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Lenovo T540p screen is very dim/black when booting...

Q: Lenovo T540p screen is very dim/black when booting...

I have several T540p's in our fleet. All are running windows 7 pro x64. When the laptop is booted from full off, or resumed from sleep, the screen is very dim (say 10%) unless the power cord is plugged in. When dim, you cannot raise the brightness from the keys. This happens even at the BIOS and Lenovo boot screens, so it doesn't seem to be a windows problem, but something in the basic laptop configuration itself. Any ideas?

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Preferred Solution: Lenovo T540p screen is very dim/black when booting...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello everyone. I've been given a Lenovo Z570 laptop with little background information other than the fact that it refuses to boot. A clean install is not an option at this point due to the personal information on the laptop. When I turn on the laptop, it displays the Lenovo sign, then boots into a screen that says Windows Error Recovery. I've been working through the troubleshooting guide here with little to no luck. Here is what I encountered on each step:

1. Using "Last Known Good Configuration" results in a black screen that does not go away or change.

2. Using "Repair your computer" under Advanced Boot Options leads to a black screen. If I try using a Windows installation disk, the screen hangs on the initial "Setup is starting" screen indefinitely. Using a repair disk gets farther- it lets me choose some settings, but then hangs on a screen that says "Searching for Windows Installations". I'm not sure what a UEFI install is but I assume my hard disk is not UEFI because I did not see any options in the BIOS

Edit: I'm sure that the installation disk is not corrupted: tried running it in another Windows 7 laptop and it loaded without problems.

3. The hard drive is still detected in BIOS set up

4. Trying the System Restore leads to a black screen

5. As mentioned above, the repair disk hangs on "Searching for Windows Installations"

7. Booting into Safe Mode with Networking leads to a black screen

8. Not available,... Read more

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Hello everyone, Today, my Lenovo T540p stopped booting up correctly. Things to note:- Computer does boot up, with the keyboard lighting up. However, when the screen starts, the UEFI Lenovo bootup screen is VERY faint.-  I have tried holding down the power button for 30 seconds with the battery removed, and other internet methods, but it has not been fixed.- I run Arch Linux and Windows 10 dual booted if that is of any help.

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Hi, I installed the the Lenovo Bios Update utility. It sayed that it will restart for the bios update. After restart I just got a black screen. Since then nothing happens. When I start the notebook, I can hear the fans but the screen stays black. I removed the batterie and i plugged a vga display. Moreover I removed the cmos batterie but notthing worked. Any Ideas?

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Lenovo Service Bridge a Hardware Scan ran and reported WWF00F008-WM7V1K on the wireless adapterLSB advised consulting Support site.A search did not produce any results.A Google search could not find this either.Suggestions?

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My Y50-70 Touch has been sitting in my drawer for over a month now since i only use it for school. I start school tomorrow so i decided to start it up and charge it but it gets stuck on the loading screen with the spinning circle after the lenovo logo pops up. Its been on the booting screen for over 3 hours and wont turn on. Help please!

A:Lenovo Y50-70 Touch stuck on lenovo booting screen

Ive tried resetting the pc, start up repair, system restore and none of them are working. i get errors

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I have a T540p running win8 that I needed to do a clean factory restore as i was going to sell it. It didnt have a recovery partition, and no cd?s so i made a recovery disk using a 64gb usb drive and the recovery utility in the control panel. I booted the laptop to usb and selected keyboard layout to english. Selected troubleshoot, selected the option to perform clean install, also selected the option to create partition. Selected the 2nd option to perfom full format. After its finished the computer reboots back to the screen asking me to select language, and i?m back at square 1. Ive tried ro boot without the usb stick plugged in, and have also tried to boot by selecting the hard drive in the bios. What am i missing? I?m unable to continue setup. Thanks 

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Hello, I tried it in multiple Linux community and it seems to be a problem with the laptop rather than the Linux system. Whenever I start my T540p Laptop with any Linux Distribution, it ends up with the symptoms, that can be described best in a video: Hopefully somebody can help me.  Best regards,Dorian

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Recently my lenovo laptop  z50-70 start blocking on black screen before lenovo logo appears on start up with led light on. It lastes from 15 minutes to even 2 hours before lenovo lego appears and laptop starts and works smoothly with no problems.Now it is blocked on black screen and can t proceed to lenovo logo. I can t acces bios menu.I tried bios reset. no effect.I updated the bios to the last version. no effect.

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To make a long story short, I've been asked to help fix a friends mom's U410 laptop which wasnt activiting Windows 8.1 properly (Was Windows 8 OOB). After struggling with the activation for a few hours, I backed up the data and decided to just run the Lenovo one key recovery. During the recovery process, the installation had failed. When I attemped to reboot, no Lenovo splash screen was loading - just a black screen (although i can hear the cooling fan start, and hear the harddrive spin up. I tried to access the boot menu thru the novo button, and nothing would load; still a black screen. After researching for a few more hours, I had found multiple threads about bios updates required to be able to access bios with windows 8, and other threads about gpus on these units booting to a second screen (which i did test, and the second monitor does indicate a signal). None of the solutions on those threads have given positive results.   Basically, I've run out of options and am looking for some suggestions. The only thing that shows up on the display at anytime is the small blue novo menu when the button is pressed (normal start up, bios setup, boot menu, system recovery - all of which just leave a black screen). Thanks.

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Hello,  I have lenovo g 500 (laptop) and everything was fine until today when start my laptop i see black screen with lenovo logo (white color) link: imgur.com/tzWMuwII have tired to remove the battery with/without power cord but still same.  Lenovo G500Model name: 20236 Thanks for help! 


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A:Lenovo G500 black screen (lenovo logo)

could you please press f2 to start-up your computer for bios.then set the default settings, save/exit and restart if it helps.

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Hi, I have a lenovo t540p,I was wondering what will happen if I add 32gb ( 2 x 16). The laptop will detect the extra 16gb ? Thanks


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A:Lenovo t540p 32gb

Unfortunately, the T540p doesn't support the new 16GB DDR3L modules.

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My Dell Inspiron 1100 is over 6 years old at this point, quite the dinosaur. However, I still have a bit of old data I would love to remove before it really bites the dust.

When I boot up the machine, usually the display is clear and bright. However, after no more than a minute the screen goes black and only a faint outline of the desktop remains. What is the problem and what do I need to do to solve it?


A:Dell Inspiron 1100 screen goes black 30 secs after booting up, faint screen outline


backlights or invertor board is failing (failed).

If there is an external monitor socket on it use a monitor to see the screen and then you can backup your data.

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I just bought this laptop for about 1 month, the laptop work fine before. But after...I don't know maybe after the windows update, the driver make the screen flickering and some dots appear on the screen, sometimes the screen lagging and went black. I'm pretty sure it's because of the driver because if I disable it, everything is fine,but that is just a temporary fix, every games is unplayable when I disable the driver. I tried to reinstall it using driver from Intel, Windows, Lenovo but none of them work(newest)

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Hello sir, my brand new preinstall 4 months old lenovo laptop getting black screen after lenovo logo. Day before yesterday i treid to factory reset my lenovo laptop, after it almost completed and after loging with microsoft account i got an error that the account is already sign in and create local account. I create local account and when i put password. it struct on Welcome page. and when i try to force restart the laptop , now its getting some black page after lenovo logo. That black will be there for 20-30 minutes and then an error come and it goes to auto repair and then again it getting same problem, getting black screen after lenovo logo. Please sir, i need that laptop, for my work purpose. please give me some better solution , as soon as possible  Thank You,

A:Lenovo G50-30 : getting black screen after lenovo logo

Hi zoheb_syed , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
Doing factory reset would delete everything and repartitioned with new Windows on it just like out of the box . 
Lenovo splash screen is a good sign that power goes in the computer and the devices required for a working machine.
For as long as you back up your files , try doing the Lenovo Restore using the Novo key (no.2 page 9).
Just turn off the pc and use the Novo button to turn it on . Novo menu would give the System Recovery 
Soon as done , create a local account and proceed. 
If it goes to a black screen during the process , I recommend you call in tech support for repair.
Most likely there would be a problem with the GPU since rendering on Windows failed.
You can also check the display on any external monitor to see if the display would work externally to isolate LCD or cable issue .  
If the computer finish up with the restoration then run Lenovo diagnostics. 
Tech support can give you repair options or if BIOS update is neccessary . 
Best check on your warranty for the type of repair service you would expect (either sending to depot or Onsite repair)
Considering the turn around time of the repair , which I know that you need it on a daily basis for work  Try above step and let us see how it works.
Hope this helped you get things done on your issue.

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I have a Lenovo T540p which I have just imaged. I use the SCCM Package provided by Lenovo. Everything imaged fine except I am having issues installing the Intel Graphics driver. I beleive its the Intel HD Graphics 4600 ( When I attempt to install it, I get an error saying: the setup program failed to install 1 or more of the drivers. I have tried t440p and w540 model intel drivers but no luck. The Nvidia drivers won't let me install without the intel. Has anyone ran into this situation and can give me an idea on why the laptop is not installing the intel hd graphics driver? Thanks

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Sorry for butting in here, but I see this a lot at work.
If you can't get to the boot screen by pressing F12 at boot, then IME it's most likely a hard drive problem.
And having the backup show 0 bytes is also a symptom of a hard drive problem (although it can be other things).
The test we do at work is to remove the hard drive and then see if the F12 key combo works.
Be sure to remove the power and battery before opening the case - and to ground yourself before handling the hard drive.
Then connect the power (it's OK to leave the battery out) and see if F12 gets you to the boot selection menu.
If that doesn't work, then the next thing to check is the RAM,
But that's a bit more finicky - as you have only 2 sticks and 2 slots
In that case, you try one stick in each of the slots and then the other stick in each of the 2 slots.
The point here is being sure that you remove power and ground yourself before handling the RAM each and every time.
You're again looking for the ability to get to the boot selection menu using the F12 key
In the event that it's a bad hard drive you'll have to contact Toshiba for a set of recovery disks.  Last I knew they were around $45 (US), but that's a lot cheaper than a new copy of Windows.
Here's a link for that (last updated in 2012):  http://www.carrona.org/recdisc.html
This is the exact issue I'm facing and I was hoping that it wasn't hardware. I'm afraid it might be though. I'll try to get into my BIOS and see if I... Read more

A:Black Screen when booting

Remove any USB devices as well when trying to start the PC. This includes phones charging via USB.

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When ever i try to boot my computer it freezes at a black screen at the startup (when you press del to get to the bois) when the keyboard is plug is in. But with out the keyboard i cant pres f1 to cont. when it siad no keyboard is found. i think it the 'black screen virus' but i cant get to the desktop to run scan . i try to use a bootable disk but it didnt work. i cant reinstall or repair the computer with the reinstall disk either.
please help.

i have windows xp home with sp 3.

A:black screen when booting

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Really new computer. Have had it for about a month now.I was updating some amd drivers and downloading a program from my browser when suddenly my screen went completely black.I waited 5 minutes and nothing happened.After that, I turned it off and on again multiple times but it's still giving me a black screen after the hp logo appears.I removed the battery for about 5 mins and put it back on. Same thing happened.I need this laptop for college and it's the only one I have.


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A:Black Screen when booting up

Hi,Restore your computer when Windows cannot start normally:https://youtu.be/pb57DNM2OKwTurn off the computer and wait at least 5 seconds with the computer in a full off state.Turn on the computer and repeatedly press the F11 key, about once every second, until you see the Windows loading screen.If a language selection screen opens, select the language you want to use to continue.On the Choose your keyboard layout screen, select the keyboard layout that matches your keyboard type.On the Choose an option screen, click Troubleshoot .On the Troubleshoot screen, click Advanced Options .On the Advanced options screen, click System Restore .Click Windows 10 as the target operating system.The System Restore window opens.Click Next .Click the restore point that you want to use, and then click Next .The Confirm Restore Point window opens.Click Finish to restore your computer to a previous point.Do not interrupt System Restore when it starts. Doing so can corrupt your hard drive and create more problems. Click Yes in the warning that appears.System Restore returns the computer configuration to a previous point in time and restarts.RegardsVisruth

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I have an HP m1170n (Media Center) desktop, running xp sp2 with a 19" LCD monitor. I had previously upgraded my video card to a geo force 7300GS in anticipation of getting a wide-screen 22" LCD monitor, but still have not gotten that monitor. The computer and monitor had been working well, until last weekend, when I turned on the computer, and got the infamous "black screen." At various times in the past week, I got just the black screen or the blue HP screen, before it all froze. One time I was able to turn the caps lock light on and off, but I can't do that now.

To troubleshoot, I first hooked up another monitor, with the same results. I then removed the geo force video card and reinstalled the original video card that came with the computer, also with the same results.

I would appreciate any troubleshooting techniques for this problem. Also, if this is a "deadly" problem, advice on how to recover the data from the hard drive.



A:black screen when booting

Hi Mark,
Have a look at this article from Microsoft.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A8-5500 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 21 Model 16 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 5310 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7560D, 768 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 926979 MB, Free - 858446 MB;
Motherboard: LENOVO,
Antivirus: Avira Antivirus, Updated and Enabled


While using the pc earlier I got a brief pop up window that said something about using too much memory. The pc then shut down and restarted but it didn't go past the black screen with the word Lenovo and a spinning circle towards the bottom of the screen. I may have some malware issues which may or may not have to do with this issue I don't know. Would you please tell me how to be able to boot the pc and what steps if any do I need to do besides booting the pc. I waited for between 10-20 minutes to see if the pc would boot but it didn't do so it still was on the black screen.


A:Black Screen Happens While Booting

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Hello everyone!

This is what happen...

Yesterday I tried to Boot in Safe Mode using the "F8" key and nothing happens, my PC just boots as normal, so I did try again restarting and F8 for Safe Mode, and again, it booted normal. I though it was a f8 key malfunction.
So I had run "msconfig.exe", under "Boot - Boot Options" I check "Safe Boot - Minimal", Apply, then OK and the PC restart to a Black Screen. I did a hard restart 2 times after and it goes to the same black screen.

My question is; is there any way to access the system to roll back the booting config. to the normal boot?

I don't have any install CD from vendor (Dell). My PC has windows 7 ultimate x64.

Any help will be much appreciated.


A:Booting Black Screen!

Settle! ...

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hi guys,

i have an acer aspire 5600 that keeps booting to a black screen in windows xp pro
then when i select "last known working configuration" it works

but then might do the same a few boots later...i have got no virus as all my scans indicate
nothing...and i have reinstalled xp and it happens after a week or two of loading software...

any ideas...
what can i do?

A:xp keeps booting to black screen

Sounds like there is an incompatible program or driver somewhere. Why not install slowly and watch for changes and you may find it. Are you using Windows Update hardware drivers BTW?

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There are many problems regarding black screen on boot.
I've researched and surfed for over 4 hours, that is not an exaggeration, but found no use.

When the vista passes log-on screen then it is time ti display desktop on boot, there simply shows a black screen with mouse cursor at the center.

Task manager works, and it seems nothing is using huge system resource at that time. After few amount of time, the desktop finally appears.

I never installed driver, but in case one of them got corrupted, I installed the same version again to try to resolve the problem. It was no use.

It's a OEM version that came with my laptop and this laptop has no pirated software. Not a single one.

Why is this happening?
Can somebody help?
Vista Home Premium 32bit
2.66GHZ @ Dual 2 Core Centrino 2
4.0GB DDR3
130M GT 512MB DDR3

A:Black screen during booting.

it may well be vista searching for another monitor although it doesnt normally take that long you can disable it see if it helps

goto task sheduler

On the left-hand side, click "Task Scheduler Local"

Expand "Task Scheduler Library," then "Microsoft," then "Windows," then click "MobilePC."

you'll see a task called "TMM." Click it, and on the right-hand side, click "Disable."

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HP laptop dv 2000, about 7 yr old. HD = Hitachi speedstar 7200 rpm, about 1 yr old. Win XP pro install is about 1yr old. This laptop gives a black screen on power up. No signs of life at all.

The first problem I noticed was a strange 1" square translucent window around the cursor arrow. Then within 15 min. or so it began giving a black screen for 5 sec. or so and then returning to normal, no error msg. The cursor would freeze and then immediate black screen and back to normal after a few seconds. I restarted, then I had system restore take me back to about 1 week ago and had Microsoft Security Essentials run a full scan, finding nothing. that seemed to help for 15 min. or so and then I started getting the blackouts more frequently, several a minute. Finally black screen only, no boot. Power comes on, some back lights come on, and I think I can see the screen's back light come on, but alas, no one seems to be home. A tech at Fry's pulled the battery, put it back in and tried to boot and told me that given the laptops' age, the motherboard likely died. There have been no drops or traumas recently (or ever, really). I revere my machines like the Dalai Lama, putting fans under them, cleanup, defrag, nothing is too much to ask.

I would be happy to save this laptop long enough to export files and settings, but in the meantime I've moved into data recovery mode. I have pulled the Hard Drive and used another laptop to access it as an external drive. ... Read more

A:Black screen instead of booting

To get access to your My Documents folder on another machine try the following: How to take ownership of a file or a folder in Windows XP?

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I have a Thinkpad 500 running Windows 10. Recently when turning on the computer ater the initial boot screens which show on the screen the screen will go blank before getting to the logon screen.  It appears that the computer is working and I can see the mouse arrow moving around on the screen when moving the mouse.  To get rid of the problem I have shut the computer down, reboot and go into system configuration and reconfigure the display.  By changing and saving the display options by togalling between the second and third display option , saving and letting the computer reboot solves the problem.  This happens 3 out of 5 times I turn on the computer.  Does anyone have a sollution? Thanks

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Hi all,

I have a problem with my Laptop when I restart the OS. It uses Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit.

The desktop is not appeared, it is fully blank of black, except 'My Documents' of windows explorer.

I found this problem since I had a message from someone (via Yahoo Messenger) that share a link.. I didn't know whether it is a virus or not, but accidentally I opened the URL and extracted the file attached.. Unfortunately, when I restart the Operating System, I got a black screen with a Documents of window explorer..

I have tried the methods that has been posted in this forum with the topic search 'black screen of death', and another additional methods, except re-install OS; but there is no changes till now..

When I tried to create a new user account, it ran normally if using the new account; but when I got back to my infected account it still displayed black screen..

I'm afraid I could not re-install it, because it will need a hard configuration,..

Now, I really confuse what should I do to make it runs well?

My temporary plan is to use another new account and run with it normally, but I wonder with my infected account, what happened with the infected account; Is there any possibility that the infected account will influence my new account or any related system programs?
Is this the only available and safe way to run my OS well?

Please help, and thank you..


A:Black screen when booting

You seem fairly certain that it is a malware problem, yet you haven't made any mention of running anti-virus scans, or the state of your security software.

If this is due to malware infecting your computer, then your security software was probably not up-to-date, or effective. At this point, you cannot trust your security software, since it may also be affected by the malware.

What I would do, is take the hard drive out of your computer and connect it up temporarily to a computer that has good and up-to-date security software, to do a thorough scan and repair.

Once your hard drive is clean of infections, then you can address the various problems caused by the malware.

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I bought Dell Precision Tower 5810 3-4 weeks ago. Today I tried to install Ubuntu from USB flash drive and made the machine boot from USB, then the screen went black. My video card is Nvidia NVS 310. Why did the screen go black? Is there a way to solve it?
Thank you!

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I have windows vista, and while booting my computer screen goes black for a couple minutes. It boots fine after that, but obviously this is not normal. Any suggestiong on how to fix this?

A:black screen while booting

hi and welcome to the forum try running sfc /chkdsk http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/66...c-command.html

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Hi guys! I'm really having a bad time, my laptop is currently unusable since the backlight is not working on either the TN panel or IPS panel that I have for it. when I first got the laptop it worked fine, allthough it ran a bit hot 65c idle. So I decided to change the thermal paste for with some Arctic Silver MX-4 and the idle temps dropped to 43c idle, a very nice improvement if you ask me. Then I decided to change the awful TN panel that it came with since I've done that a thousand times before with other laptops, so I went ahead and ordered one from eBay (it came from UK) since I did not want to risk some china panel potentially breaking my precious new laptop. when I got the new panel, I turned off the laptop then removed the battery and pressed the power button for 30 seconds, then porceeded to take the bezel off and remove the "old" working display and install the new display. No problem.... or so i thought... There was only a black screen when i booted it back up!turns out that the backlight was not working (I was shining with a flashlight and getting a picture on the monitor itself)I then did the same procedure and replaced the "new" monitor(IPS) with the "old"(TN) still no backlight... I really needed it for my school, so I went to a local PC-repair shop that could fix things such as laptop. thay said that there was 3 possibilities:broken monitorbroken motherboard (GPU is soldered on motherboard)borken cable from motherboard t... Read more

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Hello everyone! I?m falling into a common problem: slow booting. I have tried a lot of ways to fix it and nothing works.
In more detail, problem is my Windows 7 boots slowly, not very, but quite slowly than normal (other computers similar hardware), and the booting usually (I should say almost everytime) has a black screen after Welcome screen. My PC is
Asus K55A (i5 3230, HD  4000). I have run into this kind of problem since I first buy the PC. Reinstalling OS doesn?t help, now I guess, I have reinstalled about 5 times. Hardware problems, don?t say that, continue reading.
Solutions I have tried: remove start-up items, update windows and drivers (actually newest drivers make more slow, so I just use driver from my manufacture, Asus), uninstall programs (yeah, just what isn?t important), defrag the disk (manually
and scheduled), run sfc /scannow (of course it isn?t necessary but I have to do by what people say, this tool doesn?t help when my OS is new and it?s up-to-date, and I use it carefully), and what more?
To investigate the booting more carefully, I installed second Windows 7 on D partition. In second Windows 7, I tried to install everything like first main Win 7 and can you guess, this second one boots faster, smoother and have higher
benchmark score. However, the second Win 7 was installed long time ago (around the time I reinstalled first main Win 7 two times), and just recently, I have time to investigate my two Win 7, so I forget ... Read more

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hi guys, i am in a terrible situation right now.

i bought a new comp just one month ago, and now its giving black screen after windows loading screen..!! i can see the cursor..can move it but nothing appears!!

i was playing game-- mass effect..when suddenly there was power failure...and now its giving that problem!!

even in safe mode i am not able to see the screen!!
i have a E8400 processor, 9600GT Nvidia graphic card..........man.. i am dieing....plz...help me...what should i do????

A:XP gives Black Screen..after booting..Plzz help!!

Hello and Welcome to TSF

Is the computer booting into Windows? I know you cannot see anything but does the lights on the front of the case blink?

I would change the video card, if that does not help perform a Repair Installation of Windows XP.

Before you perform a repair installation of Windows XP, you must uninstall Internet Explorer 7. If you do not uninstall Internet Explorer 7 in this situation, Internet Explorer will no longer work after the repair installation is completed. Specifically, the repair installation does not restore earlier versions of the files in the Program Files\Internet Explorer folder. Therefore, the Internet Explorer 7 files will be incompatible with the Internet Explorer 6 files that are installed in the Windows\System32 folder.


Perform a Repair Installation

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I need help, when I boot my Dell 9200 with Vista OS on it I get a black screen and a mouse I can move on the screen. I can toggle my numbers lock on and off, but nothing else. I spoke with Dell we confrimed it didn't seem to be a hardware error and we were able to get the system to do a system restore my booting to the Vista CD. This was great until the system updates was loaded and on the next boot, back to the black screen and a mouse. Have anyone run into this problem and do you have any ideas on how to work around the problem? I don't want to format the system reload the computer to have the update install and back to the black screen.

Thank You
BiggDogg Barking

A:Black Screen when booting Vista

This is from Dell (If you are using the ATI Radeon X1300 and a Wide Screen Monitor)
"After performing an update from Windows® Update on the system, you may notice the Dell™ XPS 410 goes to a blank or black screen after the Dell splash screen. This issue only occurs when using the ATI Radeon X1300 card and Dell Ultra-wide flat panel monitors. Currently, Windows Update offers a driver for Dell wide flat panels that causes the monitor to go out of sync with the ATI Radeon X1300 video card due to an integer issue in the default resolutions code.

The CD that comes with Dell's flat panel monitors corrects this issue with the correct integer. All resolutions can be read properly by the ATI Radeon X1300 video card. After this issue begins to occur, it will be necessary to roll back the existing driver or otherwise update the driver to the Dell version on the monitor CD or on http://support.dell.com. Once the Dell driver is installed, Windows Update will no longer be an issue."

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I have this black screen after 5 minutes after my computer fully boots up.
Everything is fine, once all booted up, nothing's wrong, everything seems to be going fine until i get this black screen all of a sudden in the middle of doing nothing but waiting.

A:Black Screen After 5 minutes of booting

First, try booting into safe mode. If everything seems to run fine in safe mode, that would lead me to believe that the issue is caused by software. Being it is a black screen, I would think possibly your video card driver. I'd recommend uninstalling and reinstalling your video card driver in this case.

If your system does the same thing in safe mode, then the issue is probably hardware related. If your system uses a dedicated graphics card (not integrated) make sure that the fans on it are spinning.

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Been reading the blogs.  I have a pavillion G7 and the screen is black on boot up.  The num key and shift key were both lit and would not switch when pressed, until I removed the battery and let it set for a while.  Now they are off and the only light on the keyboard is the wireless on F12. I have tried to boot up pressing F11, F12, F8, F2, del, and esc repeatedly on sessive attempts to boot up.  Nothing seems to get me into the boot up menu or the bios.  Even tried booting up without the battery, power supply only, after discharging by holding the power button and pressing the F keys...  Any suggestions? Thanks,-=Carey

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Hello! I just got a new computer after my desktops harddrive failed, and this new one is pretty good:HP computer----------- I7-860 processor8GB ddr3 ram1TB HDATI Radeon HD 4650 graphics card Now here's my problem. When I first got it we hooked it up at my friends house using his monitor, and it worked fine. We installed Firefox, and all the other necessities. When I got it home I hooked it up to my 36' plasma TV via a VGA cable. However I encountered a problem. It will boot up to the "windows 7 booting logo", but after that it just goes black, and my TV says "no signal." Now I've seen this problem before so I had a few guesses on how to correct it. I booted my computer in safe mode, and used run->msconfig->startup and disabled all the startup stuff. I then disabled all the non-microsoft services also. If there was a startup conflict, this would fix it. No dice! It still went to a black screen. So I tried disabling the display adaptor, and that fixed it. However I could not exceed 1280 resolution, or else it would go black again. I figured I should update the ATI Radeon video card, and that might solve the problem. I updated with the ATI websites HD 4600 series driver, and it installed fine. However it still gives me the same black screen. Again disabling the display adaptor solves the problem, but leaves me with a crappy resolution. What's even weirder is when I boot my computer up in VGA mode, I actually get to the password ... Read more

A:After booting up windows screen goes black.

I had problems hooking to my TV and ended up with a black screen, a fellow on this site recommended pressing the F&N keys the hitting F6. Worked like a charm on XP Pro, not sure about 7.


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Hello and thank you all for any help or ideas. In general, on startup my computer is 'scanning and repairing' drives, then booting into a black screen with cursor. I don't have a pc easily available to install usb boot programs but have tried a couple thus far. Refreshing or restoring are not good options for me because i am afraid i will loose much of my software licensed to me long ago from school, which is more valuable than the computer. Figured Id ask around before taking it in. Here are the details..

HP dv7t-7000 notebook from 2012 running windows 7
Intel core i7-3720QM cpu @2.6ghz
8192 mb ram
Hdd are two ATA
Bios id f.13

6 weeks ago it auto updated to windows 10 build 7600
1 week ago it started having trouble starting up
-i believe it said something about 'initialize error' on startup screen and went into 'windows repair' for some time.
After that on startup it will briefly say 'disk checking' then 'scanning and repairing drive:' d, sometimes c, and (\\?\volume.. then the windows startup login sound but just a black screen with movable cursor.
I had read that this can be a driver issue, so i have tried logging in blind, clicking around, switching the screen projection, and leaving it over night all multiple times to no avail, just the black screen.

Tried multiple cold boots

Booting into safe mode gives me black screen with cursor and safe mode text in the corners but nothing more.
Safe mode with command brings same but with 'hp recovery manager' wi... Read more

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Hi guys,
I am having a massive problem with my desktop. When I turn it on, it just sits there with a black screen. The HDD access light blinks for a few secs, then stops. It's custom built by a computer store, with a Gigabyte GA-P35-S3 mobo, Intel Core 2 Duo (unsure of exact model) overclocked to 3.06GHz, Galaxy nVidia GT240 1GB graphics card, Western Digital 500GB hard drive and an ASUS MW220 22" monitor. I can't boot it to a Linux LiveCD either, cause I don't even see the BIOS startup. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong with it?
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A:Computer not booting, just black screen.

It's most likely the videocard.

I had this same problem a while ago and it turned out my videocard was not correctly installed.

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I get blank screen after the system enters Windows XP option.

This happened after the system got affected with a Trojan. I got message that a Trojan has been detected and system needs to restart. When I restarted, the system did not start up.

Following is the sequence :
Systems starts.
a.I press power buton & Wierd sound (light but wierd) comes
b.Dell logo appears
c will get two option
1. Windows XP recovery conole
2. Windows XP professional

When it enters Windows XP professional, nothing comes up, only black screen.
Windows XP recovery console works fine

Same problem happens for the following

1 Safe mode
2 The best last know configuration

I do not have the Windows XP CD as I missed it.

I guess some virus is causiong this problem. Any inputs on this.

A:Black screen upon booting Windows XP

I'm having your thread moved to another, more appropriate forum. If the system problem is resolved and they feel a malware issue may be present, you will be referred back to this forum.

The thread will be reopened there.

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I have a g51vx from asus with Win7 and i dont know what has happened...

Yesterday i was watching the world cup and there was a threat found by microsoft security, and i told it to clean it. Minute later, it was done and i continued to watch for a while, and then i turned the cpu off. came back 4 hours later to see this:

I power it on, and it goes past the asus gaming logo
Then you can see the hd light flashing and it comes to a black screen with an underscore on the top left, which blinks for a few seconds, and quickly goes down and it disappears.

Then i am left with a black screen, and nothing happens. The hd light isnt flashing at all. I tried keeping it on for a while, but nothing happens.

Im guessing the threat that was found stuck on to my boot files or something? Yet i know nothing of this so i need your help

Tried f5, f8, and it wont let me go into anything on startup except the blue bios screen.

A:Win7 not booting! BLACK SCREEN


Do you have Windows 7 installation DVD???
You can try System Repair

Configure in BIOS to boot from CD, and after PC starts,
press any key to boot from CD/DVD...
You then run System Repair

Keep us posted...

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When starting my HP dv6 3060em it goes to the HP Logo screen like normal but once that goes away the screen just goes black and does nothing. The sound  is working, just the screen remains black. What shuld I do?

A:Windows booting black screen

Hi @Premlez,  Thank you for your inquiry, I will do my best to help! I understand that on startup you get the HP splash screen but then it goes to  a black screen. Her is a link to HP Notebook PCs - Troubleshooting Black Screen Displays with No Error Messages During Startup or Boo... that should help.   To show appreciation for my replying, please click the thumbs up icon below. If this corrected the difficulty please tell other people by choosing solution provided.  Best of Luck!  

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Ok i have a problem. my computer with windows 7 doesn't work. every time i start it , it loads windows a bit and then ends up to black screen and later it crashes to blue screen (disabled the auto restart after system error) , safe mode's doesn't work or either the system repair (it doesn't recognize the error), i tried to fix the error with the windows 7 cd and using the bootrec.exe command but it didn't work. and before you think that i haven't tried system restoration , i did and it didn't work. so im pretty much out of idea's and im asking for help from here. AND reinstalling whole windows7 is out of question, i have too many valuable files in the hard drive that i don't want to lose.

Thanks for help in advance. and this is first time this happened to me so i guess the game i installed yesterday is causing this but i cannot delete it since i cant get windows 7 on.

A:windows7 booting to black screen

What game did you install and what is the BSOD Code?

Can you provide your system specs?

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My PC have this problem for a while and after a couple of tests i still can't find the right solution.

at first, all the programs opened (including explorer & taskbar) starts to unresponsive, then the display changes to a black screen with only the mouse cursor still shown on it. There's nothing i could do except restart my PC. And there's another problem, it takes a lot of time after POST to reach splash screen, and then finally stuck on it before reach the login screen. i also can't access the safe mode as it's stuck on loading the driver screen.

The only solution i've found for this step is to launch the Startup Repair from the Windows DVD. After it completed i can successfully boot into the Windows. But it's kind of temporary, as the programs starts unresponsive then changed to a black screen again after a couple of hours. Then i have to launch the Startup Repair again.

Here's the log of the latest Startup Repair performed :

Startup Repair diagnosis and repair log
Last successful boot time: ‎4/‎15/‎2012 2:27:46 AM (GMT)
Number of repair attempts: 1

Session details
System Disk = \Device\Harddisk0
Windows directory = D:\Windows
AutoChk Run = 0
Number of root causes = 1

Test Performed:
Name: Check for updates
Result: Completed successfully. Error code = 0x0
Time taken = 0 ms

Test Performed:
--------------------------- ... Read more

A:Black Screen and Booting Problem

The fact that your hard drive has some bad sectors would make me want to check that first. Run the test from the hard drive manufacturer - both the quick test and the full.

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Hi. I've got a strange problem, when i try to boot from the vista DVD it loads the files ok and i see the green vista bars appear and it looks like its loading fine. Then it just gives me a black screen where it should load into the vista setup.

I'll start from the begining so you know exactly what i did and what might be causing this. I was trying to fix a previous problem in vista and screwed things up big time. I got a blue screen with a stop 0xC1F5 error. I found out that this is due to a corrupt $TxfLog File and causes the blue screen to appear even when trying to boot from the vistan DVD. Microsofts work around is to reformat and reinstall which i do not want to do as i will loose a lot of data.

I found this Workaround and followed the guide to delete the corrupted file. After removing $TxfLog, attemting to boot from the dvd now gives me a black screen.

I suspect a hardware/driver problem so i've flashed my bios to the latest version. Disabled all non essentual devices, removed my soundcard and all but 1 stick of ram and nothing has worked.

As a test i changed my sata settings from RAID to IDE and bingo, i can boot from the DVD but it wont allow me when sata is set to RAID. Any ideas?

System Specs:
Asus Maximus Formula
Intel core2 duo E8500
4Gb Ram
2x 250GB Hd's running RAID 0
Vista Ultimate x64

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HI I have a Dell Dimension 4700, Pentium 4 running Windows XP and when I reboot within 1 to 5 minutes the screen will just go black. The computer stays on but the display never comes back until I shut it off and reboot. I have tried to do a system restore a number of times but if it will even stay on long enough to complete I get a message telling me it cannot be restored to that date,, no matter what date I try. I have slowely managed to get what I need backed up and I am willing to reinstall Windows but I know it will never be able to complete before it goes black again. I finally opened up the case and found that the fan on my video card isn't working. So I tried to install two alternate video cards and neither one will even allow me to get past the log in so I put the old graphics card back in for now. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to either fix the problem or reinstall windows? Please let me know. Thank you.

A:Screen goes black within 5 minutes of booting

If you GPU fan isn't working then it is probably shutting down due to overheating and may well be damaged now, if it isn't you are very likely to damage the GPU by continuing to run it without a fan.

When you say you have tried other GPUs but they won't allow you to get past the log in, what exactly do you mean? What does it do, or not do, at the login point (lock up, crash, reboot)?

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