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Thinkpad P70 hangs on red-Lenovo-Boot Logo after t...

Q: Thinkpad P70 hangs on red-Lenovo-Boot Logo after t...

Hello!Sometimes after turn on my Lenovo Thinkpad P70 Workstation Notebook, it stops booting by the Lenovo red logo. See the picture!The Problem was 2 times since i have this great laptop. The Thinkpad P70 is a very good laptop, but this problem makes me think.The solution for me was to shut down the laptop (by pressing the on/off button - so the P70 starts new and the problem was solved.)The System is drivers are on current version. System is Windows 10 Professional.Whats the reason of this issue? Can anyone help? Sorry for my bad englisch!

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Preferred Solution: Thinkpad P70 hangs on red-Lenovo-Boot Logo after t...

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hello! My Lenovo Thinkpad P70 "20ER" sometimes hangs at red lenovo Start Logo. See picture. Secure Boot is off. Fingerprint is off. OS Custimation is enabled. UEFI Bios. This behavior is about 1-2 x / month and i cannot force this issue. I have no idea. The Notebook is installed with NVME SSD and Windows 10 and Bios is V 2.14 and current.  All drivers and software current version. And i also have installed clean the computer new, but the issue is always present, 1-2x / month. Can anybody help me? 

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Two ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen2 TabletPCs will successfully boot into Windows 10 just fine from a hard poweroff.  But once in windows, if i choose Restart, it will hang at the "LENOVO" BIOS  level boot up logo with "To interrupt normal startup, press Enter".   Stuck at Lenovo BOOT BIOS initialization screen, right before handoff to the Operating System. "To interrupt normal startup, press Enter" At this point, pressing ENTER does not work.CTRL-ALT+DEL causes the screen to change shade for a moment, but effectively does nothing.Changing the UEFI settings to diagnostics results in black screen.Holding the power switch to force a poweroff, waiting a few moments, and then powering on results in a successful windows startup.  DevMGMT.msc does NOT see bluetooth and there is "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)" entry under "Universal Serial Bus controllers".  I have run all automatic updates via "Lenovo Vantage" and the manual TPM update.   I can boot into the firmware setup and have had it revert to factory defaults and reverted to factory defaults for all security settings.   I even tried the Win10 repair startup problems, but it says it cannot fix this.   

A:ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen2 does not Restart, requires hard power off. Stuck at Lenovo boot logo.

It looks to me like you have a faulty hardware issue or a serious driver issue. Try the Lenovo recovery to put the device back to the factory windows install. If that fails, I would think you have a hardware issue.

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Hi you guys!I would like to excuse my bad English in advance. This happened like three days ago. Regular reboot. No forced updates or any installation, just an ordinary reboot.But then, all of a sudden, I couldn't work my ass out of the boot screen. It doesn't go in to loop either, just standing there, acting like a d*ck. I've tried ALL F-buttons but none has worked at all. But if I FN-lock them, I can change the brightness and that kind of stuff - SO, it's responding, but nothing more nothing less.And because I can't choose different boot, neither go into BIOS, I feel kinda f-ed (did my motherboard actually brick it self?!)Tried so far: BIOS battery, int+ext batterypack, w/ and w/o AC adapter, disconnected the harddrive, disconnected the RAM. And you know what? The same screen. ALL of the times.Any suggestions? Try to recover bad sectors (if any) in another computer? I would love to have USB>S-ATA right now, but I'm going to use it ONCE, so that's out of question.Kthxbye, love <888

A:T440s hangs on ThinkPad splash logo

Ubuntu 14.04

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Hello everyone, Similar topics have been raised in this forum but I could not find an explanation and fix to my issue, so here it goes : I just received my brand new P51 and noticed that when I select Windows 10 reboot, the laptop hangs when the Lenovo logo displays (displaying the "press enter..." message), powering off and rebooting being the only option. Shutting down the laptop and rebooting from power off works fine though. I tried several scenarios, including updating the BIOS to the latest version (1.17), pressing PF12 to change the boot order, etc and I finally figured out a way to make the reboot work : assigning the NVMe SSD containcng the W10 partition as the first line in the boot order, moving Windows Boot Manager that was intially #1 to #2 in the list. I have no clue why that makes a difference ? Also, I may be wrong but it seems like the boot takes a little longer now.  Anyway, I can live with that now, but I would really like to understand what is happening. In particular as I plan to add a second SSD for Linux and want to eventually be able to select Linux vs W10 at boot time. Thanks in advance for your feedback (thats my first post in this forum). cheers, Philippe

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Hello forum users and Lenovo staffs, Since I have freshly installed Windows and Ubuntu on a second SSD and formatted my preinstalled HDD, the Lenovo Logo on the starting squash has disappeared on my P50 machine. Any way to call the logo up in BIOS and the starting screen again?  I have tried to set UEFI mode only and let the Windows 10 OS boot the computer, but nothing works so far. I am using the latest v1.28 BIOS. Booting partition and OS info (from EasyEFI): Description:ubuntuGPT partition GUID:{DA264794}Partition number:7Partition starting sector:624039936Partition ending sector:624244735File path:\EFI\ubuntu\shimx64.efi Description:Windows Boot ManagerGPT partition GUID:{DA264794-E}Partition number:7Partition starting sector:624039936Partition ending sector:624244735File path:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bootmgfw.efi   Thanks,I

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------TPs own: X31 (2003), X61T, X200T, Tablet 2, P50 (2016); Win 7/8.1/10, Ubuntu8.04-16.04.

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hello.  When I restart the computer after a Hibernate (Windows 10) the computer sometime the computer stall at the Lenovo boot screen.  I updated all the firmware and software available in Companion. There is a reason for that ?

A:ThinkPad P70 is stuck at Lenovo logo screen after Hibernate

Do you have the latest BIOS?  
Do you authenticate through a domain controller?  Where is network boot in the boot order?

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I've done a lot of research on this and am still stumped.   My trusty T500 started to do random shutdowns a few weeks back.  Sometimes it would restart with no issue, sometimes I would need to briefly remove the CMOS battery to get it to restart.  Now it will only "try" to start, showing the power on, the "Z" light and the bluetooth  indicator light but no Thinkpad splash screen or POST.   I can hear the disk start to spin then.... nothing.   I have ordered a new CMOS battery and have tried the remedies such as removing RAM, CMOS, etc with no change.   The computer was working quite will before this situation.  I have seen suggestions that I have a bad poly-fuse and that would make some sense if it was resetting, in partial failure or failed. Has anyone experienced this and what did you do to resolve? Thanks,Dave

A:Lenovo T500 2081 no start to Thinkpad Logo screen / No P.O.S.T

Forgot to include the fan is running and I do get the 1-3-3-1 beep with RAM removed. Dave

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T430 fails to read hard drive or hangs up on startup when the battery is installed.  Typically will start on AC without the battery installed, but still hangs up intermittently  Was working fine until after multiple rapid power outages during a storm. Any ideas? OS is Windows 10 Thanks in advance!

A:ThinkPad hangs on boot - stuck at Thinkpad screen

You might have damaged the power circuitry on the motherboard.  If that is the case, the only solution is to replace the board.  There is an array of power transistors that handles the switching back and forth between AC and battery.

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Problem is similar to others that have been posted earlier.

On boot sequence, PC hangs on Windows boot screen - with the good old progress bar churning along for eternity. It just stays there. It is possible to boot into safe mode, safe mode with networking, etc. but never boots up normally. 'Last Known Good..." does not help at all.

I have tried 'repairing' XP using the recovery console (deleting the boot.ini file, then BOOTCFG /REBUILD and then FIXBOOT) to no avail. Do not know where in the boot process it is getting hung up and not totally sure how to determine that.

Using Windows XP Media Center Edition with SP2. Plenty of RAM and disk space.

Had this problem once in the past and it seemed to self correct after about 50 reboots. No such luck this time.

Does this sound like a re-install of XP is required or are there any other options that might work?
Cheers, GR

A:Boot sequence hangs at Windows Logo boot screen with progress bar

You have trotry reformat and if that doesn't work replace the hard drive.

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Since adding an external  HD, Windows tries to boot off it, and so boot hangs at the HP logo.   How can I configure the PC to boot off the internal HD as it did before installing the external drive? I rebooted, hit F9, and am at the menu "Please select boot device:".   I have these options: EFI Boot SourcesLecacy Boot Sources  Hard drive      Sata0  IBA GE Slot 00c8 v1376  Thanks for any advice.

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More problems with my nephew's computer again!

He tried to access Microsoft Word on his new Dell Dimension and when he couldnt find it, used the disk to install from...got impatient (he's 13 and a complete novice) and started clicking around. When he shut the 'puter off and turned it back on again, the Dell logo comes up, then the XP logo on the blue screen comes up, but then it hangs and wont boot into Windows. I tried having my sister hit F12 to go into the boot sequence and told her to press 1 but it still didnt work. I then tried having her hit F8 and then F2 after (shutting down both times) and she still cant boot up.

Any chance he uninstalled XP by mistake? I'm not sure what else to tell her to try (over the phone at that!)

Appreciate any advice or ideas of what to try. Thanks

A:hangs at win xp logo, wont boot into xp

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Hello everybody,
I've got this problem on my pc (Thinkpad IBM with WIN XP PRO SP2)

Boot hangs at Winxp logo (the lines under the logo go on 6 or 7 times); PC stops, CTRL-ALT-CANC doesn't work and the only way is to switch off and on the pc.

Switching it on again pc stops again; after a certain number of switching off/on (can't say how many, maybe 5 or 6) it finally boots and everything works fine (for an entire working day).

I have tried to boot in safe mode, minimal and network: it works everytime without problems.

I have tried to boot with the flag /basevideo (driver VGA 16 colours) but it hangs the same. So I don't think it is a video driver problem.

Booting in safe mode /pcilock doesn't change the situation.

I have changed hard disk and completely reinstalled the o.s. and the SP2.

Here is a part of the bootlog file ntbtlog.txt:

Driver loaded \WINDOWS\system32\ntoskrnl.exe
Driver loaded \WINDOWS\system32\hal.dll
Driver loaded \WINDOWS\system32\KDCOM.DLL
Driver loaded \WINDOWS\system32\BOOTVID.dll
Driver loaded ACPI.sys
Driver loaded \WINDOWS\System32\DRIVERS\WMILIB.SYS
Driver loaded pci.sys
Driver loaded isapnp.sys
Driver loaded compbatt.sys
Driver loaded \WINDOWS\System32\DRIVERS\BATTC.SYS
Driver loaded intelide.sys
Driver loaded pcmcia.sys
Driver loaded MountMgr.sys
Driver loaded ftdisk.sys
Driver loaded ACPIEC.sys
Driver loa... Read more

A:pc hangs at winxp boot logo

hmm try this right click on my computer go to properties->advanced tab->performance settings->adjust for best performance.now that is going to turn off alot of unnecessary proceesses but it will also turn off the windows xp theme so your desktop's going to look like earlier windows versions.after that I would defrag the hard drive and reboot.

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My son has killed his computer and I am not sure if it can be saved from home or not.

I would say he somehow got a virus and its done this.

When we power on his computer we get the windows logo with the options to go to the Setup and Boot menus.

We can not get to Safe Mode.

We can not get anything to happen when we try to boot from OS or CD. I can get into DOS but nothing will actually run from DOS so that hasnt helped me much.

I am at the end of my limited knowledge on what to do. I am assuming the master record boot whatever is dead or gone. But everything I have read about that tells me to fix it with the windows disk. But since I cant get it to work at all i am dead in the water

Any ideas at all?

A:Windows Xp Hangs Up After Logo - Cant Boot From Cd

Did you try Last Known Good Configuration in the boot options?

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Hello, My Lenovo yoga 3 pro 1370 is barly 5 months old, this morning when i tried to switch it on. it is stuck at the lennovo screen.I treid accssing the BIOS screen but even if the press the button it still wont go past the lenovo logo screen.Please help  Thank you,Shyam Jampala

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Seems that after flashing a custom bios to my T420s, I've lost my "Thinkpad" boot screen logo.  On startup all I get is the bottom line -  "To interrupt normal startup, press the blue ThinkVantage button", before it boots normally.  No "Thinkpad" or "Lenovo" logos. I've tried re-flashing with several stock BIOS's but each time I only get the bottom line.  I've also tried following the "BIOS_LOGO" instructions (C:\Drivers\Flash\8cujxxus) for installing a custom startup image, but nothing I've tried works.  Both Winflash and Winuptp have options for changing the startup image but neither seems to work. Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong ?.  Thanks.

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Brand new Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook with Windows 8. 256 SSD, 8 gigs of memory, i5-3317, non touch screen. Working fine for 2 months and now will not boot after Dell logo. Have been on tech support three times still not solved. They sent a USB recovery drive and does not boot. They sent an optical drive and the windows recovery disc; still not working! Not a novice at this but fully stumped. Cannot get to a C prompt, cannot get into Safe mode. Am able to get into BIOS but is limited in what can be done there. Diagnostics says everything is fine. Am ready to go back to Windows 7 until they work the bugs out. Please help and thanks in advance.

A:Windows 8 hangs after Dell logo and will not boot!

Based on the symptons you report, I doubt that it will work on Win 7. Its not the OS, its some other problem.

If it "will not boot after Dell logo" that says it won't even go to the BIOS (F2 setup). Actually it will not boot after the BIOS and not boot from any device. That says either a motherboard hardware problem or a BIOS problem. Have you tried resetting the BIOS?

Have you been on the Dell Community users forum (users helping users like this forum)? People there with more specific Dell knowledge. There is a Laptop hardware section. Dell also has an unresolved issues on-line link that many times can escalate open problems.

Laptop - Dell Community
Dell Unresolved Issues

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Hi,My SL510 will not boot past the ThinkPad / Intel logo. The keyboard is completely unresponsive so cannot press any function key to interrupt normal startup to try access bios or access repair options. The USB mouse briefly lights up as power is registered at port but then goes out.I was not last person to use it and unfortunately rest of the family are IT illiterate so they've no idea if can remember if it had issues when shutting down etc. So far I have:Removed external power & tried on mains only.Removed mains and tried only on battery power.Removed hard disk, booted to see any complaintsRemoved RAM, swapped it around and used only 1 RAM board in both slots. It beeped unhappily when RAM not present but made no difference. Nothing has made a difference. At moment fan is running whilst sat at boot logo but will often just stop dead at same time the screen appears. Certainly does if cover is off.Help!Thanks  

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This is the strangest thing. After installing several Windows Updates, and updates specific for my laptop when I boot the process hangs just after the logo screen. I can see the desktop background, but no icons. I have a mouse cursor but nothing else. It stays this way indefinetly, until I press the <esc> button. Once I do that it immediatly finishes booting. I really don't care, I'm just confused, I've never expereinced anything like this. Anyone else ever had this particular issue?

A:System hangs after boot logo screen

Hi, cbieger, I haven't experienced this but let's try some standard troubleshooting steps.

1. Remove any USB devices that are connected during the startup (flash drives, external drives, keyboard, mouse, cameras, printers, scanners, etc), also remove any discs that might be inside your optical drives, also remove any external ZIP drives, and boot to see if this issue is reproduced or not.

2. Launch your Device Manager. To do so, press Windows key + R, type devmgmt.msc, and then click OK. Go to the View menu, select Show hidden devices and check for yellow exclamation or question marks. Report any discrepancies.

3. Reboot and press F8 in order to select the type of startup. Select Safe Mode and see if this issue is reproduced or not.

4. Perform a clean start (see how to do this here) and boot again to see if this issue is reproduced or not. After that, return your PC to its previous state in order to move on with the ensuing steps and reboot.

5. This time you'll have booted normally. As soon as you get in Windows, launch the Event Viewer (to do so, press Windows key + R, type eventvwr.msc, and then click OK) and see if there are any Error Events associated with this behavior.

6. Force a verbose startup. To do so, press Windows key + R, type gpedit.msc, and then click OK. Expand Computer Configuration, expand Administrative Templates, and then click System. In the right pane, double-click Verbose vs normal status messages. Click Enabled, and then click OK. Cl... Read more

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Typically the problem is somewhat intermittent and happens on the first startup for the day. The hang is at the XP logo screen were the blue progress bar continually cycles. To solve the problem I press the reset and this takes me to selected start were I choose start in Safe Mode and then restart to normal. I then can restart any number of times during the day with no hanging.

I have removed the computer from its original location and thus from any and all external peripheral components, i.e. printers, scanners, copiers, sound system, game controllers, USB flash drives.

I relocated the computer and connected a new key board, mouse, monitor, sound system, and a modem cable for internet and the problem still occurs in the new location with all new or different external components.

I have read through several like posting on these forms, however, I have not found anything that is acting similar to what I am experiencing.

There are a couple options I am going to try that I found on the postings, the one in particular is the HD SATA cables, after that I have no options and will be looking for suggestions.

Any & all help will be greatly appreciated.


A:Windows Hangs on Boot at XP logo screen

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New Dell XPS8700. Upgraded from Win 8.1 to Windows 10 and worked fine for about a month.

On start-up, it now hangs on the Dell logo or when trying boot options to start from USB or recovery DVD go to blank black screen. Dell phone support sucked but they sent me a recovery USB drive (to factory set Win 8.1), however start-up would still hang at the Dell logo. Tried all different boot combinations from CD/DVD, USB, OS/Boot partition but cannot proceed beyond Dell logo or black/blank screen. I do not have a original Windows 10 OS disc, however did a download from
HTML Code:
to USB and PC does not boot up from that media either.

Used an original Windows 7 Ultimate installation CD to start and get to command prompt to recover files from C: drive and can browse through all folders and files. Copied user data to USB drive. So HDD appears OK.

Any ideas? Please help!

A:Win 10 hangs at Dell Logo despite various boot options on XPS8700

If it hangs at startup and the Dell logo, its doing a Power On Self Test. Do you get any beeps? (and if you do what is the pattern) as that will help in troubleshooting. F12 at power on will access a menu (if it will get to that) and one option should be hardware diagnostics.

You could also go to the Dell community forum where those familiar with Dell's can help.
Dell Community

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Hello. I have 3 year old Lenovo Y50-70 laptop. Couple days ago i decided to finally upgrade to SSD. The old HDD was 1TB WD 10SPCX and i replaced it with 480GB Kingston UV500 SSD. When I swapped the drives and tried to boot, I was stuck on completely black screen with only Lenovo logo. This ocured when I tried to enter Novo menu using Lenovo Novo button as well. I tried to put back the old HDD and it was working normally. When i pulled out both disks and tried to boot only from bootable USB this problem did not occur. Then i tried to plug the SSD to some HP desktop computer and I was able to install windows there and boot on the desktop normally. So I put the SSD back into my laptop and again i was stuck on the logo. However, because Windows was now installed, I was able to boot after being stuck on the Lenovo logo for some time. Then I tried to change the SATA controller mode. I tried both Compatible (IDE) and AHCI modes and installed fresh windows using both settings but still I was stuck on the cursed Lenovo logo. The lag lasted ~1 minute when usind the IDE and 6-7 minutes using AHCI setting.  My bios version is the same as the version available for donwload on my laptop drivers page (V3.03). Using bios options to restore to defaults or OS optimized defaults did not make any difference. All the drivers are installed and up to date, though I think this is irrelevant as the problem first occured before any OS was present.  Could it be t... Read more

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Hi,  I have ThinkPad S440 with brand new Intel AC-7260 wireless module. I have also Lenovo Bluetooth Laser Mouse MOBTC9LA. Mouse constantly (every few minutes) hangs up and auto reconnect after ca. 5 seconds. Previously I have factory Realtek wireless module and the same issue.  I though maybe switch to new module will help, but not. Windows 10. I can't work with this mouse. I tried different drivers and nothing help. Unfortunately I haven't another notebook to check mouse. Do you havy any idea? Have you encountered such a problem?

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My G50-80 will not boot. The Lenovo logo appears but not the loading wheel. The onekey recovery button yields the same result. No boot menu. Also, the power light and charging light are both lit, even though the charger is unplugged. I've tried removing the battery as well. Haven't been able to find any other instances of this issue. Anybody have a clue?
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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My G50-80 will not boot. The Lenovo logo appears but not the loading wheel, and it hangs endlessly at that screen. The onekey recovery button yields the same result. No boot menu. Also, the power light and charging light are both lit, even though the charger is unplugged. I've tried removing the battery as well. Haven't been able to find any other instances of this issue. Anybody have a clue? Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue. 

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I have the same phenomen on two different P50.Disable CSM in BIOS and Windows 10 boots with an underscore (instead of a Lenovo logo?) togtether with the spinning dots.Enable CSM and Windows boots with its normal Blue 4 piece Window logo. If I disable CSM should I have a Lenovo logo during boot such I see on my E570?Have anyone got a proper boot Logo with P50 with Secure Boot or CSM disabled?

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Hi,i have Lenovo ThinkPad T470 (LENOVO 20HD0002MC) and recently has started a strange problem:While booting at first Lenovo logo shows up (where you can get to BIOS by Enter key) and right after screen goes black. When i power down laptop and boot again (sometime few times) intead of the black screen there is a prompt for Bios password, like it should have and booting continues to OS.Enter key for BIOS doesnt work while it slill get stuck on black screen just right before it loads the BIOS (after trying few times with power -off/on it gets to BIOS and i can boot normally)I have BIOS firmware updated to the latest version, so as well drivers for hardware.Im not aware of any change that could potentionally start this issue, maybe after updating bios to some newer version.Otherwise im using Windows 10 with latest updates, but i dont think this could cause the issue as its way before windows loading.Thanks for the help.

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I have a Thinkpad T21 with Windows XP SP2. The issue is that when I startup the laptop, during the Windows XP loading screen (the wone right before the login screen), the system becomes unresponsive. The wireless PCI card goes on and the Caps Lock and Num Lock lights blink, then everything hangs.

I am able to get to Safe Mode, and have disabled all startup items. Also disabled as many services as possible. We did a reformat and the same issue has occurred after reinstalling some software. I did suspect that this may be a driver issue, but I checked the Device Manager and did not find any issues with any of the devices. Note I also removed the PCI card from the system.

I suspect that this may be a driver or service issue. I am not exactly sure any there are too many places to look.

Anyone have any recommendations? Thank you.

A:Windows XP, Thinkpad 21 hangs during boot screen.

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The T400 that I have will start but will go no further then the first screen.It sets at the screen that says Thinkpad and at the bottom of that that ssays to interrupt normal startup press the blue ThinkVantage button will not go any further. Just stops there.
Moderator comment: New thread created. Subject edited for clarity. Was: Re: T400 will not boot, any help from the masters?

A:T400 boot hangs at ThinkPad splash screen

@garyoverton,Does the hard drive light stay lit at that screen?

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Hi,I received my new ThinkPad X1 Yoga 20FQ one month ago. I'm very happy with it but for one week I'm very often unable to type the power-on password. When I turn on my X1 Yoga (3 times out of 4), the keyboard seems to be not working and I'm stuck at the padlock password prompt. I must insert a paperclip into the reset hole and restart to be able to get the keyboard working and be able to enter the password.  I'm wondering if anyone else have any similar issue and if so, if there is a simple way to fix it? or if I should return the X1 Yoga?  Thanks for your help,Steven

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My Yoga 14 ( Type 20FY) cannot boot anymore.  It was fine in the morning, but refused to boot afternoon after being shipped around on a luggage cart.  Now it only lights up the keyboard after power on, and then does nothing, no Lenovo logo, no beep to signal any error. I had tried the following methods to no avail, draining out onboard battery, pushing the emergency reset hole, disconnecting onboard battery and CMOS battery.  Every time it failed to boot after reconnecting it with AC power.  I also connected it with external monitor over hdmi, but nothing to show up after boot it up. The machine is configured with multi-boot to several Linux flavors and Windows 10, so I am knowledgeable to be quite sure it is not a software problem.  Please help me!

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Was prompted to update the bios.  During restart the system never rebooted.  It's now in a state where no screen or sound comes.  Just a flash of the keyboard backlight, red i light, and green fn light.  Any suggestion how to bring it back to life?

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Please help! My mouse does not work properly, so I go to msconfig and check the "start up window with basic setting" (sth like that, the second choice on the 1st tab), then I restarted me computer.  After that, my computer show nth after the windows logo but my mouse pointer, the keyboard is not responding but my mouse does.  I cannot not boot up my computer using safe mode either. It turns out the same, black screen with a white pointer.  It's a windows 7 OS.  Can anyone save my computer?? 

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So I am trying to change the boot logo on the said laptop, The New Graphic one with the weird design, just google Ugly lenovo logo. so I downloaded a basic logo and converted it to a 16 bit bmp images less than 20kb and i am using the lenovo supplied Pheonixtools SCT flash for windows program, The working folder has, the BIOS.cap file, the rsp file which defines the parameters for the flash,  and the 32 and 64 bit GUI and dos exe and another dosflash file. to this i added my logo file which is l.bmp... now when ever from cmd i run the command "Winflash64.exe /logo l.bmp" it automatically detects the Bios.cap file and the Image but the process always fails at "SecureFlash Verification Fail", going through the help page doesnt help as there is no parameter to skip the file verification except for skipping the Date and time check of the bios....  any halp please !!!

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Hi guys,I have a T460S, everything working fine, except that when I turn it on, it takes around 10 seconds to pass the lonovo logo screen. It seems a little long to me, compared with T450S and T440S when it takes less than 2 seconds to pass the lonovo logo on boot. Is it just mine or is it something all T460S share?Things I already tried:- updating BIOS (v1.16)- restoring BIOS defaults- resetting internal battery

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My ideapad Y 580 would not unsleep so I turned it off at the power button. When I turned it on again it boots to Lenovo logo then spinning dots then Lenovo logo with text Preparing automatic repair then spinning dots then black screen. It never gets to a Windows screen. I have gone into bios and changed uefi to legacy with no change in boot up. Also tried system recovery in bios which also went to black screen.  How can I get ideapad to boot up windows 10? 

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Can someone tell me how to change the Lenovo 720S-14IKB bios / boot logo?Tried to search for a guide, but I didn't find info on how to change the image on this particular laptop model.I want to replace the current image with my own custom image.Thx in advance for any help that will solve my challenge.

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Hello, My lapatop lenovo G50 was working fine for the last 2 years. Since last month when I press the power button it start to flash the screen repeatedly without booting, is stays like that for about an hour , then the Lenovo logo appears and boot normal. Please see the attached video. Thanks! 

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**** This issue has been resolved ****
**** Look at Page 4, posts 4 and 5 ****
**** You need to enable Legacy MBR by Enabling Launch CSM in the EFI Setup ****

Hello all,

This is my first post. I am a Windows 7 user and now (against my will) Windows 8.

I bought an ASUS N76 laptop pre-loaded with Windows 8 so these are the new generation n76 series. The old ones come with Windows 7. Anyway...

I attempted to boot a Windows 7 ULT 64 install DVD but the install hangs on the Windows logo/flag. So...

- Windows is loading files is shown and hidden
- The animated Windows logo appears and then it just hangs....go figure

I have no idea what is going wrong. I went into the UEFI setup and the only option for my BR is EUFI boot.

I also added a "boot option" asking the EFI to boot "efi\microsoft\boot\boot.efi" or "\efi\microsoft\boot\boot.efi" but when selected (from Boot Override), the screen goes blank for a few seconds, the BR starts spinning and I am thrown back at the EFI so it looks like it cannot find the file. For path, I selected the BR device and at the end has a "\".

I have secure boot disabled. (yep, I have an option for that). So now I am left empty handed and I am stuck with Windows 8. I even put in a brand new SSD hoping I would install W7 on it but I can't even start the setup!! Argh....

I am very experienced with MBR and BIOS but I am a complete newbie to UEFI. I don't know what is going wrong and why the setup hangs....Ther... Read more

A:Asus N76 UEFI - W7 64 Install Hangs on Logo (DVD UEFI Boot)

Win8 PC's have Secure BIOS which must be disabled to install any other oS, then you can install in UEFI mode following these steps: Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7

If you want to bypass UEFI and install normally to an MBR drive the procedure is related here: MS new "Secure Boot" locked BIOS arrives

Other info on EFI:
Technical Note: UEFI BIOS vs. Legacy BIOS - YouTube
The 30-year-long Reign of BIOS is Over: Why UEFI W... - Input Output

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Has anybody else experienced this?  I would STRONGLY recommend that you DO NOT upgrade to 1.43 as it will break keep you from being able to boot up consistently.  It does not matter if you have a current install or try to reinstall, Windows will not boot up most of the time. I found https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/SF16-T0079 and it does not state T420, probably because it is no longer under warranty, but this issue was definitely introduced with 1.43 and Lenovo released this buggy BIOS code to many models not listed. Below is part of the release notes. CHANGES IN THIS RELEASE  Version 1.43[Important updates]- Security fix addresses LEN-8324 System Management Mode (SMM) BIOS Vulnerability.  (Note)  If the UEFI BIOS has been updated to version 1.43 or higher, it is no longer  able to roll back to the version before 1.43 for security improvement.[New functions or enhancements]  Nothing.[Problem fixes]- Fixed an issue where the brightness control might not work on Windows XP. Lenovo, please update this BIOS for ALL AFFECTED MODELS ASAP so that those of us who have made the mistake of upgrading to it can continue to use our computers!

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Hallo Community, i'm new here and searching for a solution of my problem. i was searching in other topics, but found there no solution. my laptop/notebook (Y70-70 Touch, i5 4210H, 512GB SSD, 960m GTX) has problems with upgrading to Windows 10. initial situation: It's installed OEM-Windows 8.1 64bit OS via novo-recovery (completely original with no own software) Now i want to upgrade to Windows 10. All things are fine, Windows is downloading all data, wants to restart, restarts ...., is installing updates,    so far so good.But then it wants to restart again (it normal to have more than one restart during that installation), but then its hangy on LENOVO Boot Sreen / Splash Screen. No restart. Does somebody have any ideas whats going wrong??? Are there problems with the BIOS? I tried to update BIOS, but its installed v3.04, online is just v3.03 available.   best regards and thanks for your help.lenovo_HH

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Hallo Community, i'm new here and searching for a solution of my problem. i was searching in other topics, but found there no solution. my laptop/notebook (Y70-70 Touch, i5 4210H, 512GB SSD, 960m GTX) has problems with upgrading to Windows 10. initial situation: It's installed OEM-Windows 8.1 64bit OS via novo-recovery (completely original with no own software) Now i want to upgrade to Windows 10. All things are fine, Windows is downloading all data, wants to restart, restarts ...., is installing updates,    so far so good.But then it wants to restart again (it normal to have more than one restart during that installation), but then its hangy on LENOVO Boot Sreen / Splash Screen. No restart. Does somebody have any ideas whats going wrong??? Are there problems with the BIOS? I tried to update BIOS, but its installed v3.04, online is just v3.03 available.   best regards and thanks for your help.lenovo_HH

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does anybody know if that is PXE boot is a boot option for this laptop / 2-in-1?thanks in advance


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A:PXE BOOT on Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 370

Hi Vincent_Thunder,Warm Greetings & welcome to Lenovo Community, happy to have you here.
Looking at the User guide, page 71 this model does have an option of PXE Boot.
I hope the above information helped you.
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
Regards,Prabhansh_______________________________________________Tap that Kudos button if I helped.If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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Hello, I have had my Lenovo ThinkPad T460p a bit over a year now, and it was always fine. Today I try to open it (from night-long sleep) and it almost instantly turns off. I try to power it on, but nothing: no LED, no beep, nothing. After some online search through my mobile phone, I try this: I unplug the laptop from the main current plug in the wall, I remove the battery at the bottom of the laptop, and I then push the power button (ti flush the capacitor?). After that, when I put back the battery and the plug, and try to power it on, the whole keyboard LEDs get active (including the power LED) but then the whole laptop dies again without proceeding further in the boot. any idea how to fix this? There seems to be no emergency hole reboot unfortunately, and I have very important data on this laptop for my job.  

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Did unplog the CMOS back battery and know won't bootdid unplog because battery did not charge or work from battery charged just use to work from AC charger!!!

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