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External Hard Drive (writing/deleting problems)/ Microphone problems

Q: External Hard Drive (writing/deleting problems)/ Microphone problems

Hey Guys, first things first. I had an old hard drive from a crapped out laptop. My uncle gave me an USB Hard drive converter(unsure on it's brand, after it worked i threw out the box). Problem is that I used it several times between a mac and a pc(school and home computer) and now it give me an I/o error when I try to copy stuff and says it can't find the item when I try to delete something. I tried reformatting(all this is on a PC BTW). I tried plugging it into a mac at school, but it wouldn't show up as connected.

I just realised that I had a driver cd for it, but I have lost it and cannot find it(too many CD's to keep track of, lol), I was wondering if there was anything I could do to fix this problem. It is a fujitsu, 30 GB hard drive(though it when I was using it, it showed as a 20 GB) I would prefer not to have to buy a new adapter or hard drive. I would just like to use this, to store all my music on, because the hard-drive on this computer(it's only 40GB getting a new one soon) is getting cluttered with music.
Now for my second problem, which isn't really my problem at all, but I digress. My friend was using her microphone(on an XP Home) and half way through her conversation it cut out. I have got her to check all her sound settings, no low sound settings on her computer. She has tried recording messages but nothing happens as if a microphone is not plugged in. I gave her my microphone to try out with no avail. I had a feeling that it is a driver problem(incompatibility) as her brothers Vista machine still uses the microphone perfectly, but her other XP also refuses to use it. I don't know because she hasn't told me if both the XP machine's are using the same drivers(as she's not allowed to boot the other computer up, without permission, and not while her's is on). I tried getting her to save a restore point and then rolling back her sound card drivers, but that did nothing.

So any help on either of these problems would be helpful, thank you in advance.

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Preferred Solution: External Hard Drive (writing/deleting problems)/ Microphone problems

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


something is wrong with my drive lately. it all started one day when i got this message while booting my pc. "drive 1 on primary eide controller is operating outside of normal specifications". now i dont see this message anymore but when i write new files to that drive, they become corrupt.

i am using windows xp pro sp1 and its a wd 180 gig hdd.

A:hard drive having problems writing files

Check in your BIOS for the settings of that drive. It should have LBA enabled.
Also, your BIOS might not be able to handle such a big drive (might go over the 1024 sector boundary), look for a BIOS-update from the motherboards manufacturer that may deal with this problem.

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I'm worried my external hard drive is dying. Whenever I plug it in I get prompted to scan for errors and read and writing to the disk to insanely slow all of a sudden. I've tried it on different USB ports and with a different cable just to eliminate those variables.

It's a 500GB Verbatim Portable Hard Drive (this one I think but a little over a year old now http://www.verbatim.com/prod/hard-drives/portable/acclaim/)

I'm hoping there's a way to fix it as right now getting a new drive is a little out of my price range but I'm not really sure how to troubleshoot this sort of thing.

A:Slow reading and writing with external hard drive

According to the warranty: [A link to the PDF is provided at the link you gave.] http://www.verbatim.com/UserFiles/File/Hardware%20Limited%207-Year%20Warranty.pdf

Verbatim warrants its products to be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 7 years from the date of purchase. Verbatim’s sole obligation with respect to claims of non -conformance made within the warranty period described above shall be, at its option, to repair or replace any item of Equipment that Verb atim, in its sole discretion, determines to be defective, subject to the procedure set forth.

Download the warranty to read in its entirety.

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Thought to myself as it is Christmas, and as I have got a problem with a external hard drive for Christmas, but have solved it, I thought why not post a solution on this web page.

Not showing in Windows Explorer?

This happened to me. Click start, type Disk Management, then find your external hard drive (mine is 'ST 350041 2AS USB Device) usually it's in Disk 1, right click and select Mark As Active. Then to make it a D:/ drive or E:/ drive, click Change Letter Drive and change it from there.

Hopefully this will help users from both Windows Seven Forums and traffic from external sources (google, yahoo etc). Please leave 'Rep' if this worked for you. All the best, Edster.

A:Problems with a external hard drive?

I'm glad I found your solution, it worked for me. Thank you.

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Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, and I really need help... I have been searching the internet for weeks. I can't seem to find anything to help me, so I have come here in the hopes that I might find some form of anything....

I had an external drive. The case failed, so I took the drive out and got rid of the case. Now, I got a new case, and I put the drive in. I plug it into my computer, and my computer tells me that a drive has been installed. However it does not show up in my computer, or disk management. It does, however, show up in the device manager. There is not a yellow ! next to the device, and it says that it is working properly. What should I do? I would really prefer not to have to format it if there is a way around that, but if I HAVE to, I will to gain use of the drive back.

If this means anything to anyone, I am using a Macbook Pro with bootcamp installed, with windows XP pro with SP2. Any help would be completely appreciated. Thank you in advance.


A:External Hard drive problems

Run Windows XP in repair mode.

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Hi There,
This Is Sort Of A Software Problem But Connected With Plug And Play. I Recently Purchased A "Newlink" 3.5" External Hard Drive Enclosure. Popped In A Hard Drive, Connected The IEEE 1394 Firewire Lead And The Drive Sprung To Life And Appeared In Explorer, I Can Drag And Drop No Probs, I Was A Happy Man!

Also In The Box Was A Disc Containing "Syncquick" Software To Automatically Back Up My Files. However Even Though The Box Says It Is Compatible With Windows 98/ME/2000/And XP I Am Getting A Windows "16 Bit Subsystem "Error Message And The Installation Will Not Continue (See Enclosed Screenshot)

I Have Tried The "Newlink" Website (www.newlinkproducts.co.uk) And There Is No Contact Information For Support, I Have Also Tried To Google "Syncquick" But This Also Seems To Have Little Presence On The Net.

Does Anyone Have Experience With This Software Or The Error Message?


A:External Hard Drive Problems

Does it still work OK using Windows to Read n Write to it ?

I've had problems with other software that comes with External HDs ... and won't use them any more.

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I have Windows XP and Linux dual booted. My External 400gig Hard drive in it's own case that's plugged into a USB slot on the back of my computer. It is formatted fat23. It can be seen and written to in both XP and Linux no problem. I installed the earlier Windows 7 build a while back and couldn't see the files on it. It said it was empty. Well I thought maybe they didn't have that sorted out yet.. But now even with the Beta 1 installed, it still says it's empty. I know for fact it's not. Anyone with some ideas?

A:External USB Hard Drive Problems

It might be a driver issue with Windows 7 and external USB drives....

Someone else actually asked about that a while ago as well, take a look in the drivers forum.

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I purchased a 750gb WD passport portable harddrive 750GB external harddrive. My lap top is a Acer Aspire one Netbook. I plugged in my WD Hard drive to the USB Port and everytime i go to open it i get an error report, it crashes my comp and i need to open up task manager to close application as it says its "Not responding" It comes up with a Windows Explorer Error report. It says on the window

"You chose to end the nonresponsive program, Windows Explorer."
The programme is not responding
Please tell Microsoft about this problem.
we have created an error report that you can send to help us improve windows explorer. we will treat this report as confidential and anonymous

To see what data this error report contains,

I then opened the error report and it has anh error signature
szAppName : explorer.exe szAppVer : 6.0.2900.5512 szModName : hungapp
szModVer : offset : 00000000

The technical information for the first error report is

The second just takes me to the microsoft website.

Do you know what it is causing the hard drive not to open or to crash every time, its not the first time this happened, this is the 2nd harddrive i bought, the exact error report came up when i plugged in my 1st hardrive, is it something with my comp?

I believe i have tried the other ports but i will double check that tonight.

Any help wou... Read more

A:Problems with my External Hard Drive

I had a similar problem- with my 500GB plug and play -"auto play" - "couldn't move folders around" - (because then they wouldn't open) "Phantom010" gave me some good advice and I have not had any problems since, as a matter of fact all the errors I had been getting off and on for years have stopped. Here's the link:

In XP Pro, to view the Security tab, try this:

In XP Home, boot into Safe Mode. This is the one that worked for me, Good Luck - hope it helps.

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I have a 160 g external western digital hard drive that i use to store my music, it was working a few hours ago. it has always been a simple plug and play, now when i plug it in the computer doesn't read it. I see it in the device manager. and it is telling me that it has to be formatted. If i format it, i will lose all my data? and why might this be happening?

A:External Hard Drive Problems

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I have a Archos External USB hard drive that was working fine on two of my computers until yesterday. Now my computers won't recognize that it is connected. It sounds like the drive is powering up ok, but it isn't showing up under My Computer. Does anyone have an idea of what the problem could be and how it can be fixed? Both computers use Windows XP.

A:External USB Hard Drive Problems

By definition, it sounds like a hardware problem with the drive or its interface electronics, since it affects 2 different PCs. Power supply OK?

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I have a Logitec External Hard drive that I got while living in Japan. Today when I turned it on the lights light up but it makes this ticking noise and one of the lights flashes green. It's on but not running, and won't show up on my computer. Does anyone have any experience with this? Have I fried it? Will I be able to retrieve the data on it? Thanks for your help.

A:External Hard Drive Problems...

That ticking noise is typical of a failing, or failed, hard drive. Just like with regular drives that backups are there for when the fail, backup drives can fail just as well.

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I'm starting to lose all hope for this, but maybe someone here can help me with this problem.

I have a Western Digital 250GB USB External Hard Drive. It's connected via USB 2.0, and I've not had any problems until yesterday/today.

I'm running Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, with all current updates. The computer is an HP Pavilion 515x.

My problem lies in the fact that up until yesterday, my hard drive worked flawlessly. At some point during the day yesterday, though, the hard drive stopped working, but I was away at work while it happened.

After an hour or so of working with it, I got it to work again. Problem solved, or so I thought.

However, at some point during the night last night, while I was downloading and updating some programs, it apparently ran into the same problem. Now, like before, when the hard drive is connected, I get the balloon "USB Device Not Recognized", and other times, it will say that it's been installed and is ready to use, but I can't access any of the files. Instead, it shows up as "Local Disk (G" in My Computer.

Opening it reveals nothing.

I went to it's properties and populated the drive, but it now says that it's either Not Applicable for Partition Type, or it'll show up with the main computer's drives, saying that the hard drive is merely 37 GB.

I'd really appreciate any help I can get, and if you need more information, let me know. I tried t... Read more

A:External USB Hard Drive problems

Next time your drive goes up, backup all the data you can, then perform a format on that drive, see if that clears it up.

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hi i have a buffalo ministation, have been using it for months with no problems, i have got loads videos and pics on it so dont want to lose them.

i went to use the hard drive to day but every time i went to load it up it froze and then came up with a message to re-format the hard drive. but have been told if i do this then i would lose all my stuff. also the blue light that normally stays on now flashes on and off....any suggestions??? i have tried putting it in another usb slot but no different. when i go it to the control panel to look at the hard drive a bit more it says there is no problem with the hard drive and the light then stays on???

many thanks jack

A:external hard drive problems

Flashing LED's are generally an alarm indication. Check the drive User Manual or possibly the manufacturers website for more information.

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So Ive hunted around and cant seem to find an answer to this. Ive got a WD External hard drive been working fine until it started saying it needed scanning and checking or something like that however when i clicked yes it wouldnt let me, so that carried on and now I have a big problem.

When I plug my hard drive in it makes the usb connection noise but no hard drive in My Computer. So I would have a look in computer managment its there but as:
Disk 1
298.09 GB
Not Initialized

but it wont let me initialize it because of a I/O error. Ive uninstalled drivers still no help.

Also its not listed at the top where it says volume, layout, type, file system etc. Only at the bottom where it is Disk 0, Disk 1, CD-ROM 0

Please help I have 1000's of photos on there I just dont want to lose.
Thank you in advance.

A:External Hard drive problems

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Me and a friend are using a external hard drive to get files from a windows to a mac...

but whenever i plug in the External hard drive, with USB, it finds it on my computer but then i can't find the actual disk anywhere to open it! I think something might be wrong with my Plug n' Play settings or something

A:External Hard Drive PROBLEMS!

Well, without certain scripts written in, my Linux/Windows machine wont see the drive for the other operating system, i.e Windows wont see linux drive and visa versa, so I suspect you need to do something there.

On the other hand, if is a new drive, then you will need to format it to see it. Right click on 'My Computer', click Manage. In there, you will see 'disk management', and should see the new usb drive. From there, right click on the drive and format/partition it as you want.


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Hey everyone, I have a WD 320gb external hard drive (WD3200E035-00) and when ever I plug it into my computer it freezes... can you please suggest me all the things I should check to find what is causing this? Thanks.

A:External Hard drive problems D:

Hello Smile,

You might check to see if you have a option in your antivirus program's settings to see if you may have an option to scan USB, external, or removable devices when connected enabled. If so, this may cause your computer to temporarily freeze up like this since the external drive is being scanned. Disable or turn off that option to see if that may help.

Hope this helps,

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I have had an external Toshiba hard drive connected to my new computer for over a month now. However, today I cannot access the external HD - it's not even showing in "My Computer" anymore! I've tried everything I can think of and all it's doing is flashing red and blue at me! I have the following computer:
Windows Vista Home Premium on
AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core Processor 4000+ 2.10ghz
2046 MB Ram
NVidia GeForce 8600 GT

the external drive is a Toshiba 160GB External USB HDD which is just over a year old and worked fine with my Windows XP computer.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still nothing - I have a ton of data that I can't afford to lose on the external HD. I hope somebody can help.

A:Problems with external hard drive

Firstly you need to confirm that the usb port is working correctly by trying something else in the port.
If the port is ok then remove the drive from the case and hook up as a slave in your pc and see if you can access the data.
If you can then you know its the external case that is at fault.

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i have a similar problem. my external usb drive is recognized but doesnt show up to be opened on my computer or any of my friends computer and were all running windows xp pro. it worked before ans so i have something on it that MUST NOT be formatted i can not lose it or else. help would be greatly appreciated thx.

A:External Hard Drive PROBLEMS!

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Recently my external hard drive has stopped working. When i plug it into my gfs mac it doesnt show, it used to. And when i plug it into my laptop it shows a drive name but no information, capacity and level, and when i try and open it it causes My Computer to not respond but if i unplug then My Computer works fine again. Im using Windows XP and the GFs mac is running Leopard. THe hard drive is a Western Digital 1tb externally powered external hard drive. Any ideas?



A:External Hard Drive Problems

Test it with WD diagnostic software to se if it has failed (or starting to fail). You need to download & install WD Data LifeGuard Diagnostic: http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?lang=en

The software is Windows only, so you'll need to install it on your Windows PC to test the drive.

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My Western Digital 80Gb 'My Book' Hard Drive has over 72 Gb of space on it, but when I try to copy a 4gig video file into it, it says there isn't enough disk space. What's wrong?

btw, I'm trying to get the video file on there so I can take the hard drive to a friends house so he can burn it onto a dvd. Is there any reason that won't work?

A:External Hard Drive Problems...

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My USB External Hard Drive suddenly decided to stop working monday before last, it is weird, like it will turn on and all, but it doesnt get recognized and while its on none of my programs will load like Ventrilo and games(ventrillo will half load but not all the way) and the computer wont shutdown while its on. but the moment i turn it off they all start running smoothly agian and the computer will shutdown immediatly (if i am at the shutdown screen). Any idea why/how this happened and how to fix it?

im using a USB2.0 External Hard Drive from Samsung/Spinpoint Model Number SP1604N
its been working fine for the past 6 months with no problems.

Using a Power Spec computer intel inside Pentium 4, Windows XP Home Edition.
Also: i didnt move or budge it when before it stopped working.

A:External USB Hard Drive Problems

You mixed a bunch of symptoms. Does the system work normally if you don't use the external hard disk? Is this just a single issue, or are you having general Windows issues.

Try this cleanup processif it's just a USB hard disk issue.

First step, Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore. Create a restore point and name it something like "Before USB Fix". This is to bail you out if something goes wrong during the following process and makes things worse.

Create a file with NOTEPAD containing the following lines and save it as FIX.REG

-------------------------- Use text after this line --------------------------------
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment]"DEVMGR_SHOW_NONPRESENT_DEVICES"="1"

-------------------------- Use text before this line --------------------------------

Double click on FIX.REG and say yes to the Merge Into Registry question.

Unplug ALL USB devices.
Open Device Manager.
View, Show Hidden Devices.
Uninstall all devices under USB Controllers.
Uninstall all devices under Disk Drives that you know are not present.
Uninstall all devices under Storage Volumes. Say no to any reboot prompts until you are finished. Also, if a Storage Volume doesn't uninstall, ignore it and move to the next one.
If you have a yellow ? with unknown devices, uninstall all of the entries there as well.

When this is done, reboot TWICE.

Reconnect the USB devices and se... Read more

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i have a 320 gigabyte portable external hard-drive. it's a maxtor.
lately i have been having problems with it
it says it has 283MB free space (which i'd expect)
but when i try to delete something off it, it still says 283MB free.
i have tried restarting pc and unplugging the phd.
i did try a disk check, it says "the drive F: contains an invalid parametre"
and it also says it can only do the diskcheck in "read-only-mode"
i can't re-format cause i have no where for the files to go.
is there any-way to fix it?
oh by the way i have ran a disk check on it before this happened and it said something about corrupt indexes and clusters.

A:External Hard Drive problems

What application are you using to "disk check"?

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i want to put my new external hard drive but i don't know how to format the hard disk when is new also i need to format it in fat if someone can help me could be great

A:i have problems with my new external hard drive

Have you tried connecting it outta the box? What operating system is your pc running? Why are you wanting to use FAT?

Just FYI-I had bought two external harddrives that I had issues getting them to work on my windows xp system. The end result was that when I put my pc together, I never installed the drivers for the usb ports. After I did that, I have not had a problem since.

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Okay, my external hard drives are messing up.

I have a Toshiba PH3100U-1EXB and it stopped working the day after I installed my second external hard drive, which is a WD My Passport Hard Drive.

Most of the time, the hard drive won't show up at all under "Computer", but a virtual disk thing does. Once, I somehow got it to work through the "Disk Management" part of "Computer Management", but it showed up as a RAW drive. From what I know, the only way to restore the drive was to format it back to NTFS, but it would mean erasing all of my data. I had about 580 GB of data on the 1 TB drive.

My computer crashed and I had to do a full system restore the month before, so I didn't have any backup copies of the files on the Toshiba drive.

So I used programs like Recover My Files, iCare, and Easeus Data Recovery Wizard to recover my files from the RAW drive. After that, I formatted the drive. It's now an NTFS drive. I tried to recover from the formatted drive, too, but nothing came up.

But then I couldn't "Safely Remove" it because it said that it was still running, even though all the programs are closed, according to Task Manager. So I just unplugged it.

The hard drive doesn't work at all now, even when I plug it into my laptop. Only a virtual disk (I shows up. I: doesn't even have any files on it and it says I should "Insert a disk", according to Windows Explorer/'Computer' folder.

So I ... Read more

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I've been trying to use a 40 gig Maxtor drive to transfer data between an old laptop running windows 98, a Mac G3 and my newer computer running XP Pro, SP2. (Board:K7S41GX 1.0 / 1.67 Ghz. AMD Athlon XP / 1 Gig. Ram.)
It's housed in a Cliptec ZE-351 USB box and formatted with the FAT 32 file system.
Everything works fine in both Windows 98 and also on the Mac running OS 9.2 but the drive can't be accessed in Windows XP.
XP acknowledges when the drive is plugged into the USB port but does not show the drive in the explorer window.
Partition Magic does show the drive as being un-allocated space and inaccessible.
It also returns error codes while trying to format or partition the drive.
I've taken the drive out of the box and connected it as a slave to my computer running XP and formatted and partitioned it using Partition Magic.
Checked it for errors. None found.
Put it back in the USB box and it's right where I started.
Since there's obviously nothing wrong with the drive itself nor the IDE to USB converter in the external case since they work perfectly on the other two systems I am assuming there must be some sort of driver issue within Windows XP itself.
I have re-installed the USB drivers, run Registry Mechanic, re-installed the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers and am on the verge of tossing the thing outta the window.
If anybody has any ideas of how to get Windows XP to recognize this drive it would be greatly appreciated.

A:External usb hard drive problems


I've taken the drive out of the box and connected it as a slave to my computer running XP and formatted and partitioned it using Partition Magic.

With the drive connected as slave, instead of using Partition Magic try using XP itself to set up the drive, although it can't format a partition larger than 32GB as FAT32. Alternatively, boot with a Windows 98 "boot floppy" and partition/format the whole drive as a single FAT32 partition - this is how I formatted a hard drive that was subsequently used in a USB 2.0 enclosure with Windows XP.

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I have these problem with my external hard drive:
- Sometimes the Local Disk (H is showed up, but suddenly not responding when opened.
- When actually connected and working, its really slow when copying or moving files. At first the speed is good but it getting slower and slower over time.

Here's the screenshot of CrystalDiskInfo about the hard drive:

Can someone explaine whats all that about? Because i dont really understand. And What should i do about it? Im using Windows 7.

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I have a Western Digital external hard drive It lights up but doesn't sound quite normal and it not recognized by my Win7 computer.

I fear the worse. Any thoughts on how I might try to recover the data?



A:External Hard Drive problems

When you say not recognized, you mean it is not given a drive letter?

If that's the case, then open up Disk Management and scroll down through the "drives" to see if it is listed near the bottom. If it is, then see if it will let you assign a drive letter. If that work, you should be OK.

If you don't see it in Disk Management, then the next time you boot, do so with the drive connected, go into the BIOS setup screens, and see if the BIOS sees the drive. If that doesn't see it, then there's no way to mount it to get the files off.

However, if the BIOS does see it, then you can at least try accessing it following the info below ...

Since your data was on a Windows partition, based on my experience at doing
this successfully, my suggestions are the following:
[NOTE: If your PC has a working copy of MS Windows on it, skip to step 4]
1) Connect your drive to the PC.
2) Download and install the trial version of RecoverMyFiles from Runtime
Software in MS Windows.
3) Right-click the RecoverMyFiles shortcut and select "Run as
4) Select the option to Recover a Drive
5) You will get a list of drives, scroll down to find the one for your
If it's shown in the list, then continue; else, you're done and won't be
able to recover the files...
6) Select Automatic Driver recovery, press Start button
7) It will run for a while but when done, will show a directory tree in the
left pane. Do NOT interrupt it.
8) When done, browse the folder... Read more

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Hello all!

I purchased a 320GB external hard drive about two weeks ago. It has worked fine until I decided to download and install Diagnostic program that is specifically for it. While the diagnostic program was running, I went to sleep. When I woke up, it says it found nothing wrong, but now my computer sorta no longer recognizes it. For example, It have a letter, and I can see the files on the hard drive, but they won't recognize the programs that I have installed on my external hard drive, and neither would anything I run on my computer.

A:External Hard Drive problems

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I have a Seagate goflex desk 1.5tb that was working fine then suddenly is not recognised by any of my 3 computers or my tv or my dvd player. The leads are all connected fine you can hear and feel it trying to run but nothing happens. I have over 1400 movies on this drive Can anyone help me pls?

A:External hard drive problems

all good now I fixed it. don't ask how I probably couldn't do it again if I tried. just not going to touch it now.

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I have a maxtor one touch external hard drive, and recently it stopped working. when i try to access it whrough my computer, i get the message "the device is not accessible due to an I/O device error. I cannot get the computer to scan the drive for viruses or anything. I have tried contacting maxtor but I waited on hold for about an hour and nothing. I have about 45 gigs of stuff that I need to save. Please any information would be great. Thanks alot.

A:External Hard drive problems please help

bump...i could really use some help

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Okay so, I've spent a few weeks trying to get this external hard drive to work and have gotten nowhere.

Here is a link to the specs for the hard drive.


I am running Vista 64-bit on a HP dv7 with a Core Duo @ 2.4 GHz and 4 GB of Ram.

Last Christmas I got this WD passport and at the time I was using my mom's macbook. The hard drive worked great on the mac, but before I went to college I got this new HP notebook. I downloaded to macdrive 7 and used that to get all the files on the hard drive onto my computer. After that I deleted everything that was on the hard drive, thinking that the action was necessary in order to re-format it for vista. Whether it was necessary or not, I figured and new format would just put the files on there that needed to be and let me go from there.

When I open up My Computer, the disk drive isn't there and when I go to computer management > disk management it says the disk is online but doesn't have a letter or anything. When the hard drive is plugged in, it slows the computer down A TON and all the programs stop responding, and the second you pull it out (unsafely) the programs are fine. Now, I actually did complete a format process with this hard drive, but even after that it is inaccessible. I have tried programs such as swissknife, hp usb disk format tool fat32 formatter and the disk management.

I plugged it into my mom's mac while I was... Read more

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Sorry if a thread already exists. I'd looked for one similar to my problem, but couldn't find one that exists that isn't closed...

With that being said, I am running a Vista Home Premium 32-bit & the External Hard Drive I'm having problems with is a Seagate 250GB. The box it was in says 'Expansion'. I've looked over on Seagate site & found no help.

Here's the problem- 2 days ago, my external wasn't showing up on my computer at all. After searching & following tips here & there on the web, I finally got it to show up. I ended up doing the following: 'cmd' as Administrator:
"chkdsk x: /f /r" and press "Enter," substituting "x" with the letter of the USB drive.
From there it scanned the drive & it showed up. The next problem was no permissions to move anything or access anything on the drive. Again, I typed the following commands as Admin. in the command prompt:
cacls H: /E /T /C /G Administrators:F
takeown /f H: /r /a
This gave me 'some' permissions, but not all. I still am finding myself having to manually click on properties to some folders to try to get ownership/ gain permissions. However, with some I get the following error codes:

Other files or folders I try to move, I get the following error:

And some folders I can't open:

I've noticed that the multiple times I attempt this, I've been looking at the manage window & sometimes it says the external drive is 'healthy' & other times it ... Read more

A:External Hard Drive Problems

Okay, people, I hope this helps others who may have similar problems.
After trying & trying to recover my data off my external & getting errors as mentioned above, here's what is currently working for me:
I have my external wrapped in a towel on an icepack to keep it very cool.
I have a second external plugged in. I am copying one folder at a time over to the other external. When I start getting the I/O error, I shut off the faulty external that I'm copying my data from & let it rest for 10-15 min. After it's had that rest, I turn it back on & either copy the rest of that folder over or start on the next folder. Keep doing this until you can recover as much data as possible. This should work.
Now, granted, I'm not able to recover 100% of my data, so far, I'm able to recover about 80-90% of it, though & most importantly- a lot of the data that I wasn't able to recover onto my laptop before is copying over to the other external without problems.
I hope this helps any of you out there that are looking for help. This will also save you some moolah & if you're able to get most of your data copied this way, that's better than nothing, right?
If, in the event there is some data that you absolutely have to have that you can't recover after this, then I'd recommend taking it into a data recover expert or downloading a program to attempt the recovery. My guess is you're still going to want to keep that faulty external drive cool & give it rests if you can... Read more

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These weird files with unexplainable symbols appeared on my external HD today. Every time I click on one it disappears and when I drag a file from my external HD on to the desktop they will reappear. That is if the file will even go to the desktop. These files are [email protected]#!$# with me. If I drag a file from my external HD on to the desktop most of the time an error occurs and I am unable to do this. If I try to put one of these files into the trash the same error message occurs. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

A:External Hard Drive Problems!!! Help!!!!

What OS, etc? Can you post a screenshot? View properties of one of the files?

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Hi Guys, I need some help,

I have a Seagate Barricuda 7200.12 500GB Hard Drive. The USB cable socket in the back snapped so i opened up the casing and rescued the hard drive.

I bought an enclosure for the hard drive: Extra Value 3.5" USB2.0 Hard Drive Enclosure for.. | Ebuyer.com

Here's the problem: My Laptop (HP Pavillion dv9000, OS: Vista) no longer recognizes the hard drive. It makes the connecting + Disconnecting sound over and over. The device manager recognizes a 'Mass USB Device' but 'My Computer' shows nothing - Except for one time in which it came up as H Drive, But when i clicked on it there were no files inside.

Interestingly, when the hard drive is in it's new enclosure it makes a clicking noise with the occasional beep, however if i plug it into the circuit Board that was in the Seagate casing it sounds 'healthy'. Is it possible the new casing is not compatible with my hard drive? ;/

As far as i know i have not banged/dropped the hard drive since removing from it's Seagate casing.

I would really like to rescue the hard drive if possible as it has a lot of files and music on it!

Thanks a lot for any help, I appreciate it!


Edit: A friend of mind recommends putting the Hard Drive into a Desktop computer to determine whether the problem is with the Hard Drive itself or the enclosure/ Cable/ Laptop.
Unfortunately for the time being (being at university) i won't have access to a desktop f... Read more

A:External Hard Drive problems

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Hi Everyone.

I have a 1TB external hard drive which has always worked fine. About 3 hours ago I was watching a video file which was stored on the hard drive. The video suddenly froze up and my PC locked up. I had to re-boot and ever since then my PC is giving me hell whenever I try to access the drive. Half the time it doesn't even display the drive in windows explorer. When it does, it says that the drive has 0 bytes on it. I can't access disk manager, sometimes it tells me the drive is 'not accessible', when it does appear in the explorer it ends up crashing explorer whenever I try to access it.

I know the drive works because I can access it on my laptop. I've been on the laptop and deleted a few things in the hopes that freeing up an extra 100gb might appease it.

I'm in a pretty desperate situation here because I can't really do my work without access to that hard drive via my main PC.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:External Hard Drive Problems

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I hope someone can help..I have a 1 TB External Drive, it's been working fine for almost a year, now my pc is not seeing the drive in the My computer but does see it in Disk Management But it says "unalocated" and "Not Initialised" The power is on And the drive is running for about 20 sec then there is no more vibration! Tried another cable aswell (still the same) and also Put the drive into another casing (still the same)
If this could help I was doing a Windows Update while the drive was plugged in!


A:External Hard drive problems

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I tried to format my maxtor 6L250R0 250gb external hard drive using xp service pack 2.
It completed the format but now whenever I try to access the drive it says the drive is not formatted.
At this point it says format this drive now and no matter if i choose ok or cancel the error message "this drive cannot be formatted" appears and then the whole process starts again.
Is there any help anyone can offer because i may have to buy a new drive if their is no solution.
According to the device manager the driver is fine and alledgedly the device is working properly but this simply isnt true.
Any help would be immensely appreciated.

A:external hard drive problems

Pull the drive and connect it as an internal drive [make sure to set the jumper] See if you can format and access the drive now. If you can, you know the enclosure is the problem. If you cannot access the drive, then the drive has failed and the enclosure is ok.

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I just recently purchased a western digital my book essential edition and i'm haveing problems with it. It installs itself the first time you plug it in. i backed up a lot of my files onto it, the thing is, i was getting ready to format the hard drive on my computer, so i was stupid enough to just move a lot of the stuff to the external drive. Then, with my external drive still plugged in and switched on (but not copying or anything), the computer crashed. Now when i plug the drive in, the windows xp finds a "usb device" but can't find software to install it, and the light on the drive does not light up. I've tried it on several computers, same thing. i could just return the drive, but i need the data on it. i've already been told to take the drive out of the case and just plug it directly to the computer through IDE, but that voids the warrenty. can anyone here please help me here?

thanx in advance

A:External USB hard drive problems

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Hi i am having a lot of problems with my Pc not seeing any usb external hard drives acouple of weeks ago i had some problem with my existing usb drive an iomega caused by a program i was using having solved that i decided i would like a bigger external drive so i bought a Packard Bell Store and save but my pc would not see it so i thought iyt might be faulty so i went out and bought another one which was another Iomega and same again my computer couldnt see that drive.I Did some trouble shhoting trying other usb ports to no avail i have also tried both these drives on my laptop the Packard Bell works fine and can be seen the new iomega come up with the message invaild system disk please replace so i am thinking thst drive may be faulty and to baffle me my original iomega drive works fine so i am back to square one is this a driver realted problem or a hardware issue i am totally confused please help i am tearing what littele hair i have left out.

A:External USB Hard drive problems

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To save space on my laptop, I have moved a lot of files (mainly Word or Excel) to my portable external hard drive which is attached via USB to my laptop.

I have set some of the folders in the drive to be included in my Documents library and shared with my Homegroup.

However, when I try to open them, I am told I do not have permission.

As I am the owner of the files, how do I fix this, please?

A:External hard drive problems

This will tell you how to take permissions. Good luck

Take Ownership of file - Vista Forums

This will be the same in Vista and Windows 7

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I'm Boils aka David Brown. I live in NYC and am an art dealer and am producing DVD's on historic Cities Venice and --about to release NYC. See museumplanet.com for more.

I also have a problem. My gateway 2500 mghertz 1 gig ram won't econgnize my second hard drive if I use a usb external drive for backup I have to uninstall it under device manager to get it recognized. Second when the computer boot and IT IS going to recondnize the second drive (Western Dig IDE) I get an erro message that says "trouble with hard drive consult owner's manual) I hit any key and the computer boots up properly. Any suggestions.


A:External hard drive problems

Hi there,

By the sounds of things that hard drive might be looking at the boot sequence, try changing the boot sequence in the bios.......

The drive might also have some jumpers switches to change from Master drive to Slave drive.... It should be acting a a "slave"

Hope this helps some what.......

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Hi guys, I'm new here so please take time for me.

I'm having a problem with my 1Tb WD External hard drive.
Something happened to it the other night and now when I try to access it, I get the following message: "The drive in drive G is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?"

I've tried various data recovery sofware, the latest, PC Inspector File Recovery. It finds the drive but I get this error message "Bad Parameter In Boot Sector"
I need your help guys as this drive has a lot of data on there that I want to keep. Personal stuff as well.

Thanks in advance for our help and advice


A:External Hard Drive Problems

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I have a 250 gb hard drive in a external case that connects to my computer via usb, I had the drive mapped as network drive on the other computer and I got home today and I couldn't access it. I went to the computer that is connected to and it shows up but vista tells me I need to format it before I can open it. I took and pulled it into my laptop that runs vista ultimate and I got the same thing. I plugged it into the girlfriends XP mechine and it works just fine, all my data is there and everything. I also ran into this problem when I got my vista computer. Is there anything I can do the make vista recongize it again without having to format my drive and lose everything on it?

A:External Hard Drive Problems


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I recently had an external hard drive which fell from the desk it was operating on, i then plugged it back in and proceeded to get 5 beeps from the hard drive and nothing being recognized in the computer, i figured it must have caused a loose connection so i disassembled the external enclosure and have now just place the SATA drive in a SATA hard drive dock which it now does 5 beeps again. The external hard drive was a Western Digital My Book 750GB and the SATA drivee is a WD700AACS WD Caviar GP.

If anyone could help me solve this problem it would be great

A:External Hard Drive Problems

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I have succesfully used my external driver on my laptop for about 10 months, but i have been having problems with it the last couple of days...

When i plug it in, the "autoplay" thing starts scannin the folders really quickly... It used to take like 2 seconds, now it takes forever for it to go through... also the scannin always stops on the same folder (which in this case is "Matrix Trilogy" folder) so it will wait on that for a while and will eventually pass, and finish... Then i can open the harddrive and most of the time, as soon as i try to copy a file or open a folder, it will freeze...

Also sometimes it used to make alotta clickin noises....like it's being turned off and on...

Also, i see the "Delayed write failure" or something like that warning too..

Thnx for the help...

A:External Hard Drive Problems..

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Hi there,
I wonder if anyone can help me? I have had a plug and play external hard drive (Iomega) for a year and had no bother with it what so ever. I use it purely to store photos. I plugged it into my netbook the other day to add some more photos to the drive and it just wouldn't come up. It wasn't in 'my computer' either. Yet when I click on the safely remove hardware button in bottom right of computer screen it is there so the computer obvisouly knows its plugged in. It doesnt make the sound anymore that it used to make when you innitially plug it in. I have tried all three USB ports and non of them work. Any ideas how I can find it on my netbook? Thanks, Cheryl.

A:External hard drive problems HELP!?!

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