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Lenovo refuses to replace my 1 month old laptop also refuses to refund my money

Q: Lenovo refuses to replace my 1 month old laptop also refuses to refund my money

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Preferred Solution: Lenovo refuses to replace my 1 month old laptop also refuses to refund my money

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Bought my laptop one month ago and yesterday it black screened and is just a paperweight now. Lonovos only solution to selling defective computers is to repair them. What I couldn't get them to understand is that I don't want a broken and repaired laptop, that's not what I paid for. I paid for a no defective computer. You cant give me a broken machine that you band-aided for the same price as a new machine. I just want a replacement or my money back. I feel as if I'm getting screwed over big time here, and that's not how a company should do business. Don't sell me a lemon and then offer to fix it. I didn't want a lemon in the first place. I want what I paid for, a fully functional non defective machine. Lenovo refuses and is keeping the money. Lesson learned.

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HI all, I have a lenovo laptop that is almost exactly a year old and it WILL NOT stay connected to the internet neither by wifi nor LAN. It will connect sometimes for 10 mins, sometimes for ten seconds. I can turn the computer off, restart it, close all other programs, diagnose connection, disable and restart adapters, nothing works for very long. I dont believe it is the internet as my Xbox, my desktop and my phone all connect fine through both wireless and wired connections. There are also two other laptops on the house that connect just fine (not windows 7 machines tho) my desktop is also windows 7 and sporadically has this problem as well. I have tried going to barnes and noble and starbucks to try different internet and still the same thing happens. Very Frustrating, please help if you can

A:Lenovo laptop REFUSES to stay connected to internet(wifi AND lan)

Hello and welcome heavy mate have you checked the driver for the adaptor in Device Manager?

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Hi friends,

My lenovo y40-70 laptop running on windows 8.1 doesnt start in normal mode. It always starts in slective mode. Please suggest what process should i take to start this laptop in normal mode.

A:Windows 8.1 lenovo laptop refuses to start in Normal mode

Have you tried doing that through System Configuration? If not, press Win+R to launch Run, then type "msconfig" (without quotes) to launch it. If prompted by UAC, click Yes. Then select Normal mode.

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I have contacted lenovo customer service for so many times regarding the repeating issues that I have with my bluetooth connection on my THINKPAD A475 device. I got my wireless card replaced for 3 times in 2 weeks already and also a keyboard replacement due to the cracking noise and stuck "TAB" key. The problem keeps happening even 3 times of on-site repair and also the keyboard they replaced for me also got problems already, the space key will register two times and the "BACKSPACE" , "ENTER", "SHIFT" are all making weird  cracking noise and they all feel completely different to other keys. I told them that I will not want to repaire and I want a full refund or replacement of new model that I prefer if I have the same problems again for the fourth time. I am completely frustrated  because they keep telling me that they will not refund me or replace my laptop if I cannot show them the tax invoice or receipt of purchase of this laptop. I told them that I do not keep it anymore  and they can send someone here to come  and pick up this laptop as it has serial number and all that. But still they refuse to do so and keep going back to the same question and answer and passing me to other customer service advisers.  I am tired of this infinite troubleshooting and my workflow has been completely ruined by this laptop. I hope the lenovo staff here who see this post will help me with this issue and delay no more. If I still can't get the solutions that I want th... Read more

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I have contacted lenovo customer service for so many times regarding the repeating issues that I have with my bluetooth connection on my THINKPAD A475 device. I got my wireless card replaced for 3 times in 2 weeks already and also a keyboard replacement due to the cracking noise and stuck "TAB" key. The problem keeps happening even 3 times of on-site repair and also the keyboard they replaced for me also got problems already, the space key will register two times and the "BACKSPACE" , "ENTER", "SHIFT" are all making weird  cracking noise and they all feel completely different to other keys. I told them that I will not want to repaire and I want a full refund or replacement of new model that I prefer if I have the same problems again for the fourth time. I am completely frustrated  because they keep telling me that they will not refund me or replace my laptop if I cannot show them the tax invoice or receipt of purchase of this laptop. I told them that I do not keep it anymore  and they can send someone here to come  and pick up this laptop as it has serial number and all that. But still they refuse to do so and keep going back to the same question and answer and passing me to other customer service advisers.  I am tired of this infinite troubleshooting and my workflow has been completely ruined by this laptop. I hope the lenovo staff here who see this post will help me with this issue and delay no more. If I still can't get the solutions that I want th... Read more

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Hi, Does Zemana offer refunds and do they actually do it. I am very dissapointed with them and have approached them for a refund. I have to yet receive a reply.

A:Zemana Refund - Will they refund me? Where can I ask for my money back?

You can request a refund here: Order Detail Request Form

Where it says "Order Request Type", you can select "Refund Request"

Personally, my experience has always been good but security software behaves different with each computer. Whether or not you can receive a refund is probably a case by case basis in which only they can have a sure answer.

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I bought an XPS 8900 for Christmas - I work from home and teach online - computer engineering and databases no less.
So I now have an 850$ boat anchor on my hands.  Hard drive died a week ago - Dell sent onsite tech to replace.  Guy took 5 minutes, said You'll be fine. Thing died in about 10 minutes, saying "Windows could not complete the installation."   Rinse and repeat - second hard drive installed today - Guy took 5 minutes, said "You'll be fine."  Thing died again after 5-10 minutes.  "Windows could not complete the installation."
The first failure, Dell supervisor in India (surprise, surprise), said they would replace my computer - well I guess Dell allows their supervisors to lie through their teeth.   After FOUR HOURS ON THE PHONE with Dell (guess where folks ???) the tech person finally threw up their hands - they could not figure out what was going on.
I am now told to JUST PUT IT IN A BOX and send it to the address I'm supposed to receive in an email.  They will Repair it AND SEND IT BACK TO ME.  This company and their tech support is an absolute joke.
I Will NEVER EVER EVER buy another Dell.  Period.

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(posted in wrong place previously) In December, my laptop starting resetting itself (still in warranty). Its now May, and Lenovo are still refusing to give me a refund or a replacement. I feel I've been very understanding and patient at all the slow failed attempts to deal with the problem, but I'm completely fed up now. I'm a student, so having a reliable laptop is obviously really helpful, but I've spent many weeks of this year without a laptop whilst Lenovo have tried to repair it, and the rest of the time I've had a laptop that resets without warning which means I sometimes lose work even though I save my work regularly and back it up.  In January, it was sent to be repaired, they replaced the hard drive, but the problem still kept happening when it came back in February. In February, it was sent to be repaired again. They couldn't replicate the problem so claimed it was working fine (even though I had sent evidence that it wasn't fine, each reset left reports in the reliability monitor about bug report 124 and that it was a hardware error). So they sent it back unchanged after several weeks. Lenovo told me if the problem was still happening that they would refund or replace it.However, when I reported it still did happen, they said actually it was Lenovo's policy that there must be three failed repairs before they would do that.So in March I sent it off again to be repaired, this time they acknowledged again there was a fault, but they just repla... Read more

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Help please.  My computer stopped working under warranty was repaired returned yeaterday operating system was windows 8.1 upgraded to windows 10. After repair operating system reverted to 8.1. I went to microsoft community downloaded windows 10. computer worked no problem. When I shut it down and restarted it would not start instead I have a rotating circle and cursor but machine won't booth up. can someone help me please

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It all happens in Poland, but I am curious as to how customers are treated by Lenovo in other countries.  The story in short: An E31-70 laptop bought 5 July 2017, end of June - does not open due to broken hinge. the shop/service where I have bought the laptop contacts the customer support only to get back reply that I must have act with undue force thus the problem. But there are no traces of "undue force" treatment to the exterior, so upon pointing that out the support changes the tune and says that it is a "secondary failure" not under the warrranty because I should have reported immediately after the first signs that something is wrong. Since the first sign was that day, this is BS, again I point it out but unfortunately in their third communication Lenovo ultimately refuses to repair under warranty. Since I had to open the laptop pretty soon having data on hard disk which I had to access (work deadline), I decided to have my service conduct the repairs and contacted the customer rights advisor. According to her instructions I sent a request for reimbursement after having received the invoice. Lenovo refused again. So I am forced to enter judicial proceedings. I have heard that Lenovo does not try to escape responsibility for shoddy products in such blatant way in other countries. If anyone from the Lenovo is reading this sad story, I would be interested to hear their opinion...Z... Read more

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I'm about to do a fresh Windows 10 install on my Y70. s a consequence I manually have to download all drivers from the download site.There seems to be that piece of software, called LSB, to download a collected "shopping bag" in one download.When I click that download button, an automatism ist started which want force me to install the LSB.But Windows security software clains to have found malicious softwarfe and refuses the download.What can I do about it? --Christoph 

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I am writing this message in order to inform the Lenovo English Community about Lenovo Turkey's unjust and unlawful policies that neglect customer satisfaction and violate Turkish Consumer Rights Law. 3 weeks ago, I bought a brand new Lenovo Yoga 720, with the financial support of my university's scientific research projects office. But, once I opened the original case of my brand new laptop, I realized that there is a tiny crack on the bottom-left end of the LCD beneath the touch screen (see the attached picture). Afterwards, I contacted Lenovo Turkey Customer Service, and sent my laptop to them for free service. After initial inspection, however, they asked me to pay 1.092,92 TRY (approximately $290) for repair service. I told them that they can not ask for money for this service, because it is a defective good and according to national conumer rights law they  (as the producer/exporter of the good) are obliged to replace the defective good or repair it for free.  In response, they unlawfully denied my demands and claimed that the crack is a result of user error. But when I asked them to prove their claim, they couldn't. Because, as you my guess, there is no trace of damage or usage on the laptop that may have caused such crack! Although I sent my complaints to Lenovo Turkey by both e-mail and post, they did not reply. Now, I will use my legal rights before Turkish authorities to claim a replace or free repair serv... Read more

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pls my envy ts 17 refuse to power on but can show that is plug in

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I just got my laptop back from HP support, and they fixed a bunch of problems, but for some reason, when the battery is in the computer and it is plugged in to AC power it will not use the AC power, and the battery will not charge. However, when I turn off the computer, the battery will charge, and when i take out the battery, and turn on the computer, it works fine. This is probably an option problem, but I just don't know where to look, and i can't find anything that will help in the power adjustment options.

A:Laptop Refuses To Run on AC

it might be a bios option, i doubt it, i have had two hp laptops and have never encountered this problem. the power switching from battery to ac and from ac back to battery is a hardware set function. i doubt there is anything in an operating system you can do to change it.

look at the bios, when you first start up the computer look at the splash screen and see what key to press, normally del key or f1 or f2 sometimes f11,

be careful when you are in the bios and don't change anything you don't know what it is!!!!
just look to see if there is an option, i doubt there is.

final note, i would call hp, i have been very disappointed with them lately, their quality control has been horrible.

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Hey all, I'm brand new to the forums, but I've used the site countless times to help solve problems I've had with various computers.

I'm usually not one to directly ask for computer help, being the acclaimed "Computer Guy" in my circle of friends and family, it takes a little too long to get an answer if I need to fix something fast, but this case is a little different.

A few weeks ago my friend bought a brand new Lenovo Ideapad Z710 laptop pre-installed with Win8. I "Upgraded" to Win7 for him, as neither of us can stand the new OS. Usually I have no trouble reinstalling drivers after installing a new OS, but for some reason his touchpad driver will NOT install.

I'm using the official driver for his computer, it's apparently a synaptics driver and it says it should work completely fine with Win7, but when I try to run the installation, I get the error "Synaptics Device Not Found!"

There are a few issues that I believe are related to the driver not being installed that may tell you guys something. When he closes his laptop lid and open it again, his mouse jumps over the screen endlessly, and he cannot use the computer until he restarts. Also, he can't turn his touchpad off, which I assume is a function that comes with the driver.

Any help or input is greatly appreciated, if you need any more information please feel free to ask.

Thanks again,

A:Friend's new Lenovo Ideapad Z710 refuses to install touchpad driver.

Hello and welcome Yui download the driver for 64bit 7 from here and see if it rectifies it.
Drivers and software - IdeaPad Z710 Notebook

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Last week, my laptop took a fall and had the battery pop out and the frame that keeps the screen and lip together popped out. Now my laptop won't go to the log in screen and if it does it takes a long time to log in. When I was able to get in the apps kept shutting down and it kept trying to update but wouldn't actually update. What should I do?

A:Laptop refuses to process.

Well if you have not already done that, you should immediately backup all of your important data, then use another computer to download a rescue disk from the internet and burn it to a CD or bootable USB.
Use the rescue disk to do an hardware diagnostic on your drive. If the hardware diagnostic is good, then still from the rescue disk complete a file system check using chkdsk /r and allow the process to complete, that might take a while. Afterward, reboot normally and evaluate for results.

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Hello. I am working on my freinds computer.I can not get it to keep a connection on my network. It will accept my security key but after it makes the connection it will lose it. I have a Netgear router with a netgear adater using Wpa2-AES. Last time it was here for work I could sign on. The only thing that changed is the security. I was using WEP.Any ideas?

A:HP laptop refuses connection

oh yes -- compatibility issues between vendor devices.
I would guess you have a WiFi card that does not come from Netgear.

First, be sure to update the firmware in the Netgear -- almost all routers need
updates out of the box. Then get the latest driver for your WiFi adapter.

After that, try the connections with keys using {wpa2, wpa, wep} in that order.
Of course you've discovered that wep can be hacked, but lets cover that after we
get connectivity working again.

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I have a laptop which is as follows:
Dell Studio laptop
pentium dual core
3030M system RAM PASSED
1024 KB L2 CACHE

When I press Esc it comes up with the info as above which flashes for literally a second then it comes up as follows:
Broadcom UNDI PXE-2.1 v11.0.9
Copyright (C) 2000-2008 Broadcom Corporation
Copyright (C) 1997-2000 Intep Corporation
All rights reserved
PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-MOF: Exiting Broadcom PXE ROM
Operating System not found
I am trying to put windows xp on it but it is not happening. I had problems with it and was advised to replace the hard drive which I did (upgraded to larger one at same time) and replaced the battery as this was old and needed replacing.

Please be honest - have I wasted my cash buying new hard drives etc - is it mendable or should I just chuck it, send the pieces back to the store and get a new laptop?

If it is mendable please give step by step instructions! I have some experience but am not an expert!

A:HELP! Laptop refuses to work!

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I have a Sony Vaio SVT14115CXS, running Windows 8. The computer was working fine up til yesterday.  I did a normal shut down.  This morning when I tried to start it up, it gave me a blank white screen.  I tried Assist, Web and Sony buttons, nothing work.  can not go to BIOS.  no logo.  I tried the difference methods suggested on youtube.  I took out the RAM, put in another computer, it read.  I took out the hard drive, it read as an external.  what else can I do? any suggestion? 

A:laptop refuses to work, HELP!

Hello sindyc.
When you try to switch the laptop on, is it plugged in or running on battery?

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hi can anybody help me with my acer aspire 5929 laptop ?it on charge and the green light shows its charging but when i try switch it on it wont turn on it just dies so i take the battery out and hold power button for 20 secs plug in charger power then goes to laptop i insert battery and wait but nowt happens ive sent it off twice to be repaired and when it comes back it works for a day then thats it it windows visita i dont know much else bout it as im a noice to computers and only started using them a few mths ago ! thanks

A:fed up with laptop that refuses to work

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Hi guys.

My laptop will load windows files, then go to a blue screen (presumably desktop) and a
cmd box will popup for about half a second before it leaves. my mouse can float around freely, but there is nothing to click. right click doesn't work, Ctrl alt delete doesn't give response either.
The only option is to pull battery to shut down.
Memtest and others give me a 100% complete result with no errors.
Made the decision that I don't want vista anymore, so I put in a windows 7 installation disk (started it up from bios) and it takes about 30-45 minutes just to get past the "setting up installation" screen.
From there I have the option to do a clean install or to bring over my previous files.
I chose clean install the first time and it was in the process of installing for a little while and then it gave me an error and closed it.
The second time I chose to bring over my previous files and that immediately told me
that there was an error with the installation and I had to try again.
Diagnostic Tool is telling me the error code 0601 several times.

Any help would be appreciated. thanks.

A:Laptop refuses to turn on.

We can give you the best possible help if you can get this information to us
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions
Post number 2
computer will not start
If you cannot get us the information requested, above.

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Okay, so I have a Dell.
Latitude D600
Model NO: PP05L
This is all I know about it.
Let me know if there is something else you need to know.

Okay, so here's the story.
Last night, my computer was working just fine, never had any problems with it. But I was lazy and didn't feel like going to my room to get my charger. So I used a friend's; she also has a Dell. As soon as I plugged the charger into my laptop, it shut off, just completely shut down. I took the charger out and put the computer into my room, didn't really think anything of it. Well a few hours later I went into my room and tried to turn it on, nothing. All that happens when I try to turn it on it the battery light flashes for a split second. I tried to plug my laptop in and turn it on, nothing. I took the charger out and tried it again, nothing. Tried taking the battery out and leaving the charger in, nothing. I don't know what else to try.

Help is MUCH appreciated!

A:My Laptop Refuses To Turn On

It may be as simple as discharging the Voltage (not exactly done yet)
Have a look here on how to do that: Tutorial: No POST (Power On Self Test)
Please let me know if it helped

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Okay. I put up this problem before and no fix was found but I have limited options so I'll ask again. My Laptop completely refuses to run games. In the past it would allow them to make it through the starting credits and close the window when reaching the main menus and refuse to reopen the window. However, now it just refuses to open them at all. My comp sounds like its trying to for a second then just stops.

Games I've Tried:
Halo PC
Half Life 2
IMAGINE (An Online MMO downloaded from the net. No disc involved.)

Things I've Tried:
Restarting the comp
System Restore
Uninstalling the games
Redownloading DirectX

System Spec:
Gateway - Laptop with AMD Turion™ X2 RM-72 Dual-Core Mobile Processor
Model: MD2601u
SKU: 9172655
Run By: Windows Vista
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon

Thanx in advance guys.

A:My Laptop Refuses To Run ANY Games! HELP!

Make sure you have the latest driver for the video card, you can get it here

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Hi I'm a new poster and pretty much a newbie in computers, so I'll try my best to explain my problem and want some feedbacks or solutions ><"

My problem is that my laptop, which is a Sony PCGV505EX, refuses to turn on. It's just about 3 years old. The problem occured when I brought the laptop from my home to school, when I took it out at school it didn't even turn on. The night before I put it to hibernate.

I thought it was a battery problem, so I tried plugging into AC only and taking out the battery pack but no response. The green light on the AC adapter suggests that power is going into the laptop but then it doesn't turn on any lights/fan or anything at all. My friend tried using a different AC adapter and it also would not start up. Normally when you have power into a laptop u should have a light on indicating u're charging batteries but in my case no light even shows up when I turn it on.

Unfortunately my warranty has expired so I'm not sure where I can take it to fix. I currently live in Vancouver, Canada. I know that if I bring it back to Sony they can fix it but probably cost a lot $$$.

I appreciate any advice or solutions to my problem. Thank you.

A:Laptop refuses to turn on

Well, something is broken

Do you still have charge in that battery? Maybe it is just the AC that isn't working? It is very common for the AC socket to break loose from the motherboard.

Try with only a charged battery connected and see what it does.

When you take the machine to repairs, let them first find out what is broken (will cost you $100 max) and then let them call you and say how much the repair would cost.

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In 2003, I bought a Toshiba Satellite 2455-S305 that came loaded with Windows XP and has SP2 added. This evening when I booted it up, the usual log in screen came up and accepted my password. It loads as far as the Toshiba default wallpaper and then does nothing. The mouse pointer is visible and can be moved with the touchpad. I can illuminate the CAPS Lock, but there is no other indication that the keyboard is responding. It does not respond to the Cntrl/Alt/Delete command. I'm expecting to see the the 'Windows is Starting up' Window, but it just freezes at the default wallpaper. I have no idea if the system has crashed. In the early stages, the HD light flashes as though it's being accessed, but when it gets to a point, the HD light stops flashing and you can tell that the only thing spinning is the underbody fan.

I have not tried "Safe Mode," and am uncertain how to get there from this stagnated point. Also, I do not know how to get to the "Last Known Good." I tried some research on this forum, but haven't found exactly how to address my problem with confidence.

As I was typing this post, I got the "Low Battery Warning" advising me to switch to a wall socket. So something is working, but after plugging it in, nothing further happens.

The laptop came with 60GB, but I don't believe I'm that close to full capacity. The last software I added was for a Creative webcam, but that was more than two weeks ago and I haven't had any ... Read more

A:Desktop refuses to load on the laptop...

You can get to Safe Mode by pressing the F8 key as the computer boots up. Then select the Safe Mode option. Can you get in under safe mode?

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Hello! I am new here and do not know where I should put this thread exactly, so please forgive me for placing it in a wrong spot. Please also forgive any grammatical mistakes as I'm typing this on my phone.

I have a problem where my laptop won't charge. It was working fine until I tripped on the cord and the two pieces of battery that you can take apart separated. No biggie I thought and just plugged it back in. I was dead wrong. It wouldn't charge after that. I don't think the prongs aware damaged as I didn't pull it hard. It just kind of fell apart like I said. There is no green light turning on in the battery.

The computer I have tried restarting and even restoring, but I can't restore until my computer does a search of the files and does a whole repair which will take way too much time, as my battery is down at 38%, 43 minutes. Something else I noticed is that my display turned strange after I unplugged it. The bar that usually sticks to the bottom now goes down, and the background is a bright white instead of the usual black background. This makes the layout look strange. This might sound weird but I am suspecting that the way the layout is might be causing my laptop not to charge. Is there a way I can get it back from this white layout to the original black background layout and task bar that will actually stay put instead of sinking down and disappearing every time I move my mouse from it? I don't know how to change it back or what it's even called.

Any help would... Read more

A:My Windows 7 laptop refuses to charge

hi welcome to the forum

can it run on the power cord itself without the battery? you might of damaged the dc jack power port on the laptop. did the laptop fall to the floor?

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So, my new hp notebook laptop, which was new, just blacked out. I tried charging it but the little orange light did not show. Sure the adapter was good and I had already tried the draining power stuff, but nothing seems to work. Any tips???

A:Laptop refuses to turn on or charge

You have a 1 yr warranty. Give HP a call.  >>Contact HP

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What could be the reason for this? At first I thought it could have been because some of them had a few tiny scratches, but it just refused to play a brand new DVD so I doubt that's the case.

Is there any reason a brand new laptop would do this, or is it faulty?

A:Laptop refuses to play certain DVDs

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Hey there,
I have a completely stock Toshiba Satelilte C655 Laptop, and at some point in the last year it has begun to completely refuse to shut down fully. What I mean by that, is that it seems to go into sleep mode whenever I try to shut it off. Even when it completely dies, it resumes from the hard disc right into the windows login screen.

After I try to shut it off, the screen goes black, but the power light still blinks indicating it is in sleep mode, and when I press the power button it goes right to the Windows loading screen. I have not yet seen the BIOS screen.

I have checked the Power settings (what the power button does, behavior when the screen is closed, etc) and all are set to "Shut Down".

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Laptop Refuses to Shut Down

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My laptop is an Asus model k55vd running windows 8.1, 8gb RAM over 2 cards of DDR3, nvidia geforce 610m 2gb graphics and intel I7 3.2ghz.

my problem is this, my laptop doesn't do anything at all, no charge lights, no anything. this occurred after i took it apart to clean the heat sink (specific description of what i did in following paragraphs). I've been told that i may have short circuited the motherboard or have blown a fuse. please help. I've moved one of the RAM cards to another laptop i have and its working fine.

A couple of weeks ago i noticed that my laptop was over heating just at idle after boot and login (by overheating i mean 40 degrees and up and i usually have my laptop stacked up on books to help with ventilation and whatnot), and i thought that the heat sink must need to be cleaned. so i turned the computer off and got my screwdriver kit. first i removed the battery and power cable, then i took off the small panel on the bottom that covers the hard drive, RAM and LAN card by removing the 2 screws that hold it in place and sliding it off. then i removed the hard drive and the rest of the screws along the bottom of the chassis. i then removed the keyboard being careful not to damage the ribbon cabling or their connections. unplugging the 3 ribbons, i removed the keyboard entirely. i then set about removing all of the screws from the motherboard along with cabling from the small utility card on the right side (this is for the headphones, micropho... Read more

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Hello, when I close the lid and open it again the screen doesn't turn on and still closed and I have to shut down from the button. also I edited the power options to do nothing when closing the lid. please help

A:Laptop screen refuses to turn on

Hello shico90 and welcome to Seven Forums.

How long have you had this problem? If just a short while you might see if you have a Restore Point to return your machine to a date/time prior to when the problem began.

System Restore

You could also double check your advanced power plan settings in addition to the basic settings.

Power Plan Settings - Change

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Hi i am trying to fix a friends laptop of which refuses to connect to their home network, i have not tried it on oher networks but it is obvious the wireless card is working as it can pick up networks in the area.

when it is set to "obtain ip address automatically" it will say there is no "limited or no connectivity" and when i try to set the dns and ip addresses as on other computers in the house it connects to the network but the internet still wont work.

ipconfig when the laptop has "obtain ip address automatically":

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : acer-c28991bd48

Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :

Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown

IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected

Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC

Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-16-D4-66-FB-3A

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection 2:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :

Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Atheros AR5005G Wireless Network Adapter

Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-19-7D-0B-69-51

Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes

Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes

IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :

Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :

Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

DHCP Server . . . . . .... Read more

A:Laptop refuses to connect to network

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I have a Gateway 7210XG Laptop which has worked perfectly since I bought it in January of this year. Until I allowed Norton anti-virus to install new virus definitions and application s/w yesterday morning. That install requested a reboot. I continued what I was doing instead of rebooting right away. When I was done I clicked on OK and the machine shut down. I can't be sure but I think I saw from the corner of my eye a message flash on the screen and it hung up.

Since then I have been unable to boot this machine any way I have tried. And I have tried normally, all flavors of safe mode, last known good, from the HD. I have tried several various bootable CDs. The only one that gets me any where at all is a utility that came with a 160G Western Digital HD I installed on my Dell desktop recently but that does not have a chkdsk utility the only thing that is offered to me is a utility to copy partition to partition.

I found an article on the digitalwebcast web site which seems pretty complete but depends on getting to a command prompt. Which I have so far been unsuccessful in doing.

Can you offer any suggestions to help get this machine going again. I would like to get files off that HD but if that is not possible I would like to reinstall the OS and get this machine going again so I can use it. It is too new and too expensive to consider discarding.


A:Gateway laptop refuses to boot

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Hi, everyone!!! I'm so worried... My Dell Inspiron 15R is refusing to turn on! I tried to reformat after the laptop began to lag... but then it gave me an error message saying that my personal data could not be removed (I've never gotten this message before).
After, I attempted to reformat once again and the laptop told me that it failed to reformat! Then once again I tried to reformat and the error message from before came back, that my personal data could not be removed.
I attempted a manual restart but pushing on the power button and my laptop wouldn't turn on!
Please help!
What I've tried to do so far:
1. holding down the power button without the battery pack/cord to drain its power before trying to turn it on again
2. using different battery AND cord from a similar laptop
3. testing both the battery and cord
4. pressing/holding down function+power button
Please, guys, I'm desperate!
I have work on my laptop I don't know what to do! 

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Hp laptop service dealer at Airoli sector6 refuses to service my hp laptop saying its too complicated . The keypad on my laptop isn't fitted very well.Request you to pls take strict action against such laxy idiots busy warming their seats good for nothing idiots! [email protected]

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I have a fairly old HP laptop that I upgraded to Win-7 (from XP) several months ago. I've never had a serious problem with it before or since the upgrade. I was using the machine this morning, and when I was finished I closed the lid, putting the machine in standby. The last thing I did before shutting it down was to run a quick scan with MSE, which came up clean.

About ten minutes later, I returned to the machine and attempted to log back in from standby mode, only to discover that it wouldn't accept the account password. Tried several times, and checked the obvious "maybe it's the caps lock", to no avail.

The machine also has Ubuntu installed, and fortunately I used the same password for both operating systems. So, I tried logging into Ubuntu. Lo and behold, Ubuntu refused the password too. Tried a couple of more times, and suddenly Ubuntu gave in and logged me in.

So my best and only theory is that the keyboard may be getting flaky, but I've never once noticed any sort of problem since I bought the machine. And while in Ubuntu, I brought up a text editor and repeatedly typed the password. It was echoed to the screen correctly every time. So, I'm thinking maybe some sort of crud was fouling up one of the keys and finally worked itself out?

So, back to Windows and again it refuses the password! Tried a couple of more times, and after several refusals, it finally relented and let me log in. Opened a text editor in Windows and repeatedly ... Read more

A:Win-7 laptop temporarily refuses legetimate password

Also, you want to check your screensaver settings so that it does not show the login screen after X minutes.

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Just got a brand new:
HP ENVY LAPTOP 17-AE1XX home version 1803.
Device name: Laptop 17Q 16vum, processor intel(12) core (TM) i7-655ou [email protected] 1.99ghz
Installed Ram: 12.0 GB (11.9 GB usable)
System: 64-bit operation system x64 based processor
Pen and touch with 10 touch points

I set it up wednesday Oct. 24th and immediatedly tried to download Google chrome browser. Today, the 26th, I am still trying to download chrome with no sucess. The download just hangs and hangs until it tell me the download has been interupted and I can try again. SO I do with the same results.

I even tried to download different browsers, like Opera, Firefox with same results. I wonder is anyone with a windows 10 laptop has had this same issue and if it was resolved, please share so I can do the same.

Thanks Tech people, Again I come for advise.

A:New Laptop refuses to download Chrome browser

Try to download it from here: https://www.google.com/chrome/

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So my Sony Vaio has decided now to never turn off.
Go to the power button and press shutdown, it shuts down and then once it is finished powering off (all lights go out and everything) it powers its self back up.

Remove the battery and wait 5 minutes, replace the battery it powers back on.

Remove the battery and connect the mains lead, powers on.

Checked settings and I cant see anything that would cause this.
It has been running fine until today, unless it installed an update but I dont see how it can just be an update causing it to just turn on as it wants.
Its not a stuck power key otherwise it would also turn itself off.
It is not just going into hibernation mode, I am trying to properly shut it down, which it does but then just comes back.

Any advice would be great, can only find stuff about unexpected shutdowns not the opposite.

A:Laptop powers itself on and refuses to stay turned off

In Advanced Power options set the Power button to shut off the machine. Then use the power button to boot down. This is to test the button.

Then I would boot to the WinRE disk, then boot down. See if that breaks the reboot cycle.

If not, boot back to WinRE (you can burn this disk from Control Panel / Backups), and run the Command Window. From there type bootrec /rebuildbcd. That might clear any reboot flag if there is one.

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When I turned my laptop on this morning it refuses to bring up any kind of loading screen and the caps lock light flashes twice. Is it done or is there anything I can do to fix it ?

A:When switching on my Envy 15 laptop this morning it refuses ...

Hi, Can you match the sequence of 'blinks' to those shown in the table below.   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee

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I don't know if this is a software problem or not, so forgive me if this is the wrong forum to post it on.
My Asus Q301LA refuses to wake from sleep mode if the charger is plugged in and the battery is fully charged. To elaborate, all that happens is the light on the power button comes on, but my screen is still blank. I have to force shutdown or force sleep, remove the charger and then wake it again.

Though it will still come on if the charger is not plugged in when I press the power button or the battery is not fully charged. I recently imported it from the US into India, so is it possible it is a power-related issue? Although I am using a proper voltage converter and adapter.


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Hello there.

I live in quite a rough neighbourhood, so my neighbours look for any excuse to get anything for free. Recently, I found out that four families in my street were using my unsecured router. Obviously, encrypting was a must, but I have had nothing but problems since.

I wish I could say 'my laptop won't connect at all' because that would be a bit more straight-forward, but it's a bit more random that that. My laptop will be very sporadic when connecting to the internet: sometimes it will connect fine for hours, then the connection will drop and I can't use it at all. For example, last night I had perfect connection for hours, then I put my laptop on standby for twenty minutes and it wouldn't connect at all after that. The laptop would connect to the router, but I just couldn't connect to the internet. I can connect on my brother's computer, my phone, my iPod Touch and his PS3, but my laptop is being very sporadic.

My laptop is a Compaq Presario CQ50-110EM (running Vista Home Premium) and my router is a Belkin G Plus MIMO. As I have explained, getting rid of my router security isn't a very good option because those families will go straight back to stealing my internet.

Any help will be really, really appreciated - this is very frustrating!

Thank you.

A:Laptop randomly refuses to connect to router.

Download and run this Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector, click the Networks link on the upper left and paste a screen shot of that screen here. Note that this application requires NET Framework to run. If you get an error about a missing function, download and install NET Framework. For machines with no Internet connection, download this NET Framework 3.5 Full Package on another machine and transfer it with removable media to the problem machine.
To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file. To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here.

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