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DVD/CD Disc Drive Installed, But Doesn't Recognize Disc In Tray

Q: DVD/CD Disc Drive Installed, But Doesn't Recognize Disc In Tray

I've spent hours and hours trying to fix it, and have found nothing really worthwhile online. I'm coming here in the outside chance someone else may have experienced something similar.

Basically, my Windows 7 laptop will no longer allow me to play dvd/cds (burned or store bought). The drive shows up in My Computer, is enabled, bios look good, etc, etc, but if I put a disc in it never autoruns or shows up with the disc name in My Computer,
and if I double click the disc drive I get a "please insert disc" dialogue box and the drive door pops open. I've tried absolutely everything I can think of, and (for what it's worth) I don't think its a hardware issue because after I sent my computer off
to Samsung for this same repair it came back completely reformatted the disc drive worked for a second. Then I started getting rid of some of the bloat ware in here (bought it at best buy... big mistake) again, and it shut down.

Here's what I've done or tried so far:
- Uninstall, reinstall the drive
- Updated the drivers
- Updated dvd/cd drive firmware
- Ran Microsoft's "Fix it" utility
- Cleaned the lenses/laser
- Remapped the drive to a different letter/path
- Checked registry to ensure filters weren't an issue (the upper and lower)
- Restored the laptop back to just after I received it back from the Samsung repair people (didn't work)
- Undid the restore
- Checked BIOS (I'm by no means BIOS-savvy, but it appeared that everything was in line with what folks were saying it should be)

And probably a few other things I'm forgetting. This is driving me crazy. I just started an online grad class and can't really feasibly send my computer back right now.

Anyone experience anything similar or know of some super magical solution?

Windows 7 Home Premium
Samsung Electronics
Intel Core i7-2630QM CPU @2.00GHz
6.00 GB RAM
64-bit OS
NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M

Preferred Solution: DVD/CD Disc Drive Installed, But Doesn't Recognize Disc In Tray

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: DVD/CD Disc Drive Installed, But Doesn't Recognize Disc In Tray

You could try a system recovery back to factory specs. Here is a link to show you how.

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I have a Toshiba L305-S5894. It originally came with Vista Home Premium but I installed Vista Ultimate. Around that time, my disc drive stopped recognizing discs. I have a CD in it now...When I double click the drive from My Computer, I get a notice to insert a disc. When I eject the disc with the "eject" option in My Computer, I get the following message:

'CD Drive (D' is currently in use.
Save any open files on the disc, and then close the files or programs using the files before trying again.
If you choose to continue, the files will be closed, which my cause data to be lost.

I have three options to Cancel, Try Again, and Continue...only Cancel works.

Any help would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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The CD R/W RoM does not recognize a new disc.
It will read a prevously made disc.
Several days ago it was just fine. I tied both the CD-R I have been using and a different new CD-RW.

The Presario is five years old and the only thing I use the R/w drive for is back ups. Can't be worn out.


A:R/W Rom doesn't recognize new disc

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Hi. My CD-Rom will play audio discs and installation discs. But it doesn't recognize blank CD-R/RW discs. When I try to save data files to a CD-R/CDRW, I get this message: No device selected. How do I solve problem? Thanks

A:CD-Rom Doesn't Recognize Disc Is Inserted

is it actually a cd burner? because in your post you refer to it as a cdrom

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Hello folks,

I've read and searched this (and other) forums for an answer to this problem, which has been present for about 6 months (problem circumvented by using a caddy HDD).

I've tried many and various backup-to-dvd, CD and DVD writing tools but cannot get my DVD to recognize that a blank disc is inserted in the drive. It reads a commercial (film) DVD but each time I try to write to a blank one I see either no reaction at all or a message asking me to insert a blank disc, depending on the tool. I've tried everything from XP backup to any number of freeware backup tools.

The DVD is a Sony DVD RW-U14A.

Trying to find nero info tool on the web results in nothing.

Any help will be gratefully received.

A:DVD doesn't recognize presence of blank disc

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Recently my hard drive (Dell Dimension desktop) crashed and I had a brand new hard drive installed.

I installed Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 which I had used many times before with my old hard drive, and I never had any problems with the program recognizing my disc drives, D and E.

Now, for some reason, EMC 9 does not recognize the discs inserted into drives D and E, although My Commputer does recognize them.

What must I do to correct this problem? Do I perhaps need to change a setting? Do I possibly need to update a driver? At this point it seems to me that this problem has been caused by my having installed a new hard drive, so I figure there should be an easy solution.

Thank you.

A:Solved: Why doesn't Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 recognize either of my disc drives?

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After MUCH searching, I've yet to find info on this issue. Many similar, but nothing specific. Please bare with me if this is a known/solved issue.

Okay, old C drive was failing, so I decided on a new OS copy and new HDD. Bought an OEM Win 7 Home Premium 64, and installed.

Little did I know, but I should have had only one HDD hooked up!!! When I installed Win 7, I had 2 HDD's installed, and as a result, Windows installed the main files on my C drive as desired, but put the boot (MBR?) on my other HDD, F drive. Now I have 2 physical HDD's that are listed as Windows drives. So when I went to do a system image backup, all that came up was my DVD burner as a save location. My secondary HDD (F drive) was not shown. Now I know why!


Disc 0 - (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary)
Disc 1 - (System, Active, Primary) Also shows this as having unallocated space of 9MB.

I want ALL of Windows on my main C drive.

How can I fix this without having to re-install all programs etc on my C drive?

Can I do a repair of some type?

Could I install a 3rd internal/external HDD and use that to do a system image backup, then shut down, disconnect F drive, then do a system restore/repair using the OEM installation disc?

Any ideas/fixes?

A:Win 7 installed boot on Disc 1 and system on Disc 0 separate HDD's

Yeah, by having that other drive connected, you now have your boot files on the old drive and the rest of Windows on the new drive.

Post a screen shot of Windows Disk Management.

Normally, you'd want C to be disc 0, but that isn't critical.

You can fix this by using EasyBCD to copy your boot files from the old drive to the new. I think there is a tutorial on this site on how to do that.

Edit: here's the tutorial;

Bootmgr - Move to C:\ with EasyBCD

Probably can also fix it by disconnecting the old drive and then running startup repair multiple times, using your Windows installation disc.

Post the screen shot to confirm what's going on.

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Sorry to burden the forum with a question on my first post, but this seems to be my last stop before calling someone in.

Microsoft XP Professional 2002, service pack 2
HP Compaq dc5100
Drive C(Disc 0):
85% capacity available
Basic, Partition NTFS
"Healthy system"

Drive E (Standard removable disc drive, Disc 1):
This is the problem drive.
WDC WD800JD-60LUA0, version 5.1.2535.0(Microsoft Windows Publisher)
When I load ANY CD or DVD, the drive does not recognize it. I have tried numerous dics(which work fine in the other 3 computers) to no avail. "Please insert disc into Drive E"
I get the same result when I manually try to open, obviously there is already one in there.
Drive enable is on, autoplay is on.
Write caching on disc is enabled
I have rebooted numerous times, I have searched for updated drivers.
I have googled this for many hours.

I have no other disc drives loaded and the above (2) drives are all that I have.

Any ideas?

Thank you,

A:Drive E does not recognize disc.

bump please

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In the last couple of days my dvd/cd rw drives will not recognize a disc has been loaded and will not allow writing to the disc. without using a separate software, Nero, while DLA no longer works at all. I have even installed a new Sony 190A RW drive and the problem remains.

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So I have a desktop dell and yesterday the disc drive broke first it kept ejecting any DVD’s, cd's or programs I put in on it--the busy green light went on and it would eject them
---Then today it does not eject anything but the computer does not recognize any of the dvds, cds, or programs I put in it
help please!!!!

and when i go to my computer is just says to insert a disc...even though i have one in

A:DISC DRIVE will not recognize anything!!

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Computer Dell Dimension 4550. Operating system home xp

CD-RW which is E Drive. Does not recognize a disc, it states " no disc in drive.
I did not have any success following the recommendations laid out by Dell.
New disc where tried but without success.

I believe E Drive has gone South and has to be replaced.
My question is. Is there anyway I can be sure it the drive and not something else?


A:CD-Rw drive will not recognize a disc

Do you use Nero for your burning software?

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I just got the Matrix Box Set thingy and my DVD drive can read all my discs except for Reloaded. When I click on the DVD drive icon in Windows, it will open but nothing will be there. Media Player says nothing is in the DVD drive and Power DVD says that the disc is in an unsupported format.

What should I do?

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I put a disc in the tray and when I close it I can hear the disc spin for a few minutes, then nothing. I check "computer" and the dvd drive isn't even listed. Device manager lists a dvd/cd rom as "Hp dvd rw AD-7701H" installed and I tried to update the drive and it said that it was current. An other message later told me that drive may be "corrupted" and said code 39. This drive has worked in the past and I hope that someone out there can help thanks in advance. 

A:I hear disc spinning when I close dvd tray but drive is not ...

Hi, Please try the following fixes from Microsoft     https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/314060/your-cd-or-dvd-drive-is-not-recognized-by-windows-or... Regards.

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For some reason, my external disc drive tray won't close. When I plug it out from my laptop, the tray is still open and still cant close it. And when I plug it in my laptop, it still won't close. Here is the model im usinghttp://www.amazon.in/Lenovo-DB66-Slim-External-Writer/dp/B00NAXS4SY (for example)In a weird way, i can still use it the same way, I can still burn some files, if I just close it firmly. Not open.

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I pulled my LG GH22NP20 Dvd drive off another system to install into my newer desktop system. First I opened up the new pc's case, and just wanted to test out the dvd drive to make sure it works on Windows 7 64 Bit before assembling everything back together (screws, organizing the IDE wires inside, closing up the case, etc).. I popped in a CD and it played fine, with audio and everything. So cool it worked, so I wanted to clean this up to organize the drive in its right place and all, turned everything off, unplugged the drive, prop the case back upright, close up the case.. I turned the system back on, loaded up Windows 7, popped in the same CD onto the tray, pressed the button to close it, and 10 secs later the tray pops back out. I pressed it back to go in to try again and it came right out after it attempted to read it for 10 seconds. I then tried another disc.. a DVD, and another CD and same thing happened. But when I have NO disc inside, it does NOT pop out again. It was kind of strange cause it worked 10 mins ago! I then updated the driver anyways to see what happens, but nope. same issue.

I then unscrewed the drive, opened the top and bottom housing to see if something looked loose, or if a piece of something broke.. didn't notice anything. I also used the PC duster spray in case maybe some dust might have flown in during when i unplugged it initially. So then i tried to load some discs again and again.. stupid tray pops out after what it looked it it was ... Read more

A:DVD Drive Tray Keeps Popping Out ONLY If There's a Disc Inside All Of a Sudden!!

just a question are we talking about sata or pata drives ?
on pata drives you must set slave and master!

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I'm trying to install microsoft office 2003, but when i put the install disc into my D drive it won't read. There are no notifications at all, and when i try to exlpore the disc it gives me a blank screen. My D drive is playing cds and dvds as normal but it won't read this. I also know there is no problem with the disc because it reads on my friend's computer. Please help!!!

A:CD drive does not recognize install disc

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Please help me to make my dvd drive working.I ve tried lots of different things I ve seen here but nothing worked well enough.It started with getting a brand new dvd drive after the first stoped working,then go to start menu >run>regedit>...,downloading regfix..and now my dvd drive can read data from disc,but I still get the error msg :"Windows cannot read the disc in drive E:\ Make sure the disc uses the format that windows recognizes.If the disc is unformated you need to format it before using it."
It drives me nuts as i tried it in another pc and that can recognize it with no problem,and when i get this msg and i go to start>computer> it shows i have a dvd+r disc in the drive.I have removed some programs from my pc recently (including roxio).Thanks.

A:dvd drive does not recognize blank disc

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Hey guys,

Updated to windows 10 today. Had to do a clean install on a new hard drive. Now that it seems I have everything settled, for some reason my disc drive doesn't show up in the file explorer. It obviously worked as I installed Windows 10 onto the hard drive since it was off a disc. Is this some sort of issue that'd be resolved by updating drivers/getting essential Windows 10 downloads for clean installs?

Thanks in advance.

A:Windows 10 won't recognize my disc drive?

hi put a disk in the drive does it show up then? on laptop here at work a disk has to be in drive to show up in exployer

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I am running Win 7, but my DVD-RW does not recognize a DVD disc when inserted in connection with a burn project. It calls for insertion of a writeable CD. I have disabled the UAC, as recommended elsewhere, to no effect.
The DVD disc drive is a Samsung HD502HJ.
Are there any fixes for this? 

A:DVD-RW fails to recognize DVD-RW disc when inserted in drive.

This kind of issue may be caused by filter driver. Please access the following link to resolve it.
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929461 Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?

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Hello I have Dell computer with HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GSA-H73N SCSI CdRom Device...never had a problem with it now all of a sudden it wont recognize a blank disc...it will play a dvd movie with no problem...I uninstalled and then reinstalled the drivers which did nothing...also uninstalled the drive completely which didnt help either...any possible solutions would be appreciated

A:DVD+RW drive doesnt recognize blank disc

Did you format the disk?

Open up Disk Management. Right click in My Computer. Manage or type in diskmgmt.msc in Start menu/Run.

Right click on disk and select Format, unselect Quick Format and proceed, if not try Quick Format.

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My disc drive will allow the first disc to download, but when asked for the 2nd disc, it says to insert it. It will not read that 2nd disc. This is happening on 2 new games we have gotten. I have noticed this before - I can play one game on the PC then take it out and go to play a different game and it will not read that game has big squares (like fonts off wingdings) where the writing should be (when your looking in My Computer at that drive). I didn't pay it much mind then, just turned the computer off and restarted and then I could play the other disc game. Now that I have some games that require a 2 disc installation, I can't finish the install because it will not read that 2nd disc. What do I need to look at in order to fix this problem?

HP-Compaq, Pavilion 520n, GenuineIntel, 1300MHz, 256MB/512MB, System P6318A, Windows XP Home Edition V2002 SP2

***Thank you very much for all your help....and hope your Christmas was very blessed!!!!

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I've been trying to do what I thought would be a very simple task: copy files & folders to a cd, using the Windows XP Wizard. I did everything that it asks you to: chose my files to copy, told the cd drive to copy the files, started the Wizard, and it tells me that there is no disc in the drive.

I tried two different brands of blank cd discs, each a cd-r. The cd player did not recognize either. The cd drive plays cds okay, so I don't know what the beejeebers is going on here.

BTW: the reason I'm doing a simple "copy" with the Windows feature, is that I have been told that is all I have to do = using "fancy" Other Manufacturer-brand cd copying programs will not work as well (for copying non-music files).

If I'm wrong on that count, let me know, cuz I *do* have several different cd copying programs, the I'm considering using for music copying.



A:CD drive won't recognize disc when using copy Wizard

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Drive in Question: LightScribe Blu-Ray ROM with SuperMulti DVD±R/RW Double Layer.

Computer in Question: Hp Pavilion dv7 1270us.

Issue: I have bought both DVD+R and DVD-R (Memorex)(16x, 4.7GB, 120min) and tried them on my computer. My drive recognizes neither of them. It also wouldn't recognize my Fight Club Discs (Legit Collector's Edition). It's fine with Audio CD's, Game CD's, and other movies. I insert the discs, I here them spinning for a little while, then it just stops. I click "Open" or "Explore" on the drives and it ejects the drive, asking me to insert a CD.

I have tried messing around with the drives. My Computer > BD-ROM Drive (E > Properties then Fiddling around with all the drives.

I have uninstalled my Disc Drives and reinstalled.
I have updated the drivers.
I have called HP Tech Support, this was a heavily scripted event guided by an Indian woman I'm guessing reading off of another computer. She led me through seemingly vague steps, not really knowing anything about my problem.




^The above^ are things she had me download. The middle one did not work.

It is extremely frustrating to spend a lo... Read more

A:Disc Drive Won't Recognize Blank DVDs.

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Almost always...when I have finished using a disc in my Plextor PX-716A drive, the drive will not see a new disc until I re-boot my machine. It just shows "empty". Any way to correct this?
Thanks, Don

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I'm trying to format a disc in my DVD RW drive and no matter what type disc I put in, it tells me "there's no disc in the drive" and ejects. I'm trying to burn an ISO image to CD and it just won't work. Any ideas?

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Hi All,
I know this is 'against the rules' as I have posted this in another section as well but I got no replies so thought I would try this instead.

I have a toshiba satellite L750 running Windows 7 home premium, when trying to burn anything onto a blank disc I get as far as selecting my items and asking it to burn but it keeps telling me to insert a blank disc (which obviously I have). I have tried several different types of blank disc but it dosnt seem to recognise any of them.

Would be very greatful if someone could help.

Many thanks in advance!

A:Burning content - disc drive not recognising blank disc

Hmmm tricky are you sure they are blank? your drive also may need a firmware update.

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Ok.. Well, I bought Final Fantasy IX (11) for my PC. The game disc reads only on PC-DVD-ROM Software. I don't know if I have the right kind, this is what disc drive I have


Is that the correct one?

A:Disc drive wont read my game disc.

Looks like the right kind... It might be worn out

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So I have an bit of an odd and I think unique problem (as many searches came up with no solutions). Simply put, my boot manager is missing, but only when my windows install disc is not in the disc drive. It started several months ago and I just left it be, let the disc it int he disc drive and it was not that big of a deal. But just did a clean install couple days ago I re-installed windows 7 ultimate 64-bit on my computer (using an upgrade disc if that makes a difference). I formatted the drive with what I guess is a quick format (the option the install disc gives you). I have tried doing a repair with the install disc but no problems are found every time I try.

Anyone got any ideas how to fix this problem? Or I guess another way to ask, how do I get the computer to look for the boot manager on the hard drive and not in the disc drive?

EDIT: Also sorry if this is in the wrong section, I didn't really see a section that fit this problem, but if there is a better section for it, could a moderator please move it.

A:Boot Manager missing when no disc in disc drive

Hello Thamorian, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if running a startup repair may be able to help.

Bootmgr is missing - Fix

Hope this helps,

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I have a CD drive & a burner. The cd drive just stopped working all of a sudden. This is a Dell computer that is about 5yrs old. Whenever I put a disc in, (new old, burned, original, etc) the light comes on for about 10 seconds like it will read the disc, but then nothing happens. When I go to My Computer to double clic the D: drive, it just says to insert a disc into the D: drive.

Does anyone know what happened and what can be done?

A:why doesn't my DVD drive reconize there's a disc?

The drive crapped itself? 5 years is a pretty long time for an optical drive.

Other than that, look for the upper/lowerfilters that may render your drive unusable...
Pasting instructions...

In order to delete upper and lower filters you're going to have to edit the registry. The usual cautions apply. If the registry is not edited properly your whole system can crash.

1) Close all open programs
2) Click on Start, Run, and type REGEDIT and press Enter
3) Click on the plus signs (+) next to the following folders

* CurrentControlSet
* Control
* Class
* {4D36E965-E325-11CE-


4) This folder is the DVD/CD-ROM Drive Class Description in the registry. Look for any of the following names in the right hand column.

* UpperFilters
* LowerFilters
* UpperFilters.bak
* LowerFilters.bak

5) If any of the above keys shown in step 4 are listed, right-click on them and choose Delete
6) After deleting the keys, close the Registry Editor
7) Reboot your computer
8) Open My Computer and check to see if your CD or DVD drives have returned. You may also want to open Device Manager and verify that the yellow exclamation and error code on the CD or DVD drive is gone

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When I press the open button it makes a strange sound and doesn't open

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Hello everyone

I'm having trouble installing windows 8 onto a USB stick. I have created a Win8 install disc and the booted from that disc. So far so good.
At the point where it asks me where I want to install the OS to, the USB drive doesn't show up. I know Microsoft doesn't want you to install Operating Systems onto portable devices, but I know that this must be possible somehow. I have been researching on the internet for almost a day and tried lots of different processes to achieve my goal. None of them worked. The one that sounded quite well is installing Microsoft AIK and use these tools according to a documentation I have found on the internet. This also did not work though.

About a year ago, I installed Win8 successfully onto an external HDD connected via USB. I think this does make a difference since a USB is a flash device and not a physical device.

Does anyone have a solution to my problem?

The computer specs I use to install Win8 onto a USB is as following:
- HP EliteBook 8560w
- Windows 7 Professional x64
- Inter Core i7

Again, I want to install Win8 x86 onto a USB device from a windows 7 OS. Thanks in advance.

A:Install Disc doesn't see USB-Stick as drive

Take a look here:
Windows To Go - Create in Windows 8 Enterprise
Windows 8 To Go - Setup on a USB Flash Drive or USB Disk

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It used to be so easy -- I'd just put a cd in the tray and automatically get the response of a dialog box (menu?) on the screen asking me what function I choose...play CD, watch a DVD movie, etc. Upon clicking "play cd" the music started to play -- never a problem.

Now it appears that the PC is not recognizing the disk drive, even though the drive's info reads "this device is working properly" and the hardware wizard could not find a more up-to-date driver when it searched. I had the PC ,amufacturer's tech in the phone for help this past Saturday. He took remote control access to my computer and firstly, removed filters he said were in the Registry. CD still wouldn't play...still not detected. Next he uninstalled and reinstalled the driver. Still nothing.

Well, he determined that since it wasn't a problem with the sotware, ,the disk drive itself must be broken, so I need a hardware replacement. (Yike, here I go with even *more* expense. lol

My question is how do I go about buying a disk drive from a store and have it installed? (the manufacturer no longer carries parts for my machine, says it's too many years old (five).

What detailed information should I give the store in order to get the correct, conpatible device for my PC? It'll probably be online shopping or telephone.
Oh, I forgot to mention I am unable to take my machine somewhere to get this done. The phone tech suggested having the G... Read more

A:DVD/CD disc drive doesn't work anymore

DVD/CD drives are usually good for 3-5 years. Some last less than while others will function longer. If you got 5+ years out of it you did well.

These drives are not all that expensive. Do you know someone with tech knowledge that could put one in for you. If they do it is not at all difficult to do and they would be able to size up your system.

Can you give us the make and model of your system?

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I painted my girlfriends grandma's house, and in return she gave me her old computer.
The computers operating system is Windows ME. Anyway, she had told me that the orginal cd-rw drive that came with the computer had failed, and she had a tech replace it with a new one.

Well, I've had the computer for nearly a year now, and now the new cd-rw drive doesn't read the disc. The light flashes, and I can hear the disc spinning, but nothing else happens. I get a:
'"Please insert disc into drive D:" response when clicking on drive D.

Recently, I had to re-install Windows due to a techinical issue, and afterwards is when I noticed this problem.

I though that the cd-rw was missing a driver and I needed to download and install it so the cd-rw would function properly. So I pulled the driver out and got the following info:
CDRW 52x24x52 OEM
Model Number: 52X24X52 CD-RW
P/N: 91.3ED37.025
S/N: 30306900JE E2

I did a search online I couldn't find any drivers for this specific model. I don't know for sure if this is in fact the problem because I'm not a tech, but usaully am able to fix quite a few things.

Anyways, I'm totally lost. Does anybody know what the problem is? Can anybody offer any knowledge about it?? Is the drive broken crap? (I know Acer isn't good)

Also, the reason that I need my cd drive at this very moment is that I just signed up for DSL
and have no way of installing the DSL software that is provided ... Read more

A:CD-RW drive doesn't read or load Disc. Help!

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Hi guys, there is some seriously issue with my optical drive. When i put in any DVD inside it just have a sound "like the DISC is running" for 3 times and it stopped. I tried a lot of different disc. It doesn't read the Disc at all...

So is it my hardware problem?? ARG...

A:My optical drive doesn't read DISC

It sounds like a hardware issue. You could try to put it in another computer as a test, or look for updated firmware.

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I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 a few months ago. Yesterday the disc drive stopped working. I put in a disc I had made which contained various data, mostly text. When I clicked the D recovery drive nothing happened. In the past I would see a list of the videos on the disk and by clicking one of the items I could play it on Movies and TV. Now that doesn't work. I can play videos that I've downloaded and are in my videos file, but not videos from the disc drive. Anybody got a solution for this? I have an HP Pavilion slimline desktop computer.

A:Disc drive doesn't work on Windows 10

Originally Posted by gerewolf

I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 a few months ago. Yesterday the disc drive stopped working. I put in a disc I had made which contained various data, mostly text. When I clicked the D recovery drive nothing happened. In the past I would see a list of the videos on the disk and by clicking one of the items I could play it on Movies and TV. Now that doesn't work. I can play videos that I've downloaded and are in my videos file, but not videos from the disc drive. Anybody got a solution for this? I have an HP Pavilion slimline desktop computer.

Nothing should happen when accessing the recovery partition except maybe show files on it. Since that partition has a drive letter your ODD/Optical Disc Drive should show as E:, F:, G:, etc. Will it read other discs? ODDs have an annoying habit of dying when least expected, part of that may be due to the heat produced from the laser lens in them.

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I got error code b10hd8, I took my hard drive to be tested, it failed so I bought a new one, Identical WD internial hard drive I installed it.I don't haave the disc for the operating system that it came with.It was genuine windows 7 home preimum. I was told I have to install the originial operating system that it came withCan I down load it from the internet to a thumb drive so I can transfer it to my desk top?

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Just installed a LG DVD/CD writer disc drive and my Speakers just stopped working. In my "control panel" under "Sound" it gives me two options Speakers and Realtek Digital Output the realtek is the one working and speakers says its not plugged in but they are plugged in to the only connection possible anyone have any advice? I'm trying to get the speakers to work cause the Realtek says its working but no sound.


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I have a HP laptop running Vista Home Premium. I have a DVD+/- R/RW with Lightscribe drive.

After I burn any type of CD or DVD, either in iTunes or using the default program that came with my computer, no CD or DVD will be recognized by my computer until I restart the computer.

If I go to My Computer after inserting a disc it will show an icon for "CD-Rom" (i put in a audio cd) and if I double click on it will prompt with "Insert a Disc" and eject my drive.

The fact that if I restart and it works is alright, but it's stupidly annoying if I'm trying to back-up my computer and I have to restart every time I want to burn another CD.

What can I try to do to fix this?

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I'm having an odd problem on two different PCs. Both are WinXP and clear of spyware. They share very few other details, making it odd that they have the same exact problem.

Once I insert a CD into the optical drive (a Pioneer 108 DVD+-RW on one machine and a LiteOn DVD ROM on the other), the computer reads it and then ANY OTHER disc I put in after the first one seems to go unrecognized. Not only that, but bringing up "My Computer" shows that the drive is saying the FIRST disc's directory.

The only program I have on both which I suspect is CopyToDVD. Any suggestions? (I've already tried uninstalling it and it didn't solve the issue).

A:CD/DVD Drive recognizes first disc then sees all others as the first disc

Sounds like you have auto run turned off. My pc does the same but i dont want cd's auto running so i just put up with it.

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I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FE41E. I asked a local computer business if they could install Windows 7, which they confirmed. I took it home once installed, and the res was awful, no discs would play or even register. Prior to installation all discs played and loaded fine. After checking myself I found on Sony's tech site that a driver update hasn't been created for my model yet for Windows 7. I took it back and he uninstalled and put Vista back on from the Backup copy. He was terribly nasty about it, but could do nothing else. He should have checked before installing a new os.

Vista function is now fine but I can only play DVD's. The disc will not recognise CD-ROM or Audio CD. I've tried various fixes (Mr Fixit), and it simply says the disc drive is empty. I tried the Vaio Hardware Diagnostics for CD-ROM and it says 'There is not disc inserted in the drive.' I have to then abort. I used a Lexmark cdrom which installed on another computer perfectly, so there is data to be read. If I enter a cdrom or audio cd just normally, the drive moves with the usual whizzes and pops and attempts 3 times to find the disc but stops. No message box appears.

My friend has exactly the same model, I've been going though System and Drivers to see if everything is the same. The only differences I can find are that she has Service Pack 1 (though I have run Windows Update fully as recommended by Microsoft on their Service Pack 1 download page), and her Disk Drive is FUJITSU MHV2120BH ATA Devi... Read more

A:Disc Drive issue after W7 installed and uninstalled on Vaio VGN-FE41E

Hi -

You should have Vista SP2 installed. SP1 must be installed before SP2.

Check Windows Updates --> www.update.microsoft.com

Add'l info on Vista Service Packs --> http://jcgriff2.com/0x1/Vista_SP_Prepwork.html

I would also suggest that you contact Sony Support and inquire about purchasing replacement Vista recovery DVDs -


Regards. . .



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Hi there. I am having some trouble with some of my DVD+RW discs right now. Because I ripped some of my audio CD's using my Windows Media Player, and then I burned my DVD+RW disc to my SonicRecord Now burning sofware. And this software came with my computer. And it's been working for me a long time. But right now I am having major problems with my DVD+RW discs because I put all of my music onto my disc.

So I put this DVD+RW disc into my CD Burner drive. And by the way, just to let you know that my CD Burner is the DVD+Rewritable type of burner drive. So I put in this DVD+RW with all of my music on it, and my computer started to crash and freeze on me! Man, this gets so annoying and frustrating when this happens! And also my CD burner light was flashing green along with my hard drive light at the same time! And I have like no idea why it was doing this for. For my computer I have a Dell Dimension 4600 with XP Home Edition.

So do you know why that this is happening to me for? You know what I'm thinking? I am probably thinking that DVD+RW discs are only made for putting DVD's on them only. But not music! So that is probably the reason why my computer keeps crashing on me for no reason. So instead, I should be using just a plain CD-RW or CD-R. But I am using these DVD+RW discs because they last for about 2 hours more then just the CD-RW discs do. But that's not really good though for me. Oh well. So do you know if there's any way to fix this problem that I ... Read more

A:My CD Burner drive doesn't play DVD+RW disc for audio music

DVD+RW discs are a little tricky to work with. After recording to an RW you must Finalize the disc in the recording software. If you do not Finalize the disc, then the disc will not read. Also, there are only so many uses for an RW. You can only Erase (Format) the disc so many times before they stop working well. I suggest to always use -R discs. They are one time use only, but much easier to work with. Are you putting your music on discs to back them up or do you have a DVD player that plays Data discs? Or are you making a DVD Audio disc? If you are just backing up, why not consider a USB HDD?

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I have a circa 2003 Pentium 4 HP Pavilion desktop. It won't boot, recognize an XP disc in either the CD or DVD drive, or send a signal to the monitor.

Let me tell you how it happened, which may clue you in as to what might have gone wrong. Yesterday morning upon starting up, the system froze after the desktop had already come up. There was no signal to the mouse or keyboard. Several hard reboots resulted in the system freezing each time, sometimes earlier in the boot process, sometimes later. I finally decided to do a chkdsk /r from the recovery console (via XP disc). Afterwards, the computer started fine and did not freeze -- at first. But perhaps an hour later, it froze again.

I decided this time to try a System Restore. From safe mode with command prompt, I started System Restore and selected a restore point from two days ago. The restore was nearing completion when the system froze. After waiting a bit to make sure, I had to do another hard reboot. But now the system seemed truly screwed. It powered on (somewhat more loudly than usual), but nothing happened. No signal went to the monitor. It wouldn't even boot from or recognize an XP disc. Repeated boot attempts failed.

The personal data is backed up, so that's not a concern. My question is, what's next? What's probably wrong (or how do I find out what might be wrong), and how can I get the old system running again? It's worked fine until now. Thanks for your time.

A:Doesn't boot, reognize disc in drive, or send signal to monitor

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Working on a spiffy e-machine with Windows Vista Home Basic that runs pretty well.

After reading multiple posts where the advice usually begins with suggesting a 'boot disc' or a 'recovery disc', I guess what I'm looking to find out is:
1) what is the difference between a boot disc and a recovery disc?
2) How do I go about making one on this machine (or if I even can)? << I did read through Grinler's tutorials regarding System Restore points and all that seems to in good order. But I guess I'm not sure on the relationship between that and my post (or if there even is one).
3) a best practice regarding these type of discs
I don't have any pressing issues at this time, but I also don't want to wait until I do.

Everything I've learned here at BC has been so great & helpful, I would like to stay on that path, so any links/apps/ideas/suggestions and/or insights would be greatly appreciated.

A:Boot Disc, Recovery Disc, Frisbee Disc

1) what is the difference between a boot disc and a recovery disc?Boot disk vs recovery disk. Let me see if I can phrase that in a way that makes some sense.A recovery disc is a generic term for the disk or media containing a backup of the original factory condition or a specified condition of a computer as configured by the original equipment manufacturer or an end-user. OEM supplied recovery media is sometimes shipped with some computers to allow the user to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the operating system and pre-loaded software as it was when it was shipped. This is not as common a practice today as it was in the past. I won't confuse the issue, but google recovery partition for more information.A boot disk is a removable data storage medium, i.e. DVD or flash drive from which a computer can load and run 'boot' an operating system or utility program. The computer must have an installed program or application which will load and execute a program or application from the boot disk. This will enable you to boot an otherwise unusable machine to be able to troubleshoot the OS or non-working application as necessary.Hope that gives you a better idea of the difference.As to how to create a boot disk? I will let more knowledgeable staff or members assist you.

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Working on a spiffy e-machine with Windows Vista Home Basic that runs pretty well.
After reading multiple posts where the advice usually begins with suggesting a 'boot disc' or a 'recovery disc', I guess what I'm looking to find out is:
1) what is the difference between a boot disc and a recovery disc?
2) How do I go about making one on this machine (or if I even can)? << I did read through Grinler's tutorials regarding System Restore points and all that seems to in good order. But I guess I'm not sure on the relationship between that and my post (or if there even is one).
3) a best practice regarding these type of discs
I don't have any pressing issues at this time, but I also don't want to wait until I do.
Everything I've learned here at BC has been so great & helpful, I would like to stay on that path, so any links/apps/ideas/suggestions and/or insights would be greatly appreciated.

A:Boot Disc, Recovery Disc, Frisbee Disc

1) what is the difference between a boot disc and a recovery disc?

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