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Error msg R6034 Prog C/Program Files - (x86) Lenovo/Power Manager DPM Host exe

Q: Error msg R6034 Prog C/Program Files - (x86) Lenovo/Power Manager DPM Host exe

Please can anyone from the Lenovo Forum help with this?I received a pop up msg this morning on my Lenovo ThinkCentre:'R6034 Prog C:\Program Files(x86) Lenovo\Power ManagerDPM Host exe'.An application has attempted to load the C runtime library incorrectly. Please contact application support team for more info.I clicked OK, then another pop up msg said,DPM Host exe. - Application error (0xc0000142.I've been unable to get Lenovo support to help and other solutions I've Googledappear to be conflicting.Can anyone enlighten me please as what I can do?Thanks so much.

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Preferred Solution: Error msg R6034 Prog C/Program Files - (x86) Lenovo/Power Manager DPM Host exe

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I was looking in my Device Manager the other day, when I noticed something odd: there were two devices related to Lenovo Power Management.   I looked at the properties of both of them and this is what I found:  The first one, "Lenovo PM Driver", is the one that shows up for download on the support page for the Lenovo T430 as it matches the version number. I have no idea what the second one "Lenovo Power Manager" is, at nothing with its version number appears on the website at all. Does anyone know what the second one is and if should it be there?

A:Lenovo PM Device vs. Lenovo Power Manager

I do not know if it SHOULD be there or not BUT I show the same 2 drivers with the same 2 version numbers on my X1Y3.  By the way Lenovo Power Manager was installed by windows 10 Update not through Lenovo Vantage for me.  Looking at windows drivers update on my laptop I traced it to the below link.

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 Hi all Does the Lenovo Power Manager that able to choose how many percent battery being charge could be useon Lenovo G41-35 35ID  ? Thank

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Hi all
Does the Lenovo Power Manager that able to choose how many percent battery being charge could be use
on Lenovo G41-35 35ID  ?
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:G41-35 - Lenovo Power Manager

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
The Conservation Mode option for battery charging is preset and can not be changed.

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I'm suddenly getting Runtime Error R6034 when I boot up. Unfortunately, I can't recall what program changes I made just prior to the error showing. I've tried IObit's Advanced System Care 4.0 and Pareto PC Health Advisor and both tell me the registry is clean. I also did a web Google, but didn't find any solutions there.

I'm considering doing a System Restore to an earlier date as a last resort, but I'd certainly prefer some other suggestions to get rid of the error. Would appreciate any help. TIA (which, at my age, could also stand for Transient Ischaemic Episode, but happily this time it's only my thanks in advance).

A:Runtme error R6034

Sounds like you might have gotten a virus or malware package since this error code is related to how a program was written, and if poorly written, by a kid just learning how to write viruses, this error will pop up.

Suggest you enter your OS by pressing F8 twice a second just after POST, choosing 'Safe Mode', and then use System Restore to roll back a week or two. If that doesn't take care of it, you might want to use your original Windows CD and boot to it, then chose the 2nd 'Repair' option so you can save all your files.

You can also ignore this advice, and go to this forums Spyware/Malware section. They're the experts and can walk you through the steps you might need to take.

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(add h to the url)
ok guys, i need your help big time. These kind of errors started to pop up whenever i try to load a program.
And this is just an example, i get this for explorer, (paint to make this SS) and basically almost every program (something to do with VC++?).
I used my google magic but i didn't really find a solution and some things were just waaaaay to complicated for a comp noob like me.
I think it started when i inserted my cod 2 dvd (it asked me to put msvcr80.dll in some folders b4 it could run properly), but i uninstalled it already, and i still get this problem.
pls help

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I am a very basic computer user trying to run software from FIsher Price for my daughter.
I am getting error message R6034 An application has made an attempt to load C runtime library incorrectly. Please contact the applications suport team for more information.
Please can somebody tell me how I can install this program....Thank you

A:Error Message R6034

Hi. You may be able to download something from this link.
http://uk.search.yahoo.com/search?fr=ytff1-&p=R6034 downloads&ei=UTF-8
Good Luck.

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I just purchased Photo Explosion Deluxe 3.0. It will not install on my Vista machine. Tech support says that they are aware of the error and do not have a fix right now. Man that's a crock of crap!! Why in the hell do they put out a program when they know it has issues. When I called, the tech asked first thing, is this an error R6034?. So they know they have and issue. Anyway, when I try and install it a window pops up and says a program in inproperly accessed Visual basic file MSIEXEC.EXE run error R6034. Does anyone with more brains than these idoits know how to fix this?

A:Error R6034 in MSIEXEC.exe

MSIEXEC.exe is the installation file microsoft use according to thier website.

The error is basically saying that there is an error in loading a library file. You can find a full discription here;

C Run-Time Error R6034 (C++)

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After uninstalling a program, I got a problem with Office 2010 stalling in the middle of some process or other. When I re-booted I found that Excel wont run and I get this R6034 error message which is to do with loading the C runtime library incorrectly.

All other Office 2010 programs run fine and I'm running Windows 10 fully updated. I tried repairing the Office install but that didn't help.

The only thing that seems to work is if I start it in safe mode but I don't now know what to do with that....

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Hey all i have a GCSE maths CD from school, whenever i try and use it i get that error message, i tried the CD in my dads computer and it works fine but not on mine help please?

A:Runtime Error R6034

do u have visual c++ installed in ur system

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Hello, I have an e560 that was upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10.  When opening Control Panel we receive the following DLL error associated with Lenovo power manager. "Power Manager An error occurred while loading resource DLL." Power Manager is listed in Programs and Features but unistalling does not work We attempted installing Lenovo updates, Vantage, System Update, etc. I used a few "fixes" from Microsoft that are supposed to help remove programs that cannot be unistalled but it didnt work. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance  

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Have started to get this error during startup. Mostly once sometimes up to three. Check OK and all seems to come up and function ok. The error message contains: Programs: C:\Program Files (x86)...
Application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly. Please contact the applicaion's support team.

I have no information as to just what application caused the error. Any idea as to what is going on?


A:Visual C++ runtime error R6034

Its probably itunes related but not necessarily, heres what Microsoft says about it, with fixes : "Error R6034: An application has made an attempt to load the C - Microsoft Community

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I have for the past week or two have had a Run time error R6034 c++. I have read elsewhere on the internet.
"An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library without using a manifest. This is an unsupported way to load Visual C++ DLLs. You need to modify your application to build with a manifest. For more information, see the "Visual C++ Libraries as Shared Side-by-Side Assemblies" topic in the product documentation."

I know how to use the basics of a computer but that makes no sense to me. Can anybody help me and put it in lamens terms as I find it difficult to understand computer lingo. I think it is possibly to do with a virus.

I am running my computer on AVG and have just updated to AdAware.

Thanks in advance, very much appreciated.

A:Run time error R6034 problem

Hello and Welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link I'll give you below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.


Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:


After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

Please note that the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum is extremely busy, and it may take a while to receive a reply.

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I have for the past week or two have had a Run time error R6034 c++. I have read elsewhere on the internet.
"An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library without using a manifest. This is an unsupported way to load Visual C++ DLLs. You need to modify your application to build with a manifest. For more information, see the "Visual C++ Libraries as Shared Side-by-Side Assemblies" topic in the product documentation."

I know how to use the basics of a computer but that makes no sense to me. Can anybody help me and put it in lamens terms as I find it difficult to understand computer lingo.

Thanks in advance, very much appreciated.

A:Run time error R6034 problem

Did you install/uninstall/update anything before this started happening?

Do you have antivirus software? If no, get something like Avast! from download.com and run it.

Without a more detailed error I wouldn't know what is trying to open up what or why. But viruses are (or were) usually made with Visual Basic or C++ so that alone would probably worry me (then again, I could just be paranoid).

Do a virus scan. If something is found, I'd suggest backing up your files and reinstalling your OS.

If nothing is found - do you have any more details or error messages? How often do they occur? Any other strange computer behavior lately??

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Another odd issue of no major importance but it is oddly curious so I'd figure I'd post and see what people think...

I click on PC settings from the charm bar (that's what the bar on the right side is called right?) and an error pops up.

I hit OK and I can proceed as normal. Every once in awhile the message may pop back up if I change a setting but it doesn't seem to affect anything...
Like I stated it's no big deal, just odd...
I uninstalled and reinstalled Visual C++ 2010 but didn't change anything... ( I didn't feel like going through every distro of c++ I have installed...)

Any thoughts anyone?

A:PC Setting Visual C++ error R6034

Well I uninstalled every C++ redistributable and reinstalled 2010,2008,2005 and express (in that order) and I still get the error.
I then ran sfc /scannow just for giggles...
Not a thing as changed.
I'm also receiving a runtime error with a game but that one does not provide me a specific error code (thread posted in gaming forum)
I'm perplexed.
A friend of mine does not receive this error, and a laptop I had 8 installed on briefly did not recieve this error either, so it seems especially anomalous...

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So first of all i will say this.

Although i don't profess to be a computer know-it-all, i do know my way around a computer (somewhat) but i still make stupid mistakes when i'm impatient.

On to business.

Due to my OCD nature, i wanted to uninstall all my games and reinstall them "correctly" and to the same location (which is a folder i made on my desktop called "Games".) Rather than have them sitting in Program Files... because i am still on Vista and it causes a few problems if i install there. (this isnt my problem btw, i'm just giving as much info as i can)

I went about systematically uninstalling all of my games, which amount to about... 6-7 RPG's such as morrowind, oblivion, fallout3, dragon age origins and so on. All was going well until it came to uninstalling Oblivion and Fallout 3. When i tried to run the uninstallers from the control panel, it came up with a message... which i didnt copy down... *facepalm* ... but it said something along the lines of...

"Cannot run uninstaller at this time.... due to current setup/install/update in progress."

But i could not for the life of me understand why it was saying this. I exhausted my knowledge and confirmed that neither game was in use nor even been played in months. (i recently moved country and brought my computer along with me) and no updates for anything else were running.

This is where my impatient side screwed me over.

I Deleted the program entries from my &qu... Read more

A:Runtime Error! R6034 :\FalloutLauncher.exe

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As By default, There is no Lenovo Power Manager in Windows 10 in Lenovo G50-70. So I was searching through Web and found this Support Website https://support.lenovo.com/in/en/solutions/ht103535  and https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Windows-10/Power-Manager-for-Windows-10/td-p/2113645/page/3 which States that Laptop Running Windows 10 (G50-70) Support Dual Mode Battery Firmware. So, Is this Information Right and we should not worry regarding Battery Charging just like we used to Threshold Charging in Windows 8.1 via LENOVO POWER MANAGER. I want clarification over this.


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The latest driver and dependency software DOES NOT WORK correctly.   I can manage battery 1 or the internal battery, but I cannot manage battery 2. Once I get the driver installed.   I change the following in the registry.ChargeStartControl                            35 (decimal)ChargeStartPercentage                     35 (decimal)ChargeStopControl                           100 (decimal)ChargeStopPercentage                    100 (decimal) The changes made here ONLY EFFECT battery 1, battery 2 will not charge above 85%. Now after intalling the Lenovo Settings tile and looking in the power area,  it shows that battery 1 is set correctly.  Battery 2 is set to start changing at 101% and stop charging at 150%!!!!   I cannot find these numbers in the registry. Better question is why doesnt lenovo settings have a hook to make adjustments to battery management!!! Frustrated!!!    This works find in windows 7, windows 8 Lenovo drop the ball.   

Go to Solution.

A:x240 power manager and Lenovo Dependenc...

Tried Power Manager as well.  Same problem, battery 2 will not charge over 85%.   I have also tried removing the Microsoft ACPI drivers.    What I would like to know is what is controlling the second battery.  Where is it reading those settings from.   

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I downgraded my pc from windows 10 to windows 7 because of certain issues i know that power manager doesnt work in windows 10 so i downgraded it and install power manager when i open the manager i can see the power adjust slider and my cpu and gpu usage but i cant turn the turbo mode on and off  can you guys help me PS:screenshot included

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Is the a corresponding function in Windows 10 or in some Lenovo downloadable program like function available in PM?I am specifically looking for: - battery health- possibility to set/define computor speed Thx, Kenneth

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I have a two week old Lenovo X1 Carbon 20A7 and from the beginning after simply got Windows7 initial setup with nothing else on, I noted that if I left it to go in sleep or Hibernate, when the lid was closed, upon opening it again, the notebook screen was black although the adaptive keyboard was active and the machine was pingable from the network. No matter what I did I could not get the unit to come back to life so I always had to press the power button until it power cycled to get it back. I noted that I was not alone out there and some reported the issue on earlier X1's Support suggested to send it back and were not helping much. They decided it is either hardware or configuration issue, and in both cases it required a return.  Because the issue was reported in the forums on earlier X1's I decided that it was probably software and I started by disabling all sleep modes only to find out it would still go to sleep. This is how I found out that if the sleep mode was disabled in Power Manager, it would automatically enable in Windows version of the power manager. Disable it in Windows and it would enable in Power manager... yeah - exactly; I had the same reaction.. Same thing with other power functions. So I de-installed Power Manager 6 and bingo, no more issues. But now I get non critical warnings  in Lenovo tools that I have no power manager software installed. Plus I don't get the extra features that are useful in PM6. ... Read more

A:X1 Carbon and Lenovo Power Manager 6. Random Sleep...

Can you please tell me exactly the steps to reproduce this?
Is it:
1.  Leave system idle with lid open  (is AC attached or not?)
2.  System automatically enters sleep mode after XXX minutes
3.  Close the lid
4.  Open the lid
5.  Screen stays black?
Or is it something else?

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HelloI am on my second identical U330 Touch as my first failed, and when bought the laptop was completely reset and had non of lenovo's original software installed and also updated from windows 8 to windows 10 I Installed lenovo power manager but under 'settings' tab there its missing the option to turn off/on USB charging at will (iv enabled it in the bios and windows suspension it works) also update and dust removal is missing Examples of what it should look like and what it dose now. ????In the power management help it lists USB charging as one of the options that is activated if its supportedAm I missing some drivers, how can i get theses options working again? the laptop is still under warranty. This software is not available on the software/drivers page windows 8 or 10 of the u330 even though it came with new laptops and is still being sold with new laptops This functionality worked perfectly on my previous laptop under windows 8 and also window 10, I also see other lenovo laptops in the shops running windows 10 with the options available.Thank You

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I have Thinkpad W550s running Windows 10 Pro, upgraded from Win 7 Pro. The system tray has this battery icon.?When I right-click on it, I am offered "Launch Power Manager". In Windows 7 this opened a Lenovo app with some interesting capabilities, such as charge/discharge limits when on AC power; however, these capabilities did not often work.After upgrade to Windows 10, the Lenovo app no longer works. Sometimes it brings up the app splash screen and just freezes there. Lately it doesn't even bring up that.Does anyone know how I can simply get rid of this battery icon? 

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I have started receiving a Runtime Visual C++ error (code R6034) every time I boot up the PC. It seems to be associated with the recent updating of my ITunes software, saying that the C Runtime library is being loaded incorrectly. Now I cannot get rid of it. After I click through the error the PC runs normally, with the exception of ITunes. I have scanned all the forums and the internet looking for solutions.

I have already completed the following:

Reinstalling the Runtime redist updates, as well as the latest Microsoft updates
I have run AVAST antivirus, Spybot, SUPERAntiSpyware, HiJackThis, and Malwarebytes Anti-malware.... and cleaned any problems that came up.
I uninstalled ITunes and attempted to reinstall it.

At this point when I reboot the PC, the error still pops up, and when I attempted to reinstall ITunes, it will get 99% through, but then the Runtime error keeps popping up, and ultimately it tells me ITunes did not install correctly.

Other that formatting the hard drive, is there anything else I can do? HELP!

UPDATE: 1/28/14
I have completely removed ITunes again, and now when I reboot the PC, I still get the pop up error message, but instead of referencing ITunes specifically, it either references simply "Program Files", or "Program Files/Common File...." and then cuts off. So I am unable to see specifically which file it is pointing to now.

A:Solved: Visual C++ Runtime Library error R6034 in XP

UPDATE-- I have resolved this issue. It seems that just uninstalling ITunes was not enough.... I had to uninstall every Apple based application, and then reinstall them.

Once I did this, I no longer got the Runtime error.

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I have installed too many programs for them to all be seen in the program manager screen. Is there a windows solution or utility that will alow me to see all my programs?
Thanks for any options you may suggest.


A:Too many files in Program Manager!

Right click on the Start button . . select Properties . . click the Customize button and put a check in "Scroll Programs"

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Not sure if this is the best, or correct, Forum for Monitor questions ?
If not, please let me know.

Have a new LG Monitor. Model is W 2061 TQ

Anyone know if the LG Forte Manager, their (LG's) software program they have that supposedly lets you control the monitor functions from the PC directly works with Windows 7 ? (or, with my particular model, or not ?)

Having trouble getting it going. Not sure if the problem is with the programs W7 compatibility, or with my particular model, or...?

Their site isn't all that clear on if it does or not, and my questions to them have not been answered. Their phone rep didn't know.


A:LG Montitor (Re Their Forte Manager Prog.)

When you connect a monitor to a PC they specifically say to connect it to the PC and turn it on before you power up the PC - did you do that - if not do it that way and see if it fixes your problem - the software from the LG site should work.

Go to the below site your W7 Drivers and manuals are there :
LG Product Support for W2061TQ-PF

Not sure about the specific software - just try it if your in doubt and setup a restore point firstly.

To install a driver OR program in compatibility mode - right click the setup.exe file - click properties - click compatibility - check run in compatibility with vista/xp etc - check run as administrator - leave the rest blank. Start setup.exe and install - This gets it to install if its written for another OS.

To run a program in compatibility mode right click the shortcut to the program and do as above then start the program.

There is a new version there also v3.08 :
Note: 'forteManager 3.xx' is not compatible with 'forteManager 2.xx'. If you have used forteManager versions lower than 2.80, you need to update with the latest forteManager 2.80.

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After recently having a 4.8Mb program take 52+ Minutes to download with a 56K Dialup (Yes I know -- "get Cable!" Can't afford it though), I was considering getting a Download Manager program.
How much do they actually help speed up a download, and what is the general opinion on using them?

What would be a good Freeware program to get compatible with W98SE (Ver. 4.10.2222A); Internet Explorer 5.50; DirectX 6.1a, & 256 Mb. RAM?

A:Download Manager Prog.'s How helpful are they?

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When I attempt to open anything with Adobe,it loads the page but then a box comes up with the following message:
Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library Runtime Error! Program: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 9.0\Acrobat\Acrobat.exe The application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. "
Uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe was no help.Be aware,I'm pretty 'puter illiterate.

A:Solved: Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library Runtime Error! Program: C:\Program Files\A

Until more experienced help comes along, leave Adobe uninstalled and try the Free Foxit Reader, it reads PDF files and loads a bit quicker and is lighter on resources and takes a hell of lot less disk space.

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[FONT=&quot]HI there,


For the last month I've had a bewildering laundry list of problems with my computer. Firefox 37.0.1 started using superhigh CPU to open and load pages. Then Thunderbird and Avast! began to do the same when connecting to the internet for download[FONT=&quot]s/updates[/FONT]. Then my printer ditto. When printing, I can't do anything else. (It's Brother MFC 4500+, an ancient workhorse that's never given me a day's trouble.)

Then my mouse went on the fritz; swapped out to another mouse and got the same problem---the pointer freezes and restarts intermittently, then freezes altogether. I can get it working again by unplugging the USB and plugging it in again, but the fix is temporary, maybe hours, maybe seconds. Every now and then I get a Windows message in the taskbar tray tha[FONT=&quot]t "something has happened" and [/FONT]the system can't recognize my USB device.

The problems didn't happen all at once, but rather in the sequence that I've noted. I've run different antivirus and malware and rootkit scans repeatedly, but all come up clean. FWIW, I run good computer utilities every week or so, so the system is squeaky clean that way. I've been limping along.

[/FONT][FONT=&quot]THE NEW & BIZARRE DEVELOPMENT (at least, so it seems to me):

[/FONT][FONT=&quot]I was looking in my Program Files folder when the computer generally ... Read more

A:XP Task Manager shows Program Files folder running as an application

Hi I'm not sure what's all going on but the program thing will show up if you have it running. Can you click on it and end the task??

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sending program sound to certain speakers/channels

I have a 6 channel soundcard so what i'm wondering if it is possible to make sound from say a video program like winamp go to one set of speakers and sound from the internet go to another set of speakers. Is there any application that would make this possible?

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I have an issue with my ArcSoft TV program. Recently something changed and now I get the UAC pop up asking if I want this program to make changes to my computer.

Issue is this, I can set to record a program, but with the pop up now coming up, I have to be avaliable to click to record the progarm.

Currently I have the UAC set not to ask (pop up). However I understand the reason for the UAC asking and I prefer it to ask.

So what I need is a way to allow ArcSoft to run without the pop up, but all other programs to ask for security. What is the way to do this for this one program? Thanks for any advice.

A:ArcSoft TV program giving pop up when set to record TV prog.

Welcome to Seven Forums billybubba8it. There are 2 methods I know of that should work. Try this method 1st

Elevated Program Shortcut without UAC Prompt - Create

If no joy, you can try this

Selectively disable UAC for your trusted Vista applications

A Guy

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Was running fine but now having a problem where ie6/ms98 will not open from ie icon. only way to get on line (comcast cable} is start/programs/windows explorer/internet explorer. gets me signed on to internet and allows me to visit websites but will not let me open any click on linksor open an additional window or view more than 1 thing at a time. error codes I get are "action can not be completed because program manager is not responding", also an error in explorer - Http/ads.specificclick.com, have reloaded ie6 and nothing oem manuf. suggest restore disk, don't want to reload and reset everything again, had to replay mother board 4 months ago, thanks for ideas rk

A:ie6 sign on/error mes/program manager

Looks like you might have downloaded some spyware or a virus. Download and run Spybot-Search and destroy(just type the names into Google, should find them easily).

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I have a Lenovo Z5070 with Windows 8.1. Several times when I try to programming in R or LaTex Memory Allocation problems occures. I'm not aware that this is because i'm touching the frontiers of computing power with a 8 GB ram or something, but naturally It's not expected to happen with the type of rather easy-to-compute code that I'm working with.I don't know what's the problem, and in the case if there's a problem, how to fix it.

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Hello,I recently upgraded my Windows 10 installation with the anniversary update, and I am encountering the following error: Whenever I open the control panel I get an error message titled Power Manager with the text "an error occurred while loading resource DLL" Any help would be appreciatedRegards,bostjanv

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I downloaded Power point Viewer '07 and it is listed in "Add Remove programs (92+MB)

However it is NOT listed in "Program Files"

Can anyone help me understand what happened?
I sincerely appreciate ANY assistance.

A:Power point viewer not shown in program files

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I left the room for a few mins and came back to this - cmd.exe /c rd /s /q C:\Program Files (x86)\Lenovo\tvsuinstaller - awaiting approval to run as a new hidden startup file. I declined it, but it is persistent. First, I don't like anything that calls up my command prompt without my knowledge, especially when it does so (/q) quietly ... and as a hidden file ... and as a persistent startup file. This looks shady to me, but it's a Lenovo file. What is it, and why is it trying to run on my machine?

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My Lenvo X1 Carbon just went through a big Windows 10 update to version 1511, Build 10586.14 Now whenever I open the control panel I get a warning dialog box titled "Power manager" with the text "An error occurred while loading resource DLL." i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Lenovo power driver vrs. and the problem still occurs.How do I correct this?

Go to Solution.

A:Power Manager "An error occurred while loading res...

We have this problem on a ThinkPad Yoga S1 running Windows 10.  The machine is brand new with a fresh upgrade to Windows 10.  I've un-installed the things relating to Power Management and Power Manage Gauge and then re-installed them through Lenovo's "System Update" -- still comes back on boot-up every time. Does anyone have the solution for this?

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Hi dears, I just install Lenovo Setting, but after this I have two icons for show the status battery. But the old one isn't working now, only show me the status next to clock.Power Manager How to can I remove or unable this aplication? Tks for your help   

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When I try to install any programs like skype and the last part of the installation I get an error occured while attempting to create the directory: C:program files\ common files
why is this happening? but more importantly how do I fix it?
Thanks for any help given

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Thanks to anyone who can help. I've searched for this topic and haven't found anything that worked for me. I posted this topic a couple days ago but just now it didn't show up; sorry if I've double-posted.

I'm trying to download itunes for the first time, but I get the error in the title when I try to run the itunes_setup.exe file. When I cancel, I get "The installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory: C:\Program Files\Apple Software Update. The installation cannot continue. Log on as administrator or contact your system administrator."

I checked and confirmed that I am the admin on my PC, and all accounts are set up with full access privileges to these folders. I also tried rebooting in safe mode and logging on as "Administrator" and running the .exe from a flash drive.

I think I had similar problems loading an XP Office Upgrade a few months ago; I finally just gave up. I have Spybot Search and Destroy; it says I'm clean, for whatever that's worth.

Please help! Thanks again.

A:error occurred with attempting to create directory C:\Program Files\Common Files

You are mostly likley on a limited account.
Are you using Xp
Are you the only account. There are other reasons but lets look at this option first

Go to control panel use accounts and click on your user name , it will say if you are and admin of the machine or you are using a limited account.

Take alook at that and post back

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An error accurred while attempting to create the directory C:\Program Files\Common Files
wont let me install some programs like msn i dunno why..

A:error accurred while attempting to create the directory C:\Program Files\Common Files


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failed to load locale files from "Program Files\Western Digital\WD Smartware\Locale"

The menu box it's under is entitled " WDContextMenuHandler "

I get this error when I just right click on any part of "my computer" everytime.

the pc then goes blank on desktop while it says " windows explorer shutting down " and then pc comes back. I tried to uninstall WD smartware but it won't allow me to. When I installed it the first time, all the menus were not available, so I uninstalled it, so I thought, and reinstalled it. Now there are 2 WD Smartwares shown in my programs and I can only get rid of the newest one. I also tried a system restore, but the date before the first install is not available.

any help.

A:error-failed to load locale files from "Program Files\Western Digital\

Use Fix problems with programs that can't be installed or uninstalled and see if you can uninstall it cleanly. If you are unable to uninstall the phantom version still lurking, you may have to re-install and then use the Fix It to uninstall properly.

How do I remove a product that cannot be uninstalled in the "Add or Remove Programs" list. may also be good reading.

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I had such good luck with my 'really needy' issue that I want to put my toe in the pond, so to speak and pick your brains....

I'd like some recommendations for:

1. Password / fill form program
and a
2. File Sync program

I was using Norton Password Manager but when I got an awful, deadly blue screen - I deleted all Norton products.

I'm now trying out RoboForm and Good Sync and am quite happy with these programs but thought I would ask the question before I purchase.


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When I try to back up special files in C:\Program Files, e.g. C:\Program Files\WinSCP\WinSCP.ini, I get an error message like: "ERROR: Source directory 'C:\Program Files\WinSCP\WinSCP.ini' doesn't exist or isn't a directory!"

Other files in C:\Program Files can be backed up.

Changing the rights didn't help. How can I make these files back-upable?

Nice greetings, Dirk

A:How to avoid error messages when trying to back up files in C:\Program Files?

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When I was inputting my battery charge thresholds, I noticed that the word normally was missing the letter 'a' when I clicked on the dot next to where it shows the condition of the battery. I was surprised that Dell would let something like a spelling error make it to a public version. I am running an up to date v1.0.4 of Power Manager Lite. Does anyone know how to submit there types of errors to Dell? Or more specifically, a proper email to get it to the right department? Thanks in advance.

A:Dell Power Manager Lite Spelling Error

I notified the software team. They said that it will not be corrected until the next revision.

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