutters and cursor hangs occur every now and then. I wonder if anyone here experiences similar issues, even with other intel+nvidia thinkpad? And if any, is Lenovo aware of it or working on a solution? Here are the symptoms with my W540 after 1709: In file explorer, cursor always freezes(spinning) for 1-2 seconds when I right click on ANY .exe file if I enable NVIDIA's "Run with graphic processor" in context menu. Disable "Run with graphic processor" in context menu does relieve it.Also in file explorer, If click on a .zip file to extract with "Compressed Folder Tools"(don't need to actually extract), then even I left click ANY .exe file will cause cursor spinning for 1-2 seconds, and so does navigating forward/backward, click on certain files and folders. Reopen the file explorer the problem seems to disappear for once.Flickering animations occur when I maximize/restore/stretch certain desktop and UWP windows (file explorer, IE, chrome, mail app, etc., see gif attached). Dragging file explorer between monitors stutters even worse. I have all the updated drivers installed according to Lenovo's official site: https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-w-series-laptops/thinkpad-....BTW, the System Update is not always able to find cert... Read more

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I just recently bought a W540 and have the same wake up issue. Most solutions suggest to install an old Intel GPU driver, however the old driver is either missing or won't install on Windows 10. I tried the oldest driver that supports Windows 10 and the issue presists. I also cannot find nvidia graphic card in Device Manager. I also tried lspci in Ubuntu but the result is same. It seems that some people fix the wake up problem with a motherboard replacement. If there is no software solution to those 2 issues I have to go this way. I'd like to know if I can install W541's motherboard in W540's chassis. They look very similar and use the same hmm.

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After putting my computer into sleep mode last night, I was unable to get it to boot into windows this morning. When i pressed the power buttong, everything turn on and working (all fans are functional, gpu power led is on, all hard drives & cd drives are functional. But the problem is, the screen to my monitor is blank. I also noticed that my usb aren't working (mouse connection light isn't on). I tried a soft power off by holding down the power button but no luck. The system does not turn off no matter how long I hold it. The only way to turn it off is by pulling the power supply cord or turning the power supply switch off.

My pc build:

AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz Socket AM3+ 6 core processor
ASUS ENGTX 560 DCII OC/2DI/1GD5 Geforce GTX 560
ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 Motherboard
COOLMAX ZU-700B 700W ATX 12V Power Supply
G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2x4GB) 240-pin DDR 3 SDRAM 2133 (PC3 17000)
Prolimatech PRO Panther 120mm CPU Cooler
NZXT Phantom PHAN-001RD case

THE PROBLEM: Computer turn on with everything running as usual, but shows blank screen on monitor. Cannot soft power off by pressing power button.

Things I tried:

Clear CMOS by removing battery and switching pins
Running with 1 4GB RAM instead of 2, move the ram around the slots & alternate which Ram is used.
Check my monitor by testing it with another computer
Tried pulling the PS plug and holding the computer power button for 1 min
Test the GPU with another computer & it runs fine
I tr... Read more

A:Windows 7 blank screen after sleep mode (unable to power off with power button)


Is it possible that you can test with another compatible PSU? I would strongly suggest doing so.

Also try the following steps:
?Make sure that the (internal) speaker is connected to the motherboard
?Remove all memory and attempt to boot the PC
?You should get the no memory beep errors

If the Power Supply is in working order and no beeps are present then it can be indicative of a faulty motherboard.

For troubleshooting purposes it may be a good idea to remove the components from the case and bench test to rule out a short.

How to Bench Test / Troubleshoot Your System

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The problem with my laptop is similiar to what is depicted in the following video, but with the Thinkpad W540. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7aEh4btjKc I'm trying to disagnose the problem and/or figure out what the solution is on my end, since this laptop is out of warranty.  For example, would replacing the laptop screeen via the instructions below work?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jx3TeqpF8tk Any and all info is appreciated.

A:W540 screen problems

It doesn't really look like an LED problem to me. Typically, then you'll have black lines on the screen or dead pixels. Here all of the pixels are working and they're even working correctly depending on the screen position. That suggests something that's being pressed by the hinge as it moves, like a cable. Does the problem happen equally with NVidea and Intel graphics active? That would rule out the video card an video RAM. You can also check on an external monitor and see if the problem occurs. It might be a bad cable.or connector. That would be the first thins I'd check or replace before buying a whole new screen.

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Hello, Thank you in advance for your time and expertise. I am going to purchase a w540 soon and will be using it for accounting and for Photoshop CC. It is very important to me that the laptop works well with Photoshop as i edit images on a daily basis. Im not sure which screen resolution to order, the 1920x1080 or the 2880x1620. Of course i would love to have the higher resolution display, however, i have read that Photoshop will not run properly at the present time on a high rez windows display. The UI is virtually unuseable. If you can shed some light on the subject i would really appreciate it. Im thinking that i might be better off ordering the 1920x1080 display because i want the laptop to work well with Photoshop, but i wasnt sure how legitimate this problem is. Thanks much for your help with this! best, rick

A:?: Which resolution screen should i get on a w540 ...

There is a workaround for now here, and adobe said is working on it. If the 1080p is the same as in the w530 then that should be fine since it has a nice gamut. But I haven't seen any reviews yet. I will also be using photoshop/premiere and I hope it will be fixes soon since I ordered it with the QHD display.

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My neighbor purchased a W540 from the Lenovo site about half a year ago and recently noticed some cracking along the right side of the screen frame.  I've included a picture below. He states that he has not dropped it or otherwise mistreated the laptop; has anyone else had a similar issue or is there a recommended fix for this problem?  Thank you.

A:Crack in W540 screen frame

That's not a W520

W540: i7-4700mq, K2100m, 16 GB RAM, 500 GB Samsung 840 EVOT510: i7-620m, NVS 3100m, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB Samsung 840 EVO

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We have 2 models that at some point during work stops working. It goes into a black screen, the network is down, but the fan is on and running, and it seems like the power is on aswell.We run Windows 7 Enterprise, all Lenovo drivers are up to date.Its only on the W540 and W541 we see this, the versions older than W540 works fine. Its the same windows configuration. Does anyone have any suggestions? its very frustrating.We tried: New Mainboard, New RAM, New Harddrive. The only thing we haven't tried is new screen on the hardware.Since it is a black screen there is no Log of why it isn't working. When the black screen appears the logging to drive stops!

A:W540 / W541 Black Screen during usage

what bios version are you on?  i have had that same problem with a number of w540 and w541s.  but my issue the screens go black and come back on after a few seconds.  only happens when connected to an external display. 

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Just got the laptop a couple days ago and love it except for this horid 1080p TN screen. I've read conflicting reports on replacing the current panel with the 3K panel (mine is the Nvidia K1100M version) and/or that you can at least replace it with a 1080p IPS panel. Does anyone have a definitive answer on what the options are for me? Am I just stuck with this screen?  Thanks for anyone who answers!

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Hi everyone! For anybody still wondering if it's possible to change your uninspiring TN screen to an FHD IPS one, I can assure you that it's 100 % possible. I did it and it's miles better! Check the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-koOqj2ii4 I got myself a wide gamut model that covers the srgb range (Model : AUO B156HAN01.1). Perfect for Photoshop and video editing! It's just a tad darker than the TN one but for the colors and the black levels, it's absolutely worth it. Bought it brand new for 104 $ CAD, shipping included from laptopscreen.com if anyone wonders. I would like to note that this will only for for W540's already installed with a FHD screen. This will not work for HD screen owners as the cable connector is different. Hope that helps someone! Emil

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Hi Everyone,I have a Lenovo W540 ThinkPad Workstation, The display was at first flickering and when I would put a little force near the bottom part of the screen it would work. But after a couple of times doing so my screen went black really really dim, almost cannot see anything on the screen. I changed the LCD twice but it would still not work. It works perfectly on external monitor. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

image.jpg ?2105 KB

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Once my Thinkpad W540 gets low on battery (like 35% or so), the right side of my screen starts to flicker, and doesn't stop till it's plugged back in. I tried updating the drivers on the Lenovo support site, but that hasn't helped, and I'm not sure what else to do.

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Only happened when connected to a docking (until now) OS - Windows 7 Pro 64BIOS 2.24   

A:W540 Freeze on boot screen when connected to docki...

I have the exact same issue on my W541. Ever since the BIOS updated to 2.24 the system has been crashing when not in use and the hanging on the "ThinkPad" Boot screen. I tried calling support and they actually suggested a system restore even though the BIOS is not at all related to the OS, I had to explain that to them. Please fix BIOS update 2.24! I can't roll back because it contains security fixes

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