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{SOLVED} Slave drive letter inserts itself within master partition drive letters

Q: {SOLVED} Slave drive letter inserts itself within master partition drive letters

Have just installed a new 8.7 Maxtor in a P100. This drive is set as master and partitioned into 5 which assigns drive letters c,d,e,f,g . If I re-install the old 500mb drive unit as a slave ( Quantum Maverick) it assigns itself as drive letter D. I want this drive to show up as drive H . If I go to Device manager, hard drives, double click on generic ide type 47, settings, for this drive the drive letter assignment is there, but I cannot change it. Any ideas please.

Preferred Solution: {SOLVED} Slave drive letter inserts itself within master partition drive letters

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: {SOLVED} Slave drive letter inserts itself within master partition drive letters

I don't think you can change it. Normally the bios will take the primary of the 1st ide drive as c, the primary of the second ide as d, the next partition of the primary ide drive as e, etc.

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I have two hard drives in my computer which is a old Compaq Presario 5WV271 5000 series, both hard drives have Windows XP pro (service pack 3)that I installed on it years ago. It has the max alotted memory, a 10/100 PCI NIC, 900 MHz AMD Athlon Processor, a master hard drive 40 GB (drive C) that I am using to connect here and a slave hard drive 60 GB that says drive D when I am using it but not found when on drive C. For some reason drive C shows a (New Volume F). I am posting here to see if anyone can help me to understand why my slave drive which started out being New Volume F (which it still is when I look for it from drive C) is showing local disk D when I am using the slave. Does anyone have any idea why the slave would reletter itself and how do I correct this?

A:Slave hard drive shows different assigned letter on itself than what is on master

I will try .

Drive letters are normally assigned by Windows...in the order in which a drive is detected...with one exception. The optical drive is obviously the first drive detected when installing Windows from CD...but it always will receive the D: letter, assuming that there are only two drives (hard drive and an optical drive) attached to the system and, therefore, recognized as existing.

These rules do not apply to any OEM system where a manufacturer has installed Windows and possibly also created either hidden or additional partitions.

Sooo...when I install XP, I have one hard drive connected...with nothing on it...and an optical drive. The optical drive is set up as D: and the partition I create and install XP upon...is set up as C:.

I have no card readers or external drives or USB drives attached, since these can interfere with the hardware recognition process.

Once XP is installed, I open it and decide to create additional partitions on my very large hard drive. I create a storage partition of 100GB and Windows assigns the letter E:. I create an additional storage partition of 150GB and Windows assigns the letter F:.

I then decide to install another version of Windows...on the same hard drive. I use my install CD to create the partition and install Windows and it assigns the letter G: to that install...because C:, D:, E:, F: are already accounted for and in use.

I now have a dual-boot, if I have done everything smartly. One version of Windows as the first... Read more

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I am having a problem setting up another hard drive in a machine I'm working on.

Current Hard Drive is Quantum Fireball CX8.4A
I want to add a Quantum Fireball 1ct20 10

I need the second drive ony so I can retrieve old documents from it.

I connected it using the 40 in cable (one part is labeled master, one labeled slave) & connected accordingly. I used Power P3 for master, P4 for slave. I left the jumper settings alone since I wasn't sure what to set them as.

XP auto recognized the drive (shows in device manager but not in MY COMPUTER as an assign drive letter) as drives that I have connected in the past.

I changed bios settings to Auto on Primary 1 (primary 0 is current drive) and now on boot up it indicates Hard Drive 1 not found, press F1 to continue.

The bios is phoenix A07. I'm led to believe this has something to do with the way the bios is configured. Any help or suggestions would really be appreciated.

A:Solved: Slave/Master Hard Drive

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I recently took out the hard drive(Barracuda 7200.7 Seagate 120GB) of an old computer of mine, which have the OS XP professional on it. I wanted to put it in another computer that has Window Vista. I never did that before, so I wanted to know if the steps I’m taking are correct and if I’m missing something. All I have to do is zero-write the hard drive, take the jumper off(which put it in slave mode), plug the ATA cable and the power cable, boot it and format it by right-clicking on the hard drive and select “format” and I'm good to go? Nothing to do with the BIOS or anything?

2. Also, for erasing everything in the hard-drive before doing anything, should I use “[email protected] Kill Disk - Hard Drive Eraser” or “Seatools”?

3. Furthermore, how do I retrieve the key that I had with the XP professional, since the computer was pre-installed along with the OS?


A:Solved: To turn a master Hard Drive to slave?

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I want to rename drive E (10gigs) to lets say drive S...is it as simple as right clicking and renaming the drive in most cases right?. This is a one owner non networked home pc. (windows xp)



A:Solved: renaming extended partition drive letter to another letter...plz help

Right click on My Computer . . select Manage . . then Disk Management . .

In Disk Management, right click on the Drive an select change letter assignment . .

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I have Windows XP installed as the master drive (hda) and Mandriva 10.2 Linux on the slave drive (hdb). I want to physically remove the WinXP hard drive from my computer and make Linux the only drive. I boot up the computer using LILO, which is installed on hda. So how do I do all of this without messing up the bootloader settings?

A:Changing Linux on Slave Drive to Master Drive

First, save the existing /etc/lilo.conf; cp /etc/lilo.conf /etc/lilo.0901705.conf

Second, read manpage re mkbootdisk. you may need this to recover the as-is configuration

Third, I found it a lot safer to work out my LILO configuration using a floppy boot disk rather than my hard disk. To do this, you must replace the boot=/dev/hda with boot=/dev/fd0 in the lilo.conf file. That way, if I messed up any of the configuration in my lilo.conf file, I could take out the boot disk and boot into Linux as before. Once I was happy everything booted fine using the floppy disk, I then changed my lilo.conf back to use boot=/dev/hda and ran /sbin/lilo a final time to upload my changes.

man 8 lilo explains the program options
man 5 lilo.conf explains each line in the conf file

before you make changes, issue the following as documentation
later, this command will show /dev/hda? on / type ext2 (r/w)
when you're successful

Your existing LILO config should be at /etc/lilo.conf and will contain
items like:
boot = /dev/hdb? (first HD, some partition number suffix)
... bunch of stuff best left alone
image = ... whatever it says
.label = ... your lilo prompt at boot time
.root = ... /dev/hdb? (note it matches line 1)
other = /dev/hda1 (first HD, 1 partition)
.label = WinXP (the lilo prompt for XP)
.table = /dev/hda

delete the lines from OTHER to the bottom,
change hdb? to hda? (ie the same partition number, just different drive)
save ... Read more

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I need to retrieve data from a SATA drive but can only achieve this if I can connect it as a slave drive to a machine with a master PATA drive. The motherboard will accept both devices. Is this possible? and if so how?

A:Master PATA drive Slave SATA drive-is it possible

Leave the pata as master, plug in the sata and reboot. OS will assign new drive letter to the sata and you should be able to see it.

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Yesterday I tried to install a new C drive because mine was running slow. The idea was to install a new C drive without much on it and use my old C drive, which was pretty full as a secondary slave drive, deleting Windows of it and just keeping my files.

I installed Windows on the new drive OK, but when I started up with my old C drive attached as a slave drive, I was told there was an error with it and it needed to run chkdsk. I let it do that and it proceeded to delete almost all my files from my old C drive.

I've now restored from my backup which I made a week ago, meaning I've only lost a week's work, so it's not too bad.

Does anyone know if it's possible to do what I was trying to do, and if so how to go about it?


A:Changing Master Drive To Slave Drive

There is a reason why your old drive was running slow. Did you ever figure out why, or what was wrong with it? Perhaps the drive itself is going bad.Go to the manufacturer's website and download their disk utility to check the hard drive out: Fujitsu "FJDT" DOWNLOAD Works with fujitsu models only.
Hitachi / IBM - DFT "Drive Fitness Test" DOWNLOAD Works with all manufacturers.
Maxtor "Powermax" DOWNLOAD Works with all manufacturers.
Samsung "hutil" DOWNLOAD Compatability unknown.
Seagate "Seatools" DOWNLOAD Works with Seagate drives only.
Toshiba - N/A There are no tools available for Toshiba, but you may be able to use IBM or Maxtor's.
Western Digital "Data Lifeguard" DOWNLOAD Works with WD drives only.

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Hey TSF, i'm a student, and I recently bought a 500gb External Hard Drive for use with school. I also bought a PS3 and would like to add my music and movies to that. I researched about the PS3, and learnt I needed to convert the hard drive type (not sure how to describe it) to FAT32. I decided to create a partition, so the whole thing wouldnt be converted to FAT32. But after something I did (I've used Swissknife, but it didnt work, maybe thats something to do with it), one of my partitions that was previsously unallocated space turned into a primary partition. However, it wasnt labelled as healthy or as a primary partition (im just presuming it is because of the blue on the Disk Management window), and also with no drive label.


A:[SOLVED] Partition has no drive letter.

Sorry, here is a screenshot.

Im not bothered if I have to format it, as I dont have any data to lose on the HDD :)

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Well I have this problem..
My XP OS wasn't starting so I had to reinstall it in order to fix it..
Well that is where the problem start..
I had Dualboot, with Vista and XP.. Now, I fixed the boot so now I can choose wich one start but when I start XP the XP Partition Letter doesn't change to C: , Its stays in E: and before the reinstall it used to change to C: ..
I tried to do again the boot stuff with Easy BCD and I did, I deleted the XP entry and did it all over again but when I booted on XP the letter wasnt changing..
Now I cant install anything because XP doesn't seem to know thats its installed on E: so its try to search stuff on C, where now is Vista Partition..
I hope you guys can help me.. If not I would have to format XP partition.. I have no problems with it but I just want to make it like the last choice..


A:Solved: XP Partition Drive Letter Problems

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I am trying to get old data from an ME hard drive and have installed the drive in a box running XP SP1...the drive is listed in Computer Management but does not have a drive letter assignment and will not allow me to assign one so it appears that even though the system sees the hardware and reports it to be healthy and working properly, the data cannot be accessed. BTW, the XP drive is NTFS/ME is FAT32. Could this be the issue?

Thanks for any assistance you can give...

A:ME drive installed as slave with XP master

Hello and Welcome to TSF

I believe that is your issue, NTFS cannot read FAT32

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My wifes old IDE master drive started acting up and I had another some faster PC parts (essentially a new PC) waiting around for a rainy day so I went ahead built the new beast. She has a ton of data she wants to save from the old drive which may still be accessible. Here is my problem. The new PC has a single SATA drive, when I connect the IDE drive with the jumper in the slave position, it still tries to boot from IDE drive and not the SATA drive. All I want to do is to have the IDE drive as a data drive so I can pull any savable data off it.

New Drive Western Digital 800JD
Old Drive Western Digital 800JB

A:IDE Slave Drive with SATA Master

You need to change the boot options in the BIOS. I have several systems with SATA boot drives and IDE slaves, that's all I've ever done to get them booting.

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ok heres the problem: my main hard drive is 80 gb SATA,and my new drive is the western digital 250 gb SATA drive. so i bought my SATA cable, installed the backup 250 GB drive into slot 1, connected the power and then connected my SATA cable to slot 1. i boot up the computer like normal, but recieve an odd problem: My drive 4 (port PATA 1 PRI IDE slave) and drive 5 (the master, im not 100% sure if 4 is the master or if 5 is) are not detected. i went into the bios, both are turned on and recognized. i disregarded this and turned on my drive 1 to try my new hard drive. when i booted up not only is the new drive not recognized, neither the DVD or CD is either. the only thing showing up is my c drive and floppy drive. i turned the drive 1 off(controllerarallel ATA for drive 1 and 0), disconnected the SATA cable, and tried rebooting again, yet i get the same error message. so before i had tried installing this drive i had no problems, now even after disconnecting the drive my DVD and CD drive wont show up.
The SATA operation is currently set to Raid auto detect/AHCI. the other options are as follows:
Raid auto detect/ATA,
Raid ON,
and Combination. in similar problems i found here people said to change to combination, which is SATA/PATA. does anyone know what to do? im left here not being able to use my new hard drive, and ontop of that my cd and dvd drives!

A:Master/slave drive not recognized

Hi, and welcome to Techspot. Are you using a RAID array? If you are not, or don't know what that means, you should not be running your drives in RAID mode or AHCI mode. Just run them in regular SATA mode.

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i think i may have to reinstall windows xp again, as i keep getting error messages saying that windows installer service could not be accessed..i have a samsung 250gb sata hard drive & got an old western digital caviar 12100 2.1gb ata hard drive. can anyone tell me if i need to set this to master or slave? i want to transfer some programs & important documents to the 2.1gb hdd, that way the reinstall wont be so painful. the reason im not sure is because the samsung is sata & didnt need to set it to master or slave. THANKS

A:Hard Drive - Master Or Slave??

You should be able to set it as master.

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I have a master and slave hard drive both running Windows XP. I want to switch the slave to be the master and then reformat the master to be a backup drive. I've tried several times with the recommended jumper settings with no success. I keep getting the error message "operating system not found" when I boot the machine. I notice at startup there are two XP OS choices.

Is there something in the BIOS I need to change ? (probably not) I'm scratching my head here !

Computer: Dell Dimension t600r, 256k ram
EIDE Master drive: Maxtor 20GB
EIDE Slave drive:Hitachi 80 GB

A:Switch Slave Drive To Master

What happens if you boot with just the Slave in (the one you want to be the master??

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I have a Compaq Prosignia 300
- used to be an NT 4 server
- came to me with NT on it, a CD drive and an open bay (am guessing a 2nd CD drive has been removed)

I am trying to put Windows98SE on it

I fdisk'd it
I formatted it

On Windows 98SE floppy boot it does not see CD drive
- the light flashed before it went to A:

I took the CD out of the machine
It has the following specs
COMPAQ PART 184781-001
and there is an indication of SANYO Ectric Co., Japan

On the ribbon, there are plastic tags that say "Attach to unterminated SCSI Device" and "Pull Loop to Disconnect"

I followed the ribbon and it seems locked into place on both ends.

I went to the area where you set Master, Slave etc and it is an odd looking area to what I have seen before! I have moved this on another and there were only 3 choices (Master, slave, and something else )
This one has 5 prongs and 3 black plastic things to move about
(moved them and don't know where they were - they are all out now)

Where do I put the black plastic caps so that my CD is recognised? (am hoping this was the problem!)

Thank You
ps - I do have an extra CD drive, but it looks different from the one that came with this machine - the ribbon and the place where the ribbon pops in are a bit different. Is there a way to use this one instead? Should I?

A:CD-ROM drive-where to I put the pin thingys for master / slave?

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I just recently bought a new 120G drive and I made it a slave drive where I keep me pictures and music files. I'm running Windows XP Home edition. My master drive is like 60G and it only has 20% left. But now I want to use my 120 as the master. My question is how do I transfer all the information or just the windows operating system to the 120 drive? I know how to change the jumpers. I just need some help with transferring the information.

Can someone help me with these steps?????


A:Changing Slave Drive to Master

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I have been using a slave drive for storage mainly. I am now having some problems with my C drive, and need to reformat (it has become truly sluggish).
Is there an way to uninstall some programs present in my slave drive (is there actually a control panel in there?) prior to changing it over to the master, so that I can get most of my data cleaned out and "slimmed" down? I want to get rid of some unecessary stuff and make a clean start, but would like to retain as much control as possible over the slave drive prior to making the final "move". Any suggestions will be appreciated.

A:Changing slave drive to master

Hi monkeysee,

If I understand you correctly, you want to reformat your C: drive.

Your current slave drive will not be affected if you do that, except
that any programs on it will be devoid of registry enteries. You may save
data, such as e-mail or whatever on the slave drive, and then reformat
the C: and do a fresh install on C:.

Programs on the slave drive will generally not work when you reformat. But
data will still be fine.

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Windows Explorer in Win7 Ultimate 32bit does NOT see a SATA slave drive until it has been given a letter by means of Disk Management; then the next time that drive is connected as a slave, Disk Management has to be used AGAIN. Can I prevent this loss of the drive letter for slave drives ?

A:slave drive loses its letter

Are you physically disconnecting the drive? How many HDD do you have connected and how are they connected?

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I have a second internal hard drive with data. Currently it is the slave. I have tried cable select with the same result. Disk management sees the drive but I cant assign it a letter. All options under Task -> All options are greyed out except delete volume. How do I give it a letter so I can access the data?.

I seearched but could not find a solution that worked for me. I have tried to attach two pictures.


A:Slave hard drive letter

There may be a better way, but I've used a drive/partition manager, like Achronis Disk Director to do this in the past, but that was with XP, and DDS is not yet compatible with W7. There must be some software that will work.

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A mate of mine bought an old dell at a car boot sale for €20 it had 20 gig pata running xp so i had an 80 gig ide which i said he could have
Anyhow i connected 80 gig up as slave on primary controller and installed xp pro on it for him
After installation i removed the 20 gig and put 80 gig on master on primary,i dont know why i didnt do this at start,but damage was done
I am getting quick message saying invalid bootini but then machine continues to boot with no problems after that
The issue i now have is the system partition is assigned drive letter D instead of C
How can i change os partition to C


A:[SOLVED] Change drive letter on system partition

Remove all drives except the System Drive (previous D:) which is on the Primary Master controller with the jumper pins set to Master, and restart the computer. The System drive will now be C: Now shut down the computer and add the 20 Gb drive on either the Secondary Master controller with the jumper pin set to Master or with the jumper set to Slave as a Slave Drive on the primary chain, on restart it should be the D: drive.

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I am working on my daughter's computer Windows XP OS...she began having problems, no anti-virus software at all...managed to load in safe mode with networking...was running the virusscan and while in the middle of it the computer rebooted itself. Did see before it rebooted, there were many many worms, trojans and PUP's. After it rebooted, I started running the virus scan again, this time no worms or trojans showed, only PUPs. Deleted a bunch of them, then rebooted, now it will not do anything...the harddrive light starts then does nothing. Plugged the harddrive as a slave on another tower, can see all the files, but cannot access just hers which has all her music to download to her ipod. Is there anyway to get this drive to master boot again or will the XP cdrom reboot it? Or how can I get to her files as a slave drive, gives me access denied...Almost forgot, when running the drive as slave, did run and delete 24 trojans and worms....

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I'm having one of the most frustrating problems I've ever experienced. I'm running a P4P800-Deluxe Asus board with 1GB of RAM, a Pentium P2.4, with a Seagate hard-drive on my Primary-SATA connection.

On my primary IDE, I'm running a TDK DVD burner as master and an Asus CD burner as slave. This combination worked well for a couple of months.

Lately, the TDK drive will fail to recognize a disc. The drive is recognized by XP, but if there is a DVD in the drive, it will simply say "No disc in drive." If I fiddle with the IDE connections (for example - put both the CD burner and the DVD burner on master - one on the primary IDE channel and one on the secondary) - the drives will both be recognized again and the DVD burner will recognize discs.

But after a few more startups, the DVD drive will stop recognizing media in the drive again. In Windows explorer, it will show "DVD/CD Rom" - and if you click it - nothing except the same "No disc in drive." message.

Any ideas?

A:Problem with XP recognizing DVD & CD drive in Master Slave

What model burner is it? What driver version are you using for the drive? What is current firmware version of the drive?

Make sure that you have all of the latest windows updates.


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Oh and since I upgraded the bios my motherboard ASUS P4v800D-X:
It wont boot if I have my two ide hard drives pluged in!

The SATA are fine but if I have the two IDE drives thats were working fine before pluged in the bootup just hangs after it detects the drives in the bios. If I unplug ONE of the ide hard drives everything works and then I can plug the drive I unpluged back in once windows has started find it in disk manger and I can see it on my computer!

but when I restart the machine it hangs again! Its also does not matter which I unplug salve or master! both drives are working fine on there own though and with out a problem before!

Any tips?

A:IDE hard drive slave and master prob

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I am running XP Pro on a rebuilt Dell PIII. The original hard drive is 7G, so I added a 300G slave for storage. My plan now was to change the 300G drive to the Master drive. I reformatted, booted from my XP disc & installed the OS on the "new" 300G drive. Then I switched the jumper & cable so it was in the master position......and nothing.
It starts up, tells me to hit F2 for setup or F1 to continue. When I hit F1, it goes to a blank screen with flashing cursor, but no command line.
What did I do wrong?

A:Changing a hard drive from slave to master

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I am running Windows XP Home Ed and I have a new 160 G hard drive (westin digital). I want to make it a slave drive as well as move my information to the new drive. First I need to know how use the drive once I put it in as the slave drive. How do I get the OS to detect it so I can use it?

Then, what is the best way to transfer my info to the new drive and be able to use the rest of the drive's extra space?

Can anyone help with this task?

A:Transfer information from master to slave drive

The old drive should be detected as soon as it is connected and the computer turned on.

One way to transfer the files is to go to My Computer. Click on the drive letter you want to transfer files from. It should open in a window. Size that window down to about one-quarter the size of your screen and drag that window to the upper right of your screen.

Go to My Computer. Click on the drive letter you want to transfer files to. It should open in a window. Size that window down to about one-quarter the size of your screen and drag that window to the lower right of your screen.

Make a folder in the bottom window named OldFiles.

Find the files in the top window that you want to copy. Drag them from the top window to the OldFiles folder in the bottom window.

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Today my master hard drive bit the dust. It was a 15 GB Maxtor Hard drive. I have a 160 GB Western Digital Slave that was on the same IDE cable as the master. When I set up a new 40 GB drive to be the master and attached it to the IDE cable the bios and device manager read them both it but when I go to My Computer the slave drive is not there to access. I tried right clicking on My Computer and clicked on manage and then clicked on 'Disk Management' and it shows up there but will not allow me to add a drive letter. It says I need to add a partition. I don't know what to do but the files I have on that drive are very important. I have been trying all day to get it to work. If you can help that will be more then great. I am running Windows XP home edition. Thanks.

A:Got New Master Hard Drive Old Slave Won't Work

If you set the jumpers on the back of both hdd's to cable select (cs) then make sure that the 40gig is on the end plug that my help.
Also check that they show up correctly in your bios. Your mobo manual will tell you how to do that.
Are both drives formatted in ntfs?

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I have a computer with a 20gb master drive with Win XP on it. I have a second slave drive with a 120gb drive with Win XP on it as well in a second partition. When I start my computer I am givin a choice between the two, home and pro. Here is my problem, I want to remove the second hard drive and install it on another system as the primary hard drive while keeping all of the info intact. Is this possible? Please help!

A:Help installing a slave hard drive as a master.

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Hello, I'm new to these forums and looking for help on a possible directX problem.

I just got a new computer, used, that came with a 16gig HD master. I took an old 120 I had laying around and set it up as a slave, figuring I'd just keep the Master for the desktop stuff and the OS (XP).

I downloaded Steam, and installed my old Halflife 2 and DoD: Source. I installed DirectX 9.0c (I believe on the master), but I have HL2 and DoD installed in the Slave drive (F

When I start the game it doesn't work right. The picture is all screwed up, and it even restarts when I try to get into a game.

I looked in the Settings, and according to the settings menu the game is running on the DirectX that was already on the computer, 6.0.

I'm lost, could this be the problem?

Thank you.

A:Master/Slave drive possible DirectX problem?

The only new computers I'm aware of that come with 16GB hard drives are netbooks which don't handle games.

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I have a Maxtor SATA drive as my master drive and i'm wanting to install a secondary Seagate Barracuda (IDE) as a slave.

I don't have a jumper on the IDE drive as this is the slave setting.

However, i don't have a jumper on the SATA drive either (don't know if i need
one or not to set it as primary)

I installed the HDD's and booted up but it recognised the Seagate on the IDE channel as the primary master.

Any help would be appreciated greatly...

A:Installing an IDE drive as a slave with SATA as master

No you don't do it that way. SATA drives don't have master slave.

Put the IDE as master, put the SATA in as normal. Check your BIOS and set it up so it boots from your SATA.

If you did look in your BIOS you may have gotten thrown off a bit because you can 'emulate' IDE with SATA to prevent needing to install SATA drivers for XP, but only on some motherboards.

Basically forget all you know about IDE master slave bs when dealing with SATA, and look in your bios to set that SATA drive as the boot drive (after cd or floppy if you like).

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My master hard disk failed and I have successfully replaced it with a new one and reinstalled windows XP etc. Before the crash I had a second slave drive with some data I would like to keep on it. When I connect this drive, it shows up in disk management, but does not get assigned a drive letter. How can I get windows to assign a drive letter to the drive without formatting it and losing all of my data?

Both drives are IDE drives, the master is jumpered to cable select and is on the master cable, the slave seems to have lost its jumper, or never had one, but shows up in the bios as the secondary hard drive.

Please Help Me, I'm stumped.

A:Get drive letter for slave while keeping data

http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307844 This article could hold the answer

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I am trying to help a friend.

I built a desktop computer for him, Dec 2011.
W7 Home Premium SP1
HDD haD a single partition, C:, onto which I installed W7, using a legitimate, commercial W7 DVD.
W7 was activated. Updates were downloaded & installed using W7's automatic update feature.


The HDD is seen by the BIOS; within the BIOS and from the boot menu.

16 Aug 2012, the computer worked properly; shut down normally.

The next time he turned the PC on, 19 Aug 2012, the boot process proceeded through the Windows 7 splash screen.

NO login screen appeared.

Spontaneous reboot.

W7's automatic repair screen appeared, advising that W7 could not be repaired.

Things I have tried:
System Restore point; tried twice.
1 restore point, for 15 Aug, notes Windows Update.

System Restore advised that it looked at the D: drive for restore points. None found.

Rebooted to W7 repair tool.
Command prompt.

C:\ dir
no files nor folders

D:\ dir
files & folders are present

X:bootrec /scanos
NO Windows Installations found

X:bootrec /fixmbr
X:bootrec /fixboot
X:bootrec /rebuildbcd

Same problem

Rebooted to W7 repair tool.
Command prompt.
X:bootrec /scanos
NO Windows Installations found

No Joy

Rebooted to W7 repair tool.
Command prompt.

c:bootrec /fixmbr
c:bootrec /fixboot
c:bootrec /rebuildbcd

Same problem

Rebooted to W7 repair tool.
Command prompt.
X:... Read more

A:[SOLVED] W7 system partition drive letter changed won't boot

Hi, boot to the RE (repair your computer) at the x:\sources prompt type:-

bcdedit (press enter) this will reveal the boot manager and the boot loader that your OS uses to boot. Note down the entries, next type:-

bcdedit | find "osdevice" (press enter) this tells us what drive letter the RE has assigned the OS, not always C:

It will be this drive letter that you will need to use to repair the boot .

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I have an anternal media drive whith a number of hidden partitions which do not show up in windows. One of these partitions had become corrupted and unuseable and I would like to try re formatting it to fix the error.

In Partition Magic there are a number of drives listed. Some of the drives on the partition have assigned drive letters but the one I want to format has is greyed out and listed with a * infront of it. Partition Magic will let me enter the drive to view details and even gives me the option to format it BUT then wants to assign the drive the letter A:

If I do this then the media drive will be unable to work as it will have lost the file path it needs to record on to. I just wnat to re format this drive (with whatever freeware) and have the drive letter (wich is currently unassigned) untouched so that the media player never knows its been formatted.

File system is FAT32, partition size is 10gb, using Partition Magic, there are 2 partitions with assigned drive letters and 3 without on the 1gb HDD.

Any help or suggestions appreciated thanks.

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I'm adding a Western Digital Hard drive to my computer. I have a 15 Gig and adding a 160 Gig. My 15 gig is full.

When adding, what is the best way to do it. Master or slave or does it make a difference. Just want to make sure so I get the best results from the start.


A:Adding additional hard drive (Slave or Master?)

There are several different ways you can do this.

The fastest would be to set your new drive to slave (make sure your current drive is set to master) and install.

**personal note**
Were I installing this on my system....this is what I would do.
Install the new drive as slave.
Make a drive image of your current drive,
load the image on your new slave drive,
swap the master and slave settings (making your new drive master)
verify that the machine boots correctly to your new master 160GB HD (and all files and space is accessible)
If all is good, format the 15GB and use as additional storage


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Hi, I borrowed a harddrive from my friend to transfer some files. My desktop has a 30GB and a 10GB harddrive attached to the same ribbon cable, master and slave respectively. I was going to remove that slave and put in my friend's harddrive but I accidentally removed the master instead and booted 2x slave drives. Then the problems began when I tried to revert back to normal, it wouldn't work citing problems such as unknown drives. ONLY when i replaced both hard drives was I able to get a boot but, only to find out that my Slave is designated C: drive and my master is D: drive. So my Windows files are on the D: drive and I cannot boot because of "NTLDR is missing, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" error. Please help!

A:Help! Hard Drive scrambled Master/slave mixup!

Sort out your ribbons first, go through the bios and make sure you know where everything is which drive letter to which HD, then set the boot order so that you can boot from your cd-rom.
Go into the recovery/repair console and run fix boot on the drive that the NTDRL is missing from.
problem solved bud

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OK here's the situation. I have:

One hard drive
Two CD-ROM drives (a DVD and a CDR)
One IDE zip drive

To connect them to, I've got:

A Promise Ultra ATA100 controller
(has two controllers which each take two
devices each, totalling four)

Two regular IDE controllers on the hard drive
(again, each controls two devices, totalling four)

What's the best way to connect all this stuff? Should I connect everything to the Ultra ATA controller because it's faster, or does that not make a difference on CD-ROM drives? If I do connect it all to that one controller, how do I set each drive in terms of slave and master?


A:Master, Slave, Hard Drive, CD-ROM drives, arrrrghh

If they are not Ultra ATA/100 devices, does your controller support backward compatability? If it doesn't you are kinda out of luck. If it does, I would put my fastest devices on the primary channel and the slowest ones on the secondary.

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Hi. I have two HDDs on an IDE channel. The master has windows on it and I want to use a disc wiping program to wipe it and install debian linux on it. But I have linux installed on the slave and I'm worried that the MBR is on the master and will cause the slave drive to be unbootable.
When I installed debian linux on the slave it installed the GRUB bootloader. I'm not exactly sure how boot loading works and if the MBR for both discs could possibly be on the master disc.
Do I have anything to worry about? If so, what do I need to do so I can wipe the master.

A:will erasing master drive leave slave unbootable?

Wiping the entire master will kill the bootloader too, yes. The new Linux installer will put on a new GRUB through, so no worries there - all you have to do is to re-add your other Linux to the GRUB configuration.

Why do you want to wipe the whole drive? Just deleting the Windows partitions and creating Debian ones instead should be enough.

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How easy is it for me to set up a second HD in my computer, so as to copy some files across from another?

IE: Once i've connected one as a slave & the other the master, how in dos do i get to see which drive is labelled what?
Is it so straight forward as to just connecting the second drive, turning on PC, going into dos & saying "copy these files to here"?

ANY help greatly appreciated please!

Thank you.


A:Setting up a master & slave drive for copying files across.

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My specs are:
Gateway nv laptop
Windows 7 home prem 64
Amd 2.0 ghrtz dual core
3gb ddr2 ram
264mb ati graphics
320gb satan HD**

So earlier I made a 30gb fat32 partition from my main hard drive. I wasn't using it much so I decided to erase the 30gb partition and resize my main partition(c) to a bigger size. So with partition wizard I saw that before my c drive and after the re ivory partiions there was about a gig of "unallocated space" so I thought I would use that to make my partition bigger. So with the c drive now taking up the 30 gig partition and the 1 gig of unallocated space, I applied the changes. The computer restarted And partition wizard did it's thing, which took about an hour. All went well until I tried to start the computer: it goes through all the steps untill right before the login screen, where I get a black screen with the mouse, and a popup box saying

*"winvnc error: no password has been set & his machine has been preconfigured to prevent users from setting their own. You must contact a system administrator to configure Winvnc properly"

If I click ok or x the box just stays there. Yes I use a vnc server, but I hadn't changed the settings for it recently. *And I did have a password on it. I have googled the error message and other people have had this problem but not causing the computer not to start. I have a single password pretected user on the computer, and it might be a problem with the computer thinking that user... Read more

A:[SOLVED] 7 won't boot after partition resize, drive letters changed (moved from hardw


I noticed that the drive letter om my main drive had changed from c to d

that is most likely the problem

What (i think) happened is that the partitions were setup like the following

*fat32 drive-0 partiton-1 (to windows- D:)
*system partition drive-0 partition-2 (to windows- C:)

Then when FAT32 was deleted system drive became "drive-0 partition-1" so windows thought it was D:

So, you are going to need an installation disk or a recovery disk (as long as it has cmd) to solve the problem

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My OS is Windows 8.1.
I partitioned my hard drive and labeled the new partition (H), the (D), is the recovery partition from HP. I then created an image of the (C), onto partition (H).
I than checked the recover image through the recover process and the new image reads (D) not (H). The funny thing is, that the date and time is correct for when I created it.
Does anyone have some insight on this?
Thank you,

A:Solved: Image repair displays wrong partition drive letter, but right Time and date

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I put a thread up before headed Invalid Drive Specification but know one seems to of helped me. I have a start up mess of the above ie Invalid Drive specification and ive lost 2 drives i want to replace them and re format but it wont let me and i keep on getting the same mess.i need to re assign the drive letters but dont how

i need assistance ASAP thanks

A:Partition Drive Letters

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My sister did something to her computer and reinstalled Windows XP. The thing is that it is installed on a partition (labeled "e") with only 3 gigs. I noticed this because I tried installing more software and it said that there wasn't enough space on the hard drive.

I searched online and found that I could see both partitions using the disk management utility. When I use this utility, I can see the partition labeled "e" and the other larger partition (75 gigs) and it doesn't have a drive letter. I have tried adding a letter to it by right-clicking, and all that it shows in the menu is "delete" and "help". Both partitions are labeled as "healthy".

How do I get back to that partition? Are all the programs, drivers, files, etc. still on that partition? How can I get the computer to start up on that partition? Windows XP is now installed on the smaller partition - should it be removed eventually?


A:Partition without a drive letter

The little partition was most likely the "System Recovery" partition that came with the already installed software setup when she bought the PC.

Somehow she has clobbered (a techie term ) the main partition that contained her data and Windows installation.

If she has a set of System Restore Disks (CD's), then she may be able to use them to restore the HD to its original state...like the day she bought the PC.

If not, and it were my PC, I would use FDISK to remove everything from the HD, and then recreate a single partition of maximum size on the drive. Next Format it, and then reinstall Windows...going on from there.

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how can i change my drive letters. ? i have windows 7 64 bit. my drive letters currently are c:

g: and H: . i want them to be c:, d: and e: do i need to format them or what?

A:changing drive partition letters?

if any is the recovery partition, then you may need to reconsider,

go into disk management, right click the drive in the right column and select change drive letter.

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It is impossible for me to put the drive letters in partition wiZard (booted from cd) on recovered, none of them have a drive letter

Change letter option is greyed out


A:Partition wiz shows no drive letters

In the event there is no way of fixing the drives, could I use the copy partition in partition wizard to copy to USB hdd the reinstall every thing and access those partitions? The computer is a lenovo and their win7 can be installed on one specific partitions... It will reformat everything I I will loose data on there partitions of the drive

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Hello guys
I had 3 partitions C, E, Y with c being for Win Xp, and E for Songs and Y for Linux.
I have removed Linux from my system and therefore converted the Y partition to ntfs and used Partition Magic * to merge the e and Y partitions. Now when i open my computer window i get my Songs partition (E twice, one with E: drive and Other with Y:. Both are identical with same files. See the picture attached. Plz help me to remove this . However when i access my drives through Computer Management or Partition Magic there i get the correct drives C: and E: drives but no duplicate drive partition (Y,
One more thing another drive is showing with a question mark in OTHER section. just see the pic. What is it? Click the image below

A:Same Partition Shown with 2 Drive Letters

Hi rahimveron, welcome to TSF..

do you have any alerts/warnings in your device management console?

- Click Start -> Run -> type:
- Click OK

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I have 2 HD

1. WD Raptor 36 GB (2 partition 8GB-System, 27GB-Other)
2. WD Caviar 200 GB

With Partition Magic i have changed drive letter on 2nd HD:
and so on

I did`t touch the primary partition. The problem is when I start My Computer in Task Manager "explorer" has taken around 98% of CPU USAGE,it is the same when I creating a shortcut to one of the partition and try to open it.

I have to END PROCESS "explorer" in TASK MANAGER and run it again,and everything work fine until I run previous command.



A:Partition Magic 8.0 -drive letter

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