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Tecra A6 does not boot with Battery only

Q: Tecra A6 does not boot with Battery only

Hello all,
I'm having an odd problem with a Tecra A6 I picked up recently to refurb in that it will not boot with a battery only: It boots only when the AC/Mains is also connected, however it will finish booting on battery alone (and runs fine) with the AC cord removed soon after pressing the power button. It's just on battery alone that I get no response from pressing the power on button (so the mains has to be attached at that very first stage or I get nothing at all).

Now I'm wondering if maybe its the voltage of the battery? It seems there are 2 options for this model, one at 10.8v and the other at 11.1v. With Windows loaded and Hardware Monitor running it reports the battery is at 0% wear level and charges up fully (so I do not think the battery is faulty), however it states the battery is running at *11.1v,* but the battery installed is in fact the *10.8v* model. Could that be preventing power on with battery only?

Further info on the model I have:
Tecra A6 PTA60E-0EJ013EN
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 2.0 Ghz
2 Gb Ram.

Thanks in advance for any help on this one. Main thing I'd like to know is if I do need an 11.1v battery to run this model properly (and get it to power on) on battery alone. If the voltage makes no difference then I guess it must be an odd motherboard issue and I need not bother buying a new battery.

Preferred Solution: Tecra A6 does not boot with Battery only

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Tecra A6 does not boot with Battery only

Update on this one:

It appears the battery is likely faulty: I didn't leave it to run on battery only for long for initial tests so I thought I'd run it down, recharge, then see if that helps. I turned off all the power save settings then left it without the AC attached, however, in spite of reporting a full charge before the AC was removed ,the laptop switched itself off after only 5 minutes or so. On reboot (with AC attached again) the battery is reported as flat!

I have it on charge right now but the battery is *not* getting warm (it did the first time I installed it) so I figure either the battery or the mainboard is reporting the charge level wrong (this is a used battery btw, though it is a genuine Toshiba model, not a dodgy oem import).

Will have to buy another battery and see if the same thing happens (I'll know then if it's the motherboard), but in the meantime if anyone can let me know if the voltage does matter I would appreciate it.

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I replaced my laptop battery and once I installed the battery pack with a non-Toshiba compatible battery my laptop won't boot from the battery alone (Tecra S10-114) After the boot was done by AC adaptor (without fitting the battery), I installed it and the OS (WIN7 Professional) recognize and charge the battery regularly.

I can unplug the AC and the laptop working very well until there is enough battery power. Battery specs are almost similar than original (10.8V 5100mAh - PA3588U 1BRS) - 10.8V 5200mAh replacement for Toshiba battery PA3588U-1BRS, PA3356U, etc.

Can you help me to understand why there is just this boot issue and the rest working OK?
Do you have any solution?


A:Tecra S10 -I cannot boot from the battery alone

>I replaced my laptop battery and once I installed the battery pack with a non-Toshiba compatible battery my laptop won't boot from the battery alone

Maybe you should use a Toshiba original battery.
Get in contact with Toshiba ASP in your country who could send you a right and original part which would be compatible with the notebook.

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Hi everyone

I bought a OEM battery for my tecra and now the laptop freezes during boot (the screen stays black with an underscore blinking) with the battery plugged in.
I have to remove the battery, connect the AC adapater, turn on the laptop and, only after it loads windows, then plug the battery.

Any idea?

Thank you

A:Tecra M10 freezes during boot with new OEM battery

> I bought a OEM battery for my tecra and now the laptop freezes during boot (the screen stays black with an underscore blinking) with the battery plugged in.

In most cases the blinking underscore is related to faulty HDD or RAM issue.
In my case the HDD was faulty and therefore I got similar notebook symptom.

I?m not quite sure where the connection between blinking underscore and the new battery is but the whole computer world is really strange sometimes and many strange things can happen? so maybe the new battery is faulty?

Did you notice this issue with the old battery?
If not, then I would recommend testing other battery? maybe it helps?

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recently I've bought a new battery for my Tecra (the original one was able to power the laptop for less than 10 minutes).
When I put the new battery (which is fully charged) into my laptop and try to power up, the system hangs with black screen
and blinking text cursor '_' in the top left corner, before the windows xp starts.
It happens with or without AC/DC adaptor connected.
If I replace the new battery with the old one, or remove it and boot on AC/DC power, the system boots properly.
If I boot on AC power, and insert the new battery and disconnect AC power I can work until the next boot - so it seems that
the new battery is OK.
the new battery is not genuine toshiba but WhiteEnergy. I waS using this brand with my previous sattelite and was working ok.
Do you have anny suggestions or settings to change ?
The symptoms are quite weired for me.

A:Tecra S5 doesn't boot on new battery

> The symptoms are quite weired for me.
For me too. Settings to change? I really don?t know what kind of settings can make the whole thing better.
When you start your notebook on battery power supply only, can you enter BIOS settings?
Have you tried to set it to ?default settings? and check if anything will change?

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G'day to one and all.

I have a TECRA S2 running XP SP3.
All was well till I went to a mates place with it and plugged in the power supply and it would not turn on at all and no LED's even,

I removed the battery and then tried again and then the power and battery LED's flash together but nothing else would happen.

Tried several times with the battery in and out with the same results.
I disconnecter the power supply before removing or installing battery.

Don't even get to BIOS or a display. I put the HDD in a caddy and it is accessable.

A:Tecra S2 - Power and battery LED's flashing - No boot

> All was well till I went to a mates place with it and plugged in the power supply
Did you use the right AC adaptor?

To be honest it looks like a motherboard malfunction? possibly power supply electronic issue.
the power indicator would start to flash amber if voltage of AC adaptor is abnormal or computer power supply malfunctions.

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I have a Tecra M5 and the it won't operate on just the battery. It's fine when pugged into the wall (with or without the battery).
When I turn it on, it briefly shows that the battery is there and charging even but it goes away after about 20 minutes.
I have tried using a different battery but the same thing occurred.

Thank you.

A:Tecra M5 - battery is not registering

In your posting I didn?t understood what happen when you use your Tecra on battery power supply only. When notebook runs and Windows is fully loaded what happen when you disconnect AC power supply?

Can you start notebook with battery power supply only?

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Now I have two TECRA 520 CDT machines which will not charge their battery.

The batteries are in good condition (one new) and can be charged on another 520 CDT machine using the same charger, after which the "dead" machine will run and the charger maintain the battery.

Can this problem be repaired, and if so by whom?

A:Tecra 520 CDT battery charging


> Can this problem be repaired, and if so by whom
If you are 100% sure that this issue is not related to the faulty battery then this must be an notebook problem.
Who knows why the battery cannot charge? maybe there is something wrong with the motherboard or only some battery pins are not connected properly.

Does the battery LED lights up when you insert the battery into the machine and disconnect the AC adaptor?

If not then this would mean that the battery is not recognized and this would mean that there is something wrong with the notebook?
In such case the machine should be checked by a notebook technician?
The Toshiba ASP (authorized service partner) should be contacted?

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I have a problem with my Tecra S5 (PTS53E).

It works quite normally. But with a new battery, it is impossible to start the PC, even with the AC adapter plugged. The battery is completely charged, access to the bios is correct, all the first system tests go OK, but then the screen goes black with a blinking cursor.

No loading of the OS, either on the hard disk (W7Pro-64) or USB key (Linux). If the PC start only with AC adapter, then the battery is properly recognize (charge level, serial number, ...) by the OS.
This PC works normally with the old battery.
Does anyone have an idea?


A:Tecra S5 - OS cannot be load with new battery

It is really strange issue.
Have you bought original Toshiba battery with Toshiba logo on battery sticker?

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Yesterday my Z50 powered off for no reason (battery at 36% when it happened) and wouldn't turn back on again. When I got home I connected it to the power supply and turned it back on and left it charging. I came back an hour later and the charge was still at 36%. I removed the power chord and again the power went immediately.

I booted up again connected to the power and watched the battery icon in the systray. It started intimating it was charging but after about 10 seconds it went static. I left it again for 30 min and again when I came back the battery was still at 36% charged.

Last night I opened up the laptop and disconnected and re-connected the battery. Performed a hard reset (holding down the power button for 20 secs) and it still hasn't made any difference.

I've run CPUID HW Monitor and it says the battery's wear level is only 28% so that isn't too bad.

Any ideas as to what the problem might be? Is there anything I haven't done yet that I should be doing?

Any help greatly appreciated.

A:Battery not charging on Tecra Z50-A

I need some help/advice please...
Yesterday, while I was working the Toshiba laptop I bought off you at the end of December switched off and wouldn't turn back on again. When I got home I attached it to the power supply and it booted up again without a problem. I looked at the battery charge and it said it was at 36%. I then left it charging for an hour and when I came back I noticed the battery was still at 36%. I then unplugged the power supply and again it turned off.
I plugged it back in again a booted up again, watched the battery icon in the systray and said it was charging. However, after 15 minutes it still wasn't charging.
I've done a soft reset (holding down the power button for 20 seconds) toforce the system to clear and reestablish the software connection between BIOS and hardware. This made no difference. I also opened up the laptop and disconnected and reconnected the battery. This also made no difference.
I've ran some diagnostics on the battery and everything looks ok with it, the wear is still relatively low. I have attached the output of the diagnostics to this email (it's a html in the zip).
Do you have any idea as to what the problem could be?

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Can anyone recommend a supplier in the UK for a new Tecra R840 11E battery?

Many thanks

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I have a Tecra S2 and it appears that the motherboard battery may be dead. I have removed the motherboard and it appears that the battery is soldered in. Is it possible to replace the battery or do I need to get a new motherboard, and if I get a used motherboard am I likely to find that its battery is stuffed as well?

I dont want to take it to service centre if it cant be fixed because they charge like wounded bulls here, I will take it a service centre if the battery can be changed

A:Tecra S2 - Can I change the mainboard battery?


Are you sure that the battery is empty? Normally you can charge the battery if you leave the AC/DC adaptor connected for a longer time, e. g. 24 hours. Normally in this time the battery can be fully charged.
Check this!!!

Normally such a battery can be exchanged but I think an authorized service provider can give you a better answer because here it?s only user to user forum.

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Hello, I just bought a Tecra Z40-C-106.
It came with Windows 7, but I upgraded it to Windows 10 pro with the installation CD that came in the box. Now I have noticed that the battery indicator has frozen at 100% and does not decrease.
This did not happen at the beginning with Windows 7.
I do not know if the key will be in that I deleted some pre-installed programs, including toshiba programs. What I can do? Thank you very much in advance.

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how long does it usually take to recharge the battery?

I've got a R950-10U and the NB needs 1h for every 10% charge.
This is an alsolutely unacceptable condition! This R950 is now my 3rd Tecra...
and no one had this problem before!

The system is configured in the balanced battery mode, not in the eco mode!
It it possible to setup the settings for the charching, to accelerate the charging?


A:Battery charging on Tecra R950


Usually you need some hours to charge the battery.
If the battery is new, the charging procedure would takes longer?

You should also calibrate the new battery? this mean that you should charge and discharge the battery until its fully empty and this process should be repeated several times in the row.

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Hi guys, I have a Tecra A10 0n Win 7 x64 Pro and has been working perfect for ages, all of a sudden the laptop went into hibernation and will now only boot up with AC plugged in.

The battery is fine as I have tried it on a different laptop without issue.

When I try to boot laptop without AC connected it loads to the Toshiba splash screen for a couple of seconds then dies.

Has anyone else had this or have an idea what the issue could be. Latest BIOS has been on for a while and all correct drivers are installed.

Laptop runs perfect with AC connected but tries to hibernate as soon as AC disconnects.

Could it be that the laptop cannot take power from the battery for longer than a couple of seconds?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Tecra A10-14P Wont run on a working battery

> Laptop runs perfect with AC connected but tries to hibernate as soon as AC disconnects.
For me it sounds like the battery charge level is very low and that the power management of the Win OS set the notebook to hibernation mode due to charging level.

Possibly the notebook does not charge the battery properly.
If you said that the battery is OK (don?t know how you test this) then there must be a issue with the battery charging system. This means that the motherboard is not OK.

However, in your case I would test the notebook with a new battery to be 100% sure that this issue is not related to a faulty battery.

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Windows 7 pro 64 bit.

All of a sudden I turn on my laptop (TECRA M11-103) 2 years old more or less, from hibernation, and I get an X over the battery icon even when charging and a warning saying I should consider replacing my better.

Any thoughts or comments?

A:Consider replacing your battery message on Tecra M11

And what happen when you restart your notebook?

Is red X over the battery icon shown all the time?

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For a few days, my Tecra A5 has begun to beep and shut down (as when the battery gets low) while it was connected to the power supply AC adapter.

I finally realized that when the computer is plugged in, the battery discharges and does not use the power supply to recharge.

On the other hand, if I switch off the computer, the battery starts to recharge.
I replaced the battery a few months ago, so I think it is still OK.

Could the charger be faulty? Seems strange since it can still recharge the battery when the computer is off.

Thanks in advance for your inputs.

A:Tecra A5 - battery charges only when computer is off

> Could the charger be faulty?

Theoretically; yes? but it could be also possible that the power supply electronic on the motherboard is affected? but at first stage the AC adaptor should be checked and notebook should be tested with new, good working AC adaptor.

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Hi all!

I had a probelm with the battery of this laptop. It wouldn't charge, so I bought a new one.

Surprise: it doesn't charge too!

The system recognize it for a little while and just after 20 second or less the battery disappear into the battery manager.

What happens?

Do you have suggestions?



A:Battery doesn't charge on a Tecra 8000

Possibly there is something wrong with the power supply electronic.
So maybe you should ask an ASP for a check.

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Since beginning 2015, I own a Toshiba Tecra Z40-A-16C.

I noticed some strange behaviour with regards to the battery life indicator. When the notebook is fully charged, the indicator shows 100% remaining. And, when I use the notebook, the percentage slowly decreases, as expected.
However, once it is somewhere around 50%, the indicator suddenly decreases and says it has only 5 or 4% left and I should plug in immediately.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue?


A:Tecra Z40-A-16C - battery life indicator issue

The battery may need calibrating. Recharge and discharge it completely a few times.

If it still happens, the battery may need replacing. You can check the wear level using HWMonitor from cpuid.com.

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I would appreciate some thoughts on the problem.

The problem:
The battery is not being charged. The icon in System Tray says that the battery is "plugged in" but is "not charging", and "Consider changing your battery".
Something similar to:
Also, the battery charging indicator is turned off

What happened:
I was using the computer on the battery. While using it, the message appeared that the battery is at critical 3% and computer suddenly shutdown (or went to sleep/hibernation). It is possible that the battery was empty since I was not charging it for 2 days. What was strange is that I did not get the message that the battery is at 7%, which is normal warning I get.
The next day, I plugged in the power cable, started computer. While booting, computer asked do I want to start in "Safe mode" or "Normal". I selected "Normal".
Then I noticed the problem described above.

The history:
Nothing in particular. Notebook is less than 2 year old. Battery was holding 6 hours, now dropped to some 4 hours, but had no previous problems. No power surges, did not drop the computer, etc....

- The computer works without battery, only on power cable.
- The computer does not react if I put only battery, without power cable, although it says that battery has 9%. (it said there is 3% before the ini... Read more

A:Tecra R850, battery "plugged in, not charging"

On the picture an information is shown: ?consider replacing your battery?. This would mean that the battery is somehow faulty.

I guess you would need to replace the battery using, new original good tested one.

I don?t thins that there is some kind of software problem since you have already tried the factory reset and notebook recovery. In case of software problems, this procedure should solve all ?software related? issues. But it didn?t.

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My battery is not seen by my Tecra M5 but still charges and powers the laptop, I have found info that sugests a BIOS upgrade could help but the update software gives me an error message "[Error] The AC adapter is not connected, or battery power is not enough." How can i update the BIOS by bypassing the software safety feature ? I was told on another forum that running the BIOS update .exe with /forceit from the CMD window which didn't work. Can anyone help please.

A:Updating the BIOS on a Tecra M5 - 386 when the battery is not recogised.

If the system was able to detect the battery months ago then a BIOS update probably won't help.

How old is the battery? Maybe it needs replacing. Lithium batteries only last 2 or 3 years.

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When I use my Tecra 8200 laptop with (the brand new) battery, the light goes down on the screen making it almost impossible to work with. I use windows XP. I havn?t found any settings to adjust this - anybody knows what to do?

Thankful for help!

A:Tecra 8200 screen goes black when I use the battery

Hi there,

I mean thats normal, you have a notebook which has some powersaving features. Just a question besides: had it the same behaviour before you exchanged the battery?? Or did you recently installed some new drivers/tools/software??

Otherwise I would suggest you to go to the Toshiba Drivers Download site and download the latest powersaver for your machine to adjust the screen brightness.

Just give it a try if not already did and it should work.


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My battery will loose its charge after 10 mins but if i close my laptop lid it will stay on 4 couple hours is this a fault with my laptop or my battery please help

A:Battery discharges during 10min on Tecra 9000

This is simply to explain?.
The display needs most of the battery power and if you close the lid the display would be off and would not use the battery power.

In your case I believe that the battery is to old in order to run much longer as 10min?

I had a similar issue with my old battery? Now it?s running only 2min?
But in my case this is not really a problem because I use my notebook as desktop PC and it?s connected always to mains

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So, I just bought this new laptop with 1.8ghz, a 40gb hard drive, and 1gb ram for $120. I have installed all drivers provided by toshiba including the latest bios update. According to the online PDF user manual, when the battery is charging, it's supposed to say solid amber color, but mine flickers. It flickers very rapidly when the laptop is turned off in regular intervals. When it's turned on, it flickers about 8 times a minute, also at regular intervals. On the laptop power options, the battery always says 100%, but it won't even last one second when you unplug the laptop. My question is, is it the battery or the port receplicator on the motherboard that's out? I was told by another guy that the board was bad if it did 8 long flashes and then 2 short, but it's not doing that. I don't really trust this guy though, cuz he was one of those snakey horrible people that are just out to get your money. So, is it the battery or port receplicator?

BTW, I've already called Toshiba directly and all they tell me is to send it in to get looked at. They arn't allowed to say the answer to this question over the phone.

A:Toshiba Tecra 9100 battery issue

Doesn't anyone have any ideas?

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I just installed Windows XP on my Tecra 9000 and re-installed all drivers via Driver Genius Professionnal 2007 software. Everything worked very good except the installation of my battery driver (battery model: PA3084U-1BAS) and the infrared device.

I can't find the proper drivers. Can you provide them for me?

Thank you for the help!!


A:Battery installation problem under XP on Tecra 9000

Hi there,

Usually the battery doesn?t need drivers. The only "drivers" which must be installed (and which are bounded to all energy-components in your system) is the Toshiba Powersaver. If this one is installed, then the battery stuff would be recognized.

Please go here:


download and install the powersaver and the other tools for your machine if not already did. Toshiba notebooks need their own tools to work properly and not just the drivers.


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We are having a problem with the battery on one of our laptops. When left for an hour or so the laptop shuts down as the battery runs out of power. We have fitted a new battery but still only get about 1.5 hours.
In addition the fan is running constantly. I have looked at the PC Healthcheck software which shows as follows:
*Electric Power*
Remaining charge 14%
System power consumption 40%
Battery Health good
*Temperature and Fan*
CPU temperature 67%
Internal system temperature 56%
Fan speed 88%

I would appreciate any suggestions.

A:Tecra M11-130 battery not holding power and fan running constantly


Do you have any apps or services hogging the CPU?

Maybe there is something in Task Manager using 90%+ CPU. If not, maybe there is dust buildup in the heatsink or some other cooling problem.

If you turn on eco mode, does that extend the battery to 2+ hours?

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I have recently gained a Tecra A7 but without a battery or power adapter.
I purchased a power adapter (15V, 6.0A) and plugged it in.

Whenever I try to power the laptop, the only response I receive is the battery light flashing orange 11-12 times.
Note: I do not have any battery plugged in.

Could this be the problem?

Does anyone know a solution for this problem I'm experiencing?

Kind Regards,

A:Tecra A7 - battery light flashes amber many times


If there is no hardware problems notebook must run with AC power supply only and without battery.
Of course we don?t know if this notebook is defective or not but fact is that you use, according Tecra A7 specification, right AC adapter.
If you can see flashing power led only it can be that power supply electronic is defective and need to be checked by authorized service provider.

Sorry but on this virtual way it is not easy to say more than that.

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My computer is a year old. It was completely fine until I noticed it had stopped charging the battery. After some googling I found there might be a BIOS update I had missed. When trying to install the BIOS update I get a message saying I have to plug in my computer first (which it always is as the batter doesn't have a charge).

The BIOS update program says it wants to upgrade as follows:

BIOS Version : Current Ver.2.60 --> Updated Ver.3.20
EC Version : Current Ver.1.80 --> Updated Ver.1.90

OS: Windows 7
BIOS file I downloaded: bios-20110714132558

Is this a known issue with a fix available?

A:Tecra S11-119 won't recharge battery - BIOS update issue too!


Are you sure that you have downloaded and used the right BIOS version!?
I read about the similar error message and finally the user used not compatible BIOS.

Furthermore the VAP (value added package) should be installed in order to update the BIOS!!! In you case I would recommend reinstalling this tool too.

But I?m not quite sure if BIOS update will help you to fix the battery issue?
Maybe you need to replace the battery?

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when I insert the Second Battery Pack (PA3074U-1BAT) into the Slim Select Bay the battery is not charging and is not recognized by the Tecra 9000 notebook: the status led at the front does not light.

If I insert e.g. the Tecra DVD drive, everything works fine.

I know that the Battery Pack is 100% working since I put it in another Tecra 9000 where it performs flawlesly.

Why doesn' t the laptop work with the Second Battery Pack? Any ideas?


A:Tecra 9000: Problems with 2nd Battery Pack in Slim SelectBay


I don?t know exactly why the second battery does not work in your Tecra 9000 but I found other posting created by your about this Tecra 9000 and it looks like you have disassembled the notebook and possibly you have damage or not connected something.

In my opinion every single notebook part should be checked again!

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More bad Sony batteries are being recalled.
They were sold with Toshiba Satallite A100/A105 and Tecra A7 laptops

Not sure if this is old news, but I just read about it today.

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The power meter has stopped recognising the main battery although it recognises and reports on the secondary battery (the one that replaces the CD Drive). The indicator light registers that the battery is present and if it is fully charged on not.

Any suggestions?

A:Tecra M5 - Power meter has stopped recognising the main battery

Sorry mate but what notebook model you have exactly?

What system is running currently?

Did you install some updates which could affect the battery status?

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My battery was dying. I tried calibration, letting the lenovo run just on the battery. It looks like it went down to 0%, then shut off. But it wouldn't charge. It was probably never charging in the first place, always running off the power of the AC.  But I could still boot to AC. So I bought a new battery. It said to calibrate. So I tried that. The battery ran down to maybe 20%, then shut off. But the same result. Laptop will neither boot nor charge the batttery. Again, it will boot just fine with the battery out.  So, what's to be done? Also, I tried to get into the BIOS via F2 and F12, but that doesn't work either.  - Dan  

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After upgrading to win7 and having sometimes a bleu screen when starting up the following happened.

After once more blue screen the laptop does not startup at all.

The only thing happens , is that I see the upstartscreen (in touch with tomorrow TOSHIBA) and icons at the underside of the screen indicating the drives. Then nothing happens any more, it doe not start up.

I can by entering F12 in a new startup procedure change to startup via CD rom, but this also has no effect.

Also it is not possible to enter the bios (esc + F1).

The keyboard is functioning because,after a while every touch result is a short " beep" .

I have removed the battery for a while and tried again with no result.

Can I put my laptop by the trash ore is there a possibility to bring it to live again

Thanks in advance, Jos

A:Re: Tecra S5 does not boot at all

On this virtual way it is not easy to offer some exact diagnostic but somehow I feel BIOS is screwed up.
Disconnect AC adapter, remove battery and press power button for 20 seconds. After doing this connect AC power supply only and start your notebook again.

I don't have this notebook model and I?m not sure about entering BIOS but try also with F2.

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Dear forum members

The above laptop turns on but does not boot. The power light flashes amber twice and then green.

Please does anyone know what might be be issue in this case.

Please does anyone know if this particular light flash sequence indicates anything in particular.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
With thanks

A:Tecra A10-16D does not boot

Does the same happen when you remove battery and start notebook with AC power supply only?

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how can I boot from CD/DVD is the OS is not working an I can't access the Toshiba Hardware Setup tool in Windows?
If I press F1 I can only change Date and Time but no boot order.
Is there a special key to boot from CD/DVD?


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My laptop will not boot up.
When I plug in the PSU the green LED at the front of palm rest (far left LED) flashes slowly on and off.
No other LED lights are on at all. Pressing the power on button produces no effect.

Please can anyone advise what the problem might be with this laptop.

"Perhaps someone knows if that particular "sequence" of flashing is listed as meaning any particular problem lease.

Your kind help in this matter would be appreciated .

Thank you

A:Tecra A10 won't boot up

There must be definitely a hardware malfunction.

>"Perhaps someone knows if that particular "sequence" of flashing is listed as meaning any particular problem lease.

Knowing that you can read the blinking code using the following procedure:

The short blinking means 0 and long means 1.
The code might be something like 0001 0001

Error code starts with LSB (least significant bit) therefore the error code has to be read starting with last bit. This means that the code: 0001 0001 would appear as 1000 1000
This code you have to transform in HEX and you will get the error code.

But in my opinion even if you would know what cause this problem, mostly it?s some motherboard malfunction (maybe also a part connected to motherboard like RAM module) and this means that the whole part needs to be replaced.

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I would like to do a processor upgrade for my Tecra A11 11N from the i5-430M to a probably much faster i5.I thought the i5-580M would do, but the laptop did not boot when i installed this processor.

I reverted back to the 430M, did some research on the internet and found out that the 580M has a very high FSB speed and that is what probably made it not to work/incompatible with my machine.


and also at http://ark.intel.com/

Now i went back to the computer shop,returned the 580M and got an i5-560M as i compared it's specs and saw it would be compatible as it has the same FSB speed with the 430M.

I then later on in the day tried to install this cpu as an upgrade BUT alas!
I was left dumfounded.Processors in the same familly line are supposed to be compatible with one another provided:Lithography, FSB and socket type are similar.

Or what am i missing here?
I have done processor upgrades in many instances for both desktops and laptops and this is the first one that has left me with no words to say!

please offer some help/advice.


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A:Tecra A11-11N does not boot after CPU upgrade


Would recommend checking this Toshiba doc:

+Can I upgrade th CPU, Display or Mainboard in my Toshiba Notebook?+

The CPU upgrade is not supported (officially).
The point is that even if the chipset would support the new CPU, it could be possible that the notebook would not boot up due to compatibility problems between BIOS or other components on the motherboard and new CPU.

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For the past few days i have been working on a Toshiba Tecra A11 - 17C PTSE0E - 02W01GEN.

I work at a secondary school and we have about 15 of these laptops. I was not the person who did the origonal installation and that person has no left.

One of the computers needed a re-build. We use a LAN installation of windows 7 so i set prioraty device as the network card save it and re-boot.

It then comes up with the error message PXE-E61 Media Test Failed, Check cable.
Now i know the netowrk card is working fine beuse it was working before i did any messing around.

I then checked the other laptops and i get the same error PXE-E61 Media Test Failed, Check cable and they all have fully working network ports.

So i thought ok there is somthing in the BIOS.
I could not find anything appart from an enable lan option that is enabled.

One Suggestion was to Rest the BIOS to default and then format the Hard Drive.
So i thought ok well first i will try it with the BIOS reset if that did not work i will do a format.

So after that didn't work i thought ok i will just clone a working laptop with clonezilla.

So i did that i get to the windows flag then instantly Blue Screen of death i can not read it it is way too fast.

I then thought ok i will swap hard drives with the working one. The working one boots the clone Hard Drive fine no errors at all but the hard drive from the working pc loads the windows flag then blue screen of death.

I then used a P... Read more

A:Tecra A11 - 17C - Unable to boot from LAN

The error PXE-E61 Media Test Failed, Check cable means that the notebook tried to boot from LAN but the installation setup could not proceed.
I?m not quite sure why but probably there is something wrong with the PXE server settings, etc?

Are you 100% sure that PXE server has been setup correctly?
If not check this.

> I then used a Product Recovery Disk now this is a windows XP disk so it is usless. But i did it any way and same thing again It runs the disk fine installs XP fine but windows flag and blue screen of death.

Fact is that Win XP installation could be finished and this means that HDD should be ok.
The BSOD could be caused due to wrong or incompatible software / driver which is part of the recovery disk

Are you sure that the Win XP recovery disk you have used was the right one?

How about installation using fresh Windows 7 system using Microsoft disk?

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On startup laptop stays at first boot screen.
The Red "In touch with tomorrow, Toshiba" logo. with the six icons below and the intel logo in the bottom right corner.
I can't get the laptop to advance past this screen.

This message comes up if you hold down 'n' as it turns on:
Intel Boot agent GE v1.2.45
copyright etc,
PXE-E61:media test failure, check cable
PXE-MOF: Exiting Intel boot agent

I should also add that this happened after my computer had flicked itself of while I was watching a movie, and since then hasn't restarted.

Basically I was wondering whether this was an obvious signal of a specific hardware malfunction or whether I would have to take it to a repair shop to find out.

A:Boot Issue on Tecra M9


When notebook starts it will be checked which bootable device is defined as first one. If there is some problem then will be checked the second and so on.
Mostly HDD is set as first one, optical disc drive as third and so on. There is also LAN device and this message you see on the screen is evidence that notebook tries to start using LAN device as bootable device.

To be honest I don't know what is wrong there but fact is that all devices listed in front of LAN cannot be used as bootable device. The question is why HDD cannot be used as bootable device.
For some reason your Tecra cannot access HDD.

Is HDD recognized properly in BIOS settings?
If you have some bootable CD or DVD (Linux, or Windows installation disc), check if HDD is visible/available for installation.

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Hello everybody,

I'm facing a really weird issue with a Toshiba Tecra S3 laptop.

The machine is equipped with a Hitachi Travelstar 100GB SATA HDD and is running Windows XP.

The machine still sees some heavy use with some very expensive proprietary Siemens automation equipment.

The customer, which this machine belongs to, asked me to install a bigger SSD since he's about to run out of disk space.

I went ahead and created a disk image using a 32bit version of Clonezilla, switched out the 100GB HDD and installed a 500GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD.

The SSD is recognized by the BIOS. I was also able to restore the Clonezilla image to the SSD without any problems.

However, I'm unable to boot Windows XP from the SSD.

After a few seconds of booting, XP craps out with the dreaded 0x0000007b BSOD, also known as INACCESIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE.

Since I only swapped out the HDD for a SSD, XP should still be able to boot using the regular iastor.sys chipset driver, right?

I checked the BIOS and the SATA port is setup as "JBOD", so no software RAID is activated.

Just for kicks, I changed the setting to "RAID", but of course this didn't change anything.

I also tried a repair installation of XP and tried feeding the XP setup the Toshiba RAID controller driver available for download from Toshiba's support site.
I can install the driver, but the setup still won't find any disks.

I also tried another version of the Intel iastor.sys driver, both in SATA-Modes JBOD and RAID, bu... Read more

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I'm havoing problems with my Tecra M2 again. can anyone point me in the right direction in terms of fault finding, I have had a look at the forum and threads associated with the Tecra range but cannot find any threads that match my problem.

In a short space of time, less than three days, I had a problem that started with the laptp re booting when it was moved to now not booting up at all. All the indicator lights are doing what I expect of them with the eception of the HDD indicator which does not illuminate when starting the boot sequence. Does this mean that my HDD or the connection to the HDD has failed, any fault finding steps that I can follow to confirm or deny my fears would be greatly appreciated.

A:Tecra M2 wont boot


If the HDD is faulty, then you should not be able to boot the OS but you should be able to see the BIOS splash screen.
Can you see this? Are you abele to access the BIOS?
Please check this!

To access the BIOS press ESC and F1 immediately after the notebook has been powered up! If this is not possible then there could be something wrong with the motherboard or other hardware part like RAM.

If you are able to access the BIOS, then you should check if the HDD is recognized in BIOS.
You can also use the tool called Drive Fitness Test in order to check the HDD!

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This is strange, sometimes it boots up correctly, but some others I wont boot at all. No matter if I'm only on AC, battery or booth, the power on led will light but nothing happens and I can't hear the typical sound of the hard disc running.

Apart from that, I've detected that with the system on if I knock on the flat areas on the sides of the touch panel the laptop reboots and the screen shows artefacts.

A:Tecra M1 won't boot up at times

Sounds to me like hardware problem? something like motherboard issue? maybe power supply electronic fault or graphic card problem. I?m thinking about the GPU issue because of the artefacts which occur on the screen.

What do you think about that?

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I've got "new-old" computer at work and I want to increase perfomance of z50 so I wanted to change HDD for SSHD or SSD (i got both of them). But i have big trouble with booting OS on both of them. User before me used Bitlocker function.

Completely new system on HDD is working fine. The problem is when i switch orginal HDD with any other disk. I am installing WIN 10 PRO on new SSHD and it everything as usual to the moment when computer restarts after complete installation. Z50 after restart is not able to boot itself with new disk and it shows " Insert system disk in drive ..." I've tried everything i found and still didn't manage to run OS on new SSHD.

Maybe someone has any ideas as to what the problem might be?


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Hello there,

so I've recently bought this Toshiba Tecra S11 on eBay and I've sucessfully installed Windows 10 on it but one day I noticed that my built in Webcam doesn't show up at all. So I asked google about it and it said the webcam could be disabled inside the BIOS. So I shut the Laptop down and tried to boot into BIOS but nothing happend, it just booted into Windows... I've tried F1, F2, F11, F12 and every possible combination and nothing worked. After more research on google I've read that if there is only set a supervisor password you need to boot while holding doen the INS Key - which I did but as you can guess it doesn't work. So to sum up I've never seen even a field to type in a BIOS protecting password!

So my question is how can I boot into my BIOS and is it possible to reset these Passwords?


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I've bought a OCZ Vertex 460 SSD for Tecra Z50-A-180 but system not booted with this device.

Bios detect SSD but not found any boot system.

I have cloned old HDD to SSD but system not start with SSD.

I have installed 1.03 firmware on OCZ.

I look answer.


A:Tecra Z50-A-180 does not boot using new OCZ Vertex 460 SSD

What program did you use to clone?
Maybe it is not compatible with the Windows version.

If you load a fresh copy of Windows or Ubuntu onto the SSD can it boot?

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I have old Tecra R10-10W

Aftert long time in the cabinet, it say CMOS battery error and after charging can I not startup on the old system (bios) password.

How to reset the bios password and is also required replacement cmos battery and I can do it myself?


A:Tecra R10-10W - CMOS battery error and next bios password error

you can change cmos battery your self np,for bios pasword use google,i havet a hp mini with same problem and foundet a program that have reset with the help off error code when inserted wrong password 3 times in the row,then i used error code in the program and got password,restarted hp and inserted password now is working bp.Do i have also a old tecra and have difrend problem with it,evrithing sims to be in order but laptop wont start in first tray,after several restarsts shovs startup screen,then runing bp,if restarted again same story,needs several restarts and then is runing again,trayed with outside monitor same thing,any ideas?
here is the link for your problem and sulution: http://dogber1.blogspot.com/2009/05/table-of-reverse-engineered-bios.html

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The school where i work have a TECRA R950
when i boot the latop i have a password (it's not a bios password) but i don't know him
how can i proceed to reset this password ?
thank's for the answer

A:Password on boot TECRA R950

when i boot the latop i have a password (it's not a bios password)

Why do you think that this isn’t a BIOS password.
Are you able to access the BIOS pressing F2 button?

If not, the notebook is secured by BIOS password and such unknown BIOS password can be removed only by authorized service provider…

If you don’t know the password, you will need to ask the ASP for help

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