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Laptop Monitor Screen Connected To External Monitor Resolution Issue

Q: Laptop Monitor Screen Connected To External Monitor Resolution Issue

I have a dell laptop that has 1920x1080 resolution. However, i connect it to an external monitor that has 1920x1200 resolution. Basically almost everything i do is on my external monitor which acts as my main primary screen. Thus i do sometimes open some windows or drag a window or so to the other screen like youtube etc to the laptop screen which is the secondary monitor.

My issue at the moment is everything is way too big on the laptop screen. I want to have 1920x1080 resolution but its way too big. I googled what is my resolution on it and it shows 1536 x 864. Can someone tell me how to change this to 1920x1080? I googled what is my resolution on the external monitor and it does show 1920x1200 which is correct.

My external monitor which is my main monitor is fine at the moment with the 1920x1200. Its windows 10 but im assuming this should be very similar to windows 7 to fix this issue?

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Preferred Solution: Laptop Monitor Screen Connected To External Monitor Resolution Issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have a dell laptop that has 1920x1080 resolution. However, i connect it to an external monitor that has 1920x1200 resolution. Basically almost everything i do is on my external monitor which acts as my main primary screen. Thus i do sometimes open some windows or drag a window or so to the other screen like youtube etc to the laptop screen which is the secondary monitor.

My issue at the moment is everything is way too big on the laptop screen. I want to have 1920x1080 resolution but its way too big. I googled what is my resolution on it and it shows 1536 x 864. Can someone tell me how to change this to 1920x1080? I googled what is my resolution on the external monitor and it does show 1920x1200 which is correct.

My external monitor which is my main monitor is fine at the moment with the 1920x1200. Its windows 10 but im assuming this should be very similar to windows 7 to fix this issue?

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I have a dell laptop that has 1920x1080 resolution. However, i connect it to an external monitor that has 1920x1200 resolution. Basically almost everything i do is on my external monitor which acts as my main primary screen. Thus i do sometimes open some windows or drag a window or so to the other screen like youtube etc to the laptop screen.
My issue at the moment is everything is way too big on the laptop screen. I want to have 1920x1080 resolution but its way too big. I googled what is my resolution on it and it shows 1536 x 864. Can someone tell me how to change this to 1920x1080?
My external monitor which is my main monitor is fine at the moment with the 1920x1200.

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I just got a HP ZR24w monitor and have connected it using VGA to my Lenovo ThinkPad T400, with graphics card ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400. The drivers are up to date. I'm running Windows Vista 32-bit.

I want the external monitor to display the same thing as my laptop screen, not act as a second screen. This works fine, but won't display a resolution higher than 1280x800. If I make the monitor a second screen instead of a clone, the monitor will then display at the proper 1920x1200 resolution.

How can I get the monitor to display at 1920x1200 when cloning the laptop screen?

A:can't get monitor at max resolution when connected to laptop and cloning screen

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Hi all,
I connected an external screen for testing a presentation (just a second monitor), and ticked presenter view, clicked extend desktop and then it correctly identified the monitors., but the resolution on the external was low. So I turned it up, and fiddled around a little, then suddenly my laptop screen went blank (probably after I clicked yes to something) amd only the external monitor now shows anything. In display settings it now suddenly has two of my external monitors, and not my laptop one listed...

Identifying them shows nothing on my laptop, and the screen being "1"

I really need it back to my laptop screen, as it's hard to do stuff when the laptop is 1m away from the screen! I'm writing this post like it...

So please help!

Edit: Oh and by the way, unplugging the screen gives No Signal, and nothing to the laptop

Edit 2: Somehow I made both monitors appear in the list again, but still only the external will display anything. If I choose my laptop screen and click extend to this, it asks me to keep changes, I say yes, then it greys out again

A:Solved: Connected external monitor, then my laptop screen turned off,. now not seen

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Hi, I connect an HP v220 monitor to a Dell Latitude D620 laptop running Windows XP Professional SP2.

When I first connected the two devices together they set up automatically and I had correct resolution on the new monitor. Now approximately 6 months later the monitor has reverted to a maximum 1024x768 resolution and I am unable to adjust to the preferred 1680x1050.

I have updated the laptop video driver and have installed the HP monitor driver and still no luck.

Anyone have any other ideas? Many thanks.

A:Can't fix resolution on HP monitor connected to laptop

After uninstalling the monitor and all drivers associated with it I also upgraded the Bios driver. I now have access to higher resolution options. However I can't use the preferred ratio of 1680 x 1050. The closest I can get is 1280 X 768 which looks better than 1600 x 1200.

Anyone know how I can get the 1680 x 1050 option to come up?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 5558, that comes with a GeForce 920m graphic card. The graphic card's specifications say that it can go with resolutions up to 3840 x 2160.
Until a couple of days ago, I was using a 23'' monitor connected through HDMI, using a 1920x1080 resolution. Today I bought a 27'' monitor, and I was hoping I could set a higher resolution, but I can't.
Maybe I'm a bit confused of how the resolution thing works.The problem is that, after moving from a 23'' screen to a 27'' screen I was hoping to have more desktop space, but instead I have just everything larger, I mean, there isn't additional desktop space, just the same as before, but larger (as if it were zoomed in).
Both monitors are 1920 full hd.I'm a bit confused, I don't know if I should be able to set a higher resolution or not, giving that the monitor is 1920. But if that's the case, what would be the point of a 32'' monitor if it only goes up to 1920? Everything would be just bigger, larger, as zoomed in.
I was hoping to have more desktop space with this new monitor, considering that I have the GeForce 920M that goes up to a larger resolution.
Is that possible?

A:Is it possible to set a resolution higher than 1920 for an external monitor connected to my Inspiron 5558 with a GeForce 920m?

The system is new enough that it may well support HDMI above FHD -- but check your monitor manual.  Many monitors are limited to 1920X1080 over HDMI (higher resolution requires a different input -- displayport -- which your system doesn't have).

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Hi, my problem is that my laptop screen is broken and when i switch the display to monitor only it's set to a resolution that is outside this monitor's capability of displaying so all i get is a black screen informing me it's unable to display this resolution. I'm currently using the display duplicated which makes the proportions all wrong as my laptop is widescreen and my monitor is not.

Is there any way to change the resolution on the monitor without it being selcted as my main monitor?

A:Changing resolution on a monitor connected to a laptop

Have you tried to get in through safe mode? safe mode will scale down to a safe resolution to use. then you can set the default size back down. Safe Mode

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I want to purchase a high resolution monitor that will be connected to Dell Precision M6800 with NVidia video card,4mb.  Currently running 1920x1080 on a 27 inch monitor and not happy with picture. Main use is for 2d AutoCAD. What would happen with a 2560x1440 monitor is connected?...4K? 

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The two screenshots below illustrate the problem. Resolution in both cases reported as being 1920 x 1080, but there's a clear difference.  Monitor is Asus 24 inch, using HDMI connection.Grateful for any assistance. Thanks. (On edit: The screenshots don't show the difference as clearly as I'd hoped, but maybe someone has had this happen and has a solution.)  Lid open Lid closed 

A:Resolution on external monitor changes when using laptop wit...

Hello @kiwi-di, Welcome to the HP Forums! I have taken a look at your post and notice the resolution on the external screen is not clear when the HP Pavilion 15-ab101ax lid is closed. I want to help you resolve this issue. What is the model number of the monitor? Please begin troubleshooting with a hard reset. Once that is complete, follow the steps in this graphics troubleshooting document: HP Notebook PCs - Green Screen and Other Video Playback Issues (Windows 10) You can also try setting the external screen to Screen 1 before closing the notebook lid. 1. Right-click on the desktop2. Select "Display settings"3. Click on "Advanced display settings"4. Set the Asus monitor to the default screen I look forward to your reply!

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I'm not sure whether this is a Windows XP problem or a ThinkPad problem, but I need help anyway. I have a ThinkPad T60 with a 15" wide screen, and a docking station to which I have attached a 17" LCD monitor.

I also have glaucoma and some visual difficulties so it is difficult to use the maximum screen resolution.

I'd like to be able to run the ThinkPad by itself with at one screen resolution, and the ThinkPad+docking station+external monitor with another screen resolution, and know which display setting is which so that I don't accidentally set a screen setting on the ThinkPad when I think I'm setting up the external monitor.

Can anyone help?

Regards, Alex

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Alright, so my laptop screen has been severely cracked for over two years (so badly that I can't use the left portion of the screen and also some of the right side). I have been using external monitors or televisions with hdmi inputs since it broke and have run into few problems. I recently moved and got all new stuff including a tv. Currently the tv is the only thing I have that I can use as an external monitor. 
My problem lies in the resolution. There is no resolution available that will fit the screen. Most of them are far too wide and long, so much that portions of my desktop are "hanging off" of the screen, and the others are so small that I can't really see anything at all. What do I do?! I've searched the web for an answer, I tried using software to change the available resolutions. I didnt seem to have this problem when I had windows 7, so i'm wondering if it doesnt have something to do with the operating system.
If you have any suggestions please reply asap! I can barely use my computer and it is utterly frustrating. 

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My laptops screen resolution is 1366 x 768 and I plugged in a external monitor via hdmi and it's recommended resolution is 1920 x 1080. Everything on my monitor is too big for the screen and the taskbar is cut off along the bottom and when I go to full screen, stuff across the top is cut off.

A:External monitor connected to laptop

Hi DaaamRon,

First, "Welcome to the Eight Forums." . . .

Second, a silly question. Have you gone into "Screen Resolution" to adjust the added screen? If not please give that a try.

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I have a laptop as my main computer and I have it hooked up to an external keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Sometimes I like to unplug everything and just use it like a normal laptop. When I use the Fn+F5 key to change to the internal display, the resolution is still the same from the other display. It is still readable but there is a black space where the screen could expand to. I tried to (while hooked up to the external display) change the resolution of the secondary monitor (the internal one) but it keeps just copying exactly what is on the first display (the external one). If I change the resolution on one monitor, they both change to that. If i click "Identify" it shows a number "1" on both monitors. I could just change the resolution every time i switch monitors but then when i plug it into the external one it is a little distorted (enough that i could navigate to change the resolution back though)

Or is there a batch or vbs script that could toggle the resolution between the two?
The two resolutions are: External: 1024 x 768 Internal: 1280 x 800

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I have a acer 6930g laptop with nvidia 9600m gt graphics card, and a viewsonic va2213w monitor (22" and native res of 1920x1080 @60Hz).
When in windows i can't get the monitor to display at 1920x1080, it will display at [email protected] However I can select the resolution in both windows setting and the nvidia control panel, but it just display 1400x1050 even though it says its displaying 1920x1080, i know this because the screen is all wierd and the monitor's osd says its actually at 1400x1050.
When running linux on the same laptop i have no problem display [email protected]
I have tried older drivers, pstrip and a few other solutions all to no avail.

Any help folks?

A:Laptop External Monitor Resolution Problem

Managed to fix this, in the driver release notes it says 1080p is not supported on the 9600m gt (dunno why). i tryed all the older drivers none fixed iths problem but i found this Forceware 185.85 - LaptopVideo2Go Forums that works perfectly so far.

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I'm running an Asus EEC PC Netbook with Winows 7 Starter OS. I have this linked to an external montor screen in a boat which has a "native" resolution of 800x600.

When the monitor is connected, via VGA link, it forces the 800x600 resolution onto both itself and the netbook screen. Unfortunately I then lose part of the screen image.

Is it possible to somehow persuade the 800x600 monitor to display a quasi 1024x768 resolution, which is the usual netbook resolution? A thin black band around the image would not be a problem.

I have tried the obvious route: Control Panel - Adjust Screen Resolution -but without success; it won't let me move off the 800x600 setting.

Any help would be most appreciated.

A:Screen Resolution forced by external monitor

The best way to maximize your options is to check for a recent graphics driver from the card manufacturer.

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I have an external 4k UHD monitor connected to my HP 8470p laptop. (I project content only on external monitor and my laptop screen is off)

The settings on Windows 7 have been configured to turn off the display after 1min (my laptop is still on and never shut off or put to sleep).

After a min of leaving the system idle, my monitor screen turns off and immediately within a few seconds turns on, a blank screen appears and displays my input source (in my case would blink "Display Port" a couple of times). Then a few seconds later turns off. This keeps looping forever and my monitor never sleeps.

Is anyone else facing this issue or have faced previously and are aware of a fix?

A:External Monitor connected to Laptop does not turn off

hi welcome to the forum.

I think whats happening is the laptop is turning off the output to the screen but the monitor is trying to search for an input. maybe their is a setting in the monitor itself. a work around would be set a screensaver to blank then the screen would just be a black screen.

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Hey guys,I've been a lurker on here for awhile now and finally decided to post. I have had my HP Pavilion laptop (Windows 7) for 3-4 years now and just recently decided to hook it up to an external monitor to help with home productivity (it's only a 13'' laptop so it was about time). I took my old desktop Dell monitor and plugged it to the laptop via the monitor's VGA cable. However, recently the external monitor (which I have designated as my main display) started flickering for no particular reason. I updated my driver and then googled this issue online. The only real answer I have found is a "grounding" issue that does not pertain to me since my laptop continues to flicker even when it is not plugged in to battery power.So, I went out to Best Buy and bought a new VGA cable thinking that perhaps the cable was old and needed to be replaced. Although the new cable initially seemed to fix the issue, the external monitor still flickers at times, sometimes every few minutes and at other times several times per minute.Now, I just purchased a new 23" HP external monitor and although the flickering is less frequent, it still continues. I tried using a power surge and separating the power outlets for each plug (i.e., the plug's of my laptop and the external monitor) but that didn't seem to do the trick. I also tried using an HDMI cable but to no avail. Also looked at the refresh rate and I can't go below 60 HZ for the external monitor, so I seem to be fine there. Both the laptop and... Read more

A:External Monitor Flickering When Connected to HP Laptop

What does no avail on the hdmi mean? It did not work or it still flickers? Do you have the laptop set to only put out to the external monitor or is the built-in display also being driven by the video card? In other words, how exactly do you have the display set up? I think you are saying you have both screen displaying an image? Are you extending to the external monitor or mirroring the built-in screen? I know the external is the primary monitor but how are you using the built-in display? I would think you would have the best luck setting it to display only to the external. The other constant in the equation is the electrical system. Have the monitors always been plugged into the same outlet? Monitors can be very sensitive to electrical anomalies. I see you use a "surge" (supressor) but the inexpensive ones do not really smooth out power; you have to use a ups/battery backup for that. Is the wall power outlet a 2-prong or a three prong? Have you tried moving the whole setup to another room or another location? Does the built-in screen ever flicker?

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Ok here is the thing, I have my Lenovo Y520 for almost a year. My external monitor is ASUS and its connected through vga cable/hdmi convertor in laptop. Recently screen just started to blink, and then monitor goes off, there is no signal on monitor. I took same monitor connected it on other laptop its working fine. I brought another monitor BENQ, connected it to laptop directly with hdmi cable and no convertors. I can see that monitor is connected but still no signal on it. The thing is first monitor every time when i plug it in there is picture for about 10 seconds and then it start to blinking and signal goes of. The other monitor BENQ doesnt get picture at all. I have installed all lates drivers, and I dont know where is the proble,

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I have an Inspiron 17R SE 7720 and ti works great however when I plug it into an external monitor LG W300H the resolution displayed is quite low. I try to choose a higher one but there are no options for higher resolutions. It's actually quite a bit lower than the resolution displayed on the laptops own screen.

Thanks for your help

A:Plugging laptop into external monitor results in low resolution

Hi denisj1,
Welcome to the community.
Please check the link below to update the video card drivers for your system:
Please install the same and check again.
Thanks and RegardsSandeep P#iworkfordell

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I purchased XPS 13 9360 two weeks ago.
I have a screen resolution problem (blur, not clear) for all MS Office applications on external monitor (HP Pavilion 27xw).
Video driver is up to date (Intel HD graphics 620). I called DELL support but they ask me to pay as the problem occurs only for MS Office applications.
I searched online and found one solution which I need to make external monitor as "Main Display".
Then MS-Office application will have same problem on my laptop screen.
Please help! Is this really MS-Office problem?

A:XPS 13 9360 - MS Office screen resolution on external monitor

Hi stk7105,
Thanks for posting.
Apologies your monitor is not working the way you expected.  Dell has not tested our products to work with this HP Pavilion monitor, so it would not be supported.
Have you tried a different monitor?  
Please contact HP for assistance.  Thanks.

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Old computer is HP ProBook attached separately to a ViewSonic LED 1080p 22" monitor.  I use Extended Desktop mode with Built-In Monitor + Monitor.  Works great with Built-In Monitor at 1366x768 resolution and external monitor at 1920x1080
(and called VX2450 Series).  Roughly same size look, but the 22" monitor gives me great view on Excel Spreadsheets, etc.  New computer is an HP EliteBook and I can't the external monitor off this 'magnified' look.  Running the new computer
at 2560x1440 on the built-in monitor, and while the external monitor says 1920x1080, it looks magnified by 10 times or 20 times bigger.  Any ideas how to get the external monitor to be normal sized?  I like using the external for large spreadsheets.

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Only change was to plug in monitor - it did ask if I wanted laptop screen to mirror monitor - said no - when I disconnected I just unscrewed connector and on repower got onscreen response. Can see screen only with flashlight shined at oblique angle

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Hey All,

I'm having issues setting this up. I have a laptop that I use as my main workstation using a 27" monitor as the main display, while the laptop display is off. The resolution is 2560x1440.
I have the resolution and scaling setup perfectly for the few programs I use the most.

My problem is when I want to use the Laptop unplugged from the 27" monitor (say...on the couch) the text and icons are tiny and tough to use just to browse email and the web.

Is there a way to have my Laptop screen have a different scaling or resolution when its away from my desk so it's easier to use.

And will I be able to plug it back in to the External Monitor with previous Large Monitor settings intact?

Thanks in advance,

Lenovo X1 Carbon i7
BenQ GW2765

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I have a samsung syncmaster external screen connected to a Satellite Pro U400.

The screen resolution only goes up to 1280 etc however the samsung minimum is 1440 x 920 (ish I forget).
How do I get the samsung to display the whole enlarged screen to save my eyes from the realativively small internal screen?

A:Satellite Pro U400 - How do I get the native screen resolution for external monitor?


Did you try to update the display driver on your notebook? Check the Toshiba website for an update:
http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

Furthermore it would be interesting to know if you run the ?factory settings? or have you installed your own Windows version?
And what OS do you use? Did you install all Windows updates?

For external LCD monitors you should set the screen refresh rate to 60Hz.
And if you want to change the screen resolution you must select the second monitor in graphic options on Windows.


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I was using my Yoga 3 with an external monitor over the micro HDMI port almost for a year. Never experienced a problem. Yesterday when I pluged the monitor it didn't recognized it. And the laptop's own screen was suppose to be HD resolution but it became 3200x1800 and it's not allowing you to change it. Tried to update the related drivers but they are already the latest. I'll be glad if someone can advise what to do..

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I was using my Yoga 3 with an external monitor over the micro HDMI port almost for a year. Never experienced a problem. Yesterday when I pluged the monitor it didn't recognized it. And the laptop's own screen was suppose to be HD resolution but it became 3200x1800 and it's not allowing you to change it. Tried to update the related drivers but they are already the latest. I'll be glad if someone can advise what to do..

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I have an HP laptop and I have been running it with dual monitors. I finally decided to upgrade to Windows 7 and after I installed it I noticed that the built in monitor of my laptop looked strange and when I opened the display settings to change the screen resolution and set the external monitor as a separate monitor rather than a mirror I noticed that only one monitor was detected and it was the external one (Generic non-pnp monitor on standard VGA graphics adapter) and the built in monitor does NOT show up at all.

I've tried the detection button, in hopes that the computer would read the built in monitor and I could fix the problem. This did not help. I tried unplugging/replugging the external monitor to no avail. I tried restarting without the external monitor plugged in and it STILL reads the built in monitor as if it is the external one. Is there anyway to fix this? I have not tried re-installing the OS, not yet anyways.

Any suggestions ?

A:Monitor Issues - Laptop Reading Built In Monitor as if it were my external monitor.

Only thing I can think of is to disconnnect the external monitor, uninstall any monitors listed and then reboot and hope the computer installs the correct drivers for the laptop monitor.

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I am new to this forum and I am having some trouble with my laptop. My laptop screen was cracked, and my future brother in law removed the screen completely, and then connected an external monitor. Everything was working fine until he performed a full system restore because of a corrupted file. Now the screen goes black on start up. In safe mode a pop up states that the installation cannot be completed in safe mode and automatically restarts, putting me back at square one. Is this issue fixable or should I just throw it away?

I have an acer laptop/now desktop running Windows Vista Home Premium if it helps.

A:External monitor connected to laptop goes black after system restore

I don't have much time but this will help others. When does the display go black? After the standard BIOS post information when it goes to Windows? When do you get the error message?

I assume this may be a refresh rate problem but there's not enough info to go on.

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I have a Compaq Presario CQ62-209WM Laptop and I have an issue that is probably not huge, but it is very annoying. I connect my laptop to an external monitor, pretty much all of the time. I use this monitor (a Dell E177fp) as my main display in an extended desktop form. I like using the external monitor as my main display, and it is very convenient to have two monitors, but unfortunately this same issue persists, and has been this way ever since I bought my computer: whenever I have my laptop plugged into the monitor and I reboot, my computer boots up, showing the Compaq BIOS screen on both screens as well as the starting windows screen on both screens. However, once it boots up to the Welcome screen, it shows the logon on my Main display, but then the monitor is disconnected. I then have to login, wait for Windows to load all its stuff up, then press the Windows key + P until it shows the "Extend" option. Then I have to go into the Screen Resolution settings and reset the external monitor as my main display. Now it's not like this is a huge problem, it's just that I have to do this EVERY time I reboot. So my question is, is there any way to make Windows 7 remember that the external monitor is the main display? It's just inconvenient to have to deal with this upon every reboot. Thanks in advance.

A:External monitor connected to laptop; connection upon reboot problems

Has anyone found a solution to this yet?

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I have a new Windows 7 (32-bit) Dell Latitude E6410 laptop, and a new Dell E1909WDD Flat Panel Monitor.
The only way to connect to the monitor is via an integrated DisplayPort cable. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DisplayPort
There is no VGA or other alternative. The monitor supports DisplayPort only.
The problem is that the monitor will not allow any other resolution than 640x480.
In Windows 7 Control Panel | Display | Screen Resolution, I can detect the E1909WDD as display #2, but the resolution drop-down is stuck at 640 x 480 - the resolution drop-down control is disabled.
In Control Panel | Devices and Printers, the monitor is showing as "Generic Non-PnP Monitor". In the monitor's hardware properties | Driver Details it shows:
Driver Provider: Microsoft
Driver Date: 21/06/2006
Driver Version: 6.1.7600.16385
The CD which came in the box contains driver files as follows.
 Volume in drive D is Dell E1909WDD Volume Serial Number is 2C1F-9E5E Directory of D:\driver\Win726/08/2009  07:37    <DIR>          .26/08/2009  07:37    <DIR>          ..19/05/2009  06:06             2,964 E1909WDD.icm19/05/2009  06:05             1,558 E1909WDD.inf27/05/2009&nbs... Read more

A:e6410 laptop with e1909 external monitor resolution stuck at 640x480

NM, sorry misread it.

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My hardware/software:
-Acer X223W Monitor
-Radeon 4860
-Windows 7 64

Here's the problem:

I was using my computer when my mother accidentally hit the room switch which turns my entire rig off. Annoyed, I turn my computer back on and now my screen resolution is all messed up. On top of that I can't open Chrome due to misplaced files.

I reinstalled all my drivers but instead of detecting the name of my monitor, it just shows Generic PnP Monitor instead.
I pick the best screen res(1600 x 1200) but that is clearly wrong(but the best i can do).

I've done a system restore and reinstalled all my drivers. I looked for the Acer X223W drivers but all I got was a security catalog, setup information, and an ICC profile that doesn't do anything when I run it. I searched for driver updates on device manager but it says the Generic PnP monitor driver is up to date.

My fear is that this is truly a hardware problem from the light switch, and nothing but a new monitor will fix. Anyone care to dig into this one?


A:Generic PnP Monitor issue, Screen resolution is off

According to Microsoft you won't need any additional drivers:

Windows 7 Compatibility for Acer X223W 22&#34; TFT LCD: Acer. Drivers, Updates, Downloads

Try uninstalling the monitor and then reboot. Acer was no help, seeing that they apparently didn't bother after they got past the 32-bit Vista driver.

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I just bought new LCD. It is - ViewSonic va1912w - 19 inch - wide screen.
I used installation cd, followed all steps and installation was sucessfull. The monitor works properly only if it is set at 1440 x 900

At present i have no graphic card installed. But i have 512mb of ddr2 ram with 2.6 hgz intel processor.

After installing monitor... the highest resolution i can set is 1280x768. At present monitor is set at 1280x768 and result is horrible.

I tried reinstalling. but no change.
Then i went to direversguide.com and downloaded new drivers - installed it successfully and still maximum resolution shown is 1280x768. Now, if i dont set resolution to 1440x900 - results are really bad.

any hint on what should be done?


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I've plugged my laptop into an HP LA2306x 24inc monitor. Max resolution for monitor is 1920x1080 60hz. I've changed the settings on the laptop to connect to projector and set up the resolution as 1920x1080. Images are perfect but I cant centralise the screen. I can just see the top of the toolbar and there is 1cm to spare at the top of the screen.

I have tried all the monitor settings and taken a look at the graphics card settings. Am very confused. Can anyone help?

Ive attached a picture showing the cursor/pointer at the top of the screen to indicate the gap.

Thanks a lot.

A:Screen won't centralise on monitor. Resolution issue? Help

What graphics card do you have? sometimes you have to "upscale it" with your software suite.

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Hi,Maybe somebody can help me with this. Today when I turned on my T400 the LDC screen went black after starting windows. I can see the booting messages but when starts loading windows 7 (displays the windows logo) the LDC screen in the laptop goes black. If I connect a external monitor directly to the laptop, LDC starts displaying.Even if the monitor the monitor does not have any display the LDC is working.If I change the settings to display in boths. Both screens work. I made all possible combinations and everytime if I disconnecte the external monitor the screen goes black.I used a dock station and it does not work. LDC and monitor (connected to dock station) were black. If I connect the monitor directly to the laptop the dock station and the LDC worked fine. So display in dock station and LDC only work is an external monitor is directly connected to the laptop. Any idea why this is happening or have a similar problem?Thank you,Rob 

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I am using a 22" screen for my primary screen and the laptop lid open for a secondary screen. The main screens resolution is 1680x1050, I can set it to anything I want and it's always using the full screen. The laptop screen on the other hand will only use the full screen if it's at 1400x1050 resolution (max for that screen, IBM Thinkpad T43). With the large 22" screen I have no trouble reading the screen at high resolutions, the screen is huge, with the little 14" screen though I have to strain to read the screen at 1400x1050.

The problem is when I set the laptop screen to anything lower than 1400x1050, it uses less of the screen. Preferrably I want it at 1280x1024 or 1024x768 (I dont know which I want yet as I can't see the freaking screen at that resolution). At 1280x1024 for instance the useable screen is just a box in the middle, so the "1280x1024" is still barely readable for me cause it's shrunk from full screen, plus it's just annoying only using a portion of the screen.

I have played with the ATI Control Center, the Thinkpad display settings and windows display settings and just cannot get this thing to go full screen at lower resolutions when docked and using the external monitor.

Anyway to resolve this?

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Hey everyone, I'm having this problem with Dota 2 and Diablo III. Whenever I connect my approximately 15" laptop to my 24" monitor using an HDMI cable, it forces me to use a lower resolution in order for the game to not be laggy. When I use my laptop by itself, it can support the highest resolution which is like 1324 x 1024 or something like that, in addition to all the highest settings (except shadow), and the game looks perfect. However, when I connect it to my monitor, there are many more resolutions to choose from, the highest being 1924 x 1000 or something, but when I choose this resolution the game LOOKS like it does when I just use my laptop at the 1324 x 1024 (or something close to that) resolution but it plays much much slower and forces me to use a lower resolution such as 1024 x 800 in order for it to be playable at the cost of graphics. I'm just wondering because when I play other games on my laptop that's hooked up to my monitor the games I play look the exact same on the monitor as they do on the laptop and I'm not forced to use a lower resolution, such as HoN. But when I play dota 2 and Diablo 3, the graphics become shittier on my monitor because I am forced to use a lower resolution. I don't need or want a higher resolution supported by my monitor if using it only makes the game laggy and unplayable, I'd rather use the lower resolution of my laptop with the perfect graphics and have it displayed in that exact way onto the monitor, which is what happe... Read more

A:Resolution Issue when connecting Laptop to Monitor via HDMI cable

Flangdoogler, welcome to the Seven Forums.

The full make and model of your laptop would help, as then we could see what it has for graphics in it (GPU). Depending on what it is it is likely that you answered your own question,

Or is that I simply cannot have the same graphics displayed on my laptop (15") be copied exactly onto my monitor (24") due to graphics card reasons?

If the graphics card in the laptop isn't up to running it at high settings and resolution, then one or the other has to be lowered (and most time both) to get the game to be playable.

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after many issues lve finally got the system up and running.

lm using the same gfx card as l used to the Radeon 4650 HD after installing the cards drivers it seems to cause issues where the monitor gives me an "unsupported" resolution error when on my previous setup said card had no trouble going to 1350*768 (cant seem to go above 1024*768 without having to roll back drivers)

A:Screen resolution issue - not picking up monitor properly on new build

just another note l didnt add, it seems my monitor isnt being picked up as "plug and play" but some generic monitor.

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I decided to hook up my desktop's monitor to my laptop, to give the dual screens thing a test.

My monitor resolution can go up to 1440*900 pixels, and my laptop at 1280*800 pixels.

But when I hook up my monitor to my laptop, there is no option for 1440*900 for the monitor's resolution. I have to use a different one which doesn't look quite as good. My laptop can remain at its highest as normal.

Is this a side effect of using dual screens, or is there a way I can get the 1440*900 option back when I hook it up to my laptop?

Many thanks.

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Please help. I have an HP DV2945SE Laptop with Vista. The laptop screen broke and I successfully hooked an external hp vs17e screen. However, this has slowed down my system when playing smaller games like Zuma, or watching videos etc. There is a severe lag. How can I eliminate this. My computer ran very fast with these types of things before I had to hook up an external screen. Pleeeease help me I am practically computer illiterate, but otherwise fairly intelligent. THANKS

A:HP Laptop using external monitor issue PLS help

Anyone have any ideas?

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I have a Toshiba Tecra S3 laptop, running Windows XP Pro Sp2. When I plug in an external monitor, the laptop automatically starts up with the external monitor as the primary display and I can then go into settings and extend the display to the laptop screen. All fine so far. However, what I want to do is to play video on the external monitor and have other applications such as web browser on the laptop screen. However, no matter what I try, I cannot get this to work.

I can play the video on the laptop screen and other programs can be viewed on the external monitor, but I don't want that. The reason for the external screen is so that I can view video at better quality than the laptop screen will give me.

If I move the video window to the external monitor it goes there OK, but the video continues to play in full screen mode on the laptop screen as well. If I try to move other application windows to the laptop screen, the full screen video stays on top and the other windows cannot be accessed. There are no video controls accessible from the laptop screen, only from the video software on the external screen.

Can anyone tell me what I have to do to have the video only play on the external monitor, and have the laptop screen available for other things? The video software I have been using is VLC and Windows Media Player.

Toshiba Tecra S3, Windows XP Pro SP2, Nvidia Geforcce Go 6600

A:Laptop and external monitor issue

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I recently got a 24" 1920 x 1080 external LCD monitor for my laptop. It's awesome. I've been using laptops only for many years and now I'm very sorry I waited so long before getting one. But, on to my issue:

I want to only use the external monitor and keep the laptop screen turned off. The problem is that when I resume from sleep sometimes, but not always, the laptop display comes back on showing only the desktop wallpaper. So I then have to hit the windows key plus "p" (for projector) and select projector to get the laptop display turned off again.

I know how to select the external monitor in W7. Basically, one goes to screen resolution from the desktop right click context menu and make the proper selection under multiple monitors (see screenshot below).

But windows 7 seems to forget this setting sometimes and it's a mild annoyance to have to check the laptop monitor and if it's on, hit the windows key plus "p" each time (or almost each time).

So I'm wondering if there's some way to force windows 7 to remember to use only the external monitor and keep the laptop monitor off until I tell it otherwise? I suppose this issue is likely due to some bug in one of my drivers but I am using all the latest drivers.

A:Issue w. laptop & external monitor

Why not just keep the laptop lid closed? The external monitor will display, and your laptop display will be turned off. OR, are you using the keyboard and touch pad on the laptop? If that's the case, do yourself a favor and get a full size keyboard and mouse, and plug it into the laptop, push the laptop off to the side, and keep the lid closed. Alternately, you could invest in a docking station so you don't have to plug everything in each time. That's what I do at work.

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I recently purchased an external monitor (BenQ EW2740L) for use with a PS4 console, however I thought I would try to connect it to my Laptop (ASUS N550JV - Running windows 8). I was trying to connect the two with a HDMI cable as my laptop doesn't have ports to fit the supplied D-Sub cable. Long story short, My computer detected and installed the monitor but im presented with a black screen and the monitor gives the message "No Cable connected". I've tried the Fn + F8 option of projecting to a second screen however no luck.
Also my Computer and the monitor both have a native contrast of 1920x1080 if that helps.

What am I doing wrong?

A:Solved: External Monitor to Laptop issue!

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Hi, (I use Windows 7 and Window+P doesn't work)

Sillilly, as I often do things, I have bought a Dell U2410 monitor to rig up with my HP laptop to use as an Extended Monitor. I hooked them up and no problems ensued. The default 'Duplicate Screen' option came into play and I had the same screen showing on each monitor. So, I changed to 'Extension' setting and the Dell went blank.

This is where it gets silly. I (for some reason) clicked on 'Show Monitor 2 only' (The Dell monitor) and after that, both screens went black. I unplugged the HDMI lead connecting them, and the laptop screen came back as it would. Now however, every time that I plug the HDMI cable to connect the 2, both screens stay black.

My question is; can I change the default setting to 'Duplicate Screen' BEFORE plugging in the HDMI?

OR... Can I simply delete the Dell monitor (driver?) from my laptop so that it forgets my choice and resets to the default Duplicate Screens setting on it's own?

The problem is that when both screens are blacked out, that I cannot change anything as I can't see anything!!!

Thank you for your awesomeness and replies.

Kind regards,


P.S. Windows + P doesn't work. If I unplug the HDMI from the laptop, I can use Window+P. But it doesn't matter what mode I choose before reconnecting, both screens still go blank. If I try Window+P when they are connected, nothing happens.

A:Black Screen on Dell U2410Extended Monitor when connected to HP Laptop

194 views, and nothing!! For anybody who may come across the same problem, I figured it out. Plug in a VGA at the same time as the HDMI is connected and change the settings. Quite easy really. Though I did lose several hours before figuring that out... I hope I save you guys some time. Also, the screen didn't show up because the HDMI port on the laptop is faulty. Test that too if you are having problems. It can be repaired at any computer repair shop by re-soldering. Thanks forum for your immeasurable help!

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