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Resolution stuck at 1080p; Resolution changed by game

Q: Resolution stuck at 1080p; Resolution changed by game

I have a Sceptre 32-Inch LCD TV (X322BV) and I use an ASUS GeForce 440 video card. I am connected to the TV using a top of the line HDMI cable that has ethernet built in. I was using this cable to connect my computer to the TV and it displayed fine at 1360x768. This was great for my games and all other programs I was using. I attempted to install a new game called Metro 2033 and when I launched the game, it must have detected that my system is really good and set to display the resolution in 1080p. Now my TV does not support this display and now won't show anything except in safe mode, where the resolution is set to 1024x768. I am just not sure of how to get the computer to now NOT display in 1080p when I boot up windows normally. I have tried using the F8 menu to reset the resolution and everything. I am a competent computer tech who has much knowledge. However, I am just not sure how to change a resolution when you can't even see the screen and you can't see the screen because you can't change the resolution. It's a catch-22. I will never understand engineers or programmers in the least. PLEASE HELP! I have even hooked it up to a 1080p TV and turned the resolution down but when I hook it back up to the 720p TV the settings are still set at 1080p for some reason. It's like whatever display it's connected to, that's what settings it's going to use automatically. I am just out of options except for a re-format. PLEASE HELP!

Preferred Solution: Resolution stuck at 1080p; Resolution changed by game

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Resolution stuck at 1080p; Resolution changed by game

Before I re-install the OS I would try this:
Boot up in Safe Mode and log in with an Admin account.
Uninstall the Device and Driver for the Video Card (see link below).
Re-boot in Normal mode, and Windows should detect and re-install the device.
Go from there to update the driver as needed.
Uninstall Device and Device Driver - Vista Forums

If that one game is the problem, I'd uninstall it or search for answers how to configure it to not cause the problem.

I also suggest learning System Backup Imaging, so going forward you can easily recover from problems without re-installing the OS and all programs.

Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
Imaging with free Macrium

Hope this helps,

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I was playing Modern Warfare 2. The game resolution was set to something smaller than my desktop resolution. when I exited the resolution of windows became such that everything is now very small.

I played around with the screen resolution but eventually settled on the one "recommended" by windows 7.

I checked, and it IS the native res of my monitor. when i press "auto" on my monitor, Windows doesn't fill the whole screen and there is a black margin about 2" thick on the left side of my screen.

When I've played other games in the past (Counterstrike, Battlefield, etc.) the screen comes back to windows and then a second later flashes and returns to the normal resolution.

please i really need help. my icons and the taskbar have definitely shrunk. i don't want to just ctrl+mousewheel my icons back to normal because they don't all increase and it looks ugly. i need a real solution.
thank you in advance. i tried googling this but came up with nothing. it's a hard thing to search for.

btw: i have an HD5800 with the latest drivers and CCC.

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Hi my game DCS is stuck at a dimension where i cant press accept to change it back due to the screen resolution how can I fix this ?

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There still seems to be some confusion about the difference between 1080i and 1080p. Both are 1,920x1,080 resolution. Both have 2,073,600 pixels. From one perspective, 1080i is actually greater than Blu-ray. And, you can't even get a full 1080p/60 source (other than a PC).

True, 1080i and 1080p aren't the same thing, but they are the same resolution. Let the argument commence...

Read more at source:
1080i and 1080p are the same resolution | TV and Home Theater - CNET Reviews

A:1080i and 1080p are the same resolution

To put it simply, they are both the same resolution (i.e. 1080 lines), but the method of display is different. 1080i (interlaced) is displayed in the same way as conventional TVs, in other words the odd lines are scanned/displayed from the top of the screen to the bottom and then the even lines are scanned/displayed in the same way, repeating ad-infinitum. Thus, for each complete frame there are 2 passes. 1080p (progressive) scans/displays all lines from top to bottom in a single pass.

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A:32" LCD LG 1080p Resolution Problems

Quote: Originally Posted by Lollies


I don't get it...

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Hello everyone,

I used to connect my Asus X72JR on my Flatscreen TV at 1080p, it always had a crispy sharp image.

After replacing my harddrive and reinstalling Windows 7 (64x) the image wasn't displayed in full size of my TV anymore but smaller (black edges around image)
When i set my TV to full screensize everything gets blurry (it just spreads the image)
I updated to the latest graphic driver and looked at the screens resolution which was still set at 1920x1080 (recommended), everything was correct but the screen is either blurry or displayed smaller than the tv screen.

My Asus has a Radeon Mobility HD5470 driver

I have a second laptop, when I connect this to the TV is has a sharp image again even though the settings are exactly the same.
Any suggestions?

A:Resolution set to 1080p on TV but displayed to small

Originally Posted by Wilton

Hello everyone,

I used to connect my Asus X72JR on my Flatscreen TV at 1080p, it always had a crispy sharp image.

After replacing my harddrive and reinstalling Windows 7 (64x) the image wasn't displayed in full size of my TV anymore but smaller (black edges around image)
When i set my TV to full screensize everything gets blurry (it just spreads the image)
I updated to the latest graphic driver and looked at the screens resolution which was still set at 1920x1080 (recommended), everything was correct but the screen is either blurry or displayed smaller than the tv screen.

My Asus has a Radeon Mobility HD5470 driver

I have a second laptop, when I connect this to the TV is has a sharp image again even though the settings are exactly the same.
Any suggestions?

Tell me did you update your driver using windows updater? because windows patched that and it will always say that your driver is up to date so you better download it from websites like Free Windows Drivers Downloads from CNET Download.com

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As some of you may know, I've just built a new system (you may know as I've already had a couple of issues I've had help with on here :P). To save some money, I'm initially using a TV as a monitor connected with an HDMI lead. The TV is a 19" fully-HD TV which is capable of displaying up to 1080P. I've updated my system specs on here, I'm using an NVidia Geforce GTX660ti GPU.

The issue is that if I set my resolution to 1920x1080, it's very 'zoomed out', as in.. the task bar is very thin and everything on the screen appears a lot smaller - sorry it's not a very good description. The display is also not fitting to the corners of the monitor, there's a black border which displays things when I'm watching TV. To make things appear normal (or at least as normal as possible), I'm being forced into using 1176x664 resolution, which is obviously not ideal by any means.

As ever, any advice/guidance is much appreciated.


EDIT: It's also probably relevant to note I have upgraded my drivers from the Nvidia website.

A:Using 1080P-Capable TV As Monitor; Resolution 'Zoomed Out'.

Its probably suppose to be that small least on a 1080 screen that is under 20 inches. I know on my 17 inch laptop 1920x1200 is pretty small. You can try playing with the settings in the Nvidia control panel under Display > Adjust desktop size and position.

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Hi everybody! I have read some topics and according to them on display port w510should be able to support 1080p resolution even higher, but not in my case. I have W510, LCD Iyamya prolite x2783hsu , I also bought at ebay cable displayport to hdmi and the maximum resolution that I am able to get is the highest resolution of build-in laptop LCD namely 1600x900. I installed the latest drivers for FX880M - 342.00 , but it is no use. What should I do or what lead should I buy to get dreamed 1920x1080 ? It seems to me that I can't set up different resolution for Lenovo laptop and for monitor . I added two pictures to clarify that problem. system windows 7 but will be changed soon to windows 8.1 if it mattersthanks in advance for any helpMarcin

rtyu.jpg ?111 KB

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Hi,  I have a Thinkpad L380. I am unable to turn up the screen resolution to 1080p although the screen resolution is supposed to be 1080p, as the Display settings simply does not show 1080p but only up to 1366 X 768p (recommended).  any suggestions?   

A:Thinkpad L380 Display Resolution not showing 1080p

Are you sure you have an FHD (1920X1080) screen?  L380 machines were sold with both FHD and HD (1366X768) options. 

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I broke my screen and found that there are 1080p available for the 7000 series, mine came with tue 720p. is it possible to replace it with the 1080p version? would it work?

A:upgrading the screen resolution from 720p to 1080p Inspiron 13 (7347)

Yes, but you cannot simply replace the LCD - you must replace the entire display assembly.

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Hi I have a scarlet ~40" LG lcdtv 1080p and I want to display what I'm doing on my lenovo T61 laptop on my tv. I have been able to do this with a regular old VGA cable however the highest resolution I can display it in is 1280x1024 because my laptop cannot itself display 1920x1080, which is the next higher up resolution accepted by my tv.

From my research I have found items such as the Mega-Cool: Review: XCM 1080p Mega Cool VGA Box - DCEmu Forums:: The Homebrew & Gaming Network :: and the VGA to hdtv component video converter:http://www.allaboutadapters.com/pcvgtohdcovi.html :: that say they can convert your laptop resolution output to a 1080p input displayed on your tv. First, does this work hooking a laptop up to a tv display. Second, does the input resolution matter (will it be lower quality output on the tv if I use a lower input resolution on my laptop)? Third, does the quality of the VGA cable hookups for it or other types of cables have an impact on the quality of the output display (what is the ideal cable to use)? Fourth, is the converter necessary at all? When I googled VGA cables some were called 1080p VGA cables. Does that mean they convert the signal to 1080 automatically or that that is the best possible output that the cable can provide?

Here is a picture of the back panel hookups for my tv:

I see that there are additional hookups besides VGA. would any of these others be compatible with my laptop and its hookups (like a splitter cable wit... Read more

A:Solved: Need Help: displaying laptop resolution converted to 1080p on lcdtv

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This problem started happening about a week ago and I've never had a problem like this before. The problem is that often (but not always) when I start a game, it goes into full screen and it will usually change the resolution like mosts games do, except when I either exit the game normally, or alt+tab out of it, the resolution does not change back to normal. I have my desktop resolution set at 1024x768 normally. This seems to hold true for almost all my games. Even the windows screensaver causes the same problem if it changes the resolution.

After this happens, if I go into display properties and try to change any settings whether it is resolutuon, color depth, or even the refresh rate. I get an error that says it can't be done and I probably don't have administrative rights. The only way to fix it is to reboot the computer.

My graphics card is a Nvidia GeForce4 MX 420. Around when the probelms started I updated the drivers to some beta drivers from the Nvidia site. I assumed those might be the cause so I downgraded to the latest official foreceware drivers which I had installed before. The only other things I can think of that I have installed before the problem occoured was the new Microsoft Anti-spyware but I doubt that would have caused it.

Does anyone have any idea what is causing this problem? I am out of ideas...

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So guys... Yesterday. I was on PC, everything was fine okay, then I turned off PC because I went to sleep. But when I woke up, my PC resolution SUDDENLY changes to 1024x768 and I can not change it back to 1920x1080 o.O beacuse maximum resolution is suddenly 1600x1200 ... What am I supposed to do? I swear I did not install any software which could do it. I just normally turned PC off, then at the morning I turned it on and bum my resolution is low... Please help me somehow :| Thanks.

BTW : This happend to me also around a half year ago, on the same PC, just the same problem, so I reinstalled windows and everything was okay, but you know, I don't want to reinstall my win still when this happens... I suppose it happend because of freaking windows update which I noticed while PC was turning off.. but.. I don't really know where could be problem with automatic windows update though...

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

A:[SOLVED] Windows suddenly doesn't load the proper resolution (1080p)

I think Windows must have installed graphics drivers as part of the automatic updates. Please check the installed updates and look if graphics drivers are among them. You should be able to uninstall it and reboot. When it comes to automatic updates, latest is not always the best, especially with drivers. I prefer to get drivers from PC or GPU manufacturer's website, even if a newer version is available through Windows Updates. As long as it doesn't add a new feature (rarely does) or doesn't fix a security issue/vulnerability or some bug, it's not necessary. No matter the case, you should try reinstalling your graphics adapter (uninstall the existing version first). There's a tool being referenced a lot here that would help get rid of the drivers and it's associated files for a clean install to minimize the possibility of components from different versions conflicting with each other and causing some undesirable behaviours. I'll post the link to it if no one else does by the time I find it.

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Hi all!

Please help me! I have a problem with resolution, and i haven't got a solution for my issue yet.
Sorry for my english, i'm actually hungarian..
So the problem is, that the resolution changed in a second without any users intervention to 1024*768 from 1920*1080.
I connect through HDMI cable, and i have an nVidia 560GTX videocard with DVI and miniHDMI ports and an LG M2450D-PZ monitor with VGA and HDMI ports.
Computer restart did not help, and i noticed, that instead of the windows 7 logo, i'd seen a vista boot logo.
Tried to reinstall the nvidia driver (with driver sweeper), but it did not help either.
These are the steps i tried:
Reinstalled Windows, Installed another nvidia driver (314.14, the actual driver is 314.07), changed monitor and HDMI cable, changed PCI-E slot, changed RAM slot, BIOS reset.
And here is the interesting part:
When i connect through DVI port with VGA cable, i have the 1920*1080 resolution without problem with the same videocard.
I tried this videocard in another PC and it worked properly on 1920*1080 resolution through HDMI cable.
I have one more videocard (Sapphire HD4890OC), but with this one, i can't see anything. This videocard does not send signal to the monitor through HDMI cable at all. Through DVI port with VGA cable it does work properly too.

I do not know what to do now, please help me if you can!

Thanks a lot!

A:Resolution changed

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My granddaughter used the laptop to burn DVD's and now the resolution on my screen is so large, I can't see anything. I have tried changing the resolution from the properties tab on resolution, but that hasn't worked. Any other way to change the resolution?

A:Resolution can't be changed from properties

Boot into the SAFE Mode by tapping F8 repeatedly while the laptop is booting. Select VGA Mode in the list and reboot

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Hi all, i booted up my pc today and left it whilst i had breakfast, and when i came back i had a screen resolution of 640x480 and colour depth of 4 bit.

Last night it was working fine, and my 2nd hard drive (which i'm on now) is ok, but yesterday i did a "Disk Cleanup" which included "compress old files". I don't know why windows would do anything to damage itself, but hey, it is windows after all

Whenever i try and change the resolution back, it automatically changes back. I was going to format my drive anyway, so maybe that would be the best fix, but if anybody has any ideas so that i can get back to normal it would be great.

A:Resolution changed itself and won't go back

Have you tried re-installing the video drivers? It may be that something happened to them during the drive cleanup.

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I've searched and searched for an answer. None of the resolution possibilities are correct.

Ive had my dell optiplex 780 with win10 for about a year and the resolution out of the box was fine and right. Recently I was on a skype call with a friend and I was messing with my headphone jack because they werent working right. The scrern went black, like it would when changing resolution, and the resolution wasnt only wrong but off native.

The problem is native is the right setting but now any game i launch looks like its in windowed mode and doesnt fill about an inch on both top ans bottom and they frame lag horribly.

I cant find anyone else with this problem. The dumb part is i was screensharing on skype and my friend saw it happen as it happened, for no reason.

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I clicked something by mistake which brought Sims 3 up without me knowing. It went to a black screen to load and I started thinking something was wrong, so I hit the windows key to try to get back to my desktop. When I do, my desktop (I'm on a widescreen laptop) is very thin to the size of what a regular desktop monitor would be (IE: 1024 x 768) with black chunks on the side. I went to change the resolution back to what I had it before (1360 x 768) and everything is fuzzy/blurry. This is the exact resolution I had it at before, why is it blurry now?
I've tried restarting the computer, adjusting the resolutions to other sizes and so on, but nothing works.

A:Resolution changed? Everything's now blurry?

Also,I forgot to mention, all of the text on things like my toolbar when I right click on it, Firefox bookmarks, etc. are way smaller (both on the larger version and the version I just had before).

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today upon moving my mouse(to end screensaver) my screen resolution changed . icons became bigger,i was using fire fox browser it became really big and maybe screen got blurry for a second or two(not sure about this one).Windows update was running in back ground . is this a possible root kit infection .what do u guys think
sorry for my bad english.

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I have a Z27n display on a Z840 workstation running Windows 7 (64-bit). The optimal screen resolution is 2560x1440 but keeps getting changed to 1920x1080 without my input, usually after waking up from sleep. The Windows control panel only gives me the option to go up to 1920x1200. I just installed a Nvidia M4000 graphics card, I'm wondering if it could be some sort of conflict with the driver or some other software. I would like to go back tot he 2560x1440 resolution.

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Ive lowerd the screen resolution and now all i get is a blank screen how can i change it back i normaly use 1360x768 think and i changed it to 1280x768 i didnt thik this would happen hahaha
i only thaught at the most the screen woud be off center

A:Changed the resolution, all i get is a blank screen

If its a flatpanel, its driver would have stopped the problem.

Have you tried booting into safe mode and changing the resolution or refresh rate?

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My child reset the resolution on their monitor to the maximum, and now the screen shows a quick error message and then goes blue. The operating system is XP Home edition on an hp pavilion 520n computer with an hp m70 monitor. All I ever get to see is the blue screen, and so find it impossible to reset the resolution back to where it was. Is there anyway to fix this problem?

A:monitor blank- changed resolution

Try right clicking on a blank area on your desktop.

Then click properties and then settings and adjust your resolution.

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Hi all,

I have been having a problem with my windows XP home edition for about 2 months. I turned on my computer one day and it said the resolution had been changed and everything on my screen was huge. I couldn't see windows because they were so big and the icons on desktop were much larger than usual. I changed the resolution back to normal and downloaded new display software. I had to do this repeatedly because the resolution would keep changing randomly. I have all up to date forms of ad aware, spy bot, Mcafee, and Ccleaner. No viruses ever come up. Also, the changes that I make are not effective when I reboot in safe mood. Changes have also been made to different settings (internet connections, home pages, accessabilty) that I did not make myself. I have contacted both dell and microsoft and no one seems to be able to tell me what is going on. Today when I tried to get one of my downloads I got error 771. When I tried to look up this information by following a link on microsoft.com, it said it wasn't a valid page. I am very confused and am at my wits end as to what to do.

please help me!

A:changed resolution, can't access downloads

try: tools>internet options>accessibility and play with the formatting options. If that doesn't work, you can change your style sheet.

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Im in a tizzy.

My keyboard, a Logitec Wireless S 510, was inadvertently bumped and my screen changed to a standard 800x600 from my normal viewing resolution of 1024x768. However, the resolution on the computer did not physically change. Changing the resolution through properties, does nothing to fix the issue. I have tested all function keys, and they do not appear to fix it either. This isn't a simple F11 whoopsie. This i know. I have also restarted and restored to last known good configuration, and would really prefer not to restore further than that as this does not appear to be an issue valid of stripping my computer down again. It has to be something so simple, but stupid. I have searched multiple forums, but as you can imagine all i am finding is.. push the F11 key.. this.. again, is not going to solve my problem. That just minimizes and maximizes a particular window, such as a browser to full screen. That does not change the entire viewing area.

I am using a Philips HDTV as my monitor. Using XP SP3. Again, something on the keyboard is causing the issue, but I have pushed and prodded everything on this piece and nothing has fixed it.

A:Solved: Keyboard Changed Resolution

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I changed the screen resolution in vista from 1920X1080 to 1280X720 for my projector, watched megavideo for awhile, then closed the lid and unhooked my projector, now vista will not boot and can not repair itself. What could be the problem? Is there a way to change screen resoulution from the command prompt?

A:Changed resolution, now vista will not boot

try pressing the fn key could be f5 or f6

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I checked recent posts and did not see anything related, so I thought I would toss this out there:
I've got a Inspiron 1764; Service Tag:<Service Tag removed> Express Service Code: <Express service code removed>
After an update yesterday as I was getting ready to shut down is when it happened, the screen resolution changed so that it almost looks like safe mode. (It is not) I change the resolution to the highest (1152x864) but that still is not correct. Playing around  to try to find anything and I press the projector key (F1/Projector) and it tells me "Your PC can't project to another screen. Try reinstalling the driver or using a different video card." 
Well, I know that I have projected to a screen in the past, so I went to support to see about the driver. It indicated that I already have the latest drivers. Another odd thing, is that "sleep" has gone away from the power key options when turning off.
Can anyone give me an idea as to what happened and how I can fix it?
I would really appreciate any help. Thanks!
~ Michael
Support for Inspiron 1764
Service Tag: <Service Tag removed> Express Service Code: <Express service code removed>

A:Inspiron 1764 Video Resolution Changed

Windows 10 update?

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I have gone to display settings
It won't go down to 100% everything is huge. Any suggestions?

A:Screen Resolution changed since windows 10 update

Screen Resolution changed since windows 10 updateClick to expand...

Since Windows 10 update from what?
1. From an earlier Windows 10 version?
2. From Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10?


What's the brand name and model name and model number of your computer?
What's the exact description of its graphic/video/display device?


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A few days ago when I installed Firefox 22, I noticed that it had changed my browser's screen resolution. For example, at this website (sevenforums.com), I now have to scroll to the side in order to see the full webpage width on my screen. That was not the case before I updated to Firefox 22. Did anyone else encounter this problem when they updated to Firefox 22?

A:Firefox 22 changed browser screen resolution?

not me, i keep my bookmarks list open down the left side and the forum page zoomed to suit.
give it a try and maybe check your forum skin make sure its not a "wide " skin.

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Yesterday i was on Facebook for the first time and i came across a video and tried to play it. I was then told i didnt have the latest Flash Player 9 installed. I clicked on the link to install it and it installed no worries. All of a sudden, shortly after, all the windows/programs i had open started closing down by themselves (as if i had clicked on restart or shut down) and the computer restarted itself. I read later in the system "event viewer" that:

The Windows Installer initiated a system restart to complete or continue the configuration of 'Adobe Flash Player 9 ActiveX'..

Anyway, after the restart had been performed, i realised that my screen resolution had changed. I opened Display properties to change it back to the previous setting (1440x900) but that resolution wasnt available.

What i would like to know is has anyone else experienced this problem and is there any way of creating a custom screen resolution?

My graphics card is ATI Radeon 9250 128mb
My monitor is Acer AL1916W (widescreen)
My OS is Windows XP Home SP2

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Hi there,this morning ,when I turned computer on,I noticed that the resolution had changed.

I remember,I made a small change to my video controller through Device Manager, before turning the computer off. I checked for hardware changes but then I quickly canceled the process and continued working.I think,I made a change and the system did not apply the change untill it got rebooted,thats's why I did not notice anything before today. Any help?

A:Windows resolution has changed(problem with driver)

Hi ... Please Post your Model Number ... Then check the Driver Version doubt that any thing has changed ...

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my monitors recomended resolution was 1280X1024, but it seems to have changed over night to 1680x1050. it still looks the same, however, when i try to play a game it auto switches back to 1280X1024 and only displays half of the game on my monitor (the left half of the screen is on the right of the monitor, and the right half is gone compleatly). could it have been an update? i tried changing my resolution to 1280X1024 but it looks terrible now...is there a way to get it back to how it was before, when 1280x1024 was the defualt?

if it matters im using a nvidia 8800gt 512
my monitor is about 21-22 in

A:Monitors recommended resolution changed over night

Try reinstalling the video driver from Nvidia's support site

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Hello, I was messing around with my screen resolution settings when I switch over to portrait mode on desktop PC. When I hit apply the screen started flashing and it went to protrait. I saw thye option to revery back but with they screen flashing I couldn't hit it. Then the settings set in and the screen went back to the sigin in menu in portrait.

I can enter my password, sign in, and then it tries to load the start menu but the screen starts flashing and after about 8 seconds, it goes back to the sign in menu. Now I am stuck in this process and cant get back past the sign in screen to access the control panel and set the screen back to landscape. I don't know where to go from here, restarting the computer doesn't help.

A:On PC, changed resolution to Portrait mode, now big issue

Ok I got so frustrated I found an old Vista disc and installed it. After installation I was taken to a menu that let me boot windows 8 in safe mode (why they made this so difficult to pull off on a restart is beyond me). IN safe mode everything works fine I went to display and selected landscape and all of that again but when I go back to normal mode its still in portrait. Windows simply will not function in that mode for me beyond the sign in menu. I have no idea how to get past this.

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I bought the game Shogun 2: Total War from steam and it kept crashing on startup and someone suggested updating my driver. I went onto the NVIDIA website and downloaded the latest driver, the only thing is that I logged on and my laptop screen resolution has changed from HD 1366x768 to 800x600 which is really odd. I went through my control panel to re-adjust this using the resolution slider they have but the maximum this will increase to is 1024x768 and I really don't like it!

Any information regarding this problem will be really helpful and I thank you all in advance.

+ I know this will make anyone reading this sigh but I didn't make a backup of my previous driver, which I know was very silly of me but I didn't realise new driver updates cause problems. I know, I'm kicking myself!
+ From what I can see there is no other problems regarding the new driver.


A:Installing a new driver has changed my screen resolution

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So I'm currently fixing my graphics card drivers and I'm having some issues with my taskbar and desktop icons not showing up after installing it. But I remember this happening last re-install and what I did to fix it was to go into Screen Resolution and change something there. I dont remember too specifically but I tried changing to another setting in some tab (dont remember the name) and my screen went black with a message saying "VGA No Signal" and the power button went red/orange. Safe Mode works fine and if I remove the graphics card drivers, I can boot normally. But whenever I install them again, it just happens again.

A:Changed Screen Resolution Setting and now I get VGA No Signal

Try using another Monitor, maybe it cannot support the highest resolution your GPU can give.

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I realised I'd been using my monitor at a low resolution, so I changed it to the maximum and recommended resolution (2560x1440).

Everything looks great now, EXCEPT that video streaming is far less smooth than it was. This happens on various platforms (BBC, Youtube, etc)

If video is downloaded first, it plays fine, so I'm wondering if it's something to do with streaming settings, but I have no idea what to do about that.

Any help appreciated!!

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I'm lost! I have little knowledge about computers. However, I moved my home computer from one room to another and noticed that the display was a little off skilter when I got it up and running again. I went in to Start, Control panel, display and screen resolution. I slid that little arrow all the way to the right and when I clicked apply (or whatever), the screen went all white and it has lots of white noise. I can see the "ghost" of screens but I can't really see to do anything. Have I ruined my monitor? will buying a new monitor take care of the problem? I' really don't know how to get it taken care of. Thanks for any input!

A:Changed Monitor Resolution, Now The Display Is All White

Don't panic Is it Windows XP? Turn your computer off, (unplug it or keep power button pressed); turn it on again; immediately after the POST (the very first messages you see on screen after power-on) press F8 key repeatedly, until a list of options appear; choose the one that says "VGA mode" (can't remember the exact words); once Windows finish loading, your screen will be configured at minimum resolution and you can choose the right resolution or let Windows apply the best by itself.

If you have Windows 98 or ME, select the "Safe mode" option from the list after pressing F8 key, once Windows has loaded; go to screen properties, it must be configured to 640X480 at 16 colors; click on "Apply"; you'll see a warning about changes taking effect upon restart; accept and restart. When Windows has restarted, change resolution and color depth again (you'll have to do it twice: one for color and another for resolution).

Good luck.

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Saturday (3/16/13) and today (3/19/13) my laptop crashed with a blue screen that was much smaller than the screen. The first time, I was on Facebook on Chrome and the second time, I was playing Minecraft. I didn't notice any changes the first time before it happened, but when I was playing Minecraft, it started hanging for a couple of minutes before it blue screened. The error message stays on screen for about 10 seconds and then the laptop restarts itself.

I'm not extremely tech savvy so I can't really provide many details. I do know enough to find needed information if I'm given steps and I do have Speccy to find additional information. Attached is the SF Diagnostic Tool information for today's crash. The dump file for Saturday's crash was accidentally deleted by CCleaner.

Please and thank you!

A:BSOD that changed resolution and restarted computer

Welcome to Seven Forums.

Seeing the usual causes of this error code, it is usually hard to diagnose.

STOP 0x0000007F: UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP http://carrona.org/bsodindx.html#0x0000007F

Usual causes: Memory corruption, Hardware (memory in particular), Overclocking failure, Installing a faulty or mismatched hardware (especially memory) or a failure after installing it, 3rd party firewall, Device drivers, SCSI/network/BIOS updates needed, Improperly seated cards, Incompatible storage devices, Overclocking, Virus scanner, Backup tool, Bad motherboard, Missing Service Pack
We start with the basics:

Perform a clean install of your ATI driver:

Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\atikmpag.sys (, 184.50 KB (188,928 bytes), 4/16/2010 9:11 AM)

Sometimes drivers remain, not completely uninstalled. Follow this tutorial for complete removal of drivers of the particular program:How to Clean Left Over Driver Files with Driver Sweeper

Latest AMD Catalyst Video Driver for Windows 7
AVG can be a contributor to BSOD's. Please remove it using its removal tool from here: Uninstallers (removal tools) for common antivirus software - ESET Knowledgebase

Start Menu\Programs\AVG Public:Start Menu\Programs\AVG Public
We recommended Microsoft Security Essentials from a strict BSOD perspective. Is most compatible & provides most stability compared to other antivirus app/Internet Security Software. ... Read more

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As the title says I was updating to the new amd catalyst and it will usually pop into 800x600 then back to 1600x900 which was native for me but now it's stuck on 1280x1024 and it won't go any higher. I'm confused on why it would do this and that Catalyst will no longer work.

If anyone can help me in this situation It would be much appreciated.

A:Amd Catalyst has changed my resolution and it won't turn back!

Un-install current drivers and Install from http://www.amd.com/us/Pages/AMDHomePage.aspx

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And everything was clippy. I changed the resolution back to 1366x768, everything was buggy and I immediately rebooted my computer.
What would be the cause? My graphics card is usually around 80c and I'm on a laptop running win8.1

A:Screen went black, resolution changed to 800x600

Drivers are known to crack now and than, is it working OK now ?

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2012R2 box won't join the domain, tried reseting computer object, tried deleting it/recreating it...  
Any ideas on where to fix the currupted policy table?  







SystemTime="2020-04-30T22:00:24.021435100Z" />





UserID="S-1-5-20" />

<Data Name="RuleName">{b76ed7a8-be84-4713-9504-6fb495209d03}</Data>

<Data Name="ErrorCode">1018</Data>


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Hi all i some times have problems with game resolution my desktop is set to 1080p if i go over 1080p the desktop gets blurry but games display fine.
On some games thay seam to be locked to the desktop resolution dont know why game makers do this most of the time i can change the resolution by editing ini/config or target field on shortcut.
I recently purchaced ace combat 7 it will not let me go over desktop resolution unless i increase desktop resolution to 2k/4k i have edited the config file and set to read only and tried target field in shortcut .exe.
Still no luck i dont know if there are any software for this problem any help would be appriciated.
Running windows 10 pro/ryzen 1600x/16gb ddr4 and nividia 1070gtx on a pioneere pdp 5000ex plasma tv
its old and states 1080p but will go up to 5k and have had no problems playing games at 4k or 2k depending on Type of game thanks mark.

A:Game resolution

some one keeps telling me if it states 1080p thats all you will get my desktop at 4k but not quite as crisp as 1080p http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=f3xd86&s=9#.XGfSerjgp61

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I think this is the right place to ask this... since someone here might know!

using the short-cut target line in XP I could set games to run in window or at a different resolution. How do I do this in Vista?

More Specifically I want to run Atlantica Online in smaller res than 1024x768 so I can leave I running in the background but still keep an eye on it while i surf the net (a small resolution like 640x480 would be ideal). I tried editing the target line with no success. Any ideas?

If the above is impossible are there any third party programs that would allow me to resize the window how I want? Or allow me to divide my screen into multiple screens/desktops?

ty in advance for any light on the subject.

A:How do I specify what resolution I want a game to run in?

in the game's setup for video.

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desktop: imgur: the simple image sharer

Not sure if I'm being pedantic and fussing over nothing but I recently reinstalled windows, but since then I've encountered a lot of weird problems so am not sure if I did things right. This includes resolution seeming too large, despite setting to 1024x768 from 800x600; function keys not working and this brightness is killing my eyes and brightness option not found in search; TF2 doesn't launch at all.

A:Changed screen resolution to 1024x768, but still appears too large

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ..... Do you have a Desktop or a Laptop ? ...

Based on your System Specs for your CPU ... Relates to a Laptop ...
If that is the case you can find the Drivers below in the Link ...

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Hello Forum.I have a Thinkpad T500 which I love though the screen isn't the brightest.I have installed a good SDD, and it runs Win 10 very satisfactory.The LCD monitor is a handsome 1680x1050, almost as good as my old T61p.In November something strange happened, possibly just when Windows did an update.The screen suddenly was reduced to about half-size and I had to reboot.After that, the best resolution I get is 1400x1050 even if the Monitor itself still is a 1680x1050.I updated of the windows driver, but this one is from 2006 and is obviously not the bad guy.  Driver Management concluded the process to install driver  tplcd.inf_amd64_cc45c1c6a7fd9bed\tplcd.inf for Device Instance ID  DISPLAY\LEN4053\1&8713BCA&0&UID0 with the following status: 0x0.In the boot panels I have not found any parameters that I could think of doing impact.This is not a crisis, but I miss the 1680x1050.Do anyone know what to do next?


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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit, Build 18362, Installed 20190817055009.000000+060
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Six-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 23 Model 8 Stepping 2, CPU Count: 12
Total Physical RAM: 16 GB
Graphics Card: Radeon RX 580 Series
Hard Drives: C: 465 GB (170 GB Free); D: 465 GB (429 GB Free);
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. ROG STRIX X470-F GAMING, ver Rev X.0x, s/n 180220536701228
System: American Megatrends Inc., ver ALASKA - 1072009, s/n System Serial Number
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

Ok , so everything was fine until yestarday. in the middle of playing the Call of Duty Warzone. my screen flashes and showed me this message. i have gotten this message before but the screen resolution always changes back to normal. but this time it didnt .

I have tried everything i can come up with. like updating the graphic card. i even uninstalled it and installed the lastest version( still not working). i am using the recommended resolution which is 2560x1080 . but it didnt work either. i have tired all sorts of things while looking for a solution on youtube.

I think the problem will be fixed if i factory reset my pc , but i dont want to do it since i would lose so much documents that i have.

i also tried to manually change the screen resolution from my monitor but , i didnt find any place where it let me change it manually.

the problem with the resolution i am using right now is... Read more

A:Screen Resolution suddenly changed while playin COD WARZONE

could not find out how to upload an image hmhmhmhm but i found it like this .

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My laptop downloaded and installed the latest major Windows 10 update this morning (took several hours!), and now my screen resolution has changed - the icons and text are all way too big. There are no system restore points available, so I cannot revert to earlier working version. If I go into settings and select display, I am only offered two possibile resolutions, and neither of these is suitable. What can I do?

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