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CD Drive Problem when writing ISO

Q: CD Drive Problem when writing ISO

Today, i was trying to burn an ISO today when i got this message.

"The image didnt burn burn because an error occurred. The drive reported that it is performing a long-running operation, such as finishing a write. the drive may be unusable for a long period of time. (Error code: 0xC0AA0207)"

Haven't started a write since my computer turned on. Please help!
Wont let me eject either!

Preferred Solution: CD Drive Problem when writing ISO

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: CD Drive Problem when writing ISO

Hello Djtheninja. Welcome to the Forum.

You can get that error message if you have bad media (defective CDs or DVD's)

To get out of the optical drive freeze just restart Windows. Eject the disk when the computer begins to restart.

Then try the burn with another disk. Keep in mind that if you bought a pack of cheap disks there could be many that are no good.

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Hello! I have bought my new dvd writer drive, but I have problem with writing dvd's on it, it can't open blank dvd's and write to them media, but it can only open already disks, thta have some files on them. I am a lil bit confused, plus I got another simple cd rom writer, connected to same ide cable, maybe i should disable it and leave only this new dvd rom driver, I have read help on my Windows xp Proffessional home center, and there was said, thta i must disable recording on dvd-ram drive, i did it, but now, when i try to open blank dvd disk, it says inccorrect operation, can any1 give me advice? My dvd wrier drive is Optiarc 7170A and i got those latest drives, plz give me some advise, I am totally confused Thx

A:Solved: Problem writing dvd disks on new dvd writing drive

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Dear Tech Team,
I have bought New Sony DVD RAM Driver DVD Re-Writable, I can write normal CD ROMs but unable to write DVDs, Nero Software not recognizing any DVD but can detect normal CD inside the DVD-ROM, other software are recognizing DVD but when I insert blank DVD I select burning softwares and start burning on DVD but after burn DVD becomes un-recognizable, or DVD ROM does not detect it, I think there is some issue with the hardware setting of DVD RAM Drive, as some one informed me that there is a variable screws inside DVD that needs to be adjust for Lence intensity to be able to write on DVD. please provide help how can I resolve this issue.

A:Sony DVD RAM Drive DVD Writing Problem

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I have a dell 4600 running windows XP with a NEC DVD+RW ND-3100AD drive. Its very old, but it works ok. I also have two Toshiba AVI playing DVD players.

For years I have been able to write files to DVD and then watch them on my Toshiba DVD player, but in the last couple of weeks I have a problem which frankly has left me baffled.

I can write files to DVD, they write perfectly and when I look at the disc in my computer all the files are there with the names I gave them and they play fine. When I put the DVD in either of my AVI DVD players the player doesnít see the files. Sometimes if I put them back in the computer and change the title of the file they will appear on the DVD player, a lot of the time this doesnít work. Sometimes if I change the name of a file on the computer the computer sees the changed file name, but the DVD player sees the old file name.

Itís annoying because it doesnít happen all the time, last night I wrote two discs Ė one which was half full and I wrote about 2GB worth of files to it and they showed up fine on the DVD player and a second disc, also half full, where I wrote one 350mb file and the DVD player canít see the new file.

This happens with two different writing programs, on different discs both new and old and on two separate DVD players so I can only assume something is wrong with my DVD writer. Iíve checked the drivers are up to date, but I would really appreciate it if anyone can help me figure out what is wrong.

Thanks in advance... Read more

A:Intermittent writing problem with DVD drive

Welcome to TSG, Lula72.

lula72 said:

.......Sometimes if I put them back in the computer and change the title of the file they will appear on the DVD player....Click to expand...

After burning a disc, you shouldn't be able to change anything, presuming you finalized the disc. If a disc isn't finalized, then most players will not be able to play them. Not sure what program you are using, but look for a finalize (or close) after burn option.

Besides that, you could simply have a bad batch of discs, or it's possible that your dvd drive is failing and needs to be replaced.

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Recently I received hundreds of mail delivery failure notices in Outlook Express. I changed my password and it stopped for a month, but it is happening again. At the same time the mail problem came back my computer started making the popcorn popping sound like it is constantly writing to the hard drive and the internet is a tad slow or occasionally gets hung up. MSE finds nothing, but lately it takes 24 hours to complete a full scan. I appreciate any assistance you can offer. Thanks! Windows XPEdit: Moved topic from Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs to the more appropriate forum, due to the absence of any malware logs included in the topic. ~ Animal

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my dvd drive is a philips dvd+-rw dvd8701 and it used to work just fin i used sonic dla that came with the dell, then sick of all the junk they put on it i formated and eventually did it again, and now just after a fresh install it stooped working, i don't have the original discs that came with it so i got the drivers from websites. but now it wont write to a dvd using nero trying to burn ubuntu to a dvd i get done and everything looks good and nero finishes but then the stupid windows pop up baubles come up saying you have files waiting to be written so i click it and no file shows up, ive never had an issue with a optical drive so i am clueless and don't know what to try

A:dvd drive not writing

Check the device manager. Do you have any yellow exclamation points next to any of the devices. Under DVD/CD-ROM drives, does your DVD burner show up?

My first thought is you might have installed the wrong drivers. Make sure you have the correct driver for your make/model of DVD burner. Make sure the drivers are current and/or are the acceptable drivers for the service pack that you are using.


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Hello everyone. I have a Dell computer that I have had since last year and in March I decided to install Vista. Long story short, that was a mistake. I wiped everything clean and reinstalled XP Home edition with Service Pack 2 and everything was fine until it started saying my virtual memory was to low. I'm down to about 62MB and its suppose to have atleast 250MB. Upon further inspection I realized everything was saving to my E drive. I got a few things transfered over to the C drive but it hasn't helped. What should I do?!

A:Everything is writing to E drive!

The way I setup machines for a fresh install of Windows XP is to:
1. If it is a single physical hard drive partition it into two, with 20GB on the first partition. If multiple hard drives then I don't bother
2. Install Windows XP to the first partition or the first hard drive if you have two
3. Store all of your files/documents/photos/whatever on the other partition/drive
4. Use a program like FolderRedirector to change where your My Documents, My Music folders etc point to from the Windows XP drive to the other drive

As for virtual memory: If you have multiple physical hard drives in your machine, you should put your page file on the opposite drive to the one Windows is installed on. You must have at least 50MB worth of page file on the Windows drive however (else Windows won't boot).

Setup virtual memory (right-click on My Computer, select Properties, select Advanced tab, click the top Setting button under Performance, select Advanced tab, under Virtual Memory click Change. For your Windows drive set the Custom Size to 50MB - use same value for initial and maximum and click Set. For the other hard drive use a Custom Size as suggested - suggestion is Recommended amount near the bottom. Again same value for initial and maximum, then click Set. Finally restart your computer.

Your page file may be fragmented if your hard drive is full. Using the in-built windows defragmenter won't fix it - there is a free one available called Page File Defragger or something l... Read more

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I can drag and drop files to be written to my cd drive, but when I right click on a file, then on "send to" my cd drive does not appear on the list. My floppy drive does. How can I get my cd drive to appear? I have replaced my cd drive and tried new disks to no avail. I am thinking it is a Windows software issue. Can you help? I have had this problem for a long time, but I can remember when it did work correctly. I am running
XP PRO with sp3, not sp2 as shown. It shows correctly under my system tab.

A:writing to cd drive not right

Hi deweylovem !

This article may help :

Else you could try to create a shortcut to your CD drive and add it manually to the sendto folder : How to Add Items to the "Send To" Menu in Windows XP

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Hey everyone I am trying to burn about 1.6 gigs of music onto a 4.7 gig dvd+r disc. Everything seems to be ok when burning. I know something was burned to the disc because when it is done I see the dark blue on the outter edge of the disc. When I put the disc in another computer with a DVD rom it does not detect anything on the disc and when i put it back into my DVD drive it dosent detect it. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? Thanks.

A:DVD+RW Drive not writing


It sounds like the write head on the burner is gone, i believe you can get this fixed but it would probably be a better idea to purcahse a new one. Is it possible for you to get access to a another burner and see if this works on your system?


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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel Pentium III Xeon processor, x86 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2004 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 20002 MB, Free - 3370 MB; D: Total - 456926 MB, Free - 61676 MB; F: Total - 20002 MB, Free - 5715 MB; G: Total - 456926 MB, Free - 22009 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, DG41RQ
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled


I have got 2-3 brand new Sony DVD Writers and none of them are writing any CDs/DVDs

Software used: Nero/Windows media player/Itunes/Windows OS burning

They go upto 10% max at times and then stops and the CD is spoilt

My laptop is wiritng DVDs perfectly, so the DVDs are perfectly alright

I dont understand what is the issue with brand new writers

pls help. thanks

A:CD Drive not writing completely

Since it apperently isn't the drives (as they are new), I suspect it's an issue involving the mother board.
Have you tried using a new cable to connect the CD/DVD drive to the Mother Board?
Or perhaps, it could be a driver the computer itself uses to interface witht the drive.

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does any one know if theres a way to do this?


A:CD RW drive writing to a DVD RW Disk

Nope can't be done. You need to have a DVDRW to write to any DVD disc.

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Hi everyone. I have a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-106D drive. I have burned about 12 DVD's in the last 2 weeks on this drive. However, out of nowhere, it all of a sudden doesn't recognize my discs. I keep getting a message "Cannot write to this disc. Insert a recordable DVD disc." I have been using the same DVD's since day one. Anyone know what could be wrong?

PC INFO: Sony Vaio PCV-RS431, Windows XP home, Service Pack 2.

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I've got an old gateway box i'm buildnig for my sister. Everything thats in it is OEM to when it was my system. All except for its got no drives right now, just running off the OEM Mobo/cpu. I found a 10gig harddrive that just happened to have a copy of win98 on it. So i installed the harddrive, flashed the bios, booted it up, set the CMOS options to not look for any othe rdrives. It goes to the win98 loading screen and then goes to a blackscreen and says Error Writing to Drive C: and gives the usual retry, ignore, abort optinos. Retry/ignore dont get anything accomplished.

Any ideas? Might this harddrive be bad?
I hooked it up as a slave to my personal computer and scanned it for viruses. Nothing. Also created/deleted some files just to make sure that it could be written to. And it both created and deleted filess off of it.

A:Error writing to drive c?

maybe if you reinstall windows on the drive it may work. you could have a corrupted windows installation because you said it works as a slave...

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It would mean a great deal oif you could help me out o this mess.
The CD -RW E drive was not writing my pictures to a CD. It has not been burning a CD for a long time. So....I tried to see if I could fix it...That began my troubles.
Mistakenly, I think I pressed Disconnect on the drop down menu. Then I couldn't get an icon on "My Computer". I asked the computer for help and after following the directions for regedit the icon came back. Now the dropo down menu was different. Now if had something that said "Write files to my CD". However, it still wasnn't working. After further investigation on Properties uder the CD-RW E Drive I learned that it was set to ask it to write files from my C drive and I want my E drive. Also, it was set to music files instead of Blank CD.
I thought I hit the jackpot!!!! But I tried to change those settings. And then whne I went back to them they were instantly changed back to C drive and music.

Is this set that way somehow in the computer? Is there a way to change this? Is this perehaps a setting locked in by an administrator? What is your opinion?



When using Windows' CD Buring facilities, files are copied to a special folder on the C: drive before writing to the CD Burner:

C:\Documents and settings\username\Local settings\Application data\Microsoft\CD Burning
which will contain the files ready to burn to CD (E: drive).

Clearing out the files in here will restore settings back and the Folder type back as well.

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Is there a way to monitor which programs/tasks are writing the most to my SSD C: drive.
I have no hibernation file, and my page space is all on D:

It has taken me two years and four months to "wear out" my old OCZ Vertex4 and I'd like to find the culprits!

A:Monitoring programs writing to C: drive

TreeSize might be the Program you are looking for ...

You should be able to see what is taking up your Drive space ...

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Hi, I have a sony vaio laptop with Vista Home Premium and the DVD RW drive isn't reading discs. I can write or burn a cd but not read one. Also my laptop has been making a crickling, cracking sound and then a clicking sound. Then after it wil shut down or a error screen comes up or blue screen sometimes. Any help would be appreciated. THANK YOU.

A:DVD RW Drive writing but not reading disc

To me Blue Screen and sounds indicates a failing drive
Follow these instructions, too.
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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Hi everyone,

I'm using win7 ultimate. It's a while that when i try to copy anything from my PC to any external drive it starts copying proccess and fixes at a point maybe for 1 or 1.5 min. and continues after it, or sometimes it takes long time showing "calculating..."

How can i fix this issue

thanks in advance

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Hope someone can help me out here...

just upgraded PC from Win Vista to Win7. Bought new Nero burning
software as I was at it. All read/write functions of the optical drive
(Plextor PX-716A) work fine, but I can't burn DVDs (Yes, reading DVDs is

The errors I get are:
"Focus or tracking error", "Power Calibration Error", "Session fixation
error" and "Burn process failed".

Things I've already tried:
- Turned down the burn speed
- Cleaned the lens with a special cleaner CD
- Updated the drives firmware from 1.07 to 1.11
- Updated the drivers
- Cleaned the Windows registry
- Fixed some corrupt files by running SFC /Scannow command
- Used both types of single layer disc, DVD-R and DVD+R
- Attempted burn with different settings: UDF, DVD copy and UDF/ISO

...the only thing that has worked (once) is changing the blank media
discs from TDK to Verbatim.

Is this a sign that the optics in the drive are on the way out?
Is there some way to find out how many hours the drive has been used for
through some diagnostic menu? (I really don't think I've logged that much time on the drive...)?

Thanks, any ideas welcome.

EDIT... just to add, I've tried the built-in windows burning tool too, but no joy..

A:DVD drive reads ok, but has trouble writing

I would suspect a defective drive. From your description it sounds like the Laser is not strong enough. DVD burner drives are relatively inexpensive (in the US) and I would suggest replacing it, especially considering the age of the Dimension 8300 (old XP hardware).

The optical drive in the 8300 is a PATA type (IDE). Make sure you get the correct type and NOT a SATA drive.

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I keep getting a BSOD when attempting to copy to my zip drive. The error log says mrtrate not found error 7000. A search online indicates this is caused by quicken. I have quicken 2004 and I am not able to turn off the background service. There is no place in the menu (specifically no menu item that says options) to turn it off in quicken 2004. Is there another solution?

or is the problem with a device driver with the zip drive?

I got this error before even when not writing to the zip drive but it seems to be triggered now when I attempt to write to it.

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I have Toshiba laptop with Windows Vista.

I did a search of the postings but didn't see anything that relates to my issue here.

I'm trying to backup all of my picture files onto DVDs. I'm basically selecting about 4gigs worth of files, right clicking and selecting "Send to DVD RW drive"

The status pop-up says that it will take about three hours to finish. I made sure that the power settings would NOT shut the computer down before the burning is complete.

It stops before completing the burn. No errors or anything. Any ideas?


A:DVD drive stops writing after about 3gig

This is not a solution. It is a suggestion to capture a successful 'burn' to the DVDRW. Write a single file to the media, burn it, and then examine the file burned to the media. Examine the events logs that show the start and completion of the processes. Contrast this to what happens for the problem you're having.

When you state "stopped", this suggests that the process has released the drive - that is, the process is not hung. I take this to mean that ejecting the media received no indication of any files pending a write.

Your description did not indicate if the media was spoiled by the burn. Spoiled meaning that the media was not properly closed. Inserting the media should attract attention if it cannot be mounted (opened for write, meaning the media was not finalized). If it was finalized, are any files found on the media?

Forgive me for being imprecise with terms: raw, closed, finalized.

For experimenting, RW media may save a little on the costs. All brands of media are not equal - some drives are fussy. Remember that RW media behaves different from +r/-r media.

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When I scandisk or defrag there is something running in the background that constantly writes to the hardrive. HELP!!!!

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 7:20:48 AM, on 7/13/05
Platform: Windows 98 Gold (Win9x 4.10.1998)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar = http://us.rd.yahoo.com/customize/ycomp_adbe/defaults/sb/*http://www.yahoo.com/searc... Read more

A:Something writing to hard drive Hijackthis log

I'd recommend rebooting, then make sure nothing is open (looks like Outlook was open in your HJT log). There are many programs which will write to the drive every so often, so closing as many as you can is important. I've found real player can interfere sometimes, so try right clicking on the real player icon by the clock and clicking exit (or quit).

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XP x64 BSOD Writing to Mapped Drive? [SOLVED]

I've been tracking this problem down for months on end but can't seem to find a cause, let alone a resolution.

I'm running XP x64 on a 2-processor Dell Workstation with a few mapped drives. I've been getting lots of blue screens, often in clumps. I'll get 2 one Tuesday, be fine for a week, and then get 6 the next Tuesday.

The minidump files include a bunch of different bug check strings and codes and a variety of "caused by" drivers. The bug check codes include 0x1000007E, 0xC2, 0x9C, 0x50, 0x3B, and others. I've attached a .zip of the last 10 minidumps. By far, the most common "caused by" is ntoskrnl.exe.

The recurring theme about these crashes is that they all seem to happen when I'm writing files to a mapped drive. It's hardly deterministic too. I wrote a batch script that writes a small text file to any one of my network drives, sleeps for a half second, and does it again. Sometimes, the script will write 100 times before crashing. Sometimes, it get through 8 iterations. I should point out that this is caused by any network drive, and it makes no difference whether or not the server is running Linux or Windows.

I've tried replacing the network card in the PC, thinking perhaps there was something funky going on there, to no avail. I've also done multi-day passes (Friday evening to Monday morning a few times) with Memtest86 with no ... Read more

A:XP x64 BSOD Writing to Mapped Drive?

I read the minidumps in your first Zip file. Two were unreadable due to corruption. The other three are helpful in finding a cause for your issues.

A system thread generated an exception which the error handler did not catch. There are numerous individual causes for this problem, including hardware incompatibility, a faulty device driver or system service, or some software issues.

The other two errors are 0x000000C2: BAD_POOL_CALLER
A kernel-mode process or driver incorrectly attempted to perform memory operations. Typically, a faulty driver or buggy software causes this.

All three cite the same driver as causing your issues: Prot6Flt.sys. It took some digging to find out what it is because there is almost nothing online concerning this driver but it belongs to your Panda security software.

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I work in an Windows 7 enterprise environment. We recently pushed forward the initiative to take away local admin rights on all company work-stations.
There are a few employee's that need the ability to "write to the C: drive" with certain programs and this is taken away when we remove local admin rights.

All our work-stations are tied to our domain. What are the possible workarounds to allow users to write to the C: drive? Should we create a group policy in AD DS or do we do it on a per user basis and create a permission with the local machine? Please reply with your thoughts! I posted this in Security because it had to do with taking local admin rights away.

Thank you to everyone who helps.


A:Creating an exception for writing C: Drive

You could create a new security group in AD and only give the users who need the access, access.

You could also create a logon script so when the user logs on they are give the permissions.

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HP Xw6000 has terrible slow writing speed to 1TB external HD. Copying a file from the drive to PC seems fine with decent speeds. I updated the chipset firmware and USB control driver but no success. I have to mention that I tried the USB drive on a different PC and the writing speed to the drive is normal. XW6000 runs XP SP3 with the latest updates.

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From the make of vendor, and identification of its number , could one say, whether the drive is capable of read and write. My optiarc dvd rw 7530 a, from its name suggest that it is capable of reading and writing. But i could not burn image file, by using either imgburn or nero. Nero Nero also reports error verifying and imgburn saying layouts do not match
If the drive is capable, then it should have burnt the image. Pl

A:How to know that the cd drive will be capable of writing and reading

A re writable drive is a re writable drive, there is no arguing that point, it could be the media you are trying to use, you could have a bad iso file etc.

Download a fresh iso file of something and....

try this simple program it works perfectly, and always burn at the slowest possible speed.

Free ISO Burner

I believe Sony makes it, but there are all kinds of bad reviews on it.


If it doesn`t work, buy a new one of a different brand, dvd rw drives are a dime a dozen.

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I have an Emachine running XP. I purchased a 16G thumb drive (PNY) to do backups thinking it would be faster and less clumsy than burning CDs. To my chagrin, the thumb drive is much slower than burning a CD. Is this normal?

A:Writing To Thumb Drive Slow

What is the Model # or your Emachine? If your Emachine is 10 years old, it may only have USB 1.1 ports instead of 2.0. Where are you plugging this Flash Drive into? You may find that the Back USB Port on the computer instead of the Front is faster.

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have a system with NT4, samsung 52x32x52 cd-rw drive and roxio directcd installed.

What I like to do is share the drive with a directcd formatted cd in it inside a network.

The problem is when ever I tried to open the drive in other computer's network neighbourhood, it comes out with a blue screen error....

Tried to map the drive as local but also same fault.

Anyone have any idea ??

A:sharing and maping a packet writing drive.

Just to add in. I can map as local z: drive but can't open it as the blue screen will appear.

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Sorry for this long post, but I figure the more information the better.


I have had this problem for some time. I have 2 USB hard drives connected to a USB 2.0 PCI card. Almost every time I try to write to the second USB hard drive, my computer either freezes or crashes. It usually happens (but not always) when I am writing to a mounted TrueCrypt partition. Half the time one or both of the USB drives are not even recognized by Windows and I have to reboot again to get them recognized. I replaced the second USB drive with a new Western Digital, but I have the same problems. I have had no problem writing to the first TrueCrypt USB drive. I donít know if I need to update my drivers, the USB 2.0 PCI card has gone bad, I have a bad hard drive, or what.


I have a Dell Dimension 8200, Windows XP Home SP2, new installation about 2 months ago.

2 internal hard drives: Primary 40 G (1 partition), and Slave 300 G (4 partitions)

5 port USB 2.0 PCI card (Ali Corporation, Model # M5273) (added after purchase of Dell computer) with 2 USB external 2.5 hard drives plugged in here (both enclosures have double plugs for data and extra power which are all plugged in taking up 4 USB plugs)

1. 40 G Seagate HD in Macally enclosure (1 TrueCrypt partition which mounts to a different drive letter)

2. New 250 G Western digital HD in Rosewill enclosure (both bought from Newegg.com) (4 partitions, the last partition is a TrueCrypt partition which mounts to a different drive letter... Read more

A:Freeze or Crash writing to USB Hard Drive

i have a simlar issue my computer will freeze up ..totally non responsive and not always a BSD.. whenever i use my epson printer... it has become more and more a problem as of late though

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Recently I tried to burn an .iso with my disk drive and a DVD rw with a third party program (Astroburn). It would always begin burning, and say "operation failed" after 20 seconds or so. Each read/write speed would fail, as well. I tried to use the windows disk burner, but that did not solve the problem. The error I got was that the disk had read-write speeds incompatible with my drive.

However, I know that is impossible, because when I first got my laptop, I used the 5 disks from the exact same package to create my system recovery disks. I was also able to (around 6 months to 1 year go) create a Fedora boot disk a while back; again, with the same disks.

Other notes: I have no idea if I can write to other disks, because I don't have any other brands of DVDr's lying around in my house. I can definitely read any disk - I can read the exact same disk, but I can't write to those disks. I suspect the information I am giving about my hardware is incomplete, but I am unsure as to what I need to say about it. Please tell me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I am using "Slimtype BD E DS4E1S"

FINAL EDIT: I took it back to my manufacturer (ASUS) and they switched out the drive for another. Turns out it was just faulty. Thanks for helping.

A:Laptop Disk Drive Not Writing disks

Anyone have any ideas of what is wrong? If it is hardware, I could replace it, although I do believe that my warranty might be invalid. I can't seem to find this problem using google; I found a lot of related issues with my same model, but no one seems to be having my issue. In addition, I downloaded and ran the Microsoft auto-fix for disk drives - reading/writing disk players as well as dvd/blue ray disk drives. Neither detected any sort of problem with my disk drive.

In addition, a disk I could not burn worked perfectly fine on another computer. I'm completely sure it is my computer and not the disk.

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I have three different external usb hard drives that I sometimes connect to my pc. All three have their own power supplies. Recently, when trying to write data to any of these drives the pc freezes. No BSOD, no error message. It just freezes with what ever was displayed on the screen. Only way to recover is hit the reboot button on the front of the case. The only big change to my pc recently is install of SP3, but I don't recall if these problems started just before or just after installing SP3. If not related to SP3, any ideas what might cause this problem?

A:Solved: XP locks up when writing to an external usb drive

The only major change to my pc recently was installing SP3. So, I uninstalled SP3 and now I'm able to write to all of my external usb drives again.

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My HDD is constantly read writing for more than a week now. I checked for malware and viruses and found none. Also on the processes the one using 98% of the CPU was system idle?????? Any help as to why this is happening??????

A:Hard drive constantly read/writing

Start Menu->Search programs and files->Type in Resource Monitor->Press Enter->Click the Disk tab

Which program is at the top if you sort by Total (B/sec)?

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HP Pavilion ze5560us Notebook PC and HP DVD Writer dvd200e





Drive D: DVD+R/W Has Stopped Reading or Writing DVDs all other formats OK.
Drive E: DVD+R/W Reads and writes DVDs and all other formats OK.

What has been tried:

[1] PC Hardware Device Manager reports Drive D: Sony DVD+RW - P50 A OK.

[2] Drive has been R/W DVDs up to a few months ago.

[3] HP web sites does not have any new driver/software updates for Sony DVD+RW A.

[4] DVD decoders are on PC (Third party players are installed on PC).

[5] Drive E: R/W DVDs without problems.


A:Drive D: DVD+R/W Has Stopped Reading or Writing DVDs

goto the device mgr ,double click on cdrom to open it ,right click on the drive that is not working ,click remove. restart your computer and let windows hardware wizard reinstall it. this worked for me a year ago.

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something is wrong with my drive lately. it all started one day when i got this message while booting my pc. "drive 1 on primary eide controller is operating outside of normal specifications". now i dont see this message anymore but when i write new files to that drive, they become corrupt.

i am using windows xp pro sp1 and its a wd 180 gig hdd.

A:hard drive having problems writing files

Check in your BIOS for the settings of that drive. It should have LBA enabled.
Also, your BIOS might not be able to handle such a big drive (might go over the 1024 sector boundary), look for a BIOS-update from the motherboards manufacturer that may deal with this problem.

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Probably a really simple question with a really simple answer, but ???? I can usually sort out the problems on my own, but I am not sure about this one.

I have a Compaq Presario with a 2.93 gHz Celeron processor, 1 GB RAM, running Windows XP Home Service Pack 3. I have an Intel Ultra ATA controller and Intel Bus adapters. I use AVG Free Anti virus, Spybot S&D, and Comodo Firewall. I use Firefox and Chrome browsers. I have used Start up Inspector for Windows and the only programs that auto load on start up (other than Windows files) are my firewall, anti-spyware and 1 anti-malware (Spybot S&D), Java Updater, Google Updater, hpsysdrv, Site Advisor, ctfmon.exe and NvCplDaemon.

The front light that indicates that the HD is reading/writing is constantly flickering, which has only been occuring that week or two. During that this time the system also seems to be performing slower than previously. When the performance has gotten really bad I have opened Windows Task Manager (which takes longer than normal) and it shows only the program I am running, but also shows 90-100% processor usage. This usually occurs when online, but even after a page a page has fully loaded processor usage stays at 90-100%

I run a anti-virus scan daily, have also manually ran one in safe mode. I have ran scans with Spybot S&D, Malwarebites and Superantispyware in both regular and safe modes with nothing out of the ordinary. I also ran a test with KL detector with no abnormal results.... Read more

A:Hard Drive Constantly Reading/Writing

What is the exact model number of your Compaq Presario?

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I've been having a lot of trouble lately with a SCSI hard drive. I hope someone out there can help. Occasionally (this seemed to happen when the drive was getting full, but I'm not sure that had anything to do with it) when I would try reading from the drive, the activity light would stay on for a while and I would get the error that I referred to in the subject line.

After this would happen, I would run scandisk. Most of the time, it stated that both copies of FAT did not match, but it seemed to fix it without much trouble.

The hard drive is a Quantum 4.3GB partitioned into two FAT32 2GB sections (F: & H . The SCSI card is an AdvanSys Ultra Wide adapter. I have an external scanner and an internal CD-R drive that are SCSI as well. As far as I know the termination is correct.

To try and fix the problem, I backed up my data and repartitioned and formated the drive. I thought that had worked, but I'm still getting the same errors.

Is my hard drive dead? Should I try a low-level format? Buy a new SCSI card? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Error Writing To Drive H: Files or Data may be lost

How old is it? Most Quantum SCSI drives have 5 year warranties on them. It does sound like it is going bad to me... I would suggest backing everything up and getting it replaced.

You can check warranty status here:

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I was wondering if enabling compression when formatting a USB drive slow it's writing ability?

I recently did this to a new USB drive & I swear it seems to be taking a lot longer to write/transfer/copy files to it than it should. But it could just be me.

A:Will enabling compression when formatting USB drive slow it's writing?

compression, almost by definition trades speed for space.
I would expect a noticeable change when doing it with usb devices.

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i just got the replacement toshiba lightscribe drive in the mail yesterday and it plays EVERYTHING fine but will NOT write without making u think the drive is about to self destruct. it gives off these weird crunching sounds like the drive is laboring really bad and it takes a minute for it to eject when this happens. can anyone help me before i call HP tomorrow and rip them a new one? unless im overlooking somethin i'd say i got a faulty drive.......AGAIN.

A:Solved: DVD/CD-R drive makes weird noises when writing

Don't write at max speed. Better test with lower speed option 16x or 24x. If it is again producing sound then call for ur h/w vendor. Try good quality media while writing not the cheaper one.

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I have recently purchased and installed a new hard drive. It is a WD Caviar 16MB cache SATA 2 7200rmp 250 GB. (running as SATA 1 because mother board only supports SATA 1). I have noticed that it is horribly slow when the drive is being written to, also the processor usage spikes to 80-100% during the writing. I have concluded it's just during the writing because the computer boots fast and seems just fine when reading from the drive.

I have Windows XP installed, and running the latest updates. The driver for the the HD is a Windows SCSI driver. I have looked on the WD website for their driver, but have not had any success finding it. The only software that came in the retail box is the WD Data Lifeguard application, but it doesn't have an option for installing drivers.

I've read some posts about DMA and PIO settings, but I'm not sure if that only applies to IDE drives.

Thank you in advance for the help.

A:Processor usage very high when writing to hard drive

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I have bought a Dell OptPlex computer in Japan and all the software and help menus is all in Japanese.

It has a Philips CDRW/DVD CDD5263 Drive and I tried recording to a DVD for the 1st time yesterday but couldn't.

Can anyone more computer savvie tell me; (not hard)

1 Can I record to DVDs on this drive? (I thought I could?)
2 Is Nero 6 compatible with it?
3 Any advice at all

many thanks

A:CD/DVD Drive Question about DVD writing Philips CDRW/DVD CDD5263

That drive is a combo drive that can read and write cds but can only read DVDs.

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Hi, I got two 40Gb hard drives on my system (C and E). I had a problem with drive E which is the secondary drive. The error was: "The file or directory E:\ is corrupt and unreadable". I managed to recover all the data from the drive and then formatted it. But now when i try to copy some data from the drive C into it, the computer freezes for a little while every 1 second more or less as data is being transferred. Any idea?
Thank you in advance for your help.

A:Computer freezes when writing into the secondary hard drive

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I'm worried my external hard drive is dying. Whenever I plug it in I get prompted to scan for errors and read and writing to the disk to insanely slow all of a sudden. I've tried it on different USB ports and with a different cable just to eliminate those variables.

It's a 500GB Verbatim Portable Hard Drive (this one I think but a little over a year old now http://www.verbatim.com/prod/hard-drives/portable/acclaim/)

I'm hoping there's a way to fix it as right now getting a new drive is a little out of my price range but I'm not really sure how to troubleshoot this sort of thing.

A:Slow reading and writing with external hard drive

According to the warranty: [A link to the PDF is provided at the link you gave.] http://www.verbatim.com/UserFiles/File/Hardware%20Limited%207-Year%20Warranty.pdf

Verbatim warrants its products to be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 7 years from the date of purchase. Verbatim’s sole obligation with respect to claims of non -conformance made within the warranty period described above shall be, at its option, to repair or replace any item of Equipment that Verb atim, in its sole discretion, determines to be defective, subject to the procedure set forth.

Download the warranty to read in its entirety.

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I am running SBS R2 and it seems that somehow the server files are writing to my hard drive for offline storage. I ran out of room on my computer hard drive and of course I did all the usual stuff and then figured out I had all these offline files on my computer for 23 GB worth of stuff. How do I get this to stop and not write files to my hard drive?

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Hello Sir, Need Help, I have HP v220 16GB pendrive , Now that pendrive can't Formatted display msg on "Writing Protect", So how to Delete or Formate in my pendive  MY SYSTEM CONFIG:WIN;10 64 BitHP Pavilion e0 15tx Laptop PLS help me  Microsoft Windows [Version xxxxxxxxx](c) 2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.C:\WINDOWS\system32>diskpartMicrosoft DiskPart version xxxxxxxxxxCopyright (C) 1999-2013 Microsoft Corporation.On computer: xxxxDISKPART> list diskDisk ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt-------- ------------- ------- ------- --- ---Disk 0 Online 931 GB 1024 KB *Disk 1 Online 15 GB 0 BDISKPART> select disk 1Disk 1 is now the selected disk.DISKPART> attributes disk clear readonlyDisk attributes cleared successfully.DISKPART> attributes diskCurrent Read-only State : YesRead-only : NoBoot Disk : NoPagefile Disk : NoHibernation File Disk : NoCrashdump Disk : NoClustered Disk : NoDISKPART>

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Windows XP - My computer started making the popcorn popping sound like it is constantly writing to the hard drive and the computer is slow or occasionally gets hung up. Not sure if it's related, but recently I received hundreds of mail delivery failure notices in Outlook Express for mail I had not sent to people I do not know/have in my address book. I changed my password and it stopped for a month, but lately I get about 5 delivery failures a day.

MSE finds nothing, but lately it takes 24 hours to complete a full scan.

I appreciate any assistance you can offer. Thanks!

A:Slow computer, sounds like it writing to hard drive constantly

Download Security Check from HERE, and save it to your Desktop. * Double-click SecurityCheck.exe * Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. * A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.=============================================================================Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply.====================================================================================Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Devices (do NOT change any settings here)List Users, Partitions and Memory sizeClick Go and post the result.=============================================================================Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (aka MBAM): http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_free to your desktop. * Double-click mbam-setup.exe and follow the prompts to install the program. * At the end, be sure a checkmark is placed next to Update Malwar... Read more

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I need help, my hard drive is freezing up, and windows keeps alerting me that delayed writing fails, this happens everytime I run Donkey. I have tried everything to fix it: re-installing windows,drivers...etc, but nothing has resolved it....

A:Edonkey causing windows delayed writing failed in SATA drive

did you try uninstalling edonkey??

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My supervisor has a laptop with a removable cd-rom, Compaq cd-rom CRN-8245B. He has used it to burn CD's in the past, and it has stopped writing discs. A blank disc says, "Cannot copy files: Files on this CD-Rom are read-only. You cannot copy or move files to this CD-Rom drive." when try to copy files to it. Has it quit working, it still reads discs, any suggestions? Thanks.

A:Cd writing problem

The CRN-8245B is only a CD-ROM drive not a CD-R/RW drive. Is that the correct model number or do you have another drive?

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