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Solved: Windows xp home sp2- a question on remote desktop

Q: Solved: Windows xp home sp2- a question on remote desktop

I have a question for remote desktop. My son lives 20 miles away and knows zip about computers. My question is do you have to have windows xp pro for the host computer even if the other computer ( his) invites the host to hookup remotely? It would be alot easier helping him with remote computer then running over there all the time. I have windows xp home edition. so I guess the questin is straight forward, does the host computer have to have windows xp pro to hook up to another computer to troubleshoot it?

Preferred Solution: Solved: Windows xp home sp2- a question on remote desktop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Windows xp home sp2- a question on remote desktop

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Okay, so I beat my head against my desk for 20 minutes this morning because I couldn't see the "Remote Desktop" section under the "Remote" tab in "System Properties" under "Allow Remote Access" in "System and Security"...

Then I realized that one of my machines is running Win7 Home Premium and the other is running Win7 Professional. According to MS's website, Win7HP users can't allow a remote desktop connection.

So my questions is... what is there a "Remote Setting" link and what does "All Remote Assistance" connections to this computer do if not allow "Remote Desktop" connections?

I guess I don't understand the difference. Color me ignorant, but I thought (probably wrongly) that Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance were the same thing... But they aren't, right?


A:Question about Remote Desktop and Win7 Home Premium

I searched for differences between Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance in Win7 and didn't really find a side-by-side comparison. I found articles talking about the differences in XP, but not Win7.

I did notice one difference: With RA the person needing help has to initiate the process, right? I thought that I read that RD was faster than RA... is that correct? Any other differences in capabilities? Thanks...

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I have a friend who has Vista Home - not sure if it's Basic or Premium. She is definitely not computer savvy and has issues from time to time that I would like to be able to remotely assist her with using my XP Pro. In the past I have used Cross Loop with other friends, but now it is no longer free. I need something like that, but the alternatives I have seen all seem to require some kind of subscription. I do not want that, I just want to be able to have her install something simple, with no trial periods because I envision my friend needing ongoing occasional assistance. I did a quick search through these forums and found one possibility: TightVNC. I am going to test that on my little VirtualBox network, but in the meantime I would welcome advice. íMuchas gracias!

A:Solved: Remote desktop for Vista Home

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Hello, I need help in knowing if I can use Remote Desktop in Windows 10 Home to log into a remote computer from my PC.

I purchased a PC with Windows 10 Home not realizing that I will have to log into a PC in another location. I am told that to use Remote Desktop I would have to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, and I would not even see Remote Desktop in Windows 10 Home. But I checked and the Remote Desktop app is there and there is a place to enter the remote computer name.

I don't want to have to upgrade to the Pro version of Windows 10 unless I have to. I will only be logging into the remote PC from my PC, not the other way around.

Thanks very much for your help.

A:Can I use Remote Desktop with Windows 10 Home?

Yes, you can use it as a client that connects to another computer, but not as the target of a connection request.

In other words, you can DTP out but not in.

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I have XP professional and have been using the desktop remote to remote in to my work computer for about six months from my home laptop. No problem. Worked fine. We are networked at work. I can use any printer in my building.

Last week for some unknown reason, I could not print to our "big copier" at work. I called our tech guy and he said somehow the IP address on the copier changed and we would have to change the IP address on our computer to match. Well, sometime that same week I tried to connect to my work computer from home and had an error message - the client could not establish a connection to the remote computer - the most likely causes for this error are: 1) remote connections might not be enabled at the remote computer; 2) the maximum connections at the remote computer are exceeded; 3) a network error occured. I check the IP addresses for my work computer and made sure it had not changed......it hadn't.

I can use any other computer (like my mother's) and it remotes fine. I took my laptop to work and tried it, it worked fine. Used my daughter's laptop at home and it would not remote - same error. It seems it has something to do with my internet connection at home, but I am not sure. Any help would be appreciated. Our tech guy is dumbfounded!

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Does anyone know is there an add on/patch/link/3rd party software that I can download so my Vista home premium laptop has remote desktop capabilities? I know there is one you can download for xp home. I was told when I bought the laptop that it had remote desktop, but unfortunately it doesn't and I really need it! Any help would be so appreciated!!!

A:Solved: Remote Desktop for Vista home premium?

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Ive been set up for remote desktop at work but cant get in, heres the set up. First at work, in our network my boss also has remote desktop so Ive changed my port to 3390 on my machine. Our network admin entered my home static IP to be allowed in the firewall. At home, I have a static IP on a dsl connection and a Linksys wrt54g wireless router. Weve tested the remote desktop at work locally and it works if I leave it on the default port (3389) but not on others. It doesnt work either way from home. Any suggestions, or if I need to supply more info....

A:Solved: Remote Desktop question

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I have a windows 7 home premium laptop that I am trying to connect to my office PC via VPN. I can make the vpn connection and login to my office PC. I launch into my Outlook but when I exit and try to go to another desktop program I get disconnected everytime from my session. what can I do?

A:remote desktop and Windows 7 Home premium

Are there any related error messages in your application event log? After you get disconnected, are you able to RDP back into the office PC?

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Dear fellows,

i have learned via internet that Windows 7 Home Premium computer cant b accessed remotly but it can access computer remotly ( with professional or ultimate versions). Isnt it????

Unfortunattly i have Home Premium, i have found a Patch " rdp concurrent" which they say can allow Home Premium Versions to be accessed remotly. Is this safe to use this patch? or is there anyother way to overcome this issuse?

i want remote connection over the internet, how to make a remote connection so that i can login remotly whenever i want???

please guide me as i dont want to use any other softerware.

A:Remote Desktop in Windows 7 Home Premium

Enable Remote Desktop Connection on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 - Hoff Says
That's safe. It only has the files termsrv.dll, termsrv.exe, rdpclip.dll, rdpclip.exe
And a firewall rule.

Those 4 files are just put in %SystemRoot%\System32\
They are taken from a win7 ultimate machine. At least that's what they normally do

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Since Remote Desktop doesn't work in Windows XP Home, does anyone know of a free alternative?

A:Solved: Free Remote Desktop alternative for WinXP Home?

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So I go on vacation and i want to use my remote desktop function to access my home desktop. I guess I could send out an invite to myself, but once that is gone it is gone. If i just have remote desktop running how do I find connect to the computer remotely? do i need to forward a port or what? What do people normally do?

A:Solved: Remote Desktop : How do people outside a home network normally connect to themselves?

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Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem I'm having with my remote desktop connection, everytime I try to connect to another ip address with the user name and password I get "Your Credentials Did Not Work" I then tried from my daughters laptop from the same location and it does work. Obviously there is something going on with my laptop that's blocking it - does anyone know what I should do??

A:[SOLVED] Remote Desktop Connection Question


Try entering in the IP address first, then connecting; don't enter in the credentials until you are connected to the other computer.

What OS is installed on:

- The remote computer?
- The computer you are having trouble with?
- Your daughter's computer?

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I have a home PC running XP Pro
Verizon DSL
ZoneAlarm Pro, and a router.

The port (3389?) is opened in the Router and ZA and I have connected to it in the past.

Now if I try it fails...The client couild not connect to the remote computer...
I can't Ping my Routers external IP, nor can I tracert to it.

Is this a Verizon issue? Is it common? They tell me they don't support Remote Desktop Connection so they won't work with me.


A:Solved: another Remote Desktop Connection question.

You say the port is opened on the router, are you forwarding requests from 3389 to your pcs IP address? Have you checked to make sure your PC still has the IP you entered in the firewall? Are you running windows firewall or only Zone Alarm? Does shields up:https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2 say that port 3389 is open?

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On my home network, I have Remote Desktop Connection across it. Now, on each computer, there is an Admin account with a password and a Standard account without a password. When a user is using the Standard account, I opt in remotely with RDC into the Standard account of the remote computer. Now when this happens, the remote user is temporarily logged off while I'm remotely controlling the standard account. But... the remote user has the ability to click on the Standard account and disconnect me. My question is, is there a way that while I'm using the Standard account remotely, not be kicked off by the remote user trying to log back in to the Standard account? Thanks for your time!



A:Solved: Remote Desktop Connection Question

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I need help with a problem connecting via Remote Desktop to a Windows 7 Pro machine on my home network. I have many computers on my home network and from my main workstation (which I will call AW7P, it is a Win 7 Pro machine), I can get a RDC to any of the
systems on my network that support RD. This includes other Win7 Pro and Win10 Pro systems. However, my main workstation, AW7P is not reachable (pings also fail to AW7P) from any of the other computers; some see AW7P in their network list but still cannot connect.
This includes not seeing any share on AW7P. In fact, I have been fighting this issue for 4 years but was never a huge issue since I use it as my main system there were work arounds for the other systems since AW7P can remote to them.

Now RDC to AW7P is an issue since I am moving to a new workstation (call it NW10P as it is a Win 10 Pro system and yes AW7P can RD to NW10P) and I need to be able to remote into AW7P.

I have searched these forums and many others place and tried many things. Here is a list of some things:

Turn off windows firewall, disabled/enabled the firewall serviceLeave home group, rejoin home groupMade sure ICMP was enabled for inbound pingsRemoved an update that may affect RDC Checked that RDV related services were running. My home router has no ports, protocols  or systems blocked
I tried many other things that I can?t think of right now. I will reiterate that this system has been this way since I built it (I have 4 systems t... Read more

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I have just purchased a new laptop that has Windows 8 Pro installed. I wish to remote desktop from work to this machine. My issue is that I already have a Windows 7 laptop on my home network which I currently remote desktop too. The network is a standard BT Infinity 3 setup. Is it possible to have machines on the network and I can choose which machine I wish to remote desktop too. Or are you only allowed 1 machine as it may get confused.

On the Windows 7 laptop I have Kaspersky 2012 protection but on the Windows 8 I have Mc Alfee.

Whatever is possible could I kindly ask for some instructions.

Thank you

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Let me know if this is in the wrong forum. I'm on my work VPN and trying to remote into my computer at work using Windows Remote desktop. I enter my computer name and user name in the Remote Desktop Connection window. I am then prompted to enter my password. I enter my password and that dialog goes away, but then nothing happens. All that is left is the first Remote Desktop Connection dialog with some fields grayed out. Even if I enter in the wrong password, I don't get an error message. Any dieas?

A:Windows remote desktop question

Are you entering the remote computer's name in, or your computer's name in? I'm hoping the former.
If so, it may be possible that there are issues with your VPN tunnel and possibly administration settings in place.

Are you colleagues able to remote in to their machines, or is this occurring for them too?

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I am trying to access my Laptop using Remote Desktop, but unfortunately after hours of troubleshooting I gave up :-(
I hope the following feedback of what I've done or observed will help solve this issue:
- No listening on TCP Port 3389 was displayed after executing netstat in cmd line

- Remote Desktop Service in services.msc is set to automatic and restarted several times
- TermService running in Task Manager with PID 1196. Netstat shows however that UDP is listening on port 5355 for that PID

- RD access is activated accordingly in the system control panel.
- Deactivating the firewall didn't help
- May be an important observation : Since following two drivers are not listed under the Device Manager:

Remote Desktop Services Security Filter DriverRDP Winstation Driver
I found those two under my windows 7 pro OS on another PC and in several postings in internet related to this topic.

Thanks in advance for your help !!

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I have an interesting challenge with Remote Desktop.

I am connecting via a VPN (using Shrewsoft) to a Windows XP SP3 computer in the UK. The tunnel is created successfully and when I connect using my own personal laptop (Lenovo) I am able to connect and login. My Lenovo is running Windows 7 Professional SP1.

The person I am configuring this connection for is using a Samsung RV511 running Windows 7 Home Basic. Once again the VPN connection is establsihed succesfully using Shrewsoft, however when connecting using Remote Desktop, the connection shows me the remote screen, with the ip address showing at the top, however the login dialogue box does not show. The background colour of the remote screen shows, just no login credentials box.

I have optimised the MTU settings on the computer involved, turned off bitmap caching on the Remote Desktop Connection settings, disabled all firewalls, all anti virus software, all to no avail. The computer is connecting to a DSL router via a wireless connection.

Any suggestions (aside from installing Team Viewer) would help. Thanks

A:Remote Desktop connection problems Windows 7 Home Basic

Quote: Originally Posted by MapKZN

I have an interesting challenge with Remote Desktop.
The person I am configuring this connection for is using a Samsung RV511 running Windows 7 Home Basic. ....

Any suggestions (aside from installing Team Viewer) would help. Thanks

MapKZN Welcome to the windows 7 forums.

quoted from rdp at
Remote Desktop Connection: frequently asked questions

You can't use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to a computer using Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic, or Windows 7 Home Premium.

end of story.


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Hi, can anyone tell me if Windows 7 Home Premium supports remote desktop connections?  In the "compare" list that Microsoft gives comparing all versions of Windows 7 there is no indication that it doesn't.  But in looking at the instructions on
this page:
On the screenshot under #3 - on my computer the bottom part of that window called REMOTE DESKTOP doesn't show up!  So just wondering if I need a different version.  

A:Does Windows 7 Home Premium Support Remote Desktop Access

All editions of Windows 7 include Remote Desktop Connection.


You can use Remote Desktop to initiate a connection from any edition of Windows 7.
You can connect to computers running Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, or Windows 7 Enterprise.
You can't use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to computers running Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic, or Windows 7 Home Premium.

For more information, please refer to this article:

Remote Desktop Connection: frequently asked questionsPlease remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?

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I have a Windows 7 Embedded Standard with service pack 1.
When I remote desktop is ENABLE, I am unable force the current user "IntellexUser" to log off.
It dislays an message "Staple1\IntellexUser denied your disconnect request.
When clicked the "ok" button, it disconnect the session and does not allow remote user to remote into the machine.
Does anyone know of a solution on this?

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Here's the scenario.

I have my rig, running Win7 Ultimate x64, Aero capable (of course), and dual monitors.

I want to control this rig using Remote Desktop on a laptop, which is running Win7 Ultimate 32bit, running wireless, and have the monitor schema for my rig spanned over a single window on the laptop, so it doesn't mess up the window placement and what not.

The problem is that when I connect to the desktop using the laptop, Aero is not enabled, it switches to basic, and it does NOT span the monitor sessions. It piles everything into a single window session, so that when I go back to my desktop, I have to place all the windows again.

What's going wrong here?


A:Windows 7 Remote Desktop question/problem

Did you edit any of the remote desktop options?

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I've been trying for some time to log into my work computer from home using Windows remote desktop, to do work from home.

( And yes before someone says you're not allowed to- I am allowed to!)

The problem is it doesn't work. My PC is connected to a ZyXcelP-660HW-T v2 adsl modem router and a network switch sharing 8 other computers via a single broadband connection.

I read somewhere I have to forward the port in the router configuration which I have attempted to do.

I suspect the problem may be to do with the IP I am using

I am uncertain however whether the IP address I am inputting is the router IP or the IP of my PC. I obtained the IP by using 'whatismyip.com'

If this is showing up the router IP how do I find the actual IP of my PC? And do I need to assign a static IP for my PC?

On The Zycel Network>NAT>Port Forwarding configuration page the default server is I change this?

The start port and end port I have entered as 3389 which I read is the remote desktop port

The 'server IP address' is the one I obtained from 'whatismyip'

The service name I have just left as www-I don't think this is important

My work PC is running Windows 7 Pro and my home PC is running XP Home edition and I am attempting to log on via Programs/accessories/remote desktop connection

I have enabled remote connection on the work PC and in the firewall

Hope someone can help!

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version 1.... Read more

A:IP address question-Windows Remote Desktop

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Hi All,
I am able to do RDP from windows 7 to windows 10 pro using port forwarding but not able to from windows 10 pro to windows 7.
I tried VPN way (it says it connected and in windows 7 incoming clients it shows connection but when I do RDP does not connect and also with port forwarding)


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I have a Windows 7 Home system that is connected by IKEv2 VPN to another network served by strongSwan.  The VPN also uses the smartcard to authenticate.  So I do have the server's root CA in my local machine's trusted root CA store, and it is capable
of using the card in general.  Once connected, the kinit that comes with Oracle Java can also be used to get a ticket for my username.  So time sync must be good.
The problem comes with Remote Desktop.  Attempting to connect to an inside system with RD using the smartcard causes the message "The Kerberos protocol encountered an error while attempting to utilize the smartcard subsystem."
Tracing the packets seen by Windows Server 2016, I see that the client sends an as-req to the KDC, and it is asking for the correct principal name, but the request contains no preauth information (ie the certificate).  The server correctly responds
with "preauth required" and includes PKINIT as an auth choice.  No further communication with the KDC is attempted.
Attempts to make this work have included using ksetup on the client system to define the default realm and set a KDC.
What is needed to make the client send a properly formed ticket request?

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A:Remote Desktop from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows XP

I'm doing it from my Windows 7 Home Premium x64 to XP Pro. What sucks is when I replace the XP box with Windows 7 I'll have to put Professional on it to keep doing it. That or go third party with something like VNC. As mentioned you can't remote into Home Premium.

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Hi. I just viewed Kari Finn's clearly explained Remote Desktop Connection on Win10 and how to connect to remote computer, thank you for that. Good job! In my case though, I use Win XP Home edition. Do I have to have Win XP Pro edition to connect on RDC to Win 10 host using Hyper-V virtual creation?
Also, if that is the case, how can I reboot my remote computer XP OS and get onto the Start Up Menu page? The keyboard command is released to my Win 10 host computer on start up and I don't have access to keyboard commands (such as F8) until Win XP has been fully booted up. How do I access that Start Up menu page otherwise?
This would be helpful for me to know. Thanks.

A:Remote Desktop Connection Explained - Question remote XP?

Hi Hibs, welcome to the Ten Forums.

You simply cannot use Windows XP Home as remote host, meaning you cannot connect to it using the Remote Desktop Connection. There are some hacks around the Internet but I very strongly advice against them.

(From Remote Desktop: frequently asked questions)
A workaround, in case you have or can find a valid Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate license is to install Windows 7 on a Hyper-V virtual machine, then install Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode on that virtual machine. Works perfectly giving you Windows XP Pro SP3.

If the mouse and keyboard are released by the Windows XP vm back to host, you simply need to bring the pointer on the vm and click to get them back to vm. The F8 keyboard shortcut when booting XP up works then totally normally bringing up the advanced options boot menu:

To release the mouse and keyboard back to host, press CTRL + ALT + LEFT ARROW.


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I have windows xp home edition on both of my computers, and they do have a remote desktop program, but ive found out that windows xp pro actually has a better version of it that will actually work. I cant get the windows xp home version of it to work. Is there anyone that knows of a free remote desktop program, or if someone would be able to send the windows xp pro version of the remote desktop program.

A:Free Remote Desktop Program, or how to get windows remote desktop to work

XP Home has "Remote Assistance", while XP Pro has both "Remote Desktop", as well as "Remote assistance". You can download from Microsoft, a Remote Desktop "add on" which will enable your computer to become the "client" but not the "server".

can you provide some details about what you've done to get "remote assistance " up and running?

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A long time ago I started looking into this because my mum has a PC with XP Home on and I am running XP Pro (both fully up to date), however I seem to recall reading that you couldn't remote into a XP Home machine, only into a XP Pro machine, is this correct?

Ideally I would like to try and sort this out so I can sort out any problems with my mums PC if/when they arise without having to try and talk her through it on the phone which can be quite difficult at times.

Any advice or pointers would be very much appreciated.

PS. Not sure if this would be better suited in the networking forum or not? If so, feel free to move it.

Thanks in advance.

A:Remote desktop from XP Pro to XP Home

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I have two Windows xp home edition PCs connected on a workgroup through a Linksys wrt54g

I realize that the rdp server application is only on the professional edition of xp.

I was wondering if there was any freeware app I could use to turn my desktop PC into a terminal remote desktop server so I could access it with my laptop remotely using the remote desktop connection client app that comes installed on home edition.

Any suggestions?

A:Remote Desktop Over Home Lan

See if this will do:LogMeInhttps://secure.logmein.com/go.asp?page=productcomparisonOr this:VNChttp://www.realvnc.com/products/features.html

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Is there any way to install Remote Desktop (so I can remotely log onto it) on my Windows XP Home? If so, how?


A:Remote Desktop and XP Home

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I am having trouble accessing my home computer that is linked up through the BT home hub. I want to access my home computer through work.

Anyone help me with this specific router (BT home hub)

Thanks in advance

A:Remote Desktop through my BT Home Hub

Here is how to forward ports on your specific device -


the port you need to forward is 3389.

Make sure to assign a static IP to the PC you want to Remote Desktop into.

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I am trying to use Remote Desktop to connect from my WinXP Home Edition to my parents WinXP Home Edition. Both computers are set to "allow remote assistance..." and to "Allow users to connect remotely...", however I encountered an error that said the client could not connect... I suspect we did not have it configured properly.

I have a few questions:
1. Is it possible to connect between 2 WinXP Home Edition machines using Remote Desktop?
2. I am using the IP address for the computer name...is this correct?
3. is it necessary to enter a User Name and Password in the Remote Desktop configuration?
4. How do I find out the Domain?? Is that the same as their ISP?

Thanks in advance!

A:Remote Desktop home XP to home XP

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Any way to add Remote Desktop (host) to W7 home?
I upgraded to home premium and now found that I can not remote desktop TO this pc
Obviously I could upgrade from home to PRO but didn't know if I can just "add" RDP to this home PC at all
I realize there are 3rd party software vendors I can use (think I saw VNC, mesh, go2mtg, etc)
Any thoughts, suggestions?

A:Any way to add Remote Desktop (host) to W7 home?

Hi there
NO -- this is a BIG disappointment to zillions of people who get computers loaded with W7 Home from stores.

It's almost a universal requirement these days that people want to access HOME computers from the Internet / Work etc etc.

There are "3rd party options" like "Logmein" etc but some work places now block these sites and ports and aren't in any case a true alternative for RDP.

There were "get arounds" in Windows XP HOME (XP PRO always allowed RDP as a Server rather than a client) but they seemed to have locked down W7 a bit better now.

I'm sure allowing RDP in W7 Home wouldn't have been a big deal for MS -- it's certainly IMO needed.

For Linux VNC is a good solution -- whether you could use this on Windows as a server I don't know.


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Hey Everyone,

I am having the hardest time using remote desktop over my network. Everytime i try to remote to my pc downstairs (the name of this computer is downstairs) I get an error message "Client could not connect to remote computer". I have xp home on both pc's, with remote desktop connection enabled on the windows xp firewalls, and all the remote services enabled....

What am I missing?????

Thanks for any help you can give,


PS. I cant remote to my upstairs pc from my downstairs pc either.....

A:Remote Desktop Connection in XP Home SP2

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Hi, I have three Win 8 PCs at my office and a Win 7 Pro PC at home. Does anyone have a clear set of instructions for how I can set up remotes access so I can work on my office PCs from home? These are all my PCs too, not a company I work for. Many thanks all.

A:Help With Remote Desktop Between Office and Home PCs.

Download and install Teamviewer.

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I have been using Remote Desktop on XP Home edition for nearly three months. I have been told that Remote Desktop on XP Home edition will expire after 90 days of use. Is this true and how do I tell how many days I have left? I use it to connect to work daily so I can't afford to wait until it expires (if indeed it does). Thanks for any help.

A:Remote Desktop on Home edition

Why not use UltraVNC, it never expires and works on any version of Windows.

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I have just found that Vista Home Basic does not include "Remote Desktop". Does anyone know of a way to add it to Basic? I do not want to use a third party system if possible. I have setup a VPN network okay, but would like to add Remote Desktop to the system.


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Are there any new setting changes I need to make on my XP Pro machine, so I can access it with Remote Desktop from my Vista Home Premium machine?

I'm able to RDP into a box with Server 2003, but I cannont access my local XP Pro machine with my new Home Premium laptop.


A:Home Premium Remote Desktop to XP

Also, I can access shared folders on the computer running XP from my Vista laptop... in case that matters.

I also downloaded and used TeamViewer, and although it worked I was only able to take control of the XP machine if I'd already logged in, which isn't what I need.

Thanks in advance.

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I have Windows XP home...at home, and I would like the capabilites of Remote Desktop Server so I can log into it from afar. Is this possible? Any recomendations? I don't want...or have for that matter...the money for XP Pro, plus I only want this one feature. Can that functionality be purchased or turned on? If not, any open source software that will do the same?

Thanks in advance

A:Remote Desktop Server+XP Home

This is your lucky day.


It is free, and most likely serve your goals.

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Is there an easy way to remote access a 7 system from XP within a home network? (No 3rd party software plz)

I hear people are having problems with remote desktop away from home, but is it any different doing it between 2 pcs in the same house?

Can I prevent people outside the network from attempting remote connection?

(EDIT: nvm, I was thinking of putting the remote PC to sleep when not connected, and waking it up to save power. Looks like you can't even wake up the remote PC remotely...)

A:Remote desktop within home network?

I know you have said no 3rd party software but I've been using TeamViewer v7 for years set to accept LAN connections exclusively and have complete control over three other LAN connected computers, including XP. I can't see how TV could be improved upon for this situation.

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Hi all... I'm usually pretty comfortable with networking support, but recently got stuck on a project for a client of mine, and could use a little help.

First, the rather simple goal: to be able for an office employee to use MS Remote Desktop at home to access a work computer.

As I understand it, in order to use RDC from an off-site computer, one will first need to establish a VPN connection to the office network (RDC has been tested within the office environment and works fine)

The office I am supporting has an AT&T broadband connection with 8 static IP's (5 usable) running off of a Netopia 3347-02 (firmware 7.81r2). The Netopia gateway is assigned to 7x.xxx.xxx.30 and the computer I have set up as the VPN server (by doing basically this http://www.onecomputerguy.com/networking/xp_vpn_server.htm) is assigned to 7x.xxx.xxx.20.

I would like to simply VPN to the 7x.xxx.xxx.20 machine, and then RDC into that and 3-4 other machines once on VPN. I have accessed the Netopia settings and set up pinholes for port 1723 on TCP, but repeatedly get an "Error 800" when trying to establish the Windows VPN.

From a topic at another forum (http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r19949739-Help-with-3347NWG006-remote-desktopVPN-issue) I attempted to set up a pinhole for PPTP, but like the user in that topic, do not have such an option in my firmware. And after perusing Moto's support page (http://www.netopia.com/support/hardware/index.html) I didn't come across... Read more

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Earlier today i disocvered how to set up a remote desktop. I connected my laptop to my server and an employee's computer easily/quickly with no problems.. but i can't do the same when i'm @ my home network.

Please note. that when i was able to connect i was on the work network, but i was connected wirelessly.. but it was using the same IP "family" if you will as the server and the other workstation

I am wondering if there is something i need to configure to get this fixed?

A:Remote Desktop - Cannot Connect from Home

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Hey guys

I have been trying to use remote desktop just within my home to help my wife with her hourly tech problems. Everytime I try to connect to her laptop I get an error "No terminal server installed". I swear I have used it at home before connecting to a buddies laptop. Is there a service I have to make sure is running on her laptop?

A:Remote Desktop @ home not working...

Does it say No Terminal "Server" Installed


No Terminal "Services" Installed

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I need to connect my computer at work from my home computer both has window 10 home, how I do that?

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I wish to use MS Remote desktop to control my home desktop. My home desktop is setup with a four computer LAN. The LAN is connected to the internet through a router. I wish to use my laptop, on the road, to connect to my desktop at home. I have been told i will have to use some Dynamic DNS software and servers. Is this so? If so any suggestions?

A:Using Ms Remote Desktop For Laptop To Home Lan

Perhaps you should read http://www.microsoft.com/windowsXp/using/m...emoteintro.mspxFWIW: Remote Desktop (using XP Pro) is just one method of making such contact, there are others.Louis

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