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DVD drive for Dell Optiflex 960 Slim Form Factor

Q: DVD drive for Dell Optiflex 960 Slim Form Factor


I just got a refurbished Dell Optiflex 960 Slim Form Factor desktop PC, which does not have a DVD drive in it. Do I need to get a certain DVD drive for this model or will just any be suitable??
I downloaded a manual for it as shown below, but just found it totally confusing.


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Preferred Solution: DVD drive for Dell Optiflex 960 Slim Form Factor

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I'm looking at several Dell boards that I intend to use in a standard, ATX, non-Dell case. My question goes to their form factor and whether they will bolt into a standard ATX case. The boards are sold by AscendTech.us and are all marked "micro ATX".

Most of these boards come with a backing plate attached that will not be used.

My understanding is that ATX is ATX all day long and all ATX boards should bolt into ATX cases. But, I want to be sure before I order.





If there are any other suggestions anyone has about these boards as compared with each other, please feel free to blast away.

A:Question about Dell board and their form factor

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I have a Dell OPTFLEX DT 980 Small Form Factor, I need to know what grafic card I can use in this computer. I would do like to use some grafics softwares like a Autocad, Sketchup etc... 

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Yep, it's old, but it's good!  
How do you take the side cover off that surrounds the optical drive.
In the service manual I found online, there are no instructions for this.


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Hello everyone. I am making this post to find out what you all suggest on a small graphics card I can get to insert into the PCI Express x16 slot of my Dell Optiplex 760 computer?

It is a small form factor so it will have to be a very small card and one that does not require a lot of power since the power supply is only 250w I believe.

Right now, it is using the onboard VGA connection and a CRT monitor is hooked up to it. I would like to use a DVI monitor and maybe even be able to run some older games on minimum settings.

I will try to include a few pictures of the desktop.


The computer specs are:

Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 3.33GHz CPU
4GB RAM DDR2-800
Onboard Video and Sound cards
Vista Business
250w Power Supply? I could check this to verify.
2TB Sata Hard drive

Would an XFX HD 5450 work? Here is a link to it.

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?gclid=CIWOybmL97oCFa8WMgodkSkAyQ&Item=N82E16814150565&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleAdwords&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleAdwords-_-pla-_-Desktop+Graphics+Cards-_-N82E16814150565&[email protected]:20131122000127:s

The dimensions of the card are: 7.17" x 3.19" x 1.1" which should fit I would say?
but it does specify that a minimum of a 400w power supply is recommended,
so I should stay away from that one?

Another option would be to upgrade the power supply if you all know any that can fit this computer, so that way I have the option of upgrading to a more powerful graphics card in the f... Read more

A:Small Form Factor Dell PC Video Card Upgrade

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I've contacted my rep and googled the heck out of this to no avail.  If someone could get me some dimensions on this stand and what height it might be at minimum vs maximum height, that'd be awesome.  Thanks in advance!

A:Max and minimum height of the Dell Small Form Factor All-in-One Stand - OSS17

3040 5040 7040 SFF
11.4 x  11.5 x 3.6 29.0 x 29.2 x 9.26
Dell S2715H  monitorDimensions with stand (H x W x D):Height: 445 mm (17.52")Width: 611.2 mm (24.06")Depth: 196 mm (7.72") So you add 4 inches for the Computer.  
Manufacturer part M7V3M
   Dell part 452-BCMX


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We have had a handful of Dell 7040SFF monitor issues. The user will be in the middle of something-online, email, reading documents and their monitor or monitors will go completely black for about 30 seconds. 
Windows 7, 64-bit, 8 GB ram, Intel i5-6500 CPU
I have updated the bios, chipset, and installed the video display drivers and control panel. We have Dell monitor P2014H Flat Panel. 
I even went so far to have a user's motherboard replaced. STILL that did not fix the issue. 
This investigator with the issue(we are the sheriff's office) figured out the problem...
His 800 MHz police portable radio was the problem. If that radio is less than 4 ft away from the 7040 the monitors do not blank-out. So fortunately that is an easy fix.

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hello I would like too upgrade my Processor too an i7 Quad for my dell OptiPlex 9020 ultra small form factor.
i7 4790K does not work.

A:Dell OptiPlex 9020 ultra small form factor Processor upgrade

Good day!
Thank you for writing to the Dell Community Forum.I am Jennifer and I work for the Dell Social Media Team .
With Optiplex 9020 if you are planning to upgrade it to I7 proc then you can pick Intel® Core™ i7 4785T /2.2GHz, 8M, VT-x, VT-d, AES-NI,TXT (vPro™), 35 W .This processor is tested to be working fine with this machine.
I hope this helps. Please feel free to write to us in case of any further queries. 
Have a good day!

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Hello, I have a small form factor dell optiplex 5040 desktop and I would like to know if there are any graphics cards more powerful than the integrated graphics that I could install into this machine. I'm not a gamer, but I do 3D modeling. Any suggestions help.

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I recently customized a Dell Optiplex 3010 Small Form Factor. The fans are okay but about 60dB and I'd like to find something quieter that's compatible with Dell since they have their own specifications for feedback, RPM, etc. Let me know if there's an option to install quiter fans that will be compatible for size and also avoid fan errors during boot. Fan Specifications are below:

Intake Fan - Sunon
DC 12V, 1.56W, 130mA
Dell P/N 99GRF-A00
CPU Fan - Sunon
DC 12V, 6.84W, .57A
Dell P/N V50GH-A00

A:Need Super Silent Replacement Fans for Dell Optiplex 3010 Small Form Factor

You must use the OEM fans -- anything else, and you'll be getting "fan failed - press F1 to continue" errors every time you start the system.  

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Prior to Feb 23, 2017, there was sound through internal speakers and also when I plug in external speakers.
Starting Feb 23, 2017, there is no sound with Dell Optiplex 780 desktop computer (small form factor) with Windows 10
ie no system sounds
ie when I use vlc media player, no sound
When I use Windows Media Player, it says "encountered a problem while playing the file."
When I use vlc player, it opens the audio file, advances the time elapsed, but the speakers are silent
I updated Windows.
I ran Windows diagnostics.
Windows diagnostics detected conflict with sound card enhancements, so I disabled them, then rebooted.
I uninstalled the only recent Windows update, which was Feb. 21 windows update of Adobe Flash player.  I re-booted.
I ran AVG anti-virus and Malwarebytes.
I am trying to run on dell.com the online diagnosis, but it is stuck.

I downloaded Dell System Detect and installed it.  It is running, and appears in the system tray.
The I selected a sound card test.
However, the process is stuck at step 2. Install System Detect

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I use a Dell OptiPlex 755 Small Form Factor computer in my bedroom, and it works great for most things. Though I want to give it a nudge in graphics. But I also don't want to buy a graphics card that won't fit inside the computer. I know I'll need a low profile graphics card. So my questions is, what is the maximum dimensions for a PCIe graphics card in a Dell OptiPlex 755 Small Form Factor.

A:Maximum Dimensions for Installing a PCIe Graphics Card in a Dell OptiPlex 755 Small Form Factor

I don't know what the maximum dimensions are, but they are tight and you are limited by the power supply. Bearing that in mind, the Sapphire 6450 is a good choice.

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Hello, I just bought an Optiplex 7010 Desktop DT Form Factor (the largest size) and need to know the right part number for the 3.5" Hard Drive Caddy that fits it.

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Newbie here. I have a 256 SSD drive and am thinking about adding a hard drive. I've looked at online videos and it seems easy when the second slot is right there in front of you. But I opened the 3420 today and am confused by what I see. The SSD is sitting on top. I assume the second slot is underneath it. Exactly how does one get to it - there's not enough room in front to simply slide the new hard drive in. The manual only deals with removing and installing the one hard drive. Do you remove the whole drive assembly?
Any hints or links to videos would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Adding 2nd hard drive to Small Form Factor Precision Tower 3420

Correct. Remove the top HDD, you should see the space for a 2nd drive.

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Just did a online chat with Dell support and it left me confused. I currently have a 256GB SSD and want to add a second drive. I already made a mistake by ordering a 3.5" drive that I had to return, so I want to be sure of my next step. The spec sheet says you can have  (2) 2.5” SATA drives, but underneath that it say:

2.5” SATA 7200 RPM
Up to (2) 1TB 7200 RPM 

which implies each 7200 RPM drive is limited to 1TB capacity. Dell sort of confirmed that but said it was for "optimum performance" and that pretty much any drive that fit in the slot would work subject to driver and OS limitations. Hence my confusion.
I was planning to add a 2TB 5400 RPM drive. Also, I am assuming I need a 9.5mm height drive. Would that work? Not work? Work but have issues? Please clarify.
Thank you.

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I want to upgrade from the factory HDD to a SSD, I've red on Google that it is possible to upgrade to an SSD,that you can connect it with the same cable that the HDD is connected but however when I open up the pc and I get to the HDD, there is a different cable that is attached to it than to the one that is required for an SSD and there aren't any other SATA cables so im a bit confused.Should I buy the cable separately or something?

A:Can I Upgrade from HDD to SSD on a Dell Optiflex 760 SFF ?

2.5" SSDs use standard SATA power and data connectors - exactly as the SATA hard drive in the system does.

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Hey guys, first time I post on this forum. But I always used it as reference to solve some OS problems.

Today I am the victim.

Got this new computer running Windows 7 Pro - 32-bit, it started last week. The system shows me BSOD every single day. I was able to get the Dump file, now I'm waiting for the BSOD to show me the message to post here.

Let's start.

x86 Windows 7
Original OS installed
OEM from Dell

Hardware age: Less than 6 months
OS age: Less than 6 months, never reinstalled the OS.

Can you guys try to help me?

Thank you.

A:BSOD - Dell Optiflex 380 - Win 7 Professional 32-bits

Nobody? cmon guys... need some help here!

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BTX is coming in 2004 anyone have any opinoins on the replacment of the 8 year old ATX Form Factor? I must admit that the quiet smaller footprint of the BTX case is very apealing, not to mention a PCI Express on the BTX Motherboard, however I just don't think it will cool very well in that small case, with all the components stuffed in to ever inch of that tiny little case!
but that's just my opinon



A:BTX Form Factor upgrade?

I have also heard that these small form factor motherboards do not perform as well as their full sized counterparts. Why not just get a full sized ATX and plop it into your current setup.

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Hi. I'm thinking on getting a Thinkcentre m.900 Small Form Factor. I'm also planning on adding a Samsung PRO 950 NVMe SSD which has a M.2 2280 Form Factor.
From the m900 SFF specs I see that it has a m.2 slot, but I haven't found any information about what kind of m.2 slot it is. Can I connect a m.2 2280 SSD directly to the m900 SFF? Or do I have to use it with a a PCIe adapter?
Mod:  edited title for clarity

Go to Solution.

A:M900 SFF: what's the M.2 SSD form factor?

I have the same question and also want to buy this unit and drop in a Samsung 950 Pro, but before I buy I also want to confirm that it support PCIe and all 4 lanes. The form factor that the 950 Pro supports is m.2 2280 and the interface is "PCIe 3.0 x4 (up to 32 Gb/s) NVMe 1.1". Does the M900 Tiny support the same?

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Hi all,

When it comes to form factor. would you recommend ATX or micro ATX. I was thinking of going for micro ATX just becuase of size. Is one better than the other. is ATX is better for future upgrading? if so then i would go for that but if theres no difference then......?


A:Help choosing a form factor?

I think that the only difference is essentially the size. Often, I think, Micro ATX boards are more entry-level, whereas most enthusiast/gaming motherboards are regular ATX. But if you find a Micro ATX mobo that has all the features you need, and you like the small size, go for it. Just make sure your case can support it, but I think most or all regular ATX cases will also support Micro ATX.


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I have recently purchased an MSI KM3M-V socket A mobo which I have substituted in my eMachines W2260. The mobo was brand new albeit some 3 years old.

I have tried two brand new PSU's on the mobo; one an Antec 350W and the other a Dynapower 500w, but neither of them will give me a video signal although they power up the HDD's, Floppy Drive, CPU & Fan.

Out of curiosity I used the my old eMachines PSU, a Bestec 250w (not a wise move I'm aware), but that works just fine to the extent that I am using it to write this.

My computer is around 4 years old and I am of the opinion that the PSU form factor must have changed over that time or is there something else I am overlooking here?

Can anyone figure out what the problem is as I find it very difficult to believe that both brand new PSU's are DOA?

A:PSU Form Factor Change?

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Hi guys, I just bought a 16GB ram stick but it's not fitting inside the ram slot. Any idea why ? It should be ddr4 sodimm right ?I also read this thread https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-Yoga-Series-Notebooks/Yoga-710-14-quot-RAM-upgrade/td-p/3414012 and it seems the user had no problem upgrading Here are the picturesHyperX Impact HX424S14IBOriginal ram stick

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Like the title asks, what form factor do you prefer? After voting in the poll, please post your reasons. Thanks.

A:What form factor do you prefer?

ATX has more upgrade ability then the other form factors. hopefully E-ATX will will grow.

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Hi All, I'm looking at upgrading the graphics card in my TC-705 - but it doesnt look like there is anywhere near enough room in the case for a top end video card - so I'm looking to buy a new case (I already upgraded the PSU). Does anyone know the correct form factor of the motherboard? It looks like a mini-ATX to me. Thanks!

A:Tc-705 Motherboard form factor

Hello, Motherboard form factor: DTX - Dimensions (mm): 243x200

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is uATX form factor the same as mATX (micro atx)?

A:What is uATX form factor?

microATX/SFX/uATX Form Factor - Computer manufacturers continue to want to shrink the size of their systems, and Intel has been happy to oblige, with another variant on the basic ATX theme called "microATX". As the name implies, microATX is not only smaller still than Mini ATX, it is actually smaller than even NLX. microATX is intended for the very low end market that Intel has decided to target with force.
Technically, it could be said that microATX is not even really a case form factor, because microATX is in fact a motherboard standard. However, with the smaller microATX motherboards, manufacturers are creating smaller cases to fit. To complement microATX, Intel created a new, low-output power supply design called SFX. SFX power supplies are designed to work with not only microATX systems, but also NLX and regular ATX systems, and this is why these power supplies were not called microATX. SFX and microATX are sometimes used interchangeably, or together, in describing this general physical format. The term uATX may also be used to refer to microATX form factor.

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I have a NOS D955XCS mobo I need to get into service.
Made by Intel and I believe used in early versions of the Dell XPS series.
Here is my problem. It is about an inch too long for the Dimension 9100 case I had planned on using it in. Board to tray holes are off by just about that much.
Old BTX cases can be found out there. Usually at a decent price.
Shipping being more then the price of the case.
What I am asking is, just what Dell model case is large enough to accept this board.
Thanks in advance.

A:Going very old school. BTX form factor

0ldsch00l,Unfortunately, I have no information on which Dell case the motherboard will fit it. My database does not provide me with this information.

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i have recently been given a dell optiflex gx260.
i cannot connect to the internet because my computer will not recognise that i have a functioning ethernet port.
in device manager it is showing no driver installed.
have tried downloading driver on my other pc and installing but to no avail.
i have a steady amber light.
os is windows xp.
hope you can help. thanks

A:Solved: ethernet port driver for dell optiflex 260

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I'm going to upgrade the CPU and bios version is 2.10. My question is will that bios version support this CPU AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ ADO5000IAA5DO? I have this CPU on order and I will get soon. If it won't can you tell me what I need to do. I know it is old but at 68 and on a fix income I wanted to upgrade it and maybe put Windows 10 on it.

A:HP dc5750 Small Form Factor

I got the CPU today but when I try boot it all I had was a black screen. I put the old one back in and it boot up. What is wrong and can it be fixed?

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trying to build a sff , p4 2.8 northwood, intel 865glc, 1 gig ram, and need advice on how to fit things together.. i heard that sony optical drives are shorter than most , is this right ? i need a microatx psu.. probably more than 350 watts, any advice ? trying to stuff this into an old p2 compaq presario micro atx case.. heat sink and fan will require moving the hd .. has anyone tried to stuff 10 lbs of crap into a 5 lb box ? tia

A:Help ! small form factor advice..

Personally i'd buy a case...In a small box like that you could easily run into heat issues.
Plus what happens down the road if you want to add components ? ?


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Good Evening,

I have recently purchased an Acer x3300 and as soon as i started to play any recent game came into a problem......

The graphics card is rubbish, its a Geforce 9200 256mb.

After looking into buying a new graphics card i hit a few problems.

The computer is a Small Form Factor pc which means i am quite stuck in what i can upgrade.

My question is this, Is it possible for me to rip out the insides and stick them in a normal mini-tower so i can go out and buy a decent pci-e graphics card? For your information my Motherboard is an Acer WMCP78M

Done various searches and came up with nothing, so your help will be much appreciated.


A:Upgrading Small Form Factor PC

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Does anyone know if there is a possibility of having a small form factor SSD (Msata, M.2 42mm or other) into the Yoga 11e along with the conventional form factor HD? A suggestion of another Lenovo product with max 12" with this capability would be appreciated if not possible.

W530, Windows 7 64bit, 256SSD Crucial M4 boot drive, 1tb WD Blue in Ultrabay, 16GB m-sata expresscache drive, NVIDIA K1000M, i7-3630QM processor, 8gb RAM 1600.

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I want to get a new case for my Lenovo M82 to fit a larger graphics card but I don't know what form factor the motherboard is (AT, ATX, EATX, DTX, ITX, etc.). so what is it? Thanks in advance.

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HI, am confused ... bought a M83 tower (in manual), Desktop (in the Lenovo PC support tool)Machine Type Model: 10BE0002GE looks like a tower to me BUT: I cannot fit in a standard graphics card (a connector is in the way) and am missing power connectors ... Described my issues lengthy on my blog (How to build a cheap gaming PC) following a youtube video - and now am a little embarrassed because I hit 2 massive walls Interstingly the youtube video imo uses the EXACT same desktop and has 0 problems fitting in that card ... Is that normal that I cannot add normal PCI cards to Lenovo M83s?Thx a millionDan

I love Vitamin D

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I've been searching trying to find the form factor for the M82 motherboard.  I want to install everything in a new case so I can add a 1 TB hard drive for storage.  All I can find is "small form factor 4x3", which doesn't tell me much.Is the motherboard proprietary to Lenovo, or will it fit in a M-ATX or other case? Thanks all

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Names Austin my computer knowledge is very minimal, but like others on thise site im hungry to learn!
ok so i just fixed this computer got it for free upgraded the ram to 4g and put an old ati x1000 as a gpu i know very little about computers my question is what video card can i get that will allow me too play video games (im coming from an alienware mx17 and id like that same quality in the hp)
do i need to upgrade the power supply aswell? and if so how do i know what will fit?
i wanna upgrade this the best i can before i start on a pc build from scratch.
also a problem im having is that it wont read two sd cards that i have, the card reader works for others but not the new ones i got it wont even recognize it at all?

A:HP small form factor expansions?

Can you find a model number on the motherboard and post that here? Whatever information you have on the computer would be helpful. It is tough to say what would be the best without that information. When upgrading the video card you will likely have to upgrade the power supply as well. What is the power supplies output in terms of watts?

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I'm trying to replace the MOBO on some IBM 300GL's mini-towers and desktops.
I tried a 300GL mini-tower (6277-35U) with an standard ATX and it wouldn't fit, too many PCI slots.
I haven't tried the desktops yet.
Does anybody know what will fit? Did IBM make the MOBO's proprietary?



A:What is the IBM 300GL MOBO form factor?

Almost surely . . .

It might be a M-ATX ( Micro ) but then it likely has a proprietary power supply and case connections . .


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How can I determine what the form factor of my motherboard is? I want to upgrade the power supply to 350W or more to accomodate a new video card which requires that minimum level of ummph.

A:What is the form factor of my mother board?

Is the Motherboard Square or is it a rectangle shape? More Square usually = Micro ATX. More of a rectangle shape = ATX. By the Way the motherboard form factor would really have nothing to do with the Power Supply you select. Unless it is a BTX (Small Form Factor for slimline computers) motherboard, you would have to find a Power Supply to fit the slim line case.

If it is one of the ATX form factor, then you should actually be looking towards a quality manufacturer 550W or better power supply.

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Hi, looking to upgrade the M2 in my G1 Would one with a 2280 form factor (this one) fit the machine?

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HELP! What am I doing wrong my hard drive short out system when its
plugged in.Do I have to have all the features of an ATX form factor board
I have a [P4C800-E DELUXE] socket 478 ,chipset 875P+ICH5R ,[bare Intel
P4 3.4 gig.HT CPU] ZALMAN CPU cooler, SEAGATE 7200.7 160 gig HDD:[not SATA]its IDE ribbon with 12volt molex connection, ASUS 128MB AGP 8x4x card .CASE X case does not have all ATX features no chassi intrusion,no system management interrupt,no system power LED I do however have an
ASPIRE ATX 500watt switching power supply 12volt
when I unplug hard drive the system boots up fine. Why wont my system start when the hard drive is plugged in?

A:What Is Form Factor Atx? Is My Case Compatible?

Unplug power(molex) or ribbon? Is the coloured ribbon-edge at pin 1 on both motherboard and harddisk?
HD set to Master with the jumper?
Ribbon connected to the FIRST IDE-controller on the motherboard?
Your mobo is fine (unless you screwed it up) for that PC.

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Has anybody put SSDs in these Elite 8000 sff machines yet and if you have what size.  HP chat support say only 64GB but cant give me any reason what the machine cant address more than that when it can address a 1TB Hard drive. Can anybody shed any light on this or tell me they have put in a 500GB SDD and found it works 

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I did a new install of Windows 7 last year when Microsoft discontinued support of Windows XP.  This year I used the free upgrade to Windows 10
I have an OPTI Plex 755 which is  probably 5 years old. I've upgraded to Windows 10
Dell System Detect does not execute after the Windows 10 install.  I printed out the Error Summary.  It began:
Activation of C:\Users\Paulette|AppData\Rjoaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Dell\Dell System Detect.appref-ms| resulted in exception.  Following failure messages were detected:
+the deployment identity does not match the subscription.
There is more.  Does anyone have an idea what the problem maybe and how I can regain use of my cd/dvd?

A:OptiFlex 755 Upgrade to Windows 10-No Dell System Detect or cd/dvd driver

According to your Dell Product Support page, Dell doesn't list your system as a window 10 upgrade nor Dell list any drivers for window 10 as well. Please click on the link below and see for yourself.

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What exact type and form factor is the main storage in the C730 N2840 32GB 4GB 30cm Chromebook? It's the 11.6 in the antiquated units.Some resellers state it is an SSD, others state it is an eMMC.The latter isn't much use to me.The Acer site doesn't state.  Means I'm kind of screwed if I open it up to find out it has an eMMC.

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Hi All, HP 800 G2 Tower (or Small form factor), the reference ID of 22902372  Part Number requierd.  Regards,Tony

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Hi everyone! I have currently a Dell Precision 670 workstation with a LS-36 Motherboard with Dual physical Xeon Processors. I was wondering what Form Factor this motherboard is. The case that i want can be found here. It is an ATX Form Factor

A:Form Factor Computer Case and Motherboard.

A lot of Dell's MB were odd size & footprint mounting to the case. Can you take any pics & measurements ?
Nice looking unit in your link w/ Free Shipping.

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Hi All, HP 800 G2 Tower (or Small form factor), the reference ID of 22902372  Part Number requierd.  Regards,Tony

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What exact type and form factor is the main storage in the C730 N2840 32GB 4GB 30cm Chromebook? It's the 11.6 in the antiquated units.Some resellers state it is an SSD, others state it is an eMMC.The latter isn't much use to me.The Acer site doesn't state.  Means I'm kind of screwed if I open it up to find out it has an eMMC.

A:C730 Chromebook storage form factor?

Hello, Here are all motherboards of the Chromebook C730 - N2840 series:Spoiler (Highlight to read)MAIN BD.W/CPU.N2840.MEM.2GB.EMMC.16GB.RDRMAIN BD.W/CPU.N2840.MEM.4GB.EMMC.16GBMAIN BD.W/CPU.N2840.MEM.2GB.EMMC.32GB.RDRMAIN BD.W/CPU.N2840.MEM.4GB.EMMC.32GB.CARD.READERMAIN BD.W/CPU.N2840.MEM.2GB.EMMC.16GB.RDRMAIN BD.W/CPU.N2840.MEM.4GB.EMMC.16GBMAIN BD.W/CPU.N2840.MEM.2GB.EMMC.32GB.RDRMAIN BD.W/CPU.N2840.MEM.4GB.EMMC.32GB.CARD.READERSo it is an eMMC of 32Gb.

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