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Stops at Default BIOS setting have been loaded.

Q: Stops at Default BIOS setting have been loaded.

Bios locked up at a black screen reading Default BIOS setting have been loaded. Reset CMOS and it still freezes each time at this point how can i get the computer to boot to windows from here?

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Preferred Solution: Stops at Default BIOS setting have been loaded.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


After the last few windows 10 updates  my system was hanging at the blue screen. Each time I went into bios settings and set the system to boot from a Samsung SSD.Two days ago  I experienced the same problem, however now i cannot change the bios settings. I've tried removing the battery from the motherboard and restarting and still nothing. Pressing ESC or F10 on bootup has no effect. I cannot get past the screen which says "Default BIOS settings have been loaded.  I've tried removing the SSD, the hard disk and even the DVD SATA connectors hoping things would be resolved... all guesswork. Anyone experienced this/ have a solution? I am at a loss!

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After changing the boot sequence in the bios and exiting and saving the changes, a black screen appeared reading "Default BIOS settings have been loaded." the computer freezes each time at this point. Since then I have tried to fix the problem by resetting the bios by removing the CMOS battery and using the jumper rest on the board. This has not fixed my problem. How may I fix this problem?

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can someone tell me how i cans set my bios to default? i cant seem to run wow becouse of that error #132, so im going to try setting my bios to default.

A:setting bios to default

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Hello, some of our users are asking about setting the Numlock as default on startup. - I looked up the settings in BIOS but couldnīt find any "Default Numlock" Settings there as it usually should be. Then I found, I am not the only one with this problem and found also many suggestions about changes to some registry settings in windows which could help to activate the numlock there. Apart from the fact that such workarounds are considered only a "last resort" solution, it really isnt a solution in our situation, as all users have HDD Password set up in BIOS and need the Numlock already there. Why there is no such setting in BIOS? 

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Today I used the AMD CCC overdrive utility and found my processor clocked at 4 GHz from the standard 3.6 GHz...very unstable. I reset the BIOS to default and lost my SATA controller setting of AHCI. When I set the BIOS to AHCI windows crashes with "can't find device error".
The registry setting for msahci is still at the value zero.
The system was rock solid with a Samsung 840 EVO. Samsung Magician indicates it is unable to detect SATA interface details.
Gigabyte GA970A-D3
AMD FX4100 3.6 Ghz
8GB generic memory 1600  
Gigabyte 7750 graphics card
Win 7 home premium

A:BIOS reset to default so AHCI setting lost to IDE

First of all - welcome to BC !
The Gigabyte manual should be able to provide the info to solve this problem. If you don't have a copy you can download one (pdf) from here :-
I can usually fix BIOS problems, but I can't do it from memory, and I can't cycle through my own BIOS and use the web at the same time !
Chris Cosgrove

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This may be a longer post because I was unable to find anything about this problem anywhere else on the internet. Also, I am on mobile so I apologize for any typos and formating errors.Background I bought a HP Desktop a few years ago in 2012. I later upgraded and added a GTX 660 along with a new 600W PSU. Then later upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10 for free. Upon Installing my new GPU I would not get any signal to monitor simular to my current problem, but thankfully I found the solution to that by disabling secure boot in the bios. The Start of The Issue I had crashing problems with one game I was playing and figured maybe something was overclocked in BIOS settings to cause these crashes. So I'd figuring maybe resetting BIOS would return it to an un overclocked state. However, after confirming the reset to defualt setting I got a series of short beeps. I did not count these beeps, but I would guess around 7 or 8 of them. After that I would get no signal to my monitor. Hardware I would like to mention when I start up the PC everything things sounds and looks normal. No error beeps. All lights and fans turn on as normal, and I am able to hear the hardrive working as normal. Keyboard light turns on for a few seconds while pc powering up but then turns off.I've been using a VGA cable with the output end using a VGA to DVI connector. Neither GPU or Motherboard have a VGA connector so I have to use this  Things I've Attempted - Res... Read more

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when I turn on the laptop there is a warning that I should push for resum F1 or F2 to enter the bios, as I entered the bios, I set it on then I save and exit the bios, the computer is running normally, I try to turn off my laptop and I try to power up My laptop is still normal, I try to turn off again and then I unplugged my battery and plug the battery again and then I turn on and warning show again, I change cmos with a new one, but the result remains the same.
What should I do to solve this problem? please help me!!!!

A:Bios Setting back to default when laptop battery unplugged

Typically a sign of a faulty CMOS battery. Ensure the "new one" is actually good.

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About a year ago, a technician changed a Bios setting so that the computer would not be too loud. Last week, I was trying to identify a shut down error and reset the bios to default. The error was found, not to be a bios setting but a failing Power supply, which has been replaced by another technician. It is the same power supply I had - Antec 430. The computer is now very loud again.

I have an Asus A7N8XE-Deluxe board. I enabled Q-Fan Control . I left it at the default setting of 15/16 and the speed up/down response time as 4sec/8sec but this has not made a difference.

Please do you have any suggestions?



A:Fans too loud after setting bios to default and replacing power supply

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When Iturn on my computer the monitor turns on normally and stays on through the loading of xp, but once XP is loaded fully the monitor goes blank and the power light on it blinks as if it wasn't connected to my tower. Does anyone have any idea what thatcould mean?

A:Monitor stops working once xp is loaded!

try booting into safe mode..tap tap on f8 when you first turn it on...you could choose either last known good config or if that doesnt work choose safe mode

go into power options in your control panel and make sure everything is chosen as "never"
no hybernation, ect.

post back

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I had upgrading BIOS to latest version (3.00) when I installed linux like mbr method (non uefi). Linux can't be loaded. I can watch something like this:Loading Linux 3.13.0-24-generic ...Loading initial ramdisk ...Can I install BIOS previous version?

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When ever i turn on my computer and login to the desktop. Everything on the start-up list will load, but once all those have loaded, my computer won't load anything else i tell it too for about 10 mins. So i have to wait around for 10 mins until i can do anything.

If i try load something whilst the start-up items are still loading it will load it, but once it's stopped loading everything it will just stop for 10 mins.

Any programs that have been loaded already can be used and can do anything with them, its just when i try load something new up.

I've ran anti virus software, spy ware software and done a defragmentation.

A:Computer stops loading after start-up items have loaded for about 10 mins.

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This morning when I booted the computer up, the computer loaded the default desktop that shows up when you first install XP. All of my desktop icons were gone, my Start Menu entries were all gone, my wallpaper... everything. A restart did fix the problem, this time, but I would really like to know why it would have done this, what exactly caused it and how it can be prevented in the future.

I have only 1 account on this computer, which is mine and it's the only admin account on the system. This hard drive has been used for 3-4+ years now. I have Windows XP up to date with security updates. No new or updated software has been installed for 2 months or longer.

I have never had any problems like this happen before and am now worried something is going wrong on the computer and going to need replaced soon and I would prefer to figure it out ahead of time since I can't easily get to town and we really don't have much of an electronics store to buy/replace parts around here. The only problems I can think of that I do have regularly are my Folder Views. I have most set to the Thumbnail view and Windows will keep changing it to either Filmstrip or Icons without my permission. I change it back and it eventually changes itself again, sometimes seconds later after I open the folder again.

I have up to date AV software and run a weekly quick scan and a monthly thorough scan and nothing has ever come up. I use Spybot also to check for malware but it never brings up any... Read more

A:Default desktop loaded instead of mine....

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Every time I Start my PC i am gettin this error,, i have replaced the battery and stil the prob persists, even the time/date gets reset to 12.00AM ... please help

A:Cmos checksum error - default loaded

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I have a Dell Optiplex GX270 that I installed a new Seagate Barracuda model

7500.10 part no. 9DJ04E-305 250 Gb hard drive in. The O/S, Windows xp,

installed but the hard drive is not recognized in the BIOS unless I install the

jumper in the master position, when this is done the computer boots to the black

screen that says "NTLDR missing". I have installed the NTLDR file in the folder I

found it in on my laptop but still get the same results. This is the only hard-drive

and I flashed the BIOS. Any help would be appreciated.

A:New hard-drive not recognized in bios yet loaded new OS

is the sata driver loaded?

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My Sat M30 laptop start with an bios error. The error says "Resource conflict, edit bios setting or boot" If select "boot" computer hangs before windows completely starts. I remove the wi-fi and the modem module and the same error appears. I can't upgrade the bios because the windows don't start. The bios version is 1.7. The laptop is UK version. If select "edit bios", bios start but I can't find any resource management.


(sorry for my english, I am from Spain)

A:Satellite Pro M30 Bios error Resource conflict - Edit bios setting or boot


I think the error ?edit bios setting? means that you should access the BIOS and should set the BIOS back to the default settings.

Please do this, save the settings and try to boot up!

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just need to unlock the sempron 145 for an extra core and maybe overclock PLS HELP I KNOW THE RISK

A:How to unlock my bios advance setting bios version HP786G6 v...

Hi, Welcome to HP Support Forum. Normally we can't unlock this "feature" because the very simple reason is: vondors don't want custmomers to send machines back due overheated. Regards.

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Ok, so happily flying with Windows 7 Ultimate x64 bit and being a security-minded gamer I keep the UAC setting on the highest, however, I've found what's kind of an odd bit of behavior and woner if someone has any insight to this seemingly what looks like flaw or potentially security hole?

When I open Windows 7 defrag utility, if I click on "set defrag schedule" UAC will **INITIALLY** prompt me for user input, but then if I close out of it and click it again, it seems it just bypass UAC alltogether! And if I click to "Analyze Disks", it initally promps me, but again after that one click I can click it again on any disks and it doesn't even prompt me...same with "Stop Analyzation"..any ideas as to why?

I've found this to be the case only with Disk Defrag built into Windows 7 thus far, but it seems like it's either a bug or a potential security risk if UAC isn't working like this?

But aga, all else it's been super reliable.

Any ideas? I mean like it's interesting to say the least.

A:UAC on highest setting stops prompting on certain programs??

I dont think its a bug or security risk. I think that its a convenience. If you are in your account and you need permission, to perform a certain operation and then try to perform it again, you already have permission. Not really needed again. If this is a concern, be sure to log out of your account whenever you are not using the computer.

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The last time I updated the BIOS on my Lenovo V110-15ISK I got this instruction that I didn't understand (5. Please load default in BIOS setup menu before and after executing this program.) It took me a while to figure it out but when I finally did I updated the BIOS & had no issues I'm posting this info to make it easier for others to do the same  Follow the instructions to enter the BIOS settings from Windows 10 1) Click all setting?Update&Security?Recover2)Click Restart now3)Click troubleshoot4)Click Advanced options5)Select UEFI firmware settingsThe screen will fade to black & enter the BIOS Setup Utility6)Use the Arrow?Keys to select the EXIT menu7)Select Load Setup Default & Click Enter?Select YES & Click Enter8)Select Exit & Save Changes & Click Enter?Select YES & Click EnterYour PC will now restart & you can begin the BIOS updateRemember to follow these steps before & after the update  Follow the instructions to enter the BIOS settings from the power on screen 1)Restart the system or shut down the PC completely,  the screen will dim off, but it will light up again 2)As soon as you see the ?Lenovo? logo Press F2 (Fn+F2) key The screen will now enter the BIOS Setup Utility3)Use the Arrow?Keys to select the EXIT menu4)Select Load Setup Default & Click Enter?Select YES & Click Enter5)Select Exit & Save Changes & Click Enter?Sele... Read more

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The last time I updated the BIOS on my Lenovo V110-15ISK I got this instruction that I didn't understand (5. Please load default in BIOS setup menu before and after executing this program.) It took me a while to figure it out but when I finally did I updated the BIOS & had no issues I'm posting this info to make it easier for others to do the same  Follow the instructions to enter the BIOS settings from Windows 10 1) Click all setting?Update&Security?Recover2)Click Restart now3)Click troubleshoot4)Click Advanced options5)Select UEFI firmware settingsThe screen will fade to black & enter the BIOS Setup Utility6)Use the Arrow?Keys to select the EXIT menu7)Select Load Setup Default & Click Enter?Select YES & Click Enter8)Select Exit & Save Changes & Click Enter?Select YES & Click EnterYour PC will now restart & you can begin the BIOS updateRemember to follow these steps before & after the update  Follow the instructions to enter the BIOS settings from the power on screen 1)Restart the system or shut down the PC completely,  the screen will dim off, but it will light up again 2)As soon as you see the ?Lenovo? logo Press F2 (Fn+F2) key The screen will now enter the BIOS Setup Utility3)Use the Arrow?Keys to select the EXIT menu4)Select Load Setup Default & Click Enter?Select YES & Click Enter5)Select Exit & Save Changes & Click Enter?Sele... Read more

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Sir after your recent updates my laptop's brightness controll setting isn't working. i have gone through your previous posts regarding brightness problem but still unable to find the solution please help me

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When the Blaster worm hit, people were advised to go into the Properties of the Remote Procedure Call and change all three to "Restart The Service" or "Take No Action".
Now that they have patched and dewormed they need to change the service back to the default. My question is........What is the default setting???? Of course no one paid attention to what it was, and I am still on 98 so I have no idea.
Your help in this is greatly appreciated.


A:RPC Default Setting

The default is Automatic.

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Okay, I asked here and learned how to do this in PSP.

I looked all over PhotoShop and even in the HELP (which says you can set a file extension as default but I couldn't find it- where it said it was).

I'd like to set it so it will save as JPG and not automatically come up to Photoshop each time. Now I have to keep scrolling in the menu on SAVE and picking JPG (then it asks what quality/compression I want, which is okay)

I've even tried used BATCH PROCESS and saving the first picture the way I want it (JPG) while recording the process and it still stops and asks me as it goes down the files.

I almost always use JPG to save, and would like it to just be there each time.

Also, while looking through the PREFERENCES I saw something (unrelated to saving as JPG) that said "point/pica size" with POST SCRIPT (which was checked) and TRADITIONAL (which wasn't)

What is the difference with this?

I'm not sure what it is, but seems like TRADITIONAL might be better?

I've seen PostScript as a font and thought it had something to do with DeskTop Publishing (or something?)

Anyway, I'm not clear about this, so don't really know.

I could always change it and see, but a lot of times when I try this I don't see anything different- even though it could be in some way.

~ Carrie

A:setting jpg as default in PS6

I don't like photoshop's way of saving jpgs. And have never found a way to set any default in the save drop down box. The best program I've found to save as jpg is irfanview. It's a lot less lossless compression. Photoshop in my opinion doesn't do as good a job and my jpgs always seem a bit large after using PS to save them.

Point size/pica is a carry over from desktop publishing. In desktop publishing programs, such as those used by newspapers, like PageMaker and Quark, the point size is the size of the type being used. Its standard for any type sizes. It's also a very old method created when newspapers were set to with plates and metal letters. Post Script is exactly what it sounds like. Newspapers used to be referred as Posts, not newspapers, so desktop publishing software and font creaters referred to "Post Script" as they type of fonts being used. I hope you understand what I'm saying here because, I'm searching my journalism memory for these answers.

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While working I mostly use Chrome. Even so the fullscreen IE metro appp is quite appealing and its nice to wander sometimes while using it.So there is no other way of keeping it as app too without seting IE as default browser.
And on a side note: That Browser choice shoulnt dissapear once Ive made my decision?

A:[IE] any way to keep the app without setting as default?

Hello StefaNafetS.

I'm afraid the IE10 Metro app is only available when Internet Explorer is set as the default program.
In addition, Chrome has a Metro version of it as well.

Chrome Browser - Toggle Between Desktop and Windows 8 Mode

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I am working on a Dell Dimension 3100 that is stuck in a loop at boot up whether in Safe Mode or regular or anything in between. I decided to either run CHKDSK or do a repair install but when I run the Windows disk (XP Home) I get to the Setting Up Windows screen where I have the option of Enter, R, or F3 and the keyboard is no longer functional. Please help if you have any suggestions. I am getting frustrated and possibly overlooking something although nothing I have found by googling the problem has worked for me. Is it possible that I need the disk that came with the computer?

A:Solved: USB keyboard stops working when Setting up Windows starts.

Hmm, this is an interesting one. Are you plugging the keyboard into front USB ports or back? I am not familiar with the 3100 dell and I have no idea how old it is. Does the unit contain PS/2 Ports? When you turn the computer on I am assuming you are able to use the computer[EDIT*: Keyboard] (i.e...to start setup from the CD.) If you have them plugged into a front USB port, try plugging the keyboard into a back USB port, or if it's plugged into a USB hub remove it from the hub and plug it up directly. After you try this get back with me. Thanks!

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I decided to make Notepad smaller than full screen so I grabbed the edge of the Notepad window and made it a bit smaller. Problem is, whenever I open Notepad now, it's always that small size. I haven't been able to reset it to full screen size when opening it. How do I make Notepad open in full screen again? Thanks


A:need to know how to restore default setting

Typing notepad in search
When it pops up
right click
run maximum size

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I have 7 Pro on a 128 GB SSD. Is there a way to set Windows to automatically install everything to my 500 GB D: drive instead of C: ? It won't take long. Many programs don't let you change the install location.

A:setting default install with 7 on SSD

I haven't had one program that doesn't offer the ability to change the installation path during the setup of the installation.

Doing what you're talking about is risky. Some things need to be installed to the OS drive. So instead, I recommend this: whenever you install something (except for drivers!), look for the Custom install option, or the Advanced one. Just don't let it do the "Typical", or "Express" or "Recommended" installation because then you might not be able to change the path.

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how do i set everything back to default setting in nvidia control panel? besides setting each option back to factory setting manually, is there a way to revert them all at once?
thanks for helping

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I use Yahoo, in my settings for program access and computer defaults I have "Use my current e-mail" checked. Yet when I try to send an e-mail to say a business, I keep getting a message that says (see attachment)

Why can't I get it to accept my Yahoo Mail, it won't even access my ISP mail address either?

A:Setting the default e-mail?

Take a look at these and see if they help.

Setting Yahoo as the default email in Windows 7? - Yahoo! Answers

How do I set default email in Windows 7? - Yahoo! Answers

You can also Google for "yahoo as default email windows 7"...

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Just had to reinstall windows 2k and office 2k on a machine for an employee here, and she usually emails a spreadsheet to one of her managers via the send email with attachment option under Excel. When she goes to do this, Outlook Express comes up instead of outlook 2000. So it will not display the address book for some reason that is on our exchange server.

I tried to change her email defaults under internet options from outlook express to the label "Microsoft Outlook" (I am assuming this is Outlook 2000), and the setting will not stay there!!! I hit apply and exit and reboot, it's changed back. I just hit OK and reboot, still changes. I was going to unistall Express, but found that Express and 2000 use the same files.

I either need to export the address book off the exchange server onto her computer and get Express to set that up, or setup Outlook 2000 as the default email editor, which I would much rather do since it is a system wide thing that would help her out with other programs if she were to send emails.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

A:setting Outlook to default

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Hi all,

I messed up the settings on my laptop computer and can't get back to where it was. A few weeks ago I was trying to increase the screen brightness so I could see the screen in low light while on battery. Unfortunatly I don't remember everything I tried and system restore doesn't work. (does system restore ever work?) Now the text and/or colors are messed up and I want to get back to the original settings.

Using dictionary.com as an example: In the box where you type the word you want to look up the "go" button is invisible. The cursor changes from an arrow to a hand when over it and it works but you can't see it. Also when you look up a word the definition text is so large only a few words fit on the screen at a time. The text size under the view tab is set to smallest. Other text and pictures on the screen seem normal. It is just the definition text that is oversized.

It's a Dell Latitude D520 with Windows XP professional 2002 with service pack 2.

Thanks for any help


A:How to return to default setting?

Did you mess with display settings in the Advanced portion? DPI settings, perhaps?

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Several days ago i messing with my directx because i trying to force it to use directx11, but now my directx cant even run game directx 9

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Sine I started using GOOGLE CHROME...I cant" find my printer"...so how do I get my printer to work...

A:Setting default printer

How To Print Preview in Google Chrome

First of all you would need to download an extension called IE Tab. This is a very useful extension which opens websites in Google Chrome as if its opening in Internet Explorer. You can get more details on it here.
Now open the page which you want to print (or print preview), and click on the IE Tab extension icon besides your address bar. It would open a new tab which would display the page as if its Internet Explorer.
Once the page loads, right click anywhere on the page and you can see the option ?Print Preview? in the context menu.
Click on it and that?s it, you would be able to preview how the print would look.

Please Note: This tip is only a work-around for print preview using a third party extension. We can just hope that the Google Chrome Team includes this very essential feature (and pretty basic really) into the Chrome browser sooner rather than later.

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I want to make FireFox my default browser, yet still keep IE in the background. For some reason, Vista will not let me do this. Anyone know how to work around this?

A:Setting Default Browser

In Firefox, go to Tools, then Options, then to the Main tab. At the bottom of the Main tab is a check box to see if Firefox is the default browser. Check that.

Then open up IE and navigate to Tools, then Internet Options, then the Programs tab. And uncheck the box that tell it to notify you if it's not the default.

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I currently have an SSD running my OS on it, and a Terabyte HDD running games and stuff. The problem is when I go to download something, it always defaults to the SSD which is the C: drive in my case. I want it to default to the D: drive so that my SSD doesn't get full as it was only intended to run my OS. I've read many forums and can't find an answer that fits my situation.

A:Need help setting a default drive

Hello Muchachi, and welcome to Seven Forums.

What web browser are you using?

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My Pc has only one user, Vista Home Premium OS. I have knackered my system, here's how and why.
I unzipped a file and saved it to an ext. hdd, I then made a new folder and renamed it, then attempted 'drag+drop' of the file into new folder. I was not allowed without giving Permission. In an attempt to fix it I accessed ext. hdd properties>security tab and thats where I made 'errors' by interfering with things I did not understand.
What I need to know is what 'group or user names' should be on view and permission they should have.

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Not really a problem but I'd like to know the solution.

In msconfig, the General Tab says I'm using a modified boot.ini file, but if i click use Original boot.ini file, then "/NOGUIBOOT" is added to the end.
It was fine when the pc was turned on today, but after installing softice and rebooting, I noticed the winxp logo didn't show up, so I checked the boot.ini file.

btw, WinXP boots up fine.

Any solutions appriciated. :wave:

A:Boot.ini default setting

NOGUIBOOT simply turns off the WindowsXP screen with the scrolling bar. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Ok, I have Win XP installed on my C:\, as well as my D:\. So, when I boot my computer it gives me the option of which OS to load, and the first one will default (C:\) after about 30 seconds. All is fine....

BUT, the other day I went to install a fresh copy of Win XP over my D:\ because of driver incompatibilities and got about half way through and realized that if I did a fresh install, I would lose all of My Documents and other files I had not backed up. SO, I canceled the install and decided that I didn't need a fresh copy of Win XP on my D:\ because I don't use it that often.

SO NOW, when I boot my computer I have THREE options: the first one being my OS for C:\, the second one being my old copy OS on my D:\, and now the newly created OS for my D:\. The problem is, the third (the one where I tried to install a fresh copy of WinXP to my D:\) is now the default. So, if my computer restarts and I am not there to choose which OS I want, it defaults to the third installation which results in a failed load and I have to restart again and choose one of the first two.

SO, I went into the file where it shows the boot lines (I forget which one it is, boot.ini?) and deleted the third line (which was the third OS I tried to load) but it is still showing that I have a third OS installed when I boot my computer. These are the three options of OS that I get:

1. Windows XP Professional (C:\)
2. Windows XP Professional (original copy on D:\)
3. Default

...In those exact wo... Read more

A:Setting default bootable OS

You are asking for trouble from the start with 3, or even two OS's on the
same machine, I could see doing it for a duel boot , to win98, linux. But why
the same os twice? It is the boot ini. but I think the Mbr is tied into that
as well. If it were me, I would start over again, format the extra drives,
format and install xp on just one hdd. Then use your other drives for

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Every time I use my USB, the Files come up as 'Tiles'. Is there any way the 'Thumbnail' setting could be made permanent ?. I'm running WINDOWS XP 'Professional' (SP 3)
I can manually go from 'Tiles' to 'Thumbnails', however would prefer 'Thumbnails' to be permanent.

Hoping someone can help.


A:Thumbnails as a default setting.

Windows normally remembers the last option you select and makes that the default for next time.

Open up the flash drive, switch it to Thumbnails, then disconnect and reconnect.

Did it stay on thumbnails?

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My choice for a default printer always changes from HP LaserJet PCL 5 to HP LaserJet series #1. After setting my preference for a default printer, the default automatically changes as noted above after the computer is rebooted. Even when I delete the series #1 option so that the PCL 5 printer is the only choice, the series #1 printer option re-appears and becomes the default when the computer is rebooted. I am making these printer configurations in the Printer and Hardware Devices window.

Thanks for any tips on how to make HP LaserJet PCL 5 my default printer in the Home Edition of Windows 7.

A:Default Printer Setting Always Changes

When you're changing the default printer; are you selecting a different printer from the drop down menu when you print something? or Are you going into your control pannel/hardware and sound/devices and printers menu and changing it there? Additionally; you need to uninstall the drivers just deleting the icon in the above menu will not get rid of the drivers.

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Having setup a NT pc the default keyboard is set to US.
I have changed this to UK but it reverts back to US whilst I am logging in.When logged in it is back to UK.
Any ideas on how to make UK my system default when logging on.

A:Default Keyboard Setting


Not a big NT guru or anything but sounds as if you need to log in as Admin and change the regional settings for all users, and default Users to UK and change the Keygboard setting as well.

If you were not particulary observant while doing the initial install, then you may have accidentally set the original install to US standard, as that is the default for all MS products.

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I have a question about Windows XP. I was opening an old Works Calendar I have when I was prompted to change it to the default. I haven't been using a calendar on the PC, but I would like to start and would like to know if I can determine in XP which calendar is the default currently. That way I can check it out and see if it's better before deciding which to use. Who knows how many calendars there are on this PC. Thanks for any help...

A:Default Calendar Setting in XP

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How do I set the following code up so that the default value is "US"?

<input type='text' name='country' id='country' value='<?php echo($country) ?>'></input>



A:Solved: Setting Default Value for php

If you want the value US to be displayed in the text box when the page loads then simpy use the following piece of code.

<input type='text' name='country' id='country' value='US'<?php echo($country) ?>'></input>

Hope this helps

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I have done this on many occasions, however, I recently downloaded Photoscape and wish to make it my default photo viewer/editor however it never shows up on the programs from which to choose.   Not all programs are included to select from and I'm not sure why?    The program is definitely on my computer - have been using it successfully but can't make it default?

A:Setting Default Progams

Right click the file you wish to open. Select Open with>choose default program. Make sure the check mark for Always use this program is checked and select the Browse button. Browse to the Program folder that has the Photoscape exe file.
See step 3 here.

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Hi everyone I downloaded NEtscape 6,22 and I choose not to use it as my default browser. I actually want to use it now as my default browser. How can I change it so it is?


A:setting up a default browser

Make Netscape Your Default Browser for Windows


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