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HP Deskjet 1050 J410 Series printer not printing every sentence

Q: HP Deskjet 1050 J410 Series printer not printing every sentence

Yeah, so I have an HP Deskjet 1050 J410 Series printer. It is not printing complete pages, it is cutting out complete lines on the pages. I just opened the box and installed everything yesterday evening, so its not like it's clogged or anything. I cleaned the cartridges just to be sure, but it still cut out lines on the test page. I am using the ink that came with it and regular printer paper. I have an HP computer as well, running windows 7. I do not know what is wrong, so I was hoping you could help me. I am in college and really need to be able to use this printer.

Thank You.

Preferred Solution: HP Deskjet 1050 J410 Series printer not printing every sentence

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: HP Deskjet 1050 J410 Series printer not printing every sentence

Sounds like faulty hardware. Perhaps electrical contact between the printer and cartridge gets dropped.
I have a Deskjet 1055 since July 2011 and have never experienced what you see.

I'd return it.

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How to edit a text that I have scanned on hp deskjet printer 1050 J410 series?   Thanks in advance for your help. Joe

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I have been using the printer and all of the sudden it stopped printing, I checked what was in the printer queue and there was a file holding it up, I have tried to delete this print but it wont come out of the queue. What do I have to do?


A:Solved: HP Deskjet 1050 series printer problem

slambrosia, try hitting delete and then reboot the computer and see if that takes it out.I had to do this to an Epson printer I use to have.Good Luck, Bob

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has anyone had trouble with hp deskjet 1050 all-in-one 1410 series printer not lighting up when you press start button. 

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My printer's power button always blinks and everytime i start printing, it always says that the printer is offline and the active printing documents are all paused whereas when i check it in Devices and printers, it can read the printer and when i troubleshoot it, it states that the printer is off. i don't know what's the problem because it only started when i upgrade my o.s to windows 7 but when i bought that printer i was using windows xp.... it turned out that i encounter this kind of problem when i'm using windows 7 but i also encounter this when i used windows xp but not that serious to the extent that it's not printing at all.
By the way, i've been using this printer for more than 3 years. Thanks and hope you can help to solve this problem. ^^

A:HP Deskjet D2400 Series Printer Compatibility

Checking out HP's support/driver download site for that printer there seems to a few models of that printer. Have you uninstalled the printer driver and software and reinstalled it using, if available, windows 7 software and drivers.

Looking further, it seems all the listed printer models all have windows 7 versions. Do you have the right bit version installed?


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I'm trying to check the ink levels for my printer. For HP Deskjet 1000 J100 series. I've installed and set up the printer but don't know where the control panel or HP toolbox is. I opened the HP Deskjet icon, but the only thing that opens is a window asking if I want to install a new printer. I opened the HP Smart app, and the printer says that it's Ready, but when I click on printer settings, then print quality tools, it says "This feature is not available for your selected printer through HP smart app. To check control panel."

I've been going around in circles trying to find the control panel or toolbox. Also, I've been using the printer for a couple of years now, with no problems. So it's hooked up correctly. It's only now I decided to use the Check Printer ink function.

Maybe I need to install another driver or something. All I want to do is check printer ink levels. Please help.

Thanks, Josie

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The printer, as the subject title reads is refusing to print. The power indicator button just blinks alone with the paper indicator lights. I try to turn it off, using the power button, but am unable to. I unplug the power from the back of the computer for minutes at a time and once it's plugged up again, the power button light and paper lights still blink. I have done practically everything possible to get this to print, to stop that blinking but nothing.

I've run several diagnosis programs and they all say the same thing that I already knew, it's a problem with the connectivity. I've done everything that they have told me to do, restarting the computer, unplugging the printer. I've done everything short of throwing it out of the window (which if I didn't need to print these documents I would).

Computer specs:

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional , 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4095 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS , 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152524 MB, Free - 77827 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P5KPL-AM EPU, x.0x, 102655020001685
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free, Updated and Enabled

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I've had this printer for 5 - 6 years and it's worked flawlessly for me - until this past weekend.

My wife had created a birthday card in Microsoft Greetings Workshop Deluxe 2.0 with an image of a bulldog on the front of it. The image was mostly in brown and black.

When the card had finished printing, the colored parts had been replaced with a pink tint.

The tri-color cartridge was at 10% full and the black cartridge was at 50% full, so I assumed that the problem was with the tri-color cartridge being low on ink.

I replaced it with a new tri-color cartridge, then had her print the card again. Lo and behold, it still had a pink tint.

I printed off a couple of websites. The colored parts all came out with a pink tint.

I went into the printer properties and checked all the settings, but they were okay.

What gives?

A:Printing Problem With HP DeskJet 952C Printer

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OS: Win 7 Home Premium x64
Printer: HP Deskjet 1050 J410a

Hello! I bought this printer few months ago, installed, connected etc. Everything worked fine until today. I wanted scan some photos, so i clicked on shortcut for HPscan and...nothing happend. And when I say nothing I mean nothing. Soft utillity didn't loaded, no error window...like doubleclick in empty space. I tried to run directly HPscan.exe. Nothing. With admin rights. Nothing. In compatibilty mode. Nothing. Reinstaled drivers & soft. Still nothing. Then I found HP Scan Diagnostic Utility. It fails at the Windows (WIA) scan. Tried everything they mention, but still nothing. Printing and copying works fine...just scanning is immposible (even in other progrmas like Paint etc.) .

Has anybody such problem? Or solution

A:HP Deskjet 1050 - Scanner

Did you uninstall before you reinstalled? Have you checked your system for any malware, spyware or adware? Sometimes these little buggers can get into an app and render it null and void of certain operations. Also they can corrupt your registry. Make sure your system is clean and then do a complete uninstall, sometimes a reboot is required if not reboot, then re-install and see if problem persists.

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oh hello, Windows Seven Forum.

Well, i just bought both a new laptop and a new printer. the laptop being a HP Windows 7 64 bit, blah blah. and the printer/scanner being the Deskjet 1050.

Nooooow... i popped in the installation disk and... well, i won't install. it says "Installation Error: The Windows Installer Service cannot be accessed".

now I've Googled like crazy and nothing seems to solve the problem. I've gone to the HP website and downloaded the appropriate drivers and tried using that instead of the disk and just the same exact thing happens, "Installation Error".

so... does anyone know anything that can help?
Also, suddenly, I can't seem to download the new iTunes update either so... yeah. My laptop isn't being very helpful.

A:Deskjet 1050 and Windows 7

Hi scruffy17yo, Welcome to the forums, have you tried this Driver Install - Add Printer Wizard also remember not to attach the usb cable until instructed to do so

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Hey all:

As the title says, I would like know how to accomplish two sided printing with a HP 1315 Series Printer (Printer/Copier/Scanner). I have read through the documentation but it did not really have an answer.

This has probably been posted before and if so, could you link me to the previous post?

Many thanks,


A:Solved: Two Side Printing with an HP 1315 Series Printer

You are unable to do double sided automatic printing as the unit does not come with a Duplexer. What you will have to do is flip the paper over manually, etc. Duplexers are the printer part that do the actual flipping/printing on the opposite sides of the paper, and according to HP's site, it does not come with one.


Duplex printing (printing on both sides of paper)
Click to expand...

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Have bought a new laptop, ASUS and have hooked up my HP 1050 Deskjet - Printer/Scanner. (Have had no issues with Printer/Scanner with previous laptop!)

The operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.
There is no problems with Printing, but when trying to scan I get a message that says Scanner communication cannot be established.

I have tried un installing and re installing. Have even gone through everything with HP Tech support to no avail, as when doing a test of sorts there seems to be an issue with the WIA?

Any Ideas?

A:HP 1050 Deskjet - Unable to Scan (Scanner Unreachable)

Are you scanning with the buttons on the unit or through the HP software?

Have you checked HP for latest software for your scanner?

Have you tried scanning through other software, e.g. The Gimp, or IrfanView, or your word processor software?

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Does anyone know where to get a free program that Translated Chinese sentence/proverbs to English sentence because i need it for homework and website could work so please help me?!

A:Translated Chinese Sentence/proverbs To English Sentence

There are several out there. This is the first one that came up on a Google search.http://www.worldlingo.com/en/products_serv...translator.html

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 I am from India and bought  Think Centre M710t  ProcessorIntel Core i5-7400 Processor ( 3.00GHz 2400MHz 6MB ) Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro 64 Memory4.0GB + 8.0GB PC4-19200 DDR4 UDIMM 2400MHz  GraphicsNVIDIA® GeForce® GT 730 Hard Drive1TB 5400 rpm  I think PSU is also 180W. I am planning to change the graphics because it is not running games like witcher III smoothly even in medium and low settings. Since the graphis slot is compact and PSU is 180W i am confused will the Nvidea 1050GTX or other GTX series above 900 will work or not.Thanks in advance. 

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When I print any document the printer feeds a page through the printing head but does not try to print anything. When trying to print a test page I get the message that the test page failed to print but a page is again fed through the printer. The printer status shows 'deleting' but does freezes in this status. I am running Windows XP Professional and have also been through the help actions but have been unable to solve the problem. Any ideas?

Thanks Dave

A:HP Deskjet 5550 series

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I have Deskjet 3050A J611a series and my operating system is Windows 10 64 bits. I have found the link to download driver for windows 10 but it does not download. The link is as follows:- http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-Deskjet-3050A-e-All-in-One-Printer-series---J611/... It rightly detects the operating system and then gives two options viz 1.  Cancel 2.  Change but does not give any option to download driver for windows 10. And underneath it another message shows up:- We were unable to retrieve the list of drivers for your product.  Please select the desired operating system and select ?Update? to try again. Let me mention here that I log on to my laptop with Administrator rights. Please help. Thanks

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Here is the solution if you want to install your HP Deskjet 3600 series
(mine is a HP deskjet 3647) on Windows 7100 RC 64-bit

1) Click on the windows-button ("start"-button) en click on "Devices and printers".

2) Click "add printer" on top of the window

3) Click on "add local printer"

4) Choose "use an existing port" and choose "USB001 (virtual printer port for usb)" and click "Next"

5) Click on the "Windows update" button

6) Wait, this will take a while!!!

7) Choose "HP" as Manufacturer, "hp deskjet 3600 (LIDIL)" as printer

8) Attach the printer and click ""Print test page" to test printer.

9) Your done!

10) This works also for network printers!

A:HP Deskjet 3600 (3647) series driver (Solution!)

Welcome aboard wolf7.

I concur. Installing the driver that matches your hardware is a long standing solution that few users are aware of.

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I'm not sure whether this is the right place to post this, but I wasn't sure where else to put it.

My printer (which is HP Deskjet F300 series - F380 to be precise) won't print. As far as I can tell the paper is not jammed. I can tell it's connected to my computer, because it boots up when I plug it in to my PC. Initially, it seems as though it's going to print (it makes "print-like" noises,) but then nothing happens. I am then told to load paper (even though there is already paper in it.) Finally, it goes offline. It won't allow me to put it back online via control panel > printers > use online. It just stays the same.

So as far as I can tell, it seems like the printer is either broken or there is a driver fault. I'm planning on re-installing the printer via the HP website (I've lost the disc,) but I have a few questions.

- When I went to download the new driver it said it would take 15 hours to download - do drivers really take this long?
- Do I need to unistall the old version of the printer before I download the new driver?
- Is there anything I need to save/back-up before re-installing the printer?

Any answers would be appreciated!

A:HP deskjet not printing

moved to hardware forum

- When I went to download the new driver it said it would take 15 hours to download - do drivers really take this long?Click to expand...

looking at the vista driver (not sure what windows version you have - its under 200m but the windows 7 is 362 MB for the full software - , and also will depends on your broadband speed how long that may take

what windows version do you have

- Do I need to unistall the old version of the printer before I download the new driver?
- Is there anything I need to save/back-up before re-installing the printer?Click to expand...

Yes See below and No

you need to make sure you fully uninstall the printer
see here for removing the print drivers
and here for removing printer

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I've had the HP DeskJet 950C printer for my Windows 2000 Pro system for over a year now. It was working perfectly printing out black & white and color photos. About 6 months ago the unit started printing out red color images for color pictures which I concluded to be the color ink cartridge was running low (no green/blue left). I continued to use the printer without replacing the color ink catridge mostly printing b&w documents. Around 1 month ago I wanted to print out a Word document which contained a table with a 45% gray shaded background. On printout the table had no gray scale (it printed nothing in this area). I was thinking that a setting must have been off since the black catridge was running low but still had lots of juice to printout many other docs, and gray scale was the result of b&w dithering. After many hours of frustration I've concluded that the black catridge isnt responsible for gray scale and the color catridge IS.

I decided to replace the color ink catridge with a new one. On printout I still don't see any gray being printed out. In fact I tried printing a color image which resulted in a black and mostly white image. It seems the printer isnt printing color!! What the heck is going on?!?

Here are some facts about my situation:
x The HP Printer Toolbox utility reports the black ink catridge as low (0% - Though I've printed out 50 more pages of documents despite the value) and the new color ink catridge as high (90% -- It ... Read more

A:HP Deskjet Not Printing Color?!

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We have a HP Deskjet 932. When we try to print more than 2 jobs, it quits printing after the second job. The windows print manager tells us that the third job is printing, but nothing happens. We are running windows 98 on a celeron 466 with 256 mb of ram. Any suggestions would be helpful and appreciated.

A:HP Deskjet 932 QUits printing

Quite an unusual problem. Awhile back we had you go to msconfig and reduce your startup group. Try going back there and see if any items with the tag that start with HPxxx are unchecked. If there are, check them, apply changes and reboot system. It is possible there is an item that controls the queue size for HP printers.
If all HP are items are checked and running let us know and I'll do some further digging to try and find a reason.

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The last time I used this printer was when this PC was still in its Windows XP SP3 OS. That was some months ago. Now that this PC is under Windows 7 Ultimate, I'm having trouble with the printer. Whenever I try to print something, it prints a totally different thing (usually emoticons, symbols, etc.) as if it didn't understand letters, numbers and some symbols.

I was able to install the printing support software / driver for this printer in this OS but not its printer version's driver. HP's website regarding this product states that there's no software needed to use this printer in windows 7 since it already had a compatible print driver solution built-in in this OS.

What seems to be the problem with the printouts?

A:HP Deskjet 656c printing problem. .

see if this helps:

Installing the Printer with an Alternate Driver in Windows*7 for a USB Cable Connection HP Deskjet 656c Printer - HP Customer Care (United States - English)=

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I own an HP Deskjet 950c color printer. I recently installed a new color ink color cartridge and find the printer still not printing any color. The old ink cartridge is an HP c6578d, which worked fine, and the new cartridge is an unknown brand with the id: HP C6578D Replacement Cartridge (High Quality).

I've tried soaking the ink head nozzle in rubbing alcohol and dabbing it onto a paper towel. I've spotted red streaks. My Windows 2000 pro OS has the latest drivers and is capable of printing b&w docs.

Perhaps the new ink catridge is not compatible despite the same id ??

A:HP Deskjet 950C NOT printing COLOR ??

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Alright *takes a breath* here's my story

1) I Bought a HP Deskjet 1220 C while I had WinME and it worked fine
2) Upgraded to WinXP Pro and downloaded new drivers and it worked fine
3) 1 Year later
4) Big time Computer breakdown (I screwed up the registry) and so it came that I cleared my entire computer. Formatted a new drive and installed WinME again.
5) Re-upgraded to WinXP Pro (same cd I used before)
6) Plugged in the printer and got the new drivers from the site for the 1220C PS printer (post script).
7) Printer starts printing and then just stops at either half a page or 3/4 of a page or even one line of a page and spits the rest out
8) Aligned the cartridges, cleaned printer heads, etc and still the same problem.
9) Called HP - told me to re-install it. So I did (still with the wrong drivers)
10) Called HP again, talked to them for about an hour - did some testing and realized I had the wrong drivers.
11) Unistalled everything to do with the printer, hooked it back up - installed it through WinXP (right drivers this time)
12) Same problem
13) Downloaded updated toolbox and drivers (same ones most likkely) and installed them. Same problem
14) HP told me that the printer works and the drivers works, from the tests we've done and that problem was most likely with the spooler. Told me to check out MS' site, but I couldn't find anything there.

Other things:

- Printer is connected to the LPT1 port with a parralel connection. It cannot communicate with t... Read more

A:HP Deskjet 1220C Printing Problem

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I am trying to print a brochure on my Deskjet 712 C, but it prints off center. It also often cuts off a great deal of a webpage (right side of the screen) that I try to print. Is this related? Is there some sort of adjustment I can make to help this. Any help is appreciated.

A:HP Deskjet 712C printing problem

Hi, and welcome to the TSG forum

web pages often will not print correctly - some supply a printer friendly version button.

i copy and paste into word if i want anything.

what are the margin settings for the print setup - that maybe why its off centre

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I upgraded to Windows 7 build 7100 from Vista.

My F2180 printed fine at the time but after I installed HP drivers in compatability mode to get the use of the scanner I have had problems. Windows seems to think everything is working okay but when I try to print the job apears in the print queue for about 1 second then vanishes.

I have tried completely uninstalling the printer and then re-installing it without success. I woud have given up on it by now if it wasn't for the fact that it printed when I first did the upgrade.

Strangely enough I can use the scanner just fine!

I know the printer is okay as I can use it with my XP laptop.

Anybody got any ideas?



A:Issue with HP Deskjet f2180 not printing

Hi Mike,

I'm having a similar problem with HP 1280 Deskjet!

Anyone able to locate the HP Desk Jet 1280 Drivers for Win7 [64 bit]drivers yet?


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Help! When I try to print a pdf file, I get a message that my printer doesn't exist. I don't know how to get Vista to recognize my printer (HPDeskJet 5440) to print PDF file. All other files I have tried to print, print just fine. Thanks for any help you can give me.

A:printing pdf files with HP DeskJet 5440

Not an uncommon problem. Try from another user account. If it does not work, this software will
Foxit Reader - Overview - Foxit Software

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What causes my Hp printer to double print? It was working well before it started double printing. The letters look awful and the pictures so dark you can't see them well. The paper only went through once! What happened? Hope someone can enlighten me. I've got a lot of printing to do. Thanks, lilart

A:HP deskjet 6122 double-printing

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Brand new Dell with Win 7 Home pre, Brand new HP 3050a. Printing from a call reporting application. Some print jobs make it through but more often it will print three or four pages and crash. I've attached the .dmp files from my troubleshooting session. Any help reading these would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:BSOD when printing with HP deskjet 3050a

Welcome to Sevenforums

Your USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller driver is the cause, you should update it:

BugCheck 1E, {0, 0, 0, 0}

Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\iusb3xhc.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for iusb3xhc.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for iusb3xhc.sys
Probably caused by : Pool_Corruption ( nt!ExDeferredFreePool+100 )

Followup: Pool_corruption

fffff880`0490b000 fffff880`049cf000 iusb3xhc T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: iusb3xhc.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\iusb3xhc.sys
Image name: iusb3xhc.sys
Timestamp: Mon Feb 27 14:56:53 2012 (4F4B6175)
CheckSum: 000C5E11
ImageSize: 000C4000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4

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It operated ok on XP but now on windows 10 it prints one line of garbage by itself spits that page out and keeps repeating the same untill I disconnect it. It now displays  ERROR CODE  OXBO24F6B8

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Can't print decent pictures with Hp deskjet 870Sce printer. I downloaded updated drivers from HP site. Still not good.
I tried my pictures on several other printers and they printed wonderfully clear and picture perfect! Tried same on 870 and no good.
Can anyone help me.
I think maybe this printer just doesn't print pictures??!
[email protected]

A:photo printing with hp deskjet 870Sce

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Windows 7 / HP Deskjet 5550:  Printer has been working fine, but for some unknown reason it has decided to change over to Excruciatingly Slow Printing Mode:  instead of hearing the carrier busily scurrying back and forth, it now trundles once
across, then takes a long rest, then heads back the other direction.  Now, I'm getting on up in those "senior years" and so my walk-abouts and hikes are becoming more and more like that too . . . but after running HP Print & Scan Doctor
and trying every reset procedure I know of, the 5550 is not up to speed here; replaced the USB cable, but that made no difference; have gone through the "HP Printers - Slow Printing (Windows)" page of instructions, but nothing there made any difference.

Any suggestions toward a solution?

Many thanks.  Appreciated.

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My HP Deskjet 1120c stops printing in the middle of large graphic print jobs. It gives an error message that the user has canceled the print job. I am using Windows 98. This happens whether printing from Microsoft Publisher, or MGI Photosuite 4, or Office XP-Word.

A:HP DeskJet 1120C Stops Printing in middle of job

I would start out by downloading current print drivers from the site.

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This is probably software/driver related, but will post here anyway

Deskjet 940C prints in some applications, but not all, a period where spaces are: This.would.be.an.example.of.what.it.is.doing.. (i.e., some emails in Outlook, but not others)

Since HP's Contact by Email site is down, I thought I'd pose the question here.

A:(Resolved) HP Deskjet 940C - Printing Question

Is it doing that in any application other than Outlook? I would suspect Outlook if it weren’t.

Start>Settings>Printers and select your printer. Printer>Properties>Details. Make sure it says it is an ECP or EPP port. Select Spool Settings and make sure it is set to spool the job and start printing after the first page is spooled. Also make sure it is set for EMF.

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On WinXP Home, 2.4Gh 80gb hdd, 1gb ram. Can anyone help

A:HP DeskJet 5550 suddenly not printing in MSWord

does it print files other than word files? is the printer online? did you select the right printer when printing?

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I recently got a new computer loaded with Vista (64 bit). I plugged in my HP deskjet 722c and it worked just fine for a couple of weeks. When my husband recently downloaded a HP update on his computer for his printer which is a HP Photosmart c7100 all in one, my computer quit working.

We have DSL through Embarq (previously Sprint) and are hooked up on a router/modem, but we do not have shared printing (that I know of)

What my printer does: when I send something to print, it looks like it is spooling. And it prints out one blank page regardless of the size of the document. At the same time, the top light starts blinking like it is waiting to print. The print status que claims that the job has completed.

I worked through all of the steps listed on the HP site to deal with this problem but none of the suggested remedies worked because everything is actually set up like it claims it needs to be.

Any suggestions? I don't really want to buy a new printer because it sounds like Vista has printer problems period. Is it just Vista?

A:HP deskjet 722 suddenly quit printing on Vista

Hi if your printer is hooked up to your computer in vista then you need to go to the control panel and click on clasic mode on the upper left hand side of the window. Then click on the device manager. When in the device manager you have to click on the view menu and then view all. You must do this in order to see the printer. Right click on the printer and then click update driver and install the old driver.

Make sure the driver and or firmware you sellected is the correct one.

If you did not install a firmware update then this should fix the problem. If you installed a firm ware patch then find an older one if your seccond attempt at installing the same firm ware patch doesn't work.

If your printer is a network printer then you may have to install an older copy of the firm ware or attempt the latest patch again.

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XP Pro w SP3, HP DeskJet 5650, Adobe Reader 9.2, a PDF file from a specific contact

User reports that when she prints an attachment (4 page PDF document), she gets 3 blank pages and 1 good page. The 1 good page is the last page of the document which happens to be just a scanned photo.

This only happens when she prints to her local USB attached HP DeskJet 5650 printer. She can send this job to a network printer and it prints OK.

Steps I've taken in attempt to resolve:

Uninstalled the local printer, downloaded the most recent drivers from HP Support site, re-installed the printer using the latest drivers
Updated Adobe Reader from v8 to v9.2

Had the user swap out her HP DeskJet 5650 with another printer, same model. Windows detected the different printer and installed it as
"HP 5600 Series (copy 1)"

The different printer had the same problem.

A:HP DeskJet 5650 and a specific PDF printing issue

Have you taken a look in services...to see if appropriate services related to printing are running...and miscellaneous/uninstalled printer services are not?

The fact that the second printer installed as a "copy"...indicates that the old printer is still recognized, IME.

Did you uninstall all the software which accompanies each printer installation, using Add/Remove Programs?


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Windows 7 / HP Deskjet 5550: Printer has been working fine, but for some unknown reason it has decided to change over to Excruciatingly Slow Printing Mode: instead of hearing the carrier busily scurrying back and forth, it now trundles once across, then takes a long rest, then heads back the other direction. Now, I'm getting on up in those "senior years" and so my walk-abouts and hikes are becoming more and more like that too . . . but after running HP Print & Scan Doctor and trying every reset procedure I know of, the 5550 is not up to speed here.

Any suggestions toward a solution?

Many thanks. Appreciated.

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My friend just bought a Toshiba laptop with a wireless card and Windows 7. She also purchashed an HP Deskjet 350 J610.

She does not have internet at home, but uses a T-Mobile 3G card. She wants to print wirelessly from her Toshiba to the Deskjet. I *think* I should be able to set this up, but am not sure.

Is this possible, and if so, are there any help documents on how to do this?

A:Printing wirelessly from Toshiba Laptop to HP Deskjet 350 J610

If the printer supports peer to peer you may be able to do it... but I doubt if it has that capability.

In general, there needs to be a wireless access point/router in the mix to get wireless printing up and active. A cheap access point/router would make everything easy.

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just got the new HP Deskjet 3050A wireless printer installed this weekend. everything works great, love the printer so far.

just for the life of me can't figure out where to turn of printing of the url, document name, and page numbers? i used to be able to find this stuff easy but this new wireless printer is a little different, i've already tried looking through the advanced printer settings in the control panel.

thanks in advance!

A:how to turn off printing url and page numbers on HP Deskjet 3050A

so i figured out how to turn it off in the programs and browswers themselves but i sure thought there was a way on the printer to change the default so you don't have to change it in every program?

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No matter what I'm printing from it does this, websites, documents, it won't even complete a test print. It just stops and the power button flashes. It won't let me cancel the document out of the queue, I have to reboot the computer.

This is a new computer and printer from my son's online school, the only software on it is what came installed by the school. It uses Windows XP. I've searched and searched and can't seem to find a solution, I hate to have to send it back.

Thanks for any help!

A:Solved: HP Deskjet D2660 stops printing partway down page

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I'm running Win XP Pro on an AMD 2000 Thunderbird with 512mb memory. I have an HP Deskjet 500 running on my parallel port. The printer is working fine, but whenever I send something to the printer, my system practically comes to a standstill until the printing is complete. Seems like this should not be happening? I went to the HP web site to get a newer printer driver and it shows one available, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the +_)(*&^%$#@! to download!

A:HP Deskjet 500 Printer

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To change printer properties one can either go to settings-printers-properties or to the properties tab on the window that appears after the file-print menu. When I change printer properties using the first option, I find that the settings are not changed unless I change them again using the latter path. This happens repeatedly when I change the "print in greyscale option".

A:HP deskjet printer

I just double checked mine, I have a DeskJet 640 C, and an OfficeJet 600, and it stays changed on both....when you change it, are you hitting ok, or just closing the box?

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I cannot get my DesKjet 720C to print in colour even after I turn off the check in the "print in greyscale" box under colour. I noticed that the apply button at the botom of the window does not activate when I change properties.

A:HP Deskjet printer

Check your color cartridge. It could be clogged too. You can clean the jets via the printer properties.
First make sure you have version 10.3 of the Hp drivers.


the newer version 10.3 isn't much different feature wise, but it could have some fixes. That is what version I use.

Check the settings in the printer properties too. Make sure your print quality on normal and the proper paper type selected. Put colorsmart II on automatic. Disable ICM.

You may have to uninstall the older drivers first. You could also remove the printer from the device manager, have windows detect again and then install the 10.3 drivers.

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Using HP 648C Deskjet printer, the problem is that when i try to print
something the paper and power led start flashing and my screen says
that i am out of paper when i have plenty of paper. I can get rid of the
error message and the flashing leds by shutting off the power and
turning it back on but the problem comes back when i try to print
again. Can anyone hell me with this problem?

A:HP 648 Deskjet printer

Georg: Checkout this website and see if any of the links solve your problem......


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I posted this same question a couple of weeks ago and got no replies, so I am trying again...hopefully someone will read it and have an answer.

I just got an HP Deskjet 320 portable printer and attached it to my Compaq 4110 laptop. I am running Win 95 on the laptop and installed the drivers that I downloaded from HP. The printer prints quite nicely except that approximately every 3/16 of an inch there is a white line. Other than that the print quallity is super. Does anyone have any suggestions as what I might do to alleviate this problem?

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