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Outlook 2002 - Won't save new or modified 'Contact' files

Q: Outlook 2002 - Won't save new or modified 'Contact' files

When I try to add, or modify, a Contact file in Outlook 2002 Address Book, the file disappears from the listing that pops up when I click on the Address Book icon.

However, if I go to the Contacts folder from the folder list the new or modified file is there.

Any idea why is doesn't show up or disappears from the pop-up Address Book? I've checked to make sure they are the same thing and as far as I can tell they are.


Preferred Solution: Outlook 2002 - Won't save new or modified 'Contact' files

I recommend downloading and running Outlook PST Repair. It's a PST repair tool that I've used it in the past to recover emails, contacts, tasks and notes from corrupt Outlook files that are damaged or inaccessible. Supports Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/1bjhSi. (This link will automatically start a download of Outlook PST Repair that you can save to your computer.)

A: Outlook 2002 - Won't save new or modified 'Contact' files

When you click on your address book are you noting where it says "Show names from the" box? if that is not reading Contacts then you are modifying the entries to become contacts and taking them from wherever it is pointed to.

If you want it all to be the same - Contacts and your Address Book - go to tools services addressing and change where you want your address book to look first to Contacts.

Contacts are kept within the Exchange server or the main PST that your outlook is using (depending upon if your using it in a corperate world or at home) Address books are seperate *.pab files.

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I want to wipe my computer clean and do a fresh install of XP but I don't want to lose my archived emails and addresses in Outlook 2002. I'll be reinstalling Outlook 2002 but I need to know what files to save so that I can put my archived emails and addresses back in afterwards.
Thanks for any help.

A:What files to save to restore Outlook 2002 mail and addresses?

I think I found the answer. Does this sound correct?
C:\Documents and Settings\Jim\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst

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I have Outlook 365 on my desktop for emails , calendars and contacts
I use Icloud for Windows to sync my Calendar and Contacts from iphone to desktop or from desktop to iphone.
Was seamless until a few days ago when trying to edit a contact on Outlook it would not allow me to save it
Error message was "Your changes cannot be saved because you don't have permission to modify some or all of the items in this folder. Do you want to save a copy of the item in the default
folder for the item?
I can edit the contact on iphone and it updates though to Outlook on desktop.
Calendar appointments (new and amended/edited) are seamlessly working both ways.
A new contact inputted onto Outlook icloud contact will save but if you then try to add a new number or note then get the above error message.
Please advise

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Basically, I need to know if it's possible to import data from outlook 2002 (XP) into outlook 2000. I'm creating a file filled with contacts for a person, they have 2000 and I have 2002.

Thanks for your help!

A:Possible to import outlook 2002 contact data into outlook 2000?

Yes. Export the contacts from your Outlook as a .pst file and import it into thier's

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i installed wamp and its in program files.in wamp there is a folder www that allows me to use php scripts + websites and when i start wamp to watch them on my browser.
i have some scripts and the problem is that after i edit something i cant save it.if i move the file to another partition i can save after editing.this didint happend in windows xp sp3.any way to fix this?thanks
actualy i noticed i cant create text files and stuff like that on the partition that the OS is installd.i can creat folders.

A:cant save modified files

pls any one got any ideea?i cant save files located on the same partition as the OS that i can edit with an text editor

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Can someone tell me if it is possible to categorize contacts and than print them or list them based on the categories - if so how the hell do you do it - I have no problem setting up the categories just can figure out how to get them out in a list or printed form?!?!


A:Categories for contact in Outlook 2002

Here's more information than what you asked for but this is how I do it.

I think this is what you are thinking of doing:

If you don't have the Folder List column showing, click on View and put a check in Folder list.
Right click the Contacts Icon in the Folder List column.
Click on New Folder. Name the folder anything you want (ex Family, Friends etc)

You can then Move or Copy with right click any contacts from the contact folder to any of the new folders you just made.

You can select any of the new folders and then select Print from the File Menu. It will print only the Contact Folder you select.

When you are using Outlook you can click on the Address Book Icon on the top Taskbar then use the "Show names from the:" drop down list to select a recipient.

Hope this is what you wanted.

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I have 86 folders and subfolders of Contacts. When I try to access the folders to send email or fax, only 46 of them show up as address books. How do I get the rest to show up?

A:contact subfolders in Outlook 2002

I don't know if it works the same way in Outlook 2002, but in Outlook 2000 you can right-click the folder that's not showing up, go to Properties, then to the Outlook Address Book tab. Check the box that says "Show this folder as an Outlook Address Book." Hope that helps.

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I am running MS Outlook 2002 (SP3 installed) on Windows XP. Whenever I open Outlook, the following message appears once for evey contact I have in my contact list "A program is trying to access e-mail addresses you have stored in Outlook. Do you want to allow this? If this is unexpected, it may be a virus and you should choose 'No'."

I currently have an account set up where there are no entries in my contact list and the issue does not exist. However, as soon as I add a contact the message appears. If I add two contacts, I get two messages, etc.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this? I am currently running a small program called ClickYes which automatically clicks the "Yes" button to allow access whenever the aforementioned message pops up. I recognize that this is merely a band-aide approach and was hoping that there would be something more permanent available. Any thoughts?

A:Outlook 2002 - Problem With Contact List

Go to Tools > Options > Mail Format & uncheck both of the Use Microsoft Word To boxes. Apply > OK your way out.

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Problem : MS Outlook 2002 -- contact list locks up

Detail : Every time i click 1 of 4 feilds and enter "any" information and tab off it or click off it, it freezes and locks up. The 4 feilds i am having this problem with are, Business, Business Fax, Home, Mobile.

Things i have tried:

Detect and repair (multiple times)
I would reinstall but would need to back up ALL Emails, folders or any data in outlook itself.
any ideas?

A:Outlook 2002 Contact List Locks Up

It sounds like you need to reinstall it. All of your email, contacts, calendar entries, folders, etc. are all kept in one file called outlook.pst so backing it up isn't that difficult.

As an alternative, you might go into task manager and disable some of the other programs running in the background on your computer to see if they are interfering with Outlook in some ways. Programs like firewalls, antivirus, antispyware, and antispam programs are especially suspect. Shut them down, one at a time, and try Outlook and see if it does any better.

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I bought a new laptop in Nov., a Dell Inspiron 640m with all the bells and whistles, running Windows XP (Home). I installed MS Office XP Pro (2002). Outlook worked fine at first but I initially had problems setting up my email account. While resolving that I checked a box on an option somewhere that has created a huge problem with Outlook. (I violated the cardinal rule of only making one change at a time!!)

Outlook constantly pops up a box tellling me that a program is trying to access my contact list and asking for permission (I would normally see this message if I were sync'ing my PDA with Outlook). This is an incessant request and the only way to stop it is to say "yes" and give it a timeframe (or exit Outlook). If I don't get to the warning quickly enough, numerous instances of the warning box appears. I have thoroughly scanned my computer for viruses numerous times, so this is not a virus. I do recall making changes to the options but I can't remember what box I checked that has caused this - but the problem started right then. I've uninstalled Office then reinstalled it thinking that would restore the defaults but this did not resolve the problem. I've been using Outlook Express which does not have the problem but I want to ultimately be able to sync my Palm with Outlook so I need to repair this. (I just closed 8 instances of the warning and it had only been waiting for a few seconds!!!)

Thank you!

A:Outlook 2002 - "program Trying To Access Contact List"

Hi RRider, welcome to BC.
Only two things come to mind that normally would set off that security warning.
In Outlook, go to Tools>Options>Mail Format Tab.
Under the message format options, deselect the two "Use Microsoft Word" options.
If it still doesn't help, go to Tools>Options>Other Tab. Click the Advanced Options button, then the COM Add-ins button. An application in there may set it off as well. Remove one at a time. If you see Adobe's Acrobat listed, leave that one there. There is a reg fix that works better then just removing it.

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Here's an interesting one. Employee at work is running windows 7 on his laptop. We're on a multi domain environment. His location, he employs a Buffalo NAS for all of his documents. He has the NAS sync his folder to his laptop, and has chosen to make the folder available for offline use. That way when he goes home at night, and isn't connected to the network he can still access his files.

Now he runs into problems when he's at home, and say he accesses Document A in his offline folder. He makes changes to Document A, and tries to save. Simple Error message given that access is denied to do so. Items sync correctly, he just can't save anything. I haven't had much time to investigte it (I doubt he's got all of his files set to read only), but does anyone have any insight? I don't have W7 machine handy at work I can test, but I was able to modify my documents in my offline folder on XP and save them no troubles....

A:Accessed Denied to Save Modified Offline Files

Turns out someone selected to do sync'ing with mr Trash can

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I installed my trusty rusty Outlook 2002 in Windows 7. I had tansferred files and settings using WET, but the pst files didn't go to a location Outlook would recognize. I opened the pst file nevertheless and despite having also a reference to an inexistent pst file in the folders list (I had the same problem in XP, I can't get it out of there, but it doesn't do anything), everythigng works fine

Except for the email password. I have entered the password and checked "remember password" in account set up. It comes back asking for the email account password everytime I open Outlook and check emails, even if I check "remember password" in that screen (my Outlook is all in Portuguese, I can post snips if needed).

I tried this solutiion from Microsoft Suport (Save password setting not retained in Outlook or Outlook Express), but it is meant for XP and requires that you change the Mail setting in Control Panel after changing the registry. There are no Mail settings in Control Panel anymore.

Any help is greatly appreciated

A:Outlook 2002 does not save password

Quote: Originally Posted by wallyinnc

I installed my trusty rusty Outlook 2002 in Windows 7. I had tansferred files and settings using WET, but the pst files didn't go to a location Outlook would recognize. I opened the pst file nevertheless and despite having also a reference to an inexistent pst file in the folders list (I had the same problem in XP, I can't get it out of there, but it doesn't do anything), everythigng works fine

Except for the email password. I have entered the password and checked "remember password" in account set up. It comes back asking for the email account password everytime I open Outlook and check emails, even if I check "remember password" in that screen (my Outlook is all in Portuguese, I can post snips if needed).

I tried this solutiion from Microsoft Suport (Save password setting not retained in Outlook or Outlook Express), but it is meant for XP and requires that you change the Mail setting in Control Panel after changing the registry. There are no Mail settings in Control Panel anymore.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Sorry Wally, I really wanted to help but came up with this. Seems that it is a known problem.

Outlook 2002 will not save password after installing windows 7

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I have been to the MS fix site for this problem but it is absolutely terrifying to behold!

Page after page and about 1,567 steps (almost) to resolve the issue!

Is there an easier way to save the password on a permanent basis rather than having to type it in every time I open Outlook?

A:Cannot save password in MS Outlook 2002

Did you do this from the MS site?


I had to do it for Outlook 2000, you have to edit the registry, but don't do it if you are not comfortable with it. You can always do a system restore if you make a mistake.

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I'm running outlook 2002 SP3 on Win XP SP2. When I try to save an attachement of any size, it won't respond when I try to select a folder to save the attachement in. I did a virus, ad-aware and ewido scan, the pc is clean. I also reinstalled Office XP but the same thing.

Any ideas, please help me.

A:Outlook 2002 SP3 Save attachement, not responding

Did you run Detect and Repair from the help menu?

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All incoming attachments must be saved to disk and then opened via the app. word, excel etc.

Tried a registry change per a bulletin from Msft. All it did was allow me to save more extensions. Still can't open the document from the mail.

OS = XP professional. Home = Mail Outlook 2002/ Office 2002.
Work mail = 2000

Suspect a security patch but???:

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I am running Vista Ultimate SP1, Outlook 2007 (12.06423.1000) SP2 MSO (12.0.6425.1000) with an http Exchange mail account as well as an Outlook Connector for Hotmail plus POP mailboxes.

Recently (since installation of Office SP2) adding a new contact or sending an message with a new email address the email address is not underlined and when attempting to save the contact or send message the following error is displayed:

"The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action."

This message also appears even if I try and send meesage by one of the POP accounts.

This is very frustrating as I cannot create new contacts or send new messages. I'd pull my hair out... but I've got none left!

I would appreciate if anyone knows how to fix this issue.


A:Outlook 2007 (Exchange client) will not save contact email address

Appreciate that you have correlated the problem to Office 2007 SP2. I am having the same problem with an XP Pro PC using Outlook 2007 connected to Exchange 2003 over Http/RPC. There are two accounts: Exchange and one POP. If I take the Exchange connection "off line" it is possible to add the new email address to the contact. THEN, I can send the email via either Exchange or POP. Also, I cannot send an email to an address that is not already in "contacts", or apparently never sent an email to a particular address. So, same work around. Take Exchange offline and then send email via POP account. With Exchange back online, it is now possible to send to the new email address.

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Hey all,
Yes I know I should upgrade to a more recent Microsoft office, but why spend the money when most all of it works fine? The only thing that happens after we switched to Windows 10 Home, is that Outlook asks me for a password when I do a send and receive. Works fine after you enter it , but was wondering if there was a secret to getting around this nuisance, or is it only accomplished by a newer version?
I have went the Compatibility Mode and the Compatibility Troubleshooter route, but no change.
I have a new desktop computer with Windows 10 preinstalled that replaced our Windows XP desktop - won't work in that. Also, have a laptop that was upgraded from Windows 7 Prof. to Windows 10 Prof., won't work in that either.
Used to work fine in our previous Windows XP home desktop.
Any sure fixes out there?

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After installing Windows 7 Ultimate and XP Office Pro, I configured my earthlink pop3 mail account. Once I configure the account, it works fine sending & receiving, but when I close outlook the password is not saved even with the save password box checked. So, every time I close and open outlook I have to go and reinsert the password to the email account allong with the authentication password. How do I get outlook to save the password with the save password box checked?

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A woman that I work with has an Excel spreadsheet that she updates often throughout the day. Everytime she saves another TMP file appears in that folder. After closing the folder and opening it, the TMP file is still there. At one point she had over 400 of these temporary files. The beginning of the file name of this TMP file is the same as the file that she used but after that it has a ~ then letters and numbers. An example would be: Aftercare.xls~RF4bdb5c8.TMP Also the icon is not an Excel icon. These files do not show up in the temporary folder either, they are right in the folder where the spreadsheet is saved.
Obviously they can be deleted, but why is this happening and is there a way to stop it? I have uninstalled and reinstalled Office, but the problem still continues.
I appreciate any help anyone can give me on this one because I am stumped


A:Excel 2002 creating TMP files w/every save :eek:

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I recently changed to a new computer with Window Visa Home Edition. I disabled my virus checker and installed Wordperfect 2002 Office with no problem. However, I cannot open or save files. The FILE menu is disabled.

Any suggestions?

A:WORDPERFECT 2002 - Cannot save files in VISTA

See if Microsoft is correct in saying, "The publisher is offering a paid upgrade to a compatible version." I read that here.

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I recently noticed that the modified date and time of OE .dbx files (when you mouse over OE .dbx files) shows a modified time in the middle of the night (example: Date Modified: 8/19/2009 2:34AM) I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if this is normal or perhaps due to some kind of malware as I don't use my computer in the middle of the night, I'm running Kaspersky Internet Security and also use others to scan on demand (Spybot S&D & Malwarebytes) it happens every night even if I disconnect the internet connection but at different times. Any information or reassurance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Outlook Express .dbx files modified in the middle of the night?

I think they are supposed to be modified, .dbx files are used to store email messages. Not sure why that is happening in the middle of the night though.

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This is a continuation of the following thread from the "Am I Infected" forum
I am still getting detected files messages from my antivirus programs whenever I start my computer
Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version:20-12-2015
Ran by Kyle (administrator) on KYLE (22-12-2015 13:49:36)
Running from C:\Users\Kyle\Downloads
Loaded Profiles: Kyle (Available Profiles: Kyle)
Platform: Windows 10 Home (X64) Language: English (United States)
Internet Explorer Version 11 (Default browser: Chrome)
Boot Mode: Normal
Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool: http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/topic/335081-frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool/
==================== Processes (Whitelisted) =================
(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the process will be closed. The file will not be moved.)
(Bitdefender) C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Antivirus Free Edition\gzserv.exe
(AMD) C:\Windows\System32\atiesrxx.exe
(AMD) C:\Windows\System32\atieclxx.exe
(IDT, Inc.) C:\Program Files\IDT\WDM\stacsv64.exe
(Hewlett-Packard Company) C:\Windows\System32\hpservice.exe
(Cisco Systems, Inc.) C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco\Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client\vpnagent.exe
(Juniper Networks, Inc.) C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Juniper Networks\JUNS\dsAccessService.exe
(Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.) C:\Program Files\ATI ... Read more

A:Boot script modified, please contact your vendor

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===Press the windows key + r on your keyboard at the same time. This will open the RUN BOX.Type Notepad and and click the OK key.Please copy the entire contents of the code box below to the a new file.



(Popcorn Time) C:\Program Files (x86)\Popcorn Time\Updater.exe
ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers: [00ExpanDriveExt1] -> {C955792B-31A0-4791-9DDE-0A9A57411C16} => C:\Program Files (x86)\ExpanDrive\ExpanDriveOverlays.x64.dll No File
ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers: [00ExpanDriveExt2] -> {C955792C-31A0-4791-9DDE-0A9A57411C16} => C:\Program Files (x86)\ExpanDrive\ExpanDriveOverlays.x64.dll No File
ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers-x32: [00ExpanDriveExt1] -> {C955792B-31A0-4791-9DDE-0A9A57411C16} => C:\Program Files (x86)\ExpanDrive\ExpanDriveOverlays.x64.dll No File
ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers-x32: [00ExpanDriveExt2] -> {C955792C-31A0-4791-9DDE-0A9A57411C16} => C:\Program Files (x86)\ExpanDrive\ExpanDriveOverlays.x64.dll No File
ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers-x32: [01InsyncSynced] -> {79168b3f-9ed7-4209-a2ef-835c56a4c0dc} => No File
ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers-x32: [02InsyncSyncing] -> {8896d747-f2a9-4527-928d-df152fdf73d7} => No File
ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers-x32... Read more

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When I went to turn on my computer this morning, I was greeted with a small message against a black screen in the upper left hand corner of my screen. I forget the exact message, but it was something like:
"Warning!!! Boot script modified. Please contact your vendor!!!"
I specifically remember the excessive use of exclamation marks. My computer yelling at me like that is naturally kind of worrying.
I am running Windows 10 on an HP Envy TS m6 sleekbook.
I ran a scan on Malwarebytes withing a week or two before today, which I remember returned some flagged files, all of which it seemed to be able to delete with no trouble.
I am also running Bitdefender. Within the past few weeks, every so often it notifies me that is has blocked a process or quarantined a file. The most recent event it shows, from today, is:
C:\Windows\Temp\tmp000061ae\tmp00000003 EICAR-Test-File (not a virus) Already in Quarantine
Also, maybe this is of use, but recently Windos has been popping up notifications alerting me that no virus detection/protection software is enabled, and suggests I turn one on. However, when I go to check, Bitdefender as already on.

A:Boot script modified, please contact your vendor

let's try to see what is going on. 
Please download MiniToolBox, save it to your desktop and run it.
Checkmark the following checkboxes:
§  Flush DNS
§  Report IE Proxy Settings
§  Reset IE Proxy Settings
§  Report FF Proxy Settings
§  Reset FF Proxy Settings
§  List content of Hosts
§  List IP configuration
§  List Winsock Entries
§  List last 10 Event Viewer log
§  List Installed Programs
§  List Devices
§  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
§  List Minidump Files
§  List Restore Points
Click Go and post the result (MTB.txt). A copy of MTB.txt will be saved in the same directory the tool is run.
Please download Rkill to your Desktop.
There are 2 different versions. If one of them won't run then download and try to run the other one.
You only need to get one of these to run, not all of them. You may get warnings from your antivirus about this tool, ignore them or shutdown your antivirus.rKill.exe: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/rkill/dl/10/iExplore.exe (renamed rKill.exe): http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/rkill/dl/11/
§  Double-click on the Rkill desktop icon to run the tool.
§  If using Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 right-click on it and choose Run As Administrator.
§  A black DOS box... Read more

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I've recently purchased a new computer and began using Outlook 2007. In doing so, I originally copied my .pst files from my most recent back-up. I use Outlook for 2 personal pop3 accounts as well as 1 Microsoft Exchange Account for work. In doing the import of the .pst files that I had 2 "Contact in Personal Folders" were created. The paths are both: \\Personal Folders. 1 of the two folders is empty and I cannot seem to figure out how delete it. The 2nd has an older version of contacts in it. Now, I also have a "Contacts" folder which I presume is from the Microsoft Exchange Server (2003). Its path is \\Mailbox - Ellinger, Fred.

I want to only manage/sync 1 contact folder/list. I have copied all contacts from my personal folder to the contact file and have eliminated/updated contacts as needed. My question is: How do I delete the two personal folders and have ALL new and old contact managed only in the contact folder?

I hope I did well at explaining this as I am not very computer savy.



A:Outlook 2007 Multiple Contact Files

Hi fellinger

After moving copying the contents of the two Personal Folders, Right click the Personal Folder and select: Close "Personal Folders".
Repeat for any additional Personal Folders you no longer want connected to Outlook 2007.

The Personal Folders should disappear from Outlook 2007.

Let us know if that works for you or not.

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I have had issues with Outlook in the past and was able to correct them using the inbox repair tool. This time however the only recovered emails were from 2001, 2002, and 2005. I have lost all email in any .pst file that was from 2006, 2007 or 2008. In addition all of my folders in my inbox that I had organized into folders are gone along with the folders. I have downloaded numerous recovery programs and so far none have found anything different. I know that the info must be somewhere in my computer but where? Can anyone help me?

Thanks, Cheryl

A:Outlook 2002 files missing

Hello & Welcome to Tech Guy Forum.

Search your HDD [ hard disk drive ] for *.pst
You may need to set your computer to display hidden files & folders & unhide file extensions.

You may need to set Windows search to search in hidden & system locations.

Copy each .pst file to optical disk or flash drive. After backing up each .pst, what is the size of each?

Which version of Windows have you? If XP or Vista, which flavor?
Which service pack?
32 bit or 64 bit?

Outlook 2002; internet or workgroup?
Which SP?
Open Outlook, AFTER backing up all of your .pst files.
Help > About

Outlook stores all messages, contacts, notes, in a single file, Outlook.pst. Thus, I don't think you can use recovery software to recover individual messages. HOWEVER, you might be able to use recovery software to recover OTHER outlook.pst files.

Did you use this program?
Free to try. Charge only to recover data.

Backup your *.pst files before doing anything else!!!!


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What files do Ineed to back up ?


A:Outlook 2002 SP3 - what files to backup ?

The only one of any real importance is the outlook.pst file. This holds all the email/contacts/tasks/etc in Outlook and is what you need to recover the Outlook data. Everything else can be reinstalled or reconfigured from scratch.

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Hello helpful people.

Need Outlook 2002 help here.

Long story short. Complete meltdown after virus attack. Norton did not stop this one. Had to re-install Windows XP Home OS.

Here's the funny bit.. I can still see my programs. When I re-installed MS Office 2002 it immediately recognized all my documents (when I search, but nowhere else)... but I digress.

I need to get some information from the old saved email files from Outlook and don't know where to look to get them. It's not like they're in a .doc file somewhere.

I know this is vague, but I'm not really literate on the computer. I can find things, but have a hard time explaining stuff..

Any help?

A:Outlook (2002) files after meltdown.

Hi PCDavis

You reinstalled Windows XP over itself? You did not do a format and install of Windows XP?

Outlook keeps it messages in .pst files.
Do a Search for: *.pst files. You may need to enable Show Hidden files and folders.

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I cannot get into my Outlook account. When I open it, I get a message that an error has occurred and that says, "Business Contact Manager has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost."
Then there is a box that is checked that says Restart Business Contact Manager.
Then it says to please tell Microsoft about this problem. I have tried sending a report and not sending a report. I have tried unchecking the box. The box keeps popping up every 2 seconds and I cannot even access any commands under the help listing. I can very quickly get to my calendar when it first opens, or my contacts, and I can see that they are there, but then I get the message and it automatically goes back to the Inbox page.
I suspect that something has been disabled, but I cannot even get to the dialog box for disabled items to try and check or fix it. Does anyone have any suggestions or know any way to fix it without having to go through the program?

A:Outlook - Business Contact Manager Prevents Access to All Files

I was just looking through message that hadn't been replied to. Did you solve this?

Can you get to "Detect and Repair" under Help... or even from another Office application?

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I've just installed XP and Office XP. I'm trying to figure out how to copy over all of my email files/folders and address book from my Outlook 98 program that I previously had. I saved a copy of the "outlook.pst", "mailbox.pst" and the "*.wab" folders before the install.

I haven't been able to locate the proper folder to copy them back into.

Any ideas?

A:Outlook 2002 - Importing files/folders ?

You can click file import and locate the saved pst and wab files. Just read throught the steps and the lists.

Or you can navigate to \Documents and Settings\whatever userid you are using\local settings\application data\microsoft\outlook....this is where OL stores your pst files.

Hope this helps.....

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Hi Folks,

I have 2000 outlook calendar pst files that I would like to import into some Calendar program. The Microsoft Outlook 2010 is a bit expensive. Is there any after market calendar software that I can purchase and import pst files?


A:use old (199x - 2002) Outlook calendar pst files

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I was earlier having problems with my Outlook 2002. I was getting a cryptic error message when I try to download my email messages (typical Microsoft). I googgled the error message and found that my *.pst and *.ost file was at maximum. I had to Shift+Delete messages I don't need. I tried to this but get another error message. Again I googled for answers and found that I should make another email account from the control panel. This worked but did not fix the problem, I just avoided it. In the process, I "lost" all the old email messages I need by creating a new email account. The account set up is exactly the same as the original account setup.

The thing is, I had to get an old message from the original account. I did this and found that the problem I had that prevented me from shift+deleting was fixed! I was able to shift+delete unwanted email messages.

This now created a new problem. As I used a new email account, I have my email in two different email account set-up.

What I would like to do is merge the *.pst and *.ost files (and any other files) together so I get all the email messages in under one account set-up.

I only use one email address, I just had two email account set-up with the same details (smpt, pop3, logon name, password)

Is there a way to merge (if this is the right terminology) the relevant files?
Please let me know if what I wrote does not make sense.

Thank you.

A:Solved: Outlook 2002 *.pst *.ost files can I merge them?

Outlook 2002(Part of the Office XP suite) and earlier use a format of PST files which are hard-coded to stop at 2GB. You can import the mail into an Outlook 2003 PST if the 2GB is too small.(this requires you to always use 2003 or higher client going forward) I suggest getting your hands on Outlook2003, or even 2007, because it really gives you alot more options and features. (and flexibility of your mailbox)

Inside of outlook under the File Menu in Outlook 2002, do you see an Import/Export item?

If you select that it will open the import/export wizard. Then you say Import>From Another Program Or File>Personal Folder File

then you find the old PST file. You then have an opportunity to tell it where in your outlook folder structure you want it to dump the data. I suggest selecting the top level in both of the PST's and tell it to copy subfolders, so it will move everything to the same folder in the new PST. Keep in mind if the old PST is 2GB you're going to run into the same file size restriction quickly if you're still using the same version.

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This is a guide on how to repair .ost or .pst files in Microsoft Outlook 2002.

If you are keeping Outlook data on your computer, you are using a Personal Folders file (.pst) or an Offline Folder file (.ost). To prevent data loss, you will need to know how to repair these files.

If your .pst file becomes damaged, Outlook includes a tool that may be able to correct the problem without your switching to a backup copy. This tool is called the Inbox Repair Tool, and is installed on your hard disk when you install Outlook.

If your .ost file becomes damaged, Outlook also includes a tool that may be able to correct these too. This tool, the OST Integrity Tool, can scan and repair .ost files. If that doesn't completely solve the problem, you can disable the .ost file and create a brand new one.
Repairing a Personal Folders file (.pst)

You may need to use the Inbox Repair Tool if you open your Outlook .pst file and receive this message:

Unable to expand the folder. The set of folders could not be opened. Errors could have been detected in the file drive:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst. Quit all mail-enabled applications, and then use the Inbox Repair Tool.
Note The path to the file specified in the message above may vary, depending upon the operating system that you are using on your computer.

To repair the .pst file

1. On the Start menu, click Run.
2. In the Open box, type:

drive:\Program Files\Common Fi... Read more

A:Guide to Repairing .ost or .pst files in Outlook 2002

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Ordinarily, I can double click on an attachment, and it will open in Windows Fax & Picture Viewer. Starting last night, I now get a pop-up message (attached) and have to 'open' the file.

I already tried a 'detect & repair' and it didn't change anything.

I'm hoping someone has seen this before.


A:Viewing/opening picture files in Outlook 2002

Does this message appear with every type of picture attachement, i.e. not just *.png files, but *.jpg and *.bmp files as well? It looks like it's just a warning message that the type of file you are about to open could be harmful to your system. When you click the Open button, does it open the file in the fax and picture viewer?

It's possible that it has to do with security settings in Outlook. While this may help your problem, I don't think I would recommend doing it because it disables your last chance to think about executing a possibly infected attachement.

Click Tools>Options.

Click the Security tab.

Click on the Attachment Security button.

Change the setting from high to none.

Click Ok, then OK again to return to your Outlook session. You may have to close and re-open your Outlook for the settings to take effect--I'm not sure on that.

Good luck!

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I used the repair feature in Microsoft 2002
When I opened my e mail program, Microsoft Outlook 2002, all my e
mails were gone as were my contacts. There was a box that talked about
copying the old file to the new one. Can someone explain how this is
[email protected]

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have just started using Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007. I have created some business contacts and linked emails with these contacts. The Communication History folder shows all the emails linked to these contacts. However, when I open the contact's business card and click the History button on the Show area of the ribbon to view the associated emails nothing happens.

The button depresses, but the window never changes and the General button immediately goes back to being depressed again instead of History.

Any ideas why this could be? This is one of the major functions that I would like to use!!

Many thanks for any advice in advace.

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I'm running XP Pro. I want to save a folder I have made in Outlook. But just don't see any way to do it. All I see are options to move it around in Outlook. I want to save it to a cd.


A:Save Files In Outlook Express

I was just fooling around with my hotmail account. And it lets me save a folder I made there to my desktop. I wonder if this is what I have to do. Send all the emails I have saved in OE. And send em one at a time to hotmail, then save em?


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My primary user profile is corrupted and I am going to have to reinstall Windows 7. Because I cannot access my old user profile, I cannot start Outlook 2010 and access my email files. However, I have located the Outlook.pst files and have saved copies of them. What I am wondering is, once I have Outlook 2010 installed on the fresh OS install, how can I restore my email and email settings? I suspect that it is far too much to expect that I can just copy the pst files to the proper location. However, without being able to start Outlook, I can't follow the recommended procedures for backing up the mail data.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

A:Need to reinstall Outlook, but can't access it to save pst files


Actually, it is as easy as that - the .PST file is independant of Outlook, so once you have reinstalled and opened Outlook with a default mail account, simple replace that .PST with your older one, or setup Outlook to read the older .PST in whatever location you choose.

These might prove useful:
Outlook PST Data Files - Backup
Outlook PST Data File - Move
Outlook 2010 - Copy Existing PST Folders to New PST


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Im upgrading and wiping out a disk, she has office 2000 and wants to keep all her contacts, and she is upgrading to XP... can someone tell me where those files are and the best steps to accomplish this without losing her stuff?


A:Outlook 2000 Contacts files, where and how to save

Search for the .wab files. This is the windows address book. It's usually in the Windows folder, but it may be best to do a search. There may be more than one. When you find them you should be able to put them on a floppy or burn to a disk if too large.

Once upgraded to XP, just replace the address book under her user name in the Documents and Settings folder. You may also need to do a search for the location.

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Am running Win XP Pro along with Office XP SP2. Just went to the Office XP update site and installed the Excel and Word 2002 Update Oct.16 2002, and the Outlook 2002 Update Jan 22 2002.

Word and Excel still work fine, but Outlook will only start in safe mode, hanging at the splash screen if started normally. I tried the trick of renaming the *.dat files noted in some of the bulletin boards, but tis did not help.

I then un-installed Office XP and reinstalled it to SP2 level without the three patches noted above. Outlook still refuses to start normally.

I seem to recall reading somewhere that there is a "patch to patch the patch" for this problem, but can't seem to find the article again. Have also unsuccessfully searched the web and am now truly stuck!

Since Office seems to have reinstalled itself with all it's old defaults, I assume that the un-install programme does not remove registry entries? Any idea if there is a manual un-install instruction set anywhere - I can't find it at Microsoft.....!

A:Outlook 2002 only starts in safe mode after applying update of jan 22 2002

have you tried a repair,it is in the tools tab
if you want to uninstall and get rid of the registry entries use jv16 from

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Dell 4700 1GB RAM, WindowsXP Professional SP2, Office 2003 SP2, Norton Internet Security (up to date), Webroot Spy Sweeper (up to date). Microsoft security updates up to date EXCEPT release of April 12, 2006. The Problem:
After downloading and installing MS Security Updates (April 12) I could no longer save files attached to in-coming emails in Outlook. I could open the files but not save them. When I tried to save them Outlook "locked up" and I had to go to Task Manager to shut it down. After uninstalling the latest security updates, Outlook performed normally. I tried it again and the same problem occurred. As long as the new security updates were not installed, Outlook works fine. I am, I think, an intermediate user meaning that when I am told to edit the registry I sweat heavily and usually decide not to do that. Thanks!!

A:Solved: Outlook 2003 cannot save attached files

sounds like this


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I have a problem. I have some contacts in outlook 2003, and then also different "contacts" when I go to tools and open up the Address Book. Is there a way I can move those entries from the address book to the CONTACT folder in outlook? I have my computer showing hidden files and folders, and did a search for *.pab and *.oab. It does not come back with anything found. Does anyone know what the file is that opens up when you go to tools/address book at the top of outlook?

It's funny because I can't find any address books in my computer, but one opens up in outlook and has contacts in there. I just realized this, but I have never manually placed contacts in there myself.

I REALLY need help on this issue. I know it's probably just a matter of importing it into outlook, but I need to find the file to import before that happens, and so far, it appears my computer doesnt have a pab, oab, or even when I do a search for "address book", it finds one file with a .wab extension, and when I open it, it appears to be an address book, but there are no entries in it. So it is obviously not the same file that opens up from within outlook.
If anyone needs any other information, let me know and I will supply you with this. I desperatly need help on this issue!!!

A:Oulook 2002 Contact/Address Book probs

The two address book file formats are .pab and .wab (not .oab).

Outlook keeps all of its data in one file called outlook.pst.

When you open the Find window to run a search, first go to Tool>Folder Options>View tab and check "Show hidden files and folders," click OK. Now it should be able to find a .pab or .wab file.

Once found, use the Import/Export feature in Outlook to import the data.

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As of Office 2013 an annoying popup displays when closing a document in the internet browser.
Please create a document X with the automated field savedate in it. save.
Create another document Y wit also savedate in it and create a second page by CTRL+ENTER  and save.
Now drag document Y into the internet explorer and after it is loaded, click on back in the browser. You will see the message

It could be that when you drag and drop a file into the internet explorer this will not open.
I had to adjust some registry entries:




What I also found is that it works fine on a 24"screen when the internet session is maximized.
When I drop the file into a minimized screen, and push back the message appears.
please help,


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I have this problem. When I save an email with the option "save as" from windows mail IT will print the current date without maintaining the mail by default, but if you drag the email with the mouse and loose it in a folder now. I'm trying to fix this with this, but, did not work:
1) the .eml files change to the present date when they are indexed by the search indexer; this is, a few seconds after creation. Thus, backup/restore/sync will not work properly, but indexing.
2) if you delete that mentioned registry key, then the indexing of .eml files no longer works, i.e. you cannot find them in a full-text search. However, backup works now.
3) it is unknown whether the other solution, proposed by alecamiga, to link .eml to thunderbird and write lock the files, does the same or works better.


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I use 'Basic HTML' view in G-mail. How can I manually save a new contact to my contacts list, by typing the e-mail of the contact and saving it?

Thank you,

A:How can I save a new contact in G-mail

See if this helps,
Otherwise in an open gmail window simply use Shift+? to see them all

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Okay, so recently, my dad's laptop started goofing up. It is a Toshiba Satellite P305. I currently have a HijackThis log. Any... odd entries?

Here are some error messages I get:
On boot, I get the following error message: "The following file or directory is corrupt: \Program Files\Toshiba\SmartFaceV. Please run CHKDSK to repair." So I ran CHKDSK. It still does it, so idk?

Trying to open that directory, I get the following error: "C:\Program Files\Toshiba\SmartFaceV is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable."

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 10:04:06 PM, on 11/8/2010
Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18975)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Matrix Storage Manager\IAAnotif.exe
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe
C:\Program Files\Camera Assistant Software for Toshiba\traybar.exe
C:\Program Files\Toshiba\Power Saver\TPwrMain.exe
C:\Program Files\Toshiba\SmoothView\SmoothView.exe
C:... Read more

A:C:\Program Files\Toshiba\SmartFaceV is corrupt. Can't access. No files, recently modified?

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below I will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Follow the ... Read more

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When I compose a new email in GMAIL I open my contacts list to check who to send to..............it puts a check mark next to the name but at the bottom I no longer have the SEND box option. All I have is a box with SEND AS GROUP and then the option to NAME the group.

Can you help me get back my option box to SEND the contacts I have selected?


I am using CHROME browser and Windows Vista.


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