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Cannot put operating system on sata hard drive

Q: Cannot put operating system on sata hard drive

I have got a system that was running xp on a sata hard drive which was cloned onto a second sata hard drive. The main hard drive started freezing on the welcome screen and so I started using the second hard drive but the same has happened to that. I could not boot in safe mode or last known good configuration etc.
I decided to format the first hard drive and put xp back on it but every time I try to do so after it has been formatted and the xp files have been loaded onto the drive when it comes to reboot in order to load the files the computer will not load the files and just starts the whole process again of setting up windows and then giving me the option of formatting etc I am just going round in circles.

Is there something special that needs to be done with a sata hard drive in order to put xp on it?
Does anybody have any idea what the initial problem was with freezing screens?

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Preferred Solution: Cannot put operating system on sata hard drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I would like to describe a problem, the solution I arrived at, and put a question to the Forum.
I recently re-arrange my 4 500GB SATA drives to provide better cooling. The system rebooted fine but every two or three days on booting Vista would kick me back to the BIOS starting screen, or, completely freeze, requiring a reboot. The system then wouldn't boot saying it couldn't find an operating system. Turning the computor off, and a restart would fix the problem until the next time. I resolved this by rearranging my hard drives so that Vistas C drive was the Motherboards logical boot drive. An obvious solution. My question is two fold. Why would BIOS find the Boot Drive sometimes and not others (The disks are not faulty), I perhaps don't fully understand how SATA operates, and, Is this the solution or a fix that masks another problem. I have had no further problems to date.

A:Sata Hard Drives and Vista Operating System

Hi Norm,

When you rearranged your drives, did you disconnect the cables from them whilst you were doing so? It is possible that you didn't connect the drives back to their original port on the motherboard when you wired them back up. Check this, and also check that all cables are securely fitted.

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How do you put two operating systems on one hard drive

A:Two Operating System (XP and ME) on one hard drive

You partition the drive into several logical disks, and install the older O/S first, then XP. I recommend you install ME on the D: drive, then XP on the C: drive. That way, when you decide to get rid of ME in the future, you won't have a non-standard installation of XP on the D: drive.

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Heya people,

I've recently acquired Windows 7 on a bootable USB, and everything works well, (especially since my old operating system DIED on me two days ago and i had to resort to this).

Anywho, since i am booting from USB, i was wondering whether i could perhaps copy it onto my hard drive, so i wouldn't have to rely on the USB every time i boot the PC.

Is this possible, and if so, how could i do it?

Many thanks.

A:Operating System: USB to Hard Drive?

I don't know, but you might want to play around with some hard disk cloning software. They often copy everything that's on it. You can burn what's on it onto a DVD and then copy the DVD onto the hard drive using the cloning application's bootable interface. Try Norton Ghost. I don't guarantee it'll work, but it sounds like a good direction to go.

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Alright, I'm a newbie and I was playing around with an old hard drive and took it out of an old computer and put it in my current comp. After formatting the drive I realized I could use the old comp to run (so I could learn) a second operating system.
I am looking for a free OS that is small (needs to fit on a 202 MB hard drive with a Intel 486 processor) any good ideas?
Also most of the OSs I've seen so far have been disk bootable to load onto the hard drive. However, now that I've formatted the old hard drive, if I put it back into the old comp and start it up it wont boot. So can I disk boot a OS on my new comp, load it onto the second hard drive and then just put the hard drive back into the old comp?

If anyone knows of any websites or tutorials that may take you through this it would be a really big help.
Thanks everyone, Jeremy

A:second hard drive and operating system

You can load a small version of Linux on that system, and it's an O/S that you may find a use for in the future.

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Dell 2650 laptop
I have recently replaced the keyboard, battery, and hard drive 20gig as was the original. This is the second time this problem has happened. Thought it was the hard drive before. Apparently not.
(kernel data inpage error) Got machine working by replacing the hard drive, now it has done it again a short time later (3 weeks or so). Any suggestions?


A:operating system and hard drive lost

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My laptop hard drive stopped working, with that so, I had to replace it for a brand new, but now I dont have the operational system cd (windows 7 home premium) to reinstall it, and even if I go to the Microsoft website to download the OS with the serial number that is on a sticker on my laptop, I cant download it, says to contact the HP for support.Thanks

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I'm getting a new computer, and I'd like to extract the operating system (XP) from my old computer's hard drive to maybe use it again someday. Is this possible?

Thanks for all assistance

A:Extracting Operating System from Hard Drive

Yes .. But it'll only work in the computer it was extracted from.

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Hi There I bought a new HP Pavilion 550-055na with Windows 8 a month or so ago but wish to use Windows 7. However, I have decided I will keep the Hard Drive the PC came with and have the option of Windows 8 sometime in future if I wish. Therefore, I'm installing Window's 7 on a new Hard Drive. My problem is that the fresh copy of Windows 7 won't install on my new Hard Drive.  I keep getting: Secure Boot ViolationInvalid Signature Detected. Check Secure Boot Policy in Setup It then takes me to a black screen after I press Enter/Ok which says the following. Check Media Presence.......Media Present.......Start PXE over IPv4. If I press F12 on powering up, I get a blue box asking me to select a boot device. The only options are: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller IPv4Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller IPv6and Exit using the arrow keys How do change the secure boot policy?  If I do so, does this then mean that I can install my Windoes 7 on my new Hard Drive? Also, providing I do, will I still be able to use my Windows 8 OS Drive after changing the secure boot policy? Any help would be greately appreciated. Kindest Regards DJ 

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I have gotten an Error message: Smart Hard disk error, has detected an imminent failure. Please back up and run Hard disk test.I did that and it failed. I have no warranty so I am trying to do it myself.  I have a 640GB (5400RPM) Hard drive; I want to replace it with 1TB. Does it have to be the same 5400RPM? Does make and model make a difference? And I don?t have a backup for the operating system, where can I get one? Any suggestions or tips or stuff I am missing on the procedure to change the hard drive & operating system? Please advise. Thanks

A:Changing hard drive & operating system

First thing: where do you live (country)? It does not have to be a 5400 rpm and in fact I would say you should not install a 5400 rpm drive. Get at least a 7200 rpm model or better yet, a solid state drive.  Your was originally a Windows 7 machine and Windows 7 is hard to get now. There is no free place to download it and HP no longer stocks Windows 7 recovery disks. Did you every by any chance do the free Windows 10 upgrade? If you did then Windows 10 is a free download and you would not need a Key Code it will just activate. If not we can perhaps help you find a Windows 7 recovery disk from a third party vendor.  If you live in the US here is a 7200 rpm 1 TB drive which would be the minimum thing I would use for a reinstall.  https://www.amazon.com/HGST-Travelstar-2-5-Inch-Internal-0J22423/dp/B00B4QESVQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qi... Brand of hard drive is not relevant. They are all interchangeable, generic. The only thing that matters is dimensions and the one linked above is the correct size. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpV8-UaGWac if this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.    

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When starting up on the new drive I receive a message "NTLDR is compressed" do you have any suggestions as to why?

A:How to copy your operating system from one hard drive to another

boot into the recovery console and run

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Would like to know How to install 2nd hard drive with different operating system

A:How to install 2nd hard drive with different operating system

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i want to move files around, but i cant because my operating system is using those files.... is there a program to boot from a disk or something to access my hard drive?? I dont have Dos cause im running windows 2000, and i dont have the cd either... i need to copy files outside of my operating system

A:access hard drive out of operating system

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I purchased a western digital harddrive 40gig and I can't get my operating system on it. I have a compaq presario 7470 and i can only get past the screens that say it will erase everything on my hard drive then it just keeps rebooting everytime i have sat here for and hour just rebooting and i don't know what is going on I know the cd's work because i just used them about 3 months a ago to redo the old harddrive. Can anyone help me please?
Thank you

A:new hard drive wont except operating system

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Iím running windows 7 on a Sony Vaio VGN FZ140e.. For the past few weeks Iíve heard beeps from my computer and it crashed (blue screen) once.. these did not happen often so I figured they werenít much on an issue... Today when I turned it on I got a message "Operating System Not Found". It will not boot.. Iíve tried inserting the windows 7 disc to try the repair option but when I boot from disk it says "loading windows files" at the bottom and goes straight to the starting windows screen where it freezes rather than to a point where I have an option to install or repair. I have tried going into the BIOS and moving boot from disc up and then back to defaults.. Iím not sure if my hard drive went bad or if something else is keeping my laptop from booting because it appears from the BIOS that the computer does recognize that a hard drive is connected (says memory 200GB or whatever). Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Should I order a new hard drive and start over or are there still other options to rescue my files?

A:No Operating System Found.. New Hard Drive?

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I have an OEM version of XP Pro and I want to load it onto a new hard drive for a Gateway laptop. I used to know how to do this during the old DOS days, but I don't have a clue with Windows. Can anybody help me? Thanks so much!

A:Installing an OEM XP Operating System on a new hard drive

Do you have a XP cd?

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I have my Windows XP operating system installed in the C Drive it came with. I recently installed a larger hard drive in a 2nd slot for it. Now, how do I successfully transfser the operating system on the original Drive C to the new hard drive, so I can boot up with it. Since the computer (Dell 4600) is a cable select system, I would then have to physically swap the locations of the 2 hard drives. I am afraid that it I simply copy the original C drive onto the new hard drive and then do a physical swap, it won't boot up properly.

Ernie Endes

A:Transfer XP Operating system to a new hard drive

Welcome to TSF!

You need to clone the drive, then change their positions on the cable before rebooting. If either drive is a Seagate/Maxtor or Western Digital, they have free software available to do that.

Imaging Software

Macrium Reflect
DriveImage XML
Easeus Todo Backup
If you have a Seagate HD, you can use this, which is based on Acronis:
Seagate DiscWizard
And from Western Digital:
Acronis True Image WD Edition Software

Acronis True Image
DriveImage XML
Macrium Reflect
Norton Ghost

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I recently got an old computer of mine that was sitting in the closet for a long time. The moniter was bust so I decided to play around a little. I don't know much about computers so I took the cover off and began to look around. After a little while I removed the hard drive and put it in my current computer. I didn't have any plans for it at the time and it is a bit small (202 MB) So I decided to format the drive and use it for extra storage (very little extra storage, my current hard drive is 80 gig). I have recently decided I would like to try and put an OS on the second hard drive (since I formated I no longer have any OS on the drive). I've been looking at some installations for linux and unix and they all have you install from a boot disk, will I be able to install off a boot disk onto a second hard drive or will the OS automaticaly instal on the primary drive? is it even worth trying with such a little drive?
Thanks, Jeremy

A:adding an operating system to a second hard drive

Linux can be set to use unused space meaning unformatted partitions. I would suggest partitioning the drive but let linux format it. You'll have to be careful during the installation when it comes to the partition part but don't worry you can go forward or back in sequence.

Hope this helps...

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I am not very good with computers, so I don't really know how to do this, and need explanation in simple english . My harddrive is constantly causing BSODs on my HP laptop (Windows 7), and I have ordered a new hard drive. I am not quite sure how to transfer the operating system, any help would be appreciated greatly!

A:How to move operating system to a new hard drive?

Make the HP Recovery disks so you can boot them after swapping out the old HD to recover to factory condition: HP Recover Windows 7 Operating System Using HP Recovery - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

However if you'd like a much cleaner Win7 OS without the preinstalled HP crapware and useless factory utilties which have much better versions built into Win7, look over these steps to Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.

A third option is to save externally a Win7 backup image of your current installation to reimage the new HD once you swap it in: Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
System Image Recovery
or use free Macrium - Image your system

Here's a video on how to change out the HD. Be sure to guard against static shock by touching the case before touching any electronics.

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I am new to this forum so sorry if I post anything dodgy. I will also try to be as clear as I can

I have recently come into the possession of a Dell Dimension 3000 as it is a friends who is wanting some help.

When I received the desktop I found that they had been using Wintenals ERD 2005 as there OS. I therefore started by trying to install windows xp on the HDD. When I did so the initial setup went fine until it asks me to partition my HDD as the format is not accepted for windows xp. However when I put in an amount to partition the hard drive the screen just reverts back to the screen showing the unpartitioned space. This is the same for any number that I enter.
I then decided to try ubuntu seeing as it is free and is relatively easy to install. however when I tried this it comes up with an error saying that it is unable to create the ext4 partition #1 or something (sorry I will try and get the exact statement)

I am not sure if the issue is me being stupid or if the hard drive is dead or something weird but if any of you lovely people could help then I would greatly appreciate it

A:Hard Drive won't install Operating System

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On second hard drive in less than a year. Installed this repalcement in July. On a recent restart screen went blank then was stuck on HP logo. Ran diagnostics and received no hard drive installed, no operating system found, no boot device found, and a no writeable file module found errors on subsequent diags and restarts. Last hard drive quick test revealed error "sofware error." Probably not saveable and will have to replace hd again?

A:No Hard Drive No Operating System Found

Have you tried running a hard drive test?

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Hi, I have a problem that will damage the hard drive of my laptop and buy a new disk but at the time of installing it does not start the installation I read that you have to disable the security boot but I do not find it in the bios options my laptop is hp Pavilion dm4-1265dx that I must do to let me install my w7 operating system.

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My friend gave me her laptop because her hard drive crashed and wanted me to fix it or install a new hdd. So I tried recovery console, no go. So I tried to re-install XP and it wouldn't work either. So I got a new hdd.

I've installed it and put the XP disc (proper disc not recovery disc) into the drive. The pc says "no operating system found" on a black screen. I can't seem to enter the BIOS either because when I hit F8 it does nothing. The last time I was in the BIOS it was set to run from the CD-rom drive.

Any ideas?? I need to get this laptop up and running again.

A:operating system not found - new hard drive

galaga-girl said:

. I can't seem to enter the BIOS either because when I hit F8 it does nothing.Click to expand...

Are you sure the computer uses F8 to enter the BIOS mode? Windows uses F8 at start up to let you chose what mode you want to run. Some computer may use the DEL, ESC or the F2 key to access the BIOS settings at start up.

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I just inherited a Compaq EVO N115 and within a week I got the hard drive click of death and "Operating System Not Found." so I ordered a new hard drive, same as the old one (IBM TravelStar 10GB.) I got it today, put it in my computer, and there is no click, but I get the same message! Am I missing something really obvious like having to initialize it or something? Help! And thank you!

A:"operating System Not Found" Even With New Hard Drive!

Did the hard disk had an OS?

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I have a hard drive I recovered from my old Dell laptop when the motherboard gave out. Originally, I just put it in an external hard case and have been using it as external storage. Now it is getting filled up, so I would like to reformat it to remove the OS partition (Vista) to give me access to the entire drive. I have removed and baked up all my files, but cannot find a way to repartition the drive to remove the OS volume. Disk manager will not let me access that volume to delete it - nor will diskpart. In fact, only the non-OS volume even shows up with a drive letter in diskpart.

I would really appreciate some help. I have searched the web but have only been able to find info on how to reformat the main hard drive...and this is definitely NOT what I want to do.


A:Reformat External Hard Drive with Operating System

Try this program - preferably the bootable CD: Free Partition Magic alternative. Free Partition Manager Software for Windows 7/VISTA/XP/2000 and Windows Server 2003/2008/2000.

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The hard drive on a friends compter recently died. he was running Windows XP. The size of his hard drive was only 10GB. I purchased a Western Digital IDE 320 GB hard drive to replace his old one. I inserted the Windows XP install disc and checked enter to load Windows XP on the unpartioned drive. It started to format the drive but got stuck at 2% for 5 hours. I powered down the computer and restarted it and know when the screen comes up to press any ket to load from cd rom an error comes up saying..."error loading operating system". I tried restarting numerous times but the same error comes up so I am stuck!!! Anyone have any help for me? Thanks in advance for the help to everyone!!

A:Error Loading Operating System on New Hard Drive

Here are the main causes to this dilemma
1. The computer's BIOS does not support the computer hard disk drive's size or settings.
2. Computer Hard disk drive is not properly setup in CMOS.
3. Issue with drive's partitions.
*Problem sources is from link below*

Here is a link that may give you the answer your looking for


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Hey guys i have a windows XP Pro comp and i want to replace the current hard drive( 20 GB set as the master) with a 60GB i have set as a slave hard drive. Anyone have any ideas on how i would download and install windows xp on the new hard drive? I have no discs for it. Thx in advance

A:[SOLVED] Putting a Operating system on a new hard drive

most hd manufacturers have a app available to do it or use this method


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I want to install another installation of windows xp on an external hard drive. My plan is to boot up with and use the external drive for my web browsing. I have already formatted and partitioned the drive and am looking for suggestions as to how to do it. The only thing I have is on my recovery disk since the computer cam pre loaded with windows xp home.
I would try linux but from what I have read in microsoft support files, linux is not one of the operating systems that windows will allow a dual boot with. What do I need to do?

A:Installing a 2nd operating system on external hard drive

XP won't install to an external drive. Is your machine capable of booting from USB?

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Okay so here goes... I was getting frustrated with adware,spyware and viruses, I mean really frustrated they corrupted my computer and made using internet explorer a pain in the @$#. So after deleting the corrupted programs and files from my computer I decided "Why not go all the way and delete the all the embedded crap from my system registry?" So I did just that I started manualy deleting all of the spyware that a spyware scan had found in my registry. Working my way through over 800 different directories. More determined to rid myself of these... mother#$^*#&... than I have ever been in my entire life. I mean I wasn't going to leave my chair until they were gone, all of them. Time began to pass and night became day, but shortly after, realisation came that I was done. It was now time to restart my computer and do another scan so I could know for sure. Then I'd be able to sleep. I clicked "Start" and proceeded to shut down my computer. At this same moment I noticed that beside my "My Computer" and "My Network Places" Icons in the Start Menu were the words "Folder" not "My Computer" or "My Network Places". The Computer powered off. I quickly powered on my computer It began to load windows xp, it continued to load windows xp, and 5 hours later yes, it was still loading windows xp. It is frozen at the blue screen just before the welcome screen where I'd log onto my User account. I rebooted in safe mode. ... Read more

A:Hard drive Won't Format! And Operating System Won't Start! Pls HELP!

Format.com cannot handle NTFS that is why you get the error when chosing option 2

Normally I would say you start with option 3.
But you say it failed.
So start with 1, remove all partitions, create new ones.
Since these will not be parititoned, you can now partition them with format.com if you want.

Although normally , the XP installer will not only partition but also format the drive when it installs.
contains a nice step by step of installing XP

Indicates that you do have a windows XP installer.

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I have a computer running windows XP but our family has a computer running Vista. Can I use an external hard drive to make a mirror image of the Vista computer's hard drive and use it to boot Vista on the XP computer if I have it be the master Hard Drive.

A:Using an external hard drive to boot a different operating system?


I don't mean to put a wet blanket on your idea, but most would say no...can't boot from an external hard drive. However...hope runs eternal...check the guides forum and you will see there are some who say, "yes you can." Unfortunately I can't remember the different authors names, but one specifically said he couldn't get a specific hard drive to run only on the original computer, as the original topic of one guide, but he tried a different means and got it to boot....on most computers, not just the original.
I'm trying to do something very similar to your idea, unfortunately I'm not well versed in DOS and boot systems so it is slow going for me.

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Well my hard drive finally died and I need to replace it. I have never done anything like this so I'm kind of nervous about doing this. I was running a raid 0 configuration before but this time I'm only going with a single 500 gig hard drive. The guy that built it for me no longer lives in my state so he can't help me. I have found a sata hard drive and a oem operating system for around $150.00, can someone help me out with advice on installing the hard drive and the operating system, TY

A:Need help/avice on installing new hard drive and operating system

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I am using a tool called Partition Master 9.1.1 and recently I partitioned my hard drive to have Ubuntu 10.04 on it. This is a school laptop so I was having fun experimenting with Linux tools on the Windows XP partition. Now I need to remove the Ubuntu partition, but every time I remove it and reboot it it says "Error File System Unknown" in the booting screen and I have to reinstall Ubuntu 10.04 again just so I can see the multiboot option to go back to Windows XP. Is there some way I can move the multiboot sequence so Windows XP is first? Or do I wipe the Ubuntu partition and merge the partitions? Thank you.

A:[SOLVED] Removing an operating system off of a Hard Drive

How to Remove Ubuntu Dual Boot XP | eHow.com
Then delete the Ubuntu partition with Partition Master.

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My computer crashed, I put in my recovery CD and it said
"Operating system: Unknown on (Unknown) Local Disk"

Then i went into the command prompt and put "diskpart", then "list disk", and it shows up like this:

DISKPART> list disk

DISK ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt
--------- -------- ------ ----- --- ---
Disk 0 .. No Media 0 B 0 B

Will I have to get a new hard drive? Should I put "select disk 0" and then "clean"?

A:Damaged Hard Drive? No operating system nor HD can be found

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I need to replace a hard drive in my son?s laptop. It crashed. It?s a HP Pavilion 17-g113cl (Touch) Notebook. After I get the new drive installed, how do I restore the original operating system without any backup?

A:My hard drive crashed. How do I restored my operating system...

@kvtheking Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! I see you're running Win10. Did the PC come preinstalled with Win10? Or, did you upgrade it from a prior OS to Win10?This is important as the recovery/reset method is different for the two situations.We can proceed when you provide the answers.

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My hard drive is slowing down the preformace of my computer. The hard drive gets a 5.9 rating in windows 7 performance ratings. I would like to switch out to a newer hard drive possibly Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB WD1002FAEX. I do have an external backup drive. How would I get everything switched to the new drive (software, OS, ect.)?

A:Best and or easiest way to switch operating system to a new hard drive?

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I got an old computer yesterday from my friend with a blank hard drive with no operating system, no nothing, but when I in try to install Kali Linux from KALI.org. It says something like ? Drive not partition correctly fix this from the partitioning menu? but the partitioning menu was no help! anybody have any ideas?

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Hi guys, thanks for looking.

I've been attempting to install windows on an advent 9515 with a new hard drive however all of the usb boot disks I create return "Operating system not found" I've tested them at boot in other computers and they work fine there. I have tried with windows 7 and 8, I have succeeded with installing ubuntu onto the machine (so the machine at least works).

I have tried other hard drives with windows already installed on them with the same effect, I would have expected it to at least try and load then error out after that. What is going on here?

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I have a Lenovo R61 with a Windows XP operating system.

So this is what has happened so far:

I was working on my computer when I noticed that I was suddenly getting continuous popups. Realizing that I had either spyware or a virus, I tried loading my McAfee and Spybot applications. For some reason, they were not loading, and then I noticed that I suddenly had porn thumbnails being downloaded onto my desktop. I quickly used my external hard drive and saved my pictures and documents. Then, I tried to restart my computer. I've been trying everything I know to get my computer back, but I keep getting blocked at every turn.

When I try to restart my computer, it goes to the windows login screen, which it used to always bypass. When I press enter without inputting a password, it states that I am "logging in" and then immediately changes to "logging off" and forces my computer to restart.

When I try to load in safe mode, it scrolls through a few pages of script and then errors on me and says that I cannot go into safe mode.

I changed my boot device to boot from my cd drive in order to reformat using a legal Windows XP cd. When I try this, it tells me that my hard disk drives are undetected.

When I try to do a full recovery through Thinkvantage's recovery program, it says that it cannot be done.

I have run diagnostics on my hard drive, and now I am doing the same through BIOS. So far, it seems unaffected.

I took my computer to an IT person a... Read more

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I have 2 internal Western digital hard drives (both older; one a SATA about 5 yrs the other a parallel IDE about 8 to 10), each with a copy of Windows XP SP2 loaded on it. My primary OS on the older PATA hard drive is running very slow - data access off the drive is very sluggish and processing of hard drive files are about 1/10 speed (antivirus scans went from <2 hours normally to 7.5 hours literally overnight from Aug 9 to the 10th - and that to scan only 1/3 the total data).

The BIOS also has trouble recognizing the parallel IDE drive; on half the startups it will recognze it and half it will only find the SATA drive and CD ROM. If I tighten the IDE ribbon or the power supply to the unrecognized parallel drive, the BIOS will often find it on next startup however. One time the BIOS flagged this drive in blinking red text on startup (never saw that before or since), and on occasion it will find the drive but have an entirely incorrect model number for it (a model # that I do not recognize if indeed it is a real manufacturer model #).

Always when I load the OS it is very slow, however, taking 10x or 20x the normal speed. Downloads from web are at 1/10th normal rate, and so on.

I planned to re-load a prior image of the OS in the event it was entirely software related. And here is my question:

Should I try replacing the IDE ribbon? If so, do I need to match the exact ribbon? I tried replacing the ribbon a few years back (needed a longer ribbon to co... Read more

A:Slow Operating System - Suspecting Hard drive or IDE Ribbon

The existing ribbon on the PATA drive will have either 40 or 80 wires - that is the only difference of the two types that are available (the connectors on the ribbon cable are the same on either type). If the hard drive jumper is set to "cable select" (CSEL) you must use an 80-wire ribbon cable. If the jumper is set to "master" or "slave" as appropriate (the best method rather than using cable-select), you can use either a 40-wire or an 80-wire ribbon. Most IDE ribbon cables available today are the 80-wire type since they can be used with any of the jumper configurations.

If a new cable does not fix the boot problem, consider testing the drive with diagnostic software such as Seagate SeaTools (it doesn't have to be a Seagate drive). If it's approaching ten years old it may well be faulty from wear-and-tear of it's moving parts, and/or wear on the actual disk platters. You can download SeaTools here (click "Downloads" at top of page): SeaTools | Seagate


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i have just swapped a 10 gig hard drive from one pc to another...
the 10 gig drive used to be in my portable usb hard drive case. which i then used as a portable hard drive.
i formatted said portable drive on windows xp.
i have just decided to put the drive into a different pc.
however when booting from my setup/operating system cd's
i get a message telling my the drive cannot be found.
obviously i have checked all the connections a few times.
im wondering if maybe i have lost some data on the drive when i formatted it?
or any other ideas and helpfull info woulld be most appreciated

A:Solved: cant install operating system as it cant find my hard drive!

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Here is the problem (system specs at end): on a few occasions I boot up my Windows 7 system and the "BTMgr is missing" error message. When I disconnect all drives except for C: system boots up fine. When I put back in all 'extra' drives, error message comes back. Putting them back in one at a time gives me only one drive that seems to be bringing about the error. Is this a Windows 7 issue or a hard drive one? System has an AMD Phenom 9850 QuadCore processor, 8GB mem, two ATI Radeon HD 4800 graphics cards, C drive is 1TB Hitachi, the other six internal drives are Hitachis also and go between 500gb and 1tb. There are also three hot-swap drives in the unit and they have never been an issue...in fact just used one of those to do a complete image of the original C drive and that imaged drive is the one that just booted up for me and is running the machine right now.

If the drive that seems to be "causing" BTMgr message to issue is bad, how is it that a bad secondary drive can by causing the sort of error message that pops up before Windows starts? This is new to me.....

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions...

A:BTRmgr is missing: operating system or hard drive issue?

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Check you BIOS setting making sure the correct drive is set for first boot device.
You can also place the drive that gives you the issue as the main drive and run their Hard Drive Diagnostics Utility. to test the drives integrity

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I have a Dell Vostro 420
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I am re-purposing this computer for another user and I want to start fresh with factory settings.  Unfortunately I cannot seem to find the cd that came with the computer, so I don't know how to do this.  Any help would be appreciated.  I have tried going into the setup when i see the dell logo, but there is no option for system restore or anything like that.


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I've never used one of these forums before so please forgive the lack of ediquet (and spelling). My 320gb internal hard drive is acting badly and I have installed a new 1 TB Seagate hard drive but I want to move the Operating System and files to the new 1TB hard drive and remove the old drive. How do I make that move to the new drive? I have found a good amount of info on migrating but always involves changing Windows versions. I don't want to change versions, I just want to move all my data to the new drive. ThanksTheressa

A:Moving Operating System Using Windows Vista to new hard drive

Hello and welcome .IMO, cloning/disk-imaging software will allow you to move everything on the old hard drive...to the new hard drive.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disk_imageThere are many programs which provide this capability, some are free...some cost.The one thing that you want to be sure of when selecting a program...be sure that it is fully supported for systems with Vista.Louis

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Ok here me out, I have an old windows millenium pc I completely Destroyed the hard drive, Meaning theres completely Nothing on it.

Im trying to put windows xp on it using the windows millenium pc but im getting a invalid boot diskette error When im not even trying to use a diskette, So,

Is there a way i can hook up the desktop harddrive to my laptop install the operating system and then move the hard drive back onto the desktop machine?

Is it possible? Thanks for listening

A:Installing an operating system on a desktop hard drive on a laptop

It might work with an eSata port - if you have one on your laptop.

Here is a solution for Windows7 for USB attached HDDs. Not sure whether that would work for XP.

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My hard drive quit working on my HP Pavillion 23-g013w all in one computer. I replaced it with a new 1 TB hard drive. I also installed new 16 gb Crucial memory upgrade.   All the new "hardware " is installed in the computer  . When it came on  it said"Please install operating system on your pc" I ran the memory check and the hard drive check and they both passed. I got this All in one at walmart 2 years ago and it did not come with the recovery disc or they have been lost.  Is there a way to hook it up with ethernet and download the  software I need ? If not , what is my next best option ...or  step ? Thank you .

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A:recovery of operating system, replaced hard drive and memory...

Thank you for the help.  I will continue to "hold"     on the line.........  Have a nice day.aaron

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I resently install a 160G HDD into another computer(1) I have the Computer(1) has a faster processor and more ram so I thought things would go smothly. The OS on the hard drive is XP Pro it came out of Computer(2) which was running a 500MHZ processor. It seems to me that the hard drive can't find its old home so it doesn't want to go into the new one but I am sure there is a fix if anyone has the answers short of formating I am all ears.

A:Moved Hard Drive With Operating System Into Faster Computer

Are there any error messages? Does Windows start at all or does the startup sequence stop before it loads?
You'll likely need to contact Microsoft to activate Windows again. Windows XP uses the hardware configuration to verify that the verified OS hasn't been transferred to another computer (like you have) without being reactivated.

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