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M91p Desktop (ThinkCentre) Motherboard not displaying

Q: M91p Desktop (ThinkCentre) Motherboard not displaying

Hello everyone,Recently my motherboard started to beep twice and just has a black screen. I made sure to have the power cables plugged in and everything. It did two beeps continually. I redid all the cables and now it just beeps twice on start up (doesnt show up on monitor & backup monitor) and doesn't beep anymore. Thanks for any help! -Tyler

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Preferred Solution: M91p Desktop (ThinkCentre) Motherboard not displaying

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hey everyone, I am trying to install new parts onto my workstation. I accidently unplugged the cables that connect to the power switch and such. I was wondering if there was a manual for the Motherboard that would show me exactly where to plug the switches in at. I have attached a picture just to show what I mean (hard for me to explain sorry) This is a picture of another manual that wasn't the right motherboard.  Thanks for the help! -Tyler

Capture.PNG ?191 KB

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Hello Lenovo Support Forum! This is my first post here, happy to meet you all. My question goes like this : On a out-of-warranty ThinkCentre M91p, if we replace the standard CPU (i5) with a socket compatible Xeon CPU, will the motherboard support ECC RAM? ThinkCentre M91p desktopModel : 7052A7F Best regards,Idexo


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A:ThinkCentre M91p motherboard and ECC RAM??

My question goes like this : On a out-of-warranty ThinkCentre M91p, if we replace the standard CPU (i5) with a socket compatible Xeon CPU, will the motherboard support ECC RAM?

No.  It's the Intel Chipset that interfaces to memory, and only workstation and server Chipsets support ECC.  Check the specs for your desktop Chipset if you like. 
Also, just because a processor will fit into the socket, does not mean it will be supported by the BIOS.   Sometimes there is overlap between ThinkCentres and ThinkStations which do use Xeons.   If so, that Thinkstation model will be listed on your BIOS download page, but for unknown reasons that upgrade does not always work. 

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The desktop currently can only access the internet using the hardwired RJ 45 connection, but I would like to add the ability to access the internet wirelessly by installing a wireless card in one of the available PCI express slots. I would like to know what wireless cards are available and compatible with this model. Thank you! 

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First of all, I would like to appologize since Im not an expert on IT and I dont know most of the technical words to refeer to some things... And so I have my computer at work. I used to love it because it was so fast and I could do plenty of tasks with it at the same time (e.i. listening to music while I translate some docs, searching on internet looking for words, forums, etc.) But last year, it started to reboot/restart by itselft. I realized it happens when I see videos on youtube (but not always), when I check some websites with music or when the website has too much information and pics and similars (for instance, online news websites, official websites, etc.) Last year also, it had a sound coming form the CPU...It was like the ventilator I think, but now not any more. When I ran the examination everything seems fine so I really dont know what is wrong with it... Someone had experience something similar???

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Hiya, In my current PC I have an i5 3470, and In the Thinkcentre M91p i have recently purchased, it has an i7 2600, which is a little overkill for what ive purhcased it for, so I was thinking of swapping the cpu's so I have the 2600 in my gaming PC and the Thinkcentre gets the 3470.However I'm not sure if this would work as I have no idea whether the motherboard of the ThinkCentre would accept the new Ivy Bridge chip, and I don't even know if my Asus P8H77-V would accept the 2600?So would this work? and how would I go about doing it? Im a noob at all this im sorry ;(All answers are much appreciated, Ajsski99

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performed a clear CMOS after thinkcentre was posting a blue screen of death. blue screen of death info said to find available BIOS update, however, unable to install BIOS update in safemode. After the clear CMOS, now the BIOS is beeping, three short beeps, then 1 long beep with different sound. any help would be much appreciated. BTW, was running 64 bit windows 7

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Hello everyone! I've tried upgrading my ThinkCentre M91p with a R7 250X graphics card and a 500W PSU. The graphics card is slightly bigger than the one that came with the desktop, if that information is any helpful. The problem is that the PC turns on, but my monitor doesn't recieve any output. I checked the slots and everything is plugged in as it should be. According to some similar topics, the GPU is too strong for the BIOS. Is there any way to fix this? This is the only graphics card I have. Thank you!

A:ThinkCentre M91p won't work with AMD R7 250X

See this recent thread:  Lenovo-m91p-White-List-GPUs
M91p BIOS has two modes, UEFI and a compatibility? mode, I suggest you try both.  Also, check that the BIOS setting for the Video Devices is set to [AUTO], or has the Multi-Monitor Support = Enabled.  Otherwise, it may only use the internal graphics, ignoring the card.   

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Kingston a400 (120GB) or Samsung 860 EVO (250GB), Are these SSD's compatible with M91p (4524-PJ1)?. I need to upgrade my PC

A:Compatible SSD with ThinkCentre M91p (4524-PJ1)?

I used a Samsung 850 Evo 250 GB in a M91p tower.  So the 860, being an update, will work also. 

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I have a ThinkCentre (SFF) M series, M91P, type 4518ESU, running Windows 10. Can I add internal Bluetooth?

A:ThinkCentre M series M91P Bluetooth

A better way to add Bluetooth to a desktop is with a USB dongle.   
Bluetooth is a quickly evolving technology, and to support later devices, you'll need an adapter that supports the latest versions of Bluetooth.    'Newegg' is a good place to look for anything computer related.

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Hello, I recently bought a Thinkcentre m91p desktop. It comes with an Intel Core i5-2400 and a motherboard Lenovo 7052A9G (BIOS 9HKT47AUS - 01/10/2012). What is strange is that the CPU fan runs almost all the time at full speed. I installed HWMonitor and the CPU temperature is normal, but I noticed that one value, the VR temp, is changing all the time and is very high (around 100C and sometimes more than 200C, even at startup). I'm thinking about buying a Zalman Fanmate in order to control manually the CPU fan, but I would like to know if this is a known problem and if there's a solution to fix this. Thanks !  

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Hello, I cannot find the way to install an AMD FirePro v3900 on a ThinkCentre M91p.I need such board for sharing the desktop between two monitors having a DisplayPort and a DVI and don't have enough time to purchase another board. On the M92p, I can use it by going in the BIOS, set the video settings to "PEG" (PCI-e Graphics Device), enable Multi-Monitor support. The cards works and I can later install the driver (coming with AMD Catalyst) to obtain the possibility extending the desktop to two screens. But on the M91p, it does not work : the screen connected to the PCI Express graphic card reports "no signal" no matter if I connect the display with the DVI or the DisplayPort. I also tried setting the video to "IGD" (Internal Graphics Device) or to "Auto" with the graphic card plugged, but connecting the cable to the M91p's native VGA or DisplayPort, with the hope that I could see something and install the driver for the graphic card. But there is no signal to the native ports when the video card is plugged. I also trid using AMD Radeon cards which were working with ThinkCenter M91p or M92p.One with HDMI+DVI works.One with DisplayPort+DVI doesn't.I need a board with DisplayPort (DP) as most of my screens have DP and no HDMI. The drivers are up to date (including the chipset). Only the BIOS was not updated.Should I update it ? Or does the problem have other origin (e.g. power) ? Thank you very much for your help.

A:Cannot use AMD FirePro v3900 on ThinkCentre M91p S...

Upgraded the BIOS : no change :-(

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Bought one of these beauties on amazon,  So far ive given it 16gb ram, and a msi 1050ti 4gt lp. it has an I5-2400, #1 would it be worth it swap in an i7-2600, and if so, does anything need changing? #2 all of the reviews ive read say that the 240w psu handles it, but should i upgrade, and to what? Thank you!

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I recently (November 2018) purchased the following system through Amazon: Lenovo ThinkCentre Premium High Performance M91P Desktop Computer, Intel Core i5 Quad-Core Processor 3.1GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Windows 10 Home (Certified Refurbished) (This is the product description from the Amazon website.)  From the Lenovo support website, their lookup tool gave me the following info specific to my PC:Serial #: MJPYNVMMachine Type Model: 7033A25 According to www.datamemorysystems.com the maximum capacity is 16GB.And the memory type is: 4 x 4GB DDR3-1333 (PC3-10600)  512x64  CL9  1.5v  240pin  DIMM I provide this information for the benefit of others who need this info and to see if anyone disagrees before I go out and buy it. Thanks and good luck,gstarnes55   Here's just a little background info:(This post is not a complaint.  So far, I'm happy with the PC.  It has a couple of glitches but I expected as much since it's a refurb.) It actually arrived with 7GB RAM and 2TB HDD.  (I guess they traded off 1GB of RAM for 1TB of HDD?) In my experience you always install RAM in pairs or, at least, even numbers.  There are four slots on this machine filled as follows: 2GB+2GB+2GB+1GB.  Just seems odd. When I first booted up the machine I was getting memory errors every five or ten minutes.  It was a pop-up window saying something like "Cannot write data to memory address xxxxxxxx... Read more

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Hi, I am trying to add a second drive (250GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD) to my M91p but I don't see it in the bios. I have tried the 4 sata ports and no luck. The SSd works fine, I pluged it to a docking station and I could format it with my windows laptop.  Samsung magician didn't allow me to do anything via USB. My bios version is 9HKT58AUS 9H45A 06/10/2014 Anybody knows what I could do?

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I have the 2N3904 transistor, that used as thermal sensor.Genuine-Lenovo-ThinkCentre-M91P-M73-Temperature-Sensor-Cable-SFF-54Y9922 Genuine-Lenovo-ThinkCentre-...Can somebody give me a pinout of the thermal sensor connector for properly wiring this transistor to the connector?

A:thinkcentre m91p temp sensor pinout

I'm confused, the photo in the link above shows it having a connector.  Isn't a case of simply connecting it to where the old one was?  

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Updated to Windows 10 Pro x64 and now multiple BSODs per day. I've run the Lenovo driver updates and everything is up-to-date including power management software. Also reset BIOS to defaults. The BSODs seem to be related to sleep mode but not 100% sure about that. The BSOD message is "driver irql not less or equal...ndis.sys". I only have one add-on to the unit, a USB3 card. Anybody else having this or suggestions on how to proceed? I'm considering rolling back to W7.

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A:ThinkCentre M91p 7033A1U - Windows 10 BSOD

Intel does not support this processor (Sandy Bridge) for Windows 10. http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/processors/000006105.html

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I just got a recent AMD Polaris card (RX 550) for Lenovo ThinkCentre M91p, and it simply doesn't boot with it. It doesn't even get to the starting splash screen with Lenovo logo. The monitor remains blank. I updated the BIOS to the last release I could find but it still didn't help. Can anything be done with it? It works with Nvidia cards, but I'm running Linux and want to use open drivers, so AMD is a much better option. I replaced the power supply by the way with better one.

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Lenovo ThinkCentre M91p 7033-A2U Intel i5 3.1GHz 8GB RAMIs it possible  to run A kitchen design program called 2020 spaces similar to auto cad on this computer.Also should I add seperate video card which one?Could I put ECC ram if yes  would it be better or it wont help me which one and how much ram or this computer wont do the job?

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bought a ThinkCentre M91p, minus the hard drive. The bios rev is 9HKT43AUS and BOOT block is 9H43A
Fitted a blank 2TB hard drive, with the intention of loading LINUX mint. My problem is that the system is still
attempting to boot from a non existing LAN. The original specification inculded PXE V2.1 and AMT 7.1
How Can I return this Unit to boot normally to the HHD. Will upgrading the Bios Acheive this, or must I also
work on the Uefi.  Sorry if this seems simple It is causing me a large amount of stress.
Mod:  expanded the problem description on the Subject line


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A:ThinkCentre: recommissioned system will not boot from HDD; BIOS, AMT, PXE, M91p

I'd recommend going into the UEFI, which replaces the old BIOS standard, and resetting to optimal defaults, which will likely fix the issue. You also should update it, if you have access to a Windows system use rufus to format a bootable dos usb stick and copy the contents of the USB Drive UEFI BIOS Flash Package so you won't need Windows (or a CD) on the actual system to do updates. The current version is 58 vs the 43 you have on there now. By the way you can also use rufus to install Windows to a usb drive for 'Windows To Go' mode which is quite useful at times, especially if you don't want Windows on the system itself. You can download a Windows 10 iso directly from Microsoft's website and via rufus  'Windows To Go' mode isn't limited to just the Enterprise version. CHANGES for 9HKT58A/9HJT58A
-Maintenance release.

-Update CPU microcode for VT FlexPriority.

- Updates the CPU microcode M12206A7_00000028.PDB.

- Computrace update.
- Upgrades flash BIOS tool afuwingui.

- Modify C State Support option items in WMI and related help messages in BIOS Setup.

- Replaces bitlocker issue solution, which was added in 50A, with a new solution.
- Fixes CPU Cache Info is incorrect in SMBIOS.
- Adds a C0 item option for C state and modify correlative descriptions.

-Upgrades MEBX to new version MEBX released with ME k... Read more

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How do I fix my Lenovo ThinkCentre High Performance M91P Desktop Computer that froze, fan speed increases and won't display on the monitor anymore?Hello, today my computer froze and now I can't see the screen anymore. It's been freezing multiple times but now after I unplugged it, it won't display anymore. I have a meeting tomorrow on this computer! This is the last time I buy a "certified refurbished" computer on Amazon !  Also, when I turned the computer back on the fan speed increased. It was getting louder and louder. I thought it was going to explode! Well I repeatedly hold down the power button and unplug the power cord and that's not working. That's what I would do every time my screen froze in the past. The screen would freeze, I couldn't move the mouse either. The light on the desktop is on, I tightened the cord of the monitor to make sure it's connected properly, and the mouse light is still on. The exact desktop name: Lenovo ThinkCentre Premium High Performance M91P Desktop Computer, Intel Core i5 Quad-Core Processor 3.1GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Windows 10 Home (Certified Refurbished) ...and I purchased it on Amazon. I bought this desktop in April of this year and now I don't have product support via amazon anymore. I can't find the serial number on this computer. 

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Having a hard time finding a part number for the secondary hard drive cage.  This would be the cage that is L-shaped and attaches to the base of the tower.  For now I was able to put the 2nd hard drive in the card reader bay, but would prefer to mount as designed as I'm concerned with the heat associated with one hard drive mounted directly about the other.thanksjoe

A:Secondary hard drive cage for Thinkcentre M91p 4524

Since no one ever answered this, and I have one in front of me...The sticker says the part number is 43N9680The stampings in the metal say 1B03AFY00 REV B and 2G266-01 REV B

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My daughter has a M91P model 7052-A9G serial number S4VEK82 running Windows XP SP3 for compatibility with legacy software.  Her existing monitor is connected via VGA and she now wishes to use a Dell U2715H for better definition.
When she connects the new monitor to the display port on the M91P it is not recognised by the system and the video is still only active on the VGA port.
She is 80 miles from me and I support her using Team Viewer which enabled me to switch the desktop display properties to digital but still no output on the Dell so I changed it back to VGA so that she could work.
The new monitor and display port cable has been tested on a friend's computer where it worked OK.
Has anybody met this before and how did you resolve it.
Many thanks, Firkle
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A:ThinkCentre M91p: will not connect to Dell U2715H monitor via DisplayPort, no signal (DP ver. 1.1)

When I Googled for your problem, I found this on the Dell forum.  The built-in Intel graphics on M91p has DP 1.1: 

RE: U2515H - "no signal coming from your computer"

This happened to me when I enabled DP 1.2 option in the menu.
If that is the case, you do not have a DP 1.2 compatible hardware and software/OS. (perhaps if you are using a linux machine)
When your monitor tells no signal... push a menu button for about 10 seconds. It will show you other input sources, keep pushing. Then it will bring a menu to disable DP 1.2. Disable it. Restart the computer.
Hope this helps

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I recently (November 2018) purchased the following system through Amazon: 
Lenovo ThinkCentre Premium High Performance M91P Desktop Computer, Intel Core i5 Quad-Core Processor 3.1GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Windows 10 Home (Certified Refurbished) (This is the product description from the Amazon website.) 
From the Lenovo support website, their lookup tool gave me the following info specific to my PC:
Serial #: xxxxxxxx
Machine Type Model:  7033A25
According to www.datamemorysystems.com the maximum capacity is 16GB.
And the memory type is: 4 x 4GB DDR3-1333 (PC3-10600)  512x64  CL9  1.5v  240pin  DIMM
I provide this information for the benefit of others who need this info and to see if anyone disagrees before I go out and buy it.
Thanks and good luck,
Here's just a little background info:
(This post is not a complaint.  So far, I'm happy with the PC.  It has a couple of glitches but I expected as much since it's a refurb.)
It actually arrived with 7GB RAM and 2TB HDD.  (I guess they traded off 1GB of RAM for 1TB of HDD?) In my experience you always install RAM in pairs or, at least, even numbers.  There are four slots on this machine filled as follows: 2GB+2GB+2GB+1GB.  Just seems odd.
When I first booted up the machine I was getting memory errors every five or ten minutes.  It was a pop-up window saying something like "Cannot write data to m... Read more

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i so far read Lots on this site
i also updated bios
i have Thinkcentre M91p
new big case
New EVGA 750 Watt G2 powersupply
with Geforce 8800 GT works fine
16 GB Ram
i uninstall driver for video then turn off pc install new PNY RTX 2070 turn on get blank screen i have tryed all
ports on new video card DP,digital,HDMI all computer dose boot but get blank screen??
i put old card back in works or use on board vga works fine
any Ideas?? YES i do Now know Geforce2070 is Not on list of working cards but i didnt read this forum before i bought card. i do see GTX1060 on list, Any idea would be greatly appreasiated ?
Mod:  edited to correct GTX2070 to RTX 2070

A:ThinkCentre M91p: trying Nvidia PNY Geforce RTX 2070, get Blank screen? (works with recased M92p)

That a look at these two threads ..  let us know if any of the suggestions there work: 

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I have a 7052-B2U M91p with four SATA connectors on the motherboard: two are SATA 6.0, one is SATA 3.0 and one is eSATA.  Two hard drives and one SATA DVD burner use the three SATA connectors.  Is there a straightforward way to employ the eSATA connector for an additional internal hard drive? How is this eSATA connector different from the others, practically speaking? Or was this connector simply meant to power an eSATA connector on a back plate at the rear of the computer? Thanks for your helpfulness. Doug  


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A:Can I use eSATA connecter on M91p motherboard for a 3rd internal hard drive?

just intended to pass-through to the back plate.  It should work just fine.

T61p, T400formerly x23, x40

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Hi there. Just received this kind of computer for the very first time. This is Lenovo ThinkCentre M91P made in late 2011. At the moment it has: i5-2500S 2.5 4 cores CPU12GB DDR3 RAM (I use 1600 Mhz instead of 1333 Mhz. Works fine)256 SSD SanDisk180W external power supplyNO VIDEO CARDComputer size: 270mm x 240mm x 80mm I have no idea what kind of video card fits. I browsed the internet and found out that it supposed to be a card called LOW PROFILE card. But these are so different from each other. I have a doubt if this old motherboard can still support any new video card at all. Below I leave a link to 1a.lt store, so maybe someone of you could point me some examples.https://www.1a.lt/kompiuteriu_komponentai_tinklo_produktai/komponentai/vaizdo_plokstes/max/price-100 And probably I will need some more powerful power supply. I would like to be able to play average games like GTA5. *** Also I'm wondering if this card could fit:https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N750OC-2GL#ov

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Hi all I have recently bought a Lenovo M91p thinkcenter Desktop as an upgrade to my old i3 PC. Old Spec is as follows:Coolermaster Thunder 600W power supplyIntel DH55HC motherboardi3 CPURadeon HIS HD 7950 Graphics card8GB RAM500GB HDDI have transferred my old 500GB HD and Power supply to the new Lenovo desktop and everything booted fine.Then I installed 2x 2GB extra into the Lenovo M91p (Making it 8GB), and upgraded the 500GB HDD to a 1TB. So my new spec is as follows:Coolermaster Thunder 600W power supplyLenovo Q67 motherboardi7 2600 3.4 Ghz CPU8GB RAM1TB and 500GB HDDEverything Booted fine. Then I tried to install my old Graphics card (The Radeon HIS HD 7950 Graphics card). All i got was a blank screen, no beeps, no BIOS... Nothing.At first, i thought my power supply wasn't enough... So i tested a 750W power supply in the pc. Still nothing.Then I thought the motherboards BIOS was outdated... Updated it... Still nothing. I even tried updating the firmware of the graphics card. Nothing.The graphics card definitely works because I tested it in my old machine and it worked 100%.However, I took my graphics card to my supplier, and he tested it on another one of his PCs... Didn't work there either.My PC's BIOS doesn't have support for secure boot, in case anyone wants to know.I have run out of ideas now... Any one able to help? 

A:Lenovo M91p Desktop not booting with new graphics ...

There's a white list of graphics cards the BIOS will recognize. The HD 7950 is a 180w card, well in excess of what the factory power supply can provide for (and the case/fans sufficient cooling for), and is not one that Lenovo would provide BIOS support for.
Use the search engine above to see what cards other owners have successfully used in their M91p.

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When playing music, every 10-15 seconds I get a crackle in the audio while connected to speakers or wearing headphone.  Sometimes it's every minute or two, but there's never a solid 10 minutes without a crackle.  It's very irritating to be in a conference call or trying to enjoy some music when the system keeps interrupting. I have tried:- installing all Windows Updates- re-installing the audio driver from Lenovo's support website- using the front audio plug instead of the back jack- re-installing Windows- installing a new hard drive- swapping graphics cards Note that I am running Windows 10 Anniversary Edition but this problem happened when Windows 8 was installed as well.  It's not a new issue, it's just that I can't stand it anymore.  Has been happening for years.

A:Constant audio crackles on M91p Desktop (ThinkCent...

And just to add: the crackles vary a bit. Sometimes they just sound like audio peaking or static. Other times they sound more like a record skipping but in a digital way.

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Hi, I have this PC, but I can't see on his motherboard does he have COM header. I need 2 COM ports on the motherboard, because they're powerful enough to talk to ESC/POS printers which are 25-30m away.

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hiya guys, i have recently built a gaming pc offthe basis of a lenovo e73 sff pc, with all of its components excluding the power supply being tranfered into a new case (its currently has a core i3 4170). i have been offered a great deal on a i5 4460 and was wondering if i could upgrade the cpu without having to update the BIOS ( its current version is BIOS Version/Date LENOVO FCKT73AUS, 28/08/2015). other components and OS:evga 500b psuasus gtx 750tiWindows 10 Pro 64-bit thanks in advance! Devran Duran 

A:Thinkcentre E73 sff's motherboard supported cpu upgrades?

Copied (and edited) from another thread, but applies to your system:  

Other ThinkCentre owners have had decent success upgrading to specific processors that had been installed at the factory during it's entire lifecycle.   (Update to the latest BIOS before any hardware or OS upgrade enough ahead of time to ensure the BIOS is good)
A good indicator of whether a processor upgrade can work is to Google your system type and 4-digit model number (for example 'Edge 71, 1578'), if you find a matching system with a processor that you are interested in using, then on 2 browser pages with Lenovo support, input the full 7-digit model numbers to both systems, go to the BIOS download page, and if they have the exact same BIOS filename, then there's high confidence that motherboards and related technology is the same/compatible, and the other processor will work in your system.  
I did that after I found the 1578-L4U system on Google.  And I have high confidence that a i5-2500S will work.   Specifically that 'S' processor.   Because one i5-2500 variant works, does not mean others will, unless they are able to go through the above process as well.   'K's are not used by Lenovo on ThinkCentres, and I doubt they will work.  
A Lenovo motherboard is not like a Asus or Gigabyte where you can install any processor that will work with the installed Chipset.
One other thing to check is t... Read more

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Hi can I install a thinkcentre m71e motherboard with backplate in another case?It has a weird backplate but it seems like it just clips on the back. Any input would be greatly apprreciated.

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Greetings,Is it possible to get a picture of the motherboard/internal layout of the P700 or P900 tiny?  I've looked through the PSREF and other sources, but have not found anything.If anyone has one of these systems, please let me know.Cheers,

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Hi there. I have an old m71e 3156 tower and i would like to know if i can change the motherboard? I mean, the case allows me to do so?
Thanks a lot!
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A:ThinkCentre M71e tower, 3165: can I change the motherboard?

Ive owned a few m71e towers In my experience they are matx and use standard power connectors so a matx board will likley fit however, i am not so sure that you could get the front panel i/o, lights or switches to work without rewireing. And i dont remember if the cpu heatsink screws to the case or if it has its own backplate. If it screws to the case it wont fit but Im fairly sure it has its own removable backplate so it should be fine. Ive always done it the otherway around by putting lenovo main boards in gaming pc cases. 

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Ok so I recently assembled my own computer.

msi motherboard
intel p4 processor
radeon 9800 pro

It worked fine at first but would crash to the blue screen every 10 minutes or so saying something about the IRQs. A few days later it stopped booting all together. When I turn it on now the monitor says no signal but the fans work and all that with no beeps. So at first I thought bad graphics card but the onbaord video didnt display either. I tried the ati card on another computer and it worked fine and I tried a nvidia card and nothing. So next I tried resetting the bios with the jumpers and taking out the battery. This didn't work either. So I'm thinking now its a bad motherboard but I was just wondering if anyone else had any suggestions before I send it back.

A:Monitor not displaying, bad motherboard?

try reseating the ram and other devices

go to basics [mobo, cpu, hdd, psu, sound, video], all other devices and PCI cards taken out. try booting now. if yes ok, start adding components one by one untill you find the culprit.

try and put your hdd into another pc in slave mode, and make your way to the %windows%/minidumps folder on that hdd, then zip 5-6 recent ones and post here.

look for physical damage on the boards, including leaky/poped capacitors, scorch marks, shorting etc... check that your psu has enough juice and if it is a noname brand/alcheapo, take the figure and take out 30% of the wattage. use a psu calculator to do this - google.

swap parts with another pc thats compatible -> mobo-mobo, psu-psu, etc etc.. and also the monitor as well, making sure the cable is on properly.

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HelloI have just received as a present a desktop m71 e . My employer changed the it equipment so...I have bought myself an asus radeon rx 550 gb, entry level gaming and i can't boot the system. Gpu has uefi and motherboard has legacy bios.Can you advice me:1. Can i do something in bios? Update the bios? I have almost the latest bios2. Can i change the motherboard but use the lenovo case and internals? I mean the back panel for usb, vga, dvi can be removed i order to accomodate another mb with different layout?3. Any suggestion about my issue with being unable to run the standard equipment with a new generation GPU which has uefi Thanks a lotNicky

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Hello Forum,
i see a 11 pin yellow male usb connector on my m58p board,
i have some m58p and one m90p and i think a m91 or m93p,,
-have all thinkcentre pcs this 11 pin connector, same on m90 and 91p?
- is there any possibility to connect a newer usb device to that 11 pin connector?
- is there any adapter to usb 2.0 or maybe 3.0?
or can i only connect a normal female usb device like a cardreader with 9 pins to 11 pin connector with not using the two most right pins?
thx, bernd
thx for informations!
Mod: edited the Subject line to clarify that it's the motherboard USB connector

A:ThinkCentre M58p: motherboard USB connector pinout, card reader

- is there any adapter to usb 2.0 or maybe 3.0?

This, or a similar card?  USB 3.0 PCI-E Express Card with 4 USB 3.0 Ports, Speed Up to 5.0 Gbps

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I ran HWiINFO64 and am seeing Skylake architecture motherboard with a Kaby lake Xeon, anyone else have this issue?

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I'm trying to find out whether it is possible to put inside of a ThinkCentre M710T-000CUK, an EVGA GTX 1060 3GB card (as it does fit in the slot) and if it would work using the motherboard currently on it? I know I would need another power supply to get it to work, so my other question is whether there is a power supply out there capable and that would fit in the tower chasis or if there is an external power supply that I could connect somehow?

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I would love some suggestions for a GPU THANK YOU SO MUCH IF U CAN

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I have ThinkCentre Desktop model M710t. I wonder why the color is black(I like black color and the others). The color could be diverse, couldn't it? Can anyone answer my question?

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my Ibm Thinkcentre Lenovo Desktop won't boot up, i also get a message that says no operating system found, help what do i do?

A:Ibm Thinkcentre Lenovo Desktop

Hi and welcome to TSF do you have the win xp install disc

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Good day  Issue with 100% cpu and system fan which started happening yesterday.  Combined fans sound like a small Jet Engine Things that may of caused this issueUpgrade Bios from 5JKT64A(ithink) to 5JKT65A (02 Sep 2014)Put in a 1050TI video card to test withReloaded bios defaultsplayed with Intel AMT/ME settings (turned off/reset)Power off at wrong time Things I've tried to solve the issueRedone the heat sync cpu paste (was dried out)Used one stick in Bank 1 (closest memory blue slot to CPU)Have tried different memory sticksTried the M58 reset steps (Power down, yank battery, set cmos jumper to 2/3 etc - had a M58 which had the same issue and was able to fix) but no luck.played with Intel AMT/ME settings (turned off/reset)Has anyone else had this issue, and been able to succesffuly fix the issue? Any assistance is appreicated as this is driving me NUTTS! Paul M90p Desktop (ThinkCentre)  - Machine Type Model: 5498RS2

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Hello, I have PC M71e Desktop and when I turn off computer in Windows, windows go off, LCD is black, but the computer is still on and the fan is rolling. I have Win10 ,but on Win7 is the same. I mean the problem is with Intel managment interface. If I install the driver, I still see error with Intel managment interface (error 10). I try a lot of drivers. But all time the same...  Here is ID of hardware: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1C3A&SUBSYS_307C17AA&REV_04PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1C3A&SUBSYS_307C17AAPCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1C3A&CC_078000PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1C3A&CC_0780 Any ideas?  

Error.png ?32 KB

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