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GeForce3 Driver Recommendation Needed

Q: GeForce3 Driver Recommendation Needed

Hi All,

Looks like a great board. OK, I just got myself a new ASUS V8200 GeForce 3 Ti200 and I wanted to know what the best driver is for this and my setup.



Pentium III 933MHz
Windows Me
Abit BX133-RAID Motherboard
256MB Ram
ASUS GeForce3 Ti200 (Current Driver 21.81)
Sound Blaster Live Value

Preferred Solution: GeForce3 Driver Recommendation Needed

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: GeForce3 Driver Recommendation Needed

I think your current driver is fine, if your not experiencing any problems.

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I'm having a problem getting the video driver to work on the following system:

-Pentium IV 1.7 GHz
-Biostar M7sxf (I think that is the model number - the computer is at work)
-MSI Geforce3 Ti 200
-Windows 98

Also, this mother board and processor where also freshly installed to complicate matters even more.

The drivers included with the video card would not even install - the installation software would just hang at a certain point. After downloading the detonator drivers from Nvidia's web site and installing them, I still get the same results:

Splash screen displays, screen goes black, forced to soft boot, then Windows reverts back to crappy 16 color generic driver.

What I've tried:
- removing all cards but video and removing all devices in device manager
-nothing appears to be sharing the same IRQ
-reformatted hard drive and installed windows XP (same results with XP driver)

I talked my boss into letting me upgrade this computer to save money, and I've spent so much time trying to get this thing to work, he is getting kind of frusterated. Please tell me if you have found a fix. I have never had so much trouble building a computer/ installing video card.

Any suggestions? I feel that it is a possible motherboard problem. The only thing I haven't done is update the BIOS on the MB or GPU. I will probably try that tommorrow.


A:{RESOLVED}Installing video driver for Geforce3 on...

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II'm trying to update my driver for this graphics card. I downloaded the latest driver from the Nvidia website. After rebooting the system for the update to take place I get the following blue screen after the Windows loading screen:
A problem occured and Windows has shutdown to prevent damage to your computer. If this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again follow these steps:

Check to be sure you have adequate disk space. If a driver is identified in the stop message, disable the driver or check with the manufacturer for driver updates. Try changing video adapters. Check with the hardware vendor for any BIOS updates. Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing.

If you need to use safe mode to remove or disable components restart your computer, press F8 to select advanced starting options and then select safe mode.

Technical Information:

***STOP: 0x0000007E(0xC0000005,0xF735E770,0xF7B00080,0xF7AFFD80)


If I rollback the driver Windows starts fine. The reason for the update was to be able to adjust my brightness/Gamma for gaming purposes as the screen is very dark. I was able to get this driver update to work before somehow but I don't remember what I did. My current OS is Windows XP.

Any help anyone can give would be most appreciated. Thanks!
&nbs... Read more

A:Nvidia GeForce3 Ti200 Driver update problem

The latest driver is not what you need for such an old card. I would experiment with the drivers in the 40's series.

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Hi everyone:

I use a Nikon D70 for semi-professional work, and for quick pics used a five year old Casio QV-R4.

The reason I say "used" is because just today hubby dropped it somewhere and was unable to retrieve it. It's gone for good. It had been a gift anyway and not a brand I would have normally chosen.

I'd been thinking about getting a new, smaller one to carry around easily, as I love my D70 but it is cumbersome. I peruse Imaging Resource quite a bit, but thought I'd ask around here for recommendations too.

I'd like a big LCD screen, and a small overall size. And quality best as possible. In other words something like my D70, but not a DSLR. I am a Nikon nut, but am open to other suggestions.

Any advice or recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance . . .

A:Recommendation Needed

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Can anyone recommend any good software which blocks ads and banners from your computer while you're on the net ?

I can do that.

I saw it once in a cartoon.

A:Recommendation Needed

Norton Internet Security. Works GREAT!


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Hey guys, Im currently running on Intel p4 2.2ghz cpu and some sorta Gigabyte motherboard. I want to change to an AMD 64 but currently my dad says we've no $$. So i've decided to change my graphics card for the time being as im currently running on MSI geforce 4 DVI card which is at 64mb and is an AGP card. I've looked around and people say that Radeon 9800 Pro is a good card yet many have encountered problems. So could anyone enlighten me by recommending a good graphics card which does not cost too much? Many thanks to all who help ^^

A:Recommendation needed

Perhaps a further hint like your budget will enable us to help recommend you an appopriate graphics card.

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I wanna know whats the best video card i can get at circuit city or best buy for $100 my pc has a AGP slot and my pc has a 240 watt power supply so can somebody help me out , because i really dont know at all ..Thanks

A:Recommendation Needed

If you can find 6800GT 256mb for $100 I'd recommend that Its what I have currently and it runs most games reasonably well at 1024x768 resolution

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I am running 64-bit Win7 and it appears that drivers are not available for the video card I have. I don't play games, just use Photoshop and watch videos. Since I may get a new system next year, I'd like to spend under $100. Any recommendations? i was thinking of a BFG Tech BFGE98512GTGE GeForce 9800 GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card, at $80.

ASUS A8N-SLI Premium NVIDIA nForce4
BIOS ver. 1303
AMD Athlon 64 3800+ Venice 2.4GHz Socket 939
600W PSU
4 x 1028 OCZ Platinum SDRAM DDR400 PC3200 dual channel, unbuffered non-ECC (2-3-2-5-1T)
ATI Radeon X700Pro 256MB PCI Express x16
Samsung 320GB SATA2
WD Caviar 320GB SATA2
WD Caviar 640GB SATA2
Optiarc AD-7200A DVD
Samsung Syncmaster 223BW
Windows 7 64-bit

A:another card recommendation needed

Unless you are looking for something to tie you over until you rebuild, given the rapid advances in gfx (all) components, I wonder why you would buy today for next year's machine.


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Hello I am looking for a good looking case, prefer mid tower not full.

It must be elegant , cool and quite.

I will do some over clocking as well.

Thank you!

A:Recommendation for case needed!


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Been out of buying computers for a while so I need help here. I guess PCI Express has pretty much replaced AGP? But anyway, the machine I'm looking at uses PCI Express (PCI Express x1 and x16). It's a P4 3.2 with 512MB DDR, XP Home. The person it's for plays World of Warcraft, Diablo II, then some other lower quality games so I don't need any extremely advanced card. Anyone recommend a decent PCI Express gaming card from NVIDIA?


A:PCI Express Recommendation Needed

What do you want to pay? I could say any card and it could get by on those games pretty good, but of course if you don't mind paying $600 then you could buy the best card and not worry about the future for a while.

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Currently using a Radeon X700Pro. I'd like to upgrade to something that will have manufacturer supported drivers for W7 64. I don't play games but use Photoshop and watch/work with some videos. Any ideas for PCI Express x16?

A:card recommendation needed

if you're sure you don't want to play any games, then you don't need a card with a noisy fan. cards are available with passive cooling systems that rely on big heatsinks.

anything with either an nvidia or ati gpu will be fully supported by windows 7.

you really don't need to spend much money these days on a low-end card. anything from the ati 3000 series will have more than enough power for photoshop and movie acceleration.

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I used to use an HP mouse, simple 3-button optical with scroll wheel, that was perfect even with the default Windows mouse drivers, until the left button went bad. I picked up what Walmart had- a Logitech M100.

This has driven me up the wall since I started using it.

It is useless with default MS drivers and the Logitech setpoint thing is annoying as can be. I can never get things set up the way I like them. It's either too slow or too fast no matter what, even with mouse acceleration on the pointer still never feels right. I have to check the option to disable acceleration in games otherwise the mouse zooms everywhere, and then it still acts slow. I had to crank in-game mouse speed settings up quite high to get the mouse to do anything useful and it still feels sluggish. And to just be even more annoying, Setpoint has trouble determining what is an actual GAME and programs like Photoshop activate game mode so I get a mouse that's slow as a snail.

Now I have that HP mouse somewhere, if I can dig it out to get the model ID I'll buy another of that if they're still for sale anywhere, otherwise, can anyone suggest a good $10-$15 USB mouse that isn't going to frustrate me to no end? I don't need some expensive gaming mouse, just a basic desktop PC mouse, preferably one that runs well on the MS drivers.

A:mouse brand recommendation needed

I use the Logitech M100 with no issues at all on Windows 7 Home Premium. I don't game, so can't comment on that.

I also like the Microsoft 4YH-00006 "basic optical mouse for business". It's white, but I think the 4YH-0005 model is black and identical. These Microsofts have a taper in the middle that you don't see on the Logitech M100. Length and weight is about the same.

The 4YH-0006 is 4.5 inches by 2.2 inches, tapering at the narrowest point to 2.0 inches. Shown on base as "version 2.0"; "MSK-1113B"' "Model 1113"; Part Number X821908-001.
All of the above have cords between 5'9" and 6'0" and all are cheap--10 or 12 bucks. All are wired optical with a scroll wheel.

You have to be careful. Some mice have shorter cords and some are smaller and might be more suitable for smallish hands.

The Microsoft 200, part number 6JH-00001 is grey, but it's a bit small. Might be OK for some.

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Hi All,

Well, my ATI AIW 1800XL finally bit the dust. The TV software hasn't been supported since Vista (and I'd just bought it before Vista went beta...) and I've been using Windows drivers since Win7 Beta. Now running 7 RTM.

Today, whilst only playing mp3s with WMP12, the system locked up and refused to boot. Throwing a cheap card in got me up and running, but I'm now browsing Newegg for cards. I've been using ATI for years, but am not opposed to Nvidia (although there are some complaints here regarding driver installation...).

Here are my uses:

I use this system heavily for business. This includes a lot of CS3 use and large, layered image files (blueprints). Since my office is in my home, this machine is not only my main business machine, but it gets a LOT of personal use as well, which includes movies, etc. I have also been known to install a game now and then (but not all that often).

I guess I'd like the ability to run GPU intensive games, but that may not happen (time is at a premium). The games I have copies of at the moment are Far Cry and Far Cry 2 (FC2 came with a 9550 CPU). I've heard good things about Crysis, but again, I may never go there. I guess I'm looking for a compromise? I'd like to keep the cost at around $120 or lower.

Relevant Specs:
Win7 Ultimate 64 bit RTM
Q9550 CPU
8GB Gskill DDR2 PC2 6400
Gigabyte EP45-UD3r (PCI-E 2.0 16x)

Thanks for any pointers,

A:Video Card Recommendation Needed

I got almost the exact same hardware that you have and I am running an eVGA Nvidia 9800GTX+ 512MB card and it's been great for me. I'm playing Call of Duty World at War, Crysis and Wolfenstein on a 23" 1920x1080 monitor and pretty much have my settings on high across the board and it handles it just fine.

The card is $119 from NewEgg right now after a $15 Mail In Rebate;
Newegg.com - EVGA 512-P3-N871-AR GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Desktop Graphics / Video Cards

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Hi -

Can anyone recommend a good Photoshop tutorial program? I am looking for a baisc overview just to get me started. I would prefer a hands-on/visual/CD ROM or online class.

Any suggestions?

A:Photoshop tutorial recommendation needed

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I am looking for good, free or inexpensive, backup software to allow scheduled backups of data from a laptop to an external hard drive. Again, I need to be able to schedule backups, as well as set up exactly what folders get backed up. And the software must create some sort of place for each backup seperately on the external hard drive, not just overwrite what has already been backed up. Log creation would be a bonus, too.

Please only recommend software if you have first hand knowledge of it. Thanks so much!

A:Backup Software Recommendation Needed.


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I was considering a 939 as an inexpensive upgrade, but due to its questionable future and slightly higher running temps, I'm focusing now on an AM2, particularly the A64 X2 4200+.


o ATX MoBo under $150 US.

o MUST have at least 3 standard PCI slots. I have an HDTV card and SCSI card I'm not looking to give up. And until I get a PCIx video card, I'll be using an old PCI card.

o MUST support FOUR IDE devices (IDE1 & IDE2). I have three EIDE HD's and a DVD-RW (too many only have IDE1 now).

o AT LEAST three 3-pin case/cpu fan headers/connectors. Heat is a serious problem for me, so I have lots of fans in my case that need power. I can use Molex plugs and splitters if need be, but I'd prefer no to so much.

PREFERABLY: RAID and SATA 3GB support. 4x DDR2 800 support.

A number of boards I looked at were arranged really badly, for example, putting the Floppy connector below the PCI slots so that the cable would push on them... ditto for putting the power molex on the far side of the DIMM slots. That's just stupid.

No real preference of chipset or number of PCIX slots other than at least one 16x and one 1x). The more, the better of course.

I don't expect to overclock, but having the option would be nice. And if I can't download the user manual, bios or drivers for the MoBo off their website ("HELLO, EPoX!"), don't even bother.


A:MoBo recommendation needed for AM2 X2 4200+

I don't see why people are even bothering with AMD when Core 2 Duo is clearly superior. The 4200+ x2 costs 187, where as the E6300 Core 2 Duo costs 193. THINK.

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I have Windows Vista x64 and I am looking for software that will hide taskbar icons, processes, and windows. The reason I am needing this is because I have remote access software on employee computers and they keep disabling the software to prevent me from logging on. I need someway of keeping them from disabling the software. Any ideas anyone?

A:Security Software Recommendation Needed

Originally Posted by Ethanflux

I have Windows Vista x64 and I am looking for software that will hide taskbar icons, processes, and windows. The reason I am needing this is because I have remote access software on employee computers and they keep disabling the software to prevent me from logging on. I need someway of keeping them from disabling the software. Any ideas anyone?

Do you want them just to not be able to disable the remote desktop, or not be able to disable anything?


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I have two things I'm currently selling on Ebay, they are both downloadable. One is 10 megs, the other is 8 megs.

I sell about 4 of the 10 meg files a day, and 4 of the 8 meg files a day

I'm currently using WWW File Share Pro for all the file hosting and downloading right off my computer, but I notice a lot of people run into issues with the download--FSP resets the connection or cuts them off midway through, or it shows them as downloading the file like 5 times at once(I don't think they're actually doing that), etc.

What I guess I'm looking for is an affordable, REPUTABLE place that can provide fast downloads for these items...I guess I need 3 or 4 GB's a month to accomodate my demand? Also would need to be able to issue unique names and passwords that I can disable after they've successfully downloaded the items, I think. My profit margin on these isn't but about 5 dollars a piece, so I can't afford to pay through the nose, but I'm sort of at a loss with what to do with these guys...I don't know if it's them or File Share Pro, but the current methods are a bit unreliable for some.

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Hey all!

First, for the tl;dr types:
I need a new router for my home network. Top end with lots of features. No upper price limit. Please recommend.Click to expand...

Now, a bit more detail:
I live in the UK and am currently on Virgin Media cable broadband on the lowest speed package (2mb I believe). I use the broadband modem that they supply, combined with a Netgear FR114P 4-port Firewall/Router in conjunction with a generic switch to provide wired internet access. I also have a Belkin wireless router which I am using as an access point connected to the Netgear to provide wireless (g speed) network access to my laptop.
Now, the Netgear has been causing problems for years, but I've just stuck with it. However, we're moving soon and I'm planning to get Virgin Media cable again, but at the highest, 50mbit speed. Since we're moving and getting "new stuff", I'm looking for some new router suggestions.
Here are my criteria: I'd prefer to get just one device to replace both of my existing Netgear / Belkin devices. I accept that I'll swill need my switch to connect all the computers as I don't think many home routers come with more than 4 ports. The router does not need a modem integrated, as Virgin will supply one (It's Cable, not ADSL).
I'd like it to be capable of Wireless-N speed if possible. Basically whatever the latest is - I'd like to be fairly future-proof, although I know the N standard is constantl... Read more

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I would like to add an external drive enclosure so I can use cheaper internal IDE Hard drive(s) and an internal IDE DVD writer.

I have a Win XP Laptop with USB 2.0 and a Win ME PC with Firewire. My PC already has a second hard drive, internal DVD-ROM and CD-RW drives, and no free PCI ports. My Laptop has an internal DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo drive.

The primary use is for Video capture, editing and DVD burning. So speed is my primary concern, both with Hard drives and DVD writer. I'd like to be able to use the external enclosure between the two computers, and also swap out the IDE devices in the enclosure as required.

Given that SATA hard drives are out there now, what are my options, given my above requirements and hardware constraints?

I obviously need a 5.25" external enclosure with both USB 2.0 and Firewire at the minimum. I'm wondering if there is something that will enable me to use SATA as well. I can get rid of my modem on my PC to free up a PCI port if I need to install a controller card, since I'm on a broadband home network.

Any ideas/suggestions?



A:Recommendation needed for external drive enclosure

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Hello. Can anyone recommend a good free email client that will let me import my emails, contacts, and calendar from Outlook 2002?

A:Solved: Email Client Recommendation Needed

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i want to install cooler master V10 in mid tower case..but im confused which one to pick between Cooler Master Storm Scout Black and Cooler Master HAF 912

does anybody have any idea which one should i pick.??

A:Cooler Master case recommendation needed please

The HAF 912 would be my pick... more of them out there... more in service for Cooler Master to learn from.

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Hi all --

Moving hubby's Windows system around and realizing what a pain these wired components are.

Can anyone recommend a decent wireless keyboard/mouse that isn't too expensive?

Thanks in advance!

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My 500 GB NTFS hard drive running windows vista DELETED all it's files except some of the most basic windows ones that where in use at the time.

This happened because I put the wrong setting into a program I was running, I now cannot boot up in vista, and I'm running Ubuntu from another hard drive in the same computer.

I have not used the HDD since this happened to avoid overwriting the deleted files, and I'm looking for a way to get to get all those 450 GB worth of files back!

Do you know of any software (freeware if possible) that can help me?

A:Software recommendation needed, to recover almost all the files on a hard drive.

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My 500 GB NTFS hard drive running windows vista DELETED all it's files except some of the most basic windows ones that where in use at the time.

This happened because I put the wrong setting into a program I was running, I now cannot boot up in vista, and I'm running Ubuntu from another hard drive in the same computer.

I have not used the HDD since this happened to avoid overwriting the deleted files, and I'm looking for a way to get all those 450 GB worth of files back.

Do you know of any software (freeware if possible) that can help me (it must be able to run from a cd or from linux)?

A:Software recommendation needed, to recover almost all the files on a hard drive.

I had to install windows on my other drive i was able to recover it all with a prog called 'freeundelete'.

No thanks to you guys...

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I would like a recommendation for a backup product that will copy files, on the fly to a separate HDD [ internal or external ]. Essentially, a mirrored image.

Unfortunately, the computer uses IDE HDDs and had no SATA ports on the motherboard.

I have used Acronis True Image & Norton Ghost to clone HDDs.

Win XP SP2, Win Vista, Win 2000 Pro.

Thanks for your advice.


A:Solved: real time data backup - recommendation needed

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Geforce Vs. Geforce


I am about to buy a new video card and I was really hopeing someone could help me out with a few questions.

Card 1. G3Ti200 PRO-VT128 128MB DDR VIVO TV-Out - $139

Card 2. GEFORCE3 TI200 64MB DDR W/TV-OUT - $111

What is the big difference other than the amount of memory? They are both GF3 TI-200, one has 64mb and the other 128mb. Does the PRO-VT run games using the total 128mb or is it split with the TV options?

I really only care about using it to play games and watch Divx movies, I'm not too worried about the TV or DVD options, although in the future I may want DVD ability.

I'm looking for something in the $140-$150 range so in your opinion what would be the best buy?

One other weird thing I noticed, on the Nvidia site it show a GF3 TI-500, GF3 TI-200 and a plain GF3 the 500 and the plain GF3 had the best stats. What is the plain GF3? is it the TI-200 pro-vt?

Thanks a lot for any help. This is a once every few years item for me so I want to get the most bang for my buck.


A:GeForce3 -vs- GeForce3

The plain GeForce 3 is a bit faster than the Ti200 - you should be able to find a plain GF3 within your pricerange, but it'll only be a 64 meg version. With texture compression you should be fine for a little while using that amount of video memory - I mean, it is kind of a budget card at the moment. They are price pretty close to the MXes that are out now. Check out different benches on the different GeForce cards - I'd look at Tomshardware - he just did lots of them in the last month or so.


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I have XTASY NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 200 with 21.83 drivers installed on my computer and it's using IRQ 16 running Windows Xp Pro.
Is this ok? Some times my computer freezs without any error and i have to reboot.

A:Irq for GeForce3 Ti 200 ?

Thanks for quick reply Rick
I found very small program to fix that problem.
Program name is NVmax

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Anyone know of any drivers available for the GeForce3? This is my old system, just used for file sharing and the like. Everything in it works fine with Win7. However, I can't get Aero to work with the card cause I don't have proper drivers.

Anyone have any advice?


Wow. When viewing Win7 on the computer with the GeForce3, I do not have Aero features. However, I usually remote into this computer using Remote Desktop. When I do, I have Aero features. Additionally, when I look in Devices and Printers, it shows the monitor I have hooked up to the remote computer.

So, it seems Win7 Remote Desktop moves all visual stuff to the remote computer perfectly?


You can't have aero feature with a GF3 because the chip is not Dx9 compliant (needed for Aero). I think the better driver you may have are on Winupdate, as far this is a really old card you may not expect better one from nVidia.

But with RDP it's the remote machine which care. If the remote machine is "aero compliant" so you can have it on the remote desktop. Because this one doesn't work like VNC, or other, which send "full desktop picture" but desktop information for rendering.

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Overclock Geforce3 little help ?

i have two Geforce3's (Official Nvidia Geforce3 64mb AGP)
So i thought i would try overclocking

How could i overclock one of these software, hardware?
Whats best program to use and what frequencys
have u people tried and worked on this EXACT card?
Also say the card did frizz pop bang how would i restart computer without blowing up other the card before i can reset vlaues to default.

A:Overclock a Geforce3 ?


I use Rivaturner to overclock my Visiontek Geforce3 Ti200. There is also a progam out there called coolbits that allows you to change the Nvidia registry setting to enable overclocking in the additional properties tab for your Nvidia settings. I would advise you to use Rivatuner because Thomas will be updating his Geforce Tweak guide using Rivatuner as the adjusting program. I have overclocked my card to 465 memory 210 core with the cards standard cooling. Defaults for the card were 400 memory 175 core.

You can download RivaTuner here:


P.S. You have 2 options to overclock with the RivaTuner either low level or driver based. I am really not sure which is best. I choose the low level simply because that is the first one I came across, hopefully Thomas' tweak guide will give us further guidance.

Good Luck

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Advice please. Ordering a new system mostly for gaming ... but what video card? GeForce3Ti200 or wait a bit and pay something more for a GeForce4Ti4200? Is there much substantial difference between the two? As GeForce3 slips into seeming outdatedness, how short might its life-span be in keeping up with cutting edge games?

One's rationality and balance can be shaken by the hype and marketing promises of each new generation of rapidly replaced cards. ("Whoa, dude, you gotta have it!!") Whew!

Or is it hype? A calm perspective with info would be much appreciated. Tech Guys has always been a "mature", sensible and reliable source.


A:Choosing GeForce3 or 4 ???

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I am having some problems running any games on my machine that need full screen support. The problem came after I installed a PNY Verto Geforce 3 into my system, (567 Celeron [which is recognized as a P3], 384 MB of RAM, 350W power sup.) and I have done everything I could think of from updating drivers to tweaking the AGP settings in the BIOS to adding a more than generous power supply (230W ---> 350W), and I am out of ideas now. I would appreciate any help that I can get.

A:Geforce3 Problems, Need Help!

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Ok..i'm trying to hook my computer up to my tv. Here are my specs

Pentium 4 2.4 gig
768 megs ram
SB Audigy
GeForce 3 ti200 (with tv out)

Ok..now my problem is kinda odd..basically..i dont' know what kind of plug is on the back of my card. There's and SVid jack on the tv..and i thought it was the same on my card...but..i went out and bought a cable..only to discover that the plug didn't fit in the card. It's similar to an svid jack..but it has more prongs...it almost looks like a professional mic jack or something. I've looked in many stores and can't find anything like it...can someone help me out? I have no idea what it is or where i can find a plug that will work. Am i just retarded?? Thx for any help

A:geForce3 ti200 to TV

I suggest you go to the manufacturer's site and try to get this info from them. I'm only guessing, but I think that jack is a DVI for use with a Flat panel Monitor.
Sorry if this doesn't help.


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HELP!20 fps with geForce 3

I just purchased a Hercules ProphetIII Ti 200. I works fine in games like Dugeon Siege but in Counter-Strike I'm getting 20fps and down to 6fps in a firefight. I had better results with my Riva TNT2 Pro(30fps). I cleanly installed the new det3 drivers and I'm still getting low frame rates. Anyone have any suggestions for me?

Hercules Prophet III Ti 200 GeForce3
Intel Fedora motherboard
Intel P3 1.0gighrtz cpu


A:Problem with Geforce3, low fps in CS.

Welcome to 3dspotlight...

First of after the welcome I would point you to the forum FAQ for some information about how the forums operate (link top right of the page and in my signature).

When you say cleanly installed detonators, what was the process that you went through? Uninstall then reinstall?
Most people like to get rid of all *.dll files and anything that Nvidia didn't bother putting in their uninstall routines by using a tool called the detonator destroyer.
Information about recommended methods of detonator removal/installation can be found in this thread.
Also I would reinstall Half Life and CS, and check out the 3dspotlight Half Life/CS/TFC tweak guide for more information about specific game settings.
Also have a read of the 3dspotlight Geforce Tweaking guide, and one final good resource for information about solving problems with Geforce cards is the GeforceFaq (in my signature).

Hope some of this is of help...

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I have two monitors, only one shows up in my device manager. There are two ports on my video card DVI and standard VGA. I got the adapter for my DVI to make it VGA and have both monitors connected. I update my drivers so everything is all good not exclemation points in my device manager. But for some reason still only one shows up in device manager. Both monitors are displaying. They are cloned...exact duplicates of one another. I really want it to be extended desktop! Any idea's at all.

Video Card is Geforce3 Ti 200 (64 mb)

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This is what I written down for Gigabyte Tech Zone but I don't want to wait a month or 2 for the reply.

I used to have used Vista 64bit before with Hard Drives in Raid0 and I am trying to load Windows 7 64bit with just 1 hard drive. In the Bios I have disabled SATA RAID/AHCI Mode & changed Onboard SATA/IDE Device to enabled & changed Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode to IDE. On boot it finds the Hard Drive but when I install it gets to the Load Drivers section and when I scan or Browse for the drivers it doesn't find any drivers for it using all the Gigabyte drivers that are loaded on a USB thumb drive (latest Gigabyte Windows 7 drivers included). I imagaine it is probably looking for the Intel ICH9R/ICH10R Driver or Intel ICH9R/ICH10R SATA RAID Driver or the Mass Storage Drivers and as there were no Windows 7 available on Gigabyte I tried the Vista ones with no success. Could you advise what is needed to get it running again. Whether I missed something it the BIOS etc.... Thanks

Drivers are loaded on a USB Thumb Drive but I did try a floppy disk at one stage but may not have had the correct drivers on the floppy drive. The USB Thumb Drive had all Vista & Windows 7 Drivers available on Gigabyte Website on it.

Also if I use any of the Vista 64-bit drivers it comes up with the warning as follows:
To continue installation use the 'Load Driver' option to install 32-bit and signed 64-bit drivers. Device Driver is not supported and might result in an unusable Windows inst... Read more

A:trouble loading 1st driver needed - Mass Storage Driver

Can you not use the restore BIOS to default settings options then use the windows setup options to delete any possible boot partitions holding information regards booting raid 0 from your drives. You should then be able to install windows 7 normally and install your drivers once windows is installed.

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Wish I'd come here first....After reviewing DirectX log (attached) Gamehouse support told me to update a driver to fix a problem launching a game (the game does not recognize that I have java installed). Said the driver was outdated and that I should have (copy pasted the driver info at the top of the direct X text file)Card name: Intel® 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset FamilyManufacturer: Intel CorporationChip type: Intel® 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset ControllerI had the followingHere are my system specs -http://support.gateway.com/s/PC/R/GXModels/5476/5476sp6.shtmlSome other relevant photos - https://picasaweb.google.com/CountingCrowes/ComputerIssues#I went to intel and they did indeed list an update so I downloaded it. the instructions in read me file (attached) said to install kb888111 before installing the new driver. I went to Microsoft and the instructions for kb888111 said to first uninstall kb835221, which i didI downloaded the hotfix for kb888111After reviewing info for kb888111 I was not sure how to install plus I was unsure whether to use xpsp2 version or xpsp1 - I have xp sp3 After more research on the web regarding kb888111 I decided to keep what I had until I felt more certain of the best action to take. Therefore I attempted system restore, which failed
The kb835221 version I uninstalled does not appear in add/remove AND on startup the computer detects new hardware (PCI ...bus?) which it is unable to find a driver for, therefore installation is... Read more

A:kb888111 driver needed before installing intel driver update

What's the complete name of the game and what are the system requirements?
Particularly video requirements.

The onboard video that you have really wont support high end gaming.

Edit:Also please post the model number of your Gateway

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mmm, okay. So I've got this GEForce3 card and I've got it OC'd to 220mhz core and 500mhz memory. I'm getting okay scores in 3DMark2001 SE, but not *that* great.

What overclocking tool should I use to push it farther (CoolBits won't let me go past the 220/500 setting)? I installed a Thermaltake Crystal Orb today, so it should be able to take a little more abuse without burning up.

Another thing, when I go to the online results browser for 3DMark, it shows that my AGP setting is only at 2x, but I have it set at 4x in my bios. ?? why?

any help at all would be very much making me a happy guy.

A:Overclocking a PNY GEForce3 ti200

gforce tweak utility will open up the speed range

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I have a P4 based system with a 235 Watt power supply. I currently have a GeForce2 MX 400. Is the GeForce3 still a viable card? Would it be worth the upgrade, and where could I get a Ti card for a reasonable price. I have seen some ads with 128MB Ti200 cards, but I can't find them on the web. What is the difference between the Ti200 and Ti500?
Lots of questions, so I thought I'd go ahead and get them all out of the way.

A:Is Geforce3 still a viable option?

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I am trying to hook-up a Viewsonic VP201s LCD monitor to a computer with a Nvidia Geforce3 Ti500 video card and I can not get the DVI connection to work. The analog connection works but no luck with the DVI connection. I have installed all the latest drivers and am running Windows 2000 Pro.

If anyone has any ideas on how to get the DVI connection to work it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!!

A:GeForce3 Ti500 and LCD problem

Are you hooking up the LCD to the card by itself ? The TI500 even though it has two outputs (VGA & DVI) it only has one Ramdac so it will be the same image on the both outputs. If while you hook up your LCD to the DVI port, you are using a CRT on the VGA port, it might be trying to set the same refresh rate for both monitors (LCDs rarely go above 60hz).

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I have just overclocked my video card from 174/400, to 200/500

I only got an extra 226 3D marks? should I get more? or should I krank the core higher. It is a hercules model....I think these are overclocking friendly.

The memory is at its highest. To be quite honest, I was expecting more.

A:Overclocked Geforce3 Ti200

A 25% increase in memory speed isn't anything to sneeze at! You're also getting a 15% increase in the core > not bad either.

You *might* get 5-10% more out of the core, but unless you have good cooling > you take a chance of stressing the card.

3DMark 'games' like different settings. Too high on the memory & 'Car chase' will lock. Too high on the core & 'Dragothic' locks. Too high on the core & 'Lobby' fractures, but still runs, in my experience.

A Ti200 is a fine card, but it isn't a Ti500 or a GF4. It does have it's limits & to find out your cards oc limits: I'd suggest a Google search for reviews on that particular card.

Here's one for ya & even tho' I linked to the oc specs, read all the review: http://www.sharkyextreme.com/hardware/videocards/article.php/3211_935461__10


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i have a gainward geforce3 ti500 with tv out. and when i plug the video card to the tv the colors become horrible. it's like it turned into 16bit mode. i can hardly watch any movies. i've tried to mess around with all the different settings but nothing works. my dvds are reduced to worse than vhs quality.

i pretty sure i have the latest drivers. is there something i'm missing? settings that i'm not aware of maybe...

help! thanks.

A:geforce3 ti500 tv-out problem

have a look at :


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Heres an article on overclocking a GeForce3 Ti.200, looks like it can go pretty far !! From 175/400 to 243/512!
OOPS, sorry cobra

GeForce3 Ti.200 Overclocking


A:Overclocking Guide - GeForce3 Ti.200

Looks like a good story on squeaking a little bit more speed out of the card. I wouldnt go to high though..Heat kills very quickly.

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Creative 3D Blaster GeForce3 Titanium 200 Review @ BlargOC

BlargOC have just reviewed the Creative 3D Blaster GeForce3 Titanium 200.

"With all the hype around about the NVIDIA Geforce4 series of cards arriving on the shores of the UK, it would be too easy to forget about the now relatively cheap Geforce3 series. So today we've taken a look at Creative's 3D Blaster GeForce3 Titanium 200 card, which is their entry level Geforce3 card.

My Creative Geforce3 Ti200 arrived in their lovely box, claiming it's main features on the front. If the look of a box was a buying point (and one of my best mates would say that it is ) then this would definately be on my short list! Gotta love that silvery colour!" Click to expand...

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Creative 3D Blaster GeForce3 Titanium 200 Review @ BlargOC
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Hey guys..

I recently got win/ 32 and love it.. Only problem is that i cant update my SM bus driver.

my mother board : P5ND2-SLI nforce 4 intel onboard.

ive searched many places and found a previous thread about this. But the link to drivers my device manager wont regonixe.. plz help

A:P5ND2-SLI nforce 4 chipset driver/sm bus driver needed.


Im starting to think there wont be any drivers supporting the SM bus driver for win 7.. and I go back to using xp ..

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Hi All,

I wiped out manufactory-installed Win Vista of my new Laptop Gateway M6752, and installed Win XP SP2 Home Edition. I window-updated, but could not get the IDT SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC to work. I downloaded a few generic SigmaTel drivers, but keeps get error messages and yellow marks. I also need driver for the TopDog Mini-PCI express Wireless 802.11n LAN .


A:SigmaTel Hi Def. audio driver and Wireless LAN driver needed

Have you tried using windows vista drivers for your audio and wireless? sometimes they may work

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