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[Streaming] New computer but video problem.

Q: [Streaming] New computer but video problem.

Hi, i got this new computer about 3 weeks ago. When i watch streaming (twitch.tv mostly), sometimes it will freeze my browser for 5sec-10sec (but the sound is still going) and come back after. When i try to watch it in 720p or HD, it will lag but only the video 1/2 of the time, while the sounds is just fine.

I updated all my drivers and reinstalled my firefox/chrome.

Over 720p will work for 15mins then starts lagging like crazy. A

Also, when i open anything (i think with ''Flash'') my browser will freeze for 5sec. The chat from twitch.tv beside the video will take for ever to load and make my browser lag.

Thank you.

Preferred Solution: [Streaming] New computer but video problem.

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: [Streaming] New computer but video problem.

Download the latest Adobe Flash Player. Test your internet speed at speedtest.net

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I recently installed Windows Service Pack 2, actually three times after reinstating my computer software to the original state by erasing and reinstalling the full software install CD on my computer's hard drive for Window XP Home. I have no problems playing games with my new FX 5200 Ultra video card by BFG, but I am at random times getting the annoying green screen that blanks out my videos I am streaming or playing(happens when I am streaming more often). Then after that happens usually, the computer reboots or shuts off. I never had this happen before. My computer's memory tests ok so why can I play games with this never happening but when I am streaming or watching video through Windows Media Player, etc do I get the "green screen blankout" and then often the shutdown of my computer? I have 512 MB of system memory and 128 MB of video memory! I use System Mechanic and it shows I have at least half of my memory even during playback so what is the problem here? I can attach my system computer file of my information if you like in an e-mail if it will help. AND YES I HAVE THE DIVX CODECS. I thought about that to and uninstalled and reinstalled them with the same random problems. PLEASE HELP ME. This is really annoying.

A:video playback and streaming. Video card problem or software?

Well, it seems u dont have a hardware problem. this problem occurs only when u r watching videos. so i guess its the media player. take my suggestion, stop using it. Download this pack: KLite Codec Pack. I think the latest version is 3.2. Its got all the codecs u need to play compressed videos, and dvds. Its also got an advanced media player which can play any video u open it with like wmv, dat, mpg, rm, mov, avi, divx..... of course, the codecs for these formats r included in the pack.

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WHENEVER I try to stream video from the internet my browser and whole computer freezes and I have to do a hard re-boot. Be it with WMP, Quicktime or realplayer or anything i can never manage to play a video. After this happens it won't let me close the browser or even do Control, Alt, Delete.
This problem started after i'd got my computer back from repair sorting out a virus, it might be related because the malware is still there being annoying it's just supposedly inactive.

With quicktime a tiny snippet of audio can be heard for a few seconds before it freezes and with WMP i think it says "error loading codec" or something.

Oddly, youtube type videos are fine. I know other people have posted in with similar problems but i've had no luck fixing it. Any help would be much appreciated,

A:Computer Freezes Streaming Video

First Steps

Run through this process.
List your complete system specs including the power supply, ram ect.
also any firewalls/antivirus/malware programs

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Hey guys,
This one has been eluding me so I'm looking for outside help.   This computer belongs to a friend of the Wife, who uses it for World of Warcraft and watching videos on youtube and hulu.   She says it's frozen up off and on over various incarnations and has had some hardware changed (gpu, hard drive for sure- memory and motherboard have never been changed).   
OS - Windows 7 x64 · What was original installed OS on system?   Unsure.   It had been reinstalled once or twice.   When the computer came to me the windows installer was acting up and I couldn't update drivers or install Windows Updates so I just reformatted and re-installed Windows 7 Ultimate at the owner's request.
· Is the OS an OEM version (came pre-installed on system) or full retail version (YOU purchased it from retailer)?  Full retail version I purchased for personal use some years back and never used, so I had it laying around.· Age of system (hardware):   Uncertain.   5-6 years old maybe?  · Age of OS installation - have you re-installed the OS?   2 weeks old.· CPU:   Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 @ 3.00GHz· Video Card - 1024MB ATI AMD Radeon HD R7750· MotherBoard - NVIDIA NFORCE 790i ULTRA SLI (Socket 775)  (It's a XFX and their website makes it very hard to find drivers for anything but video cards)· Power Supply - I though... Read more

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I can watch home videos etc that are stored locally on my computer no problem, but if I try watching a full-screen video on hulu.com my computer crashes, saying the video driver failed. I have updated the driver for my video card, but have still encountered the problem, although not as quickly. The two places I have had the issue recently are hulu and watching a video full-screen on Facebook. The videos are fine until I watch them on full-screen. Does anybody have any ideas where to start looking to diagnose the problem?
Any help appreciated.
System Info:
Video Card
HIS Hightech H467QT512P Radeon HD 4670 IceQ Turbo 512MB
Memory (x2)
Kingston 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800
AMD Phenom II X4 920 2.8GHz
Vista 64-Bit

A:Computer Crashes When streaming video

have you checked the resolutions and refresh rate on the adaptor.

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I have had problems running any type of streaming video for the last 2 months, even UTUBE which uintil last week worked fine. (I can listen to music on AOL Radio, and even play most music videos)....however, I cannot watch Sports replays, movies or Shows, the News..etc.
Computer freezes totally, must do a reboot...video usually runs for about 1 minute. I get no error messages, ect..

I have followed the 5 steps suggested...
I have never had an issue with any type of Trojan or Virus..I clean out the adware ect on a regular basis. I use Zone Alarm, AVG , Spytbot and Adcanced Windows Care V2 Personal (I also have CCleaner, but the WindowsCare seems to do a good job with the Regisrty).
I run these on a fairly regular basis...I also had no new updates to install, as I do those consisntly as well.
The following is the main Log..I have tried to attach the other as suggested..please bear with me on this, as I do not usually do much "posting"

Deckard's System Scanner v20071014.68
Run by HP_Administrator on 2008-04-06 13:13:56
Computer is in Normal Mode.

-- System Restore --------------------------------------------------------------

Successfully created a Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point.

-- Last 5 Restore Point(s) --
73: 2008-04-06 17:14:23 UTC - RP719 - Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point
72: 2008-04-06 15:43:37 UTC - RP718 - System Checkpoint
71: 2008-04-05 ... Read more

A:Streaming Video Freezes computer

I posted this some time ago..am still having the same problem..Thanks!

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Basically, any time I stream a video my computer freezes, generally with a buzzing noise. The only time it happens is when I stream videos. I can play Skyrim or WoW all day without a hitch, but 5 minutes into a show on Hulu and its frozen. I've tried replacing the graphics card but that didn't help. According to windows, my sound driver is up to date. I don't know what else could be causing this issue.

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 26 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8182 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305242 MB, Free - 52819 MB; D: Total - 476936 MB, Free - 126047 MB; E: Total - 715401 MB, Free - 689272 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P6T
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

A:Computer freezing while streaming video

What browser?

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Hey guys, so when I am streaming youtube or TV shows, my computer will all of a sudden freeze up, the mouse won't move, CTRL+ALT+DEL does nothing. for an instant the sound will become loud and just white noise (about 3 seconds). After this, the computer will sit at that stage, frozen and will never change, the screen won't go black, I need to do a hard reset to restart it. I have recently upgraded to windows 8.1.

My hardware is:
Mobo:ASRock 970 Extreme4
CPU: AMD FX 4100 Quad Core 3.6GHz
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series

I have tried manually installing the newest driver for graphics card from the website. I have tried reinstalling adobe flash as well.

Has anyone got any ideas? I am out of them. It will usually crash within minutes of streaming, I have been using the computer at this moment for about 40 minutes without streaming and it has not crashed, apart from this, I don't have any other proof that it is crashing due to the streaming, but it is fair enough to assume it is.

Cheers guys

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I have a 5-year old HP Pavilion with Windows XP Media Center 2004 loaded. Up until about a month ago I could watch virtually any streaming video without a problem. Then one by one they all started causing the same total computer crash about 15 minutes into viewing. No problem with listening to NPR, but the streaming video problem exists whether it is PBS, Netflix, Hulu, or others. I clear my cache several times a day and I have updated my Silverlight, FlashPlayer, etc. till I'm blue in the face and nothing works. The tech guy at Hulu told me my computer was just too old. The Netflix tech guy said it was a problem with Microsoft. And I can't get any help at Microsoft. So am I just not going to ever be able to stream video again? Otherwise, my computer works fine - and I'm on it 18 hours a day for my work (which is incredibly boring which is why streaming video is so important to keeping my sanity.)

A:Streaming Video Crashes my computer!

go into your bios and post the voltage and temp readings.

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My laptop is a Sony Vaio running Windows 7. When I watch online videos (can be Youtube or any other kind of streaming video) my computer has been freezing very often lately (at least twice a day). When it freezes the computer stops and I can't move the mouse or do anything but the sound from the video persists as a slowed down, very roboty sounding version of the real sound. This will go on for about a minute and then the sound will stop. Eventually the computer will unfreeze itself after between 2-10 minutes of sitting there doing nothing and then the video will resume as if nothing happened (sometimes between 1 and 2 seconds of video have been skipped). Is there any fix to this problem?

A:Computer freezes while streaming video

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I have a Dell SC600 tower computer, several years old. It has a P4 with 2.66 GB speed. I have 2 GB ram, 7200 rpm hard drives and an Internet Connection that varies between 2 and 5 MB. I'm guaranteed 2 MB...but most of the time if I check it, it's a lot faster.

This particular problem has started since I installed Windows 7...I never had it in XP. When I installed Windows 7, I didn't have the problem, it seem to have started recently. It could have started when I replaced RC with the Release version.

When I try to play a Video...regardless of the source, it plays for a few seconds, then stops, then plays for a few seconds, then stops, and never just plays. The Video buffer never fills up...it just stays at the current location. \

I don't mind waiting till the buffer reaches 100% and then start playing the video...but no matter how long I wait, the buffer indicator doesn't move.

Any ideas?

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Ok everyone this is my first time i hope someone can help me THIS is the problem when i go to fox. com to look at tv programs like house i can only see it in the little screen when i try to look in full screen mode the sound is ther but the video is in slid screen mode now when i look at my proceesing its at like 87% memory in running how do i fix this and why is so much memory taken up with 64% processing appire 5100 acer 64x2

A:video streaming problem

what kind of video card are you running?

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I'm having a problem playing any kind of imbedded streaming video. I first tried to watch a streaming broadcast, and the site told me I needed to download Media Player, which I already had. However, I thought I might need an update, so I downloaded the newest version (9) and it still didn't help. As you know, this version cannot be uninstalled, so now I'm stuck with it. I think there may be a conflict between Media Player and Real Player, but I'm not sure. Can anyone please help with this???

A:Streaming Video Problem

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OS: Windows XP
Video: Intel on-board
Ram: 1gb

I've got a PC having video problems streaming but only with these sites that stream live football games and sports events. It runs fine with youtube etc. No problems with movies or anything like that. All the basic stuff checked like updated video drivers, disk space, flash etc. Also tried disabling hardware accelerator. The sound works fine but the video runs in slow motion. My thinking is the on-board card or lack of memory but the fact it runs other site such as youtube I'm doubting this. BB speed is excellent so this is not the problem. Any ideas?

A:Video streaming problem.

Look to the web pages FAQ's and see what the minimum requirements are. You may need a video card with separate video memory to play this site. Also when streaming, stop the video from automatically starting, and let it buffer for a few minutes (there may be a grey progress bar ahead of the actual playing progress bar)
Be sure to update Java and Shockwave.

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Hi there :)

I'm running into an odd problem. It started a couple days ago for reasons unknown. If I try to play an embedded video, such as this, the video will begin to play in media player as normal, but a download progress window will also open. This didn't use to happen, but here's the really weird part- if I cancel the download progress window, everything is fine; if I let it go the video will either restart, or stop playing all together along with an error message stating that the file cannot be found.

I tried clearing my TIFs, relocating my TIF folder, checked and rechecked every setting I can see, and everything looks fine. It's kind of baffling =[

Any ideas?

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I just set up a brand new computer that is having problems across all browsers streaming video from sites like YouTube or Facebook. The video appears to be in slow motion/stuttering.

The PC is a Dell Precision 3620, intel (quad core 3.2 GHz, 3.6 Ghz Turbo, 6MB, w/ HD Graphics 530); 16 GB RAM; integrated graphics card. Windows 7 Professional.

Here is what I've already tried:

*I disabled Hardware Graphic Accelerator on all browsers.
*I made sure Adobe flash is up to date.
*I cleared internet history.
*I made sure windows is totally up to date.
*A different computer at the same location (network drop) did not have trouble streaming videos. Other computers on the same network are not having trouble streaming video.
*I checked memory usage and performance when the videos are stuttering and nothing appears to be taking up an exorbitant amount of resources.
* I checked to see if there was an update for the graphics driver (there wasn't)

I rebooted the computer and for a little while, videos streamed ok, but after a few hours, the user reported that videos were once again stuttering/ appear to be playing in slow motion.

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Running Win7 Pro SP1, Chrome ver 63.0.3239.132

When I go to CBSnews.com the page loads just fine. At the top of the page there is a black bar with a choice entitled CBSN which is their streaming video site. Most of the time clicking on that works. Every once in a while I get a screen that says:

"This page isn't working. www.cbsnews.com redirected you too many times. Try clearing your cookies."

I clear my cookies and it doesn't help. I can't get the page to work. I've tried rebooting and that doesn't help. I keep fiddling around and finally it will work.

Does any one have any ideas as t what is happening and how to correct the problem when it happens? I hope I'm making my self clear.

Thanks, Henry

A:Streaming video problem

I just went to the website you mentioned and I don't get any errors at all. I am using the same features as you have. I think that it may be your internet causing this problems.

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Hello everyone,

I've got a problem with trying to watch streaming videos, they run for a couple of seconds and then stop as they try to buffer.

The thing is, everything was running fine up until a couple of days ago and then this buffering problem happened. I recently did a fresh install of everything, running XP with service pack 3 and the newest version of Firefox. I'm pretty sure my flash player is also up to date. Is anybody else having this problem? Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Streaming Video Problem

Is this just on Youtube? Try a different viral video site like Daily Motion.


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I am trying to stream video from music.yahoo.com and other sites with embedded video. Media Player just locks up or says "Buffering" or "Connecting" forever. It works fine on any other computer in my house just not mine. I am using media player 10, I also tried installing 9 and had the exact same problem. I don't know if it is a Codec problem or what. I can't figure it out. It has nothing to do with my firewall since the other computers that work fine are on the same firewall. Even reformatting does nothing! Is there a substitute for Media Player that I can use? If I download the file first then play it, then it works fine, I just can't stream direct.

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I have had a problem for some time now with WMP9 and streaming video. the problem is with all formats EXCEPT .asf and .wmv. those two work fine, all others crash WMP9 with an "unknown error". After this had happened a few times I decided to send an error report on it to see if it might find a fix. It came up witth an article that said I needed to update my copy of MPEG Encoder. I do not have that application(yes it was refering to an application, had a link for me to dl it)
I did at one time attempt to install Adobe Premiere but it did not install correctly and I uninstalled it. it included a version of MPEG Encoder in it, so gave that app a shot, it did not fix the problem.

I can play all media formats if they are on my machine. I can also stream these files using Quicktime or RealOne(but I don't like those apps)
The problem also seems to occur in K++(Kazaa) If I try to preview any video types other than wmv or asf, I get the same error as when streaming.

As I said, this has been going on for a while now, I've looked around, asked around and searched old threads here. I can come up with nothing and no one seems to want to help me other than suggesting a format. I do not subscribe to the theory that a format is a fix for anything, so that is not an option. I need to fix this, it has gone from being a slight annoyance, to being a huge headache.

A:Streaming video problem

Adobe Premiere is known not to uninstall the codecs it has installed and I personally have had problems with this. IIRC all i had to do was to delete the offending files from windows system folder.. I'm sure you can find the exact instructions how to do this if you search the web (that's how i got them).

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I'm running Win XP Home with SP2, fully up-to-date, with WMP 10. I had no prior problems with streaming videos. However, I recently installed Nero, after which I find that streaming to WMP 10 no longer works. Instead, the files have to be downloaded first. I've checked the file associations in WMP 10 and Win XP, and ensured that .wmv and .wma files are to be opened with WMP, but that doesn't help.

Shall I try re-installing WMP 10? Or is there some setting in WMP that was overwritten by Nero?

Thx for any advice.

A:Streaming video problem

some people have rolled back to an earlier version
also uninstall and reinstall nero

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I've been having the same problem for a while now. When I try to watch a video online, I can only load a small portion of it at a time. The progress bar will only move part of the way (usually only a minute or two out of a 30 minute video) and then completely stop. I've tried waiting for several hours to see if it's just slow, but it just stops.

It's not a matter of a slow connection--mine is very fast.
This happens both in IE and Firefox. I have cleared my cache and reinstalled Flash Player, but that didn't help either.

Any ideas???

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This is probably something very trivial but whenever i am streaming video on a website such as youtube on ma laptop it works perfectly however when i attempt to change the video to full screen mode the screen goes black,and if i hit escape it returns to normal and the video is still playing,any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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It happens for the speedy joe video player on drama video website. & daily motion and wat videos are not loading. Youtube works fine, so anyone knows what is the issue for this?Edit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Video streaming Problem

Sppedy Joe is the nickname for what is called the JW Player and is offered by Longtail Video. The link is below. You might want to check out their help forum as your problem may be one of compatibility.


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ok, so far i've only noticed this to happen with .asf files, and i have no idea why it's happening. when i open the .asf files, windows media player pops up and then starts buffering, which is normal. but then after it buffers some, it will start to play the files but i can only hear it. there is no video whatsoever; just a black screen. i've tried downloading codec packages, opening it with other players, upgrading my windows media player, and some other stuff. i think my player just can't recognize that file format for some reason because i have streamed other VoD files before that had the extension .asx i think it was. if anyone has had this happen and knows wtf is going on, or if anyone just has any ideas that might help, plz help.

A:streaming video problem

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I recently did an upgrade on my laptop, just so I can have a clean version of Windows 7 ad start from scratch as the system was feeling a bit clunky. I m planning on doing a clean install and formatting soon (maybe tomorrow), but for now I currently have a problem.

So before the upgrade, I had no problem playing YouTube videos, or any other videos on streaming sites using both Mozilla and Chrome. I could watch videos on wither piece of software at 720p without any problems with lag and stuttering. After this upgrade, nothing seems to work. When I try to watch YouTube videos, even on 360p I will get major slowdown on the video itself and when using the laptop. Thos only occurs when the videos is playing, and when stopped it goes away. I have looked at task manager to see the CPU usage and when playing videos the usage of it is in the high 80s and lower 90s percentages.

The current actions I have taken are these:
I have disabled hardware acceleration in both Adobe Flash Player and Mozilla.
Removed enhancements on audio in case it was audiodg tampering with it (had this problem before)
I have disabled all of the add-ons I have present in the browser, including Adobe Flash Player
When I did this, the Mozilla's own container was still giving me high CPU usage
I have tried booting with just Microsoft applications and drivers running and still get the high usage
I am currently doing the following:
Running a MalwareBytes scan
Running a MSE scan
Uninstalling Adobe... Read more

A:Video Streaming Problem

Have you installed/updated ALL of the system and hardware drivers? You should be using the drivers from the manufacturers website, not the default drivers installed by Windows.

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hi, need help..

i'm experiencing a major problem with video streaming or watching videos from sites such as yahoo, nba for morethan a week already; but has no problem watching videos from youtube, metacafe, & the likes or flash videos.

everytime i click a link to a video it doesn't load, and it will stay 1 or 0% all the time. clicking play does nothing. it's just stuck at 0 or 1%, play state is always stuck at "ready". whatever browser i use the result is still the same.

from what i know, nba & yahoo (like featured videos, news) either use Quicktime or Windows Media Player to load & play videos. my prob is it suddenly stopped playing videos for no reason. my media player is upto date, quicktime, realplayer & other codecs are upto date. just wondering why i can't view a video from those sites? does anybody know a solution? anything i need to do?
my OS is XP pro, connection speed is ranging from 700+ to 900+ kbps (dsl connection).
i use IE 6 & Firefox 1.5

A:Video Streaming Problem

There could be a number of issues at hand over here. First of all you have an older version of Firefox. The latest one is 2.0.1 which you can here. Can you post an example of a video you can't see.

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I am having issues with streaming video from my PC to my TV by means of an HDMI cord. It used to be very simple: I would plug in the HDMI cord to both the PC and TV, change the settings on the T.V. to "HDMI", and on the PC press the "windows key + P" to change the settings to "duplicate" or "extend". I tried clearing everything up with my Norton services, but I can't find any issues.
Now the streaming won't work and I am not sure why. If I create another account on the computer it sometimes works but after enough times of streaming video, that stops working as well. The last time I tried the visual part worked, however I couldn't transfer the sound to the T.V. even when I tried adjusting all the settings. Anyone have any ideas?


A:Streaming video problem

I guess no one has encountered this before?

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The problem i am facing is ,when i play a video the  streaming stops and the whole system will hang and it needs restart,But the same video streams well when I use earphones or audio jack.I am fed up with this problem,can u please provide me a solution how to resolve this problem.

A:Problem with video streaming

Hi @AKKIP, Welcome to the HP Forums! I read your post and wanted to reach out to help you! In your post, you had said that currently your HP Pavilion 14-b003tx Ultrabook is having sound issues.  You could try: 1. Right click the Speaker icon in the bottom right corner by your time.2. Click Playback Devices.3. Click Speakers.4. Click properties.5. Click the advanced tab on the Properties window.6. Change the Default Format drop-down to the highest quality.7. Apply the properties.8. Click OK to close the properties window. Restart the Notebook and test the sound. Here is a link to help troubleshoot the sound. Please let me know how this goes. To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!  Thanks. 

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can any1 help with this wont play mpeg files it just plays the sound within media player divx and power dvd.
they did play and now they dont ,plays avi no problem
help sort this
Thanx Andy

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Basically what the title suggests. My computer will work fine for varying amounts of time when streaming video (watching movies, skyping, etc) but eventually the computer starts running sluggish until it virtually freezes. This problem doesn't seem to be nearly as bad when I'm streaming movies or tv shows, but when it comes to skyping this problem has been a nightmare. I'm at the point where I can't skype someone for more than 10 minutes before my computer freezes. Has anyone else had this problem? Any help would be awesome.

A:Computer is constantly freezing when streaming video

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I've had this problem for some time now. Whenever I stream a video from the internet my computer will freeze. It happens in both Firefox and IE, usually a minute or two into streaming the video. The computer becomes almost entirely unresponsive and I have to reboot.
I've tried a number of solutions for this problem. I've installed new codecs, I've looked for updated version of my Flash player, and run a number of different Spyware/Virus removal programs, yet nothing has solved my problem.

I'm posting my Hijack This log in hopes that someone can tell me what my problem is.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 4:11:47 PM, on 3/17/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccProxy.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\ISSVC.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\ewido anti-malware\ewidoctrl.exe
C:\... Read more

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So ive been having this problem for a few weeks now.
Basically, when i watch anything on youtube or icefilms on my laptop that's longer than 5 minutes long or so, my computer abruptly stops,the frame freezes, the sound goes on a loop, all of the lights on my laptop turn on and i have to turn it off.
I can't even use the task manager to shut it down.
My computer has 4 gb of RAM, an intel i3 processor, a nvidia graphics card and I'm running windows 7.
It's a bit under a year old.
I already cleaned out the registry did a disk cleanup and defrag, and now im out of ideas.
Anyone have any idea why this is happening and how i can fix it?

A:[SOLVED] Streaming video crashes my computer

Do you have any trouble watching videos via Windows Media Player or any other media that lasts longer than 5 minutes?

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I'm running XP SP3 Home Edition. Whenever I watch streaming video, on YouTube, newscasts, TV shows, etc. the computer reboots without warning, sometimes right when I start the video, sometimes a number of minutes in.

I've checked the temp in the BIOS and the CPU doesn't seem to be overheating. I've also disabled "automatic restart on system failure", but that has not prevented the reboots. I can't find anything in the Event Log that relates to this.

I've wondered if my video card maybe cannot handle newer video? It's not on-board, but a PCI card: RADEON 7000 from ATI Technologies, Inc. This card has VGA and DVI, but my monitor only has VGA, so that's what I'm using. I updated the driver to the latest available from ATI (this helped for a bit, but then the reboots happened again). The driver date is 5/3/2006, which is probably the last driver they will ever put out for that particular card.

Any help would be appreciated. I just want to be able to view video!

A:computer reboots while playing streaming video

There is a newer one:


Nov 2006. Try that and also uninstall flash player and download the latest one.

Let us know if that works

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My new computer that has windows vista home premium on it won't play streaming video like youtube, google videos, etc...It will play around 2 seconds of the video and then stop playing but still have the pause button displayed likie it's still playing. my connection speed is 100mbps. Does anyone know what is wrong? I even wait for it to finish loading and i can fast forward the sliders to another part of the video but then after 2 seconds it stops playin again....

A:My Computer Won't Play Streaming Video And I Have Cable

Are you using Internet Explorer? I recommend you install Firefox and use that as your main browser. You have to install the flash plugin first, however, to make youtube videos work. When you go to a webpage with videos, instead of the videos, you'll see a 'you are missing a plugin message'. Click on that to install it.

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Hey, I recently started having a problem with my computer where it will freeze whenever I try and play any type of streaming video, or when playing music through itunes. When it freezes, I can still use the mouse, but clicking (left or right) does nothing, on anything, and pressing ctrl+alt+del does nothing either, so I have to hold down the power button to turn off computer then turn it back on.

Also, when it freezes, any audio playing at the time starts looping, about 1-2 seconds worth of audio just looping.

I have tried running AVG virus scan, came up with no problems, Spybot and Adaware, came up with stuff, fixed it, no change. Used a registry cleaner, fixed it, cleaned it up, no change. Ran Chdsk and it cleaned some stuff up but no change.

In the event log, it shows absolutely nothing when this happens, under any heading. Ive tested this using the itunes freezing recently, and it will show itunes service starting, then the next event is event log starting when I restart the system.

However, I did find some stuff from when it started (around 12:21 am Dec. 25th) which is:

This under system log:
TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts.

As well as the following events that looked weird:
The {8CE609B9-ACF4-44F6-88319C88285D9CF4} service was successfully sent a start control.
The {728F967C-D96C-4471-9AC353D24157018C} service was successfully sent a start control.
The {C4FAD6E1-505C-43CE-8C588F17EF... Read more

A:Computer Freezes when streaming video off net or using itunes

I forgot to put that im using Windows XP SP3

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Hi, I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and recently downloaded SP1. Now when I stream video, the whole computer freezes often and seemingly at random times. The video stops, the sound gets stuck on one note, and I am unable to use the mouse or keyboard until it unfreezes which is sometimes twenty seconds, but sometimes twenty minutes. It eventually unfreezes and usually continues playing like normal. I have tried using chrome, firefox, and explorer all with the same results. Do you have any idea how to fix this? Thanks.

A:Streaming Video freezes computer after downloading SP1

Might be useful to see the system error logs, could you go ahead and follow the instructions here
Just zip and attach the output using the little paperclip icon.

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Hi , for the last month or so i have been un-able to view youtube and a few other sites videos without awful buffering times and stopping , starting constantly.It seems only videos using adobe flash player have this problem , liveleak.com works fine and buffers with lightning speed.I have a 2meg connection which i know is slow these days but have been told i should be able to view streaming videos with no problems.I have tested my connection speed which looks fine , done antivirus and antispy/malware checks and also used a registry fix program but still to no avail , as far as i know my sytem is clean. I am using mozilla firefox as my browser.Any help on this would be very much appreciated.Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Video Streaming Problem

I have the same problem you are describing. I've done the same things you have with no luck. Hopefully, someone on here will be able to help us.

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Im running fire fox and when i look at streaming videos (in web pages the problem doesnt seem to present a problem with windows media player or win amp) such as you tube it will occasionally freeze with out warning. All connectivity will die immediately my browser will freeze, i cant log onto online game, i cant re open my browser i cant open windows media player i cant open win amp, any thing. but my programs that were up when it happened stay open and connected. Now when i do try to open them after this happens they show up in my task manager but they do not open in explorer. They wont appear as applications either in task manager only as processes.

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I seem to have a very unusual problem with video streaming on my computer. Whereas all the other computers on my network stream videos fine, my laptop 'stops' continually whilst watching flash or quicktime videos. I have a very fast and reliable internet connection, and my laptop is high spec. I've tried everything from firewalls, antivirus, settings, I even have the same problem in safe mode.
Can anyone help? Thanks.

A:Strange problem with video streaming

Welcome to TSF....

Could we have some system specs on this laptop please include make and model and service pack installed?

What programs are you using for the video streaming process?

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I have searched many forums, including Microsoft's, and have read various reports of problems streaming video after SP2 has been installed, but have found no solutions. HELP! This is driving me nuts. It doesn't seem to be a universal problem, but in the cases I found, we all have the same symptom: After installing SP2, streaming video with WMP10 no longer works (it just stalls out while trying to connect). If given the option to choose RealPlayer, streaming video will work. So, it appears it's a conflict between WMP10 and SP2. I tried rolling back to WMP9, as it worked for some, but it did not work for me.

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I'm trying to watch an online stream on http://www.theyoungturks.com/ (the one on the homepage). However, I always get a problem where it just doesn't load. WMP tries to open it but stops after about 10 seconds. Sometime the stream works perfectly though, which perhaps means its not WMPs fault, but theres something wrong with the computer. I've tried searching for a solution, but nothing is working. Any tips?

I'm using XP media centre.

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When watching netflix or some other streaming service on my g710, the monitor goes blank for a few seconds if i should move the pointer with the touchpad, like if i need to pause the video. Could this be a wireless thing or a video thing ? the laptop has a 4th gen i5 and 16gb ram running windows 10. I tried installing the latest video driver from intel but lenovo blocks it for some reason.

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This is a Windows 7 machine, Pentium 4, 2.667 GHz. I have 2 GB Ram. I got hooked on You-Tube and the old Star Trek series

It worked great for a couple of episodes, then suddenly it would only play for a couple seconds, then a few seconds of loading, then play a few seconds, etc.

It's doing it in nearly every video application.

I have a 5 mb internet connection. When I had the 1 mb connection it worked fine.

I've tried running in full performance mode with none of the Win 7 graphics enhancements, that doesn't help. I'm not sure what else to change.


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Every time I get on NBA.com I try to access the streaming video, but all it shows me is a gray screen. I have upgraded to IE 11, I have Windows XP, 2 GB of RAM. Intel Pentium M processor 2.00GHZ. Other sites such as ESPN.com works, but the NBA.com and MLB.com websites are having problems. ANy suggestions as to how to fix this? Thanks.

A:Problem getting streaming video on websites such as nba.com

Do you have the Adobe Flash Player installed? What about the latest version of Java Runtime Environment 6 update 14?

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Long story short: Whenever I try to view streaming WMV video in my Windows Media Player 10, all I get is the audio. The picture is just black. All local files work though, and my roommate (on college network) CAN view the files that I cannot, so I don't think it's a network thing.

Two videos I cannot see:

Any idea what my problem might be?

A:Solved: WMP Streaming video problem

Are you on a laptop by chance?

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