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Is there a way to make shortcut to Internet Protocol Version 4?

Q: Is there a way to make shortcut to Internet Protocol Version 4?


I have Internet Protocol V4 settings:

IP adress:
Subnet mask:
Default gateway:
Preferred DNS server:

I want to know if there's some way to make shortcut for these settings so I can click on that shortcut whenever I want to configure the Internet Protocol V4?


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Preferred Solution: Is there a way to make shortcut to Internet Protocol Version 4?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Does anyone know if this version is causing problems browesing the net? or has it finally replaced Version 4 all over?

A:Internet Protocol Version 6

It hasn't replaced version 4 at all.

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I am just curious about this protocol. on my desktop computer it shows local access and sometimes shows limited internet access. On my Laptop, wifi puter, the IPv6 is never used, is there a way to utilize this protocol for my laptop and why does the access go from limited internet to Local on my desktop?

Thank you

A:Internet Protocol Version 6

I don't know much about IPv6. Even this 'introductory' video is too technical for me in parts!; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wa7y3W2DI0&feature=related

One thing I do remember reading last year, when IPv6 Day was held, was that it wouldn't have much impact on home users until the majority of ISP's enabled the new protocol on their servers. I assume that will cost money so they'll only do it when IPv4 addresses are closer to exhaustion.

EDIT: Attempts to post the video URL seem to produce a 'freeze frame'. Go to www.explania.com and search 'What is IPv6?'

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I got a new vista, and I noticed this. Do I need this checked? Am I better off with it checked? What the heck is it/ I've read in many forums where people advise to turn this off, but that's only to fix a problem. What's the real deal holyfield here?

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I am using a wireless linksys wrt160n router with a linksys AE1000 usb adapter on windows 7. Up until now I have had no problems. A few days ago, I came home to find that we had had a blackout. I had no connection and could not seem to fix it.
Up until that time, I've always used my network connection 4 for internet access but no matter what I did to I couldn't get a connection. So I thought if I disabled this connection and then enabled it that somehow it would reset itself and I would have a connection. Unfortunately when I disabled it there was no option for enabling it because it disappeared. I currently am using network connection 6, but my internet is at a crawling speed.

I searched on how to reinstall network connections 4 and found this page http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Change-TCP-IP-settings
At the bottom is says to "To install IPv4, run Command Prompt as an administrator, type netsh interface ipv4 install, and then press Enter." I did so successfully and restarted my computer like it said to after inputting the command. But when I brought up my network connections, there was no network connection 4.

I even went to the command prompt and typed ipconfig /all and the IPv4 entries are not there like it used to.
Any help would be appreciated.

thank you

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How can I make a desktop shortcut for Internet Explorer?

There is no option to create a shortcut after right clicking on IE--neither in Start/Programs nor on the IE icon I have on the task bar.

I think the icon I have on the task bar is the one that used to be on the desktop before I moved it; because I couldn't find how to create a duplicate back then either.

A:How Make Desktop Shortcut Icon for Internet Explorer?

Hello Tom,

This can help show you how to.

Internet Explorer Desktop Icon - Create in Windows 7

Hope this helps,

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Cannot access the Internet after version 10 is installed on my desktop.

A:Network protocol missing after version 10 update

I have a laptop, I found after installing up dates after initial windows 10 install and restarting, I could not connect to the internet and error was missing protocols etc , while I am computer illiterate I rummaged around and found, That by turning off my laptop and then turning on, there was no error and I was connected to the internet, if I just restart the laptop then the error is back and so is loss of internet connection, so while this may be unrelated to your problem and I have yet to get this problem resolved it may help someone get connected, so turn off, not restart.

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we have disabled SSL2 & SSL3 and TLS 1.0 also in my server but still showing 20007 - SSL Version 2 and 3 Protocol Detection vulnerability issue.
can you help me anyone ? 
Server SSL existing setting screenshot for your reference 

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I am getting the below error when using a Visual Basic application. Does anyone how to get around this or where I can download the latest version of the control?
Your version of MSCOMCTL.OCX maybe outdated. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application

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I recently bought a new PC, went from XP to Vista. The new PC comes with IE 7.0.6000

I use MS Outlook 2000 as my email program.

I want to set Outlook 2000 as my default email program when I click on a MAILTO function in internet explorer. Instead, it defaults to MS Mail (any time I click an email address online, it opens MS Mail instead of Outlook)

I remember in IE it was very easy to set the default programs for various functions. Now when I try to set the default program, I can't change it from MS Mail to Outlook. I got to:

>Internet Options
>>Programs tab
>>>Set Programs

I then get options to:
-"Set your default programs"
But I can't find a way to set Outlook as my mail program
or this:
-"Associate a file type or protocol with a program"
Then I find the MAILTO protocol, and select "change program" but MS Mail is my only option. I want the MAILTO protocol to open up Outlook 2000, not MS Mail.

Thanks for any assistance!

A:Cannot make Outlook the default program for MAILTO protocol - stuck with MS Mail

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Have been looking at a similar but now closed thread.

I have always used Outlook for my mail but have just started to do some voluntary work and they have loaded Thunderbird onto my PC to use for the charity e-mails.

I have checked all my normal settings and Outlook is ticked. Outlook is working fine in itself.

I am using XP and IE 8 and MS Outlook 2000.

BUT when I am on a website and want to use the "contact us" e-mail this opens up as Thunderbird and with my new e-mail identity with no option to change it.

The similar thread I read suggested that this was a known issue and suggested going to
Tool - File types - URL Mail to protocol and selecting navigate to Outlook.

I have tried this but do not seem to have this URL despite scrolling through all the files.

Desperate to get this sorted so I can ensure that my personal e-mail does not end up in the charity Thunderbird Inbox. The person who loaded Thunderbird for me has tried but if at a loss now. Says she has loaded this for several people and they do not have the same problem.

Could anyone help me please? I am a computer numpty so in idiot proof instructions would help

A:Solved: Cannot make Outlook Default Programme to Mail to Protocol - stuck with Thunde

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I used to have a shortcut to a music software program that always runs as admin. It was ableton and it had a little uac icon at the bottom right hand corner of it now I cant remember how I got it like that. Any ideas?

A:How do I make a shortcut that will always run as admin?

Why does it need to run as admin all the time?
That makes no sense...

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I've been looking for a shortcut key to make a new folder in Windows Explorer (I have XP). Is there one or can I create one?

A:Shortcut to make new folder

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I hate the windows key. How can I remap it to run a program instead? I want it to run a "show desktop" shortcut I got.

A:Make windows key run a shortcut?

Would have to be done using Third Party software. Follow this tutorial Map Any Key to Any Key on Windows 10, 8, 7, or Vista

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Hi. I have been getting bothered by clicking on every messenger client every time i log into my xp account, and I hate trillian. how can i make one shortcut execute more than one exe?
thanks in advance

A:how to make a shortcut execute more than one exe?

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I have a strange problem with my uncles desktop pc. That pc has to be always on for video recording but once in a while Windows will automatically reboot and i just can't exactly find out why.
But why i did found out is that he's always getting 3 error messages (in the Windows event viewer) about 20 min prior to the unplanned reboot. 
These are the error message in the event viewer:
1) The following fatal alert was generated: 10. The internal error state is 1203 --> Schannel ID3688 --> time: 19:00
2) The same as above on the exact same time with same event
3) RDP protocol component X.224 detected an error in the protocol stream and has disconnected the client --> TermDD ID50 --> Time: 19:48 (about 25 min prior to the reboot)
Who can help me out here. This is driving me crazy. Sometimes we miss days of recording, while we aren't using that PC for other things.
Thanks in advance!

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Is there a way i can make a service shortcut so i can start a service from my desktop?

A:[resolved] Is there a way to make a service shortcut?


Originally Posted by djw2009913

Is there a way i can make a service shortcut so i can start a service from my desktop?

Sure can.


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I'd like to have an icon or shortcut to Windows Update, preferably in the Start Window.

Currently I have to type "Update" in search to get there. 3 steps, very clunky.

In Windows 7 we had a link in the Start > Programs Menu. Something like that.

A:Make a Windows Update shortcut?

Mean left click start menu select Settings and click Update &Security is still to long of a process. To me way Windows update is on Windows 10 what is use having it so quickly accessible ?

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Hi, I'm really struggling with command prompt right now, it doesn't make any sense, and I have found ZERO info through repeated Google searches.

I'm on Windows 10 and for some reason my Photoshop CS6 refuses to open and throws the stupid "This app has been blocked for your protection" error at me. I already had UAC disabled because it's annoying and I run everything as admin. Right now I'm trying to simply create a shortcut that runs Photoshop.exe through command prompt so I don't have to mess with it every time I want to use Photoshop. The .exe is located at D:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 bit)\Photoshop.exe (my own program files location). If anyone can help write a shortcut command if it's even possible, it would be greatly appreciated.


A:Need to make a command prompt shortcut

See whether this can help


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I'd like to have an icon or shortcut to Windows Update, preferably in the Start Window.

Currently I have to type "Update" in search to get there. 3 steps, very clunky.

In Windows 7 we had a link in the Start > Programs Menu. Something like that.

A:Make a Windows Update shortcut?

Mean left click start menu select Settings and click Update &Security is still to long of a process. To me way Windows update is on Windows 10 what is use having it so quickly accessible ?

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I have made a shortcut on my desktop to a web site, and I need it to open in a browser that isn't default. I have a browser I want to use Chrome as default, but this link goes to a work website, the company software I have on my computer will only work with Internet Explorer, which I hate with a passion, maybe it's a old outdated preference that should be changed, but for now I will use Chrome, just like I used Firefox for years until Chrome changed my preference.

Is it possible to do this, right-clicking and properties doesn't work. I've tried all the options listed in this thread, with no luck.

Can I make a shortcut open in NON default browser?

A:How to make a web shortcut open in different browser

There may be more than 1 way, try opening the 'other' browser and drag the shortcut to the page or Address Bar. Right-ciick it and choose Open with... and pick the program. Copy the URL in one browser and Paste in the other.

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I guess I'm not sure if this is the correct category for this, but it's to do with the mail app. I use it to manage my mail, and I want to set up a hot key for it for my drawing tablet, but I can't find it in file explorer. So I thought I'd just make a shortcut to the app on my desktop and set the hot key to that shortcut... but I can't figure out how to do that either. I've found most all the other applications in my start menu except for the mail. Where is it?

A:How to make desktop shortcut to mail app

Hello Fae,

Here you go:

"Mail" App Shortcut - Create in Windows 8

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How can I make a shortcut to the Windows 7 Task Scheuler?

I'm using it often and each time I go to Windows Help and search for task scheduler. Then click through the results several times before I get to the window showing my actual scheduled tasks.

It would save tons of time, if you can help me by providing directions on how to get to that window quickly or creating a shortcut to it.

My thanks in advance,

/ Gary E.

A:How to make a shortcut to task scheduler

You can go to C:\Windows\system32 where you will find taskschd, you can right click on that to pin to taskbar or start menu, you can also right click on it and then send to, desktop (create shortcut)

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My room mate and I want to play a game which uses the old style save system where there's only one "story" and no options for switching characters/profiles/etc. We want to be able to play at different points in the game and with different settings; to this end I'm writing a program that will quickly interchange the relevant save and settings files when the correct profile is loaded. However, I'm afraid that one of us will forget to run this program and end up overwriting the others' stuff.

Is there a way to make this program run when we click on the shortcut for the game, and have the game run after my program has closed?


A:Can I make a shortcut that runs two programs?

You can make a batch file for doing that. For example, the following batch script runs Windows Notepad waits for it to be closed and after that runs Windows Calculator :start /wait notepad.exe
start calc.exeType the code inside Notepad window, save the file with .bat or .cmd extension, like runme.cmd on your desktop.

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Ok im going to Show you How to make a Secret Shortcut on Your Dektop.

1: Create Folder Shortcut to your location.

Neu means New and Verkn?pfung means Shortcut!

2: Pick the Location of your folder. If i where you, put the secret folder deep in your system!

3: Rename the folder.

Umbenennen means Rename!

4: Press and keep pressing the Alt button. Type from your number pad on your right side of the computer (not the normal numbers) Type in while pressing Alt : 255.

5: Press Enter. Now you shouldt see any Letter or Number as the Name.

6: Change the Icon of the Folder.

[img]http://s11.**************/5trdi6t27/Icon.jpg[/img]Anderes Symbol means Another Icon or Change Icon!

7: Download the Icon.rar from my Attachments.

8: Then change the Icon to the Downloaded one.

9: Done! It Should look like this:


Youre Welcome. Any questions ask me!

Oh and By The Way My Computer is on German so dont worry read under the Pics to Understand!

A:[TUT] Make A Secret Shortcut on Desktop.

If someone have read that post please reply: Good or Not. Helpful or Not. And a simple thank would be appretiated!

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Hi, can anyone help jog my memory for me please. I use to have a shortcut to msconfig and remember I had altered the path info in the target box to ensure that the startup tab displayed as soon as I clicked on the msconfig shortcut instead of the General tab.
Yes i know maybe I'm being lazy but despite saving an extra click it helped remove the extra irritation of having to do so as I make regular adjustments in the startup section.
Please anyone?

A:How to make msconfig shortcut open at particular tab

Mine tend to reopen to the last place used but check this Microsoft page:

Should have added to look toward the bottom of the page.

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I did quite a bit of online research prior to asking my own question, but none of  the solutions I've found online really pertain to the issue we're experiencing.  
We have 2 Windows 7 Pro PCs in the office.  They are accessed via RDP from within the same network/location.  The systems that are accessing these 2 PCs are an XP Pro machine and a Mac.  The clients stay connected for randomly lengths of time
(no longer than 1 hour) before the session goes black and disconnects them randomly.  When the disconnect occurs, it's not due to inactivity.  The user has to wait several minutes before they are able to reconnect.  
On the Windows 7 PCs, Event Viewer gives:
Event ID: 50  The RDP protocol component X.224 detected an error in the protocol stream and has disconnected the client.
Event ID: 56  The Terminal Server security layer detected an error in the protocol stream and has disconnected the client. 
I've seen suggestions of checking registry keys and a lot of suggestions regarding Windows Server and Terminal Server, but they don't apply to our situation.  Please let me know if more information is required.  Thank you!

A:The RDP protocol component X.224 detected an error in the protocol stream and has disconnected the client.



Do you enable the
IEEE 802.1x authentication?


Regarding the issue, I suggest updating the network adapter driver manually on Windows 7 PCs. Also update the router's driver and firmware.


If the issue persists, you could disable the TCP Offload. To do this,


Run the following commands on both the client and the server to disable NIC offloading.


netsh int tcp set global chimney=disabled

netsh int tcp set global rss=disabled


Modify the following registry key to disable netDMA on the client and the server.




Note: If this registry entry does not exist, right-click Parameters, point to New, click DWORD Value, type EnableTCPA, and then press ENTER.


Value: 0


You can also refer to the following KB to troubleshoot the issue. Hope it helps.




Best Regards,

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i tried following the instructions on this site
Create a Shortcut or Hotkey to Clear the Clipboard in Windows - How-To Geek

(creating a shortcut with the command cmd /c ?echo off | clip?)

but it doesnt seem to be working...

does anyone know why?

A:how do i make a shortcut to clear my clipboard contents

I saw that a while back, but it's my understanding that windows 7 doesn't store clipboard contents, if anyone else can confirm this that would be helpful.

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Is there one already? If there isn't one how do I go about create one? I do not want to buy a multimedia keyboard just for this functionality. Thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide.

A:Would like to make a keyb shortcut for muting volume

Give this a try,

Create a Shortcut or Hotkey to Mute the System Volume in Windows

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How to make that shortcut to the desktop in the toolbar wider.

That hitarea is just way too small. (I know win+D does the same thing)

A:How to make the shortcut to the desktop in toolbar wider?

Hello Carsten,

If you like, you could create a separate "Show Desktop" shortcut to use instead that can be pinned to the taskbar.

Show Desktop Shortcut - Create - Windows 7 Help Forums

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I want to make a short cut to the desktop for Paint. In Vista, I would just right click on Paint, and select send to desktop. I just started using Windows 7, and that option does not appear when I right click on Paint. I googled the problem, and found instructions about right clicking on the desktop, selecting New then Browse. But Paint does not appear in the list.
I do not seem to be finding a clear explanation of how to create desktop short cuts for programs like Paint. Can anyone help me figure this out?
Thank you.

A:Solved: can't make a desktop shortcut in Windows 7

The path to Paint (mspaint.exe) should be C:\Windows\system32.

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I have a HP 6735s and he has no special key for enabeling/disabeling touchpad.
I tried every combination with Function key and its not any of them.
Is it any way to make something that turns it off and back on when i want with combination of some keys?

Help please.....


A:How can I make shortcut for enable/disable touchpad?

From google it looks like it is disabled when you plug in an extrenal mouse, but I may be wrong

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In W10, when i go to settings > devices > mouse & touchpad, there is an on/off toggle for the touchpad. Can I create a (command line) shortcut to this toggle on my taskbar (or desktop) so when i tap it the touchpad it switches between on and off. I want to be able to disable the touchpad from time to time when working on something.
Thanks for the help!

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Hello : I need to make a desktop shortcut to a running program . Is this possible ? Thanks .

A:need to make a desktop shortcut to a running program

Can you describe what you need in a bit more detail?
I'm guessing you have a running process like a media program or something similar and you want to make a shortcut to show it?

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I have a new video card...and I am quite often tweaking its settings in advanced display properties...I have to right click an empty area of the desktop, then select properties, then select the settings tab, then select advanced and finally select Geforce 6800 GS...I want a shortcut to this...I know it's probably simple, but I have not found it. I do not want a program running in the taskbar for it...just a clickable shortcut.

A:Can I make a shortcut to my advanced display properties?

There should be a setting in there to "Display the Nvidia settings icon in the taskbar" I have that on my work computer and at home on my ATI card. There should be a checkbox for that somewhere in your advaced settings.

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I would like to be able to make one by just right clicking on a startmenu item and "Send to Desktop as a shortcut".. or similiar. ( as pre windows 7) I know how to "pin" but that's different.
As it is,the right button does nothing. If I try to drag the program icon across.. it loads the program.
I managed to do it recently by modifying something like Folder Behaviour but after having to resort to an earliier backup I lost both the function and the method of achieving it.

Anyone help?..please.

A:how to make desktop shortcut from Start Menu?

What happens when you right-click an icon? Doesn't a menu appear?

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I've decided to make a LivePE, but cant figure out how to run some portable apps thru a shortcut on the livePE desktop, if i could do that, i could just run the apps from the desktop, besides having to actually go into the usb and select the program, since the drive letter always changes, i cannot make a shortcut inside the PE, is there any way to do this?

A:How to make a shortcut from a usb drive to a windows livePE

Use \ which means root of the current drive, which in your case would be the flash drive you are booted from.

If you had a program in Tools\Subfolder\anytool.exe, then address it as \Tools\Subfolder\anytool.exe.

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How do I make short cut icons for L.A.N. and Wireless Network connection
in Windows 7 ?

I wish to put them on Windows 7 Desktop or send to Windows 7 Desktop like
you can with Windows XP.


A:Make shortcut for LAN and Wireless Network connection

open network and sharing center, then left side of screen select change adapter settings then right click on local area connection and select create shortcut.

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I have firefox as default, so if i create a shortcut it always opens in FF. But theres one i want to open in IE. Can this be done? I've even tried saving the page in IE's favorites then dragging that to the desktop from the fav menu but once thats done it opens in the default browser, FF.

A:Can I make a shortcut open in NON default browser?

Internet Explorer Desktop Icon - Create in Windows 7

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as title said, is there anyway to do so?

i have a cyber cafe and planned to renew it.
so i want to make a folder that customers can't access but the file is executable/launchable through its shortcut.

let's say i have a game shorcut called Assassin Creed, i want to make this game executable through shortcut but the directory won't accessible if they decide to explore it. so they won't mess up its folder's contents or the game itself.

i've searched entire forum & google and didn't specifically find it, not sure i've tried hard enough.

big thanks in advance.

sorry for bad grammars.

A:How to make a shortcut's folder inaccessible but executable?

Hi ReeQo, welcome to SevenForums

As far as i know, .exe shortcuts will not run if the target folder is not accessible by the current user.

How about installing Deep Freeze, this help you restoring your system after every reboot.
And securing a system image of your workstations, in case some users intend to destroy your windows.

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Hello my Pc is infected with virus make the files shortcut and I do not know how to treat it. the virus came from my usb when I made scan for my usb by avast trial version it gives me vbs virus. is there any free tool or something free to fix it and for more information I cannot download win 7 updates on my computer or run win defender.

A:my Pc is infected with virus make the files shortcut.

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Hello Windows7 Forum,
I would like to as whether it is possible to create a desktop shortcut for a service from the Services.msc console. I have a few services that I run only when I require them. Rather than opening the Services.msc and starting the services when needed, then
stopping the service when I'm done with it, is it possible to have that particular service as a desktop icon where I can double click it to get its' property prompt/dialog box that has the 'Start', 'Stop' buttons.
For example, I have MySQL installed. In order to use MySQL databases and the MySQL Workbench I need to start the MySQL service. When I'm done I stop the service. I would like to do this from an icon/shortcut immediately available. There are a few other services
I'd like to do this for too.
Not a show stopper nor a problem, more a matter of convenience. Any tips are very much appreciated.
Thanks and regards,
 - BotRotBotRot

A:Make a Desktop Shortcut From an Item in the Services List

Create two batch files with the code snippets below:
Stop MySQL.bat - net stop MySQLService
Start MySQL.bat - net start MySQLService
I don't know the exact name of the service, but you can update that.If you found this post helpful, please give it a "Helpful" vote. If it answered your question, remember to mark it as an "Answer".

Rich Prescott | MCITP, MCTS, MCP

[Blog] Engineering Efficiency | Twitter:
@Rich_Prescott |
Powershell Client System Administration tool

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Am "using new HP laptop 2000-2d27dx Windows 8.1. Only way I shutdown or restart is going to "charms" panel - Settings - then click Power off icon and choose Sleep, Shutdown or Restart. Is there a way to put a SHORTCUT for Shutdown and Restart on the desktop and/or the Start screen?

A:Can I make shortcut for SHUTDOWN/RESTART on desktop/Start?

The easiest way is to install a 3rd party solution like (free) Classic Shell or (paid) Start8. See screenshot:

The other way would be to download this ready made shutdown button (by Brink):

Hybrid Shut Down Shortcut - Create in Windows 8

You could also follow this tutorial to create your own shutdown or restart button as well.


Hope all this information is helpful. Good luck.

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I like to organize my files and folders very thoroughly. Sometimes I have a folder full of files that arguably belong in multiple locations. I'm wondering if there's a way to create a sort of "wormhole" that leads to another location. Let me give you an example:

Let's say I went on vacation and have a bunch of subfolders within C:\Vacation photos\. Subfolders including:

C:\Vacation photos\Food photos\
C:\Vacation photos\Selfies\
C:\Vacation photos\Hotel\
C:\Vacation photos\Sistine Chapel\

The last one contains photos of the beautiful architecture of the Sistine Chapel that I took while on vacation.

But let's say I'm an architecture connoisseur and I have another folder where I keep lots of pictures of architecture from all over the world:


Now, rather than copying all the pictures from C:\Vacation photos\Sistine Chapel\ over to C:\Pictures\Architecture\ and taking up twice the HDD space, I'm wondering if there's a way to create a folder or a link or shortcut or something within C:\Pictures\Architecture\ that leads to C:\Vacation photos\Sistine Chapel\, kind of like a "teleport" or a "wormhole".

I know Windows has a Libraries feature, but for reasons I don't want to elaborate on I really don't like Windows Libraries and would prefer not to deal with it at all.

Is this possible, without actually copying the files and taking up more HDD space?


A:Explorer: can I make a link/shortcut to a folder in another location?

Sure, right click and hold on the file in the Sistine Chapel folder.
Drag it to the Architecture folder.
release, select Create link.


Right click on the file in the Sistine Chapel folder and select Copy.
Open the Architecture folder then right click and select Paste shortcut.

In either case, once the shortcut/link is created you can rename it as needed.

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Hi, what i want is to make one desktop shortcut which brings me to a selection of which app do i want to launch, it can even be a batch script (though the only one i know is for launching multiple apps from one batch file, not a selection).

I don't want to use a desktop launcher like rocketdock or object dock, all i want is for a very basic way or app to have an app selection from one shortcut.

A:Is there a way to make one shortcut to open multiple apps in windows ?

Hi Strike105X, welcome to 7F!

What a coincidence! We touched on this the other day, there's a way I described by using a batch [.bat] file but that's not what you need maybe UsernameIssues suggestion of using Autoit may help.

The thread is here: Possible to Link Two items in Taskbar?

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Hello, I'm using Chrome as my standard browser, but my university is using a very special online program for some testing, that I can't seem to make the plugins work and install properly on chrome.
So what I was wondering is, is there any way I can make a shortcut, that opens a URL in internet explorer. Rather then opens it in the standard browser?

A:can I make shortcut to website opening in non-standard browser?

Do you have a 32bit or 64bit OS? Your specs don't say. :-(

right click in the desktop, select New and then Shortcut

paste this in to start the 32bit IE on a 32bit OS:

"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" http://www.sevenforums.com
or this - to start the 32bit IE on a 64bit OS:

"C:\Program Files(x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" http://www.sevenforums.com
If for some reason you cannot get that to work...
...you can create a regular shortcut with just the web address
...open IE
...then drag/drop that regular shortcut into the body of IE

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